Whole House Generators | Electrician Fort Worth, Texas

Whole House Generators | Electrician Fort Worth, Texas

Severe weather is the leading cause of power outages in the United States. A standby home generator keeps the power on during an outage. In addition, whole house generators operate on natural gas or propane, so there is no need for refueling. Contact a Tioga electrician in Fort Worth, Texas.electrican fort worth whole house generators

Refrigerator and Freezer

There are a number of advantages to having a standby generator, such as maintaining the proper temperature for your refrigerator, and the freezer. Food is often the first thing to suffer from an extended outage, and a standby generator ensures the appliances operate as usual. The average loss to the homeowner who loses food due to a power outage is $250 to $500.

Heating and Air Conditioning

With a standby generator, your home’s HVAC system continues to operate, providing continued comfort for your family. When a power outage occurs during the winter, burst or frozen pipes may result with an average cost of $10,000 to the individual homeowner in pipe repair and damages to the home due to flooding.

Lights and Security

Whether a power outage is due to thunderstorms, a hurricane or ice storm, your home’s lighting and security system remains on. Though your block may be dark, thieves know the security is still operational when the lights are on. Contact a Tioga electrician in Fort Worth, Texas to schedule installation.

Water and Flood

Keeping water out of the basement with a sump pump is an important task, especially during flooding rains. While you want the water pumped out of the basement, and you need hot water for bathing, laundry, cooking and cleaning. A standby generator ensures water-using appliances are ready when needed.

Flooded basements due to a non-operating sump pump resulting in flooding cost an average of $21,000 to the homeowner due to damage. If mold occurs related to flooding, mold remediation can cost $500 to $30,000. A Tioga electrician in Fort Worth, Texas can provide the whole house generator installation you need.


A standby generator ensures your television, computer and other electronics are operational when you want to track a storm, or continue to work on that college thesis due next week. Knowing what to expect, and ensuring the receipt of warnings can be provided with a whole house generator, and a Tioga electrician in Fort Worth, Texas can provide the professional installation for you.

Life Sustaining Equipment

When a loved one in the household depends upon an oxygen concentrator, a ventilator, or other life sustaining equipment, a whole house generator maintains their needs without refueling in the middle of a storm. Furthermore, thieves can easily steal a portable generator. If you are concerned with the health of a loved one during power outages, contact a Tioga electrician in Fort Worth, Texas for whole house generator installation.

You Choose the Coverage

Whole house generators are available in a variety of sizes, enabling you to select a generator that powers all of your home’s normal functions, or just the essentials. Installation will require an electrician in Fort Worth, Texas due to the various electrical installations required.

Portable Generators

Portable generators can power a window air conditioner, recharge a freezer or refrigerator, power lamps and an oxygen concentrator, or a basic life support system such as a ventilator, though not all at once. The price is often reasonable, and they typically operate on gasoline or diesel.

The disadvantages of a portable are the limited number of outlets to power necessities. A typical portable will have from two to four 110v outlets and one 220v outlet. An additional disadvantage is the need to use heavy-duty extension cords, which provide the hazard of persons tripping over cords, and shock if the cords are located in a wet environment.

Portables also have the disadvantage of the fuel supply, and the problems with the available fuel. When your fuel supply is exhausted, will you be able to obtain additional fuel? Furthermore, available fuel contains ethanol and does not store well for long, before the ethanol converts to water. Ethanol containing fuel will clog, and can damage the engine’s carburetor.

You should crank a portable generator and allow it to run for a few minutes every week or two. An automatic whole house generator does this automatically, and does not rely upon ethanol containing fuel, as it uses natural or propane gas.

A whole house generator provides the ideal solution when you expect a reliable electrical source. If you are considering the installation of a whole house generator contact a Tioga electrician in Fort Worth, Texas for an estimate, and/or installation.

Automatic Generators

An automatic generator senses the power outage, starts the generator, and has the power on in 10 seconds or less. The installation requires a licensed electrician in Fort Worth, Texas . Automatic generators have significant advantages over portable generators:

  • Automatic generators use propane or natural gas for operation until the power comes back on, without refueling.
  • Natural and propane gas do not have the disadvantages of gas or diesel fuel containing ethanol.
  • Automatic generators are able to sense when the power comes back on, and automatically shut down.
  • Automatic generators self-start weekly to ensure it is ready for an outage.
  • Automatic generators can run an entire home, including a heat pump or central air conditioning, or most of the home depending on the size of the generator you select.
  • Automatic generators operate when the power fails, so even if you are away, the food in the refrigerator and freezer will be safe, and during the winter, the heat will operate, preventing frozen or burst pipes.
  • Automatic generators ensure the home security system continues to safeguard the home, its occupants.
  • Automatic generators operate quietly, unlike noisy portables.

For additional information on whole house generators, to receive an estimate, or installation, contact a Tioga electrician in Fort Worth, Texas . Our electricians can provide a professional generator installation for your home. We serve Fort Worth, Keller, Bedford, Euless, Southlake and the surrounding areas, and are a member of the BBB with an A+ rating. We provide your 100% satisfaction guarantee.