The #1 Plumber’s Guide To Buying A Water Heater For Your Home | Hurst, TX

The #1 Plumber’s Guide To Buying A Water Heater For Your Home | Hurst, TX

Water heaters are common in the United States, and it’s unusual to find a home without one. Buying an efficient water heater is a worthwhile investment, but choosing the wrong one can have huge financial implications.

Finding which water heater is right for your home can be challenging. This blog educates homeowners in Hurst, TX, on the common mistakes they should avoid when purchasing a new heater for their home to assist them in making an informed decision. If you are unsure of the type of water heater for your home, always consult a licensed plumber.

Not Taking Into Account Durability and Lifespan

Different water heaters have different life spans; some last longer than others. You should be aware that minerals available in the water supply, the volume of water that runs through the system, and how the unit was installed affect the lifespan of your water heater.

The average lifespan of a tankless on-demand water heater is twice that of a conventional model. Thus, when shopping for a water heater, you can opt for the tankless model to save on replacement and maintenance costs in the long run.

Not Taking the Resale Value Into Account

A high-efficiency water heater can add value to your home and even raise its resale cost. Therefore, if you are considering selling your house, you can have a plumber install a modern water heater to make it more attractive to buyers who want to save on utility expenses.

Not Taking Maintenance Into Consideration

Most water heaters require routine maintenance. You can increase the lifespan of your conventional storage tank unit by hiring a plumber to flush the tank.

This removes all the minerals and scales that may have built up in the water heater. A routine checkup by a plumber is essential to keep your water heater functioning well.

Focusing Solely On the Price

While the initial cost of buying and installing will affect your purchasing decision, do not let it be the only factor you consider.

You should not overlook other critical elements such as size, energy efficiency, fuel type, and storage options; ignoring these may be costly in the long run. Always invest in high-quality equipment that can serve you and your family for years.

Not Considering the Environment

The climate where your water heater is situated plays a crucial role in water temperature and efficiency. For instance, solar water heaters work if they get enough sun, but if you are located in an area where the sunshine is not enough, you will require a backup power source for these water heaters.

You’ll need to factor in insulation costs if you stay in cold areas. Apart from temperature and weather, the minerals found in the water can also affect your water heater’s lifespan. Routine maintenance by a professional plumber is essential to safeguard your hot water system and avoid these environmental factors.

Disregarding Water Usage

Water heaters come in various models and sizes. If you make a wrong estimation, you may buy incompatible equipment. Overestimation leads to higher initial costs and operating expenses, while underestimation causes water shortage in your house. If you are unsure of the size that meets your needs, consult a plumber.

The volume of water you and your family need to use affects the size of the water heater. Homeowners in Hurst, TX, with large families, will need a bigger water heater; if it’s too small, it won’t serve even an average family. Typically, a family of around three to four people will require at least a 50-gallon capacity for the electric heater and approximately 40 if it’s a gas-powered heater.

Choosing a water heater that is too small won’t be able to meet the demands of the household. That is why you must consult with a certified plumber before purchasing.

Overlooking Energy Efficiency Settings

The initial investments tend to be pretty high. This causes homeowners to go for cheaper models with lower energy ratings. While you may save a little at the time of purchase, the purchase can be expensive in the long run.

Water heating constitutes about 18 percent of the average property energy use. Based on findings from the department of energy, investing in an energy-efficient water heater can reduce your energy costs by around 15 percent. The tankless model is more energy efficient than traditional water heaters.

Not Looking at All options

To understand the type of water heater you need for your home, you need to know all the kinds available. Look into all the types of water heater models available in the market. Plumbers can break down the differences between the various types. Nowadays, there are modern water heaters that can save you a lot of money in the long run. The common types of water heaters in the market today are convectional, solar, tankless, heat pump, and condensing.

Compared to the other types of water heaters, the conventional ones use a lot of energy because they continuously heat a water supply. In contrast, the tankless ones only produce hot water on demand.

Solar water heaters are preferable for Hurst, TX, homeowners who live in sunny areas since they rely on sunlight. If you live in less sunny areas, you will have to constantly rely on electricity to power them the rest of the time.

Understanding factors such as energy efficiency and local ordinances will assist you in making an informed decision while purchasing a water heater for your home.

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Avoiding the above mistakes when purchasing a water heater ensures a better overall experience. To get the right water heater, you must go beyond price and do meticulous research to ensure the water heater meets your needs.

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