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Winterize Your Home Plumbing | Plumber Fort Worth

With the cold of winter just around the corner there are numerous chores on every homeowner’s check list. From insulating pipes and faucets to draining the sprinklers, numerous aspects of your plumbing system require pre-winter maintenance to prevent frozen and potentially burst pipes. Using this checklist to winterize your home plumbing, you will be able to prepare your plumbing, and when to call Tioga Plumbing & Electric for the services of a plumber in Fort Worth.

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Leak Repair

If your home has leaky faucets or pipes, it is essential they are repaired before cold temperatures arrive. Inspect all of your exposed pipes and faucets, both indoors for leaks. Have leaks repaired now before the small leak causes serious issues during the winter. Call today to schedule repair with a Tioga Plumbing & Electric plumber in Fort Worth.

Insulate Pipes

Once the leaks are repaired, insulated exposed pipes now to ensure that they do not freeze, and consequently burst. You are likely to find exposed pipes in the attic, basement, workshop, garage, pool house and crawl space. Visible pipes should be wrapped with adequate insulating foam. Remember to insulate or wrap outdoor pipes. When insulating your homes water lines, insulate both hot and cold water lines. Besides freeze protection, pipe insulation will help you to save on energy costs. Hot water pipes that are insulated will deliver hot water without the heat loss of un-insulated hot water lines.

Water Heater

The hot water heater requires periodic maintenance, especially in areas with hard water. If you haven’t already provided water heater maintenance now is the time before cold weather sets in. The first task for the hot water heater is to drain it, allowing sediment to be removed from the tank. This should be performed annually to extend the water heater’s service life, and provide the best efficiency and performance possible. If this task isn’t routinely provided, the life of the water heater will be significantly reduced, especially if you have hard water. If you see, or hear any potential problems with your water heater, call a plumber in Fort Worth for repair or replacement. The presence of rust on the water heater generally indicates the need for replacement.

Outdoor Hoses, Faucets, & Sprinklers

Your outdoor hoses, faucets, and sprinklers must also be prepared for winter. First, check the faucets for leaks and have them repaired. Remove, drain and store garden hoses. Turn off outdoor faucets at the shut-off valve if present and drain. Otherwise, wrap the pipes and faucets, or use insulating covers.

Turn off the water to the sprinkler system and flush any water that remains. Some systems are self-draining, while others will need to be purged using compressed air.

Sump Pump and Pit

For homes with a sump pump and pit, first provide an inspection to ensure that the system is working properly. Test the sump pump to ensure it is properly functioning by pouring approximately 2 gallons of water from a bucket into the pit to raise the float and trigger the pump to run. If the pump fails to run, ensure it is plugged up, and next check the circuit breaker. If the pump does not operate call a Tioga plumber in Fort Worth for sump pump repair.

Clean both the sump pump and the pit. Ensure you clean the intake screen. If the basement isn’t insulated, insulating it will help to ensure the sump pump does not freeze. A frozen pump is unable to operate, and is likely to be damaged by freezing. An inoperable sump pump can lead to flooding and severe water damage to the home and its foundation, along with mold with all of its health hazards.

Main Water Shutoff Valve

Know where your homes water main shutoff valve is located. If a pipe freezes and bursts, you will be able to quickly turn off the water and reduce the potential for damage. Check the water main to ensure it turns the water off.

When to Contact a Tioga Plumber in Fort Worth

While much winter preparation for your plumbing system can be done by yourself there are certain situations in which you should a licensed plumber in Fort Worth. If you find any issues with your plumbing system, such as a leaking or rusty water heater, leaking pipes or faucets, or other plumbing issues, call Tioga Plumbing & Electric to provide inspection and repair.

Tioga Plumbing & Electric provide reliable licensed plumbers for the plumbing services that you require. In addition, Tioga provides licensed electricians for your home’s electrical needs. For services you can depend upon, and expertise you can trust, call Tioga today for a plumber in Fort Worth.