Keep Your Home Cooler During the Texas Summer with These 7 Cool Tips | Electricians in Bedford, TX

Keep Your Home Cooler During the Texas Summer with These 7 Cool Tips | Electricians in Bedford, TX

Summertime is approaching fast and we all know how scorching hot it can be here in Texas. Instead of relying heavily on your central air conditioning you can make use of a few smart tips to lower the electricity bills for the summer months. You can depend upon great electricians in Bedford, TX for some really great advice.

There are a number of academic studies to prove that the heat can make us crankier and more frustrated. The level of discomfort also depends upon the mercury level. So in order to remain calmer and happier, you should focus on maintaining the indoors at a lower temperature. Although you can force your central air conditioner to work harder, you should be more imaginative than that because it will significantly raise your electricity bills.

So here are 7 cool ways of cooling down your home during the harsh Texas summer:

Repaint Rooms

Dark walls can become extra hot during the summer months because darker colors are more efficient at absorbing heat as compared to lighter colors. This is the last thing that you would want in the inexorable Texas summer. White color on the other hand reflects heat better than dark colors and will therefore prevent heat from building up inside the walls of your home.

This might seem like major renovation work, but if you were thinking about repainting and kept on delaying, then this could be a good source of motivation. If you paint your walls white, you will also need less lighting. By using fewer lights you can prevent heat from building up during evening time.

You should call an experienced electrician in Bedford, TX to make your home more energy efficient.


You might be tempted to think that it might be worthwhile to take down your drapes during the summer months. This is not such a good idea if your room faces direct sunlight. Sunlight pouring in through windows can raise the temperature considerably. You can block the sun at the main point of entry – windows – with the help of drapes.

So if you had been thinking about installing drapes but kept on putting it off, the summer months could be a good time to get started.

Fans for Better Airflow

The fan can be your best ally during the summer months. It helps you to blow the hot air out which can result in considerable cooling.

If you have a well maintained basement, you could make use of its cool air reservoir with the help of a fan. During the hottest part of the day, you can place a fan in the basement so that it blows cool air to the upper levels. This can help to cool down your house when everything else is sizzling in the relentless heat.

If you have problems with fans you should immediately call an electrician in Bedford, TX.


You can turn towards nature to keep your house cool during the summer months. You can think of planting trees and bushes that will block out the sunlight and provide much needed shade for your abode.

But you should remember that there is a fine line between enjoying shade and being plunged in absolute darkness. You will need to contact a professional landscaping service to get advice on the best natural and green options for keeping your house cool during the Texas summer.

Think how awesome your garden will look in the evening with super chic outdoor lighting. Your house will shine brilliantly and truly stand out in your neighborhood. Contact an electrician in Bedford, TX.

Change Your Lighting

If you are still using incandescent bulbs, it is best to change them as soon as possible. These can generate considerable heat which will further raise the mercury level within your home.

You should switch to LED lighting since these are the most energy efficient and therefore give off the least amount of heat.

To install LED lighting you should immediately contact a knowledgeable electrician in Bedford, TX.

Turn Off Heat Generating Appliances

When you are doing the laundry you should think about hanging out the clothes for drying rather than using the dryer. Not only will this bring down your energy bills, you will also avoid heating up your home by running the dryer. If you must use the dryer, then try placing it close to a window so that the heat can escape.

Having problems with your appliances? Contact an electrician in Bedford, TX. Problem solved!

If you plan on baking, think again. Try to go for no-bake cake recipes or think of other alternatives for the sweet tooth such as ice creams, fruit shakes and other frozen desserts.


It’s better to make a few smart additions to your wardrobe. You should not continue with warmer full length clothes and suffer from the heat.

You should go shopping for cooler apparel when the summer season is approaching. Look for materials that are lighter and more breathable rather than thick fabrics. Thin cotton and light linens are good options for the warmer weather.

You can also try cutting your hair shorter during the summer season. This can make a big difference and will make you feel liberated and refreshed.

Electricians in Bedford, TX can immediately help you out should you face any electrical problems. In particular, you want quick and reliable electrical service during the summer months so that you won’t have to suffer from the heat.

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