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Maintaining the water pressure in your home is crucial for various reasons. Proper water pressure is key, from ensuring sufficient flow to important appliances like the dishwasher and washing machine, to preventing pipe bursts that can cause serious damage. This article will explore the signs you need to call a plumber to adjust your water pressure and the top reasons why regulating water pressure is so important.

Signs You Don’t Have the Appropriate Water Pressure

If you notice any of the following signs, it may be time to call a plumber to adjust your home’s water pressure:

1. High Water Pressure

-When you turn on the faucet, there’s an instantaneous rush of water that makes it difficult to control the flow

-Your faucets and showerheads constantly leak or drip

-Water collected in the overflow drain of your tub fills up quickly when you turn on the shower

-You notice puddles of water around your water heater or other plumbing fixtures

-Pipes make loud banging noises (water hammer) when you turn off the faucet or flush the toilet

2. Low Water Pressure

-Your showerhead dribbles rather than spraying water

-Toilets take forever to fill up after you flush them.

-Faucets emit a sputtering sound when turned on.

-Appliances that use water, like the washing machine or dishwasher, take longer than usual to complete their cycles.

Why You Need To Call A Professional to Regulate Water Pressure In Your Home

Now that you know the signs that indicate you may have an issue with your home’s water pressure, it’s important to understand why regulating water pressure is so important. There are a few key reasons:

Preventing Pipe Damage

Most people think of water pressure in terms of how strong the flow is from their faucets. While that is one important factor, another aspect of water pressure is often overlooked – the amount of force that water exerts on the pipes in your home.

If the water pressure is too high, it stresses pipes and joints, causing them to weaken over time. Eventually, this can lead to leaks, bursting pipes, and even total failure of the plumbing system. By contrast, having a plumber regulate your water pressure helps prolong your pipes’ life and can save you a significant amount of money in repairs down the road.

As such, it is an essential part of home maintenance. If you are unsure how to regulate water pressure in your home, your local plumber will be able to help. In the meantime, take steps to prevent pipe damage by checking for leaks and ensuring that all fittings are secure. Doing so will help you avoid a plumbing disaster – and a very hefty repair bill.

Ensure Optimal Performance of Plumbing Appliances

The average household water pressure is around 60 psi, but it can range from 40 to 80 psi. While this may not seem like a big difference, it can significantly impact your plumbing appliances. Appliances like dishwashers, washing machines, and toilets are designed to operate within a certain water pressure range. If the pressure is too low, they will not work properly.

For example, dishwashers rely on a strong water flow to remove food and dirt from dishes. If the water pressure is too low, the dishwasher cannot do its job effectively. This can lead to dishes that are only partially clean or, in some cases, not clean.

The same is true for washing machines. If the water pressure is too low, clothes may not come out as clean as they should. In addition, toilets require a certain amount of water pressure to flush properly. If the pressure is too low, waste will not be flushed away effectively – and you will end up in a very messy situation.

By contrast, if the water pressure is too high, it can damage appliances. In particular, washing machines are vulnerable to damage from high water pressure. The strong flow of water can stress hoses and other components, leading to leaks or even total failure. As such, it is important to have a plumber in Grapevine, TX, regulate water pressure in your home to ensure that it is within the optimal range for your appliances.

Saving Water

Regulating the water pressure in your home is crucial for the proper function of your plumbing system and can also help you save water. When water pressure is too high, water can leak from pipes and fixtures, leading to wasted water and potential damage to your home.

On the other hand, if the water pressure is too low, you may have to use more water to accomplish tasks like washing dishes or taking a shower. For example, if you are trying to wash dishes with low water pressure, you may have to run the water for longer to get the dishes clean. This can waste a significant amount of water – and it will also increase your water bill.

The same is true for taking showers. If the water pressure is too low, you may have to use more water to clean yourself. In addition, low water pressure can make it difficult to rinse shampoo and soap from your hair, leading to wasted water and time.

On the other hand, if the water pressure in your home is regulated properly by a plumber, you can accomplish tasks using less water. This can save you money on your water bill and help to conserve this important resource

Don’t Let Water Pressure Get You Down

As you can see, regulating water pressure in your Grapevine, TX, home is crucial for various reasons. From preventing damage to appliances and pipes to saving water, many benefits can be gained from keeping the water pressure in your home at an optimal level. So if you have been experiencing problems with low or high water pressure, call a plumber today to get the situation under control. Your plumbing system – and your wallet – will thank you.

We Are the Experts to Call

If you live in Grapevine, TX, and are having problems with your water pressure, Tioga Contractors are the plumbers to call. We are a full-service plumbing company serving the Grapevine area for many years. Our plumbers have the experience and expertise to quickly and efficiently solve any water pressure problems you may be having. So don’t wait – call us today!

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If you are like most Hurst, TX homeowners, you don’t think about your plumbing system very often. As long as it is functioning properly, your plumbing system isn’t on your mind.

The plumbing system in your home has two purposes. First, it is responsible for delivering clean, clear water to your faucets, showerheads, toilets, and water-based appliances. The second purpose of your plumbing system is to remove water and waste from the home.

You rely on your plumbing system for many household tasks. If it isn’t functioning properly, life in the home will come to a screeching halt. Simple tasks such as showering, flushing the toilet, and using the sink can be impossible.

If you are experiencing any of the following issues in your home, you should call a licensed plumber immediately. If you make the call as soon as the problem begins, you can prevent a minor issue from becoming a major one.

#1 No Water

If there is no water coming into your home, you may need assistance from a licensed plumber. Before you make the call, check with your neighbors to ensure that there isn’t a widespread water outage. You should also ensure that your water bills have been paid and your service wasn’t turned off.

If everything checks out, you should call a professional. There are a few issues that could be causing the problem, including:

  • An issue with the water main
  • Clogged or corroded pipes
  • Poor or aging materials

Until you call a plumbing service, you won’t have water coming into the home.

#2 Slow Or Clogged Drains

Slow drains can be very frustrating. When the water drains down the sink or shower slowly, daily household tasks can be difficult and take longer. A clogged drain is more frustrating. When the drain is clogged, you won’t be able to use your sink or shower at all.

You may be tempted to solve the problem yourself using a liquid drain cleaner. Unfortunately, this isn’t the best option. There is no guarantee that the drain cleaner will remove the entire clog, which means that the clog will continue growing, causing another issue in the near future. Also, liquid drain cleaners contain harsh chemicals that can cause damage to your pipes.

It is best to call a licensed plumber if you have a slow or clogged drain. A professional will be able to use one of a few different methods to remove the clog based on its size and location. A plumbing service will ensure that the clog is removed safely and completely.

#3 Poor Water Pressure

Another frustrating plumbing issue is poor water pressure. When you aren’t getting adequate water pressure, daily household tasks can be difficult. Simple things like washing your hair and washing the dishes will take longer than they should. Also, your appliances that require water to function won’t work properly.

If just the hot water pressure is poor, the problem lies within your water heater. When the hot and cold water pressure is poor, you could have a leak in the waterline. Waterline leaks often occur behind the wall where you can’t see them. As the water pools, it can cause significant damage to the structure of your home and promote mold growth. Also, a leak in the water line can waste a significant amount of water, which can cause a significant increase in your water bill.

It is best to call a licensed plumber as soon as you notice the change in your water pressure.

#4 Rusty Water

If the water coming from the faucets and showerheads in your Hurst, TX home is brown or discolored, it is likely rust. If it is just the hot water that is discolored, the problem lies within your water heater. Discolored hot and cold water could be due to the pipes in your home. If they are corroded, it will cause the water to come out discolored. Because it is not safe to drink, bathe in and cook with rusty water, it is essential that you schedule an appointment with a plumber immediately. Until you can get a professional to your home, it is best to use bottled water.

#5 Water Heater Issues

Your water heater is one of the most essential appliances in your Hurst, TX home. If your water heater isn’t functioning properly, daily household tasks will become impossible. Also, your water-based appliances won’t function properly. If your water heater shows any of the following signs, you should call a licensed plumber immediately.

  • No hot water
  • The water doesn’t get any hotter than lukewarm
  • Poor hot water pressure
  • Rusty hot water
  • Strange sounds coming from the water heater
  • Pilot light issues (gas or oil water heaters)
  • Moisture or water pooling around the water heater

Why Choose Tioga Contractors?

If you are having any issues with your plumbing system and need the help of a licensed plumber, don’t choose the first name that comes up during a Google search. Instead, schedule an appointment with Tioga Contractors. We are a full-service residential and commercial plumbing company, and we also provide electrical and window services.

Tioga has been serving customers in the area since 1953, and since then, we have earned an excellent reputation in the community and the industry. We are an accredited member of the Better Business Bureau and have a 5-star rating on Google. We have also won several Home Advisor awards over the years.

Our plumbing technicians are highly trained and highly qualified. Before we hire someone, they must pass a background check and a drug test. When one of our plumbers arrives at your home, you can be sure they are on time. Their truck will be stocked with parts to handle many common repairs.

Before they do any work, the plumber will give you an accurate quote, so you know what the repair will cost before the work begins.

We understand that plumbing issues can arise at any time of the day or night. This is why we offer 24/7 emergency service. If you call our office after hours, we will get to your home as quickly as if you had called during regular business hours.

To schedule an appointment for a plumbing repair or any other service, give us at Tioga Contractors a call today.

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The sooner you spot a problem in your Irving, TX, home, the less likely it is that you’ll have to deal with serious damage. The problem is, most homeowners don’t know a whole lot about their plumbing system and what kind of problems they need to look out for. If you want to make sure you’re spotting plumbing problems as soon as possible so you can call a plumber before things get too serious, here’s what you should watch out for.


Of all the plumbing problems you’ll probably deal with at some point, leaks are one of the most common. Leaks can occur in several different spots and for several different reasons, but it’s always important to get them fixed as soon as you can. As soon as you spot a leak in your home, you need to call a plumber to get it fixed.

The most dangerous leaks are the ones that occur in walls, crawlspaces and ceilings. These areas are tough to dry out, which means water can build up and cause significant damage to building materials. In some cases, you may even have mold growth in your home as a result of a leak that you didn’t stop in time.


Clogs are another common plumbing problem that a lot of homeowners underestimate. A clogged or slow drain might not seem like a big deal at first, but it can quickly become a big deal if you don’t take care of it. Over time, clogs get worse and can eventually completely stop drain pipes from working. Before you let a clog get too bad, call a plumber to have your drains cleaned.

It’s important to note that you need to be careful if you decide to clean your own drains. As a homeowner, you shouldn’t go beyond using an enzyme-based liquid drain cleaner and a simple plunger to unclog a drain. If you can’t get a drain clog removed using these simple tools, that’s a sign that it’s time to call a professional to run a snake or auger in your drain.

No Hot Water

Hot water is essential to your daily routine, whether you’re washing the dishes at night or taking a shower when you wake up. This is why it’s important to keep up with water heater maintenance. Every once in a while, you should have a plumber flush your water heater to get rid of any built-up sediment. This routine flushing helps prevent corrosion, which means your water heater will last longer and you’re less likely to be stranded without hot water.

If your hot water suddenly stops working, chances are it’s a result of a bad heating element or thermostat in the water heater. You can replace a thermostat or heating element for a fraction of the cost of a water heater, so it’s worth doing if that’s your problem. However, any tank-related problems are a sign that it’s time to replace your water heater.

Low Water Pressure

You need good water pressure throughout your home to get things clean, whether you’re washing dishes or taking a shower. If you’ve been noticing your water pressure getting worse or if your water pressure suddenly dropped drastically, you need to call a plumber to figure out what’s causing that drop in water pressure.

If the low water pressure in your home is confined to a single fixture, there’s probably corrosion or clogging inside the fixture. Sometimes you need to replace an entire fixture, while simply replacing an aerator may fix others’ problems. Water pressure issues throughout your home are a sign of water line problems, which means you may need to have new water lines run.

Hard Water

One problem a lot of homeowners have to deal with is hard water. Hard water is a term for water with a high mineral content, and it can be a major problem for your plumbing system. Because of its high mineral content, hard water has a tendency to leave a mineral deposit in pipes, fixtures and appliances, which means it can cost you a lot of money in plumbing damage. The good news is, there is a solution.

The best thing to do if you have hard water in your home is have a plumber install a water softener. Water softeners are designed to remove some of the minerals from your home’s water supply, which means you get cleaner water running through your pipes that won’t cause clogs or corrosion. If you’re not sure whether or not you have hard water, you can always have a plumber test it for you.

Burst Pipes

Perhaps the most devastating plumbing problem you can have is a burst pipe. Burst pipes happen when the water inside a pipe freezes and expands, cracking the pipe and leaving it vulnerable to leaks. The problem is, burst pipes spew out enough water that they cause serious water damage as well as a spike in your water bill.

You can prevent burst pipes by having a plumber insulate any exterior pipes in your home. Simply insulating the pipe or the wall the pipe is located in is usually enough, although you can also install heat tape around the pipe to make sure it doesn’t freeze.

Get Help Today

Owning a home is a great experience, but it also comes with a lot of responsibilities. One of the most important things you can do as a homeowner is to keep an eye out for problems so you can call a professional if anything goes wrong. Lucky for you, the plumbers at Tioga Contractors are more than happy to help you take care of your Irving, TX, home. Next time you have a plumbing problem you’re not sure how to conquer, give Tioga Contractors a call at 469-789-1292.

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In a perfect world, everything in your Hurst, TX home, would function properly. Your heating and air conditioning system would function correctly, your electrical system would work without any issues, and the water would come out of the faucets properly and go down the drain with ease. Unfortunately, we don’t live in a perfect world, and things can go wrong in the house. Many people try to make their home repairs DIY projects, which isn’t always the best decision. Many home repairs are complicated, and you could end up causing more harm than good.

If your toilet is clogged, you can use a plunger to get the water and waste to go down. However, there are other issues that should only be handled by a licensed professional.

#1 Clogged or Slow Drains

If the water is going down the drain slowly, or if the water won’t go down at all, you should have a licensed plumber come to your home. Many homeowners will try to remove the clog themselves using a liquid drain cleaner. Unfortunately, these products don’t always work, and the chemicals in the drain cleaner can cause serious damage to the inside of the pipes.

When you hire a licensed professional, they will bring the necessary equipment to remove any size clog quickly and effectively.

#2 Rusty Hot Water

Anytime the water in your Hurst, TX home, comes out rusty, it is considered an emergency situation. Rusty water isn’t safe for drinking, showering, or any household chores. If both the hot and cold water are coming out rusty, it is likely due to rusty, corroded pipes. To resolve the issue, a licensed professional would need to find the pipes that are corroded and replace them.

If it is just the hot water that is coming out rusty, the problem likely lies within the water heater. Over time, rust and sediment can build up in the water heater, which will cause the hot water to come out rusty. In cases like this, a licensed professional will inspect the water heater to determine if it can be repaired or if it needs to be replaced.

#3 No Hot Water

If you turn on the hot water and it comes out cold, or if it doesn’t get as hot as it should, it is time to call a licensed plumber. The cause of the problem is likely a faulty water heater and should only be repaired by a professional. If you try to make the repairs on your own and make just one mistake, you could cause a complete water heater breakdown. Also, if the water heater is under warranty, DIY repairs will void the warranty. You should hire a professional to inspect the water heater and make the necessary repairs.

#4 Noisy Drains

When the water goes down the drain, it should do so quietly. If you hear a gurgling sound when the water goes down, you should call a plumber. When there is a clog in the pipe, the water will need to change its course to get around the clog, which causes the gurgling sound. If you allow the problem to persist, you could end up with a completely clogged drain. A licensed plumber can come to your home, remove the entire clog, and your drains will be quiet again.

#5 Dripping Faucet

If you have a dripping faucet, it is easy to ignore. After a few hours, you will get used to the dripping sound and won’t even hear it. Just because the dripping is easy to ignore, it doesn’t mean that you should. Over the course of a year, a dripping faucet can waste 3,000 gallons of water. Not only is this bad for the environment, but it is also going to cause your water bill to increase.

As soon as you notice that the faucet is dripping, you should call a licensed professional. Once the problem is fixed, you won’t need to worry about wasting water.

#6 Running Toilet

If your toilet is functioning correctly, it will fill with water when your flush. When the tank is full, the toilet will stop running. If your toilet is constantly running, you should call a licensed plumber. The problem could be with the stopper in the toilet or with the tank’s seal. Because a running toilet wastes over a gallon of water an hour, you should call a licensed professional immediately.

#7 Water Around the Water Heater

If you are like most homeowners, you keep your water heater tucked into the corner of the basement or in a closet. Since the water heater is out of the way, it is a good idea to inspect it every month. If you notice any water around the water heater, you should call a licensed plumber immediately. The problem could be something simple, like a loose or broken hose. It could also be something more serious like a leak in the water heater tank. It is essential that you call a licensed plumber as soon as you notice water around the water heater.

#8 Low Water Pressure

If you turn on your water and suddenly the water pressure is much lower than it once was, you should call a plumber. There could be a small hole in the waterline, causing the water pressure to be decreased. This is an issue that should be taken care of as quickly as possible.

If you are experiencing any issues with your plumbing system, contact Tioga Contractors. Each of our plumbers is licensed, insured, and highly skilled and trained. Whatever your plumbing issue, we can handle it. At Tioga Contractors, we understand that plumbing emergencies can arise at any time of the day or night. This is why we offer 24/7 emergency service. We are a family-owned and operated business, who has been servicing residential and commercial customers in the area since 1953. We have all of the equipment necessary to make sure that your plumbing system is healthy and functioning properly. To schedule an appointment, give us a call today.

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Have you had problems with low water pressure in your home? Perhaps you’re wondering what causes water pressure to become low?

What causes low water pressure is one of the most common questions that plumbers are asked regularly. In this blog, we’ll answer this question and tell you what you can do about low water pressure.

If you’re experiencing problems with low water pressure, contact a professional who can find the specific cause of your low pressure and will be able to fix it. If you live in Hurst, TX, or the surrounding area and are searching for a plumber, you may like to contact Tioga Contractors. The company offers all types of plumbing, electrical, and glass services.

What causes low water pressure?

Problems with the water pressure in your home are likely to present themselves in different ways, and these can all be very frustrating for homeowners. You may notice that the faucets take longer than usual to fill your bath or sink. Your showerhead might not be providing adequate spray, or your washing machine may take longer to complete its cycle than usual.

Problems caused by low water pressure are common, and these may affect one fixture or may be a widespread issue that affects the whole house. If you have water pressure problems, you’ll need to call in a plumber who will be able to work out what the problem is and fix it. If the problem has been caused by one fixture or fitting, this can likely be remedied quickly and easily. The professional will focus on fixing that one fixture and also looking at the pipes that serve it.

Widespread water pressure problems that affect your whole property are a little harder to fix, but a professional will have experience of such issues. If your entire home has a water pressure issue, the plumber will narrow down the cause by checking things like the water meter valve, the main house shut off valve, and the pressure regulator. Here are a few things that a plumber may suggest.

Look at the Water Meter Valve

In most properties, there are two shut off valves that control the flow of water to the house. The first is called the water meter valve; this is usually located next to the water meter. It’s on the main city water supply line, which serves your home. This valve is likely to be found on an outside wall of your home if you live in warm climates or an underground box. It may also be in an interior location such as your basement or could even be attached to the garage wall.

It’s not recommended that homeowners touch this valve as it belongs to the water company and should only be adjusted by a plumber or employee of the water company. If you have low water pressure throughout your home, it’s likely to be due to the water meter valve.

The main water meter valve can cause low water pressure, not being fully open. This is common, especially if you’ve had some work done recently on your plumbing system.

The water meter valve should be fully open to supply your home with adequate water at the right pressure.

Check the Main House Shutoff Valve

Your home will also have a shutoff valve inside the house. This will be near where the water supply enters the property. In some cases, the main shutoff valve may be outdoors. This valve also needs to be fully open as it can cause low pressure if it isn’t. Sometimes this valve can be left incorrectly positioned if a plumber has done work on your system. If your water pressure has changed after a repair, it’s likely this valve wasn’t opened completely. ​​

The Pressure Regulator

A faulty pressure regulator may cause your home’s water pressure to change. The Pressure regulator is the control valve that helps to reduce the input pressure in your plumbing system. It keeps the pressure at a safe level so that it won’t damage your pipes. Pressure regulators aren’t installed in all homes. If your pressure regulator starts to fail, this can cause severe problems with the water pressure. It can cause low water pressure but could also increase the water pressure. If your water pressure problems seem to be affecting your whole home rather than just one fixture, it may be due to the pressure regulator failing.

You may need to replace the pressure regulator, but shouldn’t attempt this yourself, unless you know exactly what you are doing. You don’t want to end up with more severe problems. Call a plumber who will take care of it as this job will require completely shutting off the water to your home.

Are Your Pipes Old?

One of the most serious reasons that your water pressure has fallen is that your pipes may be old and corroded. This is most likely if your home has galvanized steel water pipes. In time they start to become corroded, and this restricts the flow of water around your system. Steel pipes corrode on the inside, and a build-up of corrosion, as well as scale, can start to close off the pipe. This problem will usually take decades to occur, so your water pressure will lower gradually until it becomes a problem. If you have recently moved into an older house with steel pipes, the problem may appear reasonably quickly.

If your home has old steel pipes, a plumber will likely recommend re-piping the whole system with new pipes that are either copper or plastic. This will be expensive but will sort out the problem.

Tioga Contractors

If you’re searching for a plumbing company in Hurst, TX, don’t hesitate to contact Tioga Contractors. The company is available for all types of plumbing jobs, including unblocking toilets, leak detection, and finding water pressure issues.

Tioga Contractors are a Home Advisor top-rated business and a BBB accredited business. They have a track record of providing good quality work and fantastic customer service.

As well as plumbing services, they are also sub-contractors and can provide electricians and work with glass, if you need any windows installed. The company can be contacted on 817-484-5356 and are available for an emergency call out.

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High water pressure seems like a good thing. After all, low water pressure is not so exciting during your morning shower. However, even though high-pressured water may feel great in the shower, it may cause many severe expenses in the future. High water pressure is not suitable for your water bill, either.

Water pressure to your house is very similar to the blood pressure in your body. When the blood pressure is high, other parts of the body can face severe problems if left untreated. Since many people have just basic plumbing knowledge, they do not always realize they have high water pressure until it is too late.

Why Is My Water Pressure So High?

The common source of high-water pressure is the municipal water supplier. If you are living in Hurst, TX, a municipal water supplier sends water to your home and community. That water supplier sets the water pressure to meet the requirements of the municipality as a whole. This may include water requirements for the following:

  • High-rise buildings
  • Complexes
  • Office buildings
  • Other facilities that require high water pressurization

A standard home needs an 80psi, but higher pressures are required to provide water for other facilities. If you are living in an area with many multi-story buildings that would require relatively higher pressures, it might lead to higher pressures in your home.

There can also be issues if you are living at the bottom of the Hurst, TX hills or valleys since water naturally runs downhill resulting in higher pressures. Although all hope seems lost, this is nothing a plumber from Tioga Contractors will not fix. Just give us a call, and we will get your water pressure back in no time.

Why Should I Care About High Water Pressure?

High water pressures tend to creep up on us when we least expect them. When the plumbing of a home is being installed, it is fixed according to specific standards of plumbing. These standards can shift because of high water pressure. This means that the pipes and fixtures that make up your plumbing will not be able to function as intended. This factor can lead to extensive damages throughout your house.

Here are some reasons to think about high water pressure in your home:

It Is Damaging the Pipes

Water is deviously powerful. When water does damage, the damage is stretched over long periods, and by the time you realize something is wrong, it might be too late. High water pressure flowing or blocked in pipes can cause long-term damages that might lead to small leaks that cause black mold, structural damages and even pipe bursts.

Wear and Tear on Appliances and Fixtures

High water pressure damages not only the pipes but also appliances that se water as well. If not fixed by a certified plumber like those from Tioga Contractors, high water pressure can cut the lifespan of expensive home appliances, and you will be replacing them sooner than expected. This wear and tear affect big machines like washing machines to smaller fixtures like showerheads, faucets and toilets.

It Will Damage Your Water Heater

If you are a resident of Hurst, TX, then you understand the importance of a water heater. How does the damage happen? When water heats up, it expands. Most water heaters use a thermal expansion tank to help deal with that extra volume. However, when the water volume is continuously high, the water heater will run out of space for the expanding water. You can only guess what follows next.

Wasted Water and Higher Utility Bills

This factor is basic non-plumber knowledge. When the water pressure is too high, you are letting out too much water every time you turn on the faucet or shower. If you live in a place where you pay for the water you use, then high pressure might end up costing you.

Know the Signs of High Water Pressure

Because of the numerous risks related to high pressurization, it is essential to comprehend how these conditions can damage your pipes internally together with the common signs of excessive water pressure you should look out for in your home.

Any plumber can tell you that early identification is the key to making the needed repairs at minimum costs. If you are living in Hurst, TX, and you experience any of these symptoms, you should hire a plumber from Tioga Contractors to check your water pressure as soon as possible.

Nothing is going to tell you more about your home’s water pressure than an actual pressure gauge. However, your home will give you some hints as well:

Check on Your Faucets

Faucets have many small parts like washers and aerators that can wear down quickly as the result of constant high-water pressure. If the faucets drip when using another fixture like the shower, it might be a sign of high pressure. Another common symptom is spitting and bursting when you first turn on a faucet. You might even notice excess water spraying out from weird angles instead of the typical steady stream.

The Pipes Tell It All

Have you ever heard a “banging” sound in your plumbing? This issue is referred to as a water hammer. This feature is a significant sign that you need to call a plumber right away.

The water happens when a fast, powerful flow of water suddenly stops moving. When you have high water pressure, and you suddenly turn off a faucet, all the water bangs into your pipes like a sledgehammer.

Pay Attention to Your Appliances

Appliances can notify of a pressure problem in many ways. The most obvious thing to look out for is leaking. Washing machines, water heaters and dishwashers can start leaking when subjected to extreme water pressures over a long period.

If they do not leak, they wear out far sooner than intended. If you feel like your appliances lasted only half of the time you thought it would, you might require a plumber sooner than later.

Looking for A Plumber

Things going bump at night, whom are you going to call? A plumber. If you are living in Hurst, TX, then you are in luck. Tioga Contractors is your one-stop-shop for all your plumbing needs. At Tioga Contractors, we are dedicated to providing our customers with a wide range of exceptional plumbing services. We are fully equipped to handle your plumbing needs. Our technicians are plumber certified, and you can trust them always to get the job done.