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Remodeling projects naturally play a big part in improving the value of the real estate property, particularly if you’re looking to sell a property to a new buyer. Remodels can also enhance your own living experience and ensure that your plumbing remains up-to-code. Effective plumbing can make or break the experience following refurbishment; whether it’s in an assisted living facility, home residence, or commercial property, a professional plumber can make sure you’re getting the most out of your upgrades.

Effective plumbing provides many benefits that may not have previously been considered. Vital elements that a professional can help with during a remodel are:

  • Improved efficiency.
  • Energy savings.
  • Added comfort.
  • Health improvements.
  • Innovative installations.
  • Disaster avoidance.

Improving Efficiency

One of the most obvious benefits of upgrading your plumbing during a bathroom remodel is that you’ll be improving the efficiency of your bathroom setup. Effective plumbing ensures that less wasteful water runs through toilets, sinks, and other fixtures, helping to reduce excessive water use while maintaining decent water pressure and flow suitable for creating a comfortable bathroom experience.

If you’re looking to remodel a bathroom that has been present in the property for a decade or more, it’s crucial to task a plumber with removing older pipes and fittings that can both improve the property’s value, and increase the overall efficiency. When updating your fixtures, you should always ensure that pipes and fittings are inspected at the same time, to determine if it’s necessary for a plumbing upgrade. If you remodel your bathroom without making sure the right plumbing support is in place, this can mean your refurbishment is not as effective as it should be.

When it comes to improving efficiency, the newer the equipment is, the better. Advances in plumbing technology happen quite often, with breakthroughs and improvements appearing on the market every couple of months. Even if your previous bathroom fixtures are only five years old, quite substantial enhancements could have been made during this time.

Improving Design

When you choose to remodel a bathroom, it’s the perfect time to come up with better locations for fixtures, faucets, and appliances. Rather than settling for a temporary plumbing fix, a professional plumber can assist you in improving your overall bathroom design.

By providing a professional reorganization of the existing pipework to improve the flow of your bathroom, a professional can also make sure the new framework will support the ideas that you have in mind to improve your bathroom’s aesthetics. Not only does the rearrangement of pipework by a professional improve the flow and design of the room, but it can also enhance efficiency and convenience.

Boosting Energy Savings

Another crucial benefit of upgrading your plumbing when you choose to remodel your bathroom is that you can take advantage of modern energy-saving technology. It can result in regularly lowered utility bills, particularly if you place fixtures and fittings so that water heating and circulation operate optimally.

New hot water heater installation is just one of the ways that you can upgrade the value of your home while saving space, resources, and money on utility bills. Tankless or instant hot water heaters can be installed by a professional plumber to complement your bathroom remodel, and provide a method of heating water only when it’s necessary. Additionally, new plumbing fixtures can help you to save both water and energy, as they are typically designed to use less water than older counterparts.

Avoiding Disasters

Effective plumbing upgrades during a bathroom refurbishment can help to avoid disasters, both from happening during the renovation project and from happening afterward. Renovations may have unexpected effects on the existing plumbing, whether it is weakening the existing pipework or the water pressure is suffering as a result of not upgrading necessary additional components.

Bathroom leaks, burst pipes, and pressure issues can all be addressed during the remodeling instead of waiting until a disaster strikes, potentially ruining the hard work and excellent look of your new bathroom. It also means that you can avoid a plumber needing to take apart aspects of your modern bathroom to locate and fix a troubling issue, as parts will be easier to access while the remodel is in progress.

Increasing Home Comfort

Your home or business, to be the best that it can be, should be a comfortable environment to be in. Developing a leaky pipe or putting up with old or faulty plumbing components only provides a level of discomfort. To guarantee an increase in overall comfort, you should expect a plumber to thoroughly inspect your plumbing before, during, and after the remodel, to make sure that nothing is compromised.

Being able to relax in a cool, refreshing shower after dealing with the summer humidity or having a warm bath to relax in after braving the Texas cold will likely go a long way towards increasing your home comfort and the pleasure you’ll experience in your home.

Minimizing Disruption

Using a professional bathroom installer will mean you can minimize the disruption that occurs in your Mansfield, TX, home during the upgrade process. While your home may not be looking at it’s best for a few days, a professional crew will make sure that their efficiency, cleanliness, and work ethic will minimize the amount of discomfort you feel. They will also work to reduce the time it takes to upgrade your bathroom to its desired look.

An expert plumber can assess, repair, and improve all manner of niggling issues during the remodeling process that you may not even be aware of, to make your upgrades function to the best of its ability. When the disruption fades, you should be left with a perfect bathroom that you know has been fully assessed, tested, and implemented with care.

Tioga Contractors in Hurst, TX, has been serving the entire Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex since 1953. Our plumbers undertake remodels for multi-family units, assisted living, and commercial, as well as residential properties.

We’re available 24/7/365 to discuss any emergency services that may have arisen from a faulty bathroom refit or to discuss the opportunity to upgrade your bathroom plumbing. Contact us to see how a fully-equipped plumber from Tioga Contractors in Hurst, TX, can help you to prepare for a bathroom remodel today.

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Every homeowner wants their home to be worth more but it is especially important when it is time to sell. There are many remodeling projects you can choose from that will make your home nicer in some way, but not all remodeling jobs are the same. Some add convenience or beauty, while others add value to your property. One of the best areas to upgrade when you want to boost your house’s value is your plumbing system.

Tioga Contractors can help you make your home worth more with professional plumbing upgrades, installation, and replacement. Our plumbers offer professional service at a competitive rate. Our years of plumbing experience have prepared us for any situation we might encounter on the job.

There are many ways your plumber in Hurst, TX can help you make your home worth more. Start with some of the less expensive ones, then jump into some of the larger projects. That will help you increase the value of your home, with a little help from a professional.

Keep Water Damage Away

Not all building upgrades are noticeable at first sight. Sometimes, it’s the changes you make that don’t get noticed that provide the most protection for the structure of your home.

If you are considering putting your house on the market, it is a great time to invest in basement waterproofing and a new sump pump to protect your home from flooding damage. While they are not as flashy as a new bathtub or sink, these two changes will provide the protection from water and flood damage that can destroy your house from the bottom.

Your plumber can help you make certain your basement walls and floor are professionally waterproofed. They can also help you choose a sump pump that will keep any water that floods in from damaging your house.

Replace Your Old Toilets

Your toilets use more water than any other household plumbing appliance your family uses. The old traditional styles can use up to seven gallons of water per flush. When you consider how many times a day your toilet is flushed, that is a huge amount of water.

Newer toilets that were manufactured after 1994 are not allowed to use more than 1.6 gallons of water for each flush. There are also low-flow and ultra low-flow models that save even more water.

Another option you have is to install dual-flush toilets in your home. These models offer you one powerful flush option for solid waste material and another, less powerful option for liquid waste only. Since most flushes are used to get rid of liquid waste, the lower water option will be used most often. This will add to your water savings, something you will notice on your annual water bills.

Install Modern Pipes

Today, plumbing systems mainly consist of copper and PVC piping. These materials are resistant to corrosion, splintering, and rust. With modern pipes, your plumbing system has fewer repair issues and your home’s water quality and efficiency is greatly improved.

In the past, building standards were much different. If your home was built before 1960, your plumbing system was probably made of galvanized steel or cast iron. Over the years, you have probably replaced much of the old piping with new materials. To bring your plumbing system up to modern standards, you should talk to your plumber in Hurst, TX about replacing the remaining outdated materials.

Invest in Water-Conserving Plumbing Fixtures

You don’t have to completely remodel your bathroom and kitchen to make your home worth more on the resale market. By investing in water-saving, eco-friendly faucets and showerheads, you can greatly reduce the amount of water your household uses.

Not only do these low-flow showerheads and faucets save water and money, it also reduces the amount of water your septic tank has to process. This reduction in water use can lead to less frequent septic tank pumping, as well. Discuss the advantages of installing low-flow fixtures with your professional to decide which models offer the most efficiency.

Add a New Dishwasher

Whether you already have a dishwasher or not, it is time to think about replacing it. Older dishwashers were limited in their ability to clean, making them much less efficient than those available today. Plus, if your dishwasher has been in your house a long time, it is likely harboring bacteria and germs that add a foul smell and reduce your air quality.

Not only do newer models scrub your dishes clean better than the old ones, they use less water to run. Your plumber can advise you on the most energy efficient and most powerful dishwashers available, so you can make the right choice.

Replace Your Old Water Heater

Classic water heater design includes a tank to store the heated water until you need it. The metal tank is prone to rusting from the constant contact with water. This leads to leaking and bursting, which not only makes a huge mess but can also lead to serious damage to your floors, walls, and personal possessions.

You could choose to replace your electric or gas water heater with a similar model that is more energy-efficient. Or you could have your plumber make the switch to a tankless water heater. This innovative design requires no tank to store the hot water for later use. Instead, the water is heated right when you need it. This means no rusting and degrading tank to deal with taking up space. Tankless water heaters employ a super-heating process that provides unlimited hot water whenever you want it. This saves energy and helps these water heaters last up to twice as long or more as the traditional water heaters.

Finding a Professional Plumber to Upgrade Your Home

It’s important to discuss your remodeling plans with your plumber. That way you are much more likely to get the results you desire. When you need a plumber to make your home worth more, trust the professionals at Tioga Contractors. We can help you raise the value of your house with repair, installation, and replacement services.

Contact us today at Tioga Contractors for more information about how our professionals can increase the resale value of your home.