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With spring soon to arrive, families will soon be getting outdoors with grilling, entertaining and simply enjoying getting out of the house. The only thing more enjoyable than getting outdoors after a long winter is doing so in a beautifully landscaped and aesthetically lighted environment. A Tioga Construction electrician in Euless can provide you with the landscape lighting that you need.electrician euless

For a moment, picture a tree on your lawn that you admire. Imagine it illuminated with up lighting on the darkest night, profiling its trunk and majestic limbs. landscape lighting can beautify your property, creating magic with illumination that delights and welcomes all who visit, and live there. Even when the trees surrounding your home are young growth, lighting will highlight them at night, and add a touch of magic. A Tioga electrician in Euless can wire your home’s outdoor lighting needs, and deliver the magic to your landscaping plan.

Beyond the aesthetics, there are additional purposes for outdoor lighting other than the aesthetics. Outdoor lighting improves your home’s security, and deters intruders. Studies have proven it assists in preventing crime. Lighting also ensures safety by preventing falls, especially for elderly guests. This reduces the potential liability with pathway, deck, and step lighting.

With adequate illumination your family can take better advantage of summer evening’s outdoors more often, and when you install environmentally friendly LED lighting, you can save up to 85% on energy costs! A Tioga electrician in Euless can provide the landscaping lights to extend your living space into the great outdoors on warm summer nights.

Highlight Architectural Features

Does your home have unique architectural features? Use lighting to highlight it, and combined with lights aimed at the façade, the lighting will create a welcoming atmosphere for your home after sunset. A Tioga electrician in Euless can install the proper lighting to showcase your home’s architectural features to its best advantage.

LED lighting brings the beauty of the rose covered arbor alive at night. If you are lucky enough to have a fountain, extend your enjoyment of its sights and sounds into the dark of night with color changing LED’s. A Tioga Construction electrician in Euless can provide the electrical installation to make your home both a showplace, and a place to enjoy.

Path Lighting Path lighting is one of the most important features of your landscape lights as they light the path for guests to enter your home, and help to prevent falls. Fixtures should be located to allow for a slight overlap in the light provided. This rule, along with a brighter bulb enabling the fixture to cover a larger area, will eliminate the dreaded runway appearance of paths. Use plantings along walkways to help reduce the visibility of the fixtures for a more appealing appearance.

Lighting Tasks

There are a large variety of fixtures available, each with its own task. A Tioga licensed electrician in Euless can assist you with your landscape lighting.


  • Avoid placing the fixtures in the grass. Doing so will make mowing, trimming and fertilizing the grass more difficult, and can result in damage to the fixtures.
  • When selecting a location for light fixtures, ensure they are hidden. Landscape lighting is more appealing when the source is not visible.
  • Ensure you purchase quality fixtures that are moisture sealed for the best appearance and long lasting service. Talk to a Tioga electrician in Euless before you purchase lighting, we can assist you.
  • Low voltage landscape lighting operates on 12 volts produced by a transformer. Low voltage lighting consumes less power, making it an efficient choice.
  • Line voltage should be installed on its own circuit. It offers the ability of lighting up large areas.
  • Flood lights ensure safety and visibility.

Landscape lighting provides both practical safety, while enhancing your home and property’s beauty. When developing your own plan, ensure that the lighting is the appropriate type and illumination for each location. You want to avoid overly bright and insufficient lighting that would be detrimental for the safety of family, friends and visitors.

Hiring a Tioga Construction electrician in Euless will assure the appropriate wiring is installed for the safe and efficient operation of landscape lighting. Extending your living space into the outdoors is a wonderful addition to any home. With skilled planning, your outdoor space can become a true showcase in your neighborhood.

Landscape lighting will provide both practical lighting by improving safety, while enhancing both your home and enjoyment of its outdoor living space. A Tioga certified and licensed electrician in Euless can assist you with the selection of fixtures for your landscape lighting design. We offer a wide range of electric repair service, electrical installation, electrical service upgrades and more. We serve Euless, South Lake, Fort Worth, Keller, Bedford and the surrounding areas with both quality electrical and plumbing services.