Month: December 2018

Many people may fear a shark attack as a cause of death; surprisingly, on average, sharks do not even kill 10 people in a year. On the other hand, the U.S Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) stated that electrical accidents cause more than 5,000 fires in a year. These fires took the lives of about 40 people while 100 people were injured.

These statistics were derived out from the negligence and lack of knowledge of homeowners. Sometimes, homeowners are too immersed in their daily routines to repair an electrical fault. In other times, homeowners do not know the signs which can facilitate them to identify a newly-formed wiring issue and contact an Electrical Service in Euless, TX in time.

Hearing “Electricity”

Have you ever heard the sound of “electricity”? Well if you have not, then it is a good sign because properly working electrical systems do not make any noise. This means that electricity is flowing easily between all the connections. However, if there is a possibility of a fraying wire or loose prongs, then electricity has to flow inconsistently and irregularly, hence resulting in the production of a “buzzing” sound. Therefore, whenever you find any buzzing sound from any electrical part of your home, be quick to call for an electrical service in Euless, TX.


Sometimes, new appliances have their own unusual smell or odor which is perfectly normal when they are switched on. However, if you sense a foul smell coming out of an outlet, then check if it has anything connected to it; if you identify anything suspicious then unplug it immediately. Now don’t sit back and ask a professional from an electrical service in Euless, TX to check your outlet. Foul odors do not spread out from outlets only. Sometimes, they may also emerge out from a breaker panel or the fuse box. Regardless, call an expert for any such instance because it may signify burning of something.

Kitchen/Bathroom Outlets

If you are planning the wiring of your home, think about the conductors of electricity—elements which are instantly attracted to electricity. One such compound is water which is commonly present around bathrooms and kitchen. Hence, outlets in bathrooms and kitchens must be different than the other portions of the home and need stock-resistant outlets, also known by the name ground fault circuit interrupters (GFCIs).

If your home does not have shock resistant outlets around the bathrooms and kitchen, then ask an electrical service in Euless, TX to install such circuits. Failure to equip your home with this layer of security may mean that your family members may be at risk, especially the young ones and the pets. Hence, this is something where you can spend a great deal of time for contemplation; it is a necessity where such protection layers can safeguard any human accident in your home.


Sparking is perhaps the most common sign of a wiring issue and easily the most noticeable one. However, sparking can vary; it may come from an outlet or a breaker panel. Similarly, electrical appliances may generate sparks which means a certain component of your appliance has burnt and hence, you may have to call an electrical service in Euless, TX. A specialist can examine and test different parts of an electrical appliance or check your outlet or breaker panel for the exact anomaly. In case your appliance falls in warranty, then it is possible that it can be repaired.

Extension Cords

Electric wiring is buried behind the walls for a reason; it is a type of protection. An expert from a renowned electrical service in Euless, TX states that settled wiring organization is more likely to function longer. On the other hand, if the wiring is unsettled or disrupted, then it may cause a headache.

When homeowners use unusually high amount of extension cords, then a cord can either be pinched or shorted out. As a consequence, there can be a tripped circuit breaker, a destroyed outlet, and in worse circumstances, a fire may also break out. Hence, it is recommended that the use of extension cords must be restricted heavily. If you feel that you can’t live without them, then a more permanent and safer solution is to ask a professional from an electrical service in Euless, TX to install outlets.

Flickering Lights

Lightning equipment don’t need much electricity to operate. If a light is flickering or dimming, then there are greater chances that the issue is more due to an external factor. Sometimes, other appliances—which extract huge amounts of electricity—are wired on the same circuits.

Experts especially point out the heating and cooling devices as the prime suspect as they take up a lot of power. As a result, their operations cause flickering or dimming of lights. Therefore, if you find such issues then call out a well-reputed electrical service in Euless, TX so their professionals can either change the wiring of the appliances or change the circuits of the lights.

Final Thoughts

Electrical or wiring issues are not something which can be ignored for a long time. Negligence in such matters may result in massive bills for maintenance and repairs. In the worst case scenario, a fire can break out and engulf your entire home in its ruthless flames.

Hence, if you spot and pick any of the above-mentioned irregularities in your home, then contact a reliable electrical service in Euless, TX, someone like Tioga Contractors. Our electricians are trained to the tee and carry all the necessary credentials and licenses which are required to perform electrical repairs in Texas.

One of the reasons for our enormous success and widespread reputation in the region is because of our adaptability; we have kept out services updated according to the modern and latest requirements and innovations. As a result, our clients only get the best and latest electrical material in their home, reducing their bills and increasing their productivity by a significant margin.







Are you uncomfortable about the rising burglaries in your area? Are you worried about the well-being of your family? Do you wish to improve the security of your home?

Well, you do not need to say any further. As a homeowner, such concerns are common and they are not without a reason. A criminal activity is always on the cards. Malicious individuals are only looking for a vulnerability to strike out.

Hence, irrespective of the security situation around your area, you must add certain security solutions in your home. One such additions is security lightning which can be installed with the assistance of a reliable electrician in Fort Worth, TX at the exterior of your home. Security lightning can change your life for the better due to the following reasons.

Prevention of Accidental Deaths

One of the foremost reasons to have security lightning is to get it as a protective measure, for the safety of your family members against accidents. Your general outlook about causes of death maybe dramatic like you may expect a car accident as a more common cause of death. However, in truth one of the leading causes of deaths is accidental injury! These injuries are sometimes caused due to darkness. Often children or elderly with weak sights are unable to see clearly at night and take a false step which may turn out to be serious for the individual’s health.

On the other hand, having security lightning for your porch, backyard, driveway, and other external portions of your home can ensure that everyone can clearly see and move around the home. Hence, do not be late to hire an electrician in Fort Worth, TX and install security lightning at your home.

Fostering Relationships

Security lightning can also be used for entertainment purposes. Without the outside security lightning, you might not have think much about parties and get together in the external portion of your home. However, the installation of security lightning adds another dimension to your lives.

You can arrange parties, get together, and party around your home where your security lighting can serve as accent lightning to evoke a chilly and cool atmosphere. As a result, you can foster long-lasting relationships with your relatives, friends, office colleagues, and other neighbors. Therefore, acquire the services of an electrician in Fort Worth, TX for the installation of security lightning.

Deterrence Against Crimes

According to FBI, one of the biggest risks for homeowners is to deal with burglaries. These thieves are too smart and slowly sneak into your home by taking advantage of dark spots. To address such concerns, call out a reputable electrician in Fort Worth, TX who can install security lights.

What the lights would do is that they would add brightness around the outer surroundings of your home. This means that any available dark spots can be eliminated from the scene and thieves and robbers would be unable to engage in trickery to attack your home. In case any burglar does attempt to come close; cameras, neighbors or any witness can easily view them and alert the authorities due to the brightness of your security lights.

However, the smarter thieves are too meticulous in their planning and they may try to outwit your strategy. Consider the installation of timers with your lightning .i.e. modify them with timer settings. This means third-party individuals would have a harder time to beat you.

Likewise, you can also take advantage of motion sensor security lightning. Such lightning is too quick in detecting an unfamiliar presence and notifies others in a blink of time. To get such types of highly modern lights, have a chat with one of the leading electrical companies in Fort Worth, TX, Tioga Contractors.

Our talented electrician in Fort Worth, TX would be able to observe the surrounding of your home and recommend the installation of the most suitable security light which can act as a highly useful security measure against any malevolent individual. Likewise, our electrician in Fort Worth, TX may also suggest some interesting locations for the placement of security lightning since they have been heavily experienced in the domain and understand the dynamics of such issues.

Property Price

Do you intend to rent your home? Perhaps you are interested to sell it after sometime? Do you want a valuable tip to enhance the worth of your property?

Security lights are not an expense; they are an investment. Their addition to the exterior of your home adds an impetus to the value of your home. It is a feature which is sought-out by many homeowners as people are aware of its list of benefits and realize its multi-purpose advantage.

Additionally, security lightning can prove quite useful to reduce your costs in insurance policies. As they are a viable security measure and actually decrease the chances of crimes, hence insurance providers are quick to provide cheaper and affordable policies due to their integration in your home’s security system. So what are you waiting for? Just call out a certified electrician in Fort Worth, TX for the installation of security lights.


In case you are worried about the bills, then choose an LED-powered security lightning solution which can instantly reduce your bills. LED-powered lights require lower amounts of voltage in comparison to others and do not cause too much heat as an output. As a result, they can be a good option for energy saving while their reduction of home means that there are no fire concerns. Similarly, they run for a longer period of time and thus you do not have to engage in continuous replacement of their bulbs. Some lights have a warranty of even more than 15 years! Hence, contact a qualified electrician in Fort Worth, TX to add such lights in your home.

Final Thoughts

Certainly, now you must have made your mind to get security lightning for home—a trend which has received huge adoption in the last few years. However, you require the best suggestions and recommendations from knowledgeable electricians in Fort Worth, TX. As such contact Tioga Contractors, one of the most reputable electrical services companies in Texas. Our individuals would make sure that you get high-quality security lightning equipment as well as install it at the right positions to increase the security of your home.



A Plumbing Service in Hurst, TX is a service that we often use. The average American family faces a plethora of plumbing problems within a year’s time. Some are seasonal, others are due to a lack of maintenance or neglect, and some are inevitable problems that occur due to the nature of the plumbing apparatus itself.

Due to their recurring nature, plumbing problems can become extremely monotonous and irritating, hence there is an advantage to knowing what to do when small problems arise which either can help you properly diagnose a certain problem or to apply a little practical knowledge to fix it. They can save you both time and money and can even save you hundreds of dollars in damages when you can identify a big problem before it gets worse and so you can call Plumbing Repair in Hurst, TX to get rid of the problem once and for all. Here are a few tips and tricks of the plumbing trade.

Using Pipe Insulation to Prevent Sprayer Snarls

Sometimes you may notice that you have to jiggle or move around your hose as you pull out the kitchen sink sprayer. This is a classic sign that the hose is catching on the shut off valves and can be damaged if this goes on for long. For a smoother operation you can slip in half an inch of foam pipe insulation over the pipes and the shutoff handles. If it won’t stay put by itself, you can use tape it fasten it further. The insulation you need can be bought at local home centers. There’s no need to call in Plumbing repair in Hurst, TX for this.

Adhesive Backed Felt is a Great Solution for Expanding Pipes

During the winter most people have a tendency to leave their water heater on the entire day. Sometimes they even leave it on for days on end because it’s so darn cold. While that may be necessary if you’re facing very chilly temperatures, the high pressure resulting from the constant heating of the pipes can result in the pipes expanding and grinding against their hangers and joists.

This can result in real damage if not monitored properly and it may result an entire overhaul through a Plumbing Service in Hurst, TX. To prevent excessive damage you can use some adhesive-backed felt that is sold at the hardware store and you can cut it in to strips. You can then remove each hanger and wrap the pipe before fastening it back.

Use Expanding Foam to Quiet Sinks

Sometimes when two steel basins are grouped together they tend to make a whole lot of a racket while being used. Sound travels fastest through solids and when the two steel basins are clanking together, you can be sure that the echo goes far. However, there is an easy fix for this with expanding foam. You can use it to fill up the space between the two sinks and it’ll get rid of the sound because it’ll prevent them from clanking together.

Use as much foam as necessary and then trim away whatever is in excess with a small knife. That ought to do the trick. You don’t need a Plumbing Service in Hurst, TX for this task.

Use a Shop Vacuum to Extract Objects

Sometimes when drains are clogged with objects unintended to go down drains it can be a frustrating exercise to get them out. Using a Plumbing Service in Hurst, TX is your best bet in most cases but sometimes you can use a shop vacuum to reach in and extract any toys, toothbrushes, or combs that are blocking the way.

Use Magnets to Find Pipes

If you want to find a pipe in your home you can use the simple rules of magnetism to do so. You can attach a rare earth metal like neodymium to an electrical fish tape and put it down the drain. Then you can use an ordinary compass to see where near the floor it starts to go wild. This can be use many a lot of people to find piping in their homes even if their pipes are plastic and not metal. This usually comes in handy when asking Plumbing Repair in Hurst, TX to visit your home to fix pipes or leaks.

Take a Picture During Remodeling

If you’re using a business for extensive Plumbing Repair in Hurst, TX or for remodeling, you should take a picture of the entire layout in your home before closing up the drywall. This will help you make sense of the entire layout in your home and help you make sense of any plumbing problems that may arise in your home.

 Plunge Water Before Trap Removal

The removal of a sink trap can be a tricky process and a tedious process for the uninitiated. However, you should give the drain a few plunges before you begin either way. Use a toilet plunger and give it a good few plunges so that all the water can be drain and pushed out of the trap. If you have a double sink, you need to plug the other drain before you do this, otherwise the pressure won’t be contained and the plunging will be useless.

If you’re finding it hard to do or the air pressure isn’t holding, then you’ll need to call in professionals from Plumbing Repair in Hurst, TX.

If you want the best professionals in Plumbing Repair in Hurst, TX then you should call Tioga Contractors by clicking here.

There are a lot of things that need to be maintained around the house to keep it perfect. It’s your corner of heaven, after all. It’s where you go to relax, where you can have a wholesome meal with your family and where you can breathe a sigh of relief after a hard day’s work. In doing so, the two things that you may not readily think of maintaining are the glass in your windows and the drains that lead in to and out of your home.

It’s a stretch to think of both those things sporadically over the course of many days, let alone at the same time. However, they do need to be maintained to make sure that the air and water entering and leaving your home are as per your requirements.

More than air conditioners and filters, these things help ensure that you can block or allow the access of the air and the water that is always seeping in and out of your home. Hence, there is a genuine need for you to have someone on standby for Glass Repair in Euless, TX or Drain Cleaning in Euless, TX. There’s just no way around it!

There are a lot of problems that can arise if you don’t.

Glass Window Problems in the Home

Foggy Windows

If your windows constantly fog up and cleaning them does not make much difference then you may have a structural problem on your hands. Most often, the fact is that the insulated seal of your window breaks and moisture keeps seeping in and getting trapped. This means that you won’t be able to get rid of the moisture just by wiping down your windows or washing them.

However, this doesn’t require a huge overhaul or the replacement of the entire window. It just requires a bit of Glass Repair in Euless, TX. The insulated glass needs to be replaced and that can be done in a jiffy when a trained professional is doing the job. It’s all about removing the window sash and having it repaired.

Faulty Glass Windows

If your glass windows have been acting up like not staying open or getting stuck incessantly no matter how hard you try to position them at a certain angle, it means that your hardware has either grown old or has been weathered or damaged badly. There could also be a large build up of debris in the window; hence it may get stuck from time to time. Either way, you probably need a replacement.

Any professional, experienced in Glass Repair in Euless, TX, will help you with this. Cleaning with lubricants and cleaning out different parts of the windows will do the job quickly.

Leaking Glass Windows

Ever shut the windows during a storm or a particularly rainy night, only to find the floor drenched from corner to corner in the morning? We’ve all been there! This is a result of the windows not shutting tightly enough. It means that the seal of the window has been affected.

Trained professionals can easily get to the bottom of this. It may just be a problem of debris stuck in the window and may also be an issue with the existing hardware.

Drafty Windows

Sometimes window frames will begin to show leaks again and again. This may mean that your weather stripping has been affected. If it is, some chunks will be missing noticeably. Any professional that you call, who is experienced in Glass Repair in Euless, TX, will help you quickly deal with this problem.

Broken Windows

This is a problem that requires no explanation. Pieces of glass on the floor, glass flying everywhere and shards of glass sticking out of the window — all pose several hazards. Better to just call someone from Glass Repair in Euless, TX immediately to get it out of the way as quickly as you can.

Drain Cleaning Problems in the Home

What’s great about drains is that you really don’t have to think about them that much. However, we do demand quite a lot from them, over and over. Every single day they flush out different types of waste, water and food that we discard. Over time, this takes a heavy toll on them and their upkeep is required every few months or so. Till then, they keep functioning and don’t give us any trouble.

Here are a few problems that you may encounter with drains and how Drain Cleaning in Euless, TX can help you get rid of them.


This is a problem that affects sewer lines and outer drains where they run under your property. Usually, they are affected with roots when they run to your sewer main or a septic tank. Tree roots can spread far beyond the tree and can sneak up on you when you don’t suspect them to at all. Even if your house is several yards away from a tree of any significant size, you can still find that your plumbing has been compromised.

Better to let the experts at Drain Cleaning in Euless, TX handle this one.

Lime Scale

When you’re washing your hair and you feel like the shampoo just isn’t making the lather that it should, it’s one of two things. You’ve either used the conditioner by mistake, or the water from your shower is really, really contaminated.

This is called hard water and it is composed of various mineral salts like calcium carbonate, various sulfates, nitrates and hydroxides. It’s really bad for your health to continue with it so you should definitely call an expert for Drain Cleaning in Euless, TX.

Drains truly need to be sanitized and cleaned up so they can work properly. Don’t be one of those who leave it to the last second!

If you want the best drain cleaning services in Euless, TX or Glass Repair in Euless, TX, then contact Tioga Contractors for the best deals.