Plumbing Repairs

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Most times, we make a mistake of underestimating the plumbing issues in our houses. A leak is dismissed as a small problem that duct tape can fix while we ignore a blocked drain until water floods the home. Interestingly, the more we try to fix the problem ourselves, the worse the situation gets. Luckily, there are people who are trained and can effectively fix plumbing problems for you without breaking a sweat. So when should you seek plumbing from professionals? Here are some of these instances where calling a company that offers plumbing services is a matter of urgency.

  • Low Water Pressure

You may notice that you take longer to fill water in a jug when using your kitchen tap or you take longer to rinse your body when showering. This means your water has low pressure which may be caused by a blockage in the aerator. In the long run, you will have to pay more water bills while spending more time to get clean or even fill a glass of water. Although you may be tempted to unclog this yourself, remember that it may cause more damage than good. The best way is to call for plumbing services and the professionals will fix this for you fast and effectively, saving you both your time and money.

  • No Water

Opening your shower or tap only to find no water can be very frustrating. It is worse when you know that you have cleared your Euless, TX, water bill and need prompt water services. Lack of water can be caused by many factors including a leak or blocked pipes. Keep in mind that your water system is mainly through pipes in the walls or underground. Trying to find the leak yourself will lead to damage to your house and compound which will add onto the cost of fixing the problem. The easier route is calling an expert from companies that offer top-notch plumbing services as they can tell where the problem is and fix it with little or no damage to your home.

  • Clogged Drains

Having a clogged drain may seem like a normal occurrence in your household especially if it’s the kitchen sink. At times it may be that bathroom drain where the water forms a puddle every time you shower. You may realize that after plunging the sink the drain remains clogged. This is where the expertise of a plumbing services company comes in. These professionals have the ability to look at the drainage system with specialized cameras that show exactly where the blockage is and how it can be removed. Having an expert from a company that offers plumbing services to look at your drain will save you time and keep you from doing the dirty work of picking out hair and other material that may be blocking your drain.

  • Water Is Not Heated

Have you ever turned on your shower expecting hot water only for a cold stream to come out? This may occur even after waiting a few minutes expecting the water to heat up. This is a sure reason that your water heater is broken and needs to be fixed. Getting professional plumbing services to look into this issue will help you learn what is wrong with the water heater and whether your water tank is the right size for your household. A plumber will also be able to avert any recurring problems especially when it comes to the sudden change of temperature of the water.

  • Overflowing Toilet

This is seen when you flush your toilet but the water continues to run long after the flush. It may appear normal but this is a sign of a bigger underlying problem. This may be caused by a blockage in the drain pipe or the toilet itself. Keep in mind that the longer your water keeps running, the higher your water bill gets. An expert from a company that offers plumbing services will be able to analyze the problem and give you a solution promptly. They will also be able to fix the drain and ensure it does not recur, saving you money on water bill.

  • Dripping Shower Head or Sink

A small drip may seem like a small problem that does not need your attention at all. However, this may be as a result of an increase in the water pressure or even a cracked pipe that needs immediate attention. What started as an innocent drip may end up being a steady one causing you to lose a substantial amount of water. It is advisable therefore to call an expert from a company that offers plumbing services to come in and look at it. You may save yourself from a bigger problem in the future.

  • Sewage Smell

If your Euless, TX, house suddenly smells like sewage that should be the first sign that there is something wrong with your drainage. In most cases, the smell may be caused by a clog in the drain pipes or lack of proper ventilation in some of these pipes. Trying to dig through these pipes can only make the situation worse. In such instances, find a plumber from a company that offers professional plumbing services who can comb through your property and find the actual cause of the smell. Plumbers have specialized equipment that can reach places that your plunger can not.

  • Installing New Appliances

Fitting in a new washing machine looks like an easy task that can be done with someone with zero plumbing knowledge. However, we forget that appliances like a dishwasher, fridge, and washing machines are linked to the general plumbing system of the house. One wrong move can mess the entire drainage and cause damage to the pipes and drains. Therefore, it is in your best interest to hire professional plumbing services when building a new home or redecorating and avoid any damage to the drainage system and supply lines.

If you are experiencing any of the signs above or thinking of changing some of your household appliances it is time to call a plumber. It may be that you want advice and not necessarily to have your toilet unclogged or your drain fixed. Whichever the need, reach out to experienced and professional plumbers at Tioga Contractors for effective, affordable, and innovative plumbing solutions.

For more information, contact us at Tioga Contractors.

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Hurst, TX is the type of city that you can’t live without a good plumber. The professional provides essential services day and night. They’re someone you can contact in the event of an emergency and save you from another day of mopping up an overflowing toilet in the kids’ bathroom. If you’ve ever tried to console a crying child and clean up the aftermath of a clogged toilet, you know how valuable a good plumbing expert is.

Once you learn all of the things a plumbing company can do for you, you’ll know just how valuable they are to their community. A plumber doesn’t just plunge and snake toilets. They do many jobs around a home, with some being things you never even thought of before.

Services That a Plumbing Company Provides to Its Community

Plumbing companies are an asset to communities small and large. They provide a valuable service that everyone needs at one point or another. If you want to prepare for the times that you must call a plumbing company, it’s important to know what types of services they can assist you with year-round. It’s not just toilets and sinks!

Here are ten things a plumber can do for you in Hurst, TX:

 1.  Water Leaks. Repairing the source of the leak is imperative. It helps prevent significant damage from occurring. Water damage destroys foundations, walls, and flooring. It can ruin furniture and belongings. If not taken care of right away, it can cost you thousands of dollars in repairs. It’s among the more urgent issues you’d hire a plumbing professional for today.

2.  Garbage Disposal Repairs and Replacements. An essential tool in the kitchen, a plumber can get it working again by repairing or replacing it. A garbage disposal makes getting rid of scraps much easier. If it gets clogged or the wrong thing gets put into it, the blades become dull, and food doesn’t get ground up the way it’s supposed to normally.

3.  Appliance Installation. If you need to hook up a washer, call the plumbing company first. They’ll make sure that everything is up and running so you can wash your clothes easily. It can take a person unnecessary amounts of time to try to figure out how to install a washer or dishwasher on their own. A professional can make short work of a complicated task. That means more free time for you to do the things that you need to do elsewhere.

4.  Tree Root Removal. If a root is blocking or close to blocking a pipe, the professional can remove it for you. It’s better safe than sorry and necessary. Tree roots cause costly repairs. They create blockages that don’t get remedied easily. It’s much better to have a tree root removed before it becomes a problem than wait until you have no other choice but to pay to have it taken out.

5.  Sinks and Faucets Installed. When you’re upgrading your bathroom or kitchen, you’ll need some assistance from a skilled professional. The installation of sinks and faucets ensures that everything works correctly. The expert takes the time to create functional spaces where you can go to wash your hands, clean dishes, or do anything else you need to do in the kitchen or bathroom. It’s one of the easiest ways to upgrade your home without incurring a large expense.

6.  Pipe Replacement. When you can no longer have a pipe repaired, it’s time to have it replaced. Doing so gives it many years of use as long as it doesn’t break or spring a leak. Old pipes are a liability. Rather than sink more money into having them repaired or patched, choosing to have them replaced makes more sense economically.

7.  Storm Drainage. Cleaning out storm drainage pipes ensures that there isn’t leftover debris causing blockages. It’s a task that your plumber can do easily. They’ll make the drain ready for the next storm. The water can then flow freely and keep its distance from the foundation of your home.

8.  Grease Trap Repairs and Replacements. A grease trap prevents grease from clogging pipes. If it isn’t working correctly, it can’t do its job. Repairs and replacements are also services providing by many plumbing companies.

9.  Drain Line Cleaning. Drain lines need to be cleaned regularly so they can continue to empty. Drain line cleaning is among the most important jobs a plumbing expert does.

10.  Hydro-Jetting. A specific way of flushing out drain lines, it’s a service that plumbers all over the city offer to their customers.

There are many things that a plumber can do to make your life easier. They can unclog a drain so you can go back to washing dishes and preparing meals in your kitchen with no issue. They can fix a sewer line that sustained damage. The plumber can even install a water heater for you so that you’re never without hot water to take a shower or wash clothes.

Tioga Contractors Is Available to Help You Day and Night

Hurst, TX, is the perfect location to find an excellent plumber. Now that you know what they’re capable of doing for you, you’ll give up the idea of trying to hire a family friend and opt to hire one of the best companies in the city instead.

Tioga Contractors has got you covered. It doesn’t matter if your plumbing project is small or large, we can help you out. We’ve got what it takes to get the job done right the first time. If you want to take the steps necessary to prevent future damage from occurring to your plumbing, make it a point to have your drains cleaned regularly.

You can call us anytime, day or night. We offer 24-hour emergency service as a convenience to you. Plumbing issues often occur without notice. We get to your home quickly so you don’t lose any more sleep over a problem that we can fix for you.

The number to reach us at is 817-484-5356. Don’t let a minor mishap ruin your day. We’re problem solvers with solutions that meet your needs and your budget.

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When you own a home or business with plumbing and appliances like a dishwasher or sink, you need to be aware of the best practices to protect your real estate and keep your water running smoothly. It’s important to schedule regular maintenance checks by a professional plumber for all of your plumbing fixtures, including:

  • Sinks and faucets
  • Toilets, bathtubs, and showers
  • Water filtration systems
  • Washing machine and dishwasher lines
  • Water heaters

Fresh, clean water is vital to a healthy home, so make sure that your pipes are in great shape with proper filtration and are routinely maintained. Look for an experienced professional plumber that can offer maintenance services to keep appliances running properly and conduct any repairs or upgrades to your systems.

Don’t Let Your Money Drip Down the Drain

Preventative care can help you in many ways, including by reducing your water bill. Even a small drip can quickly turn into a large puddle, with only 4,000 drips needed for a liter of water. Drips as slow as once an hour can cause a huge problem, eventually leading to 34 gallons of waste water per year. This can be a financial burden for residents of Hurst, TX, where water can be scarce due to the high temperatures and year-round sunshine— this area has an average amount of rainfall but the water quickly evaporates in the sunny days, and Hurst has way more sunny days than other areas, an average of 237 a year in fact. Make sure your pipes and hoses have secure connections and no leaks are present, replacing gaskets as needed to ensure a water-tight seal. If you find standing water in your home, make sure to reach out to a professional to ensure you make the repairs you need to solve the issue quickly.

Routine Maintenance Prevents Unwanted Moisture and the Mold It Can Bring In 

Not only does wasted water cost you money, but severe damage can be caused to an area where water has been left standing. Mold can quickly begin to grow in dampness, which causes structural damage as well as significant health risks. Mold has an odor that can fill a space, causing it to smell musky, and will leave stains on most surfaces. The spores are constantly released into the area, which is easily blown about the entire home by the air conditioner and heater systems, and an entire home can be quickly colonized by mold spores if measures aren’t taken to sanitize the area immediately.

If allowed to permeate into the wood, fungi can even begin to grow, causing extreme damage to the structure of the wood as well as contaminating space with dangerous contaminants like fungi spores in the air. There are numerous health issues that are associated with mold and fungi growth. Symptoms of mold exposure are similar to that of having a cold, with runny eyes and a cough being at the top of the list. Those with sensitive respiratory systems like people with asthma are more susceptible to health issues presented by excessive pollution in the air. A well-maintained heating and air system can help prevent moisture from letting mold taking over your home. A professional can help you determine where mold might be growing in your home, and help you plan the best solution to your indoor air-quality issues.

Slow Drain Solutions for the Kitchen and Bathroom Include Preventative Care

Before you have to call the plumber for a costly emergency visit to fix your backed-up pipes, consider making some simple improvements to your plumbing maintenance habits. A slow drain in the kitchen is often simply a sign of food having gotten stuck in the drain. One way to prevent this from happening is to use a stopped on your drain that catches food before it goes down your pipes. Another solution is to ensure you aren’t letting thick grease clog the drain. If you need to pour oil down your drain, make sure to run hot water before and after doing so to prevent it from solidifying in your pipes. Bathroom drains are often sluggish due to similar reasons, the build-up of debris, usually hair, that prevents the water from draining. An easy-to-use drain stopper can be found in the cleaning aisle of most grocery stores that will catch hair before it goes down your tub drain, causing costly repairs.

Cold Weather Pipe Issues

In winter, it can be very important to take precautions to prevent your water from freezing. For example, if you expect temperatures to drop below freezing (which occurs only 32 days on average in Hurst, TX), it would be a good idea to keep a faucet dripping throughout the night. It’s not a good idea to waste water, so all you need is a steady drip to keep the pressure up enough to move the water around and keep it from freezing overnight. If your pipes do wind up freezing, it’s important to know how to safely handle the situation. In this situation, you’ll want to reach out to a professional plumber who can advise you of the best way to get your water flowing again and prevent freezing from occurring in the first place, like installing insulation.

Is It Important to Let a Plumber Conduct Some Maintenance Tasks?

A well-trained, trusted plumber is a critical member of your property maintenance team. While it may be possible to take care of some of the plumbing fixtures around your home without help, there are many maintenance needs that simply require a professional touch. With a well-trained plumber keeping an eye on any issues in your home, you can rest assured that you’ve got an expert on your side dedicated to getting the problem solved quickly, efficiently, and safely.

Those in need of a plumber in Hurst, TX can reach out to Tioga Contractors. The team of expert plumbers and home maintenance specialists can help you with any problem affecting your plumbing, all year and round-the-clock. Homeowners and commercial investors can call Tioga for installation, repair, and maintenance of appliances and drains as well as utility connections.

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Hurst, TX knows exactly who they can trust for their plumbing needs. Those who live there and in other surrounding areas know that you will always need a good, quality plumber on your side just for your plumbing needs. And what better professional than a plumber Tioga Contractors.

Tioga Contractors has an extensive array of plumbing services just to suit your individual needs. In fact, they offer all kinds of services across the spectrum, from simple plumbing maintenance, broken pipes, and on up to tree trunk removal. With Tioga, there are no limits when it comes to finding a good, quality plumber who has the skills and expertise to provide you with the service that you deserve.

A plumber can offer services to the residents of Hurst, TX in a variety of fields. One of them involves the installation of underground water pipes, sewer, and storm drain systems for all customers.

For those of you who may not know, a storm drain system serves its purpose when it collects and removes excess water and rain that collects from the streets and sidewalks of any municipal area. It is this very system that saves all populated areas from floods and other nature-based disasters, and that’s why it becomes highly critical that it be properly maintained and fixed during times of stress and trouble. But when it clogs, it floods, and that results in massive damages, not to mention that it spells potential danger for the residents of Hurst, TX.

And there are other professional services that are offered by a qualified plumber at Tioga. In fact, each plumber is a member of what is now called a “wet utility crew,” which simple means that they are prepared to act to prevent flooding into your home or backyard and can act in the event that one does happen. In fact, every plumber on that crew knows the history of what can happen during a flood and the types of repair needed to drain the streets so that the flood waters have no chance of seeping into your home and causing hundreds of dollars worth of damage. Excavation and the ability to use the ride size piping are highly essential for this type of extensive work. In fact, any ordinary plumber knows that it must include all of the following: proper ground elevation and good site preparation, a good fit and bedding, plus efficient soil fitting that is compact enough to prevent breaking up into flooding again.

Once the job is finished, each plumber will do their part to fix the work area to where it looks just as well, if not better, than the way it was before. This includes getting a good, solid cover to ensure that there are no visible cracks in the pavement that might lead to another water leak, and touching up the area with a proper finish to make it look smart, professional, and pleasing to the eye of the customer.

Once the job is done, a plumber will be glad to meet with you to discuss further preventative maintenance. Even a simple, annual inspection of your storm drain system will yield the potential of its overall solvency, especially as a member of the professional team will sit down with you to discuss any further efforts needed and provide good feedback regarding the types of quality services that would suit your budget.

With freezing pipes, water main bursts, and a higher than normal use of water within a residential or commercial area comes the likelihood that back flow will occur. So, what is back flow? Back flow is a precarious situation, one in which the water pressure is so high that it causes a serious disruption in the water distribution system, which is the very system responsible for the even ebb and flow of water within a district. In fact, flow reversal happens, which is the primary reason to have a back-flow prevention device professionally installed as a measure of prevention. It is during back flow that gases from the sewer can leak into the supply, along with solid waste and other harmful contaminants, thus making it necessary to have boil advisories in this case. But the prevention device is what it is–something that prevents residents from having to boil their drinking and cooking water just for home use, which could take nearly hours to do in a single day as you consider just how much water is used on average for those reasons alone. This is due primarily to back-siphonage, where gases and solids seep into the supply and result in contamination through indirect cross-connection.

Back-pressure works somewhat differently but its results can be just as devastating for residents and businesses alike. A natural gas can leak into your water supply and even be detected through your faucets and shower heads. Sprinklers, power washers, and defective boilers or broken water pumps may serve as the primary culprits.

But enough with the scientific analysis of back flows, it’s time to discuss the other plumbing services provided by the professional team at Tioga Contractors. In fact, they not only offer affordable service, but are willing to explain to the customer the reason that it often takes good money to hire a professional.

For example, if you happen to be installing a brand-new shower for the very first time, you will come to know just how important it is to install a good, sturdy, quality shower pan by a licensed professional. The main purpose of this handy device is to collect all the shower water, then move it downwards towards the drainage system and into the sewers. In fact, once you experience even the tiniest crack, you may notice the symptoms of a water leak that can quickly morph into a slab leak if allowed to progress without professional treatment. In fact, anything can go wrong to cause it to crack, whether it’s from too much movement or ineffective installation. But with the team at Tioga Contractors, your shower pan can be either installed or replaced within a short span of time. All that is required of you is for you to make that call.

And that goes for any service listed. In fact, if you look on Tioga’s website, you will find an entire host of plumbing services just to suit your needs.

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High water pressure seems like a good thing. After all, low water pressure is not so exciting during your morning shower. However, even though high-pressured water may feel great in the shower, it may cause many severe expenses in the future. High water pressure is not suitable for your water bill, either.

Water pressure to your house is very similar to the blood pressure in your body. When the blood pressure is high, other parts of the body can face severe problems if left untreated. Since many people have just basic plumbing knowledge, they do not always realize they have high water pressure until it is too late.

Why Is My Water Pressure So High?

The common source of high-water pressure is the municipal water supplier. If you are living in Hurst, TX, a municipal water supplier sends water to your home and community. That water supplier sets the water pressure to meet the requirements of the municipality as a whole. This may include water requirements for the following:

  • High-rise buildings
  • Complexes
  • Office buildings
  • Other facilities that require high water pressurization

A standard home needs an 80psi, but higher pressures are required to provide water for other facilities. If you are living in an area with many multi-story buildings that would require relatively higher pressures, it might lead to higher pressures in your home.

There can also be issues if you are living at the bottom of the Hurst, TX hills or valleys since water naturally runs downhill resulting in higher pressures. Although all hope seems lost, this is nothing a plumber from Tioga Contractors will not fix. Just give us a call, and we will get your water pressure back in no time.

Why Should I Care About High Water Pressure?

High water pressures tend to creep up on us when we least expect them. When the plumbing of a home is being installed, it is fixed according to specific standards of plumbing. These standards can shift because of high water pressure. This means that the pipes and fixtures that make up your plumbing will not be able to function as intended. This factor can lead to extensive damages throughout your house.

Here are some reasons to think about high water pressure in your home:

It Is Damaging the Pipes

Water is deviously powerful. When water does damage, the damage is stretched over long periods, and by the time you realize something is wrong, it might be too late. High water pressure flowing or blocked in pipes can cause long-term damages that might lead to small leaks that cause black mold, structural damages and even pipe bursts.

Wear and Tear on Appliances and Fixtures

High water pressure damages not only the pipes but also appliances that se water as well. If not fixed by a certified plumber like those from Tioga Contractors, high water pressure can cut the lifespan of expensive home appliances, and you will be replacing them sooner than expected. This wear and tear affect big machines like washing machines to smaller fixtures like showerheads, faucets and toilets.

It Will Damage Your Water Heater

If you are a resident of Hurst, TX, then you understand the importance of a water heater. How does the damage happen? When water heats up, it expands. Most water heaters use a thermal expansion tank to help deal with that extra volume. However, when the water volume is continuously high, the water heater will run out of space for the expanding water. You can only guess what follows next.

Wasted Water and Higher Utility Bills

This factor is basic non-plumber knowledge. When the water pressure is too high, you are letting out too much water every time you turn on the faucet or shower. If you live in a place where you pay for the water you use, then high pressure might end up costing you.

Know the Signs of High Water Pressure

Because of the numerous risks related to high pressurization, it is essential to comprehend how these conditions can damage your pipes internally together with the common signs of excessive water pressure you should look out for in your home.

Any plumber can tell you that early identification is the key to making the needed repairs at minimum costs. If you are living in Hurst, TX, and you experience any of these symptoms, you should hire a plumber from Tioga Contractors to check your water pressure as soon as possible.

Nothing is going to tell you more about your home’s water pressure than an actual pressure gauge. However, your home will give you some hints as well:

Check on Your Faucets

Faucets have many small parts like washers and aerators that can wear down quickly as the result of constant high-water pressure. If the faucets drip when using another fixture like the shower, it might be a sign of high pressure. Another common symptom is spitting and bursting when you first turn on a faucet. You might even notice excess water spraying out from weird angles instead of the typical steady stream.

The Pipes Tell It All

Have you ever heard a “banging” sound in your plumbing? This issue is referred to as a water hammer. This feature is a significant sign that you need to call a plumber right away.

The water happens when a fast, powerful flow of water suddenly stops moving. When you have high water pressure, and you suddenly turn off a faucet, all the water bangs into your pipes like a sledgehammer.

Pay Attention to Your Appliances

Appliances can notify of a pressure problem in many ways. The most obvious thing to look out for is leaking. Washing machines, water heaters and dishwashers can start leaking when subjected to extreme water pressures over a long period.

If they do not leak, they wear out far sooner than intended. If you feel like your appliances lasted only half of the time you thought it would, you might require a plumber sooner than later.

Looking for A Plumber

Things going bump at night, whom are you going to call? A plumber. If you are living in Hurst, TX, then you are in luck. Tioga Contractors is your one-stop-shop for all your plumbing needs. At Tioga Contractors, we are dedicated to providing our customers with a wide range of exceptional plumbing services. We are fully equipped to handle your plumbing needs. Our technicians are plumber certified, and you can trust them always to get the job done.

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There are several plumbing issues that homeowners in Euless, TX, can resolve on their own. However, it is recommendable to choose professional plumbers to take care of installations, repairs, and maintenance for such systems. The plumbing infrastructure covers various areas including sinks, bathtubs and toilets, hot and cold water supply, pipes and faucets, drains, sewer lines, and septic tanks, among others. These fixtures are susceptible to mechanical damages due aging as well as accidents. Simple things like tightening the seal below a sink should not require additional help. Nonetheless, there specific plumbing defects that can rapidly go from bad to worse without professional assistance. Here is a look at seven breakdowns that require professional plumbing service:

  • Low Supply or No Water at All

Waking up to no water from your supply faucets can be a nightmare, especially since water is a basic human need. Low pressure and supply can similarly cause much discomfort. When faced with such predicaments, it is best to task the plumbing repair to professionals. In Euless, TX, finding professional should not be a daunting task as there are many offers. Make sure you choose plumbers that offer emergency repair services. Loss of water supply may stem from pipe breakages ad leaks or diversions in other places. As such, they need prompt fixing and may also involve repairs and replacements.

  • Broken Pipes and Sewer Lines

A pipe bursting and gushing out water that drenches your entire home is the classic plumbing nightmare many people envision. While this is very rare, pipes leaks and cracks are not strange. Leaking pipes and supplies may manifest in various ways, including the outright gushing if the opening is wide and visible. You may also notice increased moisture and damp soil or walls. If you suspect leaks and pipe breakages, you should call for professional plumbing service immediately to prevent further damages. Raised moisture can compromise the structure of your walls and fixtures, besides attracting mold and pest.

  • Water Heater Problems

Issues with your hot water systems can be technical and delicate. Heaters come in different models and also work in different ways. If your boilers aren’t working or it is taking too long to heat the same volume of water, you should call for professional to cover inspections and repairs. Although regular maintenance can help you keep your water heaters in optimal conditions, when the system starts facing issues, it is best to call in an experienced plumber to troubleshoot it. Professionals will also check the rest of the system to ensure everything from appliances to faucets is in perfect working conditions.

  • Septic Tank Leaks

Septic tanks carry all your home wastewater in Euless, TX. Any leaks from this tank can render your space unbearable and unsafe. It is recommendable to schedule for drain cleaning plumbing service at least once every year. This will clear any blockages and ensure all wastewater reaches the septic tank. If the septic leaks, you will need to empty and clean it first before you begin repairs. Fixing leaking septic also involves a thorough inspection of the drain channels and infrastructure. Do not wait until your septic tank is full to call a plumber. You should always inspect your systems to determine if anything is different.

  • Overflowing Toilet

An overflowing toilet is a health hazard that requires immediate resolution. You should call for a plumbing service as soon as you notice the bathroom isn’t flushing. When the water in the bowl starts to rise, this may signal clogged drains, blockages, or overflowing wastewater tanks. It may also stem from problems deep in the sewer lines. Resolving such defects requires standard procedures, protective gear, equipment and experience that only a professional plumber can provide. Backflow issues can also affect other kitchen and bathroom drain, including sinks and tubs. You should call a licensed plumber, especially if the problem is in all drains and outlets.

  • Natural Gas and Sewage Odor 

If your house has an unpleasant sewer odor, the problem could be stemming from leakages in the kitchen sinks or faulty bathroom drains. It could also be as a result of cracked pipes hidden behind the walls or beneath the floor. Sewer odor is a big concern that should warrant prompt plumbing service to resolve the situation. A natural gas odor is also worrying. Although a gas company will be better suited to handling issues with gas leaks, some plumbers cover these services. Watch out for any strange odor in the drains, sinks and walls or floors with running pipes.

Other Situations That Warrant a Professional Plumber

While emergency defects like a burst sewer line outlet pipe require instant control, you should not wait until there is a breakdown to call a plumber. In Euless, TX, professional plumbing service involves a broad spectrum of installation, repair and maintenance services. From new installations that require permits to annual drain cleaning and maintenance services, if your system has an issue, professional can take care of it. Whether you are looking to upgrade your home with new bathtubs and sinks or simply need to fix a defective water heater, it is recommendable to involve professionals. They bring accountability, protective covers and quality guarantees into the service.

Professional Plumbing Services

Tioga Plumbing, Electric & Glass is a reputable long-serving plumbing company dedicated to meeting the unique needs of Texans. We offer customized services to cover all new installations, plumbing repairs, inspection, maintenance and consultancy. Our goal is to ensure your home, or commercial outlet is back to normal operations as soon as possible. We cover all plumbing services from clogged and slow drains to faulty water heaters, leaks, and slow inlets, water safety and distribution, auger repairs, backyard drainage and gutters, among others. You can also contact us for emergency plumbing to help you resolve any urgency with your system. We are available 24/7 through various communication channels and cover Euless, TX and surrounding Dallas areas. Call us today for all your professional plumbing service inquiries, or schedule an appointment to discuss your needs and book our plumbers.

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Do you own a restaurant? Are you currently experiencing plumbing issues within the said restaurant? So, what now?

If you answered yes to either of the questions above, you need some plumbing tips. Restaurants work with plumbing and water all the time, using it for cooking, cleaning as well as normal bathroom activity.

A restaurant’s plumbing system needs to be in top shape and maintenance work needs to be regular so that plumbing repair in Euless, TX emergencies do not occur and close the restaurant down.

If the plumbing issues are not maintained and repaired through professional services, it might cost the restaurant manager and owner a lot more in damages if the plumbing problems escalate into a flood, for instance.

So, restaurant managers need to keep an eye on plumbing issues and their causes and contact professional services for regular maintenance for plumbing repair in Euless, TX. Plumbing issues in restaurants usually have the same four familiar culprits. Plumbingemergencies and issues can be caused by:


A lot of restaurants usually have plumbing problems if they do not manage grease disposal or grease traps well.


Plumbing problems can also occur if food debris is improperly disposed and often stuck in drains in the kitchen.

Pipe Issues

Piping can be a huge issue in restaurants as pipes might be the wrong size, might break, corrode, rot, leak and contract and expand as a result of heat or uneven water pressure.

Failing or Aging Plumbing Equipment

If your water heater, pipes or drains are getting old, they will start to malfunction. As plumbing systems and units, they might corrode, leak, break or have frequent repairs from plumbing repair in Euless, TX.

So, what are the possible issues that can arise as a result of these culprits?

Water Heater Issues

Water heaters can corrode, leak and malfunction if they are left to their own devices and not maintained efficiently. Water heaters can then stop heating water or have other temperature issues.

Gas-based water heaters can also leak gas and possibly cause explosions or carbon monoxide poisoning. Gas leaks and water heater malfunction can be very serious and might need emergency plumbing repair in Euless, TX.


Clogs can mean that sinks, toilets and drains in the restaurant’s bathrooms and kitchens are not draining correctly or have backed up water. This can lead to unsanitary and unappealing conditions for clients and employees.

Clogs can be caused by grease or debris build-up in your drain pipes or plumbing systems. Clogs can also occur if the sewer drains are blocked.

If restaurants suspect they have clogging issues, they should call for emergency plumbing repair in Euless, TX.


Floods can also occur in restaurants and these will require emergency plumbing repair to stop property damage and/or loss of life. This is because flooding can expose people to unsanitary conditions, cause electrocution and cause accidents.

Restaurants in Euless, TX, can have flooding in normal scenarios and extreme weather situations as well, for example during rainy weather when sewer drains are flooded.

Flooding can occur in the kitchen or bathroom drains and can flood out sewage and pollutants from the sewer drains and pollute the entire restaurants. Restaurants will need to shut down for a while in this scenario because food cannot be served in such atmospheres.

Floods will need immediate attention from plumbing services and professionals so that adequate emergency plumbing repair in Euless, TX can be made.

Low Water Pressure

Water pressure issues are often caused by sediment or debris buildup in drains or pipes. Although water pressure issues might not be that serious in comparison with other plumbing emergencies, they are problems that should not be ignored.

Water pressure issues can be nuisances for customers trying to wash their hands and flush toilets. Low water pressure can also slow down productivity in the kitchen since dishwashing can become a hassle.

Restaurant managers, should then call a Tioga Contractors for plumbing repair in Euless, TX immediately if they experience issues with water pressure.

Running Toilets

Toilets can have running water issues and although this might seem like a minor problem, running water can cause a lot of water wastage and a spike in utility bills. Around 200 gallons of water can be lost in a day as a result of problematic flapper valves and sediment buildup.

Getting appropriate plumbing repair in Euless, TX services might be more cost-effective, as a consequence, than spending a large amount of money on utility bills.

Leaky Faucets

Leaky faucets can again cause a lot of water wastage. These problems often go unnoticed but leaky faucets in bathrooms or kitchens can cost the restaurant a lot of water without staff even realizing.

This can lead to water supplies running out in the middle of business hours and can lead to extremely high-water bills.

Contact Us!

The plumbers at Tioga Contractors will be more than happy to assist you with your plumbingemergencies and problems and perform plumbing installation and emergency services at reasonable prices for plumbing repair in Euless, TX.

We provide emergency and regular plumbing repair in Euless, TX. If you are recently opening a restaurant or managing a restaurant, you should contact us for installation, repair and maintenance services and consultations.

Dealing with the floods, clogs and plumbing issues yourself can be a very dangerous endeavor. Flooding and gas leaks can, for instance, cause bodily harm and need to be handled by professionals who are trained to handle emergencies.

So if you need to repair pipes or drains, you should call us for plumbing repair in Euless, TX.

We employ efficient and well-trained professionals to examine and correct any plumbing issue you require. Our staff can clean out your drains, unclog your toilets, fix your flapper valves and water heaters and reverse the effects of a flood.

If you are in the Euless, TX, area, you should give us a call if you have normal or emergency plumbing repair in Euless, TX, maintenance issues for your restaurant bathrooms and kitchens. We are available for services at all times and can be contacted through this number: 817-484-5356.

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At home, plumbing issues come in all shapes and sizes. They can range from a minor issue like a clogged drain to a major problem like sewer line backup. And everything that happens in between can also be quite frustrating.

Plumbers are the real doctors of your water and drainage system. They can help you solve situations which are messy and can’t be resolved on their own. In Hurst, TX, the solution to all the plumbing problems which can arise at your home lies with a plumbing repair professional. These situations can disrupt the routine of your house. So it is a good idea to be aware of some common plumbing issues that can arise at home. Once you know about them, you will be in a better position to handle them.

Clogged Drains

If the drains in your house are working effectively, there will be no accumulation of water in your sinks. However, drains in your kitchen and bathroom can clog up very quickly. In a kitchen, this situation might arise due to food remains and fat which goes down the drain and blocks it. In a bathroom, the common causes of a clogged drain are soap, knotted hair, and shampoo. In case there is a severe clog, there might be no drainage, and the water flow will be completely stopped.

Some cases of clogged drains can be solved at home using a chemical drain cleaner or a plunger. However, you need a professional plumbing repair service in case of a severe clog. A number of companies provide plumbing repair in Hurst, TX, but you must choose a professional and reliable service provider.

Clogged Toilets

If you flush your toilet and the water does not go down, you have a clogged toilet. One of the main causes of a clogged toilet is any object other than toilet paper which gets flushed down the toilet. A small child may throw away his favorite toy in the toilet, for example.

This common plumbing issue needs immediate attention. It is a technical job which needs professional intervention and not a DIY solution. It is not only a messy situation to handle at home, but it can have many health hazards. Try and contact a service that specializes in plumbing repair in Hurst, TX as soon as you notice a clogged toilet. Meanwhile, it is also good practice to keep the clogged toilet out of the reach of any person in the house as it can further aggravate the problem.

Leaking Pipes

Leaking pipes are another common plumbing issue which needsplumbing repair in Hurst, TX. Leaking pipes are a major cause of water waste. In case a hot water pipe is leaking, this will result in wastage of electricity as well.

Leaking pipes not only result in the wastage of water and electricity but can damage your property as well. A leaking pipe might also indicate that the size of the pipe is not aligned with the water pressure. So as soon as you notice a leaking pipe, it is best to call in a professional for plumbing repair. Only a professional is trained to identify the problem and provide the best solution to your plumbing problem.

Leaking Faucets

Constant water dripping from your faucets can be a source of irritation and is a potential cause of an increase in your water bills. Leaking water can rust your faucet and encourage the growth of mold along with wasting a lot of water. This problem can arise when the internal washer has been damaged due to wear and tear.

As soon as you notice a leaking faucet, contact a professional service for plumbing repair in Hurst, TX. Persistent and untreated leaking faucets can spoil the look of your kitchen or bathroom.

Defective Water Heater

A very common plumbing issue is a faulty water heating system. If the water heater in your house is not functioning properly, it is major plumbing issue which needs immediate attention.

In case of a faulty water heater, you will not get a supply of hot water around your house. The water heater system in your house might have an electrical or gas leak, or there could be a fault in the heating element. Only a professional service that provides plumbing repair in Hurst, TX, can help you identify the correct problem with your water heater.

Sewer Line Backup

A sewer line backup is the worst plumbing nightmare. It’s a situation that you never want to face in your home. It needs immediate repair; otherwise, it can seriously damage your property.

This major plumbing issue arises when there is a blockage in the main sewer line, and the drainage returns up the pipes running into your house instead of flowing down the main line. This drainage backup in the main line of your house can very quickly find its way inside your house. As soon as you notice a swamp or bad odor in your backyard, contact a service that provides plumbing repair in Hurst, TX. This issue will not only pose a threat to your property but can be very dangerous for your health.

One Solution to All Your Plumbing Problems

If you are in need of plumbing repair in Hurst, TX, contact Tioga Contractors. With over 50 years of experience, we offer a complete range of residential and commercial plumbing services. Whether you need faucet repair or are looking to solve your slab leak, our master plumbers and technicians are available 24/7 to solve all your plumbing emergencies. Not only our service, but our prices are also unbeatable. To know more about what we do, visit our website or call (817) 484-5356.

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A plumbing repair in Bedford, TX seems like an easy DIY job. All you need is a toolkit, a can of grease, and some plumbing tape. DIY methods of plumbing repair are easy, but they are ineffective in the long run. Before you fix a problem, you need to know the reason behind the issue. Furthermore, you need to know all about the different kinds of pipes, joints, and other plumbing appliances. A lack of knowledge can make you mess up the whole process, thus costing you a great deal of time and money. On the other hand, a professional plumber stays informed and up-to-date about the plumbing technicalities, which allows them to discover problems and come up with just the right solution in a jiffy.

Here are some common mistakes to avoid when applying DIY methods of plumbing repair in Bedford, TX.

Over-Tightening the Connections

One of the most common mistakes people make while trying to handle plumbing repair in Bedford, TX on their own is over-tightening the connections. When you tighten the pipes, elbows, and tubes too hard, chances are that you will damage the entire fitting. Remember, that these cracks and breakings will not occur immediately, but using excessive force will allow the fitting to weaken and eventually crack over time. These cracks will result in leakage and flooding.

Using the Wrong Tape

Another common DIY mistake people make during a plumbing repair in Bedford, TX is using the wrong kind of tape. They use normal house tape instead of a proper plumbing tape, which fails to keep the pipes in place. Furthermore, even if they use the right tape, they use it the wrong way. Plumbing tape is supposed to be applied in a clockwise direction, and DIYers often apply the plumbing tape the other way round. Consequently, their entire effort goes to vain and the project results in a failure.

Using Drain Openers

When it comes to plumbing repair in Bedford, TX, the most common plumbing issue is clogging of the drains. The easiest way to deal with this problem is by using a plunger. To make things simpler, removal of the P-Tarp and pouring out the clog is a safe option to consider. DIYers make the mistake of reaching out for a drain opening chemical.

Here are some reasons why using a drain opening chemical isn’t the best choice when it comes to plumbing repair in Bedford, TX.

  • Too much drain opener can damage the plumbing and the P-tarp.
  • If the drain opener fails to unclog the drains, it will accumulate within the pipe and you’ll be left with no other option but to unscrew the P-tarp and clean the pipe yourself.
  • A drain opening chemical damages the rubber gasket, which causes leakages in the future.

Having No Spare Parts

Just like any other technical job, plumbing repair in Bedford, TX, too can’t be done without spare parts. For example, while fixing a faucet, people only buy a cartridge or a washer. What they fail to understand is that because of a damaged washer or cartridge, the faucet can too be damaged. If you don’t replace the o-rings and gaskets during a repair, you might be left with a leaky faucet. These spare parts are not that expensive. So, the next time you visit a hardware store, make sure to buy them all upfront. Instead of replacing some old parts with new ones, it is better to build a new faucet altogether.

Not Turning the Water Off

Another common DIY mistake that happens during a plumbing repair in Bedford, TX is that people try to swap in a new valve, while the water is on. That rarely turns out well, and if you fail to attach the faucet in a timely manner, chances are that they entire space will be flooded. Flooding will cost you thousands of dollars, so it is best to spare a moment and turn off the water supply.

Exerting Too Much Force

When sink and toilet valves are shut for a long period of time, they tend to seize and opening them becomes difficult. The mistake that most people make is that they think that by exerting too much force, they’ll be able to open them. This is rarely successful and you end up breaking the valve instead of opening it smoothly. The problem is that the stem is welded to the valve system. Therefore, it is difficult to open. To turn the knob without breaking it, the steam needs to be undone lightly with a wrench.

Lack of Tools

A plumbing repair in Bedford, TX can result in a failure if you lack the necessary tools. The reason why a plumber’s job seems easy is because they are always equipped with the right set of tools. DIYers fail to go the extra mile, and try to execute a plumbing project with whatever tools they have on hand. Trying to remove and old worn nipple with an ordinary wrench or pliers only tends to break the break the pipe, leaving marks on the walls. The easiest way of preventing such accidents from happening is by investing in a good quality wrench set, which is available at any hardware store.


A plumbing repair in Bedford, TX is a complex process. It is beyond the knowledge of a homeowner to understand the technicalities of plumbing and the possible issues which might occur. Only with the help of a professional plumber can you solve the plumbing problems in your house. Professional plumbers posses the right amount of experience, skills and tools to figure out a problem and fix it in an effective manner.

If you are looking for a professional plumber, stop looking for we have got you covered. With a team of seasoned professionals we provide the best plumbing services in Texas. If you need help or information, feel free to visit our website.

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There is a variety of plumbing issues that are experienced by home owners. These plumbing issues vary in terms of magnitude, complexity and costs. There are some minor plumbing problems that can be solved with DIY methods. However, there are some plumbing problems that can only be solved by a professional plumber in Arlington, TX.

In this article you will discover a variety of plumbing problems, only a professional plumber in Arlington,TX can handle and solve.

Let’s take a look.

1. Slow Draining Sinks

There are times, when the water sinks take longer than usual to drain. This normally happens due to a blockage in the pipes under the sink that restricts the flow of water. If it is a kitchen sink, the pipes can get clogged by small crumbs of food that go into it when you wash the dishes. In the case of bathroom sinks, the blockage happens due to knotted hair and soap. There are several ways of dealing with such problems. Such clogging can be solved by pouring in baking soda, vinegar or a drain opener. However, it is best to call a professional plumber in Arlington, TX. If the clogging is neglected, it will worsen with time.

2. Dripping Faucets

Dripping facets are so common, that it is impossible to find someone who hasn’t experienced this problem in their homes.  Not only does the sound of dripping faucets is annoying, but also wastes water thus costing you money. A faucet that is dripping can waste around a thousand gallons of water on an annual basis. The reason why faucets drip is the stiffening, and wear and tear of the washer inside the faucet. It is beyond the skills of a homeowner to get rid of dripping faucets. However, a plumber in Arlington, TX can fix dripping faucets with ease.

3. Clogged Shower Drain

Bathroom sinks aren’t the only ones to get clogged, shower drains also get clogged. Shower drains get clogged because of soapy water and knotted hair that go into it. Normally, opening a shower clog requires plunger or snake. It can also be done with baking soda or vinegar. Similar to sink clogging, clogged shower drains will get worsen due to negligence. If you are using a plunger, try using petroleum jelly at the end of the suction pad. If the problem doesn’t go away, maybe it is time to call a professional plumber in Arlington, TX.

4. Toilet Clogging

If the toilet bowl fills up to the brim and doesn’t drain, there is a good chance that clogging has taken place. This clogging happens due to pieces of tissue paper you try to drain and pieces of human waste. Toilet drain can easily go away with a plunger. If the plunger does not work, try using a drain auger. If none of the techniques work, only a professional plumber in Arlington, TX can absolve you of this problem.

5. Constantly Running Toilet

The worst thing about a running toilet is the wastage of water. Running toilet can waste around 200 gallons of water a day. The faulty flapper valve is the culprit behind running toilets. It is responsible for controlling the water that passes from the tank to the valve. However, there is nothing to worry about. You can fetch a toilet repair kit from any nearby hardware store, and get rid of the issue. And if that fails to work, a professional plumber in Arlington, TX can make the problem go away.

6. Defective Water Heater

This problem is one of the most annoying ones, and the interesting part is that detecting is hard. This problem can only be discovered when you are in the shower. While you are shower, the water will turn cold, leaving you shivering. There are several reasons behind a defective water heater. Normally, it happens due to the pilot that goes out and need to be lit again. The buildup of sediments in the tanks can result in a faulty water heater. A thermostat that doesn’t function well might affect the functioning of the water heater. Only a professional plumber in Arlington, TX can fix something as complex as a faulty water heater.

7. Reduced Water Pressure

There are times when the water pressure from the tap or the shower slows down. Washing things down or taking a shower becomes difficult when the water pressure is hindered. When this happens, chances are that a leakage has sprung out. Corrosion is one of the most common reasons behind pipe leakage It also happens when mold has found its way in. Water pressure, also slows down when sediment has build up in the pipes and hinders the flows of water. To restore the pressure of water, the plumbing must be checked by a professional plumber in Arlington, TX.

8. Leaky Pipes

Leaky pipes are nuisance, which almost every homeowner experiences in his life. Not only do leaky pipes result in water wastage, they can also open the doors up for several other problems. One of the worst things about leaky pipes is the dampness they cause. Dampness paves the way for microorganisms, which give birth to mold damage. Mold ruins the structure of your house, as well as your health. Furthermore, leaky pipes allow cockroaches and other creepy crawlers to infest your house and harm your health. Detection and repair of leaky pipes is a challenging task not everyone is capable of doing. Only a professional plumber in Arlington, TX can effectively investigate the cause of the issue and get rid of it.

These are some of the plumbing problems which are not to be taken lightly. The moment you notice any one of them, you first impulse should be to call a reputable plumber in Arlington, TX. If you are experiencing any of the abovementioned plumbing issues in your home, do let us know. Have a good day!!