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Most people take vacations to escape the stresses of their everyday lives, but sometimes those stresses can follow you on vacation. Your plumbing is an example of something that can easily go wrong while you’re away, leaving you with a mess to come home to. You don’t want a call to a plumber to be the first thing on your to-do list when you return from a relaxing vacation, so take some time before you leave to ensure your plumbing is in good shape. This article will outline 7 tips to help you avoid plumbing disasters while away.

Get an Inspection

One of the most important plumbing precautions to take before going on vacation is to get a professional inspection. This will ensure that your home’s plumbing system is in good working order and that there are no hidden leaks or potential problems. A plumbing inspection typically thoroughly examines all pipes, fixtures, and drains. The plumber will also check the water pressure and ensure that the sewer line is properly connected.

If any repairs are needed, the plumber can make them before you leave so that you don’t have to worry about them while you’re gone. In addition, getting an inspection is a great way to catch small problems before they turn into big ones. So, if you’re planning a trip, schedule an appointment with your local plumber.

Pump Your Septic Tank

A sewage backup is the worst nightmare for any homeowner. If you are going on a vacation for an extended period, you must pump your septic tank before leaving. This will help prevent any sewage backups while you’re away. Most septic tanks need to be pumped every three to five years, but if yours hasn’t been done in a while, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Hiring a plumber to pump your septic tank is cheaper than dealing with the mess of a sewage backup, so it’s worth the investment.

Clean Your Drains

As you prepare for your next vacation, don’t forget to add “clean the drains” to your checklist. It may not be the most glamorous task, but it’s important. Dirty drains can quickly become a plumbing nightmare, especially when you’re away from home. For example, the drains can be clogged, leading to water backup and flooding. Or, if there is food or grease build-up, it can attract pests like rodents and cockroaches. Therefore, before leaving for a long vacation, call a plumber in Hurst, TX, to clean your drains. This will help ensure that your home is safe and clean while you’re away.

Turn Off the Water Supply

Before leaving on vacation, one of the most important plumbing precautions is to turn off the water supply. This will help prevent any accidental leaks or flooding while you’re away. If a pipe bursts while you’re away, the water will flow unchecked and can cause serious damage to your home. To prevent this, turn off the main water supply to your home before you leave.

Depending on your home’s plumbing system, there are several ways to turn off your water supply. For example, you can turn off your home’s main water valve. Or, if you have an individual shut-off valve for each fixture, you can turn off the valves for the fixtures that will be unused while you’re gone. Whichever method you use, leave a note for anyone who may be home in your absence, so they know where to find the shut-off valves. And if you are unsure how to turn off your water supply, contact a professional plumber.

Turn Off All Power to Your Appliances and Unplug Them

Before leaving for vacation, turn off all power to your appliances and unplug them before leaving for vacation. This is especially true for water appliances like washing machines, dishwashers, and refrigerators. By unplugging these appliances, you can help prevent costly repairs or replacements in the event of a plumbing mishap. For example, if a washing machine leaks while you are away, the resulting water damage could be extensive.

However, if the machine is unplugged, the leak will be contained, and the damage will be minimized. In addition, unplugging your appliances will help save energy and lower your monthly utility bills. So before you head out on your next vacation, take this simple precautionary measure to protect your Hurst, TX home.

Disconnect any Hoses or Cords from Outdoor Spigots

If you have any hoses or cords connected to your outdoor fixtures, disconnect them before leaving on vacation. Your outdoor spigots are the weak link in your home’s plumbing system and are susceptible to breakage. If a hose or cord is left connected, it can put undue stress on the fixture and cause it to break. This can lead to a serious plumbing leak that can cause extensive damage to your home. To avoid this, disconnect any hoses or cords from your outdoor spigots before leaving for vacation.

Install a Water Leak Detection System

If you’re concerned about avoiding water damage while away, consider installing a water leak detection system in your home. These systems are designed to shut off the water supply automatically in case of a plumbing leak. This can help prevent a small leak from becoming a big problem. Get a plumber to install a water leak detection system in your home before your next vacation. This simple precaution can save you a lot of time, money, and headaches down the road.

Let Our Plumbing Professionals Help You Protect Your Home From Water Damage

Your home is your biggest investment, so it’s important to take steps to protect it from water damage. If you’re concerned about the potential for plumbing problems while you’re away, our team at Tioga Contractors can help. We offer various services to help keep your home safe and sound, including drain cleaning, leak detection, and more. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you protect your Hurst, TX home from water damage. Our plumbers are here to help 24/7, so don’t hesitate to call us anytime, day or night.

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Winters can be cold and unforgiving, and the last thing you want is to wake up to a cold shower or have your heating bill skyrocket because your water heater isn’t working correctly. Unfortunately, most homeowners pay little attention to their water heater until it breaks down. By then, it’s often too late to save the unit, and you’re stuck with a costly repair or replacement.

Tioga Contractors have been offering water heater repair services in Flower Mound, TX, for various water heater brands and types. We’re a licensed, bonded, and insured company with over 20 years of experience. We stay abreast of all water heater advancements and technologies to offer our customers the best possible service.

Common Signs Your Need Repair

Over time, water heaters will experience normal wear and tear. If this happens, ignoring the problem will only worsen and could lead to a complete breakdown of the unit. That’s why it’s essential to know the common signs that your water heater needs repair:

Water leaking from the tank: A small drip may seem like nothing to worry about, but if left unaddressed, it can lead to extensive water damage and mold and mildew growth.

Rusting water heater: Rust is a sign of corrosion, which weakens the tank and can cause it to leak eventually.

Not enough hot water: This could be due to various issues, including a faulty heating element or a problem with the thermostat.

Water heater makes strange noises: If you hear banging, popping, or other odd noises coming from your water heater, it’s a sign that water is not circulating correctly. That can eventually lead to leaks in the heater or even a complete tank rupture. Again, an expert can help diagnose and rectify the problem.

Water temperature is inconsistent: This is usually a sign of a problem with the thermostat, heating element, or the pressure-balancing valve.

Water containing debris: If you notice dirt in your water, that means you have sediment buildup, or your water heater’s anode rod has corroded and needs to be replaced.

Smelly water: Water with a strange odor is often a sign of bacteria growth in the water heater. This needs to be urgently addressed as it could lead to serious health complications.

If you notice any of these signs, it’s best to seek a water heater repair service to properly diagnose and fix the problem.

Tips on How to Prolong the Life of Your Unit

Besides regular maintenance and repairs, there are things you can do to prolong the life of your water heater and prevent future problems. These are:

Install a water softener: Water hardness is one of the leading causes of water heater problems. By installing a water softener, you can remove the minerals that cause corrosion and scale buildup.

Install a whole-house filtration system: This will help remove sediment, debris, and other contaminants from your water, which will help prolong the life of your water heater.

Flush the tank: With time, sediment will build up in the bottom of the tank. This can cause several problems, including decreased efficiency and increased wear and tear on the unit. Flushing the tank regularly will help remove sediment and prolong the life of your water heater.

Benefits of Professional Water Heater Services

There are many advantages to having your water heater serviced by a Flower Mound, TX professional, including:

Accurate diagnosis: Issues such as a faulty heating element, a problem with the thermostat, or sediment buildup are always to blame for your water heater problems. A professional water heater repair will be able to diagnose the problem and offer the best solution.

Preventative maintenance: Professionals will also be able to perform preventive maintenance on your unit to help prolong its life. They can accurately diagnose issues with your water heater and provide the best solution

Repair warranty: Most contractors offer a repair warranty, which will cover the cost of any future repairs.

Improved efficiency: A well-maintained water heater will be more efficient, leading to lower energy bills.

Safety: Water heaters can be dangerous if they are not properly maintained. A professional water heater repair will be able to identify any potential safety hazards and fix them before they become a problem.

Convenience and peace of mind: Water heater repair can be a difficult and time-consuming task. Furthermore, improper repairs can often pose a safety concern if electric or gas lines aren’t fixed properly. Hiring a professional water heater repair company will save you time and energy and give you peace of mind knowing they’ll do the job right.

When to Replace Your Water Heater

Although water heater repair can often prolong the life of your unit, there will come a time when replacement is the best option. You may need to replace your water heater if:

  • If your unit is older than 10 years
  • If your unit constantly needs repair even after professional maintenance
  • Your unit is no longer efficient, and your energy bills have increased
  • Your unit is leaking, and repair is not an option
  • The unit is showing serious signs of wear and tear
  • Less and less hot water is being produced

Have Water Heater Issues? Tioga Contractors is Here To Help!

Don’t wait to call a professional if you have water heater issues. Regular Water heater repair and maintenance is the ideal way to prolong the life of your unit and prevent future problems. At Tioga Contractors, our team of experienced professionals can help you with all your water heater needs. Whether it’s a gas water heater, tankless water heater, or electric water heater, our professionals have the expertise to diagnose, repair, and replace your water heaters.

We have built a solid reputation in the Flower Mound community for:

  • Providing top-quality services
  • Being fully equipped to handle any size job
  • Offering competitive rates
  • Providing 24/7 services
  • Guaranteeing 100% customer satisfaction
  • Being licensed, insured, and bonded
  • Offering affordable services

Don’t let your water heater go uninspected and without proper maintenance. Contact Tioga Contractors today at 469-789-1293 to schedule a water heater repair service. We look forward to helping you keep your home or business in Flower Mound, TX, running smoothly!

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A tankless water heater provides water when needed making it more energy-efficient than conventional storage-tank water heaters. When a hot water faucet is turned on, cold water travels through the heat exchanger in the unit, and either an electric element or a gas burner heats the water.

According to the US Department of Energy, instantaneous water heaters are 24 to 34 percent more energy-efficient than conventional water heaters. Today, on-demand water heaters are popular because they save on energy and space and have a longer life span of about 20 years.

This article sheds light on the disadvantages of instantaneous water heaters and explores possible solutions.

Unit and Installation Costs

When you finally decide to buy an on-demand water heater, it’ll be easier to look at it from a financial investment angle. Its upfront cost – the unit and installation costs are exorbitantly high compared to the tank-style heaters. However, its lower operation and energy cost offsets the high price with time. A local plumber in Irving, TX, can provide advisory services on cost-effective instantaneous heater options.

Once purchased, it is best to leave the rest to a skilled plumbing professional conversant with different on-demand water types, local building code requirements, safety measures, and fuel types to install your instant-on water heater.

The plumber can also introduce ways of conserving hot water, such as installing low-flow fixtures, insulating hot water lines, and purchasing energy-efficient clothes or dishwashers.

Compared to the traditional type, a lot of money is spent on electrical wiring, including distribution boards, switches, sockets, and light fittings or gas pipelines. If you’re replacing a conventional heater, your house may require modifications to accommodate the new technology.

A plumbing expert will ensure that the heating apparatus is compatible with your home. A well-installed water heater can optimize its energy efficiency and reduce running costs.

Insufficient Water For Multiple Outlets

It is hard for a single unit to simultaneously feed hot water to different household appliances. For instance, pressing clothes and running the dishwasher and the laundry machine simultaneously can cause the unit to grind to a halt.

Gas-powered ones have a higher flow rate than electric ones. You can contact a professional plumber in Irving, TX, to install different tankless water units for each appliance or more than one, depending on your pocket. They also can install boosters for appliances, such as dishwashers.

Intermittent Use and Hot and Cold Water

For applications that necessitate turning on and off, such as sinks, the heater sometimes produces hot water, then cold water as the heater reactivates, and hot water again. This is common where hot water pipes are poorly insulated.

When you get to the bathroom just after someone else has used it, the water left in the pipes will run first, then cold water and hot water again. This is quite understandable, but if the instantaneous heater constantly produces hot and cold water, the easiest thing would be to call a reliable plumbing professional to regulate the temperatures.

The Tankless Unit Is Not Working

If the tankless heater fails to work, the chances are that you’re running many appliances while stretching it to its limits. If not, call your plumber to help you discern the problem and fix it. The plumber can also install another on-demand heater if the need arises.

Another problem is the low water pressure and minimum flow rate. The heater must sense the flow of water to start working. If the water flow is lower than the unit’s minimum flow rate, it can’t run.

You can increase the water flow, but it would be wise to call a knowledgeable plumber to help if the problem persists. The vent and air intake channels could be clogged. Ensure the airways are blockage free. You can check if the circuit breaker has tripped and the water heater is electric-powered.

Additionally, the water could be frozen in the pipes in winter. If none of the above, you can contact a competent plumber in Irving, TX, to get to the bottom of the matter and get the equipment running.

Hot House Temperatures

A faulty faucet doesn’t turn off, causing overheating and boiling water. This can lead to severe body burns, and the heating element can blow out, followed by a lack of hot water for some time before it is replaced. Contact an experienced plumbing professional with problem-solving skills to help you out if this happens.

Sediments or Mineral Buildup

Water pipes made of iron are susceptible to rust. With time the rust may accumulate, causing pipe blockage. Also, if you use hard water, residuals of calcium and sodium are likely to coagulate in pipes leading to clogging.

This lowers the water flow and increases temperature, making the water unsafe. You should contact a plumber with solid experience to clear out the sediments in such cases.

Smelly and Discolored Water

Smelly, colored water flowing from your unit is a red flag. Bacteria, molds, or fungi could be growing inside. The water could smell like rotten eggs. If warm water is left for a long time in the tank, the minerals in the water are likely to build up over time, forming yellow, cloudy, brown, and nasty water.

This is a clear indication of rusty, damaged pipes inside the tank. The solution produces a sulfate gas that stinks like rotten eggs. You could request a plumber to clean the tank and conduct regular maintenance to avoid such issues. The professional can also replace the tank if need be.

A Competent, Trusted Plumbing Company in Irving

For all your tankless water heater installation, maintenance, and repair needs, you can contact Tioga Contractors. We have provided residential and industrial electrical and plumbing services since 1953.

Our trucks are equipped with state-of-the-art tools to diagnose plumbing and electrical problems and respond to customers’ distress 24/7. Hit us up today for all your plumbing needs.

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No home is immune to leaking issues. In most cases, the leaks could be due to plumbing fixtures, but the appliances in your home could sometimes be responsible for the leaking. It’s common to notice that your refrigerator, freezer, or washing machine leaks because they could be connected to a water supply.

Water will pool on your floor once appliances in your home start to leak. The water damage may not be severe compared to a burst in plumbing pipes, but it would cause some inconveniences in your daily operations.

For instance, if your appliance is leaking, you’ll need a professional from a plumbing company to inspect the device and fix the issue. The damaged floor may also need to be replaced if it’s been damaged extensively.

Continue reading to find out the appliances in your home that could leak, resulting in damage to your home.


This is the common plumbing problem experienced by most households throughout the United States. For instance, approximately one trillion gallons of water are wasted annually through household leaks. A leaking faucet not only causes high water bills but could also keep you awake the entire night with the irritating drip, drip, drip sound.

Whether it’s a leaking faucet in a laundry area, kitchen, or bathroom, it’s crucial to have a plumber in Bedford, TX, troubleshoot and repair it on time.

Ignoring this minor issue may worsen it, and you end up replacing the entire faucet, which will be costly. A professional from a plumbing company may replace the O-ring and rubber washer or perform a replacement depending on the interior condition of the leaking tap. If it’s leaking a showerhead, all that’s needed is to replace the cartridge.


A leaking toilet can lead to unnecessary flooding when it’s not fixed immediately. Unlike other leaks that may be easily detectable, a leaky toilet may be difficult to notice until you receive high water bills. Below are some of the signs that will help you know that you have a leaking toilet:

  • Loud noises in the pipes
  • Continuous running
  • Puddles on the floor
  • Constant dripping

The above signs could indicate that you could be having a possible leaking toilet. In such circumstances, you need to contact a plumbing company to resolve the issue.

The plumbers will inspect your water line for any leaks, and if it’s in proper condition, the professional will tighten the fittings. But if it’s not in good condition, the professional may have to conduct a replacement. The toilet could be leaking due to clogging, leading to flooding in most cases. If the clog goes deeper, you may have worse problems, such as a backup in the main sewer line.

In Bedford, TX, a competent plumber will help you troubleshoot any leaking or clogged toilets. If the toilet is not repairable, the plumber will mount a new one.

Washing Machine

Imagine coming home to find a flooded laundry room? Washing machines also experience leaks, and sometimes they overflow, hence putting your home at risk of severe water damage.

After five years, most washing machines’ hoses start developing problems, such as leaking. Therefore, if the washing machine hoses have not been replaced for over five years, you can contact a reputable plumber to help you fix new ones.


It would be difficult to deal with a family’s dirty dishes every day or entertain guests without your time-saving dishwasher. Some homeowners take for granted this appliance and forget to check it regularly until it starts misbehaving. Dishwater can encounter many problems, but the most common issue that most plumbers respond to is a leak.

Some leaks can go undetected for some time, especially if they happen in hidden places or behind cabinets. For instance, if your dishwasher has a malfunctioning water inlet valve, it will trickle under the dishwater and not the floor, making it difficult to notice.

It may drip for months, causing the floor underneath the dishwater to rot, leading to mold contamination. Once you notice the problem, you must contact a plumbing company to fix the problem because that issue may have been ongoing for some time. The plumber will also inspect the other parts that could cause the leaks, such as the door gasket or defective float switch.

Water Heater

Beware of leaking water heaters! If this appliance leaks for a long time, it ends up damaging your walls, floors, and other valuable possessions. A water heater can be dangerous when it leaks in certain areas and may cost you time and money if not located and fixed on time.

Shut-off, temperature and pressure, and drain valves could be the source of leaks. A competent plumbing company will have various water heater parts on-hand to respond to your call for service.

To avoid floods that could happen when the water heater malfunctions, it’s vital to have professionals from a reputable plumbing company conduct regular maintenance. Such a plan helps extend the life of your water heater.

Need To Find A Plumbing Company In Bedford, TX?

As your appliance ages, it may become less efficient. Although it may continue working as normal, sooner or later, you’ll notice something wrong with it, especially when your water bill expenses increase. In such cases, it’s advisable to replace the old appliance with a new device. If the problem is not old age, you contact a reliable plumbing company to help you fix the leaking faucet or appliance.

Tioga Contractors is a licensed plumbing company staffed with qualified plumbers to help you with any plumbing issues. Besides addressing leaking issues, our plumbers can assist you with major and plumbing problems such as backflow prevention, grease trap installation and repairs, water heater problems, video camera inspections, and drain cleaning services. Ring us up today.

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One of the biggest enemies of your plumbing is tree roots. According to a study from the University of Florida, tree roots can grow up to three times the branch spread within only two to three years of planting. This means that the trees that are on your property can easily get into your plumbing. In fact, the tree roots will want to get into the plumbing because they’ll be able to get an endless supply of water to help them grow.

Tree root intrusions, however, are one of the most difficult plumbing problems to tackle. Your Hurst, TX plumber will need to act quickly in order to prevent the problem from worsening. Although you won’t be doing any of the repairs yourself, it’s still a good idea to gain a better understanding of the entire process.

#1. Identify the Type of Roots That Are in the Plumbing

One of the first things that your plumber in Hurst, TX will want to do is to identify the type of roots that are in your plumbing and where they come from. This can have an effect on how the repairs will go. Your plumber will want to figure out how thick the roots are and how long they have been growing. They may even try to determine the exact plant where the roots are coming from. The roots will grow back with time, so if you’re looking for a more permanent solution, you might want to consider getting rid of the plants that are causing the problem. If the roots come from large trees, you’ll want to speak with an arborist to see how you can remove the tree. However, if the roots come from small shrubs or bushes nearby, you can probably get rid of these plants by yourself.

Some of the finer roots that look like meshes are incredibly difficult to get rid of. They will bunch together and create some type of accumulate that resembles slush. On the other hand, some of the larger tree roots are actually easier to remove. Unlike the smaller tree roots, they do not have the opportunity to bunch together and become a huge issue.

#2. Figure Out the Location

Rather than try to figure out where the tree root intrusion is through guesswork. The plumber will want to use some type of tool that can measure how far along the plumbing their camera has gone. They’ll also take this opportunity to use landmarks in the plumbing to confirm the location of the blockage. This makes it incredibly easy for the plumbers to figure out which parts of the plumbing need to be removed.

The plumbers may need to consider whether they need to move anything above ground in order to get to the plumbing if they plan on drilling downwards or replacing that section of the plumbing because it is too damaged. They’ll consider how accessible the roots are as well. Using a combination of these factors, they’ll be able to come up with a reasonable and feasible plan.

#3. Take It One Step at a Time

Tree roots are notoriously difficult to remove. Most professionals won’t recommend trying to remove the entire thing in one-go, as this can put quite a lot of strain and pressure on the equipment. It might also be difficult to get the roots out, as they might cling onto the sides as well.

The best method is to remove small parts of the roots little by little using different types of specialized equipment and tools. How you remove the roots will also depend on the type of equipment that you have. For example, if you are using a traditional drain machine, it’s better to remove several inches of the roots at a time; however, if you have a powerful jetter, you can easily punch through the roots with ease.

#4. Think of a Long-Term Plan

As mentioned above, getting rid of the tree roots may not necessarily be a permanent fix. With time, roots from the same plant or from surrounding bushes and trees will still make their way to the plumbing and attempt to get inside. As a result, you might have to call a professional to deal with tree root intrusions in several years again. If the roots grow quickly, you might have to call a plumbing company within several months.

Due to this reason, it’s vital that you sit down and think of a long-term plan. This might be anything from removing the plants and bushes that are nearby to prevent the roots from entering the plumbing again. Or, it might involve installing insulation on the plumbing, so that it becomes much more difficult for any surrounding roots to make their way into the plumbing system. Many professionals will recommend a combination of both solutions. If you don’t want to get rid of the plants nearby, you can always try to relocate them.

Try to make an effort to prevent this from happening again in the future, as tree root intrusion repairs can be rather costly. If you’re constantly dealing with this problem, plumbing that isn’t even located at the site of the intrusion may also become damaged.

Schedule an Appointment with Us!

When dealing with tree root intrusions, it’s best to act as quickly as possible. The longer that you wait, the more that the tree roots will intrude into the plumbing and the more difficult it will be for a plumber to get rid of the tree roots. If you’re looking for a plumber in Hurst, TX to deal with tree root intrusions, give us a call at 469-789-1292 or schedule an appointment online!

Tioga Contractors has served the area for more than 60 years. We offer emergency plumbing services 24/7, 365 days a year. Our licensed plumbers have tackled all types of plumbing problems, from clogged drains to noisy plumbing to tree root intrusions, and will be able to handle and deal with any problem that you may throw our way!

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Most homes have a dishwasher that they use on a daily basis to do the dishes. But did you know that three are other, less well known uses for a dishwasher? Dishwashers clean and steam items at a high temperature to ensure that they are properly clean and get rid of bacteria. Many household items can be cleaned using the dishwasher, such as toys and garden tools. A plumber can help you find out exactly what your dishwasher can do.

If you live in Bedford, TX, and are looking for a plumber for dishwasher installation or repair, don’t hesitate to contact Tioga Contractors. The company is available for all types of plumbing jobs and can also provide an emergency plumber 24/7.

Most families underutilize their dishwasher as it can be used to wash many household items. This article will discuss some of the ways you can use your dishwasher and give you some cleaning hacks, making your life easier. Read on to find out how to use your dishwasher to its full potential!

Things you didn’t know your dishwasher could clean

Before washing household items in your dishwasher, a plumber would suggest you should empty your dishwasher. Don’t put household items in your dishwasher with your dishes. You should also rinse your household items before putting them in the dishwasher to eliminate any dirt. This is particularly important when washing boots or gardening items as you don’t want your dishwasher’s filter to get clogged up with mud.

You’ll also need to use your discretion when deciding whether to add detergent to your dishwasher cycle. It will depend on the item you’re washing whether or not you need detergent. In some cases, you may decide to run the washing machine without detergent to rinse household items.


Many people put soft toys in their washing machine, but did you know that you can wash plastic toys in the dishwasher? Plastic toys can be easily stacked in a dishwasher and washed with detergent. This will help give them a really good clean and is quicker than washing them by hand. It’s best to avoid putting dolls or soft toys in the dishwasher, and battery-powered toys shouldn’t be washed.

Baseball caps and summer hats

During the summer months, it’s likely that your family’s hats and caps will become sweaty and greasy, especially if the weather has been scorching. Many people put their hats in the washing machines, but this can cause damage to caps as it’s likely to bend them out of shape.

Rather than using the washing machine, you could try putting your hats in the dishwasher. You can use detergent and will probably be amazed by how clean they end up.

Rain boots

It may seem a bit gross to put your boots in the dishwasher, but rubber rain boots that have been rinsed first can be washed in this way. You can rinse off any mud, add some baking soda, and put your whole family’s rain boots in the washing machine. They will come out looking amazingly shiny and squeaky clean after just one wash.

Garden tools

If you’re throwing your rain boots in the dishwasher, why not wash your garden tools at the same time. You can clean garden tools that are made from plastic, metal, or ceramic, and ones that have rubber handles. Wash the mud off your garden tools first so that you don’t block the filter and give your tools a much-needed bath at the end of the gardening season.


Flip flops are similar to sun hats in that they can become smelly and sweaty after being worn for the whole summer. Flip flops can be hooked onto a dishwasher rack and washed using a little detergent to get them smelling fresh again.

Fan blades and covers

Household items such as plastic fan blades or covers can be put into the dishwasher for easy cleaning. Fans can be very difficult to dust or clean, so sticking them in the dishwasher is a great solution. Just one cycle is enough to have your fan looking spotless.

Kitchen sponges

After using sponges to wash your dishes or for household cleaning jobs, the sponge may be dirty. Give it a clean by putting it in the dishwasher. Sponges can be washed on the top rack of your dishwasher.


Another thing that can be cleaned to a gleaming shine in the dishwasher is hubcaps. It takes a lot of work to scrub a hubcap by hand. Placing your hubcaps in the bottom rack of your dishwasher is an excellent idea as it will easily clean the dirt and grime from them. Make sure you use some detergent to cut through all the grease. Your dishwasher will give your hubcaps a very thorough wash.


We all use a toothbrush daily to keep our teeth and mouths fresh, but most people never think of washing their toothbrush. You can wash your toothbrush by putting it in the silverware basket in your dishwasher. Toothbrushes can be washed using a hot cycle without any detergent. This will help to kill any bacteria that’s lingering on your toothbrush.

Microwave plate

If you’re like most families, you probably use your microwave quite a lot. If your microwave plate is looking dirty or greasy, you can wash it along with your dishes by putting it in the plate rack at the bottom of your dishwasher.

Refrigerator shelves and vegetable boxes

Other kitchen items, such as refrigerator shelves, can be easily washed in your dishwasher. This will make cleaning easier and reduce the amount of scrubbing you need to do when cleaning your kitchen.

Tioga Contractors, plumber, Bedford, TX

If you live in the area and are looking for a plumber for dishwasher installation or repair, don’t hesitate to contact Tioga Contractors. The company is available for all types of plumbing jobs and can also provide an emergency plumber.

Call a plumber today on 469-789-1292, and the team will be happy to help you. Plumbers can provide leak detection and drain cleaning and can also fix common problems such as a dripping faucet or blocked toilet.

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If you’re a homeowner whose house is proud, you’ll want to ensure that you don’t have mold and mildew growing in your bathroom. Mold and mildew are unsightly and can also cause health problems, especially in young children and the elderly. They both thrive in damp areas, so you’ll need to keep your bathroom as dry as possible so that the conditions aren’t right for mold and mildew to grow.

Keeping your plumbing system in good working order and ensuring that there are no dripping faucets or hidden leaks can be advantageous. If you live in Bedford, TX and are looking for a plumber, don’t hesitate to contact Tioga Contractors.

This article will look at the common things that cause mold and mildew in your bathroom and give you some tips on preventing these problems. We’ll also tell you when to call in a plumber.

Problems Caused by Mold and Mildew

Mold and mildew are unpleasant as they can leave stains on your bathroom walls. They can also put the health of your family at risk. The worst thing about mold and mildew is that you often don’t notice their effect until it’s too late.

Studies show that exposure to mold and mildew is harmful over the long term, especially to children and older adults. It can cause respiratory problems such as coughing, wheezing, a blocked nose, eye irritation, and skin and throat irritation.

Plumbing Problems That Can Cause Mold

If you’ve had a leaking pipe that has flooded your home, you’ll be at risk of mold and mildew growth until your property has adequately dried out. Some small, less obvious plumbing problems can also cause mold and mildew to grow in your bathroom. If you notice any problems, call a professional as soon as possible.

Leaking Sinks

If you have a leak that has gone unnoticed, it will add moisture to your bathroom and great the perfect conditions for mold and mildew to grow. Sometimes leaks can be hidden if you keep towels and toiletries under your sink. Cupboards under sinks are dark, and if there’s a leak will become moist. There will also be a lack of fresh air–all these things will encourage mold growth.

It’s a good idea to check your plumbing system frequently, and if you notice any problems, call in a plumber. Hidden leaks can sometimes be caused as a result of faulty pipes in your wall space. Finding these leaks can be very challenging, and in most cases, they are only detected when you notice moisture leaking through the wall or mold and mildew that’s growing on the wall.

Hidden leaks are likely to cause discoloration to wall paint and can also warp and damage floor surfaces. If you think you have a hidden leak, call a plumber who can carry out leak detection.

Clogged Drains

If your drain becomes blocked, water won’t move through your plumbing system as quickly as it should. This can create standing water in your bathroom, creating germs, bacteria, and a bad smell. Fungal growth often happens when drains are clogged or sewer lines blocked. These issues will leave dirty stagnant water in their wake.

Don’t leave your drain clogged for too long; contact a plumber as soon as you notice signs that your drain is clogged.

Cleaning Tips to Help You Deal with Mold and Mildew

If you’ve recently had a plumbing emergency that has left your home damp and prone to mold and mildew growth, it’s essential to clean up as soon as possible. Make sure that you dry hidden areas such as cavities. There may also be water in wall spaces, which is hard to get to. Using a heater in your bathroom will help to dry the space out.

After a leak, make sure that you wipe down any wooden paneling or cabinets as wood is prone to swelling and can warp if it’s damp. Here are some tips to help you keep your bathroom free of mold and mildew after you’ve cleaned up from a leak.

Buy a Good Squeegee

The best way to clean bathroom tiles and glass shower doors is with a squeegee. Mold and mildew are more common during the winter months. Make sure that you keep your bathroom dry by squeegeeing off excess water after having a shower. This will help to reduce the moisture in your bathroom. A squeegee is a handy tool as it has a flat, rubber blade that allows you to get rid of liquids on flat surfaces. It’s very quick and easy to use.

Run a Fan After Showering

Bathrooms are an excellent breeding ground for molds, mildew, and bacteria. Bathrooms often lack ventilation, and after showering, the air will be moist and humid. For this reason, it’s a good idea to run an exhaust fan after showering. This will help remove moisture and unwanted odor from the interior environment.

It’s a good idea to run a fan a few minutes after you’ve had a bath or shower. This will prevent mold and mildew from growing.

Dry Bath Towels

Don’t leave wet bath towels hanging around in your bathroom, as this can cause mold to grow. Molds can even start growing in the towel’s fabric, so it’s best to hang your towel in a dry open space. Let your towel air dry, as this will allow moisture to escape.

Use a Mold And Mildew Cleaner

If you’ve noticed mold and mildew in your bathroom, you should clean it using a specialty cleaning product. Sometimes mold and mildew can be stubborn and challenging to get rid of. Using a cleaning solution will help you get rid of the problem. There are many products available that will prevent mold from regrowing.

The best way to stop mold and mildew from growing is to clean regularly. Pay particular attention to shower doors, window frames, and floor seals.

Tioga Contractors, Plumber

If you live in Bedford, TX or the surrounding area and are looking for a plumber, don’t hesitate to contact Tioga Contractors. Call a plumber today on 469-789-1293  the team will be happy to help you. They can provide leak detection and can also provide an emergency plumber.

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As winter rolls around, there are a lot of little things that change in your life. One thing you have to consider is how much more you’re going to use your plumbing system and how winter affects your plumbing system. If you want to avoid calling a plumber for expensive repairs in your home, there are some things you need to keep an eye on. If you’re looking for easy tips to help you keep the plumbing system in your home in great shape all winter long, here are five things you should know.

1. Burst pipes

Of all the things you need to keep an eye out for during the winter, burst pipes are the biggest concern. Not only are burst pipes a very common problem during the winter, they can cost you a ton of money in wasted water and water damage. Plus, a burst pipe means you have to make a call to an emergency plumber and shut your water off, which is the last thing you want to do in the dead of the winter.

Burst pipes are a result of a pipe freezing. When the pipe freezes, the water inside expands to the point where the pipe can’t hold it all. This causes the pipe to crack or break, leaving a perfect gap for water to escape through. You can prevent this by having problem pipes insulated, which are generally the ones on exterior walls in your home.

Considering burst pipes spill several gallons of water each minute, it’s important to shut your water off if you notice a burst pipe in your home. Shutting your water off while you wait for a plumber to arrive can prevent hundreds or even thousands of dollars in water damage.

2. Clogged drains

Clogged drains are another thing you need to keep an eye out for during the winter. With kids home from school and everybody staying inside more, Hurst, TX, homeowners tend to put a lot more stress on their drains during the winter. If you let a drain get too badly clogged, you’ll end up having to pay a professional to snake it out.

The best way to prevent clogged drains is to simply avoid putting the wrong things down them. You should only flush toilet paper down your toilet, and you can install drain grates in your shower and bathroom sink to catch soap scum and hair. As far as your kitchen sink goes, avoid putting things like coffee grounds, egg shells, fats, oils and greases down the drain if you don’t want to clog it.

If you do have a clogged drain, make sure you’re not using a harmful drain cleaner to unclog it. While most people reach for chemical-based cleaners like Drano in these situations, most plumbers recommend using an enzyme-based cleaner that gets rid of clogs without damaging pipes in your home.

3. Water heater preparation

If you haven’t had somebody take a look at your water heater in a while, now is the perfect time to do it. Your water heater is incredibly important during the winter months, but it won’t keep pumping out hot water if it’s too old or there’s a problem with a heating element. If your water heater is acting strange in any way or is older than 10 years, have a plumber take a look at it this fall.

Unless you’ve got a basic water heater problem such as a bad element, it’s probably not worth spending money on water heater repairs. You can get a fairly inexpensive water tank-type water heater for your home and they’re easy to install, so it’s generally best to have a professional install a new one for you.

4. Turn off outside valves

One thing that a lot of Hurst, TX, homeowners don’t think about during the winter is turning off the valves outside their home. While there are a lot of Texas winters where this isn’t a problem, you never know when temperatures are going to drop to or below freezing. You can avoid burst pipes and valves outside by making sure everything is turned off.

Arguably the most important thing to do is turn your hose bib off and make sure it’s fully drained. You can install a hose bib cover to help insulate the hose bib and reduce the odds of freezing. If you’re not comfortable doing this yourself, make sure you have a plumber do it before winter arrives.

5. Indoor temperatures

Another thing you have to consider when it comes to frozen pipes is the temperature inside your home. While this isn’t an issue for most people, there are some homeowners who like to cut back on energy use by turning the heat way down. If you let your home get too cold, you’re increasing the odds of pipes freezing and bursting.

While you shouldn’t blast the heat in your home, most plumbers recommend keeping your home at a temperature of about 68 degrees during the winter. This helps keep pipes in both interior and exterior walls warm enough that they won’t freeze and burst.

Get Some Help

Just because you know what to watch out for in terms of winter plumbing problems doesn’t mean they’re easy to prevent. This is especially true when you aren’t an expert. Lucky for you, a plumber can help you get your home ready for the winter so you don’t have to deal with any major problems.

If you want to make sure your home is perfectly prepared for winter this year, Tioga Contractors can help with that. To find out more about preparing your home for winter or schedule an appointment for a plumber to get everything ready for you, give Tioga Contractors a call today at (469) 789-1292.

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There are a lot of costs associated with owning a home, including several bills you have to pay every month. For the most part, you can expect these bills to hover around the same amount, but that’s not always the case. Homeowners all over the country have to deal with high water bills from time to time, and there are several things that can lead to them. If you notice your water bill is suddenly much higher than it normally is and you’re thinking about calling a plumber, here are some of the potential causes.

Water Usage

The first thing you need to think about if your water bill is higher than it normally is whether or not you’ve been using more water. The most common cause of an increase in your water bill isn’t a problem a plumber needs to fix, it’s a change in water usage. Whether you’re watering your lawn and garden more during the spring and summer or taking longer hot showers during the winter, there are a lot of things that can change about your water usage.

If you’re simply using too much water, you might want to consider investing in water-saving fixtures and appliances for your home. Older faucets, toilets and appliances can waste a lot of water, so you can seriously reduce water usage by upgrading. Water-saving aerators and showerheads make this even easier since you don’t have to replace entire fixtures.

While a plumber can help you reduce your water usage, it’s also up to you to change your habits. If you’re spending too much on your water bill, take a look at your daily water usage and take steps to cut back where you can.

Burst Pipes

Perhaps the worst problem you can have in your Irving, TX, home is a burst pipe. Not only can burst pipes cause a lot of water damage, they can also rack up a huge water bill because of all the water they waste. During the winter, it’s important to keep an eye out for sudden changes in your water bill and any other signs of burst pipes.

The best way to prevent burst pipes is to have a professional help you make sure your pipes are properly insulated. Sometimes you might need to simply insulate a wall better, while other pipes may need to be wrapped in heat cable. When a pipe freezes, the water inside that pipe expands and causes it to break. This results in several gallons of water being spilled out of the pipe each minute once things thaw out.


Even if you don’t have a completely burst pipe, a leak can still cause a big increase in your water bill. If your water bill is higher than it should be and you’re not seeing any signs of problems that could cause it, you should have a plumber inspect your home for leaks. It could be that you’ve got a leak in a spot that’s hard to get to.

The tough part about leaks is that even a small leak can cost you a lot of money. While you might not notice serious water damage or a huge increase in your plumbing bill, a leak could cost you upwards of $100 monthly depending on how big it is. You can prevent this from happening by having a plumber install a smart leak detection system that alerts you at the first sign of a leak.

Running Toilet

While leaks are one of the most common causes of a high plumbing bill, there are worse problems you can have. As a matter of fact, running toilets are one of the biggest problems when it comes to how much they cost you on your monthly water bill. Believe it or not, plumbers estimate that a running toilet can cost upwards of $2,000 per month depending on the toilet.

Normally, your toilet only runs when you flush it and the tank needs to be refilled. If there’s a problem with the flapper that keeps the water in your tank once it’s full, your tank will simply keep refilling continuously. Sometimes, a running toilet is caused by something bigger than the flapper, in which case it might be best to buy a new toilet. In any case, having a plumber fix your running toilet will cost you a lot less than paying a massive water bill each month.

Dripping Faucets

When you think of a leak causing a water bill increase, you probably think of water gushing out of a pipe or fixture. The truth is, even a tiny leak can cost you a good amount on your monthly bill. If you notice a faucet in your home dripping after you’re done using it, you’re wasting a significant amount of water that’s costing you money.

A dripping faucet is a small leak, but it can still cost you $20 or more each month. If you’ve got a light trickle of water or a big drip, your bill may go up even more. As soon as you notice a faucet in your home dripping or leaking when it should be off, you should call a plumber to save water and money.

A Helping Hand

If you notice a sudden spike in your water bill, that’s a good indicator that you’ve got an underlying plumbing problem. The best thing you can do is call a plumber to check things out so you minimize water waste and prevent water damage.

Taking care of your plumbing system isn’t easy, but Tioga Contractors is here to help. Whether you need plumbing repairs, maintenance or installation for your Irving, TX, home, we’ve got everything covered. Give Tioga Contractors a call at (469) 789-1292 today to schedule an appointment or find out more about high water bills.

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There are plenty of options when it comes to plumbing companies that serve Bedford, TX. More than ever before, especially when the internet gives you such an excellent platform to discover more in your local area. However, more plumbing company options doesn’t necessarily make your job any easier when it comes to deciding who to work with on any plumbing repairs or projects that you have in mind. Many companies look great online, with professional websites, social media engagement, and lots of reviews to help persuade you. To help you make the right choice, we discuss ten signs that prove you’ve chosen the right plumbing business.

Sign #1: A range of services offered.

One of the crucial things to consider when trying to determine which plumber to go with is to look at the catalog of plumbing services they provide. Some plumbers might simply offer a standard range of plumbing services, while others focus on more niche repairs and servicing. If you’re likely to require someone to undertake complex plumbing projects or work with niche hardware, a plumbing company that provides a wide range of services will better fit your needs.

A plumbing service provider that offers a wide range of services is more likely to benefit you in the long run, because if you ever need something out of the ordinary, chances are they’ll have a service that can be customized to fit your requirements. Whether it’s a unique bathroom remodel, water analysis, or pipe fittings, a full-service plumbing provider can be the right choice to get it done.

Sign #2: 24/7 emergency availability.

Another key indicator that you’re dealing with a professional, desirable company is the availability of emergency servicing. If you’re dealing with an overflowing toilet, leaky sewer line, or flooding incident, you’ll want more than it being repaired right; you’ll also want a plumbing company you can rely on to look at the issue straightaway. The provision of 24/7 emergency services can help to distinguish an excellent plumbing service company from a good one, and you won’t need to keep a separate company on standby!

Sign #3: Licensed, bonded, and insured plumbers.

One of the easiest ways to identify if you’re looking at a professional plumbing company or not is to look at whether the plumbers are openly advertised as licensed, insured, and even bonded. Licensing and insurance are both equally important. There are multiple levels of certification based on experience level, and if you know the company has a master plumber or two onboard, you know your plumbing job will be in good hands. It signifies a level of professionalism and security that other plumbers may not offer. Proven insurance coverage is also vital, not only to protect you and your property but to protect the plumbers on-site. A professional company will do everything it can to look after its workers, including making sure they’re fully insured.

Sign #4: Positive reputation.

Online reviews are your friend when it comes to trying to determine if a plumbing company is one that you can trust. The beauty of the internet means that past customers can easily let others know about their experiences, whether good or bad. Plumbing company websites can often include customer testimonials, but looking at review sites will also help to get an overall picture of their reputation. If the number of positive reviews outweighs the negative, and if, more recently, the reviews have been great – you know you’re onto a winner.

Sign #5: Proven experience.

While proven experience is not the only indicator of a trustworthy, professional plumbing company, it’s certainly not a sign to ignore. Experienced plumbing companies are obviously doing something right to keep themselves in business over a long period. Checking the certifications of plumbers at the company will also give you an indicator of how professional the plumbers are. For example, to become a qualified Master Plumber, a plumber must hold a Journeyman’s license and have completed at least 8,000 hours of certified plumbing jobs. Even a Tradesman Plumber’s license requires at least two years of experience in the plumbing field. The higher the qualifications, the more experience a plumber at the company has.

Sign #6: Free estimates.

Professional plumbing companies will be eager to provide a free, honest estimate for services required. It will give you an idea of which fees and surcharges you can expect, in addition to the cost of parts and labor to complete a job. A company that offers this information for free, up-front, is typically a great choice.

Sign #7: Using the latest technology.

A company that incorporates cutting-edge technology into its plumbing services is an indicator that you’ll be working with a professional company that takes pride in offering modern, effective, and efficient plumbing services. Modern technology not only provides durability, but it enables a company to reduce their work-time and thus any inconvenience to you. Take trenchless plumbing, for example; it can be used to repair pipes with little excavation. Modern technology, such as camera inspections, can also be used to identify issues. Live feeds shown will indicate the true extent of damage before work is done. A professional plumbing company will always do its best to highlight these issues via camera inspection before undertaking further work necessary to repair plumbing in your Bedford, TX, home.

Sign #8: Discounts and financing options available.

Let’s be honest; everyone loves savings. A professional, well-established company will be better placed to offer you deals on services offered. A company that provides cheap services is something to appreciate, but you want to make sure that there is not a trade-off for quality of service.

Tioga Contractors is a full-service plumbing company that prides itself on professional, reliable, service provision. Not only do our plumbers service residential and commercial customers, but we make sure our plumbing services are available 24/7/365. Call us to schedule an inspection or find out more about what we can do for you.