Waiting For Your Electrical Contractor? Here’s What You Need To Do Before They Arrive | Irving, TX

Waiting For Your Electrical Contractor? Here’s What You Need To Do Before They Arrive | Irving, TX

According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, electrocutions associated with large appliances were 15 percent, those related to small appliances were 14 percent, and those related to lighting equipment were 7 percent.

These electrocution report figures are an indication that electrocutions are often caused by electricity mixing with water or mishandled electricity. Electricity can cause electric shock, psychological impairment, neurological damage, and electrical fires if not well handled.

As a homeowner, if you need to engage the services of an electrical contractor in Irving, TX, for electrical issues. Below are some things you can do while waiting for the electrician to arrive at yourself, your family, and your house

Switch Off Main Power Supply

Electricity can be a deadly and invisible risk if mishandled. As you wait for your electrical contractor to arrive you can disconnect the main circuit breaker that connects all wiring in your home.

Terminating the electrical server stops the movement of energy from the power source to your home’s electrical panel. The disconnect can help you lower the risk of injuries or electrocution as a homeowner.

Tidy Up the House and Remove Obstructions

A tidy house provides a safe working space for your electrician. Tripping over wobbly objects on the floor, skidding on greasy wet surfaces, or striking against poorly piled materials can trigger electrical mishaps.

Poor housekeeping cultures can easily cause electrical accidents for homeowners. Clear traffic from corridors, floors, and access routes before your electrician arrives.

Did you know that pets often become excited and unruly when they see strangers? In case you have a pet, lock it. Dogs are especially notorious for chewing cables and can cause severe electrical fires and electrocution if left unattended during electrical routine checkups.

Your furry cat can trigger static shock if it has the habit of hopping about when excited at the sight of visitors. Kittens are fond of curling up on warm electrical appliances and can cause electrical accidents.

Crawling babies love to explore and occasionally get into the wrong places and spark poorly secured working sites. Keep them away from electrical environments, as this will make work easier for your electrical contractor.

Track the Exact Electrical Fixture

Spotting electrical issues can sometimes be a daunting task for homeowners in Irving, TX, especially when the electrical issues do not happen regularly. Periodically checking wiring and connections can proactively avert serious issues.

Just before your electrician arrives, be keen to check on the electrical damage that has occurred. Don’t just look ignorant and oblivious of the electrical issues in your house.

Prepare a coherent, detailed explanation regarding the electrical installation or repair work. If you have no idea of basic electrical wiring issues, then at least have some basic records of the last repairs and installations that were done on your worn-out electrical appliances.

Prepare psychologically by asking the right questions. This you will only do if you have spoken to several other electrical experts. Always get at least two different bids and quotations before hiring a final electrical contractor.

Have Emergency Cash for Unanticipated High Electrical Payments

The cost of electrical repairs for most homeowners varies, but the average is $75 per hour. Several factors contribute to what your electrician will charge, for instance, extended working hours, strenuous work, or distance covered to reach your site.

Before your electrical contractor arrives, give them their job description and request a quotation. Have some emergency cash at hand that will handle any unexpected electrical repairs and costs.

Be Organized

Before your electrical contractor arrives, prepare a detailed list of what you want them to install, repair or maintain. To save resources and time on electrical repair work, batch all installations, repairs, and maintenance together. Other than fixing your electrical repairs, remind your electrical expert to check for any electrical upgrades that need attention.

Also, plan your day well. If you need to use the electricity for lighting, warming food, ironing, or showering, do these chores in advance. Organize yourself not to be disrupted when the main power supply is switched off during the electrical repairs.

Remember to alert your neighbors of any inconveniences. Electrical repairs can occasionally cause loud buzzes and hums, which could irritate your neighbors. Your neighbors might experience random shutdowns and networks, be polite and warn them.

Ensure that you have backup tools and equipment on-site if your electrical contractor forgets theirs. Having a ladder on-site in case your electrician has to navigate through heights can be ideal. It should not be aluminum or steel as these can pass an electric current through your electrical expert’s body.

Instead, opt for wooden or fiberglass ladders, which are not good conductors of heat. Have some spare insulated rubber gloves for your electrical expert to ensure their protection against arc flashes and electric shocks.

Power needs to be available when the contractor is working for testing purposes. Avoid power blackout days and contact your electrical contractor only when the electricity will be available.

Be well-versed with the nearest electrical supply shops that are in your locality. Your electrician might need to purchase some last-minute electrical ware spares from an electrical shop. Be prepared in case this happens.


It sounds funny and even weird, but you should be calm and composed before your electrical contractor arrives. It’s normal to feel overwhelmed when facing a serious electrical emergency. But, it’s important to find ways to relax so that you can coherently speak to your electrical specialist when they arrive.

Relaxing before your electrician arrives is also important because your electrical worker can easily pick on your nonverbal cues. If you are stressed, it may be difficult for your electrical contractor to diagnose your electrical issues quickly.

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