Month: May 2017

Nearly all the commercial building and houses are built on concrete slabs these days.  Nevertheless, these slabs maintain and support the strong foundation of a structure. Following that, with the use of  advanced technology and the new methodology of installation, it is now much easier to diagnose the variety of problems that are attached with concrete slabs.

A slab leak is, however, one of the most commonly faced problems. Previously, the detection of slab leak issue and its repair was a difficult job. This was not only time-consuming, but was also considered to be the most costly damage. However, this problem can now easily be diagnosed with the help of a plumber in Fort Worth, TX and without even disrupting our homes.

In addition, the soil in North Texas is usually high in clay content. This clay expands as it absorbs water and ultimately creates a pressure on the slab above. On the contrary, in the case the soil shrinks in summers, it causes inadequate support for house’s foundation.

In general, the movement of the slab also creates movement in the pipes. This weakens the longevity of pipes. With the increased pressure on the pipes, a weaken pipe is likely to start leaking from the weakest spot. Since a slab leak is basically the leaking of water through the tiny cracks in the slab, therefore, water can easily make its path towards up, down or even sideways which ultimately creates hot or wet spots along with dampened surrounding.

Is it necessary to call a plumber in Fort Worth, TX for slab leak issue?

While many people ignore the issue altogether, ignorance may not be a bliss in this case! Moreover, some people take a lot of time and consideration before finally hiring a plumber in Fort Worth, TX. This is, however, important to understand that leaving a slab leak unattended for a long period of time does no good to us. In fact, it weakens the foundation of our house, badly affect the value of our building and most importantly put our loved one’s health at risk due to the growth of molds and inhabitations of different bugs in moisten area.

However, the majority of people only realize this damage once it’s too late and things are no more controllable. To avoid this inconvenience caused, it is always advised to get a leaking slab repaired at the earliest and by hiring a plumber in Fort Worth, TX.

How can we detect a slab leak?

First of all, a slab leak is easily detectable by a lay person as there are so many warning signs that point toward the issue. But not taking up the professional services of a plumber in Fort Worth, TX is not an option; in this case, therefore, it is better to avoid the idea of fixing the issue as a DIY project.

However, following are some of the most common signs of slab leak;

  • Hot spots on the flooring indication a leaking hot water line
  • Dampen soil or even carpeting inside the house
  • A moldy smell along with the growth of mold surrounding the slab
  • The sound of running water while all the taps and valves are turned off
  • A significant increase in the water bill
  • Visible cracks on the floor or walls, however, to be further sure about this indication, you may also check the water meter. If it’s running without any sort of water usage in the house then it indicates a leaked slab.

All of these discussed factors are easily detectable if you inspect the different parameters of your house. Once done, the next and the immediate step should be the hiring of a plumber in Fort Worth, TX.

How do we fix a slab leak?

To fix a slab leak we must first detect the exact spot of a leak. However, with the advancement in the technology and increasing trend of plumbing in Fort Worth, TX, leak detection is no more a tedious job! And for that, the plumbers in Fort Worth, TX use a specialized listening device these days. This device helps in locating the leak of the water line.

Usually, in this method, the water supply to the house is usually cut off. The plumber then pumps the air through the water line, this way the water in the pipeline is forced to exit from some of the valves. Once all the water is removed from the pipe, the air starts escaping from the cracks of the supply line. And finally, just like the stethoscope used by a doctor, the plumber in Fort Worth, TX uses the listening device to listen the sound of gushing air, eventually detecting the exact area of the leak.

However, in the case of if the plumber is not able to detect the leak using the specialized listening device that it may require an extensive task of excavating the location or digging up the larger portion of the slab to fix the issue.

Does an insurance company provide coverage for a slab leak?

Quite often, the repair of a slab leak is covered by the insurance company. However, all of this coverage is subject to the cost of deductibles, or any other similar cost attached to it. Nevertheless, if you do choose to get the slab leak repaired with your insurance coverage, you will need to pay the deductible plus the cost of fixing the broken pipes.

The plumbers in Fort Worth, TX suggest that you should always check the policy beforehand and ask the insurance agent for the complete clarification of the coverage plan. While the actual fix may be just a few hundred dollars, the majority of the cost constitute of detection and the excavation work.

What if something goes wrong during the repair?

Slab leak detection and its repair is no more a tough job as discussed earlier. However, this task may only become an inconvenience if we fail to choose the right plumbing service. Therefore, in order to save yourself from making a small plumbing issue into a headache, always hire the professional services of Tioga Contractors.


Their team of experts is well-versed in handling such plumbing issues. While this is the best and most affordable service in town, you will also have the convenience to reach them at any time through 24/7 emergency service.

We all use the water heater as a basic necessity in our homes. Though, this is the most basic and yet the most neglected appliance in our home. Do you know that a water heater constitutes to almost 25% of your household energy bill?

This fact surely emphasizes on a great deal of work done by a water heater. Usually, a water heater lasts for around 8 to 12 years. This signifies that the installation of a water heater is a task that happens in years and is not a frequent project. Similarly, it also emphasizes on a fact that with such great advancement in the methodology of installation, repair, equipment and the up gradation in the appliances industry, there is no valid reason for us to handle the job on our own (as a DIY project). However, we must hire the professional services of a professional plumber in Fort Worth, TX.

While a newly installed water heater is not much problematic in terms of repair or inefficiency, the parts or the elements of the water heater are now easily available in the market and at reasonable prices. But, this should not be taken as an excuse for not hiring a plumber in Fort Worth, TX. A person who is aware of the technicalities of home appliances must know that a wise decision is always to hire the experience of an expert plumber in Fort Worth, TX.

Following that, have you ever experienced interrupted electric power or a wrong voltage issue? These are just two of the issues that a person faces when it comes to installing a water heater. However, in order to avoid these issues, you must hand over the newly bought water heater in the hands of a professional plumber in Fort Worth, TX so that it can be handled the way it deserves. And this would definitely make yours and your water heater’s life much more comfortable.


The installation of a water heater by a professional plumber in Fort Worth, TX

Here the steps that an experienced plumber follows and which makes us free from the headache of frequent repair and maintenance. Furthermore, this signifies the importance of having the right tools and equipment to carry out the installation task. Not to mention, only a professional plumber in Fort Worth, TX is equipped with these right tools.

Unpack the water heater and check the home connections

For a perfect start and the installation, the professional plumber in Fort Worth, TX ensures to follow these smart steps.

  • Always check the water supply, vent positioning, and gas supply for their functionality before you unpack a water heater
  • Ensure that all the required tools are available. This may include a drill or nut driver, pencil, measure tape, pipe joint compound, screws, utility knife, small bucket and a spray bottle
  • By following the given line on the box, unpack the water heater with the use of a knife. Also, make sure that the wires and control unit is not damaged and for this always use a dolly for the water heater and position it accurately.
  • Now measure the both of the earthquake straps. One at the top and under the T&P valve and another at the bottom, at the top of the pilot control.

It is important to make strong connections in order to avoid the leak

The most common problem that people usually face is that once the installation is completed, either they there is a gas leak or water leak issue. And this is because they fail to make the strong connections during the installation process. Hence;

  • Avoid soldering connections by connecting the water supply by the use of flexible copper supplies. Keep the shut-off valve closed and avoid spilling of water on the water heater surface by placing a bucket below. Also, ensure tight connections to avoid the leak.
  • Now place the vent hood in the correct positioning and press it. With this, you will be able to hear a clicking sound indicating the correct installation of it
  • Now put the vent pipe inside and if you choose to use an old pipe then make sure it is free from any holes or the cracks. To make them look good, attach the elbow and keep them in line.
  • Now connect the supply (gas) by keeping the valve closed. Also, with the use of the joint compound, joint the flex connector with the control unit and avoid putting way too much pressure on the unit while to place it.

It’s time to check the result by filling the water heater tank with water

Now, it’s time for you to double check the connections and fill up the water heater tank. In order to get the perfect result, the plumber in Fort Worth, TX suggests that there are few things that you should consider.

  • Once the tank is filled up, check for the leaks
  • Attach the earthquake straps after filling up the tank as the water heater is quite light in weight when it’s empty.
  • Attach the pipe with T&P valve to remove the excess water and keep the pipe 6” off the floor
  • Always turn the gas on by keeping the dialer set for pilot lightening
  • Double check for the gas leak by spraying soapy water on all the connections. Whenever, there is a leak it is indicated by the bubbles coming at the surface, however, if you notice any such issue then simply turn the gas off and fix the issue of these weak connections at first.

By following these smart tips and steps of water heater installation by a professional plumber in Fort Worth, TX, you may easily get over with the installation job in just half an hour. Also, this would give you a relief in terms of reduced need of frequent repair and maintenance.

What should be done now?

If you too do not possess the expertise to carry out the installation by yourself then do not hesitate in hiring in the expertise of Tioga Contractors as their experienced team of professionals plumbers in Fort Worth, TX is well-versed to handle the most uncommon plumbing issue in the best manner.

Electrical services seem very easy to get, but you should know the difference between electrical services and good electrician services and one should always go for good and professional electrical services. Many people try to fix their electrical issues by themselves. This approach is not good at all if you don’t have sufficient training in the respective field because electricity is a dangerous thing to deal with in any situation.

Getting good electrical services are as tricky as getting services of a good tutor for your children or seasoned physician for your body ailments but there are ways to get one.

Service specific

First thing you should know about various electrical services is that all of them are not the same and not every electrician can provide you with a whole range of electrical services. For instance, the electrician who is expert in doing electrical wiring in the residential building might not be able to design the remodeled electrical system. Many electricians only provide their services to the residential units, while others only cater to commercial spaces. That is why it is important to narrow down your search to find only those electricians who are expert in providing the electrical services in Dallas you need. It will save your precious time otherwise you will end up on wrong fronts.

Referenced electrician

Getting a referenced professional is a very old method to get good professional services. With time, this habit of asking for your friends and relatives to refer you to some good professional has decreased. But still, it is one of the most effective ways to get your hands on good electrical services in Dallas. Ask your friends and coworkers if they have recently acquired the services of the one, and whether they are happy with their performance. If they can refer you to a good electrician then you will be saved from finding and testing an electrical service on your own.

Experience over money

If your house is in need of electrical services, then you should know that you must not compromise on the experience of an electrician, just to save some extra bucks, because if your house electrical system is installed, maintained or repaired by a rooky electrician you are putting yourself and your loved ones in  potential danger. With services of an experienced electrician you can have reliable electrical services in Dallas which can provide you with the peace of mind which can’t be gauged in terms of money.

Faulty and inexperience electrical services can cost you more money because your electrical appliances can malfunction due to the bad electrical system of your house.

Location Proximity

Try to get the services of those electricians who are based in or near your neighborhood because it’s easy for you to reach them in case of any emergency situation, also they will save you some money because they don’t have to spend extra on the transport to get to your place. If you are living in Northern Texas then you can contact us for our electrical services in Dallas and its neighboring cities.

Online Search

If you are new in some locality and don’t know where to find a good electrical services then you can get the help of the internet. Nowadays, electrical contractors have their online platforms where you can get all the details about their provided electrical services and the certifications and accreditation their company has. If you are new in Dallas and in need of electrical services then you can contact us because we are providing the whole range of electrical services in Dallas.

Once you find an electrical service provider you need, there are some traits you should look for in the electricians of that electrical contractor.

Licensing and certifications

Gone are the times when people just hire electricians without looking into their formal qualifications. Now, it’s become very necessary for any good electrician to have a license from the respective authority. So, you should look for those electrical contractors who have licensed electricians because licensing and certifications give you assurance that your home’s electrical issues are in safe hands. We provide you with licensed and experienced electricians with our electrical services in Dallas.

Communication skills

The hired electrician should have good communication skills in addressing the problems you are facing with. When you know more about the problem your electrician is fixing then you will be more satisfied. While the same problem is fixed without giving you the information about it, you will feel minor uncertainty.


A good electrical service should be available round the clock because electrical emergencies don’t happen in allotted time slots and you may need an experienced electrician in any odd time. Our electrical services in Dallas provide residents with emergency services in which you don’t need the prior appointment.

Possess all necessary equipment

Although it will be difficult for you to know all about the specific equipment electricians use, but you can ask them if they have all the necessary equipment your electrical issue will need. Remember that with all the appropriate equipment it takes less time to fix the problem.

Issue service warranty

Reputable electricians and electrical contractors are sure of their provided services and that is why they provide their customers with service warranty. This warranty should also include the clause that if any electrical appliance in your house malfunctions while an electrician is working on it then it will be contractor’s liability to compensate. With our electrical services in Dallas, you will be issued with a service warranty so you don’t have to worry about the quality of service.

Getting the services of a professional electrical contractor can become easy if you keep in mind the above mentioned features before going to find the professional electrical services in Dallas.

Tioga contractors provide with exemplary electrical services in Dallas with its team of licensed and experienced electricians. We provide you with a wide variety of electrical solutions form electrical wiring of your home to the installation of security lights and power backups. So if your house is in the need of any electrical service in Dallas and its neighboring areas then you should contact us.

Backflow is a normal phenomenon of fluid dynamics where any fluid reverses its direction of flow when there is a change in pressure gradient, but when we talk about backflow in our houses then it becomes a plumbing issue, and a serious one

House plumbing systems generally have various cross connections and that makes the phenomenon of backflow dangerous to the well being of you and your family. Due to cross connections, the backflow can pollute your clean water supply from the contaminated and used water. In case you are witnessing a slight color change or stinky smell in you water supply then you should contact the plumbing services in Fort Worth to check whether your plumbing system is experiencing a problem of backflow.

Events that lead to backflow

A broken water main

If a distribution pipe of water supply in your municipality gets wrecked or broken due to any reason it can reduce the water pressure in your water supply and that can cause a backflow in your plumbing system. If you get the information that water main is broken near your house then you should call a plumbing service in Fort Worth which can help you in any possible backflow issue you would experience.

Long power breakdown

If your area is subjected to a rare power breakdown due to any unusual reason then there are chances that the pressure in your water supply drops to induce backflow. If your home is already installed with a backflow prevention system from a reputed plumbing service in Fort Worth then you don’t have to worry about the problem of backflow.

Plumbing overhauling

Some plumbing overhauls require the draining down of water supply of the whole house and building. This temporary pressure difference can cause a momentary backflow in your plumbing system but it can be prevented if the plumbing overhauling is done by a professional plumbing service in Fort Worth.

Emergency water consumption

Backflow can also be created if somewhere in your neighborhood there is an emergency water usage, i.e. fire fighters are extinguishing a fire by using big chunk of water supply. If your house plumbing system is already having a backflow prevention system then you will not face the consequences of the mentioned situation.

In house pressure difference

If any home equipment which uses water is generating more pressure than the pressure in water distribution lines then it can cause backflow in your plumbing system.

All the above discussed reasons that can lead to the negative pressure generation which causes contaminates to seep back into the clean water supply. That is why it is necessary to have an upgraded plumbing system with backflow prevention. With professional plumbing services in Fort Worth, you can get it.

Potential sites of Back flow

We have already mentioned that backflows are likely to occur in those places where there are cross connections in your plumbing system. You should know that those sites in your house where backflow can occur. Plumbing apparatus which is prone to backflow should be installed with backflow prevention devices form an experienced plumbing service in Fort Worth.


Bathrooms are packed with various faucets and tapes that have cross connection and can experience backflow. Threaded faucets are very vulnerable to have a problem of backflow


The kitchen is one of the most likely sites to have a backflow because dishwashers and garbage disposals are fitted with cross-connections.
Other than that, every other faucet and tape inside or outside the house which is attached with plumbing system through a cross connection will take the burn of backflow.

Consequences of Backflow

  • If a garden hose is also used to clean draining lines and rain downspouts then in the event of backflow the harmful waste can be drawn back in the clean water supply of your house. You should be very careful especially if your garden hose is also supplied with insecticides because in that case backflow will have very lethal consequences. Thus it is very imperative to have backflow prevention in your plumbing system.
  • If you are facing the problem of backflow and flush valve in your toilet doesn’t has an anti-siphon mechanism then you can face the problem of bad odors, vapors and if this condition persists for a long time then it can reach your house’s clean water supply.
  • Small swimming pools in the backyard of your house are usually connected to the water supply of the house and if your water distribution is experiencing a decrease in pressure then contaminated water can flow back to your water supply.

Backflow can result in very dangerous outcomes if not addresses timely and that is why the best way to prevent your plumbing system from backflow is to use backflow preventers which can be installed from any professional plumbing service in Fort Worth.

Mostly following are the types of backflow preventers which are used in house plumbing systems.

Hose bib

Hose bibs are the oldest and most reliable backflow preventers used in plumbing system. Every water outlet or faucet is needed with one hose bib apparatus to prevent backflow with the help of spring assembly which only allows unidirectional water flow in every pressure situation.

Atmospheric vacuum breaker

This is another type of backflow preventer gathered in a 90 degree assembly with a cap on its top which drops when there is a slump in pressure in the water main to suck in the atmospheric air to compensate the drop in pressure which can cause back siphon.

Pressure vacuum breaker

This backflow preventer is usually used to stop the backflow from the underground water sprinkling system to the potable water source. It is loaded with check valve which prevents the reverse flow in case of pressure drop.

There are other backflow preventers also available in the market. The type of preventer which is needed in the plumbing system of your house will be recommended and installed by a professional plumbing service in Fort Worth.

Tioga Contractors plumbing service in Fort Worth, Dallas and neighboring area not only facilitate you with the installation of new backflow prevention systems, it will also repair the already installed prevention system with their expert team of plumbers. Tiago contractors have a BBB membership with A+ rating so it is given that with us, you will be provided with the quality plumbing services in Fort Worth.