The One Electrical Contractor You Need For Full-Service Electrical Care | Irving, TX 

The One Electrical Contractor You Need For Full-Service Electrical Care | Irving, TX 

We’re big, but no job is too small for our skilled electricians at Tioga Plumbing & Electric in Irving, TX. We’ve been serving the DFW area since 1953, doing everything from rough-ins for construction to lighting fixture and outlet installation. We have the skills to perform any electrical work you need in your home, and with our commercial and industrial background, we can even tackle specialized projects. Just ask what we can do for you! Our company is family-owned and run right, including background checks, extensive training, fast response times and clear communication. We’re licensed and insured, and believe in the “three C’s” in our relationships: Commitment, Communication, and Caring. Our prices are fair and our quotes are transparent, making it easy to get started on important projects knowing what they involve.

Starting Out Right with New Construction Electrical and Remodeling

Supplying electrical skills to rough-in your new construction, remodeling project, or leased space wiring, we help you stay on schedule and get the details right. Decades of experience make our electricians ideal team members, and our company’s numerous specialties can provide teams to play many roles in your construction project. Electric power, communications, security cameras, access control, anything that needs professional, reliable wiring meeting electrical codes and standards including safety and durability is better when our electrical contractor team does the job.

Practical Experience Combined with Design Excellence

With our decades of experience, as an electrical contractor, we understand the importance of quality wiring design. It supports your current needs, and provides conduits, available pairs and circuits, and other resources for expansion, relocation, and upgrades. For home theaters, state-of-the-art multifamily residences, or a workplace, you’ll appreciate the benefits of working with a highly experienced electrical services company. The design stage is where expertise really counts. Advanced design-oriented thinking also enhances home electrical services.

Skilled Wiring Installation and Related Services

Our work is usually hidden when the job is done, but we invite you to enjoy the well-orchestrated wiring and precision connections that we perform to bring it all together. Benefits from our attention to detail include safety, reliability, standards-based performance such as communication speeds and plenum-rated cabling, and durability. When the walls go up, though you won’t see evidence of our wiring installation skills and techniques, you’ll know because with our work, the walls stay up. We get it right the first time. Our practices have evolved along with modern buildings, where power access is more than outlets and lighting fixtures. We wire for data closets, local computer servers, backup generator power, home theaters and media-enhanced conference rooms. Call on us for other specialized installations including the unique marine power environment.

Commercial, Industrial, and Residential

We tailor our electrical contractor team to match your project, whether it’s upgrading a room for home office use, wiring your new restaurant or retail space, or providing for the power requirements of machinery. Our expertise extends to backup generators and automatic transfer switches from homes to essential business operations, along with UPS power for shorter-term backup power needs. Count on us for parking lot and exterior lighting for your business or commercial building, including upgrades to modern energy-efficient and long-lasting equipment. When your business requires specialized power connections for high-end computer servers, powerful motors, and HVAC equipment, our experts work from experience and provide state-of-the-art power management solutions. The right electrical wiring solutions are at the heart of your production facility, office building, multi-family property, restaurant, or home office. The design, wiring, power, data, and electrical standards professionals at our company make sure that your plans are expertly implemented.

Meeting the Expectations of Modern Building Technologies

The electrical infrastructure of modern buildings, large and small, is complex and demands significant expertise. Wiring for power, control systems, data, building automation, and other purposes requires precision. Once the infrastructure is in place, complex building operations rely on stable power and communications over years, avoiding expensive troubleshooting if the original quality is compromised. Our company has been providing electrical services for power systems that handle high current and voltage, and signaling wires that rely on proper routing, connections, and design to keep up. As increasing amounts of building automation and smart building features are installed, anything less than perfect wiring becomes visible quickly. Modern buildings are built with the future in mind, so our services also involve planning and providing cost-effective pathways to future technology. We’ve seen our electrical designs and the results of our work lasting for many decades, and we’re confident that your project will reflect our excellence as well.

Planning for Your Project’s Future with an Experienced Electrical Contractor

Get to know us as your ideas and building concepts evolve, and you’ll have the support of a winning team helping you reach your electrical system goals. Tioga Plumbing & Electric in Irving, TX serves the entire DFW area with a well-coordinated electrical contractor team and the right allied services to move your project forward. We supply your needs for specific contracted work, design-build services, and other strategies. Our end goal is top-quality, standards and code-based electrical work, and your satisfaction with electrical work done right and on time. Call us today to start a conversation about your project and the many ways we can help as your electrical contractor.

A Leading Electrical Contractor Integrating Allied Services in the DFW Area From Irving, TX and throughout the DFW metroplex, we’ve left our mark of quality on homes, businesses, and industrial buildings with our versatile electrical contractor services. With our years of experience, our team contributes wisdom and a thorough understanding of the work we’re doing. We encourage project management and customers to reach out to us as they’re creating the specifications and designs to better coordinate with our stellar team. With nearly 70 years in business, partnering with our electrical contractor team is an essential step toward your building, remodeling, or other electrical infrastructure success. Call us at Tioga Plumbing & Electric today and see!

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