The Pros And Cons Of Having Your Plumbing Company Install Underground Copper Piping | Bedford, TX

The Pros And Cons Of Having Your Plumbing Company Install Underground Copper Piping | Bedford, TX

Piping is an essential part of the plumbing system as it supplies water in your house from the municipality water lines. Plumbers from a reputable plumbing company can install the water lines on walls or underground, depending on the location.

Copper water lines are strong, lightweight, and long-lasting, making them preferable for plumbing. The copper pipes come in various grades, including the thin wall pipe, thicker wall pipe, and the thickest. The following are reasons for and against using copper pipes for underground plumbing in Bedford, TX, homes.

Pros of Copper Piping


To top my list of the advantages of copper pipes is durability. Copper plumbing water lines have a proven track record of durability. They can withstand immense water pressure and still last longer. With the accurate installation of the piping system by a plumber from a trustworthy plumbing company, the copper pipes can live throughout their lifespan. Its durable status relies on the surrounding weather conditions and water quality.

Installing the copper water pipes underground is the best choice for homeowners because they can survive the warmth underneath the ground because of their ability to withstand hot and cold temperatures. The piping lines are the best, especially if the water passing through them is fresh water with fewer mineral deposits.

If your home is in cold parts of the country, you can call a plumber in and around your residence to install the copper piping system, which can be the solution to the freezing pipe issue. The reason is that copper pipes rarely freeze due to low temperatures, leading to numerous plumbing issues.

Less Possibility of Contaminating Water

Another benefit of using copper water lines for underground piping is the lessened probability of contaminating the water. Before a plumber from a nearby reliable plumbing company digs your front or back yard to install water pipes, the first consideration is to know if the water lines will allow soil and dirt through, polluting the clean water.

Copper piping systems are preferable because of the low water pollution over metal, lead, galvanized steel, and iron water lines that sometimes chip off, leaving traces of the toxic foreign material in water.

Therefore, you should hire qualified plumbers from the best plumbing company to install the copper piping because they are the best option for both in-and-outdoors and underground. The copper water lines have stood the test of time and proven low chances of contaminating clean water.

Environmentally Friendly

Copper pipe is also the best for underground piping as it cannot harm the surrounding environment. Unlike other plumbing pipes like plastic PEX and PVC pipes, copper water lines are recyclable at the end of their lifespan.

The copper pipes do not pollute the environment during the manufacturing, operational stage, or at the end of their lifespan.

So, if you are an environmentalist, you can go for the copper pipes for installation by an expert from a reputable plumbing company in Bedford, TX. The water lines are appropriate underground and indoors for cold and hot water supply without destroying the environment.


Folks can also prefer copper pipes for underground piping and clean water supply because of their lightweight. Plumbers from a nearby and well-known plumbing company can accurately install the water piping system in your home due to the ability to move them from one place to another.

The water piping system is also flexible, making them easy to handle during the setting up phase. The plumbers can navigate the pipes without a hassle as they set them up inside your house and underground.

Fire Resistant

The fact that copper pipes can withstand high temperatures makes them the best for supplying hot water in homes through correct installation indoors or underground. They are appropriate for hot water distribution, and in case of a crack or burst, they are less likely to be too hot for repairs.

The plumber you get from a reputable plumber will not find it a hassle to fix the piping system because of the high temperatures.

Disadvantages of Copper Pipes for Underground Installation


The first drawback of the copper pipes is the initial price. The water lines are costly to purchase due to the benefits they possess. People prefer other plumbing pipes because the copper ones are too expensive, especially if you want to use them for the entire plumbing system in your house. When you add the installation costs for the hired plumbing company, the water lines become more costly, hence the best option only if your pockets are full to avoid the financial strain.

Cannot withstand Acidic Water

Homeowners using ground well water that tends to be highly acidic should refrain from copper water lines. The copper pipes do not respond well to the acidity in the water because it facilitates corrosion that can lead to burst and leaking pipes that will need urgent repair services from a reliable plumber.

The experts can choose to replace the entire plumbing pipes or only the affected areas. Therefore, it is wise to go for the copper water pipes if the water coming to your home is from the sanitary municipal water supply system in Texas and not groundwater for the longevity of the piping system.

Metallic Water Taste

Most plumbers from the best plumbing company in the town with experience with copper water lines can advise against them because of the water taste. Copper pipes tend to add a metallic taste to water whether installed underground or not, hence a downside that makes more people go for PVC water lines. Hard water coming to your home through the copper pipes can also taste funny not necessarily because of the water lines but the calcium and magnesium ions.

Here for Professional Help!

Copper pipes are inevitably the best for underground installation because of their lightweight, environmentally friendliness, and durability. If you want copper water lines for your new home or to replace your old piping system, you should not hesitate to reach out to Tioga Plumbing & Electric, serving Bedford, TX.

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