Month: April 2017

Remember when a few days back your tub had turned into a lake and your sink was flooded! Drain clogging has always been a headache for homeowners. The first thing that comes to mind in the case of a clogged drain is to resolve it by pouring drain cleaner. While this may help in certain situations, this might not be the solution to all the drain clogging problems, and you will end up hiring a plumber in Keller, TX to fix it.

In either case, drain cleaning in Keller, TX is both costly and a time-consuming process. This particular problem, however, also brings with it the obnoxious and highly unbearable smell. Once you face a clogged drain, it leaves you with no other option than to hire a professional plumber in Keller to get you out of that mess. The amount of time and cost associated with drain cleaning in Keller, TX will, however, differ in accordance with the extent of damage inside the drain.

While the majority of homeowners prefer to save cost by attempting the task as a DIY project, they fail to understand the fact that this inexperienced attempt may lead to some severe damage to their drain system. This may ultimately cost them more amount of money than expected. In the case of improper handling of a task, lack of special tools and the required cleaners, you may end up damaging the drain line permanently and would have to bear the replacement cost.

So what can be done to avoid drain clogging?

If you want to save yourself from the ordeal of a clogged drain, then we bring you some simple yet professional tips from a plumber in Keller, TX to keep your drain system clean. Let’s discuss each of them separately.


1.             Are you allowing the food scraps to go down the drain?

The most common issue of a clogged drain is due to the food scraps that go down the drain and then block the drain system. This situation, however, can be prevented by the use of drain strainer. A drain strainer catches the food scraps or other residuals. This will help in stopping the food scraps from entering the drain system. Moreover, to further ease the situation, it is recommended to have a regular drain cleaning in Keller, TX to avoid facing the bigger problem at once.

2.             Are Grease and Oil affecting the drain lining?

This might sound a little awkward to you – how the substance like oil and grease can get stuck in the drain and result in drain clogging? This is simple to understand though. The oil and grease tend to choke the lining of the drain which ultimately allows the food particles to get stuck with the lining of the drain line.

The drain clogging due to the oil and grease may cause a major problem to your drain system as this not only clogs the drain, but also becomes a support for other particles to get stuck in the drain line. Therefore, it is recommended to always dispose the grease and oil to a separate trash disposal and to avoid spilling or disposing it off in the drain line. In the case of negligence, this may even cost you a plumber to do the drain cleaning in Keller, TX.

3.             Do you flush the toilet paper?

How frustrating does it get when you face the issue of clogged sewer line in your home or in the office! One of the common items that cause drain clogging are thick paper products. From paper towels to toilet papers, people usually flush them in their toilets and hence, face the damage in the form of a clogged drain, or even the blockage of the entire sewer system of the area. However, by avoiding these small practices, you can not only save yourself from drain cleaning in Keller, TX, but can also save a lot of money in terms of frequent drain line repairing and maintenance later on.

4.             Do you pour boiling water down the drain line?

The professional plumber suggests that by pouring boiling water down the drain we can easily keep our drain system cleaned. This can be done once a week but it results last for much longer. This helps is washing off the deposited oil, grease or other sticking food particles at the drain lining and inside the drain. Moreover, it is also beneficial in getting rid of the bacteria and germs that produce inside an unclean drain line and to remove the acrid smell of drain solution or obnoxious smell of drain line itself. Drain cleaning in Keller, TX is, however, easily avoidable by making a habit of it.

5.             Do you have a drain screen installed with your drain line?

There are many products available these days other than drain cleaners to keep the drains clean. One of them is the drain screens. They are used to block the food particles, soap scrum, hair and other tiny particles from entering and blocking the drain line and ultimately, prevent drain clogging.

In case a drain screen is not installed in your kitchen or bathroom drain system, then you can easily get one from the nearest store at a small price. This small price will, however, save you a lot more in terms of time and effort required for drain cleaning in Keller, TX.

Will it prevent the drain clogging in all situations?

By following the above-discussed tips, we can save a lot of time and money when it comes to drain cleaning in Keller, TX. But for many reasons, it is important to understand that not all the drain cleaning problems can be resolved by following these preventive measures.

Hence, there are few things that are best left to professionals, and there are some reasons for which professionals like Tioga Contractors exist. If you are searching for quality services of a leading plumbing service, then check out their website to get yourself served professionally, right away!

Plumbing issues come up every now and then and while sometimes we make an attempt to resolve the issue with the help of the DIY techniques, on other occasions, we need to call a plumber in Fort Worth, TX to fix the problem. At times, when hiring a plumber becomes a necessity, we have to make sure that we hire the one who is fit for the job.

The one who is well-versed at the job at hand and possesses expertise in handling the uncommon plumbing issues – in other words a professional plumber – would consider all the aspects of a job at hand and provide you with a solution that is long-lasting by making sure that the issue does not come up again in near future.

However, the question remains same: How would you know which plumber in Fort Worth, TX to hire for your plumbing problems? From the several thousand, it is very difficult for you to pick one. Therefore, to ease your suffering, we have listed down some basic elements of a professional plumber in Fort Worth, TX. This will help you save time and effort to avoid the mess that an inexperienced plumber would leave you with once the project is finished.

1.    Does your plumber hold the license?

The basic and the foremost thing that you need to check before hiring a plumber is to make sure that he holds the license to perform the job. Several of plumbing contractors are nowadays working without the license or a work permit. Getting a job done by hiring one of those plumbers will not only cost you high but this will also bring up the issues in your plumbing system that might not be covered under your insurance. Therefore, it is important to hire the plumber in Fort Worth, TX that is bonded, insured and majorly licensed. Also, it is important to make sure that the plumbers are hired from reputable contractors of the area only.

2.    Does your plumber have adequate experience?

A plumber who has a license does not necessarily make him an experienced one. One of the most common mistakes that people usually make is to hire the plumber in Fort Worth, TX on the basis of the license they possess, without ensuring the level of experience of a plumber to perform the job at hand. Hiring an inexperienced and untrained professional to save the plumbing cost will always cost you more in the longer run in terms of frequent repair costs and uncommon wear and tear that would arise due to an improper handling of your plumbing system.

An experienced plumber in Fort Worth, TX will do the job much faster and without creating the mess out of the plumbing issue. Therefore, it is, advisable not to take the chance and avoid the dent on your savings with frequent repairs in the future.

3.    Is your plumber offering Guarantee/Warranty?

Before you hire a plumber and sign the contract, make sure you enquire the plumber in Fort Worth, TX for the guarantees or warranties they offer for their work. A plumber who does not offer a guarantee for the work done (for a specific period of time) is not a genuine one. Therefore, it is important to hire a plumber who offers the guarantee for their work. This is to ensure that in case anything goes wrong with the work performed by the plumber in the near future, you can call the same plumber to get it fixed. Also, this will save you the additional plumbing cost.

4.    What is the response time of your plumber?

What people usually don’t pay much attention to is to ask the plumber in Fort Worth, TX for their response time. How about getting a plumber at the quickest when you need them in an emergency? Therefore, it is important you ask the plumber about their response time. This will help you in situations when you are in dire need of a plumber for solving a plumbing issue. Also, always hire plumbers that are located close to your residence rather than the ones who are located at the other end of town.

5.    Does your plumbing contractor offer insurance?

Another important factor in hiring a plumbing contractor is to ask them for the liability insurance or worker’s compensation they offer to their employees. What could go wrong in the case you don’t ask them? Well, in the case when employees are not covered and they face an accident while working on your plumbing problem, you are the one who will be held responsible and will end up paying the medical expenses.

Moreover, hiring plumbing contractors who offer liability insurance will give you an advantage too. That is in the case you face any damage to your structure or property while the plumber is working on your plumbing system, you can hold them responsible for paying the cost of repair and replacement. However, in the case the plumber does offer liability insurance, this would be highly unlikely to hold them responsible for any damage that occurs during the plumbing project.

6.    Is your plumber is a recommended one?

Since plumbing issues are faced by all, therefore, the first thing that comes to mind as soon as a plumbing problem arises is to ask for a referral or a recommendation from neighbors, friends or colleagues. This is a great idea as this would save you a great amount of time and effort to search a plumber in Fort Worth, TX.

Simply ask people around if they have faced any plumbing issue recently. Ask them which plumber they hired and what experience they had with them. In case they had a pleasant experience, you can then further research for the same plumber in Fort Worth, TX to check for the above factors.

What should be done now?

The information provided in this article will definitely help you in hiring the best plumber for your plumbing issue. However, if you are located in Fort Worth, then simply explore the portfolio of Tioga Contractors. They are the contractors who take pride in having a team of professional plumbers which has all the above-mentioned characteristics.

Do you know that a well-maintained air conditioner can last up to 10 years more than its useful life? The air conditioner has now become more of a necessity than a luxury; hence, the use of advanced technology in the making of an air conditioner reduces the electricity bill and energy consumption significantly.

But all of this luxury starts from the first step of getting an air conditioner installed. The assembly and installation of an air conditioner may not seem like a tough job due to handy manuals these days; however, an improper installation of an air conditioner will definitely end up giving you a tough timer in terms of its repair or replacement, which might need to be done by hiring an electrician in Southlake, TX ultimately.

Most people these days tend to attempt the task of air conditioner installation as a DIY project. However, this is crucial to understand that they need to hire a professional electrician in Southlake, TX to perform the job for a number of reasons.

One of the most common reasons is that people usually end up ruining the exterior or damaging the equipment when they try to install an air conditioner by themselves. Hence, whether it’s a residential or an office building, installing an air conditioner without seeking the help of a professional electrician in Southlake, TX will only end up costing you more amount of money as compared to hiring an electrician at the first place.

Let us discuss some of the basic reasons to justify why it is the best approach to get the air conditioner installed only by hiring a professional.

Correct installation is in the hands of those who are equipped with the right tools

The installation of an air conditioner is a tough job when we talk about a layperson doing it. This is due to the fact that a layperson is usually not equipped with the right knowledge and the specific tools that a professional electrician in Southlake, TX has to carry out the installation process.

It is usually observed that even if the installation performed by a layperson looks perfect, either the air conditioner does not work after the installation or is somehow damaged (it could be interior or exterior both). Hiring a professional electrician in Southlake, TX is a much safer option than risking your new air conditioner during its installation.

Moreover, professionals always come as a team (more than one in quantity) to handle a project. This helps in handling and supporting the whole installation process effectively as each of them are specialized to carry out the different steps of an installation process.

The Pre-requisites of an air conditioner installation

The installation of an air conditioner is a vast term. As much as steps and attention is required during the installation process, the same level of focus and preparation is required before initiating an installation. Whenever a layperson tries to install an air conditioner, he always faces issues with sizing and measurements.

The sizing and measurements taken before initiating an installation may either differ or require some alterations at the time of the installation. From the Ton of Refrigeration (TR) to the British Thermal Unit (BTU), one needs to make sure that an air conditioner is chosen perfectly, in accordance with the area in which it is required to be installed. Following that, an air conditioner installation is more than just checking the power requirements and fixing the equipment on the wall. Hence, it is better to be left to a professional electrician in Southlake, TX to do the job.

Have you sealed the air conditioners duct perfectly?

Out of the many steps of an installation process, sealing the ducts of air conditioners is considered to be simplest yet important step that requires expert-level precision. A sealing of a duct by a layperson is likely to result in a leakage problem.

These leakage issues that are unveiled once the installation is done become very time consuming and repetitive in terms of its fixing by a professional later on. Hence, it is always advised to hire a professional electrician in Southlake, TX to perform the job and to avoid decreasing the efficiency of your newly bought air conditioner.

A professional that holds a license also gives guarantee of the work done

Apart from the warranty of your new air conditioner, wouldn’t it be great to also get a guarantee for the efficient working of your air conditioner after its installation? Well, it feels as good as it sounds. These days, a professional that holds a license and offers guarantee of the work done is truly a genuine one.

This is also beneficial in the case if anything goes wrong during the installation process, or later on. You can simply call up the same electrician in Southlake, TX and get the problem fixed without incurring the additional repair cost. Hence, this way, you not only get the installation of your air conditioner done perfectly, but also the satisfaction of its efficient working later on.

Some unmentioned specifics

Apart from the reasons discussed above, the installation of an air conditioner by a professional electrician in Southlake, TX is recommended for many reasons, such as;

  • Improper air flow
  • Leaky ducts
  • Breakage of parts or components during installation
  • Frequent tripping issue due to improper wiring

Moreover, a faulty electrical appliance is usually dangerous for the other installed appliances as well. For instance, improper wiring of an air conditioner may result in a short circuit, or even shorting of the main wiring of the building.

Hence, all these factors make sense and relate to the fact that there is a reason why professionals exist. While we look forward to enjoying the newly installed appliance, we wouldn’t like to make it an ordeal for ourselves.


If you are currently located in Southlake and are searching for a well-versed professional electrician in Southlake, TX for your air conditioner installation, check out the website of professionals like Tioga Contractors. They offer the team of expert professionals to provide you with the best services for your electrical appliances. Moreover, you can also benefit from the in-depth knowledge and tips that are provided by these professionals as consultation.

A confused bird, an errant football, or a hailstorm; all of them are enough to break a glass window with no trouble. A sliding glass door or a single-pane window glass is always an aesthetic and pleasing addition to your home structure. The single-pane window glass not only lets the sunlight lighten your room, but also lets you have a fantastic view of your lush green garden, especially when they open onto a patio.

Speaking of which, it is an undeniable fact that people take the single-pane glass window to be a security risk. This is obvious because the glass panes are an easy point of access to anyone who intends to break it and enter. They are most vulnerable to breaking. Similarly, a glass window can easily be lifted up and off the track just in the case it is not installed properly or securely.

This ordeal does not only put us at risk. It also requires us to bear the expense of glass repair in Dallas. While a single-pane window glass needs good skills, a lot of patience and some precautions to install, you may be right in thinking of leaving this task to a professional, especially in the case when the glass panes are large and heavy.

However, if you are thinking of taking up the task all by yourself, then let us first discuss the glass repairing steps and the tips right from the professionals of glass repair in Dallas.

A step-by-step guide of a single-pane window glass repair in Dallas by a professional

Most people take the glass repair in Dallas as a fairly easy job. However, what they usually neglect is the fact that professionals exist for a reason. To further clarify this, let’s have a look at the step-by-step guide of a single-pane window glass repair by a professional and know the crucial steps that a layperson might fail to follow while patiently attempting the task as a DIY project. This may be as basic a step as wearing work gloves and safety glasses while performing the glass repair in Dallas.

  • Remove each broken glass shard from the window frame. Do it by laying a towel on the glass and stay safe from the sharp edges of broken glass by wearing thick gloves. Save any one of the shards to match with the replacement glass accurately.
  • Always wrap the broken shards in some newspaper or use a bag or a container to dispose of.
  • It’s time to assess the size of the window pane opening and to order a replacement pane. However, professionals of glass repair in Dallas always subtract 1/8-1/16 of an inch from the width and length as an exact measurement of the replacement pane.
  • If the window frame is either metal or vinyl, then pull out the clips with the help of pliers or screwdrivers and move to step 10.
  • In the case of a wooden frame, remove the glazing compound with the use of a putty knife. Heat the area before you scrape and remove gradually to avoid damaging the window frame.
  • It’s time to sand the frame and clean the area. Apply oil (linseed) to the frame and use a paintbrush to apply the coat. This will help in cementing the glazing compound, making it pliable as you fix the new glass pane.
  • Also, to make good cushioning for the new pane, professionals of glass repair in Dallas apply the glazing compound (thin layer) around the frame using a glazing tool. However, make sure the compound IS of the dough thickness.
  • Now place it in the replacement glass in the wooden frame. However, in the case of vinyl or metal, you need to reinsert the vinyl splines or spring clips. Always press the glass firmly and avoid using corroded clips.
  • In the case of a wooden frame, use the glazier tool and put in the glazier’s point. This is done into the corner while holding the pane in place. The glazier’s points are inserted around the glass (every 4 inches). Also, it important to drive them firmly into the wood with the help of a glazing tool.
  • Up to the thickness of a pencil, knead the compound into the strips. The compound should be placed around the boundary of the newly installed pane. Also, press them in place (between frame and pane) with the help of fingers.
  • Once done, the professionals of glass repair in Dallas tend to apply the linseed oil coat on the blade of glazing tool to smoothen out the layer of glazing compound. It should be done with one stroke, that is by holding the tool in a corner (45 degrees) and sliding it towards the opposite corner. However, you have to be careful in spreading the glazing compound in a way that is visible on the window pane.
  • Last but not the least, let the glazing compound settle and cure for at least a week and then paint them the way you like it to be.


Following the guide above, make sure you let the newly-installed window set for at least and about 24 hours before raising/lowering it. Professionals recommend the steps that are based on experience; therefore, they recommend getting the pane of the glass cut from the glass store in order to match the specifications precisely and perfectly. Also, to remove the shards of glass from a large windowpane, they recommend doing it by laying the window frame flat on the ground. This will help to ensure greater safety and control while performing the task.

Hence, it is obvious that it is better if some jobs were left to the professionals. If you are located in Dallas and are planning for a glass repair in Dallas, hire Tioga Contractors straightaway! Their professional team of experts offers the best service in town. Also, you can also avail their 24 hours a day, 365 days a year emergency service and consultancy. It’s the repairing solution that perfectly resonates with your repair need.