Month: September 2018

Let’s face it – electrical problems occur when you least expect them to. One day everything is going absolutely fine and poof out of nowhere, you start to see trouble lurking in your electrical system.

What’s worse is that some people attempt to take the matters into their own hands. Unfortunately, things start to go downhill the moment you think you can fix the problem all by yourself.

One thing everyone needs to remember is that the electrical system is not something to trifle with! No matter how easy it may seem to repair an old wire, it is always safe to call for an electrical service in Fort Worth, TX.

Sometimes electrical mishaps are quite visible but at times, there are electrical problems that aren’t so apparent at first. There are subtle signs that you might come across that signal red alert for bigger problems to ensue in the future. When you see such a situation happening, a better bet is always to hire an electrical service in Fort Worth, TX.

Here we’ve presented some of the major signs that would compel you to hire professional electricians immediately.

1.   Flickering Lights

Flickering or dimmed lights could be an indication that your circuit is overloaded. This doesn’t only happen with old wiring but if there is too much pressure on a circuit, this could likely to happen with new wiring system as well.

If the lights flicker occasionally, it is considered to be normal. However, if lights start to get dimmed more frequently, it could mean that there is a faulty wiring. In such a scenario, you must hire an electrical service in Fort Worth, TX immediately.

2.   Wet Wires

This typically happens when there is flooding or heavy rains. If your electrical system has gotten wet for whatever reason, don’t try to fix the problem yourself, as you could risk electrocution. Immediately call for an electrical service in Fort Worth, TX to investigate the problem.

Professional electricians are equipped with the right tools and know how to take the right precautions, ensuring no one gets hurt in the process.

3.   Fuses and Breakers Frequently Go Out

When the circuit breakers are overloaded from exceeding the number of amps the circuit is designed for, they trip so that the wires won’t catch fire and burn the whole house down. It is the same with the fuses. They also go out so that there is no fire hazard in your house.

These tripping breakers and fuses protect your house for as long as they can, but they can’t protect it forever. Eventually, the fuses and breakers will give out, causing a lot more damage to your house than it would have if caught early.

There could be two reasons behind the regular tripping of your circuit breakers, first is that there are too many electrical devices plugged into a single circuit. Or it could be because the wiring is giving out. Both of these problems need to be fixed by a professional as soon as possible.

Once you notice that your circuit breakers are tripping frequently, you need to make a call to an electrical service in Fort Worth, TX to come and look it up.

It is advised that homeowners should never try to replace the circuit breakers themselves. As they are not as experienced as the professional technicians, they can end up causing more harm than good.

4.   Acrid Smell

If there is an unpleasant smell surrounding you and your house, there could be various reasons. One of them being damaged wires. Due to the overworking of your electrical system, the wires can burn out easily, resulting in a foul smell.

The smell of burning wire is quite easy to distinguish from other kinds of odors. The smell usually resembles the smell of burnt plastic. If this problem is not dealt with immediately, it is likely for the faulty wires to start a fire.

If you observe the burning electrical smell, immediately shut off your electrical power, and book an emergency electrical service in Fort Worth, TX.

5.   Electric Noise

When the electrical system is working properly, you wouldn’t hear any sound. However, loose prongs, outlets or faulty wiring can cause the current to jump, generating a buzzing or popping sound.

The constant humming of the electrical system can cause serious damage to your electrical appliances. For the starters, they can stop working entirely.

Some of the places where you can hear these strange sounds from are electrical switches, main hums, and circuit breakers. Often, when bulbs, lamps, or tube lights start flickering, you tend to hear a buzzing sound as well. Instead of finding the solution by yourself, it is good to call a reliable electrical service in Fort Worth, TX.

6.   Electric Sparks

This is one of the most common electrical mishaps that homeowners generally experience. You can’t solve this problem until you know where the spark is exactly coming from. If you have little to no experience in electrical services, it will be hard for you to find the root of the problem.

Your breaker panel, fuse box or an electrical outlet could be causing electrical sparks. It’s better to hire an electrical service in Fort Worth, TX immediately. A qualified electrician will be able to identify where the spark is really generating from. Since they have the right equipment to deal with the issue, there are no chances for things to go awry.

7.   Power Outages

The power outage can occur due to a number of reasons. It could be either caused due to the storm outside or due to old, faulty wires.

Before calling an electrical service in Fort Worth, TX, it is advised to first check if the power breakdown has occurred in the whole neighborhood. If that’s the case, then it is suggested to call the utility company.  However, if it has occurred in your house only, hire a professional electrician at once.

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One thing that home-owning parents often dread hearing from their child is: “Mom/Dad the water is not going down the drain!” It can totally repulse you. Clogged drains lead to messy and slimy washrooms and create a bad odor in the house.

Clogged drains often require help from facilities that offer drain cleaning in Arlington, TX. These services can be expensive and they may require you to give up use of your washroom until the drain cleaning in Arlington, TX is done with. However, the good news is that you can avoid that and recognize the underlying problem that causes clogged drains to occur in the first place, and take measures to prevent it from happening again. But to be able to do that you first need to educate yourself with the ways the network of pipes in your house can get clogged.

Drain Cleaning in Arlington, TX for Bathrooms


In the everyday use of bathrooms at your house, dirt and scum accumulates on its walls and floors. This scum includes skin flakes, soap leftovers and hair binds that gel together and overtime takes the shape of a gunk that moves to the drains with flowing water and results in them getting clogged.


For drain cleaning in Arlington, TX, first remove the drain stopper from its place and clean it from dirt accumulated around it. Next, try using the drain plunger, keeping in mind to block the over-flowed drain in the tub or sink. If plunging doesn’t help, dislocate the elbow joint in your drain and clean it out. Make a habit of cleaning drain stoppers regularly to prevent clogs and use a hair strainer drain-cover to catch hair before it goes down the drain.

Drain Cleaning in Arlington, TX for Toilets


Clogged toilets, because of their smell, are a much bigger nuisance. Toilets mostly choke when people try to flush trough them items that do not easily dissolve or disintegrate in toilet water. Such items include feminine hygiene products, dental floss, cotton swabs, shaving blades, diapers and wet wipes.


The plunger should be your first line of defense for drain cleaning in Arlington, TX. To be more effective you can make use of plungers shoot jets of water to clear the drain pipe. Many plungers also have anti-microbial coatings, which also helps. Next, use an inexpensive hand-powered drain auger; these are also called drain snakes. While not a pleasant experience, a hand auger can reach between 3 to 6 feet down the toilet’s drain pipe to break-up or retrieve items that are clogging the pipe.

The best preventative measure to keep your toilet free from drains clogs is to only put in waste and paper items that readily dissolve in water. Regular cleaning will also keep water flowing smoothly.

Drain Cleaning in Arlington, TX for the Kitchen

Sink drains in your kitchen are often times blocked by the flow of cooking oil or grease cakes into the pipes below. And when detergent soap scum and insoluble food particles (especially rice, which expands in water) stick to the grease in those pipes they produce a stubborn, messy clog.


Drain cleaning in Arlington, TX for the kitchen is very similar to cleaning the drain in your bathroom sinks. You can start by running hot water down the kitchen sink to let the frozen grease and oil sludge soften a bit. Follow that by dropping a mixture of dish detergent and hot water. Wait for a few minutes, and then use a plunger and again let some hot water run down the drain. If you still unsuccessful, you might want to move onto a chemical drain opener. But use it with caution.

In the future, you should dispose of cooking oil and grease by letting them solidify first, and then pack them in a plastic bag and throw it out along with your other household garbage. Small amounts of oil can be let down the sink but only after thoroughly diluting it with hot water and dish detergent.

If you are constantly plagued with clogged or slow drains, have a service for Drain cleaning in Arlington, TXinspect the plumbing to determine if the drain line was properly designed and installed. Both drain pipe venting and slope effect how well drains work.

Drain Cleaning in Arlington, TX for Venting Systems

Venting systems are an important part of the overall drainage process in a house. Venting maintains the level of air in your drainage pipes by, for instance, allowing air to enter the pipes as water moves out of them. However, if the venting doesn’t let enough air in, then you might hear the sink gurgle when you flush the toilet. Also, remember that venting allows sewer gases to escape and prevents them from building to dangerous levels inside your home.

Meanwhile, slope of the drain pipe determines how effectively water carries sludge to the sewer line. If the slope is too steep, water can flow fast and leave the solid waste behind. Over time, the buildup accumulates to form a blockage. If the pipe slope doesn’t have sufficient angle in its slope, then the water and waste pool in the pipe. Some waste will settle out and, again, form a blockage.



First, you need to ensure that nothing is blocking the vent pipe opening on the top of your house. Sometimes birds build their nests on top of un-enclosed vent pipes which hurdles the flow of air. You should also check for gulp valves. They are generally located at the end of a drain line and look like a spray paint’s plastic cap. These valves prevent sewer gas from escaping the drain line but let air into the vent pipe when there’s enough suction.

If you fill the sink with water and then drain it out all at once, you should hear air getting sucked into the gulp valve. If not, the gulp valve might have to be replaced. For that you can contact a company which provides drain cleaning in Arlington, TX. Tioga Contactors are known to be the best for drain cleaning in Arlington, TX.




Are you looking for the best electrician service in Hurst, TX? Picking one isn’t as easy as flipping open a directory, running your fingers on the page or screen and choosing the one with the nicest name. In fact, doing such a search could land you in a lot of trouble. You’ll not only end up working with someone you have no clue about, but you could also be putting your safety at risk—especially if they end up being uncertified and too inexperienced to handle the job.

Don’t let just any electrician service in Hurst, TX work on your home. You’ll want to have all electrical services performed by a good electrician. Since, you may not know what qualities are associated with good electricians we are here to let you know what attributes to look for when hiring an electrician.

So do you know what to look for in the best electrician service in Hurst, TX you want to work with? Here are the qualities you can use as a guide.

1. Fully Licensed or Certified

It is very important to ensure that the electrician service in Hurst, TX that you hire is approved and certified by the relevant accredited authorities of your area. If they belong to a company, make sure that the company is trustworthy and provides their workers with proper training in their respective fields. A good way to check that is to browse and search on the website of local electrical institutions of Texas.

2. Has a Great Reputation

You should look for an electrician service in Hurst, TX that has a reputation for being trustworthy. There are many dodgy contractors in the electrical industry, therefore you need to be careful before you hire anyone and ensure your electrician is not one of the dodgy ones. Working with a reputable electrician service in Hurst, TX is a good way to make sure that your electrician won’t try to rip you off. You can also research by asking around what others have to say about the company.

A professional electrician service in Hurst, TX will handle your issue appropriately, with the reliability of getting the job done right.  You should look out for recommendations and reviews from people you know before hiring an emergency plumber. When an electrical contractor comes recommended by a trusted colleague, friend or relative that you know has high standards; you can bet they have a good reputation. You can also check the reputation of a company by logging onto their online page such as the social media profiles on Facebook and Twitter or their website where you can read reviews and ask for referrals.

3. Fully Trained and Experienced

Since it’s your house or office space that is at stake here, you need to ensure that the electrician service in Hurst, TX is well trained and has a good amount of experience under their belt. There are cases where the same electrical problem in homes gives constant trouble. Often times this is because the electrician working on the issue is unable to diagnose the correct problem or handle them in a satisfactory way. And since home keepers are not always aware of the electrical scenario causing trouble, they need to ensure that the person hired is well qualified to handle any electric problem that could arrive in homes. They should be able to navigate through the problem, offer solutions, or simply fix it like new.

4. Honest and Communicates Concerns Properly

A good electrician service in Hurst, TX will explain to you what needs to be done, and give you a fair price reflecting the amount of work that needs to be done. They will also take the time to explain what problems they have found inside your home, why it needs to be fixed, and also offer a solution, or alternatives.

It is important that your electrician service in Hurst, TX is capable of answering your questions, and answering them in terms you can easily understand. An electric problem that happens in a property you are responsible for means that you need to know what the problem is, a responsible electrician will understand this and be happy to ensure you understand what the problem is.

5. Available to Address Your Needs Right Away

An often-overlooked quality for a great electrician service in Hurst, TX to have is their capacity to be available during emergency situations. An electric problem such as power downfall or your fan not working does not announce its arrival. You should rely on an electrician service in Hurst, TX that works 24 hours a day and can be trusted to arrive even in the dead of the night or on weekends and holidays.

6. Prioritizes Work as well as the Client’s Safety

Personal safety, as well as the client’s safety, is always a top priority for reliable electrician service in Hurst, TX. Safety protocols should be in place the moment an electrician arrives at your home or office during emergency calls. On top of that, they should have the proper training to deal with dangerous circumstances in the most effective manner, while making sure that your property is protected too.

7. Uses Proper Technology & Is Up to Date about Various Developments

Another great trait for a trustworthy electrician service in Hurst, TX is them knowing how to make use of latest technology for work and to your advantage. Latest technical devices can be used to determine the underlying issue or to assess the situation before proceeding. If the electricians are properly trained, they can use technology to get the job done much more quickly as well.

These seven tips are simple. Make sure to keep them handy when choosing a professional electrical contractor to work on your home or office.

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The wiring in your house ages with time and can get worn out. And old wires can be dangerous for your house’s and your safety. Since the wiring is behind the walls of your house and not visible, you can’t always tell if they are damaged.

And you can’t call an electrical service in Fort Worth, TX for a problem you are not sure of.

But there is a way that you can tell if your wires are faulty and need to get changed or repaired. There are warning signs that will indicate the issue.

If you are experiencing any of the following problems, you need to call an electrical service in Fort Worth, TX right away.

Warning Signs

Electrical problems have a way of sneaking up on you. They can jump out to greet you when you least expect them to. One day everything will work perfectly well, and the next day you will be making a call to an electrical service in Fort Worth, TX.

Sometimes, people tend to ignore little sparks that come out of the sockets, thinking they are nothing. But that could really be an indication towards a bigger problem.

But if you catch the warning signs, you can get them fixed before the problem exacerbates.

1.  Breakers and Fuses Go Out Frequently

One of the most common problems that point towards faulty wiring is breakers and fuses going out frequently.

There are only a certain amount of amps that circuit breakers can take on. If they get overloaded, the breakers in your house will trip so that the wires won’t catch fire.

The fuses work the same way — if you overload them, they will trip as well to prevent your house to go down in flames.

The tripping can protect your house for some time, but eventually, they will get damaged and go out. That can cause a lot of harm to your house.

There are a couple of reasons why your fuses and breakers keep tripping. The first one is because the wiring in your house is old and is about to give out. And the second is because you are using the same circuit to plug in multiple electrical devices.

But worry not because this problem is fixable. If you notice that your fuses and breakers are tripping more and more frequently, just pick up your phone and call a trained and reputed electrical service in Fort Worth, TX and they will make it good as new in no time.

Remember; don’t try to make it into a DIY project. Handling circuit breakers and fuses is not a task that should be done without training. Always seek help from technicians who are trained in electrical services in Fort Worth, TX.

2.  Burning Smell

Is that the smell of something burning? Maybe the neighbors burnt their dinner. But if the smell does not go away and is persistent, you need to call an electrical service in Fort Worth, TX right away.

That burning smell could be the result of burnt wiring inside your walls. The smell of burnt wires is pungent. If you smell anything of that sort, your first call should be to an electrical service in Fort Worth, TX.

3.  Dimmed or Flickering Lights

Another sign that indicates your circuits are overloaded is dimmed or flickering light. This could sometimes even happen when there are no problems with the wires, but it is always better to be safe than sorry.

When the lights in your house get dimmed or flicker frequently, your first instinct is to change the light bulbs. But if it happens with the new lights as well, you need to call an electrical service in Fort Worth, TX to come and look them over.

4.  Sparks

Did you notice sparks coming out of the socket? Yeah, that is never a good sign. If you see any sparks, you need to contact an electrical service in Fort Worth, TX right away.

No spark is too small when it comes to the safety of your house. Even a flicker is enough to burn your entire house to the ground.

5.  Buzzing, Charred, or Discolored Switches and Outlets

Buzzing, charred, or discolored electrical outlets are bad news. They are a fire hazard and need to be dealt with immediately.  A lot of people interpret this problem as light switch issues and just change it. But that is not always the case. There is a chance it could be because of faulty wiring.

If it is an issue with the wiring, it could catch fire and burn the surrounding wires, and possibly your house as well.

But there is no need for you to panic. If you notice anything unusual with your switches, just call a trained electrical service in Fort Worth, TX to come and look it over.

6.  Shocking Switches and Outlets

Shocks are unpleasant and no one wants to experience that. But if you experience a shock from your house’s electrical switches or outlets, you need to make a call to an electrical service in Fort Worth, TX right away.

Shocking switches and outlets could indicate faulty electrical wiring.

Inspection Required

If your house is over 40 years old, you need to have the electrical wires inspected by an electrical service in Fort Worth, TXNot only will it give you peace of mind, it will also help you find the problem before it accelerates. Always keep one thing in mind – prevention is better than cure.

If you want to get the electrical wires in your house inspected by trained professionals, we have the best electrical service in Fort Worth, TX for you. Tioga Contractors have skilled and reliable electricians who will make sure your house is safe.

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