What Does An Electrician Do? The Many Responsibilities Of An Electrical Professional | Flower Mound, TX

What Does An Electrician Do? The Many Responsibilities Of An Electrical Professional | Flower Mound, TX

For many people, all electricians are the same, and while it is true that they all start out on the same path in an apprenticeship, the truth of the matter is that specialization is what sets them apart once all has been said and done. It’s also true that there are some general tasks they can all perform during their daily work, but when it comes down to the more individualized tasks, such as installing lighting or control systems and working on certain machines and equipment, not all of them can do it all. At Tioga Plumbing & Electric in Flower Mound, TX, each one of our pros has been extensively trained to cover all your electrical needs, so read on to see some of the things they are capable of.

General Tasks Performed By Electrical Experts

There are certain tasks and activities that all electrical professionals can perform, mostly because they are all required regardless of the area in which they have specialized. Some of these tasks are the following:

  • Interpret blueprints, diagrams, and technical documentation pertaining to their profession
  • Plan and design electrical wiring systems for new construction and remodeling jobs. This task includes outlets, fixtures, and certain ventilation devices.
  • Install switchboards and other controls in accordance with codes and regulations.
  • Identify the correct equipment that should be used for specific jobs.
  • Provide maintenance, repairs, and testing on diverse types of equipment.
  • Perform the connection of equipment and appliances.
  • Determine the requirements and needs of a job by applying technical specifications and theory.
  • Inspect and test breakers, transformers, and other electrical elements.
  • Provide easy-to-understand explanations to clients.

The Different Types of Electrical Professionals

As was previously mentioned, different types of electricians specialize in certain specific roles. While the general tasks listed above are performed by all electrical specialists, the activities of their specific roles can vary widely and usually don’t overlap. Let’s take a look at some of the most common electrical professional specializations you can encounter these days.

  • Lineman – This professional has specialized in playing a very important role in both residential and commercial settings. The tasks performed by a lineman include working on power lines, cables, and more. It is their job to make sure the wiring power distribution systems that feed power to a home or office are working as they should and to repair them when they aren’t. This expert must undergo specialized training to be able to climb and work on electrical poles and towers.
  • Wireman – This type of electrician works inside Flower Mound, TX homes or offices to connect and distribute a location’s power from the outdoor source to the inside of the building. One of their responsibilities is the installation of low voltage wiring that will distribute power to all areas of the home or office. Additionally, they are able to install conduits, fixtures, outlets, fire alarms, and control panels, as well as perform inspections of a location’s existing electrical installation, together with responding to common household electrical emergencies, such as localized power outages and the replacement of old or faulty wiring.
  • Installer Technician – These professionals normally work together with wiremen in order to create and install low voltage systems, including security systems, surveillance, intelligent homes and offices, and much more. They are also able to work on certain types of transportation equipment and even vehicles.
  • Maintenance Electrician – The field of specialization of this expert says it all. They are able to work in all types of industries, from robotics to space exploration and, of course, residential and commercial buildings. Their job is to provide maintenance to the existent wiring and electrical components of a building, together with a wide range of machinery and equipment running on electricity. Additionally, a maintenance electrician is capable of performing a range of tests and monitoring electrical systems to identify any faults while preparing prevention plans to make sure all forms of electrical installations and equipment work properly and don’t break down without warning.
  • Solar power and photovoltaic system installer – New renewable energy systems are allowing electrical experts to widen their scope of action, and because of their popularity, many are choosing to follow the path of solar power installations. Because of this change, this type of electrical professional requires specialized training in the assembly, commissioning, and maintenance of solar systems that are set up on the rooftops of residential, commercial, or industrial settings. One important thing to keep in mind is that solar power professionals require special on-the-job training and licensing in order to perform their job adequately.
  • Industrial technicians – These electrical experts have been trained to perform the installation, maintenance, and repair of a wide range of machinery, equipment, and systems at an industrial level, including the wiring of the systems and their control stations and panels. They are probably some of the most specialized people in their field and can normally be required to work in complex industrial settings, but can also perform tasks in residential and commercial electrical systems.

While these are only some of the most common specialties for electricians in residential, commercial, and industrial settings, they are not all of the choices available to these professionals, and some electricians may opt for a more complex specialty, such as heating, air conditioning or refrigeration, installation, and maintenance or elevators, instrumentation, and others.

Are You Looking For an Electrician in Flower Mound, TX?

Regardless of what electrical issues you are experiencing or whether you are building a new home or remodeling your old one, at Tioga Plumbing & Electric, each one of our electrical experts has been extensively trained to cover all of your home or office’s electrical needs.

From the inspection, maintenance, and repair of faulty wiring to the replacement of broken outlets and fixtures, we are capable of getting your power and lighting working correctly again. Additionally, we are able to design, install, and plan all of your home’s electrical systems, regardless of how complex or advanced they may seem, so don’t hesitate and if you are in need of an electrician, give us a call today!

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