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The lighting options that adequately illuminate and beautify a home are numerous in the lighting fixtures market. Getting an electrical service professional is vital to help you select the best fixtures in terms of design, style, and features. They also guide in choosing energy-efficient luminaires that are ENERGY-STAR-qualified.

The architectural, decorative, and valence lighting are some of the lights that can blend with your interior decor and set a beautiful tone in your rooms. Your choice should be according to the lighting needs and design elements.

Another factor to consider when buying lights is the purpose of the rooms you intend to illuminate. There are versatile lighting fixtures in Hurst, TX, that an electrical service can install in your home, including:

Dimmable Lighting

To top the list of lighting fixtures are dimmable lights because they help you control the amount of light for comfort in your rooms. The lighting fixtures create an ambiance in your space and are the best for mothers with young kids.

They do not disrupt children’s sleep when you wake on time. For best performance, you should get a certified or qualified electrician from an electric company for the correct installation of the lighting fixtures.

Task Lights

Some of the lights you can choose for installation by an electrical service expert include task lighting that helps you focus on your work without straining your eyes.

It is the best for your home office space because of the smaller and much more concentrated light it provides. The hired electrician can set it up close to your sewing machine, desk, or in a working space for the brightens. The task lighting fixtures have better performance if the ambient light in the room is soft.


It is one of the most attractive lighting fixtures giving your home an aesthetic look. Chandeliers are best for the dining or living room areas because of their beautiful features. Apart from providing enough illumination in your home, it can be a masterpiece in your space when it blends well with the interior decor and fits in your house.

The breathtaking lights come in versatile sizes, styles, and materials that offer the best visual interest. A licensed and experienced electrical service professional can help you choose the best that fits your lighting needs and preference while factoring in the size of the room to install it.

Accent Lighting

Another popular lighting fixture you can have for illuminating your home and aesthetic purposes is accent lights. It is essential to attract attention to specific architectural details, pieces of art, or areas in your room.

The accent lighting fixtures also create glares in other parts of the room, making your concentration on the illuminated parts only. The shadows they create in a room make them the best for outdoor and indoor illumination.

An electrician can install it in a way that illuminates parts of your house that you are proud of, such as the garden of your beautiful landscaped yard.

Recessed Lighting

Another type of fixture is the recessed lights that send narrow and ambient bands of light to one direction in your rooms. A qualified electrical service provider from a reliable company installs the lighting fixtures at least 6 inches above the ceiling.

The professional insulates the light to ensure condensation does not enter way inside the lights for safety. The ambient and accent lighting are among the best options that add beauty to your house.


Additionally, homeowners can also get floodlights suitable for the bathrooms. They include the Bathroom Vanity Lights that provide sufficient light in your bathroom to help you see what you are doing.

An electrical service technician in Hurst, TX, can install the vanity lights in any part of the bathroom, including on top of the bathroom mirror, to provide better lighting.

Aspects to consider when selecting the vanity lights include the size of your bathroom and mirror so that you don’t get too small or large lights that will make your bathroom look strange.

The floodlights should be an appropriate size that blends well with the mirror and the bathroom size and color for that aesthetic look that fits your style.

Pendant Lighting

Folks also choose the pendant lights because they are attractive and add more light to a home. They work best with ambient lighting and can light your kitchen or living room space. The pendant lights are the best option if you want ornate fixtures that will beautifully illuminate your rooms, adding to their curb appeal.

An experienced and highly creative electrical service provider can creatively install them in a row for maximum light or choose one large pendant with multiple bulbs for the most attractive look that will wow your visitors. If the space you want to light is large, numerous pendant lighting fixtures should illuminate your entire room without shadows or glares.

Vintage Lighting

Another way to make your home aesthetic with lighting fixtures is to get vintage lights. It works best for homeowners with rustic or cabin interior decor themes because it blends well with them.

The vintage lighting system requires the skills and expertise of an electrical service technician to ensure the wiring is safe and up-to-date to prevent electrical hazards in your home.

Under-cabinet Lighting

Kitchens also require enough light to make food preparation easy without possible knife accidents. For that reason, you can opt for the under-cabinet lights that provide ample light that helps in the accurate reading of recipes and ensure you see what you are doing.

You can rarely rely on the ceiling ambient lighting with the correct installation. Apart from making the food preparation easy with adequate lighting of the countertops, it also gives your kitchen an aesthetic look.

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Lighting fixtures are a vital part of the electrical system in a home. They provide the light that illuminates your working space or house to help you see whatever you are doing and move easily at night.

Choosing the right fixtures requires a professional; thus, the need to reach out to Tioga Contractors in Hurst, TX. Our electrical service company has the best electricians offering quality, competent, experienced, and creative services, including installation, consultation, and repairs.

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Faulty wiring can lead to electrical fires, so you need to hire an electrical service in Bedford, TX, to fix it as soon as you notice the electrical issues. But that’s not the only reason for hiring an electrician. At first glance, the electrical wiring might seem like a cut-and-dry issue: the lights are either on or they aren’t.

In reality, though, the electrical service network that powers your home is vast and complex. A poorly designed circuit may send the wrong amperage to electronics and appliances, damaging them. A partially overloaded circuit may result in several electrical problems.

The lights may flicker when you use an appliance, or the circuit may shut down entirely if the fuse blows or the circuit breaker trips. You can avoid these and other electrical problems by hiring an experienced electrician.

Finding and Hiring an Experienced Electrician

Electricians often specialize in a certain aspect of electrical services. Some specialize in commercial projects; some focus on new construction. Others may exclusively handle service calls to repair faulty fixtures or dead outlets.

Those who concentrate on remodeling projects have mastered techniques for wiring an existing home, including snaking wires through existing walls, inspecting existing circuits, and figuring out whether the installation of an additional service panel is necessary to handle higher power demands.

General electrical service contractors typically have a team of reliable electricians. They may also belong to a home builders’ association that enables the contractor to access reliable material suppliers and several other benefits that enable the general contractor to provide excellent electrical repair and maintenance services.

Once the general contractor identifies the problem, they send over an electrician with the appropriate skills and experience to provide a lasting solution. Hire only licensed and insured electricians. Additionally, ask for references for previous clients or a portfolio of a previous job to get a sense of what to expect.

Qualifications for Home Electricians

Finding a qualified electrician is relatively easy because you can safely conclude that they’re at least competent if they have a Bedford, TX, electrical service license. Keep in mind, though, that there are at least two types of qualifications for electricians.

The first, a master electrician, is required to successfully complete two standardized tests and gain at least two years of experience. Master electricians fully understand the National Electric Code and know all the modifications that the state of Texas has made to it. For that reason, these electricians are qualified to design, plan, install and maintain an electrical wiring system.

The second type, the journeyman electrician, does not have all the qualifications of the master’s license. Nonetheless, a journeyman electrician has a Bedford, TX, license. In some states, they are required to work alongside a master electrician. By law, journeyman electricians cannot design and install wiring.

Judging the Quality of an Electrician’s Work

One way to judge the quality of electrical services is by the neatness of their work. Neater electrical service work is usually safer. For most residential wiring, several wires and cables run together near the service panel. Among the cables is the Romex, a flat, white cable with plastic sheathing. An experienced electrician will run these wires and cables in a neat, orderly way.

In contrast, jumbled or crossed cables that droop from joist to joist are indicative of an electrician who is neither methodical nor safety conscious. This is by no means nitpicking. It’s a lot easier to match circuit breakers and cables correctly when they merge systematically at the service panel.

Professional electricians also ensure that the cover plates on outlets and switches in living areas lie flat against the wall and sit plumb and square. To do so, the electrician sets the utility box (located behind the wall) at a proper distance and squares it up against the studs. In short, you want to hire an electrician who is meticulous about this work.

Working with an Electrician

For sizable remodeling projects, such as whole-house renovations and additions, general electrical service contractors from the plans of an architect or designer. The plans show the locations of switches and outlets and label different types of fixtures (e.g., incandescent, fluorescent). The architect or designer usually draws the plans long before you decide which light fixtures to use.

It’s a good idea to clue in your electrician on your choices. You can avoid any confusion by finding out when your electrician needs the fixtures and shopping around for them without actually buying them at first. Create a list of your preferred fixtures — including the names of the fixtures’ manufacturer, model, and vendor — and share it with the electrician for them to purchase the items.

You may not make any savings on the purchases if you have the electrician buy the fixtures for you because they’ll add a markup. However, the professional discount that electricians often receive will offset the cost, so you’ll end up paying roughly the same for the fixtures. The benefit of having the electrician buy the fixtures is that they assume responsibility for missing parts, defective products, breakage, and warranty issues.

Doing so also saves you from hassles such as having to pay a journeyman for a store run to purchase a missing screw. Furthermore, an electrician is more qualified than you to assess the quality of items on your list and steer clear of the low-quality ones. When it comes to electrical items, low quality usually translates to a safety hazard.

As for budgeting for fixtures, consider working with a lighting allowance in which you set an upper limit for the amount you intend to spend on lighting. If you exceed this amount, your electrical contractor will bill you for the overage (i.e., the extra amount you spent). If you stay under the limit, the contractor credits the balance back to you.

Electrical Repairs and Maintenance with Tioga Contractors

The condition of your home’s electrical system has a direct impact on your comfort and safety. So you want to be sure it’s always in good condition. Whether you need electrical repairs, maintenance or an electrical service contractor for a remodeling project, hiring a licensed, insured electrician with extensive experience ensures you have a safe, efficient system. Call Tioga Contractors today to schedule an appointment.

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Your home is incredibly valuable to you and all of your possessions are inside of your home. You want to have your home as protected as possible. Some people opt to have high walls and fences with electricity running through them. Others opt for cameras and some opt for security lights. There are various types of security lights to choose from and it is best to consult with a professional about which ones would be the best to have installed and where. Once you have the security lights installed, you also need a reliable electrical service provider to carry out electrical services to make sure that the lights are always functioning correctly. Tioga Contractors in Hurst, TX would like to tell you more about the common security light issues that you might face if your lights are not working correctly. If you notice say of these signs then it is best to call an electrical service provider to assist you with the matter.

Flickering Lights

There is nothing more annoying than having lights flicker on and off. This will wear down the light bulb and you will have to replace it sooner. Flickering lights are also a symptom of a large problem where there are problems with the wire. You could see if replacing the bulb yourself would fix the problem but if the bulb is high up on your roof then it would be best to hire an electrical service provider. They will have the right equipment to get to the high places safely so you do not have to worry about slipping and falling. If there is a problem with the wiring then the service provider will fix it for you and you will not have to face the risk of being electrocuted. They will also know the best way to repair or replace your security lights so that the problems do not occur as frequently.

Lights Don’t Come On

Another problem that you might face when you have security lights is that the lights do not come on when they are set to or when you switch them on. The timer might be out or broken. The motion sensor could be dirty or damaged so it doesn’t pick up any of the movement. If you have recently experienced a severe thunderstorm then the lightning could have damaged the components in your security lights. It is best to hire an electrical service provider to repair them so that your home can be safe once again. It is best to leave these problems to professionals because they know what to look for and they have the correct tools to repair your lights properly. It will also save you a lot of trouble, trying to figure out what is wrong with your lights and how to repair them.

Lights That Are Always On

If you have motion detection security lights then there could be a few problems that are causing your lights to always be on. The first reason is that the sensitivity setting is high. If the sensitivity setting is too high then it will pick up the slightest movement that will cause the lights to turn on. This can be triggered by a leaf or a bird flying past. The second problem with motion detection lights is that the light is stuck on the auto-on mode. This mode allows the light to be on at all times during the day even when the sun is shining. You should consult with your electrical service provider on how you can turn it off or you could ask them to do it for you if it is too complicated. The third problem that your motion detection lights could suffer from is that the light is on the long-duration mode. It is common for the motion sensor lights to turn on for a minute or two when something triggers it. You could be tempted to increase the duration of how long the light stays on. This will cause the light to never turn off because it is always being triggered. You could change the setting yourself. It is imperative that you make sure that the settings on the motion detection lights are desirable. If the lights stay on for too long then you could have an extremely high electric bill at the end of the month. The lights could also be affecting your ability to sleep at night if they are constantly on.

No Power

If all the appliances and lights are on inside your house but the outdoor security lights are not working then you should call an electrical service provider. The lightning could have struck the lights which rendered them useless or there could be a problem with the wiring. Before you call an electrical service provider, you can check the bulbs but if they are too high up then it is best to hire a professional to assist you. You should not attempt to repair the security lights yourself as they are usually situated in high places which are dangerous. It is always best to leave electrical repairs to the professionals.

Now that you know which signs to look out for that indicate that your security lights are not in the best condition, you can make informed decisions about when it is necessary to hire a professional and when you can attempt the repairs yourself, If you live in Hurst, TX then you might want to consider Tioga Contractors. They provide a wide range of electrical services as well as plumbing services. Their highly qualified professionals will be able to assist you quickly and efficiently.

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Electrical emergencies can become a catastrophic issue if not addressed immediately. Annually, electricity is responsible for more than 51,000 fires, resulting in $1.3 billion in property damages, 1,400 injuries, and nearly 500 deaths. Electrical hazards are estimated to lead to economic losses worth over $4 billion every year.

According to the National Fire Protection Association, between 2012 and 21016, electrical malfunctions were the second common cause of fires accounting for 13% of home fires after fires caused by unattended equipment. Electrical distribution and lighting equipment take third place with 10% of home-based fires.

In the wake of these statistics, it would be best to call an electrical service provider if you are experiencing an electrical emergency. This post looks at other additional options available for residents of Hurst, TX when it comes to electrical emergencies.

Types of Electrical Emergency

A typical electrical service provider is accustomed to dealing with; electrical shocks, electrical fire, power outages, and fallen power lines. Each has specific guidelines for dealing with the issue. For instance, how you approach a plumbing and electricity emergency is not the same as how you would deal with fallen power lines.

Power Outage

Also known as a blackout or power failure, it is the most common type of electrical emergency. Power outages can be caused by many reasons such as a storm, fallen power line, shortage of energy, among other factors. Apart from being highly irritating, blackouts can also be very dangerous. If there is a power outage, here is how you should deal with the situation.

  • Turn off the main source: Start by turning off the main power to any appliances that receive power through the circuit breaker. Ensure that you also turn off the branches before the main circuit breaker to ensure that all devices are protected when you turn off the power.
  • Check the source: Inspect the electrical system to confirm if any tripped circuit breakers often trip when an outlet is overloaded. Check if there is an outlet or extension with too many appliances plugged in.
  • Look for damaged wiring or breaker: You can check for wiring wear and tear if the blackout is not due to a tripped circuit breaker. However, if that is not the case, it could be due to voltage fluctuations or complications with the circuit breaker itself. To be sure, you should call the local Hurst, TX electrical service provider to inspect the system and reset the circuit breaker.
  • Call your power supplier: Once you are confident that the problem is from the distributor’s end and not your home, give them a call to check if they are addressing the issue. Sometimes, the power outage can last for several hours, so you need to be prepared just in case.
  • Reset safely: After the power outage issue has been addressed and power has resumed, you need to wait for a short while before turning on your home appliances because the energy changes can damage them. You can start by turning on the breaker first. You can also have an electrical service provider contact on hold to help you reset the power supply.

Electrical Fire

They usually happen due to overloading, exposed or faulty wiring, or when flammable items are placed near a source of electricity. In case you experience an electrical fire in your home, you should first cut the power supply from the primary source if possible. This can stop the fire before it causes any damage and reduces the risk of electric shock when putting out the fire. While an electrical service provider can help shut down power, there is not much they can do. Here are some other steps you can take to deal with an electrical fire.

  • Use a fire extinguisher: For electrical fires, you should only use a fire extinguisher rated Class C. Once the power supply is cut, you can now use a water-based Class A fire extinguisher. Point the fire extinguisher at the source and spray until the fire is completely put out.
  • Call the fire brigade: Even if you manage to put out the fire, make sure you call the fire brigade in the event of an electrical fire. Some objects can still catch fire, especially if you cannot cut the power from the main supply source.
  • Leave the premises: If the fire seems uncontainable, it would be safe if you evacuated the site as soon as you could and contacted the local authorities. If your clothes have caught fire, stop, drop and roll to stop its spread. Remember to stay close to the ground and avoid exhaling the smoke.

Electrical Shocks

An electric shock is an electrical impact on the body due to direct contact with a high-voltage source. It usually happens when wires are frayed, unchecked outlets, or damaged cords expose the voltage to human contact. If you are not the one being electrocuted, like every other electrical emergency, ensure you turn off the power supply before trying anything else or use an insulated item like a PVC pipe or wooden rod.

  • Don’t touch the electrocuted person: Avoid touching the person in direct contact with the electricity because the human body is made of water. The electric shock will travel through their body to yours.
  • Call the local emergency services: Electric shocks are life-threatening, which is why you should call 911 in case there has been such an electrical emergency. If you are trained in CPR or first aid, you can administer it to the affected person, and if you have no prior training, the 911 operator will guide you through until responders arrive.

Fallen Power Lines

Fallen power lines pose a greater risk to life and property, and it would be best if you let professionals handle the situation. If you are close to a fallen power line, follow these three steps to maintain safety.

  • Stay at least 40 feet away: The fallen power line could still be live even if there are no sparks, sounds, or lights. Stay at least 40 feet away from the fallen power line to avoid being in a dangerous position.
  • Don’t touch anything in contact with the fallen line: You should also check if there are any fallen limbs, metal fences, vehicles, or puddles that could act as conductive materials posing an electrical hazard.
  • Contact the Local Authorities: If you come across a fallen power line, you should notify the local authorities or power distributor immediately so they can address the issue safely. But if it has fallen near your home, you can also contact the local electrical service provider who can arrive before the power distributor to help you out.

Expert Electrical Service Providers

At Tioga Contractors, we offer electrical services that deal with all kinds of electrical emergencies for residential, commercial, and industrial properties. Our skilled electrical service techs are proficient at electrical wiring, installing TV and phone jacks, installing lighting and ceiling fans, replacing or installing electrical switches and outlets, and repairing A/C and heating circuits. Our electrical service technicians are highly trained and offer unrivaled customer care. Contact us today if you are looking for an electrical service provider within Hurst, TX, for any electricity-related emergencies.

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If you own a house there are a number of things that you already know you need to keep an eye on. You already know that you need to make sure your house is always running smoothly. But what types of things should you really be looking at? Well, the way all of your appliances work is one of them. And definitely the way things like your furnace, air conditioning, water, and electrical work as well. So let’s take a look at how you can make sure everything is working the way it should when it comes to your electrical.

What Do You Hear?

You shouldn’t hear anything when your electrical system is running. Buzzing, popping, humming, and any other sounds are not signs that things are working properly. They’re actually signs that there’s something wrong with your electrical and you definitely need to get it looked at by a professional. If you can hear anything at all while you’re using a particular outlet or when you plug something in you should absolutely take a closer look at what’s happening and call a Bedford, TX electrical service professional to get it fixed.

What Do You See?

If you see sparks coming from your electrical outlets or any of your appliances this is another sign that something is wrong. Sometimes you might see a small spark when you try to plug something in. While this isn’t good, it is something that you can mention to an electrical service provider but not get too concerned about. If you notice sparks every time you try to plug something in or if sparks are coming from your outlets after something is already plugged in that means there’s an even bigger problem.

What Do You Smell?

Smell is a very big one when it comes to your electrical because you should absolutely never smell your electrical. If you smell something burning or something hot then it means there’s a very serious problem. You need to call an emergency electrical service provider immediately and get your family out of the house. You don’t want to risk being home when there’s an electrical fire and you definitely don’t want anyone to get too close to anything that smells like it’s overheating. Talk to a professional immediately about what you smell and where so they can take a look.

What Do You Feel?

When you plug something into an outlet or if you turn on or off a switch do you feel anything? You shouldn’t. If you get an electric shock every time you touch one of your outlets or anything electrical in your house it means there’s something wrong. You may have too much static in the house in general and not enough humidity, but you may have something wrong with your electrical system, which is one reason to get it looked at very carefully by an electrical service professional.

Another thing you should pay attention to when it comes to feeling is heat. Do the outlets or any of your appliances feel hot after they’ve been running? They shouldn’t. You should be able to use any of the outlets in your house without having to worry about them overheating. If they do seem to be overheating it’s a good idea to talk with an electrical service professional to find out what you should do. They should be able to take a look and find out more about the different options for your system and why this might be happening.

Other Things to Watch For

If you notice that you keep tripping breakers when you’re trying to use different appliances or different outlets it’s something to talk with a professional about. You want to be sure that your home runs smoothly and tripping breakers is definitely not helping with that. It means that something is overloaded in your system and if you’re overloading the system it could result in a fire. That’s why it’s important to make sure that you get it looked at quickly before it could turn into something more serious or cause a fire.

Finally, make sure that you’re paying attention to anything out of the ordinary. If you notice that something just doesn’t seem right or doesn’t seem the way that it normally is then that’s a good reason to call a professional for electrical service. You don’t want to ignore something that later turns out to be extremely serious. You want to get it looked at right away to find out what’s going on and whether or not you can get it taken care of. A professional will be able to tell you whether or not it’s something serious that you need to repair.

Keep in mind that electricity is one of the most important things to keep an eye on with your home. If you’re not paying attention to your electrical it’s extremely easy for something to go wrong. While plumbing and heating in your home are serious too, your electricity can easily cause a hazard that’s fatal for your family. Never underestimate the power behind an electrical outlet or an electrical emergency and never let your electrical situation continue to get worse without talking to an electrical service provider.

When you’re ready to get any type of electrical service taken care of in your home make sure you call Tioga Contractors in Bedford, TX. We can help you figure out what’s going on with your electrical system and we can get it taken care of quickly. Not only that but we can make sure that you are ready to go again in no time. You want to be able to use your electrical system in your home and we don’t blame you. But make sure you’re giving us a call if you suspect that anything might not be working. That way, you don’t have to worry about the dangers of an electrical service emergency or what it could do to your family if you’re not careful along the way.

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As someone who owns a home in Bedford, TX, you know the importance of a good electrical service provider. When something’s not right with the electrical system in the home, you can call the professional and get the assistance you deserve. It’s something that you can easily have taken care of by a knowledgeable and skilled expert who has spent years learning all there is to know about electricity and electrical systems.

Considering you’ve never needed to hire electrical service providers before, it’s understandable that you don’t know what to do upfront. After reading this short guide, you’ll have a much better idea of what takes place during a visit. You’ll also know what the best electricians do to secure your future business. When you feel great about your interaction with a company, you’re the first to want to tell other people all about it.

Outstanding Electricians Do Things Differently

The best electricians are ones that take your needs into account from the moment you inquire about their services. They give you their undivided attention when you speak to them and get more information about their services. When you reach out to them with a request for an appointment, they go out of their way to ensure it’s at a time and date that works well for you. That way, you’re never without a safe and reliable electrician at any point and time.

Here is how to locate good electrical service providers in Bedford, TX:

  • Ask someone that you know who has recently had electrical service done on their home for a recommendation. Getting to know companies through the eyes of your family, friends, co-workers, and neighbors has its advantages. It provides you with a personal account of how the electrician performed the service. You can ask questions of someone you know well that you wouldn’t feel comfortable asking electrical providers. You feel great knowing that you’re getting help from a company that comes highly recommended by your inner circle.
  • Search the web to see who’s available to assist you with your electrical issue. Get to know the companies in the area that offer electrical service. You can find them by doing a quick web search using your favorite browser. The benefit of searching online is that you can instantly go from the listing to a company’s website. If you’re trying to find out more information about the electrician, you can without jumping through hoops. Instead, you can take a few minutes, click through a few links, and have the info that you need to hire a company to assist you.
  • Inquire about emergency services with a company you found in the phone book. If a company offers assistance during trying times, it’s one that you can use in the future. All you need to do is inquire about emergency services to see if they’re available for you to take advantage of that day. If they are, you’ll have an electrical service provider at your disposal when something goes wrong. It makes life much easier having an electrician lined up for those just-in-case moments. You can call the professional without hesitation and get your problem taken care of in a very efficient way.
  • Remember the name of a company advertised on TV, radio, or billboard you pass. It’s yet another way to locate good electrical service providers in the area. You’ll find that many companies choose to advertise their services through various means. If you interact with any of the advertisements, you can call the company placing the ad for more information. It helps you differentiate between companies that want your business and companies that don’t. You can make sure to give your business to a company that cares about you and your home.
  • Read reviews about companies you’re interested in getting to know better to see if you can find out what you can. Companies are always trying to impress their customers in one way or another. You can find out the truth about an electrician by visiting their website and learning more about the different services they provide and how well they do their job. It’s an ideal way to learn about a company that you have never heard of before and don’t have anyone to refer you to that day. A review gives you intimate details about an interaction with an electrician, so you know to work with them.

Bedford, TX, provides homeowners with electricians to choose from that make their roles easier. Keeping up with all the systems in a home and not having the knowledge to fix things independently makes them need an electrical service provider year-round. If you haven’t found a company to give your business to yet, now is the time to do so. You’ll benefit from the knowledge and skills a professional electrician provides.

The best companies in the area make your electrical problem go away quickly. They take the time to thoroughly inspect your home to make sure it’s safe before leaving. When there is more than one solution to choose from, they give you options that meet your needs.

Get the Help That You Need from a Skilled Electrician Today

Tioga Contractors takes care of your needs so that you can breathe a sigh of relief. Whenever you need help with electrical services, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We’re committed to making your life as easy as possible for you. Our phone number is 469-789-1293. We can’t wait to hear from you and get your electrical issue resolved right away.

We’re committed to making things as satisfying as possible for you. We want to be the type of company you count on day and night for all your electrical needs. If you’re in a place where you need assistance, don’t hesitate to give one of our customer service reps a call. We want to make you feel like the valued customer you are to us when you place your first phone call to us.

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Apart from protecting your home against intruders, security lights also boost the appeal of your home through the night. Depending on your needs and preferences, you can install many types of security lights on your property. Motion detection lights can work well if you don’t need security lights throughout the night hours.

This can help you save some money for energy bills considering in 2020, the total amount of electricity consumed by residential properties amounted to about 62 billion kWh.

This can help you save some money for energy bills considering in 2020, the total amount of electricity consumed by residential properties amounted to about 62 billion kWh.

These statistics indicate the need for homeowners to invest in energy-saving lighting fixtures, including security lights. If you are an energy conservation enthusiast, you can consult with the company offering electrical services to get the ideal fixtures for your home.

Just like other electrical fixtures and fittings, security lights are prone to damage. If you have a defective security lighting system in your home, it’s best to seek immediate electrical services. If you don’t, you’ll be exposing your valuable property and family to insecurity. You can read on to get some ideas about some security light problems that warrant a check-up by a trustworthy electrician in Hurst, TX.

The Lights Stay On All Night and Day

This problem is usually common with motion detection security lights. Several reasons make your sensor lights stay on. Some of these include:

  • High Sensitivity Settings
    When you set your lights to a high sensing rate, it can sense the slightest triggers, such as a speck of dust that settles on the sensor or a leaf being carried by blowing wind.
  • Stuck in the Auto On Mode
    Multiple motion sensor lighting fixtures feature an auto-setting mechanism that makes them light up the surroundings all the time, even in the scorching sun! If you have such lights in your home, you may trigger the auto setting accidentally at times.
    Operation problems can also be a reason that your lights are on 24/7. If you aren’t sure what the issue is, visit your electrical service company and get an electrician to help you fix the mess before your energy bills start shooting.
  • Long Duration Settings
    Most motion detection lights are designed to stay up to about one minute after a trigger. However, you can be tempted to change the settings to make the lights stay on for more extended periods. If the duration settings you have made are long, for instance, one hour, you’ll notice your motion sensor light will stay on forever. Ask your trusted electrical services provider regarding the suitable duration to eliminate the problem of security lights staying on all the time.
    Although you may fix settings issues by yourself, you’ll probably need help from an electrician to troubleshoot some problems, including electrical failure, lightning, and power surges, that make your security lights stay on.

Flickering Lights

Apart from affecting lighting fixtures inside your house, flickering problems can also appear in your security lights. The solution for such faults depends on if the flickering happens in one or several bulbs. If a single bulb is flickering, your emergency services provider will climb up and check if the bulb is tightly fixed in the fixture.

Trying to do this yourself is insecure since you could slip and fall, resulting in bad injuries and expensive medical bills. The specialist you get from your electrical service company will use the correct tools to fix the issue safely without injuring anyone or damaging a structure.

If the bulbs are fixed appropriately, the expert will replace them with new ones. If the problem isn’t solved, your electrician should offer electrical box inspection services to identify damaged wires or loose connections and fix them. This should fix the flickering.

Lights Don’t Come On

This is another malfunction that happens in security lights with sensors. It may occur if another security light is turned on and is in the motion sensor’s vicinity. Solutions to this problem could be covering a section of the sensor with black tape or reinstalling the light in a position that isn’t affected by lighting from other security light fixtures.

Once again, trying to pull these moves yourself can be dangerous and harmful. Additionally, you may mess up with the installations, increasing your repair expenses. The easiest way to do the job is to look for a credible electrical service company in Hurst, TX, to offer the service the correct way.

No Power

Any electrical appliance, fixture, or fitting needs the power to operate. If security lights aren’t lighting up, there could be a power problem. Your provider of electrical services can confirm the problem by simply replacing the bulb with another. Ensure the bulbs you get this time are of top quality to prevent making frequent replacements in the future.

Some of the ideal bulbs include halogen or LED ones. After confirming the bulbs are okay, your electrical service company should test the fixture socket using a multimeter. The expert will turn off the circuit breaker that links with the security lights to conduct advanced tests. Afterward, open the electrical box to examine the connectors to ensure all wires connected to each connector aren’t loose.

Keep Security In Your Home Tight With Us!

Tioga Contractors – Hurst, TX, understands the importance of having a proper security system in your valuable home. Our professionals are well-trained and use the appropriate electrical service equipment to troubleshoot any electrical issues in security lighting fixtures. We can also guide you through the installation process, from selecting the ideal lighting fixtures to installing them.

Don’t jeopardize the security of your home by delaying to act promptly when your lighting fixtures become faulty. All you need to do is call us, and our professionals will attend to your needs quickly. We also provide appliance hookup, electrical wiring, code correction, electrical remodeling, and ceiling fan installation services.

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Your electrical system consists of various components, appliances, and a bunch of wiring. Anything can go wrong with any of these parts which can make your electrical system a hazard or nonfunctional. People are often tempted to conduct certain electrical repairs themselves. Some are easy to do and others are best left up to the professionals. Electricity is dangerous as it can cause electrocution or an electrical fire can start. Tioga Contractors in Hurst, TX would like to tell you more about the electrical services that should be done by a professional instead of being attempted by a homeowner.

1. Light Repairs

Light fixtures contribute to the aesthetic of your home as well as allow you to control the intensity of the light. The light fixture can also influence the atmosphere of the room so you could choose if warm light or cool light would be the best for you. If your light fitting is not in optimal condition then you should hire an electrical service provider to install a new light fixture for you. The wiring could be faulty and you could run into the risk of being shocked or electrocuted when the wires are exposed. The electrician will also be able to repair the light fitting and they will do it safely. Electrical service providers know which steps to follow to ensure that they stay safe. It will also take them less time and effort to replace the light fitting for you. If you just want to replace a light bulb then you do not have to contact an electrical service provider. Remember to switch off the light before you remove the old light bulb. You should make sure the light bulb is properly secured before you switch the light back on.

2. Electrical Outlet Replacement or Installation

The next thing that you should rather leave up to electrical service providers is the installation to repair of an electrical outlet. There are many resources out there that provide step-by-step guides on how to install an electrical outlet. It might seem like a simple task but if this simple task is not carried out correctly then it could lead to serious problems. Appliances need to be plugged into these outlets and if the outlet is not wired correctly then it could short circuit and blow out the circuits in the appliance. This means that you could have to replace the appliance as well as get an electrician in to repair the outlet. Faulty outlets can also overheat or create sparks which could lead to an electrical fire. That is why it is best to hire a professional from the start so that you know the installation will be done properly the first time. Tioga Contractors in Hurst, TX have electricians that will happily replace or install electrical outlets.

3. Ceiling Fan Installation

Ceiling fans are quite difficult to install as they have to be connected to the electrical system and they have to be mounted securely so that they do not fly off the ceiling. You could watch a few videos on the internet but that will not prepare you if something goes wrong during the installation. It is best to hire an electrical service provider to install the ceiling fan for you. They will be able to do it properly and they will also not take as long as you. Ceiling fans can also make a lot of notice if the bearings and screws are not secured properly. This can be a massive inconvenience when you are trying to sleep at night. The electrical service provider will also have access to ceiling fan suppliers that are able to give you the best prices on various different ceiling fans. There are many benefits to having the ceiling fan installed by a professional.

4. Any Electrical Panel Repair or Replacement

There is one main electrical panel in your home known as the circuit breaker board or the distribution board. This panel functions as a safety measure in your electrical system. This panel will shut off the power to a circuit if there is an unusual current flowing through the circuit. This helps to prevent short circuits or strong currents from creating sparks in appliances or overheating the wires. If your circuit breaker board is making a humming noise or there are soot marks on the circuit breaker board then you should contact an electrical service provider as soon as possible. The circuit breaker is an important part of the electrical system as it protects it. If you attempt to repair or replace it then you run the risk of breaking it completely. This can leave your home open to electrical fires which can cause serious injury and death. A professional will be able to replace or install a circuit breaker board without endangering anyone.

These are the common services that electricians can conduct for you that people attempt to do themselves. It is okay if you want to replace a light bulb but most problems related to your electrical system are best left to professionals. Electricity is dangerous and you could kill yourself or burn down your home. You also do not have the safety equipment to mitigate the risk associated with working with electricity. Tioga Contractors have trained electricians that know how to repair most electrical issues and know which safety protocols to follow while doing the repair or if something goes wrong during the job. They will be able to assist you with any installation, repair, or maintenance work.

If you are in need of electrical services then contact Tioga Contractors in Hurst, TX to book an appointment.

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Most, if not all, homeowners will require electrical services at some point. If you are the one in need, you may find it difficult because you may have a lot of choices. When hiring any service provider for your Bedford, TX home, you should get a professional. A qualified electrical provider will guarantee you safe, quality, and efficient services.

Choosing unqualified contractors may put you and your property at risk. There are high chances that such incompetent experts use unsafe materials or substandard products, which can put your home at risk for fires. That’s why it’s crucial to hire a pro to make sure you have a successful project.

Experienced electrical contractors have skills and experience. You can rest assured knowing everything will be set up correctly, and you can reach out to them whenever you have electrical issues. The following are some factors you should consider to help you go in the right direction.

Industry Experience

Experiences should be the number one factor to consider when choosing an electrical services provider in Bedford, TX. That’s true because some electrical work requires specific skills and qualifications.

So, when interviewing an electrical service provider, you should know if they are qualified to handle the project. Evaluate their skills and capability based on their past projects. You should ask your provider the number of years they have been in business. There is a high probability that a company with more years in service has an experienced team who can provide quality work within the shortest time.

You can also ask the contractor to present a list of jobs they have done in the past. Don’t be the first person to receive services from a new company. If a contractor asks you to buy materials or asks for a large down payment, look for another provider.

Check Reviews and References

References are essential since they provide accurate facts if the company is reliable or experienced. Talk to past clients to evaluate the quality of the work of the contractor you want to hire. Also, you can ask the electrical service provider to give you the contact information of current clients for a similar project you wish to have at your home.

That will help you learn about the company’s strengths and weaknesses and guide you in making the right decision. But, if the contractor fails to provide you references to rate the quality of their services, do not work with them.

Also, you should visit the company’s website and check customer reviews. Read testimonials and other relevant information from existing and previous customers to know whether to work with them or not. If you are not satisfied with reviews or references, you can talk to family or friends who have worked with the electrical service contractor you want to choose. Make sure you consult the ones you trust to ensure you get accurate information.

Licensing and Insurance

An electrical service provider you choose should be certified, licensed, and insured. If the company is licensed, then it means its workers have the skills to handle electrical projects. So, you have to ask them to provide a valid license. In addition to a working permit, they should also have liability insurance to cover any injuries or accidents that might occur at your Bedford, TX home.

If you choose to work with an uninsured contractor, you are putting yourself at risk. Do not be afraid to ask your chosen provider to present their insurance certificates. The insurance can also cover any losses if the contractor leaves the project incomplete.

Excellent Customer Service

Electrical companies that provide good customer service are more likely to work with their clients effectively and solve problems promptly. The electricians you choose should have a sense of professionalism. They should appear presentable and dressed appropriately.

Also, observe how the employees interact with each other and with you. They should be courteous and respectful. If so, then they can treat you well and address all your concerns.

An electrician should also explain the plan of the project and everything you need to know about the electrical problem you are experiencing. Also, when handling the job, the contractor should respect your property. They should inform you if they need to access some rooms in your home.


Another thing to consider when searching for an electrical service provider is their availability. Electrical problems can happen when you least expect them, and when they do, they can put you and your home at risk for fire. That’s why it’s best to have a professional that you can depend on anytime if an emergency arises.

While some electrical service providers claim that they are reliable and available 24/7, you should confirm this from reference if it’s true. A dependable electrician should show up for any task when they promise to do so. Never hire a technician who takes time to respond to your calls.

Range of Services

Hiring an electrical service provider in Bedford, TX, is not just about one project. You may have one or more tasks you need to handle, so choosing a contractor that can provide all the electrical services you need would be a good idea.

You need to find out the services they offer and if they have the expertise to diagnose any electrical issues that may occur down the road. Look for a company that provides installation, maintenance, and repair services. When you work with such a provider, you may not have to worry about electrical emergencies.


It’s also important to consider the cost of services. You may need to talk to different electrical contractors as you compare their prices. When the cost is too low or too high, consider that a red flag. Make sure you ask them why the price seems a bit high or low.

Also, keep in mind that some contractors may settle for low prices when bidding a job then raise it when the project is in progress. To avoid such instances, find out cost estimates of the project you want to do. Do not settle on stuff that seems abnormal.

Tioga Contractors: A Contractor You Can Rely On

You can select the best electrical contractor in Bedford, TX, for your next project if you consider the above factors. If you are looking for an expert, reach out to electricians at Tioga Contractors.

We are a family-owned company that’s been operating since 1953. We have a trained and experienced team ready to help you with any electrical issue you may have. Our staff is available 24 hours a day. Give us a call today.

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Most people think that your home’s electrical system just consists of a bunch of wires that transport electricity for the city supply to various parts. While that is true, the electrical system is not just wired. There are various components that work together to supply your home with electricity as well as protect your home from the dangers of electricity. It is often difficult to know which services you might need if you do not know anything about the different types of electrical services. Tioga Contractors in Hurst, TX would like to inform you of the different electrical services that you might need when something goes wrong with your electrical system. There are more services but these are the four main ones that electricians will be able to do.

General Electrical Services

There are many smaller components in your electrical system that do not have their own category of repairs thus they fall under general electrical services. These services consist of installing outlets, light fixtures, and connecting appliances to the electrical grid, Inspecting and repairing the wiring also falls under this type of service. Electricians will often work with other contractors such as plumbers or security companies to connect various appliances to your electrical system. If you feel like your electrical system needs some maintenance like replacing old wires or faulty components then you should hire a professional to conduct the services for you. Electricity is dangerous and you could sustain serious injuries.

Emergency Electrical Services

This is probably one of the most important services that your electrician could provide. You will make use of emergency electrical services when there is a big problem that cannot wait until the next business day. These problems could be a power outage during the cold winter months or scorching summer. Electricity can cause a fire in your home if it is not contained and there are flammable materials close by. If you notice any smoke coming from outlets or your circuit board then you should contact a service provider that can assist with emergency electrical services. If you smell smoke and you haven’t been cooking then it is best to contact an electrician immediately. You should also confirm if your go-to electrician has emergency services. If they do not provide emergency services then you should find another electrician that can provide emergency services. It is best to find this before there are any emergencies so that you do not have to deal with the added stress of not being able to find a service provider when you need them the most. Tioga Contractors in Hurst, TX provide emergency electricians so that you are never left without power or fearing for the safety of your home and family.

Generator Installation, Repair, and Maintenance

The generator is not a part of your electrical system but it does connect to your electrical system to supply it with power when there is a problem with the municipal supply. Generators are great to have when you live in an area that experiences many power outages due to storms or other factors. Generators are complex and they have to connect to your electrical system properly in order to supply your home with electricity. A professional electrician will install the generator for you but it is also good to inquire if they will be able to help you with maintenance and repairs. Generators are expensive and they need to be maintained regularly to increase their life span and to keep them as energy-efficient as possible. Regular maintenance is also great at detecting problems that could render your system useless if you left it for too long. You need to make sure that your electrician will be able to install the type of generator that you want. They will also help you to choose the best brand and size for the needs of your home. The electrical service provider will also determine the best place for the generator. It is recommended that you do not install a generator yourself as you could damage your electrical system your the generator and you could also void the warranty on the generator.

Surge Protection

Another service that most electricians provide is surge projection. You might be wondering what surge protection consists of. First, let us look at what an electrical surge is. The electricity in your home travels through your home at a certain voltage which is the most optimal for most appliances. An electrical surge occurs when there is a sudden rise in the voltage. This could lead to the electrical system to short circuit and appliances can be damaged. Power surges can also lead to electrical fires since sparks can occur. You should have surge protectors installed on your circuit board so that your electrical system shuts down as soon as the power surge is detected. These power surges can be caused by faults in the electrical supply or when lightning strikes the power cables. The surge projection should be installed by a professional to make sure that it is fully functional when you need it.

These are just some of the services that electricians can provide. Not all electricians provide the same services thus you have to make a list of the services that your electrical service provider can assist you with. You should never attempt any of these services yourself as you could sustain serious injury or degrade the integrity of your electrical system. If you are looking for an electrician in Hurst, TX then have a look at Tioga Contractors. They provide a wide range of electrical services as well as emergency services. Their electricians are qualified and have many years of experience.

Call Tioga Contractors to schedule an appointment today.

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