Month: March 2018

Just to save a few bucks, more and more people opt for DIY solutions every day. But little do we realize that be it electrical problems, plumbing chores, or any other issue in the house, you could pose yourself to health and life dangers and other monetary losses when trying to DIY technical jobs as such.

You must have tried to Google out solutions to electrical issues that your house has and surely have tried to go by the YouTube videos available that display how can you DIY a particular task. You probably are ready to finally apply a solution on your own, isn’t that so?

If that is the case, STOP!!!

Tragically, a lot of individuals are harmed every day (and once in a while even killed) when attempting to repair electrical problems on their own.

With regards to electrical issues, it’s always preferable to hire a professional electrician in Carrolton, TX for resolution. Keep in mind, electrical current/shocks can often be deadly. They can cause huge fires and are able to bring some horrible blasts.

Qualified providers of electrical service in Carrolton, TX have years of electrical dealing and up-to-the-minute knowledge of the electrical problems modern homes get. It’s their job to protect you from threats and to go up against the unsafe, dangerous stuff so you don’t need to.

If you’re still not certain if the sign that you have is an ideal opportunity to call a reliable electrician in Carrolton, TX, here are the 10 common indications you surely need a professional electrician at your service.

1) You’re tossed into darkness often

When the electrical circuit breakers in your home trip often or your wires are blustering more than they should, it’s a great opportunity to call a licensed electrician in Carrolton, TX. In a situation like that, chances are your circuits are drawing more electrical current than they should. This may ultimately lead to a deadly blast in one or more circuits in your home.

2) The lights keep on flickering

When you switch a couple of lights on, do other lights dim down? Some machines/appliances draw a lot of current and ought to be wired on devoted circuits. Smaller appliances can have as many problems as bigger ones doin which case you may want to consider introducing an extra line with a specific end goal to assist them.

3) You have bumpy floors

On the off chance that your living spaces are striped with wires in an attempt to hide them under floor coverings such as rugs and things of furniture, call an electrician service in Carrolton, TX. The repairman will introduce new outlets you may require. Trailing wires make you prone to tripping and may trigger an electrical fire, so act quick.

Wires are not something that should be covered with rugs and organizers – they should make your life simpler, not more troublesome.

4) Your home has appliances/wires that are too old

According to the present benchmarks, out-dated wiring and fittings are hazardous and should be refurbished. Give specific attention to antique light fittings as these may be particularly risky. Furthermore, remember to replace or update old appliances. Your home’s electrical system may not be completely grounded; it could just be a few appliances causing a problem.

5) Your wires are engulfed in cloth or similar material

If the wires in your house are fabric-secured and not plastic, or you’ve run over pieces of black rubber while expelling covers or outlets, call an electrical service in Carrolton, TX immediately. Old-fashioned electrics often represent a huge hazard.

6) Sockets/Outlets feel warm upon touching

Stroll around your home and gently touch switches, outlets, and other electrical surfaces. If they feel warm upon touching, you know it’s time to call an electrician. Other critical signs to pay special attention to are darkening or discoloration on switch plates and wire ends or gentle shocks. These issues may demonstrate a scope for several other problems or potential problems, which are best left to the experts.

7) Vulnerable, old electrical system in wet areas

In an event that your kitchen, bathroom, or toilet hasn’t been refreshed for quite a while, you should be watchful. Call an electrician in Carrolton, TX if your house isn’t totally code-compliant. In wetter zones, electrics should be especially very much shielded from getting damp and should be observed keenly. Scheduling an appointment with a professional repairman to investigate any electric problems in your kitchen or washroom will restore safety and peace of mind.

8) Rust underneath the service panel

If you find moisture or rust underneath your main home’s main service panel, you should be really concerned. In the event that you’ve gone over corroded patches or remains that are rust-color, it’s an ideal opportunity to act and call a professional electrician in Carrolton, TX.

These rusty scraps could indicate issues all through your electrical framework and should be hauled up at the earliest.

9) Your house is over 25 years of age

Regardless of whether your house is 25 years of age or 225 years of age, in the event that it hasn’t been modernized in the last 20 to 25 years; it’s safe to say that the electrics are obsolete or rotting.

A professional, licensed repairman will review and evaluate any electrical imperfections or age-related risks, introduce necessary updates in your home, and bring back you and your family’s wellbeing and security.

10) You Are Seeing Sparks or Arcing

Sometimes you will see a little spark while connecting to a machine if the switch is on, it often is normal. However huge sparks, a series of flashes, or arcing are not ordinary.

If you see a big spark, it’s time for you to pick up the phone and have a professional electrical service provider at your service.

In case you’re still in any uncertainty with regards to the state of the electrics in your home and/or have a different sign you are not sure whether or not you need to call an electrician in Carrolton, TX for, connect with Tioga Contractors today. Early in the morning or late in the night, the provider can be reached at any time. Call them today at 817-484-5356.

Being a resident of Carrolton, I often wonder how frequently one needs to call upon a glass repair agent and how that can be avoided or at least decreased to ensure that you maintain your glass products in their originally perfect forms.

If not, you could always contact your local glass repair in Carrolton.

Glass is an ancient material that has been leaving traces of itself throughout our history and for all we know natural glass probably was there since before man.  The first man-made piece of glass was discovered and dated at 3500B.C. which pretty much outdates all the civilizations that existed after the Ancient Egyptians.

This article was prepared to better help you to combat any glass cleaning problem without having to rush back and forth all over the house. If there is a serious problem with the glass it is advised you get a consultation from your local Glass Repair in Carrolton; this preventive measure would help you prevent injuries due to the breach in integrity of the glass in the future.

I don’t know what type of Glass I’m cleaning?

These are some universal tips that apply to most types of glass and can help you even if you cannot identify what type of glass you’re cleaning. Ideally, one should know what they are dealing with and therefore can get the right advice for the right type. If you require help identifying the glass you would be advised to call your local Glass Repairs in Carrolton, and request a consultation, or define the properties of the glass on call, so an expert can help you find out the type of glass you’re dealing with.

Use soap and water, or a commercial glass cleaner. Alternatively, using a mixture of one part white vinegar, and four parts water, would be a good cleaning agent too, especially if one prefers to use distilled water over tap water. This cleans not only dirt but also bacteria and germs that survive on alkali absorption making for a cleaner cleaning agent.

Avoid cleaning glass in direct sunlight to avoid streaking. Start from the top of the window and work your way down. When washing windows of a multi-story home, start from outside and work your way in also, start with the second-floor windows so you would have to work light to clean the ones that are left in the end.

If one would find themselves in a situation where the glass has sustained damage, it would be ideal to call Tioga Plumbing, Electric and Glass contractors for a consultation.

Annealed Glass

If your windows don’t seem to have any special coatings or technology, you probably have annealed glass, this means that this is stress resistant glass which was slowly cooled when it was formed relieving the internal stress of the glass allowing for a more stress absorbent glass. Windows made from this type of glass shatter into large pieces when broken, making it a much safer scenario than a shatter explosion of glass all over the area. Fortunately, the steps you can take to clean annealed glass are easy:

  • Heavily soaking the windows with soap and water or glass cleaner.
  • Gently scrub areas with stuck-on debris or scrape the hardy glass with a razor blade (It is not advised to handle a razor blade to deal with this problem therefore a pencil eraser would also be a good replacement too).
  • Remove soap and water from the glass with a squeegee.
  • Follow up with a microfiber towel to thoroughly dry the window.

In case of any complications it would be advised that you contact your local Glass Repair in Carrolton.

Heat-Strengthened Glass

This type of glass is considered to be even harder than annealed glass; heat-strengthened glass can withstand rapid temperature swings. This means they are crack resistant and shall not shatter with pressure if one tends to put hot coffee in a cold glass. When it breaks, it shatters into smaller pieces than annealed glass, which makes it messier therefore it would be advised to contact your Glass repair in Carrolton.

Clean it exactly like you clean annealed glass except ensure the blade does not scratch the glass and therefore cause a permanent scar to the otherwise clear perfect glass.

Tempered Glass

Tempered glass tends to be five times stronger than annealed glass. It shatters into pebble-sized pieces, making it less likely to cause injury.

Tempered glass is extremely easy to scratch, so be sure to use a high-quality window cleaner and a soft microfiber towel. Don’t apply excessive force to scrub the window, and never scrape with a razor blade. In case you have proceeded to damage the glass with a razor blade please contact your local glass repair service in Carrolton, Tioga Contractors for a consultation.

Coated Glass

From tinted windows to low-E coatings to glass with reflecting films, coated surfaces are meant to decrease heat buildup in your home or car by reflecting the heat off the surface of the glass outwards instead of trapping it inside. The coatings make the window more vulnerable to damage if you clean them too roughly.

Be careful when cleaning coated surfaces:

  • Never use razor blades on coated glass as it breaks the skin of the coating, eliminating whatever benefits the coating was giving you.
  • Choose a window cleaner that doesn’t contain ammonia.
  • Dry the window with a soft microfiber towel.
  • Clean one window using a gentle technique and assess the results before moving on to the remaining windows.

Self-Cleaning Windows

If all this talk of how to clean glass has you feeling tired, you may prefer to install self-cleaning windows. As the name suggests, this type of glass cleans itself so you don’t have to clean it:

  • The photo catalytic process uses direct sunlight to break down dirt and organic materials by focusing it.
  • The hydrophilic process allows rain to run off the window in sheets, taking loosened dirt with it.
  • The windows dry quickly and leave no streaks behind.

For any and all consultations, as well as appointments about Glass repair in Carrolton, Glass fittings, Plumbing services in Carrolton, Electrical services in Carrolton and other such needs contact Tioga Contractors today.

You know how it feels when in the urge to fix something, you actually end up making a complete mess; this is when you know you need emergency help. Well now you can call in your local Plumbing Service in Dallas, The Tioga Contractors, to solve your plumbing problems, and provide you consultation for whatever job you have in mind.

Treating the Garbage Disposal Like a Trash Compactor

Despite the name, not all garbage belongs in the disposals. Most garbage doesn’t, yet some homeowners want to cram their waste down there until the blades stop turning. Watermelon rinds, potato peels, and pumpkin carvings are common items that plumbers and handymen have had to remove to free the blades.

Joseph Albergo, a professional plumber and an assistant to the executive director for the Plumbing Council of Chicagoland, said homeowners aren’t always the problem. If you’re having a house party, make sure your guests don’t dump everything down there.

Forgetting to Remove the Disposal Plug

Another common mistake with garbage disposals happens with the installation. The install doesn’t require advanced plumbing skills, but if the unit is to be connected to a dishwasher, a knockout plug in the disposal must be removed first. This is the little trick people fail to adhere by. If the leak valve is not treated properly, it will cause water to leak everywhere.

“We get calls from people saying they just installed the disposal and water is leaking all over,” says Terry Carter, from Tioga Contractors, Texas. “You have to remove the plug in there.”

Placing Too Much Weight on Fixtures

Try not to put too much weight on plumbing fixtures. That means not hanging heavy shampoo racks from showerheads or using the bathtub spout as a footrest. They are not made to have weight on them; it’ll snap the showerhead right off. And will entail you calling your local plumbing repair service in Dallas, TX.

Joining Dissimilar Metals without the Proper Connector

Connecting different types of metals in plumbing pipes, such as steel and copper, requires the proper coupling to ensure the pipes do not expand at different temperatures causing a plumbing emergency. Without it the metals cannot ensure its purpose and can quickly corrode at the connection, which is called dielectric corrosion. The corrosion can build up and close the pipe making it seem like an amateur error.

Plumbers know that connecting two different metals requires the use of a special dielectric union, which costs about $6. Dielectric unions separate the two metals with a rubber washer and plastic sleeve so they don’t touch each other and do not disconnect with each other which is another key reason to use dielectric unions.

Flushing Household Items or Toys Down the Toilet

Every veteran plumber or handyman has at least once been involved in a story about getting called because the family flushed something inappropriate or bizarre down the toilet. “I’ve seen everything from matchbox cars to tweezers to golf balls in the toilet, the blame could funnily be placed on a certain Pixar movie from a few years back: “Kids who have seen Monsters, Inc., throw their toys in the toilet,” an employee of Plumbing Service in Dallas once said—he saw a rise in these kinds of calls following the film’s release.

If the items get stuck in the trap, then the toilet has to be disconnected to retrieve them. Plunging or using a plunger to get rid of the blockage can make the problem worse by pushing the toy into the waste line.

Dumping Construction Materials Down Drains

Doing a DIY at home on your wall by plugging in the holes or fixing the drywall with an improvisational technique sounds fun, but you could have a new project on your hands if you dump building materials, such as the joint compound used for repairing walls, down the drain.

Disposing of building materials can cause it to back up, because the materials used are adhesive in nature and so have a tendency to harden in the drain. This blocks it creating a massive problem for your local plumbing service in Dallas.

Cranking on a Faucet Handle

Repeat after me: Pushing or pulling really hard on a faucet handle when you turn it off is not going to stop a leak or a chronic drip. One of the most common things homeowners do is crank on it when it’s not working; pushing too hard can break the handle without solving the leak or drip problem. So, if you are going through something like that, the best thing to do is to contact your local plumber in Dallas and request a consultation on what to do next.

Stripping Threads

Here is more proof that good plumbing is not a test of strength. Like pushing too hard on faucet handles, over tightening plumbing components can cause them to leak or break.

Albergo advocates that any type of drain part, especially the common plastic and chrome materials, can have their threads stripped by too much tightening. It doesn’t take much to break open plastic or weak metals and so you should keep a lighter hand on them.

Turning on the Water Heater Before it’s Ready

Some homeowners are too eccentric about their new electric water heater and start to put it to work, as soon as possible. But just because the pipes are attached, doesn’t mean it’s immediately ready for use. If the water heater is turned on before it’s full of water, it can burn up. This can be another cause for calling in your local Dallas plumber to look into the matter. From the plumbers’ perspective that’s an entirely too expensive a mistake to make. You want to fill it up with water, take the air bubbles out by running water and then turn it on.”

Forgetting How Things Go Back Together

Taking apart your plumbing components is always the easier part of the job. Putting them back together here can become a real hassle. Some experts advise taking digital pictures of the disassembly process; to help when it’s time to put the item together again. Whether you’re working on your kitchen or your car, it’s a good idea to back up your own memory with some written records. If you are looking for tips and consultations we advise you get in touch with Tioga Contractors, your Local Plumber in Dallas today.

Drainage system in our houses helps us dispose waste water, which makes it one of the essentials to keep hygiene in proper state.

Drains that flow without clogging allow for the performance of regular cleaning activities pertaining to house and our own bodies.

This essential system becomes a nuisance and threat to the health of residents when one or more drains clog. Though drain clogging is an issue that takes some time to occur, it can also happen out of the blue.

In general, drains clog because of the grease, food leftovers and foreign objects that accumulate over time. On the other hand, a foreign object can also cause sudden drain clogging if it is big enough to block the whole passage inside a drain. Such an issue often occurs if you have small kids at home.

In both scenarios, it is advisable that you keep contact details at hand of a professional drain cleaning service. Should the need arise, you will have a clear orientation of what to do instead of making a hasty, and most probably, wrong decision.

So, in today’s post, we will share a few tips that will help you find the best service for drain cleaning in Carrolton, TX.

Response Time & Manner

A professional service for drain cleaning in Carrolton, TX is always fast at responding to its clients with a cordial tone. When you share details about the drain cleaning repair job, pay close attention to how they entertain your request, but one-time communication won’t suffice.

They may do it cordially to grab the job, so contact them a few times. If the agent carries on courteous behavior and tone, even if you disagree or complain, it is an affirmative sign.

Visit for Precise Identification and Severity of the Problem

When you contact through live chat or phone, it allows the service for drain cleaning in Carrolton, TX to have a generic idea of your issue. The solution and fee can’t be determined until a plumber comes to your place to identify the precise issue and expected estimation.

If the service straightly tells you the charges and focuses this subject, it signals a red flag. On the other hand, a professional service visits to examine the issue and then let you know the charges.

Contact Past Clients

A professional service for drain cleaning in Carrolton, TX must have many clients, so simply ask for their past clients to get feedback from its customers.

When you contact one or two clients, you can ask about the type of repair job, total amount paid, overall review, recommendation, behavior of assigned plumbers, and sustainability of the job. This point also reveals if the service has significant experience in the field.

Plumbers’ Background Check Reports

It is a repair job that needs you to allow the plumbers and helpers to enter your house. Though it may seem to be a risk-free and typical practice, it can turn into a hazardous happening later.

To make it a risk-free deal completely, ask the service for drain cleaning in Carrolton, TX to show the background check report of the particular plumber and helper.

Emergency Services

You never know when drains can clog in your home, especially if you have kids at home who can flush toys through the toilets.

What if drains clog on a weekend? What’s worse, they can clog in holidays!

A professional plumbing service understands such urgent demands of this profession, so you inquire about the emergency services.

Insurance Coverage

A professional company is well-aware of the possible damages during a job, so it always gets an insurance policy to secure itself and its clients. When you hire a service, ask about the insurance policy and the coverage scope.

Legal Compliance

It’s an accredited profession and needs exclusive permission by concerned authorities. As a responsible and concerned client, ask the company to show its license for verification. If the company hesitates, it signifies that there is something fishy, so stay away from such a service.

If the company shows its license right upon your request, you are good to go.

Ask for Itemized Cost

Some companies play a dirty trick of ‘hidden charges’. You find those ‘hidden charges’ when you are given the final bill. To avoid such a surprise, ask for an itemized list of charges.

Signed Contract

All the above points will lead you to pick the best service, and this point is the absolute confirmation if you should hire the service in question. Ask the service to sign an official contract on company’s letterhead before entrusting the job.

These are handy ways to find a professional company for drain cleaning in Carrolton, TX. If you spend due time to browse through online resources and visit the local office of the company, you will hire the best service in Carrolton, TX for drain cleaning.

If you are short by time or need contact details immediately, we advise you to contact Tioga Contractors, which is the best service for drain cleaning in Carrolton, TX.

Tioga Contractors:  The Most Reliable & Professional Service for Drain Cleaning in Carrolton, TX

Tioga Contractors has been in this business for more than a half century. We are family owned business and can fix any issue related to plumbing, electric, and glass. Our immense experience has made us the first choice in DFW metroplex.

If you need regular maintenance or emergency services, Tioga Contractors is ever-ready to serve you with 100% satisfactory work.

To make sure that our drain cleaning and repair jobs sustain for an extended time, we also share effective maintenance tips.

It is not an empty claim when we say that we are the best service for drain cleaning in Carrolton, TX. We believe in building strong relationships with our clients just like a family.

Please, call us at 843-213-6611 any time, any day, you need our services for drain cleaning in Carrolton, TX, and we will be ringing your doorbell in no time. Once we finish the job, you will love our services and recommend our company to others.