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Are you in need of the best electrical services? At Tioga, we have a well established electrical department that specializes in dealing with any type of electricity challenges like electrical wiring, installing light bulbs, installing TV and phone jacks and replacing all types of electrical switches. We have a competent team of highly experienced experts that pride themselves in giving you the most outstanding services. By being aware of the challenges and quickly adjusting to the most recent technologies, we have the most updated tools, knowledge and resources in the electrical industry. We are well equipped and always ready to take any issue head on, providing you with the most effective solutions in electrical challenges.

Our experts are licensed, insured and highly skilled to provide installation and repair services of almost every home equipment, from hot water tanks, kitchen stationary to garbage disposals. Tioga is a fully licensed plumbing, fire-suppression and electrical services company. We provide services to both commercial and residential spaces. We are a company well versed in wet and electrical utilities for both commercial and residential projects. Additionally, we don’t prioritize projects, whether small or big, we give it our all. Every member of our staff strictly follows the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) guidelines.

They are also involved in in-house training programs that mainly focus on the safety standards, techniques, drug screening, background checks as well as driving records. We guarantee the highest integrity levels, professionalism and skill anytime you choose to work with us. At Tioga, maintainability and electrical safety is one of our biggest concerns at Tioga. We are dedicated to making sure your home or business is as safe as possible. We offer childproofing outlets, whole house surge protectors, electrical safety inspections as well as wiring upgrades.

Childproofing Outlets

Being aware that uninterrupted and constant adult supervision isn’t guaranteed, we provide childproof outlets that protect your children and guests. This prevents liability and any form of injury that it might cause. Also known as temper proof receptors, these childproof outlets are very effective in preventing damage. As a matter of fact, according to the 2008 NEC, it is a requirement that every home has a childproof outlet.

Electrical Inspections

We offer the best electrical services especially in inspection. Research shows that electrical faults are among the biggest causes of property damage in Hurst, TX. Pinpointing and repairing electrical problems will need highly skilled and professional safety inspection. Do you want any of these electrical services? Schedule a safety inspection with us today for a detailed, prioritized and honest checklist of recommendations for your home.

Specially Dedicated Computer Circuits

The functionality of your company heavily depends on computers. To prevent damaged fuses or tripped circuit directors, we can install an effective circuit breaker that specially manages your computer systems. This implies that when it is switched on, your office electrical devices will not interrupt the computers. The electrical codes are usually updated once in three years by NEC, the country’s single code for electrical installation. This is a safety measure that protects property and people from potential electrical damage. At Tioga, we will ensure that your residence is fully fitted with this effective system by disembarking our team there. They guarantee the best electrical services.

Surge Protection

As you might have experienced it before, power surges can occur in one flash because of a variety of reasons, damaging your precious electronics. It is highly advisable to protect the electrical appliances in your house from potential harm posed by power surges. At Tioga, we pride ourselves in having the best surge protectors that can withstand any levels of power surge.

The GFCI Outlets

GFCI outlets are products mainly used in highly sensitive areas like the kitchen, bathroom or the garage where risks of electricity shocks are high. You can detect the electrical shocks through the ‘test’ and ‘reset’ buttons that are placed on the receptacle. The outlets are very important because they protect you from potential electricity circuits through managing and monitoring the amount of power going through the circuit. It will send an alarm if it detects any kind of electrical imbalance. Once it is detected, the outlet instantly stops the electricity flow, averting danger.

The Wiring Updates

Old and outdated wiring is not only dangerous for your home but also affects the functionality of the system you could be enjoying. Experts highly recommend that you regularly update the wiring system of your home. Stop worrying about always unplugging the sockets and prevent any sort of electrical disaster, get a good surge protector from Tioga. We will also update your home wiring system at affordable prices.

The Circuit Replacement Services

One key thing to proper electrical appliance’s functionality is sufficient electrical capacity. In most occasions, the circuit breaker replacement has the potential of repairing overload issues without necessarily using the electrical system update. At Tioga, we provide the most outstanding electrical services through remarkable circuit breakers.

Bulb Lighting Services

Are you in need of the best lighting services? Do you want a new idea of designing your house? Get in touch with our contractors for all of the electrical services in Hurst, TX. We have some of the best experts seeking to give you the best electrical services. We will also help design the final touches and outlook on your home or business premises. We are well known for offering a wide range of lighting services, all at very affordable prices. We offer commercial ballasts that are critical in limiting the electricity flow through the fluorescent bulbs. Such measures prevent them from becoming overly heated and burning out.

Experiments show that wireless lighting solutions will properly control lighting and devices in your home. It is actually simple and easier because it will be done through a remote control or smartphone. Great lighting is ideal for the beauty of your home.

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Do you have a baby in the house? If you do then you can understand the struggle of having them take up all of your attention. Even the most minor aspects become a matter of major concern especially if your kid tends to vanish away in the blink of an eye! Homes with kids need to be careful when they talk about childproofing their homes. Professional electricians in Fort Worth, TX recommend that when you’re looking into childproofing your home, the first thing you need to consider is the electricity rapidly flowing through your home.

What does electricity have to do with this? Well, if your child comes in contact with any electrical outlet then it could result in electric shock. This can either be fatal or your child will end up sustaining major injuries instead. Have you baby proofed your house yet? If not then this is just the post for you! Here we’ll look at potential hazards that may pose threat to your child and how you can effectively counter it.

Child proofing done right

Expert electricians in Fort Worth, TX mention that the best way to make sure your baby is safe and healthy is by ensuring they are as far away from open end of electrical panels as possible. While it’s simply impossible for your home to work without electricity, you can take certain precautions to ensure safety. Here are a few tips that experts recommend you to look into:

Tip #1: Making sure your outlet is safe

Electrical outlets are one of the major reasons babies tend to face fatal problems around the house. This is usually because they are under the habit of putting their hands into anything that appeals to them. Being an open outlet further tempts them to poking their fingers into it and is thus results in electric shock. Most outlets are supposed to be tamper-resistant so if you’re ever getting your home renovated, make sure you opt for this kind of outlet.

A tamper-resistant outlet is one that allows current to flow only when both the plugs are put in. Either way, it’s best if you still choose to cover up the outlet with cheap and affordable covers. Professional electricians in Fort Worth, TX recommend that you opt for getting outlet covers as compared to any other type of proofing techniques since they are considered to be the most efficient.

Tip #2: Make sure your baby is away from cords

Electrical cords are considered as being the next most dangerous electrical item as compared to outlets. While electricians in Fort Worth, TX agree that electrical outlets pose the biggest threats to babies, most of them also agree that electrical cords can be just as dangerous, not just for children but for the whole house. Amongst the several problems it causes, the most common are:

  • It can cause a threat to setting the house ablaze
  • It can end up causing electrical shocks due to damage in the wiring
  • It is usually unnoticeable thereby end up causing tripping accidents and body injuries
  • Babies can find it intriguing and start chewing on it

This is usually why professional electricians in Fort Worth, TX suggest that you either place electrical cords in such a way that it is well hidden from sight or it is beyond the reach of children. Some precautions with electrical cords include:

  • Avoid trailing these wires across the floor or near doorways since they can cause tripping accidents
  • Avoid placing these wires underneath rugs since they often tend to overheat and thus start fires
  • Extension cords must be avoided at all costs which means you should try getting more outlets rather than an extension cord
  • Electrical devices which aren’t in use should be removed from the outlets so they don’t end up winding up the cords.
  • Old and broken electrical wires should be removed at all this

If you keep a check on all these factors then you’ll be sure to see a significant change in your home. Remember, your child’s safety always comes first and electrical cords pose as the biggest threats.

Tip #3: Baby-proof your electrical appliances to keep your kids safe

Electrical appliances are the basic necessity of every household but they also pose as the biggest threats on your child’s life. According to expert electricians in Fort Worth, TX, electrical devices can be quite dangerous for your child, they can often cause electrocutions or even severe bodily damage by dropping on them. To make sure your children are safe, you can:

  • Make sure your child’s toys are not items that need to be plugged to the wall
  • Make sure your child is far away from any electrical item or they are placed at hard to reach places. Make sure their cords do not run down to where your child can tug on it.
  • Make sure electrical appliances are far away from water
  • Make sure all electrical appliances have a proper, tamper-free cover on them

Amongst these, professional electricians in Fort Worth, TX often get complains about children accidentally placing their hands into electrical devices which is why it’s important to keep your items unplugged at all times. By doing so, you’re not only keeping track of your electric bill but you’re also ensuring the safety of your child.

Finding the right service

Finding the right electricians in Fort Worth, TX is a task that is often challenging for people. However, your best resort is to contact Tioga Contractors and have them address your residential electricity needs. Not only do they excel at baby proofing your home but these electricians in Fort Worth, TX can handle any electrical problem you may face. Apart from that, you can also contact them for help in your plumbing. Their team of experts can help you gain the best of the best electricians in Fort Worth, TX and plumbers that you would need for your home.