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Have you had problems with low water pressure in your home? Perhaps you’re wondering what causes water pressure to become low?

What causes low water pressure is one of the most common questions that plumbers are asked regularly. In this blog, we’ll answer this question and tell you what you can do about low water pressure.

If you’re experiencing problems with low water pressure, contact a professional who can find the specific cause of your low pressure and will be able to fix it. If you live in Hurst, TX, or the surrounding area and are searching for a plumber, you may like to contact Tioga Contractors. The company offers all types of plumbing, electrical, and glass services.

What causes low water pressure?

Problems with the water pressure in your home are likely to present themselves in different ways, and these can all be very frustrating for homeowners. You may notice that the faucets take longer than usual to fill your bath or sink. Your showerhead might not be providing adequate spray, or your washing machine may take longer to complete its cycle than usual.

Problems caused by low water pressure are common, and these may affect one fixture or may be a widespread issue that affects the whole house. If you have water pressure problems, you’ll need to call in a plumber who will be able to work out what the problem is and fix it. If the problem has been caused by one fixture or fitting, this can likely be remedied quickly and easily. The professional will focus on fixing that one fixture and also looking at the pipes that serve it.

Widespread water pressure problems that affect your whole property are a little harder to fix, but a professional will have experience of such issues. If your entire home has a water pressure issue, the plumber will narrow down the cause by checking things like the water meter valve, the main house shut off valve, and the pressure regulator. Here are a few things that a plumber may suggest.

Look at the Water Meter Valve

In most properties, there are two shut off valves that control the flow of water to the house. The first is called the water meter valve; this is usually located next to the water meter. It’s on the main city water supply line, which serves your home. This valve is likely to be found on an outside wall of your home if you live in warm climates or an underground box. It may also be in an interior location such as your basement or could even be attached to the garage wall.

It’s not recommended that homeowners touch this valve as it belongs to the water company and should only be adjusted by a plumber or employee of the water company. If you have low water pressure throughout your home, it’s likely to be due to the water meter valve.

The main water meter valve can cause low water pressure, not being fully open. This is common, especially if you’ve had some work done recently on your plumbing system.

The water meter valve should be fully open to supply your home with adequate water at the right pressure.

Check the Main House Shutoff Valve

Your home will also have a shutoff valve inside the house. This will be near where the water supply enters the property. In some cases, the main shutoff valve may be outdoors. This valve also needs to be fully open as it can cause low pressure if it isn’t. Sometimes this valve can be left incorrectly positioned if a plumber has done work on your system. If your water pressure has changed after a repair, it’s likely this valve wasn’t opened completely. ​​

The Pressure Regulator

A faulty pressure regulator may cause your home’s water pressure to change. The Pressure regulator is the control valve that helps to reduce the input pressure in your plumbing system. It keeps the pressure at a safe level so that it won’t damage your pipes. Pressure regulators aren’t installed in all homes. If your pressure regulator starts to fail, this can cause severe problems with the water pressure. It can cause low water pressure but could also increase the water pressure. If your water pressure problems seem to be affecting your whole home rather than just one fixture, it may be due to the pressure regulator failing.

You may need to replace the pressure regulator, but shouldn’t attempt this yourself, unless you know exactly what you are doing. You don’t want to end up with more severe problems. Call a plumber who will take care of it as this job will require completely shutting off the water to your home.

Are Your Pipes Old?

One of the most serious reasons that your water pressure has fallen is that your pipes may be old and corroded. This is most likely if your home has galvanized steel water pipes. In time they start to become corroded, and this restricts the flow of water around your system. Steel pipes corrode on the inside, and a build-up of corrosion, as well as scale, can start to close off the pipe. This problem will usually take decades to occur, so your water pressure will lower gradually until it becomes a problem. If you have recently moved into an older house with steel pipes, the problem may appear reasonably quickly.

If your home has old steel pipes, a plumber will likely recommend re-piping the whole system with new pipes that are either copper or plastic. This will be expensive but will sort out the problem.

Tioga Contractors

If you’re searching for a plumbing company in Hurst, TX, don’t hesitate to contact Tioga Contractors. The company is available for all types of plumbing jobs, including unblocking toilets, leak detection, and finding water pressure issues.

Tioga Contractors are a Home Advisor top-rated business and a BBB accredited business. They have a track record of providing good quality work and fantastic customer service.

As well as plumbing services, they are also sub-contractors and can provide electricians and work with glass, if you need any windows installed. The company can be contacted on 817-484-5356 and are available for an emergency call out.

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Electricity is a serious commodity, and the residents know that it works just like anything else. With electricity, anything that can go wrong will, and when the lights are out, that’s the time to call an electrician.

Tioga Contractors of Bedford, TX is always around to help when your service is down. And with electrical service, there are so many things that can go wrong–from frequent surging to sagging and dipping and flickering lights. Circuits, when they become overwhelmed, have the capacity to trip up more frequently as the problem worsens. Electric shocks, lightbulbs that burn out more frequently than normal, and a higher than usual electric bill all point to the need to call for the services of a professional as soon as possible.

So, what causes electrical surges? Anything from thunder and lightning to damage incurred on power lines. Shaky appliances and wiring gone bad are two other reasons for this type of electrical snafu. Any appliance or device that’s plugged in to your power source can result in sags and dips, where the electricity is going in and out due to a distressed breaker.

Problems with your outlet lead to dimmer lights, which could also have origins in your wiring or circuits. Equipment that is missing or poorly installed is another source for why this could happen, but when it does, calling your electrician is the best thing you can do.

Homeowners and businesses bemoan other issues with their electricity, which result in higher bills and more headaches down the road. High watt appliances such as your microwave or hairdryer are the most common circuit-trippers ever, and limiting their use can allow for a smoother and less-interrupted flow of your electricity. Circuit overload eventually happens as your breaker bears the brunt of such heavy electrical use, and the limited availability of power points, which can happen even in newer buildings and residences. Being aware of having too many devices or appliances connected to a single outlet is the first step, and limiting their use of power is key to not overburdening your circuit breaker.

Light bulbs do eventually wear out and you will need to have them replaced. But ones that burn out much too frequently have their origins in your electrical wires. In fact, if the wiring is faulty due to age, wear and tear, or has been poorly installed, then odds are the electricity is not being evenly distributed to the outlet. Many times, a surge could be happening, and you may need to have it inspected for potential damage.

Checking for excessive heat around your overhead lights is key to detecting a possible problem with the wires or circuitry. Looking to see if the insulation is worn or missing is one way to see if there might be a problem. Simply feeling around the area for excess heat can tell you if there are any issues that warrant the need to call for an electrician.

Electrical shocks are among the most serious of problems. Safety is key to maintaining a quality system in your home, and there is nothing that could be more frightening than turning on the lights or an appliance only to experience a shock. Having your appliance inspected for faulty wiring can be done by the vendor, but if it doesn’t lie in the device, then an electrician can help solve your problem. You can do a simple test by plugging in another device to see if the same issue arises. If it doesn’t, then you may simply need to replace or fix the device with the problem, but if the proof is in the wiring , then that is a service that only an electrician can provide.

Keeping vigil over your electricity is vital to your health and safety. Trying to engage in any form of DIY efforts can yield greater disasters and may lead to more costly repairs in the long run. Plus, such ventures may have deadly consequences. Electrical repair service requires that your electricity be turned off for safe and effective maintenance and repair, and it’s best that you hire an electrician to do so.

The many electrical services that are offered by Tioga Contractors are many, and there is a whole list of what is offered. Some of these services include electrical rewiring, new appliance installation, and heating and AC installation and repair. They can even repair and maintain outdoor lights for your night time safety. Both seasonal and security lights are included in the list of what any electrician from Tioga can do, and they are fully trained and equipped to bring any building up to code.

If you’re looking for a complete makeover of your electrical system, Tioga Contractors can help. There comes a time when outlets may need to be replaced, or your brand new appliances may need more electricity in which to operate smoothly. When they don’t have enough of a supply, any appliance can run the risk of wearing out or tripping up a breaker, thus causing an outage and leading to further complications.

Calling on a professional to install and maintain your electrical work is critical to the safety of your home. The contractor not only has the knowledge to bring your building to code, but they know just how to get the job done in a way that doesn’t result in an electrical fire, which can be fatal to you and your home. Plus, you can avert the long-term health risks of electric shock.

And if your home or business has undergone any recent remodeling, it’s very important to look into getting your wiring replaced and new outlets installed. Hiring a professional contractor is one of the safest and most efficient methods of preserving your energy flow and protecting it in the years to come.

Even minor work is not a problem. If you have trouble installing your brand new TV or entertainment system, the services of a professional electrician can help. There is no job too large or too small for any electrician. Whatever your needs are, Tioga Contractors of Bedford, TX can help. All you have to do is call or visit their website and schedule an appointment.

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Every homeowner wants their home to be worth more but it is especially important when it is time to sell. There are many remodeling projects you can choose from that will make your home nicer in some way, but not all remodeling jobs are the same. Some add convenience or beauty, while others add value to your property. One of the best areas to upgrade when you want to boost your house’s value is your plumbing system.

Tioga Contractors can help you make your home worth more with professional plumbing upgrades, installation, and replacement. Our plumbers offer professional service at a competitive rate. Our years of plumbing experience have prepared us for any situation we might encounter on the job.

There are many ways your plumber in Hurst, TX can help you make your home worth more. Start with some of the less expensive ones, then jump into some of the larger projects. That will help you increase the value of your home, with a little help from a professional.

Keep Water Damage Away

Not all building upgrades are noticeable at first sight. Sometimes, it’s the changes you make that don’t get noticed that provide the most protection for the structure of your home.

If you are considering putting your house on the market, it is a great time to invest in basement waterproofing and a new sump pump to protect your home from flooding damage. While they are not as flashy as a new bathtub or sink, these two changes will provide the protection from water and flood damage that can destroy your house from the bottom.

Your plumber can help you make certain your basement walls and floor are professionally waterproofed. They can also help you choose a sump pump that will keep any water that floods in from damaging your house.

Replace Your Old Toilets

Your toilets use more water than any other household plumbing appliance your family uses. The old traditional styles can use up to seven gallons of water per flush. When you consider how many times a day your toilet is flushed, that is a huge amount of water.

Newer toilets that were manufactured after 1994 are not allowed to use more than 1.6 gallons of water for each flush. There are also low-flow and ultra low-flow models that save even more water.

Another option you have is to install dual-flush toilets in your home. These models offer you one powerful flush option for solid waste material and another, less powerful option for liquid waste only. Since most flushes are used to get rid of liquid waste, the lower water option will be used most often. This will add to your water savings, something you will notice on your annual water bills.

Install Modern Pipes

Today, plumbing systems mainly consist of copper and PVC piping. These materials are resistant to corrosion, splintering, and rust. With modern pipes, your plumbing system has fewer repair issues and your home’s water quality and efficiency is greatly improved.

In the past, building standards were much different. If your home was built before 1960, your plumbing system was probably made of galvanized steel or cast iron. Over the years, you have probably replaced much of the old piping with new materials. To bring your plumbing system up to modern standards, you should talk to your plumber in Hurst, TX about replacing the remaining outdated materials.

Invest in Water-Conserving Plumbing Fixtures

You don’t have to completely remodel your bathroom and kitchen to make your home worth more on the resale market. By investing in water-saving, eco-friendly faucets and showerheads, you can greatly reduce the amount of water your household uses.

Not only do these low-flow showerheads and faucets save water and money, it also reduces the amount of water your septic tank has to process. This reduction in water use can lead to less frequent septic tank pumping, as well. Discuss the advantages of installing low-flow fixtures with your professional to decide which models offer the most efficiency.

Add a New Dishwasher

Whether you already have a dishwasher or not, it is time to think about replacing it. Older dishwashers were limited in their ability to clean, making them much less efficient than those available today. Plus, if your dishwasher has been in your house a long time, it is likely harboring bacteria and germs that add a foul smell and reduce your air quality.

Not only do newer models scrub your dishes clean better than the old ones, they use less water to run. Your plumber can advise you on the most energy efficient and most powerful dishwashers available, so you can make the right choice.

Replace Your Old Water Heater

Classic water heater design includes a tank to store the heated water until you need it. The metal tank is prone to rusting from the constant contact with water. This leads to leaking and bursting, which not only makes a huge mess but can also lead to serious damage to your floors, walls, and personal possessions.

You could choose to replace your electric or gas water heater with a similar model that is more energy-efficient. Or you could have your plumber make the switch to a tankless water heater. This innovative design requires no tank to store the hot water for later use. Instead, the water is heated right when you need it. This means no rusting and degrading tank to deal with taking up space. Tankless water heaters employ a super-heating process that provides unlimited hot water whenever you want it. This saves energy and helps these water heaters last up to twice as long or more as the traditional water heaters.

Finding a Professional Plumber to Upgrade Your Home

It’s important to discuss your remodeling plans with your plumber. That way you are much more likely to get the results you desire. When you need a plumber to make your home worth more, trust the professionals at Tioga Contractors. We can help you raise the value of your house with repair, installation, and replacement services.

Contact us today at Tioga Contractors for more information about how our professionals can increase the resale value of your home.

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Most people tend to ignore the infrastructure of their homes until something goes wrong. Many homeowners have limited knowledge of the electrical wiring and generally how electricity works in their homes. It is therefore advised to always leave the electrical works to a professional electrician in Bedford, TX.

Unless your home was built recently, you could benefit from an upgrade of the electrical system or fixing. It is hard to ignore the fact that dependence on technology is at an all-time high, and the demand for power is on the rise as well. If you have an older home, the electrical system might not keep up with the electrical requirements. If you notice any of the below symptoms, it might be time to call an electrician.

Frequent Breaker Trips

When the breaker trips once or the fuse blows once, you can easily change the fuse, and there is nothing to worry about. However, if it happens frequently, it might be time to call in the experts. In most cases, you will find that the system is drawing more current than can safely be fed hence the often tripping of the breaker. If left without a permanent solution, it could be potentially dangerous.

The fuse blowing could be caused by damaged wiring. Rodents are the leading causes of damage to a home’s wiring. Rodents in your walls can chew on the wires, causing damage. This can be a health hazard, and you should call in your local Bedford, TX electrician to fix the damage. Do not forget to take care of the rodents, or the problem will recur in the future. Aging wiring can also be the root cause of damaged wires. As the wires get older, they become brittle, and the insulation on the wire can break because of this effect.

Flickering Lights

It is not uncommon to have lights dimming or flickering when you plug in certain appliances. Motor-driven appliances usually draw more current than smaller devices, and they should be wired on a dedicated circuit. However, there might be no correlation between plugging in appliances and flickering, and there might be an underlying cause for the flickering. Other reasons for flickering lights include;

  • Loose wiring

Another common reason for flickering light is loose wiring, which can be dangerous. Loose wiring has, in the past, caused house fires where people have lost not just their belongings but also their lives.

  • Malfunctioning circuit

A malfunctioning circuit can cause the incorrect amount of current to run to the light bulbs causing them to flicker. If you are sure that all the bulbs are tightly screwed and they still flicker, call in an electrician to find the underlying problem.

  • Mismanaged circuit

When the circuitry is mismanaged, the results are flickering lights, and this can be a cause for a house fire.

Hot Outlets

Outlets should not be hot or even warm to touch, no matter how long you have had an appliance plugged in. It is easy to shrug off the issue and blame it on the heavy electricity usage by a device, but it could be a sign of something worse. A hot or warm outlet could be an indication of short-circuiting behind the outlet. The short circuit could cause the whole house to lose power if it is overloaded.

The outlet might get hot if there is a loose connection elsewhere in the electric circuit. Heat will travel through the wires from another location to the outlet. If an outlet in the house is heating up, you should switch off the power and call an electrician soon.

Additional Outlets

Something does not have to be wrong for you to call an electrician. It will surprise you the number of homes that still have electrical cords running under rugs and in the skirting boards. It is a clear indication that a home needs more sockets. You can easily have an electrician install extra outlets in the house rather than having the unsightly site of cables running under rugs. Adding outlets within the home is a routine job for most electricians that can make your home safer and offer a source of electricity where it is needed. A common place to have electrical sockets included by the bedside and by the edge of the seat.

Static Electricity or Small Shocks

Electric shocks happen when an electric current flows through your body. It occurs when you touch live electricity. Electric shock can result from a faulty electrical appliance or coming into contact with an electric outlet. The effects of an electric shock can be severe and can sometimes cause death. Below are some reasons you could be feeling the shocks.

  • Ungrounded circuits

In the past, houses used to be wired with two-strand electrical cable one hot and the other neutral. With this kind of wiring, a small failure of the wire could expose you to electric shocks. That is why many people living in old houses have recorded feeling electric shocks. If you live in such a home, it is advisable to wear rubber-soled shoes within the house to reduce the risk of shock. You can also upgrade the wiring.

  • Ground faults

Even with grounded wire, you could still get shocked if you touch exposed wires. It can also happen when handling a poorly insulated appliance. You can prevent this by avoiding using old devices with loose connections. You can also have an electrician install ground fault interrupting outlets in areas with wet conditions such as the bathroom and kitchens.

Call the Experts!

Do you feel that you need to upgrade the wiring in your home? Do not wait until you have an emergency. Do not hesitate to pick up your phone and call Tioga Contractors, the electrical experts in Bedford, TX.