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Food scraps form 10 to 20 percent of household waste in the United States. What’s worrying is that they contribute to public health, hygiene, and environmental issues. Fortunately, homeowners can use a garbage disposal to dispose of food scraps that make their way into the kitchen sink. A garbage disposal also makes kitchen cleaning fast and easy, and 44 percent of homes in the United States have a disposal unit.

Whether you are planning to replace your old garbage disposal or upgrade your kitchen with the modern garbage disposal, choosing the right one for your home can be challenging. There are numerous models available today, each with different features. This blog discusses some factors you should consider when choosing a garbage disposal for your home to ensure you get the right one for your needs.

Identify the Right Motor Size

The speed and power used by the garbage disposal to grind waste are determined by the size of the motor. A small engine allows you to dispose of fewer and softer foods, while a larger one will quickly dispose of tough food waste.

Compared to the small motor, the large engine requires more electricity to run. However, it’s worth considering it since it disposes of waste faster; hence, you won’t need to use electricity for long.

The motor size also determines the amount of space required under your sink. A plumber will install the garbage disposal in the under your sink. If the sink size is limited, the small motor would be the best option for you. It doesn’t take up much space, and a plumber can easily install it under your sink.

Corrosion Protection

The grinder’s blades can easily rust since the garbage disposal often comes into contact with water. When picking a garbage disposal for your home, you must learn the materials that make each unit or consult a certified plumber on the best materials to save yourself from choosing a model that will rust quickly.

Most plumbers recommend stainless steel; it doesn’t rust easily, saving you the cost of premature replacements.

The Length of the Warranty

Most garbage disposals have a lifespan of 10 to 15 years. Most warranties last for about one to ten years. You want to choose garbage disposal with extended warranties. The longer a warrant exists, the less likely you’ll pay for repairs.

You must also ask about the extended warranty when purchasing a garbage disposal. Some companies offer you the option to buy another over the usual manufacturer’s warranty.

Noise Level

One distinguishing feature of different garbage disposals is the manufacturers’ sound-deadening features. If you are looking for a quieter option, look for features such as insulated mounting baffles, nylon-coated grinding, or other sound-deadening technologies.


There are various garbage disposals to choose from in the market today. The most popular one is the InSinkErator brand, which has various garbage disposals in different sizes and configurations.

Other major brands include the Moen, Waste Maid, and Waste King. One advantage of these leading brands is that they have more extended warranties and their spare parts are easy to find.


It would help to consider the material used when choosing a garbage disposal for your home. Some of the best models are made of stainless steel parts that last a long time and even outlast the motor.

You’ll also find garbage disposals made of plastic parts, but they eventually dry out and crack. Plumbers advise homeowners to avoid galvanized steel units since they rust quickly.


The cost of the garbage disposal is a significant determinant when buying a garbage disposal. The garbage disposal price varies depending on the feature, size, type, and brand. Compared to batch-feed garbage disposal, continuous feed is the most affordable option.

However, the continuous feed installation requires professional installation by a plumber, while the batch feed does not require professional expertise. Despite being expensive, batch feed disposal can save homeowners in Keller, TX, on installation costs.


If you have children, plumbers recommend the batch-feed garbage disposal. The batch feed is safer since it doesn’t run until you place a lid on top. This lid reduces the risk of accidents in your home.

On the other hand, continuous feed disposal is not considered safe since once you turn it on, it runs continuously; hence, you don’t want your finger to get stuck in the disposal when it’s running.


If you have a large family or cook frequently, consider purchasing the higher horsepower models. The size of the unit depends on the horsepower you are buying. Garbage disposals with high horsepower easily grind heavy loads, prolonging the motor’s lifespan.

Motor Type

There are two types of motors; permanent magnet and induction. The most common motor is the induction motor found in many garbage disposals. Homeowners in Keller, TX, may prefer these motors because they produce less noise, are long-lasting, and are reliable. Meanwhile, the permanent magnet motors run faster when grinding small loads.

Size of the Grinding Chamber

When the chamber is bigger, more food can flow down. You may consider purchasing the bigger grinding chamber to save time and energy. This is because you won’t need to spend much time running your garbage disposal since the bigger chamber can take off all the large amounts of waste at once.

This feature assists in keeping the plumber out of your home since you won’t have to deal regularly with big pieces of food being logged in the drains and pipes.

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A garbage disposal can be a great tool for you in your home, but it’s not something that you should be relying on all the time. Rather, it’s something that you should use as infrequently as you need to. When you use it too often you may find yourself counting on it to take care of all of the food debris that you have in your home. And that could actually cause more problems than it helps. That’s why your local plumber in Irving, TX, has some things to say to you.

1. Avoid Oils and Grease

These ingredients go into your sink hot and therefore liquid, however they quickly cool off inside of your garbage disposal and your drain. When that happens you end up with solid masses of oil and grease and butter that will then stick inside the drain and cause a serious clog. From there, you’ll need to call a professional plumber to help you take care of the clog in your drain, which definitely isn’t something you want to deal with.

2. Skip Rice and Pasta

These are two ingredients that expand when they come into contact with water. You definitely don’t want to put them into your garbage disposal and drains where they can easily absorb more and more water. When that happens you end up with a sticky mess in your drain. And definitely a clog. These materials can also attract other food particles and before you know it you’re going to have a big problem that even a plumber might have a hard time resolving. So, make sure you keep the rice and pasta from getting into the disposal and definitely into your drains.

3. No More Eggshells

You may have heard that you could sharpen your disposal blades using eggshells but that is definitely not the case. Rather, you should avoid using eggshells at all costs. The shells themselves are not much of a problem. The problem is the membrane on the inside of the shells. That membrane is sticky and can easily get clogged in your garbage disposal. This causes the disposal to have even more problems and could even cause it to overheat or completely fry out. Instead, use ice cubes or call a professional to get your blades sharpened properly.

4. Nothing with Fiber

While fiber is great for you, it’s definitely not good for your garbage disposal. The fibers in foods like asparagus and celery are not good for your garbage disposal. That’s because they can easily be broken down while in the garbage disposal, which leaves behind stringy fibers. Those fibers can then get wrapped up in the garbage disposal causing some serious damage. You want to avoid those fibers because they can cause your disposal to overheat and destroy it entirely. or they can even get stuck in the drain if they do manage to make it through the disposal.

5. Pits, Bones, and Seeds

These things are definitely bad for your garbage disposal. They are not going to sharpen the blades. Instead, they’re going to cause a whole lot of damage and make your blades break or dull. This could actually be dangerous depending on how the blades break. Or it could just mean that you have to replace your garbage disposal, which is definitely going to be a problem for you anyway. Instead, avoid these hard items and make sure that you are tossing them in the trash where they belong.

6. Pitch Flour and Coffee

These are two powdered items that get sticky and thick and really gross when they get wet. In fact, they can turn into a type of paste, which makes them extremely troubling for your garbage disposal and your drain. You end up with a thick paste stuck in the bottom of the disposal. Or, if they make it all the way into the drain, they end up clogging things up there, which makes it even worse for you because they’re difficult to get out. You want to know that your drains are clear when you need to use them, after all, so make sure these items go in the trash.

7. No More Drain Cleaners

Finally, your plumber would like you to know that drain cleaners are no good for your drains. While these may seem like a great option when you’re trying to clear out clogs or get rid of problems in the drain they actually cause more trouble than anything. They are made with harmful chemicals that are then going to get into your drains. And you definitely don’t want that to happen. Those chemicals can break down the pipes in your Irving, TX, home and a whole lot more.

Unfortunately, your plumber wishes you knew the harm that drain cleaners can do. These chemicals can actually cause a lot of harm for your family as well as your home. Because they are toxic they are no good to even have around your home. And they’re no good to get into the water supply either. If you’re not careful they get all the way down through your drains and into the regular water and the groundwater. None of this is good and it means that you’re going to be contributing to the problems with water in your area.

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A properly functioning garbage disposal unit allows homeowners to keep their kitchens efficient and tidy all year long. Essentially, these components shred down solid food particles, allowing them to move easily down the sewer lines. Despite their importance, the units may not last forever. Kitchen garbage disposals typically last for about 12 years, depending on the normal wear and tear rate and how it’s used. Your home’s unit may start failing due to old age or maintenance-related complications, especially if you neglect its maintenance needs.

With that in mind, homeowners should know the signs that indicate the need for a garbage disposal repair service. Failing to act on these indicators promptly may eventually cause the system to break down completely, requiring you to seek replacement solutions, which may be quite expensive. Although this knowledge may help you know when to seek assistance following garbage disposal malfunctions, you should always leave the servicing of the unit to a professional plumber.

Garbage disposals comprise strong and sharp interior components that may leave you without a digit or two if improperly handled. Additionally, they feature complex designs that you may not be familiar with, increasing the risk of worsening the situation if you take on the repair job by yourself.

The Unit Won’t Come on

You should reach out to your Irving, TX, plumber if your kitchen’s garbage grinder doesn’t turn on or switches off by itself. Such scenarios often play out if the system has a damaged motor or blown circuit. These problems may indicate an issue with the garbage disposal’s electrical infrastructure. Without the proper training, handling electrical problems of any kind may lead to grievous bodily harm and extensive property damage.

Therefore, if the unit won’t come on, you should contact a professional near you for comprehensive and informed assistance. However, if the unit is humming but won’t turn on, it may be a hint that the motor may be blown. Under such circumstances, you should consider replacing the unit as such issues often stem from wear and tear due to old age.

Unusual Noises

At one time or another, you may have accidentally let a piece of silverware slip down the garbage disposal. It’s hard for the resulting noise to go unnoticed. If you hear an awkward noise coming from your home’s garbage disposal, you should try checking if a missing spoon could be to blame.

If that’s not the case, you should probably contact your plumber for advanced solutions. The strange sounds may be due to the interior components of the disposal system misaligning, making them grind together when the unit’s in action.

Different noises can denote a specific type of problem with a garbage grinder. Regardless of the issue at hand, you should immediately contact your local plumber for solutions. Misaligned components moving haphazardly within the unit may eventually cause permanent damage to the motor if left unresolved.

Incessant Odors

Garbage disposal units typically facilitate the breakdown of wet food remnants, which is why they can sometimes produce an unpleasant smell. In most scenarios, homeowners can counter the odor by cleaning and rinsing the unit thoroughly. However, if the nasty can’t seem to go away after a rigorous cleaning exercise, you should reach out to your Irving, TX, plumber for assistance. Your contractor can take apart the machine to clear remnants that may be causing the foul smell.

It’s worth noting that using chemical compounds to clear the blockage may result in more harm than good. Many of the chemical components that may help out with this issue may corrode the materials used in your home’s plumbing system. These include the blades that help disintegrate solid waste materials that pass through your system.

Water Leaks

As your home’s garbage disposal system works to ensure your home kitchen remains in pristine condition, water may gradually seep into the unit. The moisture leaks may leave puddles under the sink or unit. By the time you notice the leaks, your unit may require a replacement. Garbage disposal leaks may be easily mistaken with dishwasher or sink leakages.

Therefore, you should contact your nearest plumber as they may help determine exactly where the leak is coming from. Your plumbing service contractor can assess the system for leaks and provide the appropriate solutions as needed. They may also ascertain if the problem is within the plumbing system or garbage disposal infrastructure.

Frequent Resets

Each garbage disposal unit features a reset button. If you’re unsure of its purpose, your plumber may inform you that it’s often used to help the unit recover from unusual situations. These may include large loads or clogs that developed while using the system.

If your home’s garbage disposal unit is in good shape or you recently replaced it with a newer model, you may not have to use the reset button regularly. However, if you have to reset the unit often or maybe every time you switch it on, it’s a sign that you should reach out to your nearest plumber.

Although frequent resets may be due to mechanical problems with the garbage grinder, they may also occur due to loose wiring. No matter how savvy you may be with your home maintenance needs, such issues can only be resolved permanently with the help of your nearest plumber or electrician.

Inexplicable Blockages

Irving, TX, homeowners with a garbage disposal system in their residence inherently know that it’s advisable to drain food remnants in small amounts to avoid clogs and malfunctions. However, if you notice that the unit still jams even when you drain small loads, it’s a sign that you may need assistance from a professional.

In such scenarios, it may mean that you should consider investing in a large garbage grinder. The problem may also arise if your system has worn-out components that may affect its efficiency. Whichever the case, a trained plumbing professional can provide the appropriate solutions upon request.

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Leaky sinks, toilets that run forever, and showers that never get hot, or all issues that can leave us feeling irritated and exhausted. This can be particularly tiresome if these issues have become chronic. This is when you know that it’s time to call in a plumber that can quickly get to the root of the problem and fix what’s wrong. Our Tioga Contractors do just that. We want to restore normalcy to your home or business and show up, rain or shine, any day of the year, to fix your plumbing issues, big and small. A Tioga Contractors can get the job done right.

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We believe in providing no excuses for top-shelf customer service. This is our commitment to you. We know that plumbing issues don’t always wait for more convenient times to rear their ugly heads. This is one of the main reasons why we provide round-the-clock service for our customers, 24/7, 365 days of the year. Our commitment is to be there, regardless of when you have your plumbing emergency. Our goal is to show up, work quickly and efficiently, and restore normalcy to your home or business. A plumber will visit your Bedford, TX home, rain or shine, night or day, and get the job done right. We know that plumbing issues don’t always play nice. That’s why that garbage disposal can go out on Christmas eve, or your toilet to shut down at 3 am. we know these things happen. Our only desire is to resolve these issues so you can get back to normal. We are committed to providing the best of the best. We believe in providing the best customer service alongside the best service. We believe that our workmanship, experience, and professionalism should speak for themselves.

Clogged Sinks & Toilets

At the very least, clogged sinks represent a delay in the normal flow of your activities and a possible serious headache if the clog is substantial enough. After the Drain-O, plunger, and hot water flushes have failed, you may be left with no other choice than to call a professional to solve the problem. We understand that issues like this interfere with your ability to run your business or put a serious monkey wrench in the flow of your home life. This is why any professional we send to your home or business is licensed, certified, and experienced when it comes to a myriad of different issues, both big and small. Our plumber will show up, assess the situation, and quickly develop a plan of action to fix your clogged sink or toilet. We know that businesses and homeowners just want the job done right and done quickly. This is always our goal when we show up at your home or business. YOu can trust that a Tioga Contractors has been trained with the most up-to-date techniques and tools and knows how to use both skill and knowledge to solve an issue in a way that’s sustainable for the home or business owner.


Leaky showers can be a headache. This is particularly true if you’ve had an issue with a leak for a prolonged period of time. Leaks tend to become worse over time, particularly if they’re never addressed. A plumber can find the source of a leak, make the proper repairs, and restore your Bedford, TX home to its former glory, before the leak. A big part of solving the issue lies in performing an assessment that allows the plumber to uncover the issue and provide a solution. This is why we work quickly, yet skillfully, to find the leak and repair it. We understand that Bedford, TX residents, and business owners often need help from a professional when faced with issues that they can’t resolve on their own. As a result, we take pride in sending out a skilled, experienced, and customer service-driven Bedford, TX professional to get the job done right. We also know that a professional is the best person for the job when it comes to dealing with chronic leaks and other plumbing issues that you just can’t DIY. We’d actually rather you didn’t, particularly if you’re not a plumber. This is why our commitment to being there 24/7 rain or shine, all year round is a serious one for us.

Garbage Disposals

We know that garbage disposals are wonderful appliances to have when they work properly. However, once they stop performing properly, they can create issues in the kitchen. We know this isn’t fun. This is why a Tioga Contractors will show up, take a good look at your garbage disposal, and determine if you simply need a part replaced, a tune-up or a completely new appliance. If all you need is a part, a professional will replace the part, make any other necessary repairs and restore the functionality of your kitchen. We know that Bedford, TX residents, and business owners appreciate quick and skilled solutions when it comes to dealing with plumbing woes. Were happy to provide this. We know that a Bedford, TX plumber is the best person for a job when it comes to dealing with issues with a garbage disposal system. Situations like these are usually disastrous if DIY attempts are made. Call us. We’ll send out a professional who knows what he or she is doing and can do what’s needed quickly and efficiently.

We don’t expect Bedford, TX residents to use DIY attempts to solve plumbing issues. Even seemingly simple plumbing issues can be quite expensive and complicated, particularly if you’re not a plumber and aren’t sure of what you’re doing. This is why we’d prefer you to call us. We can send a plumber to your Bedford, TX home or business to resolve your issues in a skilled and experienced manner. We won’t be guessing at how to fix an issue or problem, we’ll let our skill and training speak for themselves. Call Tioga Contractors to solve all of your plumbing issues, both big and small. We’re here to serve Bedford, TX business owners and homeowners.