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There are plenty of reasons why a new circuit breaker panel upgrade and related electrical services should be performed for your home, most of all to ensure your family’s safety by replacing outdated or unreliable equipment. At Tioga Contractors, we can help you upgrade your equipment in Hurst, TX, and install a new circuit breaker panel. It’s an important feature to have in your home if you decide to put it on the market, indicating that the buyer is less likely to face outdated electrical equipment and wiring and the concerns they can pose. You may need more circuits to support your tech-heavy lifestyle, your hobbies, home theater, equipment or other gear. A new circuit breaker panel, combined with upgraded electrical service capacity, provides the room to grow that you need. It also makes it possible to add enhancements that you may find valuable in your home, such as new protective devices, specialized circuits, and updated wiring to protect your family and your home.

More Power!

You may have put some plans on hold in your home because you didn’t have enough power coming in through your electrical service to meet your overall needs. This is usually because you have an older home that was built before heavy modern electrical usage developed, but you may already have the modern standard 200 amp service and need even more. When you upgrade your incoming power and electric meter, it makes sense to have an updated, expanded way to distribute that power.

Increased Safety Just From the Panel Upgrade

While fuse boxes are overdue for replacement, older circuit breaker panels also need replacement because of age and the problems that typically develop including corrosion, aging components, and even damage from small creatures intruding. In some cases, the older circuit breaker panel and the breakers themselves have been subject to a recall because they didn’t perform as well as they should, and our electrical service technicians will identify this issue and discuss your options for replacement.

Adding New Safety Features: GFCI and AFCI Circuit Breakers

GFCI protection, a feature found in kitchen and bathroom outlets and other water-related locations, can also be provided in a circuit breaker. AFCI protection in circuit breakers help reduce the risk of fire from bad or loose connections, bad wiring and bare wires, and other electrical risks that may be hidden in your home’s walls. Dual function circuit breakers are available that can provide both protection for the same circuit. We also offer whole-house surge and lightning protection.

Foundation for New Wiring

If your home has older wiring, you may want to start with your electrical service installing a new electrical panel and start running new wiring to replace aging, cracked, or worn wires, and wiring that doesn’t support modern grounding standards. Aluminum wiring replacement may also be a good idea, and starting with a new electrical panel will help you build a new foundation for your home’s essential electrical system. These days, you need home wiring that can handle high power even from hair dryers, and provide reliable power without fail, since a flickering light fixture and intermittent power to your computer are two different issues.

Organize Your Home’s Wiring and Reduce Shared Circuits

In older homes, circuits were often shared between rooms, resulting in surprise power failures when someone plugs in a space heater in one bedroom and someone else is using a hair dryer in another. With the new space for circuits that your new electrical panel provides, you can organize your home’s wiring to correspond to individual rooms and even parts of rooms such as separate power for your home theater system and general purpose outlets in your family room.

It’s Time for a “Heavy Up”

If you’ve bought an affordable home that has an older electrical system, you may find that there are few modern upgrades to your home that you can perform with your existing electrical service. From a hot tub to a full HVAC system, there are items that make you a heavy user of electricity and your electrical service team calls upgrading to support that a “heavy up.”

Backup Generator

Power failures are more common these days, and many families are installing backup generators to provide convenient, often automatic replacement power until commercial electric service is restored. It’s much easier and safer to install the backup generator connections to a newer electrical panel than to count on older equipment meeting all the power handling, wiring, and safety needs of this major addition to your home’s electrical system.

Solar Electric

As with a backup generator system, adding solar electric power generation to your home involves making connections to your home’s incoming power, and sometimes outgoing as well if you’re going to sell power back to the utility. You want these connections to be solid, and a modern electrical service is an excellent way to have confidence in your new power generation system.

EV Charging

While slow, all-day charging for electric vehicles can sometimes use standard circuits, rapid charging, even for overnight use, requires specialized high power connections that are better added to your modern electrical panel. Our electrical service team can help you evaluate your existing equipment for EV charging if you like, and also do the math to see if your home’s incoming electric service is going to have the spare capacity for EV charging. You might very well find that this upgrade is an excellent opportunity for capacity and panel upgrades.

Tioga Contractors in Hurst TX, Your Electrical Experts

We provide total electrical care for your Hurst, TX home, including panel upgrades and home wiring improvements, for your family’s safety and enjoyment. Our experts can arrange the services you need and make sure important electrical code considerations, permits, and safety precautions are covered, and offer new ideas to help you live better with electricity from smart home features and amazing new light fixtures to specialized wiring. Give us a call.

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The integrity of your home’s electrical system is important. If your electrical system is not working efficiently then you may need to seriously consider hiring a professional electrical service professional to inspect and repair your system. Tioga Contractors can help you prevent electrical problems from occurring in your residential or commercial property. Inefficient electrical installation, old, worn-out materials, and poorly designed electrical systems can result in a waste of money and energy.

If you live in an older home with an old electrical system, it may be beneficial to completely replace certain components of your electrical system to prevent some very common electrical system errors and mistakes.


Lighting is tricky to get right. Lighting requires an experienced and knowledgeable hand to install. A reputable electrical service professional would also be able to consult and make suggestions for lighting solutions that will help save you money and energy, while also being aesthetically pleasing.

Lighting in the Wrong Areas

If your lights aren’t placed in the right areas, the room can be poorly lit in one area and too bright in another. Depending on its design, a room may need different lights strategically placed in the right areas. If you have a design in mind and are not sure how to execute it, consulting with an electrical professional can be very helpful for deciding on how to proceed and install your new lights.

Unusual or Unappealing

If you don’t like the lighting that already exists or have an unusual set of lights you shouldn’t suffer. Contact an electrical service company to help you remove them and install new ones. Replacing a light is a simple task with the help of an electrician.

Non-Existent Dimmers

A house without dimmers is a shame. Dimmers help set the mood but most importantly help you adjust the lighting in your home to help suit the time of day. Having a dimmer can help you waste less energy by utilizing it to turn the lights down or off when it’s bright enough outside. Turning the light down to a lower brightness can help reduce electrical waste. It also helps while watching movies and TV, or when you have to get up in the middle of the night. If you don’t have dimmers you can easily have them installed by an electrical professional.

Flickering Lights

Flickering lights aren’t always a serious problem. However, if your lights flicker more than a few seconds then you may have a serious problem on your hands. Older homes tend to have lights that flicker when you first flip the switch to the on position. This is perfectly normal. Older home’s electrical systems tend to become worn out and faulty. They are bound to be malfunctioning in an older home. If you are experiencing this kind of flickering you should have an electrical service company inspect your systems to determine the exact cause of the flickering. The electrical professional you hire should be able to determine the cause and make suggestions on how to repair or replace the wiring to stop any further system failures.

If your lights begin flickering uncontrollably or at random intervals, you may have a serious electrical issue on your hand. This may indicate a shortened or frayed circuit. A frayed circuit must be addressed as soon as possible. This can be a potentially serious and property damaging problem. To address this correctly you need to hire a professional, local, reputable electrical service company. If you live in or around the Hurst, TX, area. Contact Tioga Contractor for all of your emergency electrical needs.

Frequent Power Surges

Do you experience frequent power surges? If you do, make an appointment for a professional electrical system inspection right away. Power surges do happen; however, they should not be happening often. Normal and unexpected causes of a power surge could be a lightning strike or high wattage device. If the reason for a power surge is either of those causes then you may need to adjust the way you use the device and refrain from using electricity in lighting storms.

The reason for frequent power surges is often faulty or improperly installed wiring. This can happen when a non-professional electrician works on your electrical systems. Electrical systems are powerful and intricate systems that need an experienced and knowledgeable technician. Other reasons for frequent surges include power line issues or utility company equipment; if this is the cause then contact your utility company right away.

To be on the safe side, contact a local electrical service company to perform routine electrical system checks on your property. This will help keep everything running smoothly, efficiently, and up to code.

Lag in Power

If your electrical systems lag or dip in wattage from time to time, it may indicate an issue with your circuits. It may also indicate faulty electrical components present in your system. If your electrical system constantly or frequently dips in power, something could be blocking or slowing the connection to the outlet or device. If you experience this often, you will need to hire an electrical service professional. Do not continue using the electrical outlet or appliance that exhibits this malfunction. If you continue using it, you could be making the already existing problem worse.

Circuit Breaker Tripping Often

If your circuit breaker is constantly tripping you have a good and bad problem on your hands. The good news is your circuit breaker is working the way it was intended to. The bad news is something keeps causing your circuit breaker to trip. Your circuit breaker will trip when too many watts of electricity is being fed through the circuit. The circuit was built to adjust to a certain amount of wattage. If the electrical power goes over that allotted amount the circuit will trip to prevent circuit overload. Contact an electrician if you notice your circuit breaker is constantly tripping.

If you notice any electrical failures, mistakes, or malfunctions you should contact an electrical professional right away. A professional and trusted electrical service company can help you rearrange, repair, and improve your electrical systems by inspecting and correcting them. If you live in or around Hurst, TX, contact Tioga Contractors for competent and professional electrical service.

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The electrical system in your home is one of the most important parts, especially if you use a lot of electronic devices. Unfortunately, many older homes in the area have old electrical systems that aren’t safe or can’t keep up with the demands of most homeowners. If you’re having strange electrical problems in your home, there’s a chance you could have a problem with your electrical panel. Fortunately, professional electrical contractors can inspect everything for you. If you think it might be time for a new electrical panel, here’s what you need to know.

Frequent Trips

For the most part, you shouldn’t run into a lot of electrical problems in your home. Sure, a breaker might trip if you’re running a lot of large appliances in one room suddenly, but you should never have frequent tripping breakers when there’s no good explanation. If you’re dealing with more trips than you should be dealing with, make sure you have electrical contractors take a look at your panel.

Tripping is a safety feature that’s built into your electrical system, which means it’s crucial that it’s working the right way. If breakers are tripping when they shouldn’t be, they might fail to trip when they should. This is a problem you can’t ignore if you want to keep yourself, your family and your home safe.

So, how often is too often? In most homes, there might only be one or two breaker trips each year. Many people don’t even deal with a breaker trip in the average year. If your breakers are tripping once a week, every few weeks or even every month, chances are you’ve got a problem that requires the help of electrical professionals.


The truth of the matter is, your electrical panel isn’t designed to last forever. Just like all of the other components in your home, your panel wears down with time and will eventually stop working or cause fire hazards. Make sure you have some idea of how old your electrical panel is so you know when to replace it. If you don’t know, you should have electrical contractors look at your electrical panel once every couple of years.

On average, an electrical panel should last about 60 years. This is with the average wear and tear you would expect an electrical panel to endure. If you frequently overload your electrical panel, the wiring is incorrect or there’s some other stress on the panel, it might only last 40 or 50 years.

In any case, you should have electrical professionals replace your electrical panel if it’s nearing the 60-year mark. As much as you may want to save money and get the most out of your electrical panel, the last thing you want to do is put yourself at risk over a little bit of money. On top of that, having a brand-new electrical panel is much more convenient than having an old one that frequently has problems.


When you’re running electricity in your home, it’s normal to hear a little bit of a buzzing noise coming from your electrical panel. This noise comes from electricity running through the panel. However, you should call electrical contractors if you hear any very loud noises that don’t seem to be normal.

A loud buzzing sound or any other unexpected noise coming from your electrical panel should never be ignored. While you may just be more sensitive to the normal sounds of electricity than others, it’s still best to call expert electrical contractors to take a look at things.

Signs of Damage

The electrical panel in your Arlington, TX, home isn’t the most exceptional sight; for the most part, it simply looks like plain metal. If you notice anything out of the ordinary in terms of how your panel looks, you should call an expert.

Electrical contractors see panels that are burned or otherwise damaged by electricity all the time. This is often the case with very old panels that are starting to become a fire hazard. If your panel is a little brown or blackened, make sure you have somebody look at it right away.

Upgrading Your Electrical Panel

Even if it’s not quite time for a new electrical panel, you might want to have electrical contractors help you upgrade to something that better fits your home. If you’re sick of having a breaker trip when you run certain appliances in certain rooms, this is a great chance to fix that. Plus, you can account for any other remodeling you might want to do which would require additional electrical work.

If you’re planning on upgrading your home or adding a new room, now is the perfect time to invest in a new electrical panel. You can have a contractor help you find a panel that’s right for your home, so you don’t have to worry about a complicated installation process or problems down the line.

Make sure you talk to electrical contractors about the best electrical panel options before you spend your hard-earned money. Since you won’t be replacing your electrical panel for quite some time after this, now is a good time to make sure you’ve got a high-quality, long-lasting electrical panel in your home.

Make the Call

If you’re tired of worrying about whether or not your electrical panel is keeping you safe and providing the convenience electricity should provide, it’s time for a new panel. The good news is, you don’t have to spend a fortune to get your hands on a new electrical panel.

Are you in the market for a new electrical panel? If you’re looking for electrical contractors in Arlington, TX, Tioga Contractors has you covered. We can do everything from electrical panel inspections and installation to complete rewiring and more. If you want to make the most out of your home’s electrical system, just call Tioga Contractors at 469-789-1293.