Your Trusted Electrician’s List Of The Warning Signs You Need To Replace Your Electrical Outlet | Flower Mound, TX

Your Trusted Electrician’s List Of The Warning Signs You Need To Replace Your Electrical Outlet | Flower Mound, TX

Electrical outlets are straightforwardly neglected despite being very useful in our everyday lives. Most individuals don’t notice a problem with their outlets until they are not working, and that’s when they start looking for an electrician to check them, but it’s already too late. Faulty electric outlets can result in severe problems and safety hazards.

This blog highlights common signs homeowners in Flower Mound, TX, should look out for to know when to replace their electric outlet. If you note any of the below signs with your outlet, it is wise if you seek professional assistance from a licensed electrician.

Melting or Burn Marks or Warm Electric Outlets

When the external surface of your outlet shows apparent signs of excessive heat, such as melted sections, scorch marks, or it’s warm when you touch it, it’s evident that something is wrong that needs to be looked into by an electrician.

There are several possibilities as to why overheating or burning may occur. Electric arcing occurs when the metal parts linked to your outlet get damaged or displaced from their normal position. When the electric current cannot travel through them, the power escapes through the circuit and forms sparks. In turn, this wayward heat melts the shell of the plastic panel around the electric outlet.

Also, too small or old wires can lead to hot or burning outlets. If the diameter of the wire is too small, it will resist the electric current. This electric resistance creates heat that melts the outlet’s plastic panel. Overloading your circuit with many power-dodging supplies can also cause heating issues.

Homeowners in Flower Mound, TX, should not ignore burning or hot outlets because they can lead to widespread damage and devastating fires. The solution is to call an electrician to change the old and worn-out electric outlets.

Plugs Keep Falling Out

Like any other device in your home, all parts of an electric outlet can tear and wear anytime. These components include the metal contact points and the tiny outlet springs. As time passes, these parts become loose, so any plug you connect to the socket flops out or fits too freely.

Loose plugs are very dangerous. Unsecured pins conduct destructive amounts of electricity which can cause electric arcing, one of the major causes of fires in many homes.

If your plugs are falling off, it’s about time you call an electrician to check the inside walls for drywall damage or defective wiring. In this case, the technicians may need to replace your outlet.

Sparks or Smoke

As discussed earlier, excessive heat indicates severe electrical problems. Sparks and smells can be caused by electric arcing, collected dust, old or loose wires, slack connections, and overloaded circuits.

If you smell smoke or burning or see any sparks near the electric outlet when you plug something in or connect an appliance, do not hesitate to contact an electrician to inspect it and probably replace it.

Dead Outlets

One of the most basic and apparent signs you need to replace your outlet is when nothing works when you plug into it. There are various reasons why an electric outlet may stop working, and not all require replacement; fixing may work for some. For instance, if the single circuit breaker tripped, you can fix it by simply flipping the appropriate switch in the circuit breaker panel. Tripped breakers often accompany electrical overload and power surges; thus, resetting the beaker to its proper position can solve the problem.

However, if the circuit continues breaking down and shutting off, it will likely be overloaded consistently. The electric outlet may be too outdated, worn out, or old to withstand the regular electricity flow your home requires. In a case such as the above, you should call an electrician to diagnose the problem comprehensively and replace the entire unit.

Cracks or Chips in the Faceplate

Cracks, fractures, and chips on your electrical outlet faceplate may seem minor and insignificant issues, but they are not.

The tiniest fractures on an electric outlet panel are enough to let particles of dust, dirt, and other particles get through it. With time these particles build up inside the outlet. Further cracking can expose the unit’s metal contacts, showing dislodged slots, loose terminals, or components of the internal electrical box.

All of the cases above are likely to cause a fire. Also, they can lead to critical shocks or electrocution if an individual attempts to use them. Usually, even if the damage from the chips or cracks doesn’t seem severe, it’s wise if you replace them.

An electrician will check the connectors, internal wires, and metal detectors for damage and replace them if necessary.

Flickering Power

If your device keeps flickering on and off, it could mean the device is no longer able to keep up with the electric demand of your home. This can be caused by damaged, outdated design, or even wear and tear on your electric outlet. To stop further damage to your belongings and short-circuiting, replace the flickering outlets.

Electric Outlets Are Not Grounded

You can tell your outlets are not grounded if they have two holes or prongs. This is an old and outdated outlet, and it’s advisable it is replaced with a three-hole or prong electric outlet. Grounding enables homeowners to use modern devices without shock, even when a power surge occurs.

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