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Are you in need of the best electrical services? At Tioga, we have a well established electrical department that specializes in dealing with any type of electricity challenges like electrical wiring, installing light bulbs, installing TV and phone jacks and replacing all types of electrical switches. We have a competent team of highly experienced experts that pride themselves in giving you the most outstanding services. By being aware of the challenges and quickly adjusting to the most recent technologies, we have the most updated tools, knowledge and resources in the electrical industry. We are well equipped and always ready to take any issue head on, providing you with the most effective solutions in electrical challenges.

Our experts are licensed, insured and highly skilled to provide installation and repair services of almost every home equipment, from hot water tanks, kitchen stationary to garbage disposals. Tioga is a fully licensed plumbing, fire-suppression and electrical services company. We provide services to both commercial and residential spaces. We are a company well versed in wet and electrical utilities for both commercial and residential projects. Additionally, we don’t prioritize projects, whether small or big, we give it our all. Every member of our staff strictly follows the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) guidelines.

They are also involved in in-house training programs that mainly focus on the safety standards, techniques, drug screening, background checks as well as driving records. We guarantee the highest integrity levels, professionalism and skill anytime you choose to work with us. At Tioga, maintainability and electrical safety is one of our biggest concerns at Tioga. We are dedicated to making sure your home or business is as safe as possible. We offer childproofing outlets, whole house surge protectors, electrical safety inspections as well as wiring upgrades.

Childproofing Outlets

Being aware that uninterrupted and constant adult supervision isn’t guaranteed, we provide childproof outlets that protect your children and guests. This prevents liability and any form of injury that it might cause. Also known as temper proof receptors, these childproof outlets are very effective in preventing damage. As a matter of fact, according to the 2008 NEC, it is a requirement that every home has a childproof outlet.

Electrical Inspections

We offer the best electrical services especially in inspection. Research shows that electrical faults are among the biggest causes of property damage in Hurst, TX. Pinpointing and repairing electrical problems will need highly skilled and professional safety inspection. Do you want any of these electrical services? Schedule a safety inspection with us today for a detailed, prioritized and honest checklist of recommendations for your home.

Specially Dedicated Computer Circuits

The functionality of your company heavily depends on computers. To prevent damaged fuses or tripped circuit directors, we can install an effective circuit breaker that specially manages your computer systems. This implies that when it is switched on, your office electrical devices will not interrupt the computers. The electrical codes are usually updated once in three years by NEC, the country’s single code for electrical installation. This is a safety measure that protects property and people from potential electrical damage. At Tioga, we will ensure that your residence is fully fitted with this effective system by disembarking our team there. They guarantee the best electrical services.

Surge Protection

As you might have experienced it before, power surges can occur in one flash because of a variety of reasons, damaging your precious electronics. It is highly advisable to protect the electrical appliances in your house from potential harm posed by power surges. At Tioga, we pride ourselves in having the best surge protectors that can withstand any levels of power surge.

The GFCI Outlets

GFCI outlets are products mainly used in highly sensitive areas like the kitchen, bathroom or the garage where risks of electricity shocks are high. You can detect the electrical shocks through the ‘test’ and ‘reset’ buttons that are placed on the receptacle. The outlets are very important because they protect you from potential electricity circuits through managing and monitoring the amount of power going through the circuit. It will send an alarm if it detects any kind of electrical imbalance. Once it is detected, the outlet instantly stops the electricity flow, averting danger.

The Wiring Updates

Old and outdated wiring is not only dangerous for your home but also affects the functionality of the system you could be enjoying. Experts highly recommend that you regularly update the wiring system of your home. Stop worrying about always unplugging the sockets and prevent any sort of electrical disaster, get a good surge protector from Tioga. We will also update your home wiring system at affordable prices.

The Circuit Replacement Services

One key thing to proper electrical appliance’s functionality is sufficient electrical capacity. In most occasions, the circuit breaker replacement has the potential of repairing overload issues without necessarily using the electrical system update. At Tioga, we provide the most outstanding electrical services through remarkable circuit breakers.

Bulb Lighting Services

Are you in need of the best lighting services? Do you want a new idea of designing your house? Get in touch with our contractors for all of the electrical services in Hurst, TX. We have some of the best experts seeking to give you the best electrical services. We will also help design the final touches and outlook on your home or business premises. We are well known for offering a wide range of lighting services, all at very affordable prices. We offer commercial ballasts that are critical in limiting the electricity flow through the fluorescent bulbs. Such measures prevent them from becoming overly heated and burning out.

Experiments show that wireless lighting solutions will properly control lighting and devices in your home. It is actually simple and easier because it will be done through a remote control or smartphone. Great lighting is ideal for the beauty of your home.

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Are you interested in any of our electrical services? Get in touch with us at Tioga Contractors today!

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You can face a plumbing emergency at any time. Your plumbing system will probably undergo some wear and tear due to regular use and at one point, a part of the system may fail.

Whenever you face a plumbing problem, don’t deal with it on your own. You might have picked some DIY tips from somewhere that you want to try, but doing this can end up worsening the problem. Dealing with trained and experienced plumbers is the only way to ensure everything is done professionally and under the government regulations in place.

If you are in Euless, TX, you can contact Tioga Contractors for all your plumbing needs. Be it a new installation or just a general Plumbing Service, they are up to the task.

Here are some reasons it is recommended that you deal with a professional and licensed plumbing company:

Fixing All Leaks

When you call a qualified plumber, he will not only deal with the problems you mentioned. He will go over and above to ensure the whole plumbing system is restored to its original state. Leaky fixtures and faucets are some problems you may ignore since they don’t cause you much inconvenience.

Do you know these small leaks increase your water bill? Besides, they also cause the fixtures and faucets to rust, thus reducing their lifespan. Persistent leaks can also cause rotting and loosening of flooring or tiles. That’s why service from a certified plumber is necessary to arrest the situation before it goes out of hand.

Clogged Drains

Your drains can get clogged at odd hours, this can occur in your toilet, shower, or kitchen. The clog may be caused by some hair, scum, food particles, grease, or any other residue that has been building in your drain system. When this occurs, dirty water may not find a route to drain away.

Attempting to unclog the drain using ordinary tools at home may not work. This is because these tools can not go deep enough into the drain system and push off the offending substances. To resolve a clogging problem, call Tioga Contractors to get this issue sorted out as soon as possible.

Professional Plumbing Service Is Necessary For Safety Reasons

Trained and certified plumbers have all the tools and skills needed to solve plumbing problems safely. Whenever they perform a plumbing project, they’ll use the right tools and equipment for efficiency and to avoid injuries and accidents. They also use protective gear to prevent the chances of electric shocks and infections.

Locating Any Impending Problems

Cooking grease, hair, and soap suds usually accumulate slowly inside the plumbing system over time and will eventually lead to the blockage of the pipes. When this happens, other parts of your plumbing system may also get affected. Your pipes will rust, and you’ll hear some sounds from your water heater.

A professional plumber can detect which part of your plumbing system is likely to have issues. A thorough Plumbing Service will involve identifying and locating the exact points that need fixing. This can only be possible if you hire a qualified plumber, not anyone on the street who claims to be a plumber. By locating impending problems, your plumber will save a situation before it gets worse.

Unmatched Plumbing Service

If you are a resident of Euless, TX, or the surrounding areas, you need not look further than Tioga Contractors whenever you face any plumbing problem. We have served in this area diligently for many years and we understand this area inside out. We are also conversant with plumbing regulations applicable in this region so all our plumbing projects are up to the required standards.

When you seek our Plumbing Service, we will assess the situation, then advise you on the most cost-effective solution. We are very transparent in our dealings. So if your plumbing system can’t be repaired, we will advise you to replace the worn-out areas. We will also advise you on the best materials or brands for the replacement project.

We are a fully-fledged plumbing company that can offer any Plumbing Service that you may need. The services we offer include but are not limited to:

  • Using modern Technologies for Cleaning of Drain Lines
  • Drain Lines Video Camera Inspection
  • Hydro-Jetting
  • Water & Sewer Line Inspection and Location
  • Leak Detection
  • Site Utilities
  • Storm Drainage
  • Water Distribution Systems
  • Water Efficiency Systems
  • Water and Sewer Pipe Replacement
  • BackFlow Installation and Repair
  • Water Filtration Systems and Softeners
  • Sanitary Sewer Repairs and Installation
  • BackFlow Certification and Testing
  • Gas System Installation Testing, and Repairs
  • Grease Trap Repairs and Installation
  • Water Leak detection and repair
  • Repair of Shower Pans

We also provide commercial services such as structure additions, remodeling, and ground-up construction. We pride ourselves in being the most technologically advanced plumbing service provider.

Why Choose Us?

We are a local company so we understand the needs of the residents of this area. Being local also means we can attend to your problems 24/7. You can call us even at midnight, and we will respond. All our plans are digitized to save on paperwork and also for convenience. We also have a digital scheduling board in our office to monitor all the works in progress.

All the Plumbing Service providers are equipped with state-of-the-art GPS to help monitor their positions in case an issue arises in the field.

We usually give a guarantee for our work. Meaning we stand behind our work. If we work on your project and it breaks down before the guarantee period elapses, we will have to repair it at no extra charge.

We offer ongoing customer support. Even after completing your project, we will keep checking on you to find out whether your plumbing system has any issues.


With several years of experience behind us, we are better placed to handle all plumbing problems, whether they are about new installations or repairs. We also offer maintenance services which will ensure your plumbing system runs smoothly throughout the year without interruptions. Do you need any Plumbing Service? Call us at Tioga Contractors now and our plumbers will attend to your needs as soon as possible.

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The word plumbing comes from the Latin word lead. This also explains why lead is Pb on the periodic table. The history of plumbing is long and extensive and forever evolving.

Before we had plumbing and sewage systems the great outdoors was our toilet, shower, and everything else to us. With advances in civilization and a growing population, the invention of plumbing was born. Ancient civilizations in Egypt actually had a sewage system that consisted of copper piping much like we have today. Along with most of the Egyptian knowledge, the invention of the sewage system was somehow lost to us and learning how to properly dispose of waste and instantly provide running water had to be discovered once again. Hire a plumber from Tioga Contractors, in Hurst, TX, to ensure your plumbing system is running how it is supposed to.

In the 1600’s trees were made for the first pipes. Residents in Boston, MA , made sure to provide a solution to the house fires that occurred there and from there, things took off. Two hundred years later they replaced the wooden pipes with iron. The skill of the plumber was becoming more popular and needed during this time. Now a day’s homes are using less and less iron and are switching to other material pipes such as copper and polyethylene. A skilled and licensed professional would be able to assist with the upkeep of these pipes due to their tendency to become faulty.

The pipe system we have today is always evolving and becoming better. However, nothing is perfect. Unfortunately, metal pipes are prone to corrosion due to liquid and water pressure. All systems have a lifespan and with proper maintenance, that life span can be lengthened. Contact your local Tioga Contractor plumber.

The lifespan of your pipe system largely depends on the different kinds of piping you have installed. Older homes may need a total plumbing to remodel depending on its upkeep and material used. A licensed and professional plumber will be able to assess the need for repair, upkeep, and or replacement. The good news is most pipe materials are interchangeable and can be replaced in small sections if that is something you prefer. Consult with a professional if you have questions on what the best course of action is to take with your home’s plumbing systems.

According to studies pipe systems can last between 20 and 100 years. This huge span of time is dependent on a variety of factors. The factors include preventive maintenance, recognizing system failures, type of material, and age of the home. Hiring a plumber to perform preventive maintenance is essential to the longevity of your water supply and drainage systems. Hiring a reoccurring plumber will benefit you, your household, or business tremendously.

Corrosion Protection

Due to issues that can occur over time without you even noticing preventive maintenance is essential for the health and sanitary living conditions we get to enjoy today. Metal pipes often corrode, causing rust and other metallic particles to enter our cooking, bathing, and drinking water. This is dangerous and toxic for us humans and animals that have to use this water daily. Professionals from Tioga Contractors in Hurst, TX, will be able to detect issues such as this and correct them before the issue causes other problems.

A local licensed plumber from Tioga Contractors will correct the issue by replacing the compromised pipes or suggest a better solution. You can trust Tioga Contractors to help you make the right decision for your property.

Drain Blockage Prohibition

Drains are prone to blockage and clogs. Even if you care not to get organic matter lodged in the drain other things can cause it to clog up. Things such as corrosion can create blockages as well as common sources such as hair, food, etc. Blockage and clogs are uncomfortable issues. These uncomfortable issues can lead to flooding and unsanitary living conditions if not addressed. Standing water can attract bugs and bacteria. Showering in standing water can also cause health issues, as bacteria may attach itself to your feet, toes, and toenails this way.

All of this can be avoided by acquiring a local plumber to perform regular maintenance checks. This will help prevent future disasters and more costly problems. A neglected clog may not be simple to remove. This can end up spiking a seemingly low-cost maintenance bill to something much higher due to the skill that will then be needed to correct the issue. Unfortunately, a simple fix, such a s snaking the drain may not be a viable solution at times. Clogs can grow larger and larger as debris falls into it. This can create a much larger mass that becomes impossible to dislodge without the removal of the pipe. This can end up costing you thousands of dollars or more. Don’t let this happen to you. Call a trusted plumber to take care of it before you have to dip into your savings to fix an originally simple issue.


Preventive maintenance can also help save your property from water damage. Faulty pipes are one of the number one reasons water damage occurs in homes. Leaks and water damage can lead to damage to other equipment such as electronics and clothing. This devastating issue can easily be resolved with help from Tioga contractors in Hurst, TX. Instead of allowing leaks to persist it’s imperative you fix it immediately.

A neglected leak can also lead to mold and bacterial growth in the home. This can exacerbate existing health conditions, as well as cause new ones to occur. The presence of mold requires a specialist to ensure it isn’t deadly and then to get rid of it. Leaks may occur slightly and can go unnoticed for a long time until it becomes bigger. Hiring a professional plumber to perform maintenance checks and analysts of your system will greatly help you resist the issues you may, unfortunately, be exposed to because of hidden and or seen leaks.

Reap the benefit, not the consequences, and contact Tioga Contractors today.

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Just a small spark of electricity can measure up to 3,000 volts. That much voltage is enough to kill a human. This just goes to show that electricity is not a force to play with. It is powerful, dangerous, and should be handled with the utmost care and caution. Hiring a professional to handle all of your property’s electrical services is highly recommended.

Trained electricians from Tioga contractors provide electrical services for homes and businesses in the Hurst, TX area. In order to protect yourself and save money opt for hiring a professional overdoing it yourself.

One of the reasons DIY electrical projects aren’t wise is due to the complexity of electrical systems. Electricians train under experienced electricians in order to provide services that will keep your home or business functioning properly and without malfunctions. When you decide to perform electrical maintenance yourself, you put yourself in harm’s way. There are many dangers involved with electrical projects, including the flowing list of possible dangers.


Starting a fire is a legitimate concern of fire safety regulators and other professionals alike. One of the reasons electrical Maintenance repair should be left to the professionals is the likelihood of a fire starting. If electrical equipment is not properly installed it can cause circuits to overload, connections to malfunction, and the use of cheap or incorrect material, which could be catastrophic. Attempting to do any electrical work yourself can be incredibly dangerous, it can also, very likely, have dire consequences. Contact a professional instead to provide electrical services.

Code Violations

Code violations are among many of the many issues that occur due to faulty electrical jobs. Business is liable for code violations and must take this seriously for the safety of people in your place of business. Homeowners and landlords should also be aware of this sort of regulation due to possible safety hazards that may present themselves. Faulty electrical systems can lead to expensive lawsuits and the possibility of someone getting hurt. Instead of risking this simply contact Tioga Contractors in Hurst, TX, for electrical services and maintenance to ensure our home or facility is up to code.


Another very possible issue with DIY electrical projects is the high possibility of electrocution. Electrocution is a serious and possibly life-threatening mishap that can occur. Electrocution can happen in many ways, such as using the wrong material, connecting the wrong wires, or neglecting to turn off an electrical current before the project begins. Don’t risk this happening to you, instead hire a professional to provide services and stay a safe distance from open wires and faulty electrical equipment.


Faulty or amateur electrical system jobs can also lead to more money being dished out. If you were able to ensure your safety but install the wiring properly, all of that work would have been done in vain. Faulty or incorrect wiring can lead to sparks, fire, and or power outages in the future. This can all end up costing you more in damages and repair bills. Instead of waiting time and racking up repair bills, you should hire a local company, such as a Tioga contractor to perform proper electrical services and routine maintenance for your home or business. Amateur electrical jobs could also be a violation of local law and lead to a lawsuit.

Significant electrical work may require some sort of permit depending on the community your property is. Local electrical service companies such as Tioga contractors will have a good understanding of the local laws and be able to assist you with obtaining any permits needed for your property’s electrical services and system needs.

Preventive Maintenance

Instead of putting yourself, family, co-workers, and employees in danger opt to use a professional to perform scheduled maintenance on your property. Not only will you be doing the safest thing for yourself and others, but you’d also get to enjoy a variety of benefits. Routine electrical maintenance is often brushed off but is necessary due to the power and surge of electricity. Electrical systems can often become compromised and may need electrical services.

Hiring a professional from the beginning can help you save money on bills. Incorrect electrical wiring isn’t just a safety hazard, it’s also a money and energy waster. Electrical current will continue to surge at the same electricity whether your systems are wired property or not. Incorrect wiring may just result in energy being aided and not going to the appliance you need it to go to. This will have you paying for the amount of energy that was surging but nothing to show for it.

Faulty electrical jobs can also result in power outages and defections. Poorly installed electrical systems can cause the electricity to be disproportionately, unevenly frying out various systems in the property. This can lead to a load of issues, including outages, sparks, and fires possibly.

Proper electrical system maintenance and care can increase the longevity of your home or facility’s system. According to a study, electrical systems can last up to 17 years with barely any maintenance. With proper maintenance and home care, your electrical systems can last up to a resounding 35 years. This will make a huge difference in the value of your home as an asset. Hiring consistent electrical services companies will help you save money by extending the life of your electrical system.

Regularly scheduled electrical maintenance will also ensure you are staying up to date with local regulatory requirements. As a business, he is especially important for liability reasons. More importantly, the regulation and code requirements that were created by each community exist to ensure the safety of the people. Ensure you follow the local regulations set by your city and state and ensure you have done everything in your power to ensure the safety of yourself and others.

Hiring a professional company such as Tioga contractors in Hurst TX could also save your life and the lives of others. A faulty or poorly installed electrical system, as we know, can start fires and poses a threat for electrocution.

Experts have concluded that properly administered electrical maintenance plans can greatly reduce the chances of accidents, reduce exposure to possible electrocution, reduce the number of emergency calls, reduce regulation violations, and most importantly save lives. Make the responsible choice by contacting Tioga Contractors for electrical services today.