Using Trenchless Pipe Lining Method For <strong>Water Line Repair</strong> | <strong>Euless, TX</strong>

Using Trenchless Pipe Lining Method For Water Line Repair | Euless, TX

The plumbing system ensures you have water at your home and wastes are carried safely to a septic or municipal sewer system. Hence, your home’s hygiene and sanitation heavily rely on properly working the drainage system. All the water making its way into your Euless, TX home comes through the water line. Therefore, any issue with this system, you are out of luck. Have you noticed a decline in water pressure at your home? Have the water utility bills suddenly increased with no apparent increase in water consumption? That is a cue that you should call a water line repair technician to inspect the water lines. If damaged, the plumber can use a trenchless repair method, one of which is pipelining.

Pipe Lining Explained

Bid goodbye to the labor-intensive excavation of your yard and welcome trenchless water line repair. In this pipe repair method, a plumber feeds a tube through the damaged water line and expands it until it perfectly molds to the circumference of the current water line. This means you will have a new water line, albeit a slightly smaller diameter. This new lining is typically doused in resin. The new pipe lining attaches to the older pipes when it dries up. The resultant pipe is smooth inside, meaning there is little resistance to water flow. Additionally, the pipe is highly durable and can serve your Euless, TX home for many years.

Traditional Versus Trenchless Pipe Lining

Both trenchless and traditional water line repairs serve the same purpose. However, they go about it in different ways. Traditional repair methods involve digging up the water line and replacing it or patching the leaks. This makes it a generally invasive and labor-intensive method. Unfortunately, this means only one thing: they cost more. There are additional landscaping costs involved with traditional pipe repairs.

Moreover, the excavation displaces and disturbs the ecological environment and is time-intensive. In contrast, trenchless pipe lining is a modern, innovative, and cost-effective method of repairing the water line. It is also ecologically sound as it doesn’t involve digging up the water line.

What Are the Pipes Used in Trenchless Pipe Lining

Pipe lining uses different materials to ensure that you easily and cheaply repair the water line. Below are some of the quality materials used by plumbers for this trenchless water line repair method:

PVC Liners

In the CIPP pipe lining method, the insertion of an inflatable polyvinyl chloride tube liner is filled with a liquid resin. The damaged pipe will be coated in the resin, and then it will be allowed to cure. After the resin has reached its final hardness, the liner will be deflated and removed. The resin will completely seal the pipe and cure any leaks or cracks, leaving you with virtually indistinguishable pipe from brand new. PVC liners are used primarily to increase flow and offer structural support to either damaged or old pipes.

High-Density Polythene

This is a thermosetting material that is highly versatile and durable. The durability of high-density polyethylene ensures that it will not sag in different weather conditions. Hence, it is a great choice for water line repair. The liners come in various sizes. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about ill-fitting or loose joints when the plumber finishes the repair. Hence, consider using this material next time you want a trenchless pipe lining.

Fiberglass Reinforced Pipe

This type of pipe liner is fabricated using thermoset plastic, which is created by fortifying fabric layers saturated with thermoplastic renin. When it comes to lining cast iron pipes, this material is the one that works best for water line repair.

Benefits of Pipe Lining

Eliminates Costly Repairs

Any trenchless water line repair method eliminates the need to dig up the pipes. This is the most appealing benefit of these repairs. Unlike traditional methods of repairing water lines that require excavation, this doesn’t, making it highly cost-effective. The plumber can complete the repair quickly, and you don’t have to employ many laborers. When the pipe lining is done, you won’t have to deal with expensive landscaping costs or other cleanup duties. The plumber uses specialized equipment to insert the liner and pushes it through an access point.

You Can Use It Even on Older Pipes

Cast iron pipe lining is a solution that could be useful in situations involving older water lines. Pipe lining is a process that can be performed on cast iron pipes that have deteriorated due to age or corrosion. A fresh coating inside cast iron pipes can provide additional strength and durability as long as they are stable.

High Quality

The resultant pipe from this water line repair method is of high quality. As mentioned above, it will have a smooth interior, meaning that water will have no resistance. Hence, your Euless, TX home will have averted the low water pressure issues. Additionally, the pipe is stiffer. Thus, these pipes don’t easily crack, aren’t easily intruded by tree roots, and are corrosion-resistant.

Better Functionality

Durability is the other reason why you should use this method of repairing the water lines. The resulting pipe lining can last for years. Additionally, you’ll need fewer repairs since they are corrosion free and not easily intruded on by tree roots.

Faster Repairs

Eliminating excavation in the pipe lining method means that the plumber can finish water line repair quickly. Unlike traditional repair methods, pipe lining takes only hours to a day or two. Since fewer people are working on it and less manual labor is required, processes such as hiring heavy machinery are avoided, meaning speedier repairs.

Leverage Pipe Lining

Are you looking for a cost-effective method of repairing your water lines? Look no further. At Tioga Plumbing & Electric, we can help. We can use the pipe lining or any other trenchless repair method to ensure that your water lines return to their normal efficiency. Contact us today for a reliable water line replacement or repair. You can never go wrong with our services.

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