Security Lighting

Your home is incredibly valuable to you and all of your possessions are inside of your home. You want to have your home as protected as possible. Some people opt to have high walls and fences with electricity running through them. Others opt for cameras and some opt for security lights. There are various types of security lights to choose from and it is best to consult with a professional about which ones would be the best to have installed and where. Once you have the security lights installed, you also need a reliable electrical service provider to carry out electrical services to make sure that the lights are always functioning correctly. Tioga Contractors in Hurst, TX would like to tell you more about the common security light issues that you might face if your lights are not working correctly. If you notice say of these signs then it is best to call an electrical service provider to assist you with the matter.

Flickering Lights

There is nothing more annoying than having lights flicker on and off. This will wear down the light bulb and you will have to replace it sooner. Flickering lights are also a symptom of a large problem where there are problems with the wire. You could see if replacing the bulb yourself would fix the problem but if the bulb is high up on your roof then it would be best to hire an electrical service provider. They will have the right equipment to get to the high places safely so you do not have to worry about slipping and falling. If there is a problem with the wiring then the service provider will fix it for you and you will not have to face the risk of being electrocuted. They will also know the best way to repair or replace your security lights so that the problems do not occur as frequently.

Lights Don’t Come On

Another problem that you might face when you have security lights is that the lights do not come on when they are set to or when you switch them on. The timer might be out or broken. The motion sensor could be dirty or damaged so it doesn’t pick up any of the movement. If you have recently experienced a severe thunderstorm then the lightning could have damaged the components in your security lights. It is best to hire an electrical service provider to repair them so that your home can be safe once again. It is best to leave these problems to professionals because they know what to look for and they have the correct tools to repair your lights properly. It will also save you a lot of trouble, trying to figure out what is wrong with your lights and how to repair them.

Lights That Are Always On

If you have motion detection security lights then there could be a few problems that are causing your lights to always be on. The first reason is that the sensitivity setting is high. If the sensitivity setting is too high then it will pick up the slightest movement that will cause the lights to turn on. This can be triggered by a leaf or a bird flying past. The second problem with motion detection lights is that the light is stuck on the auto-on mode. This mode allows the light to be on at all times during the day even when the sun is shining. You should consult with your electrical service provider on how you can turn it off or you could ask them to do it for you if it is too complicated. The third problem that your motion detection lights could suffer from is that the light is on the long-duration mode. It is common for the motion sensor lights to turn on for a minute or two when something triggers it. You could be tempted to increase the duration of how long the light stays on. This will cause the light to never turn off because it is always being triggered. You could change the setting yourself. It is imperative that you make sure that the settings on the motion detection lights are desirable. If the lights stay on for too long then you could have an extremely high electric bill at the end of the month. The lights could also be affecting your ability to sleep at night if they are constantly on.

No Power

If all the appliances and lights are on inside your house but the outdoor security lights are not working then you should call an electrical service provider. The lightning could have struck the lights which rendered them useless or there could be a problem with the wiring. Before you call an electrical service provider, you can check the bulbs but if they are too high up then it is best to hire a professional to assist you. You should not attempt to repair the security lights yourself as they are usually situated in high places which are dangerous. It is always best to leave electrical repairs to the professionals.

Now that you know which signs to look out for that indicate that your security lights are not in the best condition, you can make informed decisions about when it is necessary to hire a professional and when you can attempt the repairs yourself, If you live in Hurst, TX then you might want to consider Tioga Contractors. They provide a wide range of electrical services as well as plumbing services. Their highly qualified professionals will be able to assist you quickly and efficiently.

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Apart from protecting your home against intruders, security lights also boost the appeal of your home through the night. Depending on your needs and preferences, you can install many types of security lights on your property. Motion detection lights can work well if you don’t need security lights throughout the night hours.

This can help you save some money for energy bills considering in 2020, the total amount of electricity consumed by residential properties amounted to about 62 billion kWh.

This can help you save some money for energy bills considering in 2020, the total amount of electricity consumed by residential properties amounted to about 62 billion kWh.

These statistics indicate the need for homeowners to invest in energy-saving lighting fixtures, including security lights. If you are an energy conservation enthusiast, you can consult with the company offering electrical services to get the ideal fixtures for your home.

Just like other electrical fixtures and fittings, security lights are prone to damage. If you have a defective security lighting system in your home, it’s best to seek immediate electrical services. If you don’t, you’ll be exposing your valuable property and family to insecurity. You can read on to get some ideas about some security light problems that warrant a check-up by a trustworthy electrician in Hurst, TX.

The Lights Stay On All Night and Day

This problem is usually common with motion detection security lights. Several reasons make your sensor lights stay on. Some of these include:

  • High Sensitivity Settings
    When you set your lights to a high sensing rate, it can sense the slightest triggers, such as a speck of dust that settles on the sensor or a leaf being carried by blowing wind.
  • Stuck in the Auto On Mode
    Multiple motion sensor lighting fixtures feature an auto-setting mechanism that makes them light up the surroundings all the time, even in the scorching sun! If you have such lights in your home, you may trigger the auto setting accidentally at times.
    Operation problems can also be a reason that your lights are on 24/7. If you aren’t sure what the issue is, visit your electrical service company and get an electrician to help you fix the mess before your energy bills start shooting.
  • Long Duration Settings
    Most motion detection lights are designed to stay up to about one minute after a trigger. However, you can be tempted to change the settings to make the lights stay on for more extended periods. If the duration settings you have made are long, for instance, one hour, you’ll notice your motion sensor light will stay on forever. Ask your trusted electrical services provider regarding the suitable duration to eliminate the problem of security lights staying on all the time.
    Although you may fix settings issues by yourself, you’ll probably need help from an electrician to troubleshoot some problems, including electrical failure, lightning, and power surges, that make your security lights stay on.

Flickering Lights

Apart from affecting lighting fixtures inside your house, flickering problems can also appear in your security lights. The solution for such faults depends on if the flickering happens in one or several bulbs. If a single bulb is flickering, your emergency services provider will climb up and check if the bulb is tightly fixed in the fixture.

Trying to do this yourself is insecure since you could slip and fall, resulting in bad injuries and expensive medical bills. The specialist you get from your electrical service company will use the correct tools to fix the issue safely without injuring anyone or damaging a structure.

If the bulbs are fixed appropriately, the expert will replace them with new ones. If the problem isn’t solved, your electrician should offer electrical box inspection services to identify damaged wires or loose connections and fix them. This should fix the flickering.

Lights Don’t Come On

This is another malfunction that happens in security lights with sensors. It may occur if another security light is turned on and is in the motion sensor’s vicinity. Solutions to this problem could be covering a section of the sensor with black tape or reinstalling the light in a position that isn’t affected by lighting from other security light fixtures.

Once again, trying to pull these moves yourself can be dangerous and harmful. Additionally, you may mess up with the installations, increasing your repair expenses. The easiest way to do the job is to look for a credible electrical service company in Hurst, TX, to offer the service the correct way.

No Power

Any electrical appliance, fixture, or fitting needs the power to operate. If security lights aren’t lighting up, there could be a power problem. Your provider of electrical services can confirm the problem by simply replacing the bulb with another. Ensure the bulbs you get this time are of top quality to prevent making frequent replacements in the future.

Some of the ideal bulbs include halogen or LED ones. After confirming the bulbs are okay, your electrical service company should test the fixture socket using a multimeter. The expert will turn off the circuit breaker that links with the security lights to conduct advanced tests. Afterward, open the electrical box to examine the connectors to ensure all wires connected to each connector aren’t loose.

Keep Security In Your Home Tight With Us!

Tioga Contractors – Hurst, TX, understands the importance of having a proper security system in your valuable home. Our professionals are well-trained and use the appropriate electrical service equipment to troubleshoot any electrical issues in security lighting fixtures. We can also guide you through the installation process, from selecting the ideal lighting fixtures to installing them.

Don’t jeopardize the security of your home by delaying to act promptly when your lighting fixtures become faulty. All you need to do is call us, and our professionals will attend to your needs quickly. We also provide appliance hookup, electrical wiring, code correction, electrical remodeling, and ceiling fan installation services.

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Are you uncomfortable about the rising burglaries in your area? Are you worried about the well-being of your family? Do you wish to improve the security of your home?

Well, you do not need to say any further. As a homeowner, such concerns are common and they are not without a reason. A criminal activity is always on the cards. Malicious individuals are only looking for a vulnerability to strike out.

Hence, irrespective of the security situation around your area, you must add certain security solutions in your home. One such additions is security lightning which can be installed with the assistance of a reliable electrician in Fort Worth, TX at the exterior of your home. Security lightning can change your life for the better due to the following reasons.

Prevention of Accidental Deaths

One of the foremost reasons to have security lightning is to get it as a protective measure, for the safety of your family members against accidents. Your general outlook about causes of death maybe dramatic like you may expect a car accident as a more common cause of death. However, in truth one of the leading causes of deaths is accidental injury! These injuries are sometimes caused due to darkness. Often children or elderly with weak sights are unable to see clearly at night and take a false step which may turn out to be serious for the individual’s health.

On the other hand, having security lightning for your porch, backyard, driveway, and other external portions of your home can ensure that everyone can clearly see and move around the home. Hence, do not be late to hire an electrician in Fort Worth, TX and install security lightning at your home.

Fostering Relationships

Security lightning can also be used for entertainment purposes. Without the outside security lightning, you might not have think much about parties and get together in the external portion of your home. However, the installation of security lightning adds another dimension to your lives.

You can arrange parties, get together, and party around your home where your security lighting can serve as accent lightning to evoke a chilly and cool atmosphere. As a result, you can foster long-lasting relationships with your relatives, friends, office colleagues, and other neighbors. Therefore, acquire the services of an electrician in Fort Worth, TX for the installation of security lightning.

Deterrence Against Crimes

According to FBI, one of the biggest risks for homeowners is to deal with burglaries. These thieves are too smart and slowly sneak into your home by taking advantage of dark spots. To address such concerns, call out a reputable electrician in Fort Worth, TX who can install security lights.

What the lights would do is that they would add brightness around the outer surroundings of your home. This means that any available dark spots can be eliminated from the scene and thieves and robbers would be unable to engage in trickery to attack your home. In case any burglar does attempt to come close; cameras, neighbors or any witness can easily view them and alert the authorities due to the brightness of your security lights.

However, the smarter thieves are too meticulous in their planning and they may try to outwit your strategy. Consider the installation of timers with your lightning .i.e. modify them with timer settings. This means third-party individuals would have a harder time to beat you.

Likewise, you can also take advantage of motion sensor security lightning. Such lightning is too quick in detecting an unfamiliar presence and notifies others in a blink of time. To get such types of highly modern lights, have a chat with one of the leading electrical companies in Fort Worth, TX, Tioga Contractors.

Our talented electrician in Fort Worth, TX would be able to observe the surrounding of your home and recommend the installation of the most suitable security light which can act as a highly useful security measure against any malevolent individual. Likewise, our electrician in Fort Worth, TX may also suggest some interesting locations for the placement of security lightning since they have been heavily experienced in the domain and understand the dynamics of such issues.

Property Price

Do you intend to rent your home? Perhaps you are interested to sell it after sometime? Do you want a valuable tip to enhance the worth of your property?

Security lights are not an expense; they are an investment. Their addition to the exterior of your home adds an impetus to the value of your home. It is a feature which is sought-out by many homeowners as people are aware of its list of benefits and realize its multi-purpose advantage.

Additionally, security lightning can prove quite useful to reduce your costs in insurance policies. As they are a viable security measure and actually decrease the chances of crimes, hence insurance providers are quick to provide cheaper and affordable policies due to their integration in your home’s security system. So what are you waiting for? Just call out a certified electrician in Fort Worth, TX for the installation of security lights.


In case you are worried about the bills, then choose an LED-powered security lightning solution which can instantly reduce your bills. LED-powered lights require lower amounts of voltage in comparison to others and do not cause too much heat as an output. As a result, they can be a good option for energy saving while their reduction of home means that there are no fire concerns. Similarly, they run for a longer period of time and thus you do not have to engage in continuous replacement of their bulbs. Some lights have a warranty of even more than 15 years! Hence, contact a qualified electrician in Fort Worth, TX to add such lights in your home.

Final Thoughts

Certainly, now you must have made your mind to get security lightning for home—a trend which has received huge adoption in the last few years. However, you require the best suggestions and recommendations from knowledgeable electricians in Fort Worth, TX. As such contact Tioga Contractors, one of the most reputable electrical services companies in Texas. Our individuals would make sure that you get high-quality security lightning equipment as well as install it at the right positions to increase the security of your home.