Month: August 2018

Being a homeowner in the South, there are often times when you might need to call a contractor to get glass repairs in Hurst, TX. Since it is one of the most fragile things used in the architecture of any type of house, it is more prone to damage. This includes complete shattering and cracking to chipping and minimal scratching. Homeowners use it on their windows and doors to bring in light while blocking other natural elements to stay out.

But since they damage easy, it is common that people require glass repair in Hurst, TX. You can avoid it for a long period of time and not require their service but due to certain reasons, the need might arise. The question is that how do you know when to call the glass repair service?

This particular question might be difficult to answer, especially for new homeowners who have never faced a relevant problem. They might have a cracked window glass but might not know to have it checked out by a professional. This usually ends in the glass breaking on a slight contact.

This is the reason why it is crucial that you are aware of the reason windows crack and chip. This way you will know what caused the damage to the window glass and when to call for glass repair in Hurst, TX.

Window Cracks and Chips

Window glass repair in Hurst, TX is a frequently required service as glass cracks and chips are one of the common problems homeowners face. While you might not see the symptoms and signs immediately, over the next few days it might become apparent.

While chipping glass has less dramatic effects, cracked window glass can impact your energy bills. Meaning that glass cracks allow the inside cooling or heating to escape through to the outside and lead the HVAC unit to work harder and rake up a hefty energy bill. This is why it is important that when you see a damaged glass, call for glass repairs in Hurst, TX.

To help you increase your own knowledge, we have compiled a list of most common causes of window glass cracks and chips:

1.   Extreme Cold Weather

Since Hurst, TX can get pretty cold in the winters with snow flurrying across the air, extreme cold can crack window glass. This is true especially if the glass in your window is single pane, thin cut and low quality. As the temperature change, glass contracts and expands with it continuously, with moisture catalyzing the process.

For example, if the inside temperature is 40 degrees and the outside air is 20 degrees, it contracts the glass to a point where it distorts and cracks. Also, window glass can crack if you defrost an icy one with boiling hot water. If this happens to you this winter, you might need glass repair in Hurst, TX.

2.   Natural Causes

Adverse and severe weather conditions, including the winter and monsoon season, are also another reason that causes window glass to break or chip. Since Hurst, TX can get a severe few winter weeks, there are a few possibilities of hailstorms or ice chunks that can break, chip or crack the glass.

Besides that, the monsoon season brings several hurricane warnings Hurst’s way. This means that there are chances of powerful gusts of wind blowing up debris from the road. These flying anomalies can be potentially damaging and might end up cracking or chipping the glass. While still less severe than hurricanes, thunderstorms can still have a similar effect. Such severe conditions might bring up the need for glass repairs in Hurst, TX.

3.   Structural Issues

Structural weakness or other manufacturing issues are a common reason homeowners need window glass repairs in Hurst, TX. Sometimes glass sheets that are sourced from the manufacturers have faults in them that can lead to them chipping or cracking later on. A low-quality glass that has been heated and cooled down multiple times to balance the shape, the residual impact is mostly along the perimeters. This makes the corners of the glass weak and can cause it to break easily.

Besides that, the other structural issue is a faulty installation of the window glass. The responsibility for faulty installations lies majorly on the contractor. Sometimes an unskilled and inexperienced contractor might not know what they are doing and insert the glass into the frame incorrectly. This might out structural pressure on the glass indirectly and over time cause it to crack and eventually shatter. This is why it is imperative that you hire a professional glass contractor in the first place to ensure a safe and fault-less installation of the glass.

4.   Direct Impact

Well, as our common sense tells us, a big reason window glasses crack, break or chip is due to them being struck directly. Intentional or unintentional sudden blow of force can with shatter the glass completely or crack it, requiring glass repair in Hurst, TX.

For example, if you bump into the window by mistake with a heavy object or something with an edge, it can crack the glass immediately. There are some other unfortunate instances where a flying bird hitting the glass can make a crack. Besides that, kids playing near the house, whether inside or out, can send a ball or other object flying through the glass.

While there might be others, these are the most common reasons why window glass screens might break or chip. Regardless of where you live, if you have glass windows, there might be a chance that they crack or chip. In case you do find this fault in your window glass, then it is better that you call a professional for glass repairs in Hurst, TX.

Tioga Contractors have been serving Hurst and other regions in Texas for many years. We have an expert team highly-skilled and trained to deal with various sorts of glass repairs. The teamhas the knowledge and right tools to ensure that you get effective and efficient results at an affordable rate. Contact us now to get a free estimate for your project and find out more about glass repairs in Hurst, TX.

If you are a homeowner in the Bedford, TX area, it is highly likely that you might face some sort of plumbing issues in your home. Whether it is a small issue with a clogged sink or a more serious issue like a burst pipe, your plumbing system may see some sort of trouble. You might need services like repairs, installations, maintenance and more.

Some homeowners might think that they can handle these problems on their own and try DIY solutions. With videos and how-to pieces available on the internet, they might think that hiring a professional plumber isn’t necessary. But in reality, homeowners don’t have the tools or the knowledge to find out the problem and fix it. In fact, they can sometimes make the situation worse by doing something wrong. This is the reason why plumbing jobs are better left to the professionals.

Besides having someone else responsible to take care of your problems, there are other advantages to hiring a plumber in Bedford, TX. They have the right skills, knowledge and expertise in the plumbing field to deal with any problem effectively. Plumbers in Bedford, TX can offer you expert advice, free estimates, professional equipment and other benefits including the following:

Experience and Knowledge

Just knowing that how a procedure is done overall, is not sufficient enough to carry out the entire process. There are minute details about the fixtures, components, pipelines and other parts that professional plumbers in Bedford, TX have that are necessary to approach plumbing services.

Over the years of working in the field, plumbers in Bedford, TX would have gained the necessary experience, certifications and licenses, ensuring the legitimacy of their service. Additionally, their experience equips them with the skills that enable them to deal with more obscure and difficult plumbing issues. For example, in the case of a pipe burst that causes extensive damage to your property, they would know how to control the situation from making the situation worse.

Professional Equipment

Besides providing expert knowledge, experience and expertise in the plumbing field, plumbers in Bedford, TX will have specialized equipment necessary to carry out the task. Along with that, they would have the skills and information about how to use them effectively without any mishaps. Having the plumber complete the task with professional tools is an added safety measure that ensures your job is done efficiently. It would make the task easier to handle and complete.

An added benefit of hiring a plumber in Bedford, TX is that it prevents the need for you to rent or buy tools you don’t know how to use. If you take a DIY approach and buy/rent equipment, it can end up costing you more than hiring a professional.

Efficient Safe Services

While plumbing repairs and installation might seem easy to do yourself, they can be a bit difficult and hazardous to deal with. There are a certain number of precautions and protocols that plumbers in Bedford, TX administer to ensure that projects are done safely. Also, certifications from the right authorities give them the license to administer these protocols.

Any repairs, installations and maintenance performed by a professional plumber in Bedford, TX will be more secure. Also, it will have more long-term advantages for the entire plumbing system and will reduce the risk of anything going wrong.

Saves Money

One of the biggest misconceptions when it comes to hiring a professional plumber in Bedford, TX is that they can ring up a big bill. And this is the reason why many homeowners and property owners choose to do the project themselves. But in such a case, they only consider the upfront cost of the project and not the long-term maintenance and upkeep that might be required. Besides that, if the project goes awry, the cost might end up being more than the preliminary cost of the repair.

Plumbers have the right skills and expertise in plumbing to fix various problems in much less time that you would take if you took a DIY approach. Since they deal with various projects with different difficulties every day, they gain the skills of finding out the problem and a solution that would take the least of money to solve it.

Saves Time

Besides saving money, time is the next thing that gets wasted during plumbing repairs. If you are not familiar with dealing with plumbing issues and try to solve a problem yourself, the whole process will be very time-consuming. You will first need time to figure out the cause of the problem, then the right solution and ways to apply those solutions.

But hiring an experienced plumber in Bedford, TX who knows what they are doing saves you time and the projects get done more effectively. Since they have diagnosed and dealt with various plumbing issues before, they will get right to the problem and get the job done faster and efficiently.

Guarantee of Work

Dealing with plumbing problems DIY style has no guarantee that the work will last for a certain period of time. And if a problem occurs again you will need to do it all over, wasting time, money and resources. But having a plumber in Bedford, TX do the work for you will give you a guarantee of their work lasting. The guarantee will vary from one company to the next, but there will be some sort of warranty from the plumbing contractor. It means that if during a certain time period the problem reappears, the plumber will cover it without any extra pay.

From these benefits and more it is clear that hiring a professional plumber is a better choice for your home. Whether it is a plumbing emergency, a minute clog or a long-term issue, professional plumbers can help more efficiently and effectively.

If you reside in the Bedford, Texas area and are in need of a plumber, call Tioga Contractors now. We have a team of highly-skilled, trained and experienced professionals who can deal with any residential or commercial plumbing issue expertly. Contact us today and get a free estimate of your project and learn more about our services.

Whether you own a home or a commercial property in Hurst, TX, there might be some instances where you require the services of a professional electrician. This need might arise when something doesn’t seem right in your electrical system or just for a regular maintenance check on it. Regardless of the reason you need an electrician for; you need the services of someone who is an expert in their field. Hiring the right electrician will ensure the safety of your Hurst, TX house and that the job gets done the correct way.

But with so many electricians working in the Hurst, TX area, it can be hard to choose the right one. To help you in that process, we have compiled a list of some easy tips. By following each one, you can hire the services of the best electricianinHurst, TX.

Check if They are Registered and Insured

One of the most important considerations when hiring an electrician is their legitimacy. It is crucial that you hire someone who is recognized, registered and licensed by relevant authorities in Hurst, TX. Along with their registering details, make sure to ask if they are bonded and insured for their services.

Assurance of these aspects ensures that the job at your Hurst, TX will be done in a professional and effective manner. Also, this will protect you against any potential mishaps and more aggressive damages in your property’s electrical system. If the electrician or contractor carries proper licensing, it vouches for their experience, training the quality of services they provide.

Ask About their Team

Many electricians the Hurst, TX area work as a part of a team or electrical contractor company. Most teams are made up of different members that hold proper licenses to work various types of electrical projects. In most circumstances, once you contact the electrical contractor, they will send any member of their team. Or in some cases, if they have too much work, they will subcontract to other certified electricians.

But since the electricians will be working inside your property, it is better that you know who will be handling your job. Being informed of the primary electrician who will be coming to your house will avoid any surprises. Remember to also inquire if the electrician is accredited by covered by training and licensing with right authorities in Hurst, TX.

Inquire about Certifications, Qualifications and Training

Just like proper licensing and insurance, it is important that your electrician has earned certifications, qualifications and proper training provide effective services. Make it an important point in your query to ask if the electrician has the right experience and expertise in dealing with projects like yours. It is essential that you do so as it ensures the safety of the electrical system in your Hurst, TX home.

Electricians with accreditations from the right authorities and regulatory bodies are an indicator of the legitimacy and quality of the services they provide. You should look for an electrician who has at least 3 years of experience in the field and who can offer a 12-month warranty on their services.

Ask about Their Guarantees and Warranties

Every electricianin Hurst, TX provides a guarantee and warranty on their services. The length of their guarantee serves as a sign of the quality of their services. Meaning, that it represents that for how long you can expect the work to last without causing any other problems. And if something does go wrong within the warranty period, they will cover any repairs that are required.

Since this is an important indicator of the electrician’s services, it is wise to inquire the company about the length of their warranty or guarantee. To ensure you get the best services available in Hurst, TX, choose an electrician who provides a sound guarantee.

Get an Estimate

With an idea of what kind of services the electrician provides, the next crucial things to ask about are their charges. You need an electrician who provides high-quality services without charging you an amount that puts a dent in your budget. Excess costs and additional charges are some of the things people worry about while hiring an electrician. One way to avoid this is by getting an estimate from the electrician before finalizing the contract.

Most high-quality electricians in theHurst, TX area with proper certifications and provides a free on-site estimate. The contractor will send an electrician to your property to do an onsite evaluation of the problem and provide you an itemized list of how much your electrical work will cost. It is important that you obtain a quote before the work on your project begins. This way there won’t be any surprises when they give you the invoice at the end of the project.

Ask Around for Reviews and Reputation

Whether you are hiring a cleaning service or an electrician service in Hurst, TX, word of mouth plays an important role in evaluating any company. From family, friends, neighbors to online reviews and testimonials, there are various resources to find what reputation the company holds in real life.

There are forums, websites and even Google reviews where you can find details reviews from customers who have previously employed the company’s services. Besides that, you can find customer testimonials published on the contractor’s own website. Reviews and testimonials from previous customers, friends, family and neighbors etc. will help you hire the best electrician in Hurst, TX.

If you are a property owner in Hurst, TX and require the services of an electrician, then Tioga Contractors is the right choice for you. Our team is made up of licensed electricians with the expertise and knowledge about the industry, Tioga has the skills and tools to complete any project professionally. Contact us today to get the expert services they provide including repair, maintenance and installations of electrical systems. From a free initial estimate to the completion of the project, our experts will ensure that you get the experts services you deserve.

Glass is used in some form or the other in every household whether it is in windows, door frames, or even beautiful French doors. Such a precarious element can result in every house experiencing an accident or even a break in, which can result in a need for repairs. Even if you are just remodeling your house, you may need expert glass repair services.

Using the service of glass repairs in Fort Worth, TX is the best route to go where glass is concerned, but often people attempt to try and fix such issues by themselves. There are some things you need to be informed about before trying to attempt to do it yourself.

Services for Stuck Windows

Windows around the house may get stuck midway or may not open or close completely which can be a real annoyance if it’s cold outside. Trying to oil the windows yourself may not be a good idea since it can stain the glass and make the situation worse.

You can’t really use cloth or other objects to block out cold air or the heat, as well as annoying pests, as a long-term solution.  This is because it can really downgrade the image of your house as well as be a damper on the security of your house. You would really need the window repaired immediately and calling glass repairs in Fort Worth, TX would be a good idea.

The main cause behind stuck windows could be that the exteriors of the windows have started fading, have developed moisture that causes problems, or become leaded. Such problems can only be solved by professionals such as Tioga Contractors who use trained personnel to execute glass repair services in Fort Worth, TX.

Repairing Broken Glass

It is normal that glass windows, doors or frames can break due to accidents. Leaving them broken is not really an option as you can’t really maintain a good image for the house by just covering the hole with a cloth or some other object. While it is a common occurrence you shouldn’t try to fix this yourself either.

Glass comes in different qualities, and nonexperts would not be able to completely fix the broken glass if they are not aware of things like single or double glazed glass, quality glass like Low E glass from lower quality glass, or Argon glass from ordinary glass types.

Since the glass around your house can consist of different types, the same method of fixing it may not work; hence, being informed about such things is important to effectively repair the glass. While the method you are aware of is great for a certain glass, it is not necessarily a good idea for another type of glass. Professionals have different techniques and equipment to repair glass which is designed for the specific glass type that you have.

Since they are trained with the best possible equipment available to repair glass, they can also fix the broken glass in a matter of minutes, while it would probably take you hours to complete the task. Therefore, trained professionals who do glass repairs in Fort Worth, TX would be able to handle such cases better.

Repairing Glass at a Height

Fixing broken glass at a considerable height like windows can be quite dangerous for any normal person. Risking wounds or even your life just to repair a broken window is not a great idea. Even if you think you are generally good at fixing such glass repairs, doing it at a height is another feat altogether.

For such dangerous tasks, it is best to just rely on professionals who adhere to and know all the safety protocols. Hiring them from glass repairs in Fort Worth, TX can be a really great idea to avoid getting hurt from attempting to fix glass at a height.

Small Issues Connected to Bigger Problems

Every house comes with some issues or the other; however, some seemingly small problems can be a symptom of a bigger underlying problem. For example, a stuck window could be the result of the exteriors of fading away or even damage in the structure of the house like excessive moisture.

By hiring a professional you can avoid the additional costs that could crop up if you attempt to do the glass repairs yourself and end up worsening the situation.  Hiring the right contractors such as Tioga Contractors is necessary here as they can execute the job better.

Auto Glass Repairing

In the case of auto cars, glass repairs such as a broken or cracked windshield or window can be a true nuisance as there is no method by which you can fix this issue yourself. Driving around with cracked windows or windshields can also be a hazard as it may result in an accident so there is an immediate need to hire services for glass repairs in Fort Worth, TX.

Trained professionals who have the right equipment can also ensure that the interior of your car remains clean and undamaged. Since glass is a sharp object, it can injure you or any passengers; hence, it is necessary to keep any glass debris from falling into the car.

Take Advantage of Glass Repair Services

Glass repair services in Fort Worth, TX like Tioga Contractors also allow you to relax as they often take care of any dangers of the job and even expenses. Since they are a family owned business, they treat their customers with the utmost care even going as far as to adjust prices for you according to your budget.


Taking advantage of their expertise when concerned with such technical and precise tasks like glass repairing is a good idea as they can do the job in an efficient, effective, and organized manner. Since glass repairing isn’t a service which is needed often, such experts should be hired to ensure that you save in the long run.