Electrical Repair

The circuit breaker is often heralded as an essential advancement in electrical engineering. Unlike a fuse box, it isn’t sacrificial and allows you to restore power without looking for a spare. The main problem is that it automatically shuts off the power when overloaded with electricity. There are a few reasons why your circuit breaker keeps tripping, and some of them come with big danger signs attached. Rather than try your hand at amateur electrical repair, enlist the help of an experienced electrician to tackle the problem.

Has Your Circuit Breaker Tripped?

The circuit breaker controls everything on the circuit in your home’s electrical service panel. This includes everything from appliances to lights and fixtures. If the power in a particular area of your home rather than the whole house is off, the problem is probably a tripped circuit breaker.

You must know the location of your home’s circuit breaker. Moreover, the circuit breaker should be easily accessible and properly labeled. If there are two circuit breakers for the same area, you’ll want to detail which part of the area. For instance, you can label one kitchen circuit breaker as “kitchen appliances” and the other as “kitchen counter outlets.” An experienced electrician from Tioga Contractors in Grapevine, TX, can label your circuit breakers if you need help.

When the circuit breaker trips, the switch handle moves between the on and off positions. You may also see a red light indicating that the circuit breaker tripped. Resetting the tripped circuit breaker is easy since all you have to do is move the switch handle to the off position and then turn it on. You’ll want to stand back or to the side for safety purposes. Don’t forget to schedule an appointment with a professional electrician to examine the possibility of the following issues and resolve them for good.

Circuit Overload

Circuit overload occurs when the circuit draws more power than it can handle. The internal sensing mechanism heats up when too many appliances or fixtures are operating simultaneously. This prompts the spring-loaded mechanism within the circuit breaker to trip, rendering the circuit inactive. The power remains off until you reset the circuit breaker.

You can easily prevent circuit overload and keep your circuit breaker from repeatedly tripping by plugging in fewer appliances simultaneously. However, the most effective and long-term solution is having an electrical services provider update your wiring and add more circuits. Let’s say your living room and kitchen run on the same circuit. Adding two circuits to handle the kitchen counter outlets and appliances will allow you to use the mixer or microwave without fear of damaging your television.

Short Circuit

A short circuit occurs when an active electrical wire comes into contact with a neutral wire. It can occur in a switch or outlet. A short circuit can also occur within an appliance if the wires are damaged due to corrosion or pests chewing through them. When an electrical short occurs, it trips the circuit breaker and often produces sparks, smoke, or popping sounds.

Common causes of a short circuit include:

  • Faulty wire insulation: Electrical wires are usually coated with non-conductive material like PVC. If that insulation gets damaged or wears out, the live wiring may come into contact with the neutral wire and cause a short circuit.
  • Damaged wire connections: They result in increased electrical resistance, and this increases the temperature of the wiring. The result is either electric shock or fire.
  • Faulty appliance wiring: The culprit could be faulty wiring within the appliance, its plug, or the power cord.

Remember to enlist the help of a qualified electrician from Tioga Contractors to investigate electrical shorts in your home’s wiring.

Ground Fault

A ground fault occurs when a live electric wire comes into contact with a metal wall box, ground wire, or metal framing members. It can be quite dangerous, primarily if it occurs in an area with high moisture levels, like the bathroom or kitchen. As a result, the risk of electrical shock is very high. A ground fault causes a spike in electricity and causes the circuit breaker to trip.

Building codes offer provisions for carrying electricity safely into the ground to prevent this kind of short circuit. For instance, high moisture areas like bathrooms and kitchens must have ground fault circuit interrupters (GFCIs). A GFCI shuts down electric current within less than a second when it senses a ground fault.

If a ground fault is the reason your circuit breaker keeps tripping, locating and repairing the source of the errant water will resolve the issue. You’ll want to replace any damaged wiring and install GFCI outlets in rooms where water is commonly used. All of these are jobs for a licensed electrician.

Arcing Fault

An arc fault occurs when there’s an electrical discharge between faulty or loose wires. Corroded wires create a weak connection, creating an arc fault when the current “jumps” from one end of the wire to the other. The resulting arc causes electricity to travel a short distance through the air. It’s incredibly unpredictable since various factors determine its path, including the circuit’s nature and humidity. It also generates a lot of heat that can damage or melt the wiring insulation.

The main sign of an arcing fault is a faint buzzing in the affected area. Other telltale signs include the smell of melted plastic and burning and blackened spots around electrical wiring and outlets. The primary way to mitigate against the risks of an arcing fault is to install arc fault circuit interrupters (ACFIs) in your home. You’ll also want to consult a licensed electrician in Grapevine, TX if you suspect an arcing fault to resolve it before it becomes a bigger problem.

Call an Electrician to Investigate Other Possible Causes

It’s possible that your circuit breaker is faulty, undersized for the amount of current passing through the circuit, or that your wiring isn’t up to code. You must hire a professional electrician to inspect your electrical system, identify the problem, and resolve it promptly.The experts at Tioga Contractors will help you keep your Grapevine, TX, home safe. Contact us today if your circuit breaker keeps tripping, and an emergency electrician will be at your doorstep as soon as possible.

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You need electricity in your Keller, TX home all day, every day. Daily household tasks will be impossible without electricity because you need electricity to power your lights, appliances, devices, HVAC system, etc.

If you have an electrical problem, it can affect your ability to use electricity. Some issues can cause an electrical fire, putting your home and family at significant risk.

Unless you are a licensed electrician with thousands of hours of training and experience, it’s best to leave the job to a professional. Without the proper training, you can get electrocuted or start an electrical fire; therefore, a DIY electrical repair is a horrible idea.

It’s essential that you can detect electrical problems early to prevent the issue from escalating, creating a hazardous situation.

If your electrical system experiences any of the following issues, you should hire a licensed electrician as quickly as possible.

#1 Your Fuses Blow Out Often

If you live in an older house and the electrical system hasn’t been updated, your electrical system likely has a fuse box, and the fuses will blow if you try to run too many appliances and devices on one fuse. However, if you haven’t plugged something new in an outlet and your fuses are often blowing, you have a problem that should be checked by a licensed electrical technician immediately. This can occur if too much power runs through the wire and shouldn’t be ignored.

A licensed professional can inspect the fuse box and the wiring to find the cause of the problem so the necessary repair can be made.

#2 Your Circuits Keep Tripping

If you live in a newer home in Keller, TX, with a modern electrical system, you likely have a breaker box with several circuits providing power to the house. If you plug too many devices and appliances into one circuit, the electrical system has a safety feature, and the circuit will trip. This prevents the circuit from overloading, putting your home at risk for an electrical fire.

If the circuits in your home frequently trip and you aren’t sure why it’s best to call a licensed professional.

If your electrical system can no longer meet your family’s electric demand, the electrical technician can upgrade the breaker box, which will prevent the circuits from tripping. If your family’s electrical demand doesn’t exceed what the circuits can handle, there could be a short somewhere, which could start an electrical fire.

An electrician can inspect the breaker box and wiring to figure out why the circuits keep tripping so they can fix the problem quickly, keeping your home and family safe.

#3 Burned Outlets

If any outlet in your home has burn marks, you should call a licensed electrical service immediately. This problem occurs when you have too much electrical demand on one outlet. When appliances and devices demand too much power, it causes overheating and will burn the outlet.

There is more to fixing this problem than replacing the outlet cover. You will need a licensed professional to add new circuits to the system to prevent an overload and prevent the outlet cover from burning, eliminating the risk of an electrical fire.

#4 Flickering Lights

If a light flickers in your home once in a while, it isn’t a cause for concern; however, if the lights flicker often or the flickering lasts more than a few seconds, you may need to hire an electrician.

Before you make the call, check the light bulb in the flickering light. First, check the type of bulb in the light. If a fluorescent bulb flickers and it’s cold in the room, the lights will flicker. If the flickering becomes too much of a hassle, an electrical technician can change the light so you can use standard or LED bulbs. If you use an LED bulb with a non-compatible dimmer, the light can also flicker.

Next, make sure the light bulb is tight. If it isn’t screwed in tightly, the socket will receive an inconsistent supply of electricity, causing the lights to flicker.

If you’ve checked the bulbs and everything seems okay, it’s time to call an electrician. A couple of issues can cause the lights to flicker, including:

  • Circuit overload: If your lights constantly flicker when turning on an appliance that draws a lot of energy, the circuit is likely overloaded. This can happen because many appliances require more electricity when they startup.
    A licensed electrician can upgrade the electrical system, allowing it to handle your electrical demand, and can prevent an electrical fire.
  • Voltage change: It isn’t uncommon for your home’s electrical voltage to fluctuate slightly from time to time. The voltage should range from 115 to 125 volts. If the fluctuation changes outside the safe range, it can cause the lights to flicker. This problem can also cause the light bulbs to burn out sooner, and your appliances and devices can malfunction or turn off on their own.
    A licensed professional can inspect the electrical system to determine what they need to do to get the voltage back into the safe zone.

#5 You’re Using Too Many Extension Cords

Older homes weren’t designed with as many outlets as modern homes. If you live in an old house in Keller, TX, and the electrical system has never been upgraded, you will need to run extension cords to power the appliances and devices in each room. The electrical system isn’t designed to handle this much power and can cause the system to overload. In addition, having multiple extension cords lying around can be dangerous if someone trips over the cord.

A licensed professional can upgrade the electrical system and add more outlets in each room, eliminating the need for extension cords while preventing dangerous problems.

Call Tioga Contractors Today

If you think you have an electrical problem and need to hire an electrician, call Tioga Contractors. We are a full-service plumbing and electric company, serving customers in the Dallas Fort Worth area since 1953.

Our electricians have undergone thousands of hours of professional training and must pass a drug test and background checks before they are hired.

When you schedule an appointment for electrical service or repair, the electrician will arrive at your home in a fully-stocked truck so that most repairs can be made on the same day.

To schedule an appointment for electrical repair or service, give us a call today.

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Electricians are professionals that are absolutely essential for modern life in Irving, TX. We all need services from electricians, although we don’t always think about this fact. Many people don’t think about electrical repairs or maintenance until something goes wrong, which is not ideal. It’s much better to plan ahead and schedule regular appointments for routine maintenance, but sometimes problems can’t wait and you need an electrical service right away.

Electric Heaters

If you decide to buy a space heater, make sure you only purchase models with labels verifying they were tested in recognized laboratories. Always read the manufacturer’s instructions and owner’s manual carefully. A space heater should only be used as supplemental heat. They aren’t intended to heat an entire home. One-third of home fires and out of every five deaths as a result of residential structure fires are caused by space heaters. Make sure smoke detectors in your home are working correctly by replacing batteries and testing the alarm regularly.

Inspect the heater cord before you use it each year. Look for cracks, broken plugs, and any other damage. Make sure the connection is secure when you plug it in. Loose connections are dangerous and may start a fire. Don’t use the heater if anything looks like it could be damaged or worn out.

A space heater shouldn’t be left unsupervised. Turn the heater off before leaving the room or going to sleep, and try to keep children and pets away from the heater. It’s also a good idea to keep heaters out of high-traffic areas because they’re a tripping hazard. You should also plug space heaters directly into an outlet, not a power strip or extension cord. Space heaters can cause overheating in extensions cords or power strips that can lead to damaged electronics or even a fire.

A modern space heater should have multiple safety features, including a tip-over switch, a sensor for overheating, and a touch sensor. These features are meant to keep your home and family safe, but you shouldn’t rely on them. Safety features can fail just like anything else. If you think the safety features on your heater may not be working, contact an electrician for repairs or replace the heater with a new one. A lot of things can go wrong with space heaters, including motor overloads, faulty thermostats, and blocked registers or blowers. Other problems, such as broken fuses or other components may not be as obvious.

The wattage determines how much heat your space heater can produce. Most heaters produce between 400 to 1,500 watts, although you should be able to adjust the output. Space heaters are not efficient heat sources. They aren’t even certified by the Department of Energy’s EnergyStar program. If your household is relying on a space heater because the main heating system isn’t working, your electrician may be able to help.

Air Conditioning

Many residents of Irving, TX use air conditioning more often than heating every year. Hot weather is more common than cold temperatures, although we have to deal with both. Whether you have central air or a window unit, air conditioning is a vital aspect of many of our homes. Indoor heat and humidity can become uncomfortable fast without air conditioning, especially in hot summer months. Air conditioners and HVAC systems rely on electricity, so an electrician may be your first call if something goes wrong.

Hot Water Heaters

Hot water heaters are one of the most frequently used appliances in a home. We use hot water every day for all sorts of things. Many different things can go wrong and leave you without hot water. Electric-powered models have thermostats that may need to be adjusted periodically or replaced if they stop working correctly. Call your local electrician if you find yourself with no hot water or insufficient hot water to meet your household’s needs. Refrigerators are another type of essential appliance.


Problems with refrigerators can be inconvenient, expensive, and even a health risk. If food isn’t kept at the correct temperature, it can spoil and you’ll have to throw it all away. This can be especially expensive if a refrigerator stops working after a trip to the grocery store. If food is kept cool, but not quite cool enough, it can go bad slowly and cause food poisoning before anyone realizes a problem exists. There are lots of components inside a refrigerator, and a problem with any of them can interfere with proper function. Call an electrician or a repair technician if you think there might be anything wrong, even if the refrigerator still seems to be working properly.

Washing Machines

Washing machines can run into issues too. We usually notice that a washing machine isn’t working correctly as soon as a problem occurs. A malfunction can result in a washing machine that doesn’t fill with water, that fills with water but doesn’t agitate the clothing, or everything could be fine right up until the spin cycle is supposed to kick in. If the spin cycle doesn’t work, you could be left with soaking wet clothing to deal with. Never put clothing that is still soaked and dripping into a dryer. That practice would very likely end with a broken dryer as well. The problem with a washing machine may be electrical or it may be something else. If the machine won’t even power on, it’s more likely an electrical problem that an electrician can help you with.

Call Tioga Contractors in Irving, TX, if your appliances aren’t working correctly or you suspect that something is wrong with your home’s wiring. It’s always better to be safe than sorry, and the electricians at Tioga Contractors are always happy to answer questions and inspect your home. Emergency service is available for problems that can’t wait for business hours.

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Electrical problems in your Euless, TX home can be very serious. Not only can an electrical issue leave you in the dark, but it can also put your home at risk for an electrical fire, which can be very damaging. If you have an electrical issue or need an electrical service performed, you should not attempt to do the work yourself. Electricity is nothing to mess with. Every year, there are 1,000 deaths due to electricity-related issues. You should only allow a licensed electrical company to handle the following electrical issues. Electricians go through years of training to perform electrical safely and correctly.

#1 Your Circuit Breakers Trip Often

The breaker box in your home is your electrical system’s brain. It takes the electricity coming into the home and safely redistributes the currents through the circuits to various areas of your home. The breaker box also has a safety feature. If there is too much electric current running to a circuit, it will trip, preventing an electrical overload, resulting in a fire.

If the circuits are frequently tripping, you may need the help of a licensed electrician. Before you make the call, think about what is plugged into the circuit that keeps tripping. If you recently installed an appliance or plugged in something new, it could be too much for the circuit to handle, and unplugging it should solve the problem.

If you haven’t plugged in anything new, you should call an electrical service. You may need to have your breaker box repaired, or you may need a new box that can handle your home’s electrical needs. An electrician will examine the box and determine the best course of action.

#2 Flickering Lights When Using Appliances

Your lights should never flicker when you are using an appliance that requires a good deal of electricity. Even if the flickering lights in your home aren’t affecting your daily life, you should still call a licensed electrical service right away.

You could have an overloaded circuit, or the wiring could be deteriorating. If you don’t call an electrical company to inspect your electrical system right away, you could end up losing power in your entire home. This issue can also cause an electrical fire that can cost you your home and everything inside. It is best to call an electrical company the first time the lights flicker.

#3 Singed Wires Or Heat In the Breaker Box

If your home is like most in Euless, TX, your breaker box is hidden in the basement or a closet. Because the box is out of sight, it is easy to forget all about it. It is a good idea to inspect your breaker box every month.

If there are singed wires in the breaker box, you should call a licensed electrician immediately. The same is true if your breaker box is hot to the touch. These issues can affect your home’s electricity and put your home at great risk for an electrical fire. The best way to protect your home and family is to inspect the breaker box regularly and call an electrical service if you discover an issue.

#4 A Burning Smell In the Air

Nothing is more alarming than smelling a burning smell in your home. If you check the stove and every room in the house, check if the smell is coming from the breaker box. If it is, the first thing you need to do is switch off the main electrical switch to shut off the electricity in the entire home. Next, call a licensed electrical company. This smell is likely coming from burning wires, which is a severe issue. After calling an electrical company, you should leave the house until the electrician says that it is safe to go back inside.

#5 A Buzzing Sound Coming From Behind the Walls

If you hear a buzzing sound behind the walls, near the switches or outlets in your home, the chances that it is a bee infestation are slim to none. The sound is likely due to an electrical issue and would require the assistance of a licensed electrician.

The issue could be something simple like a loose terminal, but it could also be a wiring issue that can result in an electrical fire. An electrical service will inspect your electrical system to figure out what is causing the buzzing sound so that the necessary repairs can be made.

#6 Your Wall Outlets Are Warm To the Touch

If a light switch or an outlet in your Euless, TX home is warm to the touch, you should call a licensed electrician immediately. Smoky smells in the home aren’t the only sign of an electrical fire. Warm switches and outlets are also signs of faulty wiring that can cause a fire in your home. Warm switches and outlets may not seem like a big deal to you, but you will need an electrician to repair the wiring if you want to save your home.

#7 You Have a Light Switch That Does Nothing

If there is a light switch in your home that doesn’t turn on anything, it could be nothing, or it could be a major problem. When the house was built, the company may not have attached any wiring to the switch. However, if the previous owner attempted a DIY electrical repair and did it incorrectly, it is a potential electrical fire hazard. It is best to have an electrical service inspect the switch to ensure there are no faulty wires attached.

#8 You Bought a New Home

Buying a new home is very exciting, but you have no idea what lurks behind the walls. When the papers are signed, and you have the keys, you should call an electrician to inspect the electrical system. If there is faulty wiring or any electrical hazards, you want to know right away so the necessary repairs can be made. The last thing you want is for your new home to be destroyed by an electrical fire.

Why Choose Tioga Contractors?

If you are having electrical issues and want to work with the best electricians in the business, schedule an appointment with Tioga Contractors. We are a family-owned business that has been serving residential and commercial customers in the area since 1953.

We understand that electrical issues are very serious and can put your home at risk. This is why we offer emergency service, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

To schedule an appointment for electrical service or repair, give us a call today.

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Many homeowners are making home repairs, DIY projects today. With all of the home repair instructional videos online today, you can learn how to make repairs on your own. Many homeowners make home repairs on their own so that they can save money. Others like the satisfaction they get when they complete a project. Although some repairs make great DIY projects, some home repairs should not, such as electrical repairs. The electrical system in your home is complex. Also, DIY repairs can be very dangerous if you don’t know what you are doing. If you make a mistake, you could get electrocuted or cause an electrical fire in your home.

If you are experiencing any of the following issues in your Euless, TX home, you should call a licensed electrician.

#1 Circuit Breaker Issues

If your circuit breaker trips frequently, it is a sign that there is a problem. If your circuit breaker is overloaded, it can become overheated. If the problem is ignored, it can cause an electrical fire. Before you call an electrician, try to unplug a few of the devices and appliances plugged into the tripping circuit. If you have too many things plugged in, the circuit will trip as a safety feature. If this doesn’t help, you should call a professional. If you attempt a DIY repair, you could get electrocuted, damage the electrical box or cause an electrical fire. It is best to call an electrical service as soon as the problem begins.

#2 Overloaded Outlets

If you don’t have enough outlets in your home and are using extension cords, you should call a licensed electrician. If you are using too many extension cords, you can overload the electrical box, creating a dangerous situation. A professional can add outlets in areas where you need them, which will keep your home and family safe.

#3 Electrical Shocks

If you rub your feet on the carpet and touch an outlet or an appliance, it is not uncommon to receive a shock from the static. If you are getting shocked every time you touch a light switch or an electrical socket, you should call a licensed professional. There could be an issue with the light switch or the outlet, and trying to make the repair on your own can be very dangerous. It is best to have an electrician inspect your electrical system and make the necessary repairs.

#4 Flickering Lights

If your lights flicker when you use several devices at once or if the lights fluctuate when you use an appliance, you should call a licensed electrician. A circuit could be overloaded. The entire breaker box could also be overloaded, which would require an upgrade. When you call a professional, they will inspect the electrical system in your home to determine the source of the problem so it can be repaired.

#5 Buzzing Sounds

If you hear buzzing or humming sounds coming from behind your walls, it probably isn’t a bee’s nest. There could be an electrical issue behind the wall, which is very serious. If you ignore the problem, the issue can cause an electrical fire behind the wall, which can quickly destroy your entire home. It is best to hire a licensed professional to find the source of the buzzing so that the necessary repairs can be made.

#6 Visible Water Damage Around the Outlets and Light Switches

If there are water spots or visible water damage around the outlets or light switches in your home, you should call a licensed electrician immediately. As you know, water and electricity don’t mix. This is a serious issue and should be checked by a professional. You will need an electrical service to figure out where the water is coming in and then inspect the electrical system.

#7 Burning Smell In the Air

If you smell something burning in your home and cannot find the source, it is a serious problem. The smell could be due to burning wires behind the walls, which could easily start an electrical fire. It is best to turn off the main electrical breaker until you can get a licensed professional to your home. They can inspect your electrical system to determine the source of the smell and make the necessary repair. This is an emergent situation, and ignoring the problem can put your home and family at great risk.

#8 Your Outlets Are Warm To the Touch

The outlets and light switches in your Euless, TX home should never be warm to the touch. If they are, you should call a professional immediately. The wires behind the light switch or outlet could be overloaded or burning, which can quickly spark a fire. For the safety of your home and family, you should call an electrical service right away.

#9 Your Electrical System Is Old

If your home is 10 to 15 years old, it could need upgrades. An electrician can inspect your electrical system to check the overall quality of the wiring. If anything is outdated and can create a fire hazard, they can make the necessary upgrades before this happens.

#10 Outdoor Work

If you plan to install lighting around your garden, patio, or swimming pool, it should not be a DIY project. The same is true if you want to install security lights around your property. The water and humidity outdoors can be dangerous during an electrical installation and should only be handled by a licensed electrician.

Why Choose Tioga Contractors?

If you need to make any repairs in your Euless, TX home, don’t waste your time doing a Google search for “electricians near me.” Instead, schedule an appointment with Tioga Contractors. We are a family-owned and operated business that has been serving plumbing customers since 1953. Over the years, many of our customers have expressed the need for a company they can trust for electrical issues. A few years ago, we created our electrical division. We can handle any electrical issue you have including, installation, repairs, and upgrades.

To schedule an appointment for electrical repairs or any electrical service, give us a call today.

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If you’re looking for an electrician you want to make sure you’re choosing one you can trust and rely on. The electrical professional you choose will be coming into your home, and working on a system that can be very dangerous if it’s not handled correctly. By choosing someone who’s not licensed, for example, you could be putting your home at risk of fire, and your family at risk of harm. Here are some of the most important things you need to know when you’re trying to find the best Irving, TX electrical service for your needs.

What Does an Electrician Look for?

An electrician will look for a number of significant problems and can go through your home’s entire electrical system in an effort to find any issues that need to be corrected. They can usually give you a good idea of how old the home’s wiring is, too, and whether there are concerns that might become problems later on if they aren’t repaired. That’s something to think about since it’s possible that these kinds of issues wouldn’t have been noticed without a professional taking a look.

Even if you ask an electrical company to come to your home for a specific issue, it’s worth asking them for an inspection to see if there are other problems, too. There might be other issues they can quickly fix while they’re there, and if you need more extensive work done that’s something you can talk about with them so you can make a plan to have the repairs completed.

How Do You Know if There’s a Problem?

In most cases, you know there’s a problem when there are issues you can’t explain or that don’t seem right. For example, you might find that the lights in a room are flickering for no reason, or that an outlet you normally use for something only works some of the time. Those aren’t the kinds of things you’d expect from the electrical system in your home, and they aren’t normal, either. An electrician can take a look and tell you why the system is doing that, along with fixing the issue so it stops happening and doesn’t cause you additional risk or concern.

You can also look for other types of problems an electrician might want to look into, such as breakers that trip frequently, or any lights or outlets that make popping, zapping, or crackling sounds. Sparks from any fixture or outlet are also serious concerns. Your home should be a safe and comfortable place for you and your family. You deserve that, and an electrical service can help you get back to having peace of mind in your space. You don’t have to just live with electrical issues. If you think something might be wrong, have a professional take a look at it.

Can You Fix it Yourself?

Fixing electrical problems yourself is generally never a good idea. Electricity can be extremely dangerous, and even deadly when people don’t understand how to work with it properly. An electrician can come to your home and make sure the power system is working the right way. Something as simple as a loose connection could put you, your loved ones, and your property at risk. But you don’t have to try to handle everything on your own. That’s why it’s a good idea to call in the professionals to help.

A lot of people feel like they can watch an online video, follow along, and successfully correct an electrical problem. They might get lucky and have everything work out all right, but why would you want to take that chance? By working with an electrical service you can trust to repair any problems in your home, you can have a safe electrical system and the peace of mind you need to feel comfortable in your space. You won’t have to worry about how things are done in your home, or whether electrical problems could be putting your home and family in danger. Electrical isn’t really a DIY project.

Are Electrical Issues Really Dangerous?

Most electrical issues are dangerous, in that they can cause problems over time. Some are immediately dangerous, such as live wires that are exposed or located where someone can touch them. A lot of electrical problems in your Irving, TX home start out small, though, and become more dangerous over time. For example, a light might be flickering sometimes, or an outlet won’t always work. Those don’t seem like big problems, but they indicate that something isn’t right.

Rather than try to tackle the problem on your own, or just ignore it because it doesn’t seem to be a big deal, it’s very important that you call an electrician to help you. That way you’ll know for sure what’s causing the issue, and you can get it fixed before it becomes a big problem. There are plenty of small issues that are easy to correct, and a knowledgeable electrician can take care of them. But if you let them go on for too long, they can become much more concerning and could even harm you or cause damage to your home. Working with a professional means reducing that risk.

Who Should You Call for Help?

Reaching out to the right electrician in the Irving, TX area matters. Contact us today at Tioga Contractors, and let us help you get the information and support you need for your electrical issues. Sometimes it’s just a small problem, and other times it’s something big. But either way, you need to make sure you’re taking care of the issue the right way. Don’t settle for an unlicensed handyman when it comes to electrical concerns, and don’t make it a DIY project. That could really put you at unnecessary risk. By reaching out to us you can have properly working electrical in your home, along with plenty of peace of mind, as well.

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When it comes to keeping your house safe and protected, having an electrical system you can rely on matters. If there are problems with your Arlington, TX home’s electricity, you’ll want to hire quality electrical contractors to make sure the job is handled the right way. Then you don’t have to worry about the safety of your wiring. It’s always nice to have a feeling of safety and security in your home, and that can be hard to get if you’re worried about your electrical system.

But how do you know if there are electrical problems? When should you reach out to our contractors and ask for help with potential problems? Here are some things to watch out for.

Lights That Flicker or Go Out for No Reason

Your home’s lighting should be steady and stable. Unless there are power surges, such as a lightning storm in the area, your lights shouldn’t be flickering or going out. If you see this happening in your home, especially if it only happens with one light or group of lights, it’s worth calling electrical contractors to take a look at it. It may be something very simple, such as a loose connection, but even a simple problem with electricity can put your home at risk of fire.

If you jiggle the bulb or light and it flickers, that also may indicate a problem. It’s much better to be safe rather than sorry, so having a contractor take a look is the right choice in these kinds of circumstances. Don’t be worried about “bothering” a contractor for something that might not be serious. Electricity isn’t anything to play with, and it can be very dangerous. Getting your Arlington, TX home’s electrical issues fixed quickly is important.

Electrical Outlets That Spark or Don’t Always Work

Your electrical outlets should work, every time and without problems. Sometimes an outlet will make a tiny spark when something is being plugged into it, but that’s not common. If you notice this behavior, or your electrical outlets don’t always work properly, it’s possible they aren’t getting a good connection. There could be a loose wire to the outlet, or a problem with the outlet itself. Either way, it needs to be corrected so it doesn’t put your home at risk.

Any outlet that produces actual sparks, or that only works “when it wants to” is indicating that there’s a problem somewhere in your home’s electrical system. It might be as simple as changing out an outlet or tightening a connection. It could also be something much more significant. The best way to find out is to call electrical contractors who can help make sure your home is safe and the electrical system is working properly.

Breakers That “Trip” Frequently

Your home’s electrical system is designed to protect you from harm. When there’s a problem detected with a circuit, the breaker will “trip” and shut that circuit off. It’s a safety feature to keep the circuit from overloading, which could potentially cause a fire or other harm. Professional contractors know how to address these issues. From finding the source of the problem to adding another circuit to carry the load, this is definitely an issue you want a professional to fix.

Most people occasionally have a breaker trip in their home. They might plug too many things into a power strip, for example, and trip a breaker. It can also happen during a storm, or if there are already a lot of things running on a circuit and someone starts up a vacuum cleaner or other device on that same circuit. But a breaker that frequently trips — or more than one breaker tripping frequently — is definitely something that electrical contractors should be called about. That can help protect your home.

“Popping” or “Zapping” Sounds From any Outlet or Fixture

Another reason you might want to call electrical contractors to come to your home is if you hear any popping or zapping sounds from an outlet or a fixture. Your lights shouldn’t make that noise. Neither should your outlets, or anything you have plugged into them. If you notice those types of sounds in your home, calling a professional to take a look is the right choice. That’s especially true if those noises are accompanied by other problems, such as tripping breakers or flickering lights.

An older electrical system may have more problems than a new one, but that’s no reason to ignore electrical issues. These can be very serious, and the electrical system in your house is designed to run silently. There shouldn’t be noises of any kind coming from it, so it’s important to reach out to electrical contractors if you start hearing noises or seeing problems like flickering lights or any sparks. Another big indicator of a problem is any smoke, or any scorched or blackened areas where electrical fixtures, wires, or outlets are located in your home.

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You need experienced electrical contractors, who understand the Arlington, TX area and the kinds of homes typically found there. That will help them look for issues and concerns, in order to give you the best possible help and reduce any risk you might be having with your home’s wiring. Don’t just hope things will be alright. Hiring electrical contractors to take a look is the right choice. Your home deserves good protection, and you want to make sure you have that so you can feel safe and comfortable there.

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You want an electrical system that can last a lifetime. In order to increase the lifespan of your electrical system, preventive maintenance care is important. Your electrical system handles a load of electrical energy every single day. Electricity is powerful and dangerous. Your electrical system is simply a series of cables, wires, and fixtures that allow you to enjoy electricity. These cables, wires, and fixtures can only handle so much. Over time, these features of your electrical system will become weathered and outdated. By utilizing the services of a preventive maintenance electrician, you can stay on top of old and weathered electrical system components and ensure your system is running efficiently and safely all of the time. If you live in or around the Bedford, TX, area, contact Tioga Contractors for all of your electrical service needs.

When to Contact a Professional Electrician

Understanding the signs of a malfunctioning or weathering electrical system will help you save money on repairs, reduce the number of electrical malfunctions you experience, and ensure your safety. Electrical malfunctions can cause electrical fires, electrical shock, and extensive property damage. If you notice any of the following signs of electrical system decay or failure, contact your local and professional electrical service provider.

Outdated or Old Wiring

If you live in an older home, chances are your electrical system is old as well. If you have yet to have an electrician inspect and maintain it, you should contact one right away. Old and outdated electrical systems can lead to wire fraying and snapping. Wires that are frayed or broken no longer have full control of the electrical current that is flowing through them.

Electrical wiring and cables in your home are designed to carry the electrical energy to the designated outlet or appliance. Any deviation in that path could lead to damage elsewhere. Losing wires can lead to electrical fire and shock if you’re not careful. This is due to the heat electrical energy generates. Frayed wires will leak electrical energy if they are not fully intact.

Other issues with the outdated and old electrical systems include the issue of receiving insurance for your home. Many home insurance companies won’t insure older homes due to their electrical systems. Old electrical systems usually have an amp of 60. The new standard electrical amp for a home is between 100 and 200 amps. This of course differs depending on the square footage of your home. Small modern homes will have 100 and larger homes may have more. New houses aren’t using the old standard of 60 amps, because that doesn’t seem to work well with newer appliances and modern electrical system needs. Trying to use modern appliances in an older home will put a strain on your electrical system if it isn’t updated. Contact a professional electrician for inspection and electrical system updates to ensure your system is efficient, safe, and insurable. This will give you peace of mind, help you live more conveniently, and help you when it comes time to sell.

Burning Walls and Outlets

Before an electrical fire starts, you may get clear indications that an electrical fire is impending if you see burn marks or smell on or around outlets and light switches. Burn marks are an obviously bad sign, however, you may be tempted to let it persist, so you can continue to use your devices. Many homeowners make the mistake of waiting to have this issue repaired and cause more damage in doing so. Do not allow this problem to persist. Burning outlets and light switches can damage your property and cause you harm. If you notice this issue, contact a professional electrician for emergency electrical system repairs.

Reasons your outlets may be burning or getting too hot have to do with the direction of your home’s electrical current. Electricity wants to get to the ground. This is why lightning strikes in the manner that it does. Its goal is to go into the ground. The direction of your electrical circuit must be directed toward the ground. This is why experts say your outlets must be properly grounded. An ungrounded outlet will direct the electrical waste into your electrical system and property. The electrical waste will cause walls and other components of your property to burn. It can also easily lead to an electrical fire or shock.

If you notice burn marks on your walls or outlets do not hesitate to contact an emergency electrician. The faster you act the less damage will occur. If you live in or around the Bedford, TX, area, contact Tioga contactors for urgent electrical services.

Power Surges and Overloaded Circuits

If your electrical system is constantly being overloaded, contact an emergency electrician for urgent service. The same goes for power surges. A power surge may take the form of flickering or dimming in lights. Power surges usually occur when you utilize multiple appliances with a high wattage at one time, regardless of which circuit they are on. An overloaded circuit is when one single circuit becomes overloaded with too much electrical energy. When this occurs in your circuit, breakers are usually triggered, and the entire circuit will be disconnected. Each of these electrical system issues indicates an underlying electrical use or misuse of your home’s electrical system.

Overloaded circuits and power surges do happen; however, they shouldn’t happen often. If it does happen often, it could be the direct result of an outdated electrical system, faulty wiring, or constant overuse of your electrical circuit’s energy. The cause may differ, but the result is always the same. A poorly maintained or neglected electrical system will cause more damage and exhibit more problems than one that is well cared for.

Electrical maintenance is extremely important. It is especially important for older homes as well as electrical systems that are exhibiting signs of failure and decay. If you notice burn marks and smells stemming from your electrical system, contact an emergency electrician as soon as possible and refrain from using that circuit until it can be repaired. Constantly overloading circuits and power surges should be addressed as soon as possible. The faster you make necessary electrical repairs, the safer and more comfortable you’ll be. If you live in or around the area and are in need of an electrician, contact your Tioga Contractors.

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The health and condition of your home’s electrical system are extremely important. Your electrical system can be a wonderful convenience or an old, outdated disaster. According to the National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA), electrical faults and mishaps are the cause of an average of 48,000 homes in the U.S. These fires have led to the deaths of over 400 people and over 1500 injuries. Maintaining a healthy electrical system is extremely important to prevent your home or property from becoming one of those statistics. Proper installation of your electrical system and appliances is also important for preventing electrical disasters. According to NFPA, 30 percent of electrical fires begin with the ignition of a wire or cable insulation. Hire a professional electrician to ensure your electrical wires, appliances, and components are in good condition and are safe for use.

If you live in or around the Irving, TX, area, contact Tioga Contractors for preventive electrical system maintenance and repairs.

Common Electrical System Malfunctioning Signs You Should Always Be on The Lookout For

Your electrical system can malfunction for a number of reasons. When it does, it can lead to problems of varying degrees, like a high energy bill or something more serious like electrical shock and fire. Addressing the signs of a malfunctioning electrical system can help you prevent and reduce the number of electrical malfunctions you experience. If you notice any of the following electrical system malfunction signs, contact your local and professional electrician, right away.

Are Your Circuit Breakers Tripping?

If your circuit breakers trip, that isn’t necessarily a cause for alarm. Circuit breakers are designed to do just that. Circuit breakers are a safety feature installed in each and very professionally installed electrical system. Circuit breakers are a necessary safety measure. Circuit breakers can be tripped automatically or manually. A circuit breaker tripping may be caused by a number of irregularities in your electrical system. The frequency and severity of your circuit breaker trips are what you need to pay attention to. Contact your local electrician if your circuit breaker is acting up more than usual.

Circuit breakers trip when it recognizes an influx or irregularity in voltage. Its automatic tripping feature is there for your safety and to prevent electrical disasters from taking place. Electricity is powerful and hot. It can easily cause an electrical fire or electrical shock. If your electrical circuit breakers are constantly tripping or multiple circuits are tripping at one time, contact a professional. If you live in or around the area, contact Tioga Contractors, for all of your electrical service repair needs.

Is Something Burning?

A healthy electrical system does not smell or look like burning, fire, or smoke. These are all signs of an unhealthy electrical system. If you notice the burn marks or the smell of burning coming from your outlets or light sockets stop using them and contact an emergency electrician right away. This is a clear indication that something isn’t right with your home’s electrical sockets. If you notice this, stop using those outlets immediately. Continuing to use them can and will result in more property damage, and perhaps worse. An urgent repair is required if you want to use your electrical sockets and wiring again.

Outlets and light switches may start to burn for a number of reasons. Your electrical wires that connect that socket may be frayed, improperly installed, old, or broken. The most common reason outlets and light sockets begin to burn are due to it not being grounded. The misdirection of electrical energy will start to heat the surrounding areas. The areas will become so hot that they will begin to burn slowly. The result of this will become apparent when you smell the burning or if you begin to see it around the outlets and on the walls. This means there is extensive damage happening behind your walls, and the longer it is left to persist, the worse it will get. Do not allow this problem to persist, and contact a professional for urgent service as soon as possible. If you live in or around the Irving, TX, area, contact Tioga Contractors for all of your electrical service needs.

Are Your Lights Flickering? Are You Experiencing Frequent Power Surges

Flickering lights may not always be cause for alarm, a power surge may not be either. Flickering lights are quite common in older homes and power surges to happen every so often. However, healthy electrical systems will rarely, if ever experience these issues. Flickering lights and power surges are usually the byproducts of old, worn-out, or poorly maintained systems. If your lights flicker for a millisecond every time you turn on the lights, you should contact a professional, however, there is no reason to make it urgent. If your power surges once every 3 years, this is also no cause for alarm, simply have a professional electrician assess, update, and repair your system at your earliest convenience.

Flickering lights and power surges become an emergency matter when it happens frequently and incessantly. If your light flickers at random intervals or severely, contact a professional emergency electrician. If your power surges when you turn another appliance or surges severely and for a long time, contact an emergency electrician. Power surges and flickering lights may be occurring due to a lack of electrical power, frayed wires, or the use of appliances that require more voltage than your electrical system can handle. Consulting with a professional electrical technician on these matters can prevent further damages and give you an understanding of what your electrical system may need.


Flickering lights, power surges, burning outlets, and constant circuit breaker trips indicate your electrical system is in need of some serious care. The best way to care for our electrical system is to prevent these electrical malfunctions from taking place with preventive maintenance services. Preventive electricals system maintenance should only be carried out by an experienced and local electrician to ensure your electrical system will be brought up to codes and regulations, as well as ensuring the electrical work that’s done on your home is done accurately and safely. If you live in or around the area, and are in need of a professional or emergency electrician, contact the professionals at Tioga Contractors.

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Your electrical system is probably one of the single most powerful resources you have in your home. Electricity powers your lights, electrical appliances, sometimes, even your heat and hot water. If your electrical system were to malfunction or stop working for any reason, it would be difficult to start our days or live normally. Proper electrical system care is imperative for the safety, longevity, and efficiency of your electrical system. Preventive electrical maintenance is an excellent way to keep your electrical system in tip-top shape, expand its lifespan, and prevent electrical disasters and malfunctions from occurring. If you live in the area, and are in need of a professional and licensed electrician, contact Tioga Contractors for all of your electrical service needs.

Signs Your Electrical System Could Use Some TLC

It Hasn’t Been Serviced for A While

If you have moved into your home a while ago and have yet to have your electrical system inspected or maintained, that is reason enough to contact your professional, local electrician. Electrical systems are delicate and natural wear and tear are bound to cause electrical malfunctions within your system. If you have never had your electrical system inspected or maintained, these small wear and tear can turn into serious electrical malfunctions in the future. This is because your average homeowner is not skilled in the art of configuring, repairing, and maintaining electrical systems. If you don’t see anything happening, you may simply assume everything is fine, when in all actually your electrical system is falling apart.

The recommended preventive maintenance check intervals for your electrical system are at least once a year. Maintaining your electrical systems will help keep your electrical system intact, running efficiently, and safely. If you have yet to schedule a preventive maintenance electrician, do so as soon as possible. If you live in or around the Bedford, TX, area, contact Tioga Contractors for urgent assistance.

Old Outdated Electrical Systems

If your electrical system is old or worn out, this could prove to be a serious issue. If your electrical system is old and worn out, you should have a professional electrician maintain your systems twice a year. There are so many malfunctions that occur if your electrical system is old and the wires have been worn out. Everything has a lifespan. If your electrical system has reached the end of that lifespan, you will experience a series of complications.

Old and outdated electrical systems are a problem due to the lack of safety security and level of energy waste. If your electrical system is worn out, it can easily cause electrical fires or electrical shock to occur. This is because frayed wires and worn-out materials will not be able to function as well as they did when it was brand new and completely intact. Wires will become frayed over time because of the constant flow of electrical power being funneled through the circuits. If a wire is frayed it can no longer contain the full extent of the electrical current flowing through it. This can cause loads of electrical power to be released inside of the electrical system. Uncontained electrical power can lead to electrical shock and fire. To prevent these electrical disasters from occurring, contact your licensed, local electrician for upgrades and updates.

Older electrical systems may prove to be a problem when it comes to reselling or insuring a property. Many homeowners insurance providers refuse to insure a home with poor electrical amp service. An electrical amp is short for ampere -which is a unit of electrical current or a measurement of electricity. Older homes typically have an amp of 60, whereas modern homes have an amp of 100 or higher. This is important because modern electrical appliances require more power to operate. Having a low amp amount could interfere with the home buyer’s ability to use electrical appliances and compromise the safety and integrity of your system when trying to use modern appliances in an old electrical system. If you plan on selling your home in the future or insuring it, you will need to have a professional update and upgrade your system to be compliant with modern electrical system requirements.

Flickering Lights

If the lights in your home flicker you should contact a professional electrician to fix it. Flickering lights may not seem like a huge deal; however, flickering lights could indicate the presence of a larger issue. If your lights flicker it could just be an indication your electrical system is old. Although, that may not seem like a cause for alarm, having an old or worn-out electrical system is dangerous. Contact an electrician to inspect your system and offer solutions to this common occurrence.

Lights that flicker for a few seconds as you turn on the lights is common, and can be fixed fairly easily. If the flickering light only happens in one room, your professional only needs to fix and update that particular circuit, however, if the lights flicker throughout the entire home, something could be happening to all of your circuits. There are many things that can occur within your electrical system that could cause your entire property’s electrical grid to be compromised. If all of your lights are flickering, contact an emergency electrician right away.

Flickering lights may also occur when you are using too many appliances at once. This could also be a byproduct of an old or outdated electrical system. If you are trying to use multiple high voltage appliances at once, it could overload your system and prevent the electricity from fully powering other appliances at once.

Urgent repairs in situations like this could prevent electrical disasters from occurring, and prevent any more damage from taking place. Hiring a professional electrician to inspect and repair the electrical issues will ensure you get to the root of the problem so that you never have to or seldom have to experience that problem again. If you are in need of a professional, in the Bedford, TX, area, contact Tioga Contractors for all of your electrical service and maintenance needs.