What Are The Skills Your Electrical Contractor Needs To Properly Service Your Home? Irving, TX

What Are The Skills Your Electrical Contractor Needs To Properly Service Your Home? Irving, TX

A regular person could wonder if there’s any actual difference between an electrical contractor and an electrician. This is mostly because the work each professional performs may seem similar to them. Below, we will point out the differences between each one and their importance to the electrical and construction industry in Irving, TX. So, if you’re curious about the differences between each one of these pros, read on and find out what they are and what they do.

Defining an Electrical Contractor

In a few simple words, an electrical contractor is a company or businessperson that carries out specialized electrical tasks for the construction industry. Oftentimes, these tasks are directly related to the design and installation of electrical systems, including their maintenance and repair. These professionals are also tasked with the responsibility of making sure these electrical installations work appropriately in a safe and environmentally friendly manner. Additionally, their primary responsibility is that all state and federal safety requirements are followed in each installation.

What Is the Most Important Task of an Electrical Contractor?

As we have already mentioned, an electrical contractor can carry out a large number of tasks, some of which will depend exclusively on the area they have specialized in. Some of the most important tasks performed by these professionals start with the design of a certain project, which includes making plans that are highly detailed. This work is possibly one of the most important tasks that must be performed before construction even begins. Once the design and the budget are approved, they must get all the necessary permits and required insurance policies in order to start working on the project.

What Is the Main Difference Between an Electrical Contractor and an Electrician?

The main difference between these two professionals can be hard to distinguish, but an electrician is usually trained in the performance of electrical work and has obtained a license to do so. In many cases, an electrician will work independently or can be hired by a construction company or a contractor. On the other hand, the term “contractor” almost always refers to an Irving, TX company or business itself, while the term “electrician” refers to a person.

For an electrician to become licensed, they must study at a trade school and then become an apprentice. Once their hands-on training in the repair and installation of electrical systems is finished, they can become licensed and start working as journeymen. At this point, an electrician can continue their formal education in order to become a master of the trade. They can also choose a specialty, which means they have to decide whether they will work with high voltage or low voltage systems and installations, among other things.

With this in mind, it becomes easy to differentiate between an electrician and an electrical contractor because the first is a person and the second is a company.

What Skills and Traits Does an Electrical Contractor Need?

In order to become a successful contractor, there are several necessary skills an electrician working for a contractor company must have, including the following:

  • Healthy color vision – Because the majority of electrical systems require color-coded wires, contractors and electricians must be able to distinguish between them in order to be able to work safely while producing high-quality results. This doesn’t mean that electricians and contractors can’t be color-blind, especially because there are ways to make up for the lack by using labeled wiring and relying on numerical values. Even so, having a healthy color vision is one of the most important physical requirements to be able to work in the electrical field, so color blindness can be an almost impossible barrier to cross when an electrician is looking to become a contractor.
  • Excellent communication skills – Contractors in all fields should be good communicators. This is especially true in the electrical sector, where communication skills are necessary in order to convey instructions and expectations in a clear and professional manner. Whether they are talking to clients or giving instructions to their employees and colleagues, communication skills are a must-have for contractors.
  • Physical fitness and a high endurance capacity – One of the most important characteristics of contractors is they must be physically fit, strong and able to spend long hours standing on their feet. They must also be able to lift heavy objects and equipment while moving around to work in places that are hard to reach, as well as constantly climbing up and down ladders, so their physical capacity should always be in optimal condition in order to perform their tasks adequately and safely. This makes physical health one of a contractor’s biggest assets.
  • Great attention to detail – Being able to pay attention to all types of details will ensure a contractor performs high-quality work, as well as perform safely. Keep in mind that electrical work involves the use of equipment that can be dangerous, so contractors should pay great attention to any issues that can create hazards at job sites.
  • General understanding of business management – Because many electricians choose to run their own contracting business, a general understanding of business management is one of the most important traits they should have. This includes having basic knowledge of accounting, management of human resources, budgeting and estimating the cost of projects. To the layman, this trait may not seem to be related to electrical work, but to a contractor, they can be the turning point between a highly successful business and a failing company.
  • Fine motor skills and a high level of dexterity – Because of the very nature of electrical work, contractors should have good motor skills and a high level of confidence to be able to handle their tools and equipment in a safe manner, including wire strippers, pliers, power tools and much more.

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