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Are you looking to hire a fully licensed electrician to handle all your electrical services for your home? Well, Tioga Contractors has got you covered. From wiring, repairs to the installations, we will assign specialized personnel to handle all your needs. As a leading electrical services company, we not only aim at lighting up your home, but we also ensure you stay in a safe environment.

Hiring an electrician can be a tedious process when you fail to consider the following factors:

Getting Recommendations from Previous Customers

When looking for an electrician, your first option is to ask your loved ones for recommendations. As expected, they will only recommend a contractor who delivered satisfactory results. If they are not aware of any contractor within their reach, you can visit customer review columns to establish how customers perceived their service. You can call a fraction of the past customers to determine whether they were satisfied with the technician’s work.

Compare the Estimates

A reasonable estimate from an independent contractor does not translate to quality service. A contractor from a reportable firm like Tioga Contractors may charge more since they provide value for your money by offering quality services. All quality services are not expensive. As long as a company’s level of expertise befits the awaited project, then it is better to invest a little more than to hire one which will not meet your expectations. This not only prevents you from incurring unnecessary future expenses, but it also assures you of accountability from their end. Before you hire one of our electricians, we will state our terms of the contract to assure you that we are good at what we do.


We understand the dangers and risks independent contractors pose on customers. As a licensed, insures and bonded electrical company, we will produce copies of our documents to determine if we are fit to serve you. We also have the right permits for the job. Remember, tracking an unlicensed electrician is costlier than hiring a certified firm.

Why Hire Us?

Fully Licensed

Due to the rise in accidents caused as a result of improper handling of electrical appliances, we aim at preventing such incidences on our sites. As a fully licensed company, we only assign skilled electricians who are experienced to all our customers. They are trained to handle both the design and installation of electric systems. Our journeymens work under the tutelage of skilled professionals for guidance to ensure perfection.


Given the potential liability our services bear, we have insured our employees and third parties against any possible harm should an accident occur while we are on site. We also remain accountable for our personnel when working on your property. In the event of an accident, we will accept full liability for the damages and instead of apportioning blame since we are fully insured.

Training and Experience

Most of our Bedford, TX, customers often inquire about the level of training and experience our electricians have before hiring. Whether your project requires specific expertise such as the installation of data cabling or solar equipment, we will assign only qualified personnel. Since we understand the value of those systems and protocols, we will ensure they are followed to the letter.

Monitoring and Evaluation

Unlike other electrical companies, we allow you to track the work in progress. We recommend that you make site visits to evaluate the progress of your project. When you witness our employees behind-the-scenes, you will be confident about their work. Feel free to ask questions on how we are handling your work. You can always tell about the quality of our work judging by the knowledge we possess over your project

Our Code Compliance is Up-to-Date

Now more than ever, we strive to update our code compliance to meet your requirements. You may not understand what it entails, so that we will explain it to you in the simplest way possible. Both the local and National Electrical Safety Codes exist for particular reasons.

For us to assign an electrician to your home, we ensure to follow the set guidelines and regulations that dictate the minimum standards of electrical safety. As a Bedford, TX homeowner, you need to familiarize yourself with the law. The last thing we want is to be blamed for a house fire or electrical shock incident. Remember, the codes are often revised every three years, which is why a competent electrical company should be concerned about being conversant with the current rules

Referrals from Our Previous Customers

Over the years, we have continued to serve the residents of Bedford, TX and beyond. From their responses, you will understand the amount of time and resources we put to work. Ours is not to get positive reviews alone. Instead, we rate our work through the eyes of our customers. It is easy to tell if any of our electricians fulfilled their obligations according to our customers’ expectations.

Pocket-Friendly Prices

Agreeing to a quote is often better than a rough estimate. We realize that independent contractors would instead offer cheaper alternatives and shoddy work that can cause more harm than good. Supposing the said person causes a fire in your house or creates an electrocution hazard. Will they compensate you? Of course not!

Chances are, you were counting on them to deliver quality results, only to disappoint you in the long run. Whatever the case, you can always come to us. We will give a quote based on the size of the project and the cost of materials to be used. Our final price justifies all the safety protocols that have guided us to build a reputation for safety over the years.

Whether you are facing a power outage or are looking to upgrade your lighting, Tioga Contractors has got you covered. Our skilled and experienced technicians always live up to their promises. Be it, electrical wiring, repairs, and maintenance, we will ensure you get value for your money. We continue to serve our first-time and returning customers based in Bedford, TX and beyond using the latest technology in electrical work. Visit our official website to get a free quote and make inquiries.

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Electricity is the most-consumed source of energy all around the world. You won’t come across any infrastructure, residential, commercial, or industrial that does not have an electric supply. Most of our daily tasks involve the use of equipment that works on electricity. However, electricity is also associated with numerous risks.

One cannot deny the importance of electricity, but at the same time, one should be aware of the risks that electrical appliances and electricity in general pose. To ensure that you not only avoid these risks but also mitigate them, it is necessary that you get electrical service every now and then.

We have listed down numerous reasons that state the importance of getting your wires and your electrical system serviced. Let’s take a look at them:

1.    Safety of Your Property

Keeping your property safe is the foremost priority of everyone. When we talk about electrical issues, even the smallest electrical problem can be aggravated to result in massive destruction. If there is a problem with an electrical appliance or the supply of electricity to your home, even a tiny spark can result in a full-fledge fire that can burn your property down.

Getting electrical services regularly will ensure that no electrical problem goes unnoticed. It is always better to be safe than sorry, which is why, getting an electricianin the Hurst, TX area should be made a mandatory part of regular property maintenance.

2.    Safety of Human Life

Human life is precious, be it your family that resides in your home or employees that work in your office. Their safety is your responsibility. Electrical problems can take the worst form in no time, which is why it is recommended that you get any electrical problem resolved as soon as it comes to your notice, no matter how small it is.

Most of the time, electrical issues are so small that you may not even know they exist. By the time they do come to be noticed, it is often too late. When you make hiring an electriciana routine, the chances of an electrical issue going unnoticed or unresolved are greatly reduced, and hence, the safety of your family and employees is ensured.

3.    Reliability of Electrical Equipment

Nearly all the equipment you rely on today, whether in your home or workplace, runs on electricity. All the electrical equipment, appliances, machines, and outlets are prone to damage owing to the fact that they are constantly in use. To make sure that you are not exposing yourself to any electrical risk, getting electrical service of all the electrical equipment within your property is extremely important. In case an electrical issue prevails in any of the equipment in your property, its reliability will be compromised and so will your safety.

4.    Prevention of Major Accidents

As mentioned earlier, you may not know about an electrical issue until it is too late. You may think that your electrical appliances or equipment is working just fine, when in reality, there may be a minor issue in any part of it. A minor issue will not affect the functioning of your equipment but may get serious overtime. For example, if you observe a spark in any of your electrical appliances, it is most probably because of a loose connection that has prevailed for quite some time.

To avoid such a situation, you should always get a periodic electrical service in the Hurst, TX area. It will not only keep electricity-related accidents at bay but will also save a lot of your money in the long run.

5.    Prevention of Power Outages

When electrical issues are not addressed on time, they may result in power outages. For example, if there is an excessively electrical load that you may not be aware of, the chances of a short circuit are high. Short circuit accidents are not just extremely dangerous but highly inconvenient too. They cause power outages; the duration of which may be few hours to a few days, depending upon the magnitude of the damage caused by the short circuit. There is no way that you can tell if the electrical load is excessive other than getting electrical service every few months.

6.    Saves Money

As mentioned repeatedly, getting an electrical service protects your equipment and property. When you get a regular electrical service, you get all electrical issues fixed on time which maintains the reliability of your equipment and the safety of your property. An appliance that has a loose wire or a malfunctioning appliance in the house will not only be a safety hazard, but keeping it plugged in will also waste your electricity and will cause a surge in your electricity bill.

Getting a professional company to inspect the electrical system in your home helps you in saving the money which you would have otherwise spent on replacing the damaged equipment or getting your property repaired and restored.

7.    Emergency Preparation

When you hire an electrician you are also getting your property inspected for any possible electricity-related damage. Such an inspection is always followed by tips on how to cope with electrical emergencies. Getting electrical services assists you with emergency preparation, and therefore, you are able to take preliminary measures during an emergency and prevent any occurrence from becoming an accident.

In today’s world, life without electricity is unimaginable. Saying that electricity is running the world won’t be wrong. However, we cannot overlook the risks that are associated with electrical problems. You may consider problems like loose electrical wiring as very minor ones, but they can result in sparks and fires if not addressed on time. No electricity-related issues should be taken lightly.

The best way to keep yourself, your property, your family, and your belongings safe is to get regular inspections by professionals to make sure there are no electrical issues. If you are looking for the best electrical servicein the  Hurst, TX area, Tioga Contractors is where you should go. Give them a call on 817-484-5356 and get their highly professional services today!

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Refrigerators are credited as one of the most useful features and electrical appliances in American households these days. They have become staples for food storage, drink chilling and medicinal storage in most Hurst households.

Now while refrigerators have a variety of advantages, they can saddle people with a lot of problems when something goes wrong in their electrical systems, wiring, switchboards, power supply and even individual cooling components.

If there are electricalproblems in your refrigerator, you should get professional repairs done immediately. This is because refrigerator issues can have a lot of consequences.

Consequences of Refrigerator Issues

So what are the possible consequences of refrigerator electrical problems? Some possible issues are listed below.

Spoilt Food

Most Hurst families rely on refrigerators to store groceries and leftover food. If refrigerators stop working effectively, especially in your absence from home, you can have a lot of problems.

Food can possibly spoil, leading to monetary loss for the value of the groceries. If you have food that absolutely needs to refrigerated, like ice cream for instance, you might possibly lose it completely.

Food Storage Issues

If you have refrigerator problems, you might find yourself at a loss with where to store your food and drink.

If the refrigerator is broken or is facing electrical problems for a while, you might not be able to do groceries or might have to rely on a friend for food storage. Refrigerator problems in the end will cause a lot of hassle and money for normal Hurst families.

Ice in Refrigerators will Melt

Your refrigerators and freezers usually have ice that maintains the freshness and chilled quality of your refrigerated and frozen food.

If your refrigerator stops working correctly, you might have large puddles of water around the fridge as the refrigerator and freezer leak when the ice eventually melts. This can be a great inconvenience to people.

Home Safety will be Compromised

If you have leaking refrigerators, you might have water spilling out. This water can cause you to trip or slip and can possibly cause injuries. The water can also spill towards the wiring which is a possibly fire hazard and might need emergency electrical repair in Hurst, TX.

Voltage surges and wiring issues in a refrigerator, as with any electrical appliance, are also problems that can cause fire and safety hazards.

What are Refrigerator Issues?

Refrigerators can have a lot of problems in their electrical systems and components. Some common problems include the following.

Defective Motors

Most refrigerators work with motors installed in them that power the refrigerator and make sure it cools your groceries and leftovers. If your motor starts having problems you should look into getting services from a professional electrician or electrical repair in Hurst, TX company.

You would be able to tell if you have a defective or problematic motor if your refrigerator is not working or cooling properly. At times, you might even see that the refrigerator does not even start. If this is the case, you should seek out professional help for electrical repair in Hurst, TX.

Voltage Issues

If you have refrigerator cooling or power issues, the main culprit could be voltage problems. A professional electrical repair in Hurst, TX company will be able to figure out if this is the case and reconnect or make adjustment to your power connections and do repairs.

Circuit Breaker Issues

If you see that your refrigerator is breaking down or turning on, the problem could be with a circuit breaker inside your refrigerator.

Miniature circuit breaker problems can be due to overloaded circuits that might need readjustment, otherwise the circuits will keep tripping and cause the refrigerator to turn off at the most inconvenient times.

The miniature circuit breaker often is responsible for powering and working the refrigerator and if there is a problem with it, you might need repairs or replacement from professionals for electrical repair in Hurst, TX.

Compressor Problems

If your refrigerator is not cooling correctly, it could be due to problems with its compressor. The compressor is a vital part of the refrigerator and causes the cooling and refrigeration cycle to occur.

The compressor is essentially a motor that compresses refrigerants, also known as coolants, and circulates and distributes them through various coils in the refrigerator. The refrigerator has two main coils called the evaporator and condenser coils.

If any part of this process is disturbed due to compressor breakdowns, the refrigerator might shut down or not cool correctly, causing food to spoil and the ice inside to melt.

Your electrical repair in Hurst, TX serviceman will be able to tell immediately if your refrigerator problem is due to the compressor or not. You should call for regular repairs and maintenance for your refrigerator in order to avoid compressor breakdowns and the resultant inconveniences.

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The plumbers at Tioga Contractors will be more than happy to assist you with your electrical emergencies and problems and perform electrical repair in Hurst, TX, installation and emergency services at reasonable prices.

We provide emergency and regular electrical repair services in Hurst, TX. If you are recently moving into or building a house in the area, you should contact us for installation, repair and maintenance services and consultations.

Dealing with the sparks, fires and wiring issues yourself can be a very dangerous endeavor. Fires can erupt from sparks and can cause bodily harm and need to be handled by professionals who are trained to handle emergencies.

So if you need to repair appliances or wires, you should call us for electrical repair services in Hurst, TX.

We employ efficient and well-trained professionals to examine and correct electrical issue you require. Our staff can swap out your bad thermostats, fix your water heaters, reinstall your microwave connections and update your water heaters and reverse the effects of a wiring problem.

You should give us a call if you have normal or emergency electrical repair in Hurst, TX for maintenance issues for your home electrical appliances. We are available for services at all times and can be contacted through this number: 817-484-5356.

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Do you have electrical appliances? If so, you should get maintenance and repair services for them to keep them in top condition.

So which electrical appliances would actually need electrical repair in Bedford, TX? The following appliances and equipment should be subject to regular electrical repair service in Bedford, TX the home and in office buildings.

Electrical Heaters

Heaters can be used to heat individual rooms and even the whole household. Some issues occur in heaters that need immediate attention.

There can be motor overloads that will need to be addressed by professionals along with situations like loosened blower belts, power switches, faulty or incorrectly programmed thermostats, blocked registers and blowers.

There can also be broken or messed up fuses, circuit breakers, filters and other components that might need repairs and maintenance. Often these parts can also need replacement altogether.  Your furnace can also have power problems where it will not turn on or will turn on and off.

Water Heaters

The water heater is a useful appliance in Bedford households, especially in winters, since it warms the water supplied to bathrooms and kitchens.

A lot of problems can occur in the water heaters causing a lack of hot water or insufficient hot water. This could occur because of wiring problems and even sizing issues for your water heaters.

Water heaters that run on electricity often have thermostats that must be adjusted and readjusted according to the weather and season. The hardware and programming of the thermostats could possibly have electricalissues which might lead to the heater functioning incorrectly. In these cases, you should get immediate electrician consultations and electrical repair service in Bedford, TX.


Refrigerators can be very useful and are a staple in American households. Every house in Bedford uses refrigerators to store food, drinks and medicine. If there are problems with fridges in the house, it can lead to a lot of problems.

The food stored in the fridge can spoil, other food cannot be stored properly, and the ice in the fridge can melt and spill out into puddles near the fridge.

However, there can be a lot of issues with refrigerators. For instance, the refrigerator could have problematic motors. Motors in fridges can often become defective and stop the inner working of the refrigerators. Sometimes, the fridge will not even start up if this is the case.

Another major problem with fridges is the voltage problems that can happen with the units and require as a result the adjustment of the voltage connections and electrical repairs in Bedford, TX.

Another problem with the fridge can be a problem with the miniature circuit breaker. If there is a problem with the breaker, the fridge can breakdown totally and immediately.

To avoid this, you should have maintenance and inspection services see to the miniature circuit breakers often at regular intervals throughout the lifespan of the fridge.

A fridge can also have problems with its compressor. This is the central component of the fridge and works to enable the fridge’s refrigeration cycle. How it works is that the compressor works as motor to compress refrigerants and circulate them through the evaporator and condenser coils.

If the fridge is not working properly or is shutting, it’s a good bet that the compressor is the problem. If there is a problem with the fridge, you will need to call an electrical repair service in Bedford, TXto check the compressors and possibly repair or replace them.

Washing Machines

Washing machines are another staple in American households for washing and drying clothes. Most homes, especially apartments, only use washing machines because of a lack of space for other washing practices.

This is why it is so important that the washing machine works properly at all times. There can be a lot of problems with washing machines including the washer malfunctioning. This will result in the drain or spin cycle working improperly and causing error codes.

If this occurs you need to either call the manufacturer for a reset or an electrical repair service in Bedford, TX to make the washing machine start working again.

Another problem with the electrical mechanism of the washing machine can be the jamming of the locking mechanism that could come with a glitch in the computer system. In this case, you will need to reprogram or troubleshoot the washing machine with the help of Bedford professionals.

Microwave Ovens

Microwaves can be very useful for heating, thawing, cooking and even baking food in Bedford. If a microwave does not work properly, all of these activities can become harder to accomplish.

If your microwave is not heating correctly, you should not ignore this. It could mean that the magnetron has failed or burnt out because it is empty. This component uses a lot of voltage for the production of microwave frequency.

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The plumbers at Tioga Contractors will be more than happy to assist you with your electrical repair service in Bedford, TX emergencies and problems and perform installation, emergency services and electrical repair service in Bedford, TX at reasonable prices.

We provide emergency and regular electrical repair service in Bedford, TX. If you are recently moving into or building a house in the area, you should contact us for installation, repair and maintenance services and consultations.

Dealing with the sparks, fires and wiring issues yourself can be a very dangerous endeavor. Fires can erupt from sparks and can cause bodily harm and need to be handled by professionals who are trained to handle emergencies.

So if you need to repair appliances or wires, you should call us for electrical repair services in Bedford, TX.

We employ efficient and well-trained professionals to examine and correct electrical issue you require. Our staff can swap out your bad thermostats, fix your water heaters, reinstall your microwave connections and update your water heaters and reverse the effects of a wiring problem.

You should give us a call if you have normal or emergency electrical repair services in Bedford, TX needs or maintenance issues for your home electrical appliances. We are available for services at all times and can be contacted through this number: 817-484-5356.