Ways Your Plumbing Company Can Help With Your New Home | Bedford, TX

Ways Your Plumbing Company Can Help With Your New Home | Bedford, TX

Even brand-new construction can have its plumbing issues, hopefully ones that aren’t severe like a toilet that’s running or a garbage disposal that’s already getting clogged. The same goes for a newly-purchased home, one that may have passed inspection for the major issues, but could still use a bit of care from a plumbing company that has an eye for detail. At Tioga Plumbing & Electric of Bedford, TX, we’d like to be your plumbing company when you need help with your home, whether you just purchased it or you’ve been living in it for decades.

We can help in several ways, the first being fast response when you have leaks, clogs, and other potential or actual emergencies. Next, we’re here to inspect your plumbing and note areas that might need updates or that could cause trouble in the near future. And perhaps your favorite and ours, we can upgrade your fixtures, remodel your bathroom and kitchen, and provide other ways to make your home more your own, and up-to-date with all the wonderful plumbing improvements that are now available. After all, from voice-controlled and touchless faucet controls to in-line water heaters right by your kitchen sink, there are lots of ways our plumbing company can make your life more enjoyable as well as solve your troubles.

Master Bathroom Upgrades

Many homeowners like to have their own bathroom just the way they want it, with fixtures and decor that’s uplifting and enjoyable. These days, there are many great options that our plumbing company can install for showers that provide broader spray coverage and strong jets without using a lot of water, which makes the morning start well even before that cup of coffee. Modern raised sink bowls with touchless faucet controls save water and add convenience, along with avoiding the issues that twist-style faucet handles had. Paddle-style faucet controls are an excellent upgrade, and ceramic washers eliminate leaks and servicing that rubber washers once required. Some couples start the day together with dual sinks and vanities as well. Upgrading your master bathroom’s toilet is also a great idea, whether it’s with a bidet, pressure flush, or other water-saving and comfort features.

Leak Detection to Find Hidden Problems

Leaks in the walls or under the floor, including the basement, can be hard to notice in a routine inspection. If you suspect problems and observe signs over time such as a slight mold smell near walls or damp spots emerging, our leak detection equipment allows us to inspect the insides of pipes and listen for the ultrasonic sounds of leaks without breaking through the walls or floor, especially the concrete basement floor. If we confirm a problem, then we can also find the target location for repairs and catch it, likely before it causes substantial damage inside your walls or in your rooms.

Water Softener for Quality Water and Pipe and Appliance Longevity

Mineral levels in local water can cause corrosion in pipes and appliances such as water heater tanks, along with issues with scaling or mineral accumulation and poor shampoo and soap performance. Our plumbing company can provide water softener or filter equipment and maintain your existing equipment if it hasn’t been serviced recently. This can help avoid problems such as pipe leaks and premature water heater tank failure. We can also help maintain the water heater.

Water Heater Maintenance

Our plumbers can inspect and evaluate the condition of your water heater, replace the anode rod, check the pressure valve, and perform adjustments and maintenance as needed for good operation. If you don’t know the history of the unit, this can bring you up to proper standards of operation and help your water heater serve you well for the rest of its lifetime. If your home has a tankless water heater system, the serviced components are somewhat different but we’re glad to help with cleaning the vents, checking and cleaning or replacing the filter and heating element, making sure the control board and sensors are working properly and making sure you’re ready for another year of plentiful hot water.

A Few Plumbing Precautions

If your home doesn’t already have them, we highly recommend water hammer arrestors on your appliances to prevent plumbing and appliance damage, and a set of woven stainless steel hoses for your washing machine to eliminate concerns of rubber hose failure and flooding. These are common maintenance items that are very helpful in avoiding major trouble.

Frozen Pipe Prevention

In recent years, it pays to insulate and relocate pipes to avoid freezing, and to replace exterior hose bibbs and faucets with four-season ones. Our plumbing company does surveys of area houses to locate any risk of freezing pipes so they can be handled appropriately, or so the owner is aware that they should be drained and shut off in case of extra cold weather such as we’ve seen in recent years.

Water Pressure Check

High water pressure coming into your home can be rough on your pipes and appliances, and low water pressure is a sign of trouble that could lead to backflow that contaminates your home’s water supply pipes. Our plumbing company provides water pressure checks, pressure regulator valves if necessary and maintenance for these valves if present, and help with addressing low water pressure including identifying local water supply issues and boil notices currently in effect that you should be aware of.

Tioga Plumbing & Electric of Bedford, TX, Your Professional Plumbing Company

Our team has some of the area’s top plumbers in various specialties, ready to serve you when you need a home plumbing inspection, quick check-offs on your faucet and fixture to-do list, leak detection and repair, and drain cleaning and sewer assistance. Our plumbing company looks forward to helping you with your new home or updating your long-time residence and providing you with expert plumbing in the years to come. Give us a call and get to know us.

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