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Learning how to harness and use fire has been one of the leading milestones in the history mankind. People use fire for daily activities. Warming up water for bathing or cleaning, cooking food, and getting heat to combat the freezing winters all require the use of fire.

However, when fire gets out of control then its raging flame has the capability to engulf and destroy every single that comes into its way. If a fire breaks out in your home then it can encompass your entire home in its merciless flames resulting in property damage in the best-case scenario and human life damage in the worst-case scenario. Hence, in order to repel such scenarios, smoke detectors came into the scene; they are primarily designed to protect human beings from fire.

Why Smoke Detectors?

According to a study, 2,000 people die daily in fires in American residential homes. Fire releases smoke and gas quickly in the surrounding atmosphere. Subsequently, it worsens with the passage of time and ultimately ends with the loss of human lives. Interestingly, it was discovered that the majority of these residential fires erupted in the midnight—at a time when almost all of the homeowners were sleeping. As a consequence, they wake up late and cannot escape in time.

The installation of a smoke detector in your home can serve as a watchman. This appliance detects a fire instantly, alerts the homeowners, and attempts to stop the fire. According to studies, among all the fire affected homes, around two-thirds did not use a smoke detector. Therefore, in case you are also without a smoke detector, now is a good time to equip your home with it by hiring an electrical service in Euless, TX.

How to Decide Which One to Pick

Now that you have made up your mind to purchase smoke detectors, you can consider the following factors to install them. After reading these factors, you can discuss this with a professional from an electrical service in Euless, TX.

Wired or Battery

Smoke detectors either run on batteries or they are wired to your home. Experts from a reputable electrical service in Euless, TX explain that you can choose your smoke detector based on your situation. For example, if you are renovating your home then a wired-based smoke detector can suit you better.

On the other hand, for those homeowners with older homes, battery-powered smoke detectors will be more appropriate for your need. Battery issues do not let battery-powered smoke detectors to alert in time. Therefore, you have to be careful about changing your batteries in time. Additionally, ask your family to change the batteries regularly. Bear in mind that the life span of battery-powered smoke detectors is 10 years.

Quality Over Cost

During your smoke detector search, one of your primary considerations is probably going to be its cost. At minimum, you can purchase the most basic smoke detector at $15. However, by going cheap, you can lose out on major features and may have to compromise on the quality and performance. While it is perfectly possible to buy cheap appliances and products, purchasing such a vital appliance is not wise with such a thought process.

Keep in mind that it can be the ultimate factor on which the death and safety of your family can hinge. Therefore, pick out a smoke detector based on high-quality and features rather focusing too much on the costs. If you have a limited budget, then an expert from a dependable electrical service in Euless, TX can assist you to purchase the best quality detector in your price range.


Regardless of whether you buy a heater or air conditioner, all home appliances have to be maintained sooner or later—smoke detectors belong to the same category. However, the frequency of this maintenance can vary for various smoke detectors.

Certified electricians from electrical service in Euless, TX have unveiled that in majority of the fire-related accidents, when they entered the affected home, they found out that the smoke detector was never working in the first place. Therefore, make it mandatory to frequently test your smoke detectors after a defined interval in order to determine their working state. If you find anything amiss, quickly contact a reliable electrical service in Euless, TX.

If you have installed battery-powered smoke detectors then all you need to do is to regularly change the battery. Advanced detectors alert their users to change batteries in the form of alarms when they have completed their life spans.

Home Dimensions

There should be a smoke detector in each part of your home including all the rooms, basements, hallways, and attics. If you are placing a detector in kitchen then using photoelectric smoke sensor is wiser than relying on ionization-based smoke detectors—these detectors cannot differentiate between a real fire smoke and the smoke from routine fire-based activities like cooking.

In larger residential homes, an electrical service in Euless, TX may choose a smoke detector system in which everything is connected. What this means is that if a single smoke detector senses fire, then it communicates it to other detectors and all of them generate an alarm.

Assistance for the Disabled

If you have someone in your home who cannot hear well then there is a solution for them as well. For such individuals, there is a smoke detector system which can create visual alerts for their users. Hence, hire an electrical service in Euless, TX and request them to install such a smoke detector in your home.

Final Thoughts

Do you have a smoke detector? Have you recently relocated? If your answer is negative then you can benefit a lot from the installation of a smoke detector which can ensure that family and property is always safe from a fire. For this, you need a reliable electrical service in Euless, TX.

As such, you contact Tioga Contractors, one of the most renowned electrical service in Euless, TX. Our professionals are well-versed with all types of commercial and residential smoke alarms.


Summertime is approaching fast and we all know how scorching hot it can be here in Texas. Instead of relying heavily on your central air conditioning you can make use of a few smart tips to lower the electricity bills for the summer months. You can depend upon great electricians in Bedford, TX for some really great advice.

There are a number of academic studies to prove that the heat can make us crankier and more frustrated. The level of discomfort also depends upon the mercury level. So in order to remain calmer and happier, you should focus on maintaining the indoors at a lower temperature. Although you can force your central air conditioner to work harder, you should be more imaginative than that because it will significantly raise your electricity bills.

So here are 7 cool ways of cooling down your home during the harsh Texas summer:

Repaint Rooms

Dark walls can become extra hot during the summer months because darker colors are more efficient at absorbing heat as compared to lighter colors. This is the last thing that you would want in the inexorable Texas summer. White color on the other hand reflects heat better than dark colors and will therefore prevent heat from building up inside the walls of your home.

This might seem like major renovation work, but if you were thinking about repainting and kept on delaying, then this could be a good source of motivation. If you paint your walls white, you will also need less lighting. By using fewer lights you can prevent heat from building up during evening time.

You should call an experienced electrician in Bedford, TX to make your home more energy efficient.


You might be tempted to think that it might be worthwhile to take down your drapes during the summer months. This is not such a good idea if your room faces direct sunlight. Sunlight pouring in through windows can raise the temperature considerably. You can block the sun at the main point of entry – windows – with the help of drapes.

So if you had been thinking about installing drapes but kept on putting it off, the summer months could be a good time to get started.

Fans for Better Airflow

The fan can be your best ally during the summer months. It helps you to blow the hot air out which can result in considerable cooling.

If you have a well maintained basement, you could make use of its cool air reservoir with the help of a fan. During the hottest part of the day, you can place a fan in the basement so that it blows cool air to the upper levels. This can help to cool down your house when everything else is sizzling in the relentless heat.

If you have problems with fans you should immediately call an electrician in Bedford, TX.


You can turn towards nature to keep your house cool during the summer months. You can think of planting trees and bushes that will block out the sunlight and provide much needed shade for your abode.

But you should remember that there is a fine line between enjoying shade and being plunged in absolute darkness. You will need to contact a professional landscaping service to get advice on the best natural and green options for keeping your house cool during the Texas summer.

Think how awesome your garden will look in the evening with super chic outdoor lighting. Your house will shine brilliantly and truly stand out in your neighborhood. Contact an electrician in Bedford, TX.

Change Your Lighting

If you are still using incandescent bulbs, it is best to change them as soon as possible. These can generate considerable heat which will further raise the mercury level within your home.

You should switch to LED lighting since these are the most energy efficient and therefore give off the least amount of heat.

To install LED lighting you should immediately contact a knowledgeable electrician in Bedford, TX.

Turn Off Heat Generating Appliances

When you are doing the laundry you should think about hanging out the clothes for drying rather than using the dryer. Not only will this bring down your energy bills, you will also avoid heating up your home by running the dryer. If you must use the dryer, then try placing it close to a window so that the heat can escape.

Having problems with your appliances? Contact an electrician in Bedford, TX. Problem solved!

If you plan on baking, think again. Try to go for no-bake cake recipes or think of other alternatives for the sweet tooth such as ice creams, fruit shakes and other frozen desserts.


It’s better to make a few smart additions to your wardrobe. You should not continue with warmer full length clothes and suffer from the heat.

You should go shopping for cooler apparel when the summer season is approaching. Look for materials that are lighter and more breathable rather than thick fabrics. Thin cotton and light linens are good options for the warmer weather.

You can also try cutting your hair shorter during the summer season. This can make a big difference and will make you feel liberated and refreshed.

Electricians in Bedford, TX can immediately help you out should you face any electrical problems. In particular, you want quick and reliable electrical service during the summer months so that you won’t have to suffer from the heat.

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LED lighting is becoming increasingly popular for both home and business use. LED lighting is gaining popularity because it offers more benefits compared to other lighting options. Read on to find out about all the benefits – some of which that you may not be aware of.

When talking about home décor, several things come to mind such as wallpaper, houseplants, paint, upholstery, etc. LED lighting is one such element that can greatly enhance the prestige and aesthetic appeal of your home décor.

There is no doubt that LED lighting is the most preferred choice for window advertisements and Christmas decorations. But it also has several other uses besides decorative purposes.

The good thing about LED lights is that they offer a wide range of the brightest and most fantastic hues to illuminate your settings. This is a very important feature since there has been a renewed interest in colored lighting during recent times.

With so many lighting options it is natural to wonder about some of the benefits that LED lighting can offer to commercial and domestic environments. Here they are:

Not Affected by Switching

Not many people know that the lifespan of light bulbs is reducedif you turn them on and off too frequently. On the other hand, LED lights remain unaffected no matter how many times you turn them on or off.

Also, light bulbs can take some time to reach their brightest. LED lights on the other hand, reach their highest level of brightness in the blink of an eye.

You can depend upon a good electrician in Euless, TX for all the advantages of LED lighting.


Most people are aware that LED lights last much longer than incandescent lights. But most people don’t realize how enduring LED lights really are. According to estimates, if you use an LED light every day for 8 hours at a stretch, the lifespan of this light will extend to 17 years. Keep in mind that there will be proportionate drop in lifespan with increasing use.

Even if you were to use the LED non-stop, 24 hours a day and seven days a week, the lifespan of the LED will still turn out to be 6 years which is quite remarkable considering the heavy amount of use.

To get the benefits of LED lighting contactan electrician in Euless, TX.

Environmentally Friendly

LED lights are much better for the environment as compared to old fashioned electric bulbs. In fact, the positive environmental effects are the main reason why incandescent bulbs have been phased out in favor of LED lights.

Over the years, significant improvements have been made to LED lights which is why they have greater efficiency and also much lower price as compared to incandescent bulbs.

You can enjoy the advantages of LED lighting by talking to an electrician in Euless, TX.


Compared to other types of light bulbs, LED lights are comparatively safer. One reason for better safety is that they are not made from delicate glass. Instead, they are made from durable plastic. Not only is plastic far less brittle as compared to glass, it also does not form sharp edges even if it breaks.

Although plastic has slightly less transparency as compared to glass, the effects are too small to be noticed.

LED lights also do not contain mercury. Other types of light bulb contain mercury which is one of the worst neurotoxins known to mankind.

LED lighting does have some health concerns however.This mainly pertains to blue and red light. Although there are concerns about the effects of blue light, the fact is that LEDs emit less blue light as compared to the sun. Sunlight has significantly more blue light than even blue LEDs.

Some people are also concerned over red light. The easiest way to deal with this issue is not to use red light if you have concerns.

The fact remains that LEDs are much safer in comparison to other types of light bulbs.

Get in touch with an experienced electrician in Euless, TX to install LED lights.


The good thing about LED lights is that their energy efficiency increases with falling temperatures. This is in contrast to incandescent lights whose efficiency falls with temperature.

Thisis why LED lights are good options for freezers and also for areas that have temperate climate.

LED lights don’t give off much heat and that is why they are so energy efficient. The same cannot be said for light bulbs though, which waste a lot of electrical power as heat and convert just a small fraction to light energy. Light bulbs can burn you if you touch them while they are on. LED lights are safe to touch no matter how long they have been operating.

You can install LED lights by calling a good electrician in Euless, TX.

Brightness and Clarity of Colors

You can choose several varieties of vivid colors with LED lights. White LEDs can emit light rays that are perfectly white. The same cannot be saidfor incandescent lights. They give off a golden yellow color which is not as appealing as white.


You can easily provide your burnt-out LEDs to recycling organizations and have the comfort of knowing that you won’t be harming the environment. This makes LED lights even more environmentally friendly.

If you don’t have LED lights installed, you can get in touch with great electricians in Euless, TX to gain all advantages of the latest LED lighting technology.

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There are many signs that could indicate severe future damage to your property, which is why it is important to keep a lookout for these signs. This is especially important if they are electrical in nature. Faulty wiring and other electrical problems are areas of concern which simply cannot be ignored. You should immediately contact an electrician in Hurst, TX at the first sign of trouble.

Cost of Electrical Fires

According to the Electrical Safety Foundation International, around 51,000 fires are started each year due to electrical faults. This leads to around 500 deaths, over 1,400 serious injuries and about $1.3 billion damage to property.

It, therefore, makes sense to take proactive measures lest you wind up as yet another statistic. We should all take maximum care both for ourselves, our families and loved ones.

Here are the 8 signs that indicate electrical problems that you should deal with immediately:

Flickering or Dimming Lights

It is quite possible for faults in fixtures to cause dimming and flickering in lights, but this is usually quite rare. It is far more likely that too many appliances are attached to the same electric circuit. There are electric appliances that can consume a large amount of electricity such as washing machines, heaters, electrical stoves, motors, andirons.

As a precaution, you should check how many appliances are running when you notice dimming and flickering in lights. If you find that too many appliances are running at once, then you should switch them off and try running them one at a time. It is much safer to subject your electric circuits to smaller loads.

You should contact an electrician in Hurst, TX to inspect the circuit and the appliance. The electrician will first analyze the situation for the best possible solution. They might decide that it is best to shift the appliance to another circuit. They will also check to see if the right level of electrical protection is available and whether or not the power supply has been correctly configured.

Weird Smell

You might notice a strange new smell when you start using a new appliance. This smell should not last too long. You should call someone else to take notice of the smell. This way you will be completely certain that the smell is real and not just in your head.

If the smell persists for a few minutes,then you should not take any chances. It can quite possibly be the result of an electric short. In such cases, you can usually sense a stronger stench close to the electrical appliance or fuse box. Switch off the power and call an electrician in Hurst, TX just to be sure.

Hot Sockets and Switches

Hot sockets and switches should never be ignored. You should always take quick notice of any heat coming from electrical outlets. Sockets and switches can get a little warm. But it is not standard for them to become hot. Rising temperature is a definite danger sign. You should get all such electrical outlets, switches and sockets checked immediately.

Electrical outlets should not get hot even with devices that consume a high amount of electrical power such as heaters and dishwashers. You can try connecting the device to another outlet to see if it gets too hot. If the outlet is noticeably cooler, then you can be certain that there is a fault in the previous outlet. You should contact an electrician in Hurst, TX so that they can have a look and fix the outlet before it leads to any damage.

Sometimes, sockets and outlets can become warm even if no device is connected and running. This is usually due to a fault in the wiring. You should not use such electrical outlets and call an electrician in Hurst, TX immediately.

Tripping Circuit Breakers

Circuit breakers and fuses are designed to provide electrical safety. Fuses melt and circuit breakers trip when the electrical load gets too high. This way they protect you against overloads and the possibility of damage and fires.

If you use a particular appliance and find that it frequently trips your circuit breaker, there may be a fault in the appliance. Stop using it. Get in touch with an electrician in Hurst, TX.

If you find that using a particular outlet trips your circuit breaker, then it is possible that the circuit to which the outlet is connected is overloaded. You should allow an electrician in Hurst, TX to inspect this outlet. They will be able to advise you about upgrading the circuit or adding a new one.

Weird Noises

Properly functioning electric circuits do not produce any sound. Electrical buzzing and humming sounds are not normal. These could be caused by defective appliances, faulty wiring or loose connections.

If you notice a strange electrical buzzing or humming sound when you use an appliance, you should stop using it and contact an electrician in Hurst, TX. They will tell you whether the appliance, outlet or circuit is at fault.

Improper Sockets

You should be aware of the fact that your kitchen and washrooms need electrical outlets that are different from other areas of your home. Areas that can get wet – like washrooms and kitchens have specially designed outlets called ground fault circuit interrupters (GFCIs). These special outlets are needed because water is an excellent conductor of electricity and therefore a potential source of hazard.

GFCIs can be identified easily because two buttons are located in the middle of these sockets. They are therefore quite distinct from ordinary sockets. If your washroom and kitchen sockets do not have two buttons in the middle,then you can be certain that these are the wrong electrical connections. An electrician in Hurst, TX will be able to replace your sockets with the right ones.

Too Many Extension Cords

If you use lots of extension cords, it means that your property has insufficient electrical connections. Similarly, if you connect too many appliances to one socket, it again means that you have insufficient connections.

Remember that extension cords are a short term solution. They should never be used in the long term. Extension cords can lead to the following problems: electrical shorting, twisted cord, the risk of poor connections, the risk of trips and falls.

You should rectify the problem of too few electrical connections by contacting a skilled electrician.

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