Why Do I Need Drain Cleaning Services? | Irving, TX

Why Do I Need Drain Cleaning Services? | Irving, TX

Although drains may not be the most extravagant or noticeable part of your home, they are an essential component of a safe, comfortable living environment. Regular drain cleaning services are part of preventive plumbing, which means routine maintenance can help prevent problems in the future. Professional drain cleaning services can help clear blockages, eliminate odors, and enhance the function of your entire plumbing system.

Regular drain cleaning services can clear partial blockages and help prevent clogs in the first place. It’s always best to avoid a problem instead of fixing it later. The first signs of clogged drains may not be noticeable. Maybe water doesn’t drain as quickly as it should. Although the slow drainage may be a slight inconvenience at first, it will get worse. You may see water collecting while you’re taking a shower. Overflowing toilets are one of the most unpleasant results of a clogged drain.

Foul Odors

Unpleasant odors in your home may be coming from a toilet, sink or drain. This can happen when food particles are too big and get stuck in pipes. Fat, grease, soap scum, and other sticky substances can also build up within drains and pipes. This resident picks up particles of food and other debris, which creates a perfect haven for bacteria and mold to thrive. Microorganisms can grow very, very quickly, so it doesn’t take long for organic material stuck in drains to produce foul odors. Blockages can trap water that turns stagnant and becomes another breeding ground for bacteria. Even a partial blockage can cause this problem because the water drains too slowly. Fortunately, drain cleaning service eliminates unpleasant odors almost instantly.

Blocked Sewer Mains

Frequent clogs shouldn’t be dismissed as coincidences, especially if they affect multiple plumbing fixtures. Most homes connected to city sewer infrastructure in Irving, TX, have an underground drain pipe connecting the home to larger public pipes that serve multiple homes and businesses. The main drain inside each individual home funnels wastewater into the underground sewer pipe. Each plumbing fixture, such as a washing machine, dishwasher, toilet, sink, or shower, has a drain and network of smaller pipes that connect to the main drain.

Slow drainage or overflowing water at a single sink, toilet, or other fixture may indicate a fairly localized problem. The clog may be in the drainage pipes near the affected fixture. Clogs and backups occurring at more than one fixture are probably the results of a blockage deeper in the drainage system. A blockage in the main sewer drain can cause backups in every fixture in the house. This type of blockage also carries the most risk of letting raw sewage backup into a floor drain in the basement or first story of a house.

Call your plumber for drain cleaning service if you suspect a clogged sewer main. Problems may affect toilets first. Watch for improper flushing, gurgling noises. Bathtubs and showers are also affected quickly and may fill with backed-up wastewater because the drains sit at a lower level than most sink drains. Blockages in certain places can even create strange effects. For example, you may see water in the toilet bowl rise or hear gurgling noises after using the bathroom sink.

Water Damage

In extreme cases, a blocked drain can lead to flooding inside your home. Many homeowners in Irving, TX, have been surprised by a shallow pool of water covering basement floors after an unsuspected drain blockage. Sewer line backups are especially upsetting because the water is contaminated with waste and bacteria. Although a flooded basement isn’t an appealing prospect, overflowing toilets sinks, and drains in other parts of the home are even worse. Clean-up may involve anything from disinfecting a cement or linoleum floor to hiring a professional carpet cleaner if flooding happens in carpeted rooms. You may even need an electrician if water damages electrical wiring. Widespread damage doesn’t happen very often, but any sort of clean-up is exasperating and time-consuming. Consider drain cleaning services at the first sign of a problem to minimize the risk of more problems later.

Grease Clogs

Grease is a common culprit when drains aren’t functioning efficiently. Drain lines carrying wastewater from the kitchen are vulnerable to accumulated grease residue. Restaurants have grease traps to keep as much oil and fat out of the drain lines as possible. Some homes also have grease traps. Ask your plumber if you aren’t sure if a grease trap is present. Don’t rely solely on a grease trap to handle anything you may want to dump down the drain. Dispose of grease and fat in empty containers and dispose of it in your regular garbage. It isn’t realistic to keep every bit of grease and fat out of the kitchen drain. Drain cleaning services help deal with unavoidable grease and food debris residue.

Health and Safety

Modern plumbing systems are extremely safe and designed to keep any sort of wastewater far away from clean drinking water. However, clogged or dirty drains and drain pipes can lead to an erratic flow of wastewater. Pipes and plumbing fixtures are efficient when they’re in good condition, but problems anywhere in the system increase the risk of contact between wastewater and pipes carrying clean drinking water. Backed-up drains may force wastewater out of the proper pipes and force it into other parts of your plumbing. This means that drain cleaning services are also a safety measure.

A team of licensed plumbers at Tioga Plumbing & Electric is always ready to provide drain cleaning services and other plumbing maintenance in Irving, TX. Enjoy peace of mind knowing your drains are clear and working properly. Regular maintenance also offers opportunities for your plumber to find and address potentially problematic issues quickly so you don’t have to worry about an unexpected mess taking you by surprise.

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