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Glass hazards in your home

When you have glass in your home, you have to be extra careful, especially when there are toddlers around. When it comes to glass, you have to take proactive measures for protection. You could have glass surfaces such as tables and of course windows that are likely to get broken if they come into contact with heavy objects or if extreme pressure is placed on them. Broken glass shards impose serious health hazards for everyone in the family.

Not only that, if broken glass is left lying around, it accumulates dust and other environmental pollutants that increase its toxicity level. If they come into contact with the skin accidentally, those toxic chemicals and infectious substances could enter your blood stream, in which case you would be required to take medical treatment.

Physical hazards of glass

In case broken glass enters your skin, it could cause lacerations, which also happen due to other sharp objects, such as knives and needles. Since you and your family live in close proximity with glass surfaces, you would be the most likely accidentally mishandling glass. In some cases, when you have to properly place the glass in a given place, you may lack prior knowledge on its proper management and the glass could sustain cracks.

For anyone who needs to handle glass on a daily basis, they need to take precautionary measures to prevent risks of injuries. In case you have broken glass, keep the young ones away and using a mop, clean the area. Do not handle broken glass with bare hands. Use a dust tray to remove broken shards. Clean the area properly because it may look like that there is no broken glass lying around anywhere but tiny pieces of glass shards tend to get stuck in rugs or carpets.

In case glass enters the skin, the affected person needs a tetanus shot before it becomes septic or toxic chemicals spread in the blood stream. When it does happen, seek medical attention immediately.

Risks of using glassware

  • You could get accidental cuts from flying glass
  • You risk cutting yourself from broken or damaged glass.
  • Handling heavy glass is risky.
  • You could get burns from heated glass.
  • Glassware accumulates dirt and environmental toxins, which could be poisonous when they come in contact with skin.
  • An untrained person has a higher chance of being injured.
  • Anyone in the house in prone to getting injured from broken class since they have to come into contact with glass everyday


Before handling glass, make sure that it is not broken, especially at the corners, and is free from scratches or cracks. If it needs to be carried, do not stuff it into your pocket. Do not apply forceful pressure to the glass. Care should be taken to not apply pressure where the glass is most likely to snap. Do not grip it too hard.

Checklist for hiring the right services

You might want to get your windows, windshields or other glass surfaces repaired. Rather than handling sophisticated glass surface on your own, it is better to hire glass repair services in Fort Worth, TX, for your own safety. Glass repair services have the tools and equipment to handle glass. They have experience and specialized training in handling certain types of glass.  Here’s what you need to take care of in choosing the right services:

  • The glass repair services in Fort Worth, TX company needs to be certified in handling certain glass surfaces. The workers need to have experience, knowledge and training in the type of glass that you would be asking them to handle.
  • The industry needs to be regulated by the federal government so that you know you are dealing with an accredited company. The company should follow the rules, regulations and ethical code of handling glass, preventing injuries and being careful in not breaking any type of glass.
  • The company that you should work with needs to have conducted a background check on its workers to make sure that they refrain from intoxicants and are capable of handling luxurious glass.
  • If you are hiring workers for windshield replacement, they should be trained in handling windshield of that specific car.
  • Before hiring glass repair services in Fort Worth, TX, it is better to consult a few contractors and ask about their prices before making the final decision. Have them come to your house for examination and request their charges. You could also ask for references of their customers and contact those people for a review of the company’s services.
  • Check for the company’s accreditations.

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  • Trained workers
  • Technicians go through drug and background check before being hired
  • Equipment is properly maintained, cleaned and upgraded.
  • Prices fit customer budgets

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“We have had business dealings with Tioga and the Carter family for both residential and commercial jobs. They are very professional, they always clean up well after each job performed, and have very competitive pricing. They are the only contractors we would use for plumbing or electrical service.”


Homes consume a massive amount of electricity. This is evident by taking just one cursory look at all the intricate wirework that is carefully hidden behind walls. Together these wires power the entire house, including a limitless variety of appliances such as refrigerators, toasters, air conditioners and even super computers. At times, a single electrical outlet becomes home to a ragtag group of a dozen or so plugs carelessly stacked on top of each other because the owner can’t bother themselves to utilize a different socket. This presents a recipe for disaster, and often times a fire hazard is just one more overheated wire away from triggering.

These issues primarily occur due to lack of awareness about the dangers of electricity. The only people you can count on to give you useful advice and help are professional electricians in Bedford, TX who carry the necessary certifications and experience to deal with your specific scenarios. Electricians should be honest enough to not take advantage of homeowners in desperate situations. Such well rounded professionals are difficult to come by and many people fall prey to uneducated opportunists out to make a quick buck.

Homeowners who are stressed out because of expensive electrical repairs often turn desperate and are helpless when someone tries to take advantage of them. Often times they are far too deep into the rabbit hole to pull out of their contract with a charlatan, which is why it is important to learn exactly what the job of an electrician entails so you can protect your money and equipment.

Conmen have a singular purpose only – to get your money. It is not easy for the average person to distinguish between a professional and a swindler. This article is designed to help you figure out the good electricians from the bad ones.

Below are the signs of a good electrician:

They have the knowledge

A professional who is well honed in all things related to electricity is aware of the technical knowledge needed to deal with dangerous equipment and wires, but such people are not easy to find. Often times, a con artist tries to mask their lack of understanding by dabbling with big, semantic words in order to appear knowledgeable and intelligent. A good electrician in Bedford, TX however, will always try to make their clients understand the problem in a clear, concise and simple language. The job of a conman however would be to typically confuse their client in hopes of suppressing their desire to understand the problem in-depth. They often turn impatient if you pry too much information.

They are well groomed

A certified electrician in Bedford, TX typically undergoes several classes where they given lessons on basic etiquettes and are made aware of important social gestures. For this reason they come out well groomed and know how to give off friendly vibes. They make every possible effort to ensure that their client is comfortable around them. A non certified electrician on the other hand is far too impatient to even try appearing friendly. Their dressing attire is unprofessional, they walk around the place like they own it, and sometimes tend to speak in loud voices in order to try suppressing any concerns their client may have about their services.

They show up on time

This has got to be a no brainer; no professional person, let alone a thoroughly trained electrician, would consider it a good practice to make a habit of being late to appointments. When they do turn up late or miss an appointment, they will always have a good enough excuse to make up for it. Trained professionals recognize the value of time and know enough not to keep their clients waiting too long. A bad electrician on the other hand remains entirely unapologetic about their behavior and often turns rude when you call them out on their unprofessional etiquettes. This is definitely a red flag that owners should know well to look out for.

Professionals steer clear of shortcuts

A good electrician in Bedford, TX follows a very strict protocol for the work they do. After all, the owner is paying them a lot of money to get the job done, but when someone tries to take shortcuts to complete a job, it will most definitely end up being botched. Electricians whose sole purpose is to make as money will simply take off with what they can amass from the client and refuse to own up to their own mistakes. A professional however, if they mess up, will come back to offer reparative services.

Licenses and certifications

An electrician in Bedford, TX will always carry appropriate licenses and insurances with them. They will often times have their own dedicated phone line where you can easily reach them with the push of a button. An amateur person however will not be able to produce a license when inquired and will often try to sugar coat their lack of certifications with sweet words, much like a soothsayer tries to mask their inappropriate activities. After all, the years of training, number of hours of service and experience required to become a properly licensed electrician before one is deemed suitable to work with dangerous wires and equipment is not everyone’s cup of tea. Always ask your electrician to produce proof of their legitimacy.

They don’t have a website

In today’s interconnected age, it simply does not make sense for any business, whether it is a new startup or an established enterprise, to not have a website. Good electricians will always have an online presence through which to advertise their services. They will maintain a portfolio of their clients and list of services on a website. To make things more legitimate, they will also produce all their contact details for prospective customers to get in touch with.

Among the many traits of a legitimate electrician is the number of references and their ability to offer 24/7 emergency services. At Tioga Contractors, we have a roster of the most qualified and experienced professionals who are equipped with the knowledge and equipment to handle any electrical emergency. Call us today or head over to our website to get a free audit!

With technology accelerating at an incredibly fast rate, the need for the supply and the consumption of electric power is greater than ever. We don’t realize it but electricity is one necessity whose importance can’t be denied whatsoever.

Our daily activities revolve around the use of electricity and when any electrical mishap occurs we feel totally handicapped. The first thing that instantly springs to our minds is to call an electrician right away.

Our top most priority is to hire an electrician who can be fully trusted. For that purpose, there are certain personality traits and skills that need to be sought-after in an electrician before he is hired.

Here we have assembled those significant qualities that will help you understand what it takes to be a good electrician in Fort Worth, TX.

1.   Intellectual Ability

An electrician in Fort Worth, TX needn’t require to have a college degree but what he definitely requires is a good head on his shoulder.

There are certain intellectual skills that a good electrician must possess which includes having the knowledge of Mathematics and Algebra, reading comprehension ability, writing skills, and critical and analytical skills. These are all the necessary skills that an electrician will need to utilize during his job from time to time.

For instance, an electrician would be required to read tons of important blueprints, memos, and written documents and for that, he must have reading comprehension skills. He will also be required to collect various data, observe it, understand it and make decisions based upon it, and to successfully do that he must be able to think and assess critically.

Many good electricians also undergo a set of training that helps them equip with all the necessary knowledge and intellectual skills necessary for any electrician in Fort Worth TX to possess.

2.   Time Management Skills

One of the most important skills an electrician in Fort Worth, TX must be well-equipped with is the ability to manage time.

There are many electricians out there who arrive perpetually late, infuriating the customers to no end. Punctuality is the key quality that everyone seeks in a good electrician, especially during emergencies. Therefore, customers appreciate those electricians that are available 24/7 always. Just remember that the need for an electrician can come at any time and any day. An electrician that does not show up on time during an emergency is something everyone absolutely loathes, and if you are one of them, it is highly likely for any customer to contact you again.

Also, finishing a job on time is another valuable skill that is very hard to master. Many electricians are able to finish work but take a lot of time. Since time is precious, everyone looks forward wrapping up any kind of task as quickly as possible. Thus, a good electrician in Fort Worth, TX must be aware of managing time in such a way that he is able to complete all tasks on schedule.

3.   Good Communication Skills

A good electrician in Fort Worth, TX must be able to communicate well with his customers. Only a good communicator can explain to his customers all the technicalities that are involved while solving any electrical problem. He does that by being super patient knowing that not all clients are proficient in understanding the technical stuff that easily.

Also, a good electrician is the one who is humble and polite. There are little chances for anybody to contact the same electrician again if he talks rudely. A well-mannered electrician will be able to leave a long-lasting impression on his customers and it is more likely for them to contact him in the future.

For an electrician to convince his customers about the prices and hard work that went into solving a particular electric problem, it is necessary for a good electrician to know the art of persuasive communication as well.

4.   Works Efficiently and Properly

Another significant trait that everybody seeks in a successful electrician is the ability to deliver what he is hired for. An electrician in Fort Worth, TX must know how the job is properly done. He must know how to fix all kinds of electrical problems ranging from fixing a wire to replacing an electrical circuit board so that the customers never regret hiring him in the first place.

A great electrician must also know how to properly use advanced technology, new devices, and tools. If an electrician doesn’t know how to use a particular tool, he can end up creating more trouble. Thus, it is important for a good electrician to be well-trained while using any kind of equipment.

Furthermore, it could be possible that a specific technique might be able to fix one problem but not the other. Hence, a well-skilled electrician should be fully aware of what technology can be used for what purpose and what not.

5.   Dependability and Patience

These two personality traits are primary for any good electrician in Fort Worth, TX to possess. If an electrical contractor is recommended to you by a number of people, then it is obvious that the electrician is a trustworthy one. Another way to find out the reliability of an electrician is by checking out his website. Read the public reviews to correctly assess the dependability of an electrician.

An electrician must also be patient as one of his jobs includes dealing with different kinds of clients. Not all clients have the same temperament or stamina. If an electrician loses his cool, it can be very damaging for his business and reputation. Thus, an electrician needs to be tolerant no matter what. This will help him in dealing with every type of client and establishing new contacts.

These are the top five qualities and skills that every good electrician in Fort Worth, TX must possess. Tioga Contractors is known to have great electricians who have all of these skills and personality traits. So, hire them to safely fix any electrical emergency today!

According to most people, there are many benefits of doing your own electrical work. They say it saves money not to hire an Electrician in Bedford, TX and to do the work themselves instead. They also say it is more convenient to grab the tools and start working rather than waiting for the Electrician in Bedford, TX to arrive and then fix the things.

However, they fail to realize how bad a move this is, to depend on yourself for electrical repairs and fixtures, rather than to call an Electrician in Bedford, TX. They don’t recognize that they might end up spending more money in the longer run in an attempt to save a little money.

Moreover, even if safety is not considered, sometimes there comes point when things are beyond their understanding and they need help from an experienced Electrician in Bedford, TX.

What are the additional benefits of hiring professionals rather than fixing things yourself? Let’s see…

They Have Permits and Accreditations

While you may be able to paint your living room yourself or install the tiles, nobody would be concerned because doing these does not require you to have a permit or a license. Similarly, when inspectors inspect the house they do not need to approve the paint or other minor fittings of your house. However, this does not hold true for the electrical work.

Inspectors need to see if the electrical works is appropriate, in order to approve or disapprove the work. If the electrical fittings were done by an expert Electrician in Bedford, TX, it would stand a higher chance of being approved. This is because the professionals have been in the field for a while and have enough experience to know what standards of work are approved vs. which errors would lead to disapproval.

In addition, if you hire professional Electrician in Bedford, TX, from a reliable company, it would mean they have the required qualifications for you to trust them with the wiring of your house. Having relevant qualifications and certifications alone, is an indication they hold enough knowledge of the field and that they are well equipped with the expertise to carry out the electrical repairs or do the wirings and install other fittings.

Electrical Work Is Not Fun

Although this point does not seem as relevant to you in the beginning, but if you look closely, this factor actually matters when it comes to carrying out a home chore. Whether doing that particular task is fun or not, matters a lot when we think of doing something. The amount of motivation you would have to do a particular task depends on how interesting the task is to you. If it is not, we do not give in much attention even if we somehow start doing it.

Compared to other home maintenance chores like painting or lawn mowing, electrical repairs might not sound fun to a lot of people. In addition, even if you do not care about how fun the chore is, you should always weigh your options between quality and price especially when it comes to electrical repairs.

Electricians Know More Than You Do

Why do we hire people? To do things that we cannot otherwise do ourselves such as legal matters. We would need assistance from a legal consultant or a solicitor in matters involving legal aspects because we do not have enough knowledge and expertise as they do.

Similarly, hiring an Electrician in Bedford, TX is no different.You can put yourself in danger by trying to fix an electrical fixture yourself both, while doing it as well as afterwards. This is because work done by you, might not be as reliable as that done by a professional Electrician in Bedford, TX.

While you might as well be able to fix an electrical, fault yourself, the additional knowledge that the professional Electrician in Bedford, TX has, would enable him to look for any additional problems that might be present along with it. In addition, they can also help diagnose big problems earlier while they inspect our electrical installations or appliances. This would prevent us and our appliances from huge losses.

They Might Cost You, but Save Money in the Longer Run

It is true that you worry about the bills for as long as the professional is at your place. However, if you do so, you are not looking at the bigger picture. If they cost you more than to do things yourself, they also help you save money in the longer run.

As mentioned above, they will diagnose your problems early, meaning they are helping you save huge costs on replacing those appliances. In addition, if you do things on your own, you might miss out something important which could harm an electrical fixture. This risk is also minimized when you hire a professional Electrician in Bedford, TX.

However, you can minimize your costs to an extent by educating yourself enough that you know what exactly to ask the Electrician in Bedford, TX. This will save the professional’s time and effort in doing the work and might charge you less.

It is Dangerous

While electricity despite being very useful, on the other hand, it is highly dangerous too. and we are all well aware of the fact. While doing the electrical maintenance ourselves, we expose ourselves to the risk of electrocution because we do not have enough expertise and the relevant equipment to be able to save ourselves from a potential hazard. Moreover, a poorly installed appliance or a fixture can result in an increased risk of electrocution to your family members while they use it. It also increases the risk of your appliances burning downs due to short circuits caused by bad wiring.

Having said all this, electrical repairs are not a DIY job. Therefore, whenever you notice an electrical problem at your house, you should call a professional Electrician in Bedford, TX. Tioga Contractors is always a great option.