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The electrical system in your home is responsible for powering everything in your home from the lights to the appliances to your gadgets. You also need a properly working electrical system for your heating and cooling system to run. If the system isn’t working correctly, it can make life in the home very difficult and inconvenient. Because of this, it is essential that you are able to recognize the signs that it is time to call an electrician. If you are experiencing any electrical issues, you should never make the repairs a DIY project. Electricity can be very dangerous, and if you don’t make the repair correctly, you risk being electrocuted, or you could cause an electrical fire in the home. Here are a few signs that it is time to call a professional.

#1 The Circuit Breaker Keeps Tripping

The circuit breaker is your electrical system’s brain. If a circuit breaker trips, it means that the circuit is overloaded. When this happens, you should try unplugging a few of the appliances. If the circuits continue tripping, it is time to call an electrician. There could be a problem in the circuit breaker, and if it isn’t fixed, it could create a fire hazard. The issue could also be that your circuit breaker is too small to power everything in your home. In either case, you will need a professional to make the necessary repairs.

#2 Sparks

If you see electrical sparks coming from an appliance fixture, an outlet, or in the circuit breaker box, you should call a professional immediately. This is a sign that there is something seriously wrong, and it can result in a destructive electrical fire. Sparks are considered an electrical emergency, and you should make the call immediately. It takes just one spark to ignite something near the outlet, resulting in a devastating fire.

#3 Dimming or Flickering Lights

If you turn on an appliance and the lights dim, it is the sign of a serious issue. When the lights dim or flicker, it could mean that the circuit breaker is being overloaded. In this case, a professional would be able to upgrade your circuit breaker box, so that it can handle the amount of electricity that you need. The issue could also be due to a problem with the internal electrical system. If this is a case, you should not try to resolve the issue on your own. It would take a licensed professional to figure out what is causing the problem and then repair it safely.

#4 Hot Outlets and Switch Plates

If you touch the switch plates or outlet in your home and they are warm or hot to the touch, you should call a professional immediately. The heat is likely due to heated wires, which can start a fire if the issue is ignored. If you feel warmth in your switch plate, turn the light off and don’t use it until an electrician can come to your home. If the outlet is warm to the touch, you should unplug anything that is plugged into that outlet, and call a professional immediately.

#5 Moisture or Rust Around the Outlets

If you notice moisture around the outlet, don’t use it. Most people know that water and electricity will result in electrocution. If there is water around the outlet, using it can be incredibly dangerous. Rust around the outlet means that there was water present, which is also a hazard. Merely replacing the outlet cover won’t remedy the problem. You will need to call an electrician to figure out where the water is coming from and repair the problem. This isn’t something that you should try fixing on your own.

#6 Humming or Buzzing Sounds Coming From the Walls

When your electrical system is functioning correctly, you shouldn’t hear a sound. If you hear a humming or buzzing sound within the walls, it is considered an electrical emergency. These sounds indicate that there is an issue with the wiring, and if it is ignored, it can cause an electrical fire that can destroy the entire home. The solution to the problem is likely rewiring, which should only be handled by a licensed electrician. You cannot learn how to rewire your electrical system by watching a video; therefore, you should call a professional immediately.

#7 You Don’t Have Enough Outlets or Three-Prong Plugs

Older houses often have just a couple of outlets in each room. If your home is like this, you might be tempted to use several extension cords. While this may power everything you need in the room, it is a fire hazard. Extension cords allow you to plug multiple appliances and devices into one outlet, which can quickly cause an overload, resulting in an electrical fire. Also, many older homes have just two-prong plugs. You can use an extender to make it a three-prong plug, but using too many is a fire hazard. The best solution to this problem is to call an electrician to upgrade your home’s electrical system. This will make living in the home more convenient, and there will be no risk of a fire.

If you experience any of the issues listed above in your Bedford, TX home, you should call Tioga Contractors immediately. Tioga is a family-owned business that has been serving homeowners and business owners in the Bedford, TX area since 1953. All of our electricians are licensed and insured and highly trained in electrical work. We understand that electrical issues can arise at any time of the day or night; therefore, we offer emergency service. We will have an electrician on duty 24 hours a day, seven days a week, ready to address your electrical issue. Because electricity is incredibly dangerous, you don’t want to wait if you are having a problem. To schedule an appointment with our electrician, give us a call today.

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If you are like most people, you don’t think about the plumbing system in your Euless, TX home, very often. You make sure that you don’t put grease and other clogging agents down the drain, but you don’t often think about the plumbing system itself. It isn’t until something goes wrong with the plumbing system that you start to think about it. Your plumbing system is more intricate and complex than you know, which is why you should never attempt to handle plumbing jobs on your own. If you notice any of the issues listed below, it is essential that you call a professional for plumbing repair. A licensed plumber will have the knowledge and experience necessary to fix the problem correctly.

#1 The Water Is Going Down the Drain Slowly

There is nothing more frustrating than a slow drain in your home. Slow drains can cause the water to build up in the shower, turning your nice hot shower into a bath. Clogged drains in the sinks can make doing the dishes, washing your hands, and brushing your teeth difficult. There are several things that could be causing your drain to clog, including grease, soap scum, hair, and even a child’s toy. When you call for plumbing repair, the plumber will use professional equipment such as a drain snake and a drain camera to find the source of the clog and remove it. After calling for plumbing service, the water will flow freely down the drains again.

#2 Low Water Pressure

Low water pressure can be frustrating when you are trying to rinse the shampoo from your hair or spray your dishes while washing them. If you haven’t recently installed low-flow faucets and showerheads, you should call for plumbing service to have them do so. The issue causing the low water pressure could be a small clog in the aerator of the faucet. The last thing that you want to do is to poke around at the tiny holes in the aerator. Doing this can cause more damage, and you could spring a leak in the faucet. The best way to safely restore the water pressure is to call a professional. A licensed plumber will be able to figure out what is causing the low water pressure and take the necessary steps to repair the problem.

#3 Your Water Isn’t Coming Out As Hot As Usual

If you turn on your hot water and it is coming out lukewarm or cold, there is likely an issue with your water heater. Before calling for plumbing service, you should check what the thermostat on your water heater is set to. If someone turns the temperature down, the water is going to be colder than usual. Also, if it is freezing outside, it will be harder for the water heater to warm up the water. If you have checked both of these things and your water is still not getting hot enough, it is time to call for service. The thermostat on the water heater could be faulty, or there could be a problem with the heating element. These are issues that should only be repaired by a licensed plumber.

#4 Rusty Water Coming From the Faucets

If the water comes out with a brown tint, you should call for plumbing service immediately. The brown tint is likely rust, and it isn’t safe to drink or bathe in rusty water. If both the hot and cold water comes out brown, there is likely a corroded, rusty pipe delivering the water to your faucet. To repair the problem, the pipe would need to be replaced. This is a complicated job and should not be a DIY project. If only the hot water is coming out brown, the issue likely lies within your water heater. This type of repair also shouldn’t be a DIY job. Not only is it a difficult job, but if your water heater is under warranty, trying to fix it yourself will void the warranty. The sooner you call for plumbing service, the sooner your water will be safe for drinking and bathing.

#5 A Leaky Faucet

If you have a leaky faucet in your home, you might not think too much about it. After a day or two, the sound of the faucet leaking becomes unnoticeable. This doesn’t mean that it is an issue that you should ignore. A leaking faucet will waste over 3,000 gallons of water each year. Also, if the faucet is leaking, it is a sign that the gaskets or faucet washers have worn out. As soon as you notice that your faucet is leaking, you should call a licensed plumber. Not only will a licensed plumber be able to prevent you from wasting water, but they can also prevent a more serious issue from occurring.

#6 Frozen Pipes

If it is very cold outside and the water doesn’t come out of the faucet when you turn it on, there is a good chance that your pipes are frozen. This isn’t a minor problem that you can ignore. If the pipes aren’t defrosted quickly and correctly, they could burst. When this happens, the pipes can burst, causing a major flood in the home and thousands of dollars in damage. If you suspect that your pipes are frozen, it is essential that you call an emergency plumber immediately.

If you are experiencing any of the issues, you should contact Tioga Contractors for plumbing service. We are a full-service residential and commercial plumbing company and can handle any problem that you have. We have been providing plumbing service to homeowners and business owners in the Euless, TX area since 1953, and we have a stellar reputation. Each of our technicians ar3e licensed and insured, which gives you peace of mind that the job will be done professionally and correctly. We also offer emergency plumbing service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Since plumbing issues can occur at any time of the day or night, our emergency plumbing service is essential. To schedule an appointment, give us a call today.

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Although plumbing maintenance is important, there are things you should understand about your plumbing systems in order to properly care for your home’s pipes. There are instances where a plumber will be required to fix certain issues and others where those issues can be resolved by you. The following tips should help you better understand your plumbing system and how to care for it.

Can You Find Your Water Main?

The water main is the point of access for water to enter your home. Knowing where to find this will be helpful in the future. Should you ever need to shut the water to your home off for reasons of flooding, and various others, all you will need to do is locate the valve and turn the water flow off. This will stop the water flow to our property. The valve will either be a wheel or a lever. The water main is typically located in the basement, near your water heater. If there are issues concerning flooding you may want to contact your local plumber to stop further damages and to repair your plumbing system.

Make Use of Your Pressure Reducing Valve

Your home may or may not have a pressure reducing valve. If you do not have one, hire a professional to install one for you. A pressure reducing valve is well worth the investment.

Water companies pump water at high pressures for various reasons; one reason being the need for high water pressure in fire hydrants and large buildings. Your home’s plumbing system isn’t well equipped to handle that much pressure. High water pressure in homes can also contribute to high water bills and gallons of water waste. Making use of your pressure reducing valve, or hiring a plumber to install one, can help you save money and reduce the amount of water wasted daily.

Insulate Your Pipes

Frozen pipes can lead to expensive damages. Repairing a burst pipe is costly and can be avoided with pipe insulation. Have your local Hurst, TX, plumber install pipe insulation and never have to worry about a frozen pipe ever again.

You can also choose to have your boiler insulated. Insulating your entire plumbing system can help you save on your heating bill due to the inhibition of heat escaping from your pipes and boilers. Insulation can be done on just about any boiler, whether it be electric, gas, or water powered.

Tioga Contractors, In Hurst, TX, has very skilled plumbing technicians that can install the installation to help increase the longevity and efficiency of your plumbing system.

Experts’ tips on caring for your plumbing system is to hire a professional to perform regular maintenance checks on your plumbing system. Your plumbing can be fragile at times. Many factors go into your plumbing system that must be looked after in order to enjoy the maximum benefits your plumbing has to offer. The following are just some of the benefits a homeowner can enjoy with regular plumbing maintenance.

Save on Emergency Cost

Owning a home can sometimes be expensive, especially when emergency repairs are required. Unfortunately, plumbing systems aren’t perfect. They will break down from time to time. However, scheduling a routine for a plumber to look for any possible problems before they occur can prevent leaks from corrosion and other causes from causing any issues. Plumbing emergencies can often cost thousands of dollars.

A well-maintained pipe system will need fewer repairs. This will save you money and stress hormones. Plumbing emergencies are serious and must be addressed immediately. By hiring an expert to check on any problem areas you could be saving your future self a lot of hard-earned cash. Professional plumbing technicians from Tioga Contractors would be able to find any issues and advise on the next steps for maximum savings and no hassle.

Less Clogging and Better Water Flow

Routine plumbing maintenance will remove blockages that result in backups and flooding. Routine pipe cleaning will ensure that any unwanted low water pressure is no longer a problem. Low water pressure can sometimes be due to debris stuck in drainage systems. A certified plumber from Tioga Contractors can help remove debris and fix any clogging and water flow issues.

No More Pest

Insects such as flies, roaches, and gnats enjoy the environment of garbage disposals, sink drains, and various other plumbing appliances. These pests become drawn to these areas because of the environment. Kitchen sinks, especially have food and food particles stuck in the drain. Food being organic matter is sustenance for a pest. The environment cultivated in these drains attracts bacteria and other living organisms that allow room for these pests to breed and nest. This is unsanitary and leads to a variety of health concerns. Hiring a routine plumber to ensure your pipes are clean is pertinent to your health.

Increases the Lifespan of Your Plumbing System

Older homes need more TLC than newer ones. The pipes in an older home may be nearing its retirement. Having a professional perform routine maintenance on your home’s plumbing system will maximize the lifespan of your systems. The better your plumbing systems are cared for, the longer they’ll last. Pipes can last anywhere between 20 and 100 years. The material the pipes are made from does play an important role in the longevity of your plumbing system. Consulting with a helpful and knowledgeable plumber can help you gauge what repairs are needed and what needs to be replaced before natural wear and tear takes its course.

If you need a plumber, call Tioga Contractors for all your plumbing needs. This company specializes in general plumbing, drain cleaning, and sewer testing, installation and repairs, and all things plumbing related. Schedule a preventive maintenance appointment for benefits and savings.

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At Tioga, we have a well equipped electrical services department that deals with any kind of electrical challenges like installing lighting bulbs, electoral wiring of all types, installation of phone and TV jacks , installing or replacing electrical switches among others. We are a team of highly experienced technicians that take pride in giving you the best electrical services. By understanding and rapidly adapting to new technologies, we possess the most recent knowledge, tools and positive attitude when dealing with any electrical problem. Our team is always ready to tackle any challenge head on, giving best solutions to your electrical challenges.

They are insured , licensed and thoroughly trained to provide repair and installation services of hot water tanks, garbage disposals, kitchen fixtures among others. We are also fully licensed on fire-suppression, plumping, natural gas and electrical installation in Hurst, TX. We give services to both residential and commercial apartments. At Tioga, we are well versed with electrical and wet utilities for both residential and commercial projects. We don’t prioritise projects, either small or big, we will attend to them with high professional service. Each of our staff members follows the OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) guidelines and are involved in in-house training programs which focus on safety techniques, background checks, drug screenings as well as defensive driving standards. We will serve you with the highest levels of integrity, skill and professionalism for many years to come.

Electrical safety and maintainability is one of our biggest concerns at Tioga contractors. Our electricians are here to make sure your business or home is as safe as possible. We can help you with whole house surge protectors, childproofing outlets, wiring upgrades as well as electrical safety inspections.

Electrical Child Proof Outlets

Because we all understand that there is nothing like constant and uninterrupted adult supervision, the childproof outlets will protect your kids and guests, preventing liability and injuries. Also referred to as temper-proof receptacles, these electrical services outlets are very effective in preventing harm. In fact , according to the 2008 National Electrical Code, every home should have them installed.

Electrical Inspections

At Tioga, we offer electrical services during inspection. Electrical problems are not only the largest cause of property damage in Hurst, TX but across the United States. Identifying and addressing electrical problems will require a thorough and professional electrical safety inspection. Schedule your safety inspection today with Tioga contractors for a prioritized, detailed checklist of recommendations for your residence.

Dedicated Computer Circuits

There are chances that your company can’t function without the computers. To prevent tripped circuit directors or damaged fuses, Tioga contractors can install a functioning circuit breaker that specifically controls your computer systems. This means that when switched on, the office electrical appliances will not take down computers. Electrical codes are updated once every three years by the National Electric Code, which is the country’s singular code for electricity installation. This protects people and property from potential electrical hazards. We will make sure that your home is well fitted with this system through our top notch electrical services.

Surge Protection

As you might be aware, power surges can happen in a single flash as a result of a variety of causes, ruining your valuable electronics. It is , therefore, highly advisable to protect the technology in your home from potential damage through the surge protector. We offer the best power surge protectors that can withstand any amount of power surge.

We also provide GFCI outlets. These are products used in sensitive areas like the bathroom, kitchen or the garage where there are high risks of electrical shocks. The shocks can be identified by the “test” and “reset” buttons that are located on the receptacle. Such outlets will make sure you are protected from the electrical hazards through monitoring the amount of power flowing through a circuit and triggering the circuit if there is detection of an imbalance. Once the imbalance is detected, the outlet stops the flow of electricity.

Wiring Updates

Outdated and old wiring not only poses a safety disaster in your residence but also keeps you from the full range of functionality from your system that you could be enjoying. It is, therefore, highly recommended to update the wiring system of your home. Prevent any dangerous electrical fire and stop worrying about unplugging sockets so you can plug in another. Get your home wiring updated today at Tioga!

Circuit Breaker Replacement Services

Sufficient electrical capacity is key in the proper functioning of electrical appliances. In most cases, circuit breaker replacement may repair overload issues without the need for an electrical system upgrade. We give you the best electrical services through state of the art circuit breakers.

Lighting Services

Are you looking to brighten up your residence? Do you need a new and creative idea of designing your home landscape? Give Tioga contractors a call today for all of your lighting needs! We have highly trained professionals ready to offer you with classic electrical services. They will also help put the final touches on your residence or business place. We give highly specialized lighting, holiday lighting as well as recessed lighting. Commercial ballasts can limit the currency flow of electricity going through your fluorescent bulbs. This keeps them from becoming overheated and eventually burning out.

Wireless lighting solutions will allow you to control lighting and little appliances in your home simply and easily through the use of a wireless smartphone or remote control. The right lighting has great effects on how others view your home. Therefore, making kitchen and bath lighting among your top ways to boost the look of your home is very important.

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Are you interested in our electrical services? Has your bathroom socket become old and now requires an update on its wiring? Then look no more, Tioga Contractors is a company that has been in business for a long time and we are well equipped to give you the best electrical services. Give us a call today and let us know how we can help you!