Why Are My House Lights Suddenly Flickering? An <strong>Electrical Contractor</strong> Explains | <strong>Irving, TX</strong>

Why Are My House Lights Suddenly Flickering? An Electrical Contractor Explains | Irving, TX

Have you ever been sitting in your living room, watching a movie or reading a book, when all of a sudden your lights start flickering? It can be disconcerting and even downright scary, leading you to call an electrical contractor. But what causes this phenomenon? This blog post will explore common reasons why lights flicker in houses.

Loose Light Bulbs

Often, when lights in the home flicker or “dance” around on the walls and ceilings, people immediately think something is wrong with the wiring – however, they may be shocked to learn that a loose lightbulb can often be the culprit. This can happen when a bulb’s connection to its socket loosens due to overheating or some physical impact. In this case, turning off the switch and gently re-securing the bulb in its socket might do wonders for eliminating any trouble. Keeping bulbs clean and ensuring all screws are firmly tightened are good practices for avoiding flickering lights in the house.

Faulty Switches

Lights flickering in the home can be irritating, but faulty switches often cause it. Due to wear and tear on a switch’s mechanical components, weak connections can form between the switch and its internal contacts. This weak connection can arise from corrosion from dampness or dust impacting the switch’s insulation. Consequently, this weak connection can cause incomplete electrical circuit closures, resulting in the flicker we observe in our lights and other electrical appliances. Call an electrical contractor in Irving, TX if you suspect you have a faulty switch.

Faulty Wiring

In some cases, flickering lights can indicate faulty wiring – especially if the entire room or multiple rooms experience this phenomenon simultaneously. Some possible causes of faulty wiring include old or outdated circuits that cannot handle the power demands of modern households or potentially faulty electrical connections. In this case, it’s best to call an electrical contractor for proper diagnosis and repair.

Electrical Demand

Electrical demand is a common yet easily overlooked reason why your lights might be flickering in your abode. When too much electricity is running at once, like when many appliances are being utilized simultaneously, the lines can become overloaded and cause the voltage coming out of outlets to drop; this variation in power can often manifest in dimming or blinking lights.

If you notice this recurring issue with your lights, it may be that multiple electronics/devices running off of the same circuit as your lightbulbs are impacting their performance. A simple way to help prevent flickering due to electrical demand is to spread out your devices over several different circuits or have an electrical contractor upgrade the electrical system in your home.

Poor Quality Bulbs

Poor-quality bulbs can be a common cause of flickering lights in the house. If a bulb is of inferior quality or incompatible with your lighting setup, it can cause too low or high electrical current, resulting in dimming and flickering. When replacing the lightbulb, in this case, look for bulbs that match up with the type and size of lamp you have. Additionally, check to see if the wattage recommendation on the lamp matches your new bulb- you don’t want it any brighter than what’s recommended since this could lead to dimming as well. You can also consult an electrical contractor in Irving, TX to ensure the wattage is safe for your setup.

Outdated Electrical Panel

An outdated electrical panel could cause a flickering light in a home. An electrical panel sometimes referred to as a fuse box or circuit breaker, contains fuses and breakers that detect current overloads and cut the circuits involved if needed. However, with aging panels or incorrect wiring, these components may not respond quickly enough to protect the fragile lighting systems within our homes. When this happens, flickering lights can occur because of the overloaded circuit.

Replacing an older electrical panel with a newer model may help to avoid such issues. An electrical contractor is the best person to install and upgrade your electrical panels, so feel free to reach out to one if you suspect this may be the cause of your flickering lights.

Badly Installed Lighting Fixtures

If the lighting system is new, the chances of this being the problem can increase due to faults in installation. An incorrectly wired or badly fitted fixture can cause the current to be distributed unevenly, leading to a flickering effect. You should have a new lighting system installed by an electrical contractor in Irving, TX; otherwise, you may create safety hazards or compromise your fixtures’ longevity.

Failing Ballast

The ballast helps regulate voltage within fluorescent lighting fixtures, so if it’s not working correctly, it can cause your lights to flicker or dim unexpectedly. Looking at the fixture, you can often tell if this is the problem. If it looks discolored or unusually hot to the touch, chances are there’s an issue with the ballast, and it needs replacing as soon as possible. The replacement ballast should match an exact model of your existing fixture. That is why it is important to consult an electrical contractor who can help you find the right replacement and install it without any complications.

Don’t Wait Until It’s Too Late

Flickering lights are often caused by various issues, from electrical demand to failing ballast or outdated circuits. It’s important to take action when flickering lights occur, as they could potentially cause dangerous fire hazards and other safety risks. Call an electrical contractor for assistance if your flickering lights are caused by a more serious issue than those listed here.

We Are the Best Electrical Professionals

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