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A bathroom remodel is the most common home improvement project in the United States. In fact, in 2022, bathroom remodels remain popular, and so far, 27 percent of homeowners have invested in a bathroom renovation. Remodeling your bathroom is exciting as it gives your home the elegant facelift it needs while increasing the value of your property.

When remodeling the bathroom, most homeowners wonder why they should hire a plumber. Some homeowners are reluctant to work with plumbing contractors because they doubt their trustworthiness, while others prefer to take the DIY route.

But in reality, a bathroom remodel is not a piece of cake. It involves plumbing, ventilation, and electrical work; hence, most self-proclaimed DIY champions get overwhelmed and get stuck in the middle of the project. In the process, you could make costly mistakes that would have been avoided by hiring an expert. Here’s why you need a licensed plumber to help you remodel your bathroom.


There is more to bathroom plumbing than you can learn from a YouTube or Pinterest tutorial. The best thing about hiring professionals to help you with bathroom renovation is they have enough experience to perform the task efficiently.

The plumbing technician understands that no home is perfect; for instance, the water line may not operate correctly, or floors are slightly off-level. A plumbing pro has seen it all; thus, s/he can guide you in making informed decisions to avoid blunders that cost you in the long run.

In addition, the expert has dealt with such projects for a long time, so s/he knows what is involved and has the know-how to fit and replace pipes, showers, sinks, taps, and faucets.

Consumes Less Time

Let’s face it; the remodeling project takes some considerable time. If you have only weekends to work on, you could look at days, weeks, or even months before completion.

Contracting a professional plumber in Bedford, TX, shortens the time it takes to complete the task because they have all the time to focus on the project.

Less Expensive

Tools and supplies used for any renovation project are a huge part of the budget. It won’t be very pleasant to start only to realize you don’t have the right tools for a particular task. It also slows you down.

You are forced to add expenses of buying tools that might only be used once. Hiring a licensed plumber reduces the costs of purchasing extra tools as they have a comprehensive toolkit.

Also, they may be able to help you get supplies that are less expensive for the project. What’s more, they are updated on the latest advances in the plumbing world.

Quality and Guaranteed Upgrades

In addition to getting the best advice, another advantage of hiring a professional plumber is their expertise in handling any problems that can arise. Before starting the project, they inspect your existing bathroom for any signs of plumbing issues and determine what upgrades are required.

The pros will check for leaks and inspect the water heater, condition of the water pipes, sewer line, and existing plumbing of showers, tubs, and sinks. Who needs plumbing problems right after an exquisite remodel?

Resolving these issues is essential for your renovation dream and makes economic sense. This helps you avoid any costly repairs in the future by ensuring the job is perfectly done the first time. Hiring a professional means that they can stand by their work if any problems arise and provide a long-term solution.

Top Designs Ideas

While you might be thinking more about the tile backsplash or color pallets, the plumbing system is the heart of your renovation. You’ll need a plumbing pro to offer an accurate estimate of your design and critical revisions to make the design work. Before picking out any fixture, it’s essential to determine the layout of your bathroom.

Professionals will provide more cutting-edge styles and technology than you may have in local homes or home décor magazines. Most importantly, they know what is best for your plumbing system.

Works Well With Others

Professional plumbers know they are part of a big team working to deliver your dream renovation. Whether you contract with an independent plumber or your project manager brings their own, you’ll need one who coordinates well with other professionals to ensure the overall project’s success.

Bathroom renovation entails working in a small space, but it is a complex task. To ensure everything runs smoothly, it is crucial to master the position of tile setters, electricians, and painters.

Code Compliance

A bathroom remodel must comply with all building codes. It must be legal for health and safety reasons. If you are renovating your bathroom all by yourself, you’ll need a building permit from a municipal planning and development department before starting the job.

Hiring a seasoned plumber in Bedford, TX, means they handle all the paperwork, comply with building codes, and other significant details involved in the renovation plan.

Insurance Coverage

Reputable companies offer insurance coverage to homeowners. For a significant investment like this, you need to focus more on the quality than the cheap costs that will hurt your pockets down the road.

If there will be plumbing problems with your bathroom in the future, the insurance will cover any damages and expenses. Consider a licensed plumbing technician for your bathroom renovation.

Let Tioga Contractors Do Your Bathroom Renovation Right!

In a nutshell, a bathroom remodel is not a project for your average DIY-er. It’s a job for professional plumbers. Whether changing a simple faucet or renovating the whole bathroom in your Bedford, TX, home, you can rely on Tioga Contractors to get the job done.

Our technicians are insured and licensed for your safety. Contact us today for all your plumbing concerns, including 24/7 emergency services.

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Remodeling projects naturally play a big part in improving the value of the real estate property, particularly if you’re looking to sell a property to a new buyer. Remodels can also enhance your own living experience and ensure that your plumbing remains up-to-code. Effective plumbing can make or break the experience following refurbishment; whether it’s in an assisted living facility, home residence, or commercial property, a professional plumber can make sure you’re getting the most out of your upgrades.

Effective plumbing provides many benefits that may not have previously been considered. Vital elements that a professional can help with during a remodel are:

  • Improved efficiency.
  • Energy savings.
  • Added comfort.
  • Health improvements.
  • Innovative installations.
  • Disaster avoidance.

Improving Efficiency

One of the most obvious benefits of upgrading your plumbing during a bathroom remodel is that you’ll be improving the efficiency of your bathroom setup. Effective plumbing ensures that less wasteful water runs through toilets, sinks, and other fixtures, helping to reduce excessive water use while maintaining decent water pressure and flow suitable for creating a comfortable bathroom experience.

If you’re looking to remodel a bathroom that has been present in the property for a decade or more, it’s crucial to task a plumber with removing older pipes and fittings that can both improve the property’s value, and increase the overall efficiency. When updating your fixtures, you should always ensure that pipes and fittings are inspected at the same time, to determine if it’s necessary for a plumbing upgrade. If you remodel your bathroom without making sure the right plumbing support is in place, this can mean your refurbishment is not as effective as it should be.

When it comes to improving efficiency, the newer the equipment is, the better. Advances in plumbing technology happen quite often, with breakthroughs and improvements appearing on the market every couple of months. Even if your previous bathroom fixtures are only five years old, quite substantial enhancements could have been made during this time.

Improving Design

When you choose to remodel a bathroom, it’s the perfect time to come up with better locations for fixtures, faucets, and appliances. Rather than settling for a temporary plumbing fix, a professional plumber can assist you in improving your overall bathroom design.

By providing a professional reorganization of the existing pipework to improve the flow of your bathroom, a professional can also make sure the new framework will support the ideas that you have in mind to improve your bathroom’s aesthetics. Not only does the rearrangement of pipework by a professional improve the flow and design of the room, but it can also enhance efficiency and convenience.

Boosting Energy Savings

Another crucial benefit of upgrading your plumbing when you choose to remodel your bathroom is that you can take advantage of modern energy-saving technology. It can result in regularly lowered utility bills, particularly if you place fixtures and fittings so that water heating and circulation operate optimally.

New hot water heater installation is just one of the ways that you can upgrade the value of your home while saving space, resources, and money on utility bills. Tankless or instant hot water heaters can be installed by a professional plumber to complement your bathroom remodel, and provide a method of heating water only when it’s necessary. Additionally, new plumbing fixtures can help you to save both water and energy, as they are typically designed to use less water than older counterparts.

Avoiding Disasters

Effective plumbing upgrades during a bathroom refurbishment can help to avoid disasters, both from happening during the renovation project and from happening afterward. Renovations may have unexpected effects on the existing plumbing, whether it is weakening the existing pipework or the water pressure is suffering as a result of not upgrading necessary additional components.

Bathroom leaks, burst pipes, and pressure issues can all be addressed during the remodeling instead of waiting until a disaster strikes, potentially ruining the hard work and excellent look of your new bathroom. It also means that you can avoid a plumber needing to take apart aspects of your modern bathroom to locate and fix a troubling issue, as parts will be easier to access while the remodel is in progress.

Increasing Home Comfort

Your home or business, to be the best that it can be, should be a comfortable environment to be in. Developing a leaky pipe or putting up with old or faulty plumbing components only provides a level of discomfort. To guarantee an increase in overall comfort, you should expect a plumber to thoroughly inspect your plumbing before, during, and after the remodel, to make sure that nothing is compromised.

Being able to relax in a cool, refreshing shower after dealing with the summer humidity or having a warm bath to relax in after braving the Texas cold will likely go a long way towards increasing your home comfort and the pleasure you’ll experience in your home.

Minimizing Disruption

Using a professional bathroom installer will mean you can minimize the disruption that occurs in your Mansfield, TX, home during the upgrade process. While your home may not be looking at it’s best for a few days, a professional crew will make sure that their efficiency, cleanliness, and work ethic will minimize the amount of discomfort you feel. They will also work to reduce the time it takes to upgrade your bathroom to its desired look.

An expert plumber can assess, repair, and improve all manner of niggling issues during the remodeling process that you may not even be aware of, to make your upgrades function to the best of its ability. When the disruption fades, you should be left with a perfect bathroom that you know has been fully assessed, tested, and implemented with care.

Tioga Contractors in Hurst, TX, has been serving the entire Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex since 1953. Our plumbers undertake remodels for multi-family units, assisted living, and commercial, as well as residential properties.

We’re available 24/7/365 to discuss any emergency services that may have arisen from a faulty bathroom refit or to discuss the opportunity to upgrade your bathroom plumbing. Contact us to see how a fully-equipped plumber from Tioga Contractors in Hurst, TX, can help you to prepare for a bathroom remodel today.