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Finding out your home requires sewer pipe replacement is not news a homeowner wants to hear. After all, traditional methods of replacing sewer pipe are destructive to landscaping, and can disrupt patios, sidewalks, driveways, garages, and other outdoor structures when a sewer pipe runs beneath them. Today’s homeowner has the option of Trenchless technology that eliminates the need for destructive excavation, and enables repairs that may be completed in just hours rather than days, by a Tioga Construction plumber in Fort Worth. Trenchless pipe repair provides a cost effective means of repair or complete replacement for an aging sewer pipe.

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Signs of Sewer Pipe Problems

The following are some of the common signs of a sewer pipe problem:

  • Standing water on the lawn
  • Sunken areas of the lawn
  • Sewage odor indoors or outdoors
  • Poorly flushing toilets, slow or blocked drains
  • Sewer backup 

Poorly flushing toilets and slow drainage are not the only problem related to sewer pipe problems. Sewage poses a potential health hazard to you and your surrounding community. Prompt repair is called for to prevent potential illness. Contact a Tioga Construction licensed plumber in Fort Worth for prompt plumbing repair.

Though it has been in use for about 15 years, the Trenchless method of pipe repair is relatively unknown to many people. It uses advanced technology for a fast repair of underground pipes with little disruption to your lawn and landscaping. With the expert service a Tioga plumber in Fort Worth will provide, there is no need to ruin your lawn, hardscaping or other structures.

The Trenchless method can replace broken, deteriorated sewer pipe with the pipe bursting method. The process utilizes a bursting head to fragment the existing pipe, pushing the fragments out of the way and into the surrounding soil, while pulling the new pipe into the newly unoccupied space. 

The Benefits of Trenchless Pipe Repair:

  • The Trenchless process installs faster than conventional excavation, typically in less than a day 
  • Installation is without damaging excavation of your lawn, landscaping, patio, driveway, garages or other structures 
  • Repairs are permanent and adhere to all industry standards

While Trenchless pipe repair is not the solution for every situation, it is a time saving, and cost effective solution for the majority of sewer pipe repair needs, such as:

Underground sewer pipes that run beneath landscaping and/or home’s or other structures 

Broken sewer pipe due to tree roots and other causes

Leaking sewer pipe

Damaged, misaligned, bellied, and/or leaking pipe damage due to ground freezing and thawing

The need for a larger sewer pipe 

Eventually all sewer pipe will require replacement, and if your home or business is an older building, sewer problems can signal the need for replacement. However, newer sewer pipe can develop problems not related to aging. Blockage due to tree root invasion is a common cause of sewer problems, and damage to the pipe. To avoid sewer pipe damage from roots, never plant trees or shrubs within 25 feet of a sewer pipe, or septic tank.

Just a few decades ago, sewer pipe replacement was a major undertaking, and once complete you were left with the task, and the cost of landscaping, and/or repair to structures such as the driveway, or garage. 

With the advanced technology of video inspection, and Trenchless pipe repair, your sewer pipe needs can be provided in a timely manner, without unsightly damage to your landscaping. If you’re experiencing a slow or backed up drain, a sewer leak around your home or commercial building, or poorly flushing toilets, give Tioga a call to receive a video pipe inspection and to receive the benefits of Trenchless technology from a Tioga plumber in Fort Worth.

Tioga Plumbing & Electric offer video pipe inspection to identify the cause of slow drainage, clogs, and sewer backup. Once the cause is identified, a Tioga plumber in Fort Worth will provide the Trenchless pipe repair, or professional drain cleaning you need for your home or business utilizing the highest industry standards and superior expertise. 

A Tioga Construction plumber in Fort Worth offers residential prompt service, professional plumbing repair, and reliable installation. If you have any questions about Trenchless pipe repair for drain or sewer problems, call us today. We are available 24 hours, 7 days a week serving residential and commercial customers in Fort Worth, Bedford, Keller, and the surrounding areas.