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The electrical system in your home is vital to ensure you enjoy the use of electricity. From water heating to entertainment, and from doing the laundry to charging your phone, electricity does a lot in your home.

That’s not all. You also require electricity for operating appliances such as home machinery, electronics, computers, and for refrigeration, heating, cooling, and lighting. That’s why when any component of your electrical system malfunctions, you may find life to be quite unbearable.

If you are in Bedford, TX, or the surrounding areas, you may not have much problem. If you have a faulty electrical system, you can reach Tioga Contractors, and a qualified electrician will be dispatched to your home immediately.

How do you know if you need an electrician?

Whenever you have a problem with your electrical system, never attempt to fix it on your own. Electricity is a good servant, but it is also dangerous. Not only that, but you also may not even have the right equipment and gear to handle the problem you have at hand. That’s why it’s imperative to hire a qualified electrician.

Here are some of the issues that may prompt you to call us:

Sockets or Lights in Your Home Are Not Working

You plug in your TV set, switch the power on, but the TV is not working, not because it’s faulty, but because it is not receiving any power. The problem could be with the socket fitting itself or with the electrical installation.

Again, if you have good bulbs but they don’t light, this could be an indication that your electrical installation needs to get checked by an electrician. The advantage of hiring a professional is that he will diagnose the source of the problem and deal with it.

It could be that you have unsound installations, the fuses are faulty and needs replacement, your light fittings are worn out, there’s a wiring fault, or some water is entering into the socket and the light. It could also mean a rat or squirrel has cut your wires. No matter the issue, let the electrician deal with it.

Your Phone Fails to Work

If you are using a landline phone, it may fail to work when you don’t have electricity. So, a telephone that fails to work is an indication that you have an issue with your electrical system or the phone socket.

The phone won’t ring, and you’ll not hear any dialing tone. However, you need to check if other devices are working before you conclude that it’s the phone socket that malfunctioned. If other outlets aren’t working, the problem can be more significant. You’ll need to call an electrician as soon as possible.

Your Intercom/Entryphone System Is Faulty

Electricians also deal with intercoms/entryphone systems. So, if your system fails to work, you’ll need the services of one. An intercom is very important in an office or in your home for communication purposes. Also, when an entryphone fails to work, you’ll not be able to let people into your home, or the bell won’t work. This means you’ll need to act fast.

You Need To Replace Old Sockets and Lights

Technology changes and a time may come that you want to replace your sockets with modern ones, or your old bulb with energy-saving ones. Unless the process is just as simple as removing an old lamp and fitting a new one, you may need a qualified technician for this job.

You Are Selling, Buying, or Building a Home

When building a new home, the services of an electrician are indispensable. Also, when buying or selling a home in Bedford, TX, you need to call Tioga Contractors to carry out an electrical survey on the home you are buying or selling. Our team will inspect the electrical system of the house to ensure everything is in order. If not, they will have them repaired.

The Services We Offer

When you have any of the issues above, you can give us a call. We offer services such as:

  • All Types of Electrical Wiring
  • Installing Phone and TV Jacks
  • Installing Ceiling Fans and Lighting
  • Repairing Heat Circuits and AC systems
  • Installing or Replacing Switches and Electrical Outlets
  • Installing Auto Transfer Switches and Backup Generators
  • Appliance Hookup
  • Electrical Additions and Remodeling
  • Underground and Overhead Service
  • Troubleshooting
  • Replacing Breakers and Fuses
  • Security Lighting
  • Outdoor/Landscape Lighting
  • Code Corrections
  • Seasonal Lighting
  • Power Quality/UPS
  • Wiring of Lease Spaces
  • Design and Build Projects
  • Motor Controls
  • Service Upgrades
  • Emergency Power

That’s not all. We also offer commercial services such as ground-up constructions, remodeling, and addition. We also deal with marine services, airport concessions, food distribution equipment, and automotive.

Why Choose Us?

Locally we offer the best electrical installation and repair services. In all our operations, we employ new technologies to ensure efficient and faster services. That’s why most of the projects we deal with come from repeat clients and the family and friends they refer to us. But why does this happen?

We Guarantee Customer Satisfaction

When you call us for an installation or repair work, our technicians will not leave your premises before you confirm that you are 100% satisfied.


All our experts are reliable, courteous, and friendly. That’s because we check their backgrounds before employing them.

Knowledgeable and Experienced Staff

We have been providing our services here for many years. This gives us an edge against our competitors. We work fast enough to ensure you don’t miss electricity for long.

Bonded, Licensed, and Insured

Our company and our employees meet all the requirements, both professional and legal, to operate in Bedford, TX.

Transparent Pricing

After we inspect your electrical system, we’ll give you a quotation before we start working on the project. We don’t have any hidden charges or fees.


It is not advisable to wait until your power goes off or your equipment breaks down before you call an electrician. Your electrical system needs ongoing maintenance to ensure you have electricity 24/7. Call us at Tioga Contractors today, and let’s strike a deal.

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Most times, we make a mistake of underestimating the plumbing issues in our houses. A leak is dismissed as a small problem that duct tape can fix while we ignore a blocked drain until water floods the home. Interestingly, the more we try to fix the problem ourselves, the worse the situation gets. Luckily, there are people who are trained and can effectively fix plumbing problems for you without breaking a sweat. So when should you seek plumbing from professionals? Here are some of these instances where calling a company that offers plumbing services is a matter of urgency.

  • Low Water Pressure

You may notice that you take longer to fill water in a jug when using your kitchen tap or you take longer to rinse your body when showering. This means your water has low pressure which may be caused by a blockage in the aerator. In the long run, you will have to pay more water bills while spending more time to get clean or even fill a glass of water. Although you may be tempted to unclog this yourself, remember that it may cause more damage than good. The best way is to call for plumbing services and the professionals will fix this for you fast and effectively, saving you both your time and money.

  • No Water

Opening your shower or tap only to find no water can be very frustrating. It is worse when you know that you have cleared your Euless, TX, water bill and need prompt water services. Lack of water can be caused by many factors including a leak or blocked pipes. Keep in mind that your water system is mainly through pipes in the walls or underground. Trying to find the leak yourself will lead to damage to your house and compound which will add onto the cost of fixing the problem. The easier route is calling an expert from companies that offer top-notch plumbing services as they can tell where the problem is and fix it with little or no damage to your home.

  • Clogged Drains

Having a clogged drain may seem like a normal occurrence in your household especially if it’s the kitchen sink. At times it may be that bathroom drain where the water forms a puddle every time you shower. You may realize that after plunging the sink the drain remains clogged. This is where the expertise of a plumbing services company comes in. These professionals have the ability to look at the drainage system with specialized cameras that show exactly where the blockage is and how it can be removed. Having an expert from a company that offers plumbing services to look at your drain will save you time and keep you from doing the dirty work of picking out hair and other material that may be blocking your drain.

  • Water Is Not Heated

Have you ever turned on your shower expecting hot water only for a cold stream to come out? This may occur even after waiting a few minutes expecting the water to heat up. This is a sure reason that your water heater is broken and needs to be fixed. Getting professional plumbing services to look into this issue will help you learn what is wrong with the water heater and whether your water tank is the right size for your household. A plumber will also be able to avert any recurring problems especially when it comes to the sudden change of temperature of the water.

  • Overflowing Toilet

This is seen when you flush your toilet but the water continues to run long after the flush. It may appear normal but this is a sign of a bigger underlying problem. This may be caused by a blockage in the drain pipe or the toilet itself. Keep in mind that the longer your water keeps running, the higher your water bill gets. An expert from a company that offers plumbing services will be able to analyze the problem and give you a solution promptly. They will also be able to fix the drain and ensure it does not recur, saving you money on water bill.

  • Dripping Shower Head or Sink

A small drip may seem like a small problem that does not need your attention at all. However, this may be as a result of an increase in the water pressure or even a cracked pipe that needs immediate attention. What started as an innocent drip may end up being a steady one causing you to lose a substantial amount of water. It is advisable therefore to call an expert from a company that offers plumbing services to come in and look at it. You may save yourself from a bigger problem in the future.

  • Sewage Smell

If your Euless, TX, house suddenly smells like sewage that should be the first sign that there is something wrong with your drainage. In most cases, the smell may be caused by a clog in the drain pipes or lack of proper ventilation in some of these pipes. Trying to dig through these pipes can only make the situation worse. In such instances, find a plumber from a company that offers professional plumbing services who can comb through your property and find the actual cause of the smell. Plumbers have specialized equipment that can reach places that your plunger can not.

  • Installing New Appliances

Fitting in a new washing machine looks like an easy task that can be done with someone with zero plumbing knowledge. However, we forget that appliances like a dishwasher, fridge, and washing machines are linked to the general plumbing system of the house. One wrong move can mess the entire drainage and cause damage to the pipes and drains. Therefore, it is in your best interest to hire professional plumbing services when building a new home or redecorating and avoid any damage to the drainage system and supply lines.

If you are experiencing any of the signs above or thinking of changing some of your household appliances it is time to call a plumber. It may be that you want advice and not necessarily to have your toilet unclogged or your drain fixed. Whichever the need, reach out to experienced and professional plumbers at Tioga Contractors for effective, affordable, and innovative plumbing solutions.

For more information, contact us at Tioga Contractors.

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You don’t have to wait for a repair issue to call for electrical services. Your electrician can add upgrades to your home that will definitely get noticed.

Many homes, especially older ones, were not made to support our modern technology needs. The stress this puts on your electrical system can eventually lead to problems.

In Hurst, TX, Tioga Contractors offers comprehensive services that can modernize your home, business, or industry. They can help you choose the projects that will help you and your family the most and complete the work quickly.

You customize your home to fit your life, so why not make sure your electrical system is upgraded for your usage needs? Here are a few ways that your electrician can update your home.

Additional Electrical Outlets

If you live in an older home, you have probably noticed the difference in the electrical outlets. First, many older homes have two-prong outlets. Modern homes in Hurst, TX are outfitted with three-prong outlets that are grounded. Grounded outlets are necessary for your computers, smart televisions, and all appliances.

Besides being set up with the wrong outlets for today’s technology, older homes generally don’t have a lot of outlets in each room. If you are constantly struggling to make an outlet free to use, you should consider getting modern electrical services for your home.

There are different kinds of outlets available, including:

GFCI Outlets

This is a commonly used outlet, especially in areas near water. GFCI stands for ground fault circuit interrupter. It is designed to shut off the power to that outlet quickly in the case of a short circuit or ground fault.

AFCI Outlets

Not as well known as the last outlet, the AFCI outlet is also built to protect you. It looks basically the same as the GFCI outlet, but works differently.

AFCI stands for arc fault circuit interrupter and it protects you from electrical arcs. What is an arc? Arcs occur when electricity jumps from one wire to another. This can cause a fire to start very quickly.

20A Outlets

Generally, most outlets in the home are rated for 15 amps (15A). This means that the outlet is connected to a circuit that is capable of handling up to 15 amps of electricity, no more. 15A outlets are great for many things, including charging your smart phones and tablets and powering your microwave.

Some electrical appliances and devices, however, require more amperage. If you are continuously tripping the breaker in certain rooms, this may be the issue. You need an electrical services technician to help you fix the problem.

With a 20A outlet, your days of flipping the breaker could be over. The 20A outlet works with appliances that need more power to operate, like your washer and dryer. These outlets are generally found in your kitchen, laundry room, and garage, to handle the appliances that need the most power.

Switched Outlets

Switched outlets allow you to control the power of that outlet. These outlets have just one outlet, with a switch in place of the upper outlet. Using the switch, you can turn the power to the outlet on or off, as needed.

USB Outlets

Nearly every home in the nation could benefit from USB outlets. There are several options available. One popular choice are the models with two outlets and two USB ports for charging your mobile technology. Your electrical services specialist can advise you on which style is the best for you, based on your usage needs.

Smart Outlets

Smart outlets take your home’s electrical services to the next level. This technological advance works just like a regular outlet, except it allows you to control the outlet from your smartphone.

New Lighting Options

Nothing catches the eye like an exciting new lighting design. New lighting fixtures can transform your plain room into a celebration, adding interest to any room.

It is easy to set a mood with your lighting choice. You can choose lighting that floods the space with a warm glow, lending a cozy feeling. Or you might want a brilliant light to shine throughout the area, giving it a party attitude. If you have trouble deciding on a single mood, you could have your electrician install a dimmer. That way, you can change the atmosphere to suit the occasion.

Do you have a large room that is just not getting enough light to the outer edges? You might want to check into wall sconces or recessed lighting, to illuminate the dark corners. Your electrical services professional can help guide you through the wide variety of lighting styles that are available today, so your home can shine its brightest.

Security Lighting

There is nothing as important as keeping your family safe. Electrical services to light your way can help. Your electrician can help add to the security of your home or business with the addition of security lighting.

Whether you work the late shift or only work late occasionally, it can be scary to walk through the dark, even on your own property. Security lighting can illuminate even the most darkened corners of your property, so you can see everything near you.

Security lighting also makes your home or business less inviting to burglars and vandals. With enough light that everyone can see what they are up to, they may decide that your property is just too risky.

Landscape Lighting

With landscape lighting, you can do more than simply brighten up your property. By carefully planning your lighting around the unique and interesting features on your property, you can highlight what is special and add an artistic flair to your yard.

Landscape lighting can be used to illuminate whatever you wish. Shine a light on what you love most about your property. Add an extra glow to your address marker, so emergency vehicles can find your house quickly. The options are limitless.

Give your property a designer flair with intriguing landscape lighting design. You will give guests a beautiful view with properly placed lighting. It can transform an ordinary yard into an artistic vision. Check with your electrician to see how these electrical services could help you.

Contact Tioga Contractors for more information about our professional electrical services for your home, business, or industry in.

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Most homeowners know how important it is to take care of their homes, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy. The truth of the matter is, the best you can do as a homeowner is be aware of some common issues so you can call a plumber if something does go wrong. However, even that can be a lot of work for somebody who isn’t familiar with plumbing. If you’re looking for a list of some common plumbing problems so you know when to call a plumbing service to make repairs, we’ve got all the information you need.

1. Leaks

Of all the plumbing problems you need to keep an eye out for, leaks are among the worst. Not only can leaks be hard to spot, they can also cost you a lot of money depending on how severe they are. If you suspect you’ve got a leak somewhere in your plumbing system, you should call a professional right away.

Common signs of leaks include an increase in your water bill, a mold or mildew smell in your home and a water meter that keeps running. If you don’t get a leak fixed in a timely manner, it will continue to get worse over time and eventually cause serious damage or a massive increase in your monthly water bill.

2. Dripping Faucets

Dripping faucets are a problem that most homeowners have to deal with at some point in time. While this might not sound like a big deal, dripping faucets can cost you a lot of money if you don’t call a plumbing service right away. The good news is, a plumber can usually fix a dripping faucet quickly and easily.

While some plumbing problems are hard to spot, that’s not something you have to worry about with a dripping faucet. If you notice water coming from your faucet when it’s not on or water dripping from the hot and cold handles when you turn them, you’ve got a problem. The only way to fix a dripping faucet is to have a plumbing service pro replace the faulty parts of your faucet. Again, this is something that generally doesn’t take a lot of work or cost a lot of money, so you should always have someone take a look at your faucet if you notice a drip.

3. Clogged Drains

Sometimes plumbing problems are major and can cause tons of damage, and other times they’re more of an annoyance. The truth of the matter is, clogged drains aren’t likely to cost you a whole lot of money. However, nobody wants to stand in a pool of water while they shower or spend a few minutes plunging the toilet every day. This is why it’s important to have a professional plumbing service help you unclog your drains and keep them that way.

The fact of the matter is, clogged drains are often caused by something a homeowner does. While gunk will eventually build up in your drains no matter what you do, putting the wrong things down your drain accelerates the process. To make matters worse, most homeowners use drain cleaners like Drano which are chemical based and can damage pipes. If you’re going to use a drain cleaner, you should always opt for an enzyme-based brand.

4. No Hot Water

A lack of hot water is one of the most common plumbing service calls we get at Tioga Contractors. Chances are you rely on hot water for several things each day, from washing dishes and doing laundry to taking a shower every morning. If you suddenly lose access to your supply of hot water, your quality of life is severely impacted.

The truth is, water heaters don’t last forever. Your water heater features various components that tend to fail after a while, so it’s important to have your water heater inspected when you’re having any sort of plumbing service done. Additionally, you should know that most water heaters are rated to last between 8 and 12 years, which isn’t a very long time. If you haven’t had your water heater replaced in the last 15 or 20 years, you might consider having it replaced right now so you don’t have to deal with an unexpected lack of hot water when it inevitably fails.

5. Burst Pipes

Of all the plumbing problems you don’t want in your Euless, TX, home, burst water pipes are at the top of the list. Not only does a burst water pipe require more extensive repairs than a simple leak, it can also cost you thousands of dollars in serious structural damage. The best way to prevent burst water pipes is to have a plumbing service help you prepare your home for winter.

Burst pipes are generally a result of a pipe that freezes then thaws out again. The expansion of the water puts pressure on the pipe and eventually bursts it, at which point hundreds of gallons of water go spewing out into your home. Preventing burst pipes involves properly insulating problem parts of your home and using things like heat cable or tape to make sure your pipes don’t get too cold. You should always have this preventive maintenance done by a plumbing service professional so you know it’s done right.

Get Some Help

Keeping up with all the maintenance and repairs your home needs can be a lot of work. If you want to make things easier on yourself, the best thing you can do is schedule regular maintenance with professionals to prevent problems.

Tioga Contractors in Euless, TX, is happy to help you keep your plumbing system in great shape. Whether you need new fixtures or appliances installed or you need a plumbing service to take care of some repairs around the house, we can help. Contact Tioga Contractors today to set up an appointment and get your plumbing system back in great shape.