Water Quality Care From A <strong>Plumber Near Me</strong> | <strong>Hurst, TX</strong>

Water Quality Care From A Plumber Near Me | Hurst, TX

Water quality is a bit like the weather, when it varies it tends to vary for reasons that are local. There may be issues in the groundwater or reservoir, city water supply and pipes, and even in your home. Having a plumber near me that’s well-informed about local water quality issues like Tioga Plumbing & Electric can provide fast answers. Whether you’ve received a boil water notice or observed that something’s not right with the water from your faucets, we’re ready to help you in Hurst, TX. Sometimes we can pass along information we’ve received that’s helpful, other times as your expert plumber near me we can test your water or inspect your pipes. Other times, your best answer might be to take charge of your water quality with your own water filtration equipment, a solution many homeowners choose these days.

Beware of Backflow and All the Water Problems It Can Bring

Water pressure helps keep high-quality water flowing through pipes on the way to your kitchen faucet. Low water pressure can be cause for concern. Broken water mains or local use of fire hydrants can lower pressure and allow contamination into the water supply lines. Damage to your home’s water supply pipe, or even a hose attached to a bib without backflow prevention can cause intake of contaminated water from the ground. As the plumber near me that you can trust, we can make sure your hose bibs have proper protection, and look for the cause of any low water pressure situations. Your water supply and drains are complex, and anything out of the ordinary deserves a check by our expert licensed plumbers.

When Water Quality Has Already Affected Your Plumbing

Our local water tends to have higher levels of minerals, especially calcium, that make it “hard water.” The most visible result of this tends to be in coffee pots, where you have to descale from time to time to remove mineral buildup. Similar scale deposits accumulate in pipes, and in both tank and tankless water heaters, affecting their operation. For tankless water heaters, a scale that accumulates in the area where the water is heated can eventually cause the unit to stop supplying hot water until it is cleaned. Mineral scale can also affect the longevity of appliances like washing machines and dishwashers. Another effect of dissolved minerals in your water supply is accelerated corrosion of pipes and appliances. As your plumber near me with experience in local plumbing methods when your home and others nearby were built, we can often estimate when you’re likely to have problems. Video inspection of your pipes can also indicate whether corrosion has reached a point where leaks are likely, and once leaks appear, we’ll know to suggest preventive action knowing that the first one is not likely to be the last. Repiping or localized pipe repairs can restore the integrity of your pipes and avoid growing numbers of leaks in your home’s plumbing over time.

Water Quality and Your Water Heater

Hard water is of particular concern for water heaters, where both scale accumulation and corrosion occur. The anode rod in your tank-based water heater plays a role in reducing tank corrosion, and when you call your plumber near me for routine water heater maintenance you can have the anode rod checked and replaced if it is getting worn out. That’s also a perfect time to evaluate the tank itself and see if it is getting corroded enough to schedule a water heater replacement. If you decide to install a water softener or filtration equipment, a different anode rod may be appropriate, and the risk of corrosion will be reduced by the removal or neutralization of dissolved minerals.

Water Quality Is Something You Can Manage

Whether it’s hard water problems that are producing scale in your coffee maker and stains in your tub while corroding your pipes and water heater, or other water quality issues, we can help. We’re the plumber near me that knows local water quality, and in particular if your tests are different from other area homes, we can help locate the problem. If it’s a general water quality issue, where your supply meets some standards but not the ones that are important to you, we have water filtration systems that will do the job. They include activated carbon and reverse osmosis, targeting specific contaminants like physical impurities, PFAS, VOCs, and other chemicals, or simply providing a general barrier to impurities, odors, and taste problems in your home’s water. You can select what’s right for you, based on water testing and your experience with water-related issues, and we’ll install and maintain the system you need. You’ll also enjoy freedom from bottled water routines at the same time!

Ongoing Care for Your Water Softener or Water Filter

As your plumber near me with water quality expertise, we’re the perfect plumbers to select for ongoing care for your existing water quality systems, as well as installation or replacement when the time comes. We’ll bring supplies, perform inspections and maintenance, and check water quality as needed, and answer any questions you have about your local water. If you decide to upgrade your system from water softening to more active filtration of other contaminants, we can make the change as easy as possible.

Your Nearby Expert Plumber for Water Quality and More

From backflow and temporary water supply issues to ongoing water quality concerns, we can help. At Tioga Plumbing & Electric, we’re your full-service plumber in Hurst, TX for issues with your water quality, pipe and fixture repairs, full plumbing inspections, and much more. We’re also the plumber near me you can count on for information only local plumbers can provide. These include city water supply concerns, groundwater issues, types of pipes used in local construction, and procedures for local sewer and water line repairs. When you need an expert plumber near me in Hurst, TX, think of Tioga Plumbing & Electric! Call us today to find out more.

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