Why Do I Need An Electrician For Home Maintenance? | Euless, TX

Why Do I Need An Electrician For Home Maintenance? | Euless, TX

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Almost all of us in Euless, TX rely on electricity to some extent. Calling an electrician when a problem arises is normal, but homeowners sometimes overlook preventative maintenance related to a home’s electrical infrastructure. Even a responsible homeowner with a stringent home maintenance routine can overlook electrical systems.

Benefits of Electrical Preventative Maintenance

Electrical preventative maintenance is an integral part of overall home maintenance. Power surges and other electrical irregularities can cause appliance or equipment failures. These failures may be isolated, or they could damage other things around them that are also drawing power at the same time. Poorly maintained components of a home’s electrical system are prone to failure.

Routine maintenance improves efficiency, and efficiency influences cost. Money saved on monthly energy bills is the most obvious financial benefit, but replacing parts before a failure occurs is much cheaper than replacing many parts damaged by the original failed component. Equipment lasts longer when it is regularly inspected and repaired. This applies to the electrical system and appliances in your home as well.

Unplanned power outages can disrupt your daily routine, and they can even lead to time off work. Sometimes electricians need to shut down electricity in a home to perform maintenance checks or repairs, but it’s much easier to plan for a short planned outage than deal with the consequences of random power loss.

Improvements and Upgrades

Routine electrical maintenance offers an opportunity to make beneficial changes to improve energy efficiency. Small changes can also address safety issues, especially in older homes or homes with children.

Motion Sensors

Installing motion sensors can have extensive long=term benefits for your energy bill. Some small changes can improve your home’s energy efficiency. There is usually no need to keep outdoor lighting on all night. Motion sensors let your outdoor lights switch on when someone is outside and remain dark when they aren’t needed. Maintaining your home’s HVAC system is very important for energy efficiency. Well maintained equipment uses less power for heating and cooling.

Safety Features

Electrical maintenance also has a safety component. Older home’s don’t have tamper-resistant outlets unless upgrades have already been done. Uncovered outlets can pose a risk of electrocution for children. A simple outlet cover stays in place until someone removes it to use an outlet.

Sliding receptacles cover unused outlets and easily slide to one side as needed. A tamper-resistant receptacle has spring-loaded covers to block contact openings. Inserting a plug compresses the springs, but both springs must be compressed simultaneously to open. This stops a child from opening the shutters by pushing on only one side or providing uneven pressure.

Modern types of electrical panels became common in homes during the 1960s. Some homes still have their original panels, which is not safe. Electrical panels should generally be replaced every 20 to 30 years. Overloaded or poorly maintained panels can cause fires. An electrician can look at the serial number and other features of your panel to find the manufacturer and learn how old the panel is. If the panel is in poor condition or too old to be safe, your electrician can also install a new panel and upgrade your home’s electrical system.

Malfunctioning Outlets

Plugging something in and discovering that an outlet doesn’t work is a very irritating experience. Try plugging in the appliance or device in a different outlet. If a new outlet works, the previous outlet was probably at fault. Call an electrician to determine whether the malfunctioning outlet is a localized issue or just a symptom of a larger underlying problem.

Tripped Circuits

A tripped circuit breaker is a common reason for malfunctioning outlets. If it is an isolated incident, resetting the circuit should fix the problem. Consistent circuit tripping may be due to an overloaded outlet. This can happen when multiple high-power appliances are on the same circuit.


Many recently built homes have ground fault circuit interrupters, or GFCIs, around kitchens and bathrooms, garages and basements. GFCIs shut themselves down automatically in response to overheating, a damaged appliance, or contact with water. Homeowners only need to hit the restore switch to turn the circuit back on. If the restore attempt doesn’t work, it may be time to call an electrician for help.

Loose Contacts

Contacts within electrical outlets eventually loosen and go bad. Loose contacts can’t be fixed, so the entire unit must be replaced. Homeowners really shouldn’t replace outlets without assistance. Mistakes could result in electrocution during installation or mild to severe shocks when the outlet is used. Improper installation could even cause a fire. It is much safer to hire an electrician.

Burnt Out Outlets and Sparks

An outlet that doesn’t work could be burnt out. This happens when a spark occurs. Sparks are frequently harmless. Power rapidly diverted when something is first plugged into an outlet can produce a spark around the socket and prongs. Sparks that cause burnouts are more serious.

You may not see the actual spark, but it often leaves blackened areas around the socket and warm spots on the outlet. If you notice these signs, stop using the outlet immediately and call an electrician. Most electric lines in Euless,TX, carry between 115-240 volts. It isn’t surprising that an outlet can spark, and sparks can start fires very quickly.

Short Circuits

Short circuits occur when an outlet overheats to such an extent that it melts the surrounding insulation and melts exposed wiring. Electrons jumping from the exposed wire creates a large, hot spark. Water can also cause shorts and sparks. GCFIs are often installed in bathrooms as a safety feature.

Call Tioga Plumbing & Electric in Euless, TX, to ask about improving your home’s energy efficiency or routine maintenance. Tioga’s professional electricians can offer advice on energy efficient appliances and help you make changes to simplify daily routines while minimizing energy use.