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Some homeowners in Keller, TX do not know how much difference electrical remodeling can make to their homes. Although costly, it’s among the best investments that make your house more energy efficient.

Electrical remodeling is not just about having newer appliances or better lighting; it also has a lot to do with making your home feel comfortable and secure. Continue reading to learn some of the benefits that come with upgrading your home’s electrical system.


Safety is the primary reason most homeowners undertake an electrical remodeling project. It is vital to keep your family safe, especially when you have children. In most older houses, outlets have two prongs, which can be problematic if you use modern appliances. Two prongs cannot provide sufficient power to most modern devices and equipment.

Secondly, when all the two-prong outlets are used simultaneously with energy-intensive equipment, the fuses are prone to blow. Also, another major issue with two-prong outlets is that they leave appliances exposed to power surges.

During the electrical remodeling, the electrician will upgrade your two-prong outlets with the more safe three-prong ones.

Fire Risks

Each year 51,000 fires occur in the United States due to electrical malfunction leading to almost 1.3 billion in property damage, nearly 500 deaths, and over 1400 injuries.

One of the key reasons to upgrade your home electrical system is to reduce fire risks. For instance, if the wires behind your home’s walls are outdated, weak, or not up to current building codes, your home could be at a high risk of catching fire.

Secondly, if your home has two prong outlet outlets when overloaded with appliances, the outlet can be at risk of hazardous sparks from blow fuses which can result in fire. In addition, faulty wiring within the switches and receptacles can put the home at risk of fire.

A certified electrician can inspect your electrical system to check for any electrical issues that can cause a fire in your home.

Bring Your Home Electrical System up to Code

Building codes change from one year to another. New safety standards may have been implemented since you last updated or installed your electrical system. Hiring an electrician to perform electrical remodeling can bring your home wiring back in line with the current building codes.

Updating your current building codes is essential if you plan to rent or sell your home. The code requirements in your area vary depending on the electrical system in place. When selling your home, it is crucial to consider the electrical system. You may be required to update it before you can get a permit from the city or state.

The code requirements in your area vary depending on what type of building it is and where in that particular area you live. Every state has specific minimum requirements that must be met before an inspector issues a certificate of compliance (COC).

Any home that doesn’t meet these criteria will only be sold if all problems are fixed by a qualified electrician in Keller, TX before moving forward with the sale process.

Protection from Surges

If your home appliances operate at high voltage, power surges can damage your electrical appliances. A power surge is an unexpected temporary rise in the voltage or current of an electrical circuit.

The most common form of a power surge is when lightning strikes a house and sends an electrical current through the wiring system. This can result in a fire or even damage the appliance.

Also, in some cases, a power surge can result from temporarily changing power usage in a factory near your home. This can negatively affect your home’s power lines connected to the factory. During the electrical remodeling, the electrician will install suppressors or premier surge protectors to protect your home from power surges.

Meet the Power of New Appliances

Usually, a modern household consumes a lot of energy, and the energy consumption is likely to increase as you continue to purchase more and more modern appliances since they rely on electricity.

In fact, according to recent data from EIA, the total energy consumption was 3.93 trillion kWh in the US in 2021, 13 times more than electricity use in 1950. Homeowners in Keller, TX whose electrical systems are unable to keep up with the power demands of their new electrical appliances, could be at risk of an electrical fire as the system in their circuit overloads.

Also, it can result in your circuit breaker tripping frequently. Contacting an electrician to remodel your home with up-to-date electrical systems is essential to take the load, especially in older homes.


You can undertake a remodeling project just for convenience purposes. For instance, if you’ve two-prong outlets, you may upgrade to three. This gives you the advantage of having extra outlets in your house. You can power more appliances and devices without drawing too much power from one power source.

Secondly, most home insurance providers require that a home have electrical wiring to meet the current building codes, so electrical remodeling brings your home’s electrical system up to date.

In addition, updating your home’s electrical system can boost your home’s value. Most homebuyers today prefer homes with up-to-date wiring and power capacity.

Hiring an electrician to remodel your electrical system is a crucial step toward making your home more appealing to future buyers if you decide to sell it at some point.

Are You Ready to Upgrade Your Electrical System?

If you want the most out of your home investment, it is time to consider electrical remodeling. The best way to do this is by hiring a knowledgeable electrician experienced in completing tasks within the set timelines.

Tioga Contractors is the best electrical company to work with. Besides electrical remodeling services, our team of certified and experienced electricians can help you with code corrections, seasonal and security lighting, appliance hookup, and service upgrades. Reach out to us today.

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The circuit breaker is often heralded as an essential advancement in electrical engineering. Unlike a fuse box, it isn’t sacrificial and allows you to restore power without looking for a spare. The main problem is that it automatically shuts off the power when overloaded with electricity. There are a few reasons why your circuit breaker keeps tripping, and some of them come with big danger signs attached. Rather than try your hand at amateur electrical repair, enlist the help of an experienced electrician to tackle the problem.

Has Your Circuit Breaker Tripped?

The circuit breaker controls everything on the circuit in your home’s electrical service panel. This includes everything from appliances to lights and fixtures. If the power in a particular area of your home rather than the whole house is off, the problem is probably a tripped circuit breaker.

You must know the location of your home’s circuit breaker. Moreover, the circuit breaker should be easily accessible and properly labeled. If there are two circuit breakers for the same area, you’ll want to detail which part of the area. For instance, you can label one kitchen circuit breaker as “kitchen appliances” and the other as “kitchen counter outlets.” An experienced electrician from Tioga Contractors in Grapevine, TX, can label your circuit breakers if you need help.

When the circuit breaker trips, the switch handle moves between the on and off positions. You may also see a red light indicating that the circuit breaker tripped. Resetting the tripped circuit breaker is easy since all you have to do is move the switch handle to the off position and then turn it on. You’ll want to stand back or to the side for safety purposes. Don’t forget to schedule an appointment with a professional electrician to examine the possibility of the following issues and resolve them for good.

Circuit Overload

Circuit overload occurs when the circuit draws more power than it can handle. The internal sensing mechanism heats up when too many appliances or fixtures are operating simultaneously. This prompts the spring-loaded mechanism within the circuit breaker to trip, rendering the circuit inactive. The power remains off until you reset the circuit breaker.

You can easily prevent circuit overload and keep your circuit breaker from repeatedly tripping by plugging in fewer appliances simultaneously. However, the most effective and long-term solution is having an electrical services provider update your wiring and add more circuits. Let’s say your living room and kitchen run on the same circuit. Adding two circuits to handle the kitchen counter outlets and appliances will allow you to use the mixer or microwave without fear of damaging your television.

Short Circuit

A short circuit occurs when an active electrical wire comes into contact with a neutral wire. It can occur in a switch or outlet. A short circuit can also occur within an appliance if the wires are damaged due to corrosion or pests chewing through them. When an electrical short occurs, it trips the circuit breaker and often produces sparks, smoke, or popping sounds.

Common causes of a short circuit include:

  • Faulty wire insulation: Electrical wires are usually coated with non-conductive material like PVC. If that insulation gets damaged or wears out, the live wiring may come into contact with the neutral wire and cause a short circuit.
  • Damaged wire connections: They result in increased electrical resistance, and this increases the temperature of the wiring. The result is either electric shock or fire.
  • Faulty appliance wiring: The culprit could be faulty wiring within the appliance, its plug, or the power cord.

Remember to enlist the help of a qualified electrician from Tioga Contractors to investigate electrical shorts in your home’s wiring.

Ground Fault

A ground fault occurs when a live electric wire comes into contact with a metal wall box, ground wire, or metal framing members. It can be quite dangerous, primarily if it occurs in an area with high moisture levels, like the bathroom or kitchen. As a result, the risk of electrical shock is very high. A ground fault causes a spike in electricity and causes the circuit breaker to trip.

Building codes offer provisions for carrying electricity safely into the ground to prevent this kind of short circuit. For instance, high moisture areas like bathrooms and kitchens must have ground fault circuit interrupters (GFCIs). A GFCI shuts down electric current within less than a second when it senses a ground fault.

If a ground fault is the reason your circuit breaker keeps tripping, locating and repairing the source of the errant water will resolve the issue. You’ll want to replace any damaged wiring and install GFCI outlets in rooms where water is commonly used. All of these are jobs for a licensed electrician.

Arcing Fault

An arc fault occurs when there’s an electrical discharge between faulty or loose wires. Corroded wires create a weak connection, creating an arc fault when the current “jumps” from one end of the wire to the other. The resulting arc causes electricity to travel a short distance through the air. It’s incredibly unpredictable since various factors determine its path, including the circuit’s nature and humidity. It also generates a lot of heat that can damage or melt the wiring insulation.

The main sign of an arcing fault is a faint buzzing in the affected area. Other telltale signs include the smell of melted plastic and burning and blackened spots around electrical wiring and outlets. The primary way to mitigate against the risks of an arcing fault is to install arc fault circuit interrupters (ACFIs) in your home. You’ll also want to consult a licensed electrician in Grapevine, TX if you suspect an arcing fault to resolve it before it becomes a bigger problem.

Call an Electrician to Investigate Other Possible Causes

It’s possible that your circuit breaker is faulty, undersized for the amount of current passing through the circuit, or that your wiring isn’t up to code. You must hire a professional electrician to inspect your electrical system, identify the problem, and resolve it promptly.The experts at Tioga Contractors will help you keep your Grapevine, TX, home safe. Contact us today if your circuit breaker keeps tripping, and an emergency electrician will be at your doorstep as soon as possible.

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When renovating your Arlington, TX, home, there are several factors you may want to consider, including budget and design style. Most homeowners forget to make electrical upgrades when building or remodeling their homes.

As you all know, the electrical system may not last forever, and the older they get, the more repairs and safety hazards you may have to deal with. In U.S homes, electric failures and defective wiring cause about 51,000 fires annually, resulting in more than 500 deaths and over 1400 injuries.

Therefore if you’re planning to renovate your home, you should work with a trusted electrician to make the necessary upgrades you may need. Whether your home is old or you have a failing electrical system, you need to update them.

Also, old electrical wiring may not handle your power demands and could be adding to monthly energy bills. Switching to new upgrades can lower utility bills and save you some money on repairs. Protect your family and have the comfort you need by having an electrical service make the following updates in your home.

Electrical Rewiring

Home remodeling offers involve bringing down current walls, and that may need electrical rewiring. Also, when updating your home, you may want to have more rooms or partitions in certain areas.

If that’s the case, your old wiring may not accommodate such changes. Therefore, you can take advantage of the opportunity to have a professional rewire your home’s electrical system.

Also, old wiring can put your family and property at risk of an electrical fire. Faulty wires tend to overheat when you draw excess power from them. Exposed electrical wires behind the walls can also start fires or cause electric shocks. In such cases, an electrician can inspect the condition of the wiring system and make new upgrades during home renovations.

Surge Protectors

Surge protectors are important devices to protect your valuable appliance from unexpected power surges. A power surge happens when there is an excessive increase in voltage.

You may experience this when there are severe storms, faulty wires, or electrical overloads. Whatever the reason, if it’s strong enough, it can damage your expensive electronics and household appliances.

Even if small, they can still cause damage if they happen more often. Therefore, if your home has a surge protector or needs one, installing them could be good to protect such electronics during power surges.

If you have a surge protector, you should talk to competent electricians to install a new one. Even if your home has surge protection, you should unplug your electronics when there is lightning.

Electrical Panel Upgrades

Older homes did not require more power compared to modern homes. Most homeowners in Arlington, TX, have dishwashers, microwaves, ovens, and refrigerators, which use more energy.

Although manufacturers claim that modern appliances are energy efficient, they consume more energy than older models. A faulty electrical panel may not handle the power demands of modern appliances and may even cause fires.

Therefore, when remodeling your home, you should work with an electrical service to update your old electrical panel to handle the power needs of such appliances. By doing so, you may not have to worry about safety hazards or power surges.

Outlets and Receptacles

When upgrading your electrical system, you should also change your receptacles. Such devices need the work of certified electricians to ensure they are safe and efficient. You may like how an outlet looks on the wall, but ensure it’s working as it should be.

High-energy appliances such as dryers and washers have different receptacle models because they require more energy. That’s why they need specialized models that can handle their power needs.

Therefore, when renovating your home, ensure you work with experienced electricians to get appropriate outlets for your household appliances and electronics.

Also, during home renovation, consider your family size and power demands. You should add more outlets in your kitchen, children’s rooms, or home office if you have a big family.

Smart Home Features

When renovating your home, you may want to add some features to make your home more convenient. Electricians have invented new technologies that make life easier. With this smart home technology, you can control some household appliances using your phone or computer while at home or the workplace.

These features allow you to access what you want by touching a button or commanding them. You should seek help from a licensed electrical company to make such upgrades to have a more convenient and efficient home.

You can have a remote-controlled refrigerator that can remind you of the foodstuffs you need to buy. Additional features you may consider include sensors, remote-controlled blinds, video surveillance cameras, and smoke alarms.

Switch to LED Lighting

The type of lighting may affect the overall aesthetics of your home. Switching to LED lighting can be a good idea if you wish to increase your home’s beauty. Such lights give brighter lighting and run cooler.

They also consume less power compared to standard light bulbs. In addition, LED technologies have developed smart bulbs that produce warmer colors that compliment skin tones.

LED lights that resemble incandescent bulbs are also available. If you’re making home renovations, ask electricians to install LED lights so you can save some money on electricity bills.

Charging Stations

In the current world, nearly everyone owns a device that needs the power to operate. Insufficient charging spots can be inconvenient and may even lead to fights since everyone wants to charge either a phone, laptop, or headphones. Therefore, when renovating your home, it would be wise to set up a charging station.

You should hire experienced electricians to install outlets that can accommodate the power demands of your devices. Having a specific charging station can free up outlets for other purposes and assembles all devices in one place without having them in multiple rooms.

Get Professional Electrical Services Today

If you’re thinking of upgrading your electrical system, work with an electrician at Tioga Contractors. We serve residential and commercial customers in Arlington, TX, and surrounding areas.

Our technicians’ services include electrical wiring, outlets, and switches replacement, and lighting installation. We also offer emergency electrical services. If you ever need help, give us a call.

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From the moment your little one is born, your life will change in ways you never imagined. One is a more practical way, reflecting how much electrical power provides for our lives. Beginning in the nursery and evolving over time to when your child is getting ready for college, your home here in Euless, TX will need to support a wide range of devices, providing safety and comfort in the early years and adding support for learning devices, entertainment, communication, and lifestyle changes for your whole growing family. Your electrician can make a big difference in how your family life evolves with a few changes to your home’s electric service and wiring.

The Nursery Years

Your child’s first environment will need a number of devices for modern childcare, including of course a baby monitor, a source of soothing music, and environmental gear such as a humidifier and air filter if needed. You’ll also need power for any devices that the parents need such as bottle warmers and the ever present phone charger. All of those devices and more will need to be connected in convenient locations, rather than scattered around the room at available outlets. Our electrician can add outlets, increase dual to quad outlets, and also upgrade any existing outlets to childproof ones for the future.

As Children Get More Active

Wandering children are curious children, and childproof outlets will be the rule wherever your child could conceivably get in contact with them. These aren’t outlets with the old plastic inserts that have to be removed and set aside when the outlet is in use, then found again when the device is unplugged. These are modern outlets required by electrical code for new homes, with a mechanism that prevents single exploratory pieces of metal from being inserted. Only simultaneous entry into both sides, by a proper plug for example, can provide access to your home’s electric circuits.

Other safety measures include GFCI devices in your children’s bathrooms and in fact throughout your home, wherever water and electricity could mix, for everyone’s sake. A children’s bathroom should also have a water leak detector to sound the alarm directly or through your home’s alarm or smart home system, so that little explorers that turn on the water can’t make too much of a mess before people come running, informed by technology, to turn it off.

Your child may also benefit from interesting lighting fixtures, colorful lighting displays, and other distractions that make for a stimulating environment. If you enjoy implementing the latest technology, it’s a straightforward matter to install window shade controls that, with an intelligent controller, manage the amount of sunlight that enters the room during the day. Our versatile electrician can install these and other electrical devices and circuits as needed for a safe, convenient, and enriching environment for your child.

Family Time Is Special Time

One way that families get together and enjoy an evening together, relax and have fun on rainy days, and even learn and explore new worlds is through a home theater system. Properly installed, it can be a great resource and a way to stay social rather than focus on individual screens. Our electricians can install the power your system needs for the television, high-powered amplifier, content sources, and other equipment as well as wiring your system for networking and speakers.

We use our electrician’s skills to locate the wires behind your walls or in other safe locations that keep them out of the way of young children, making it easier to just relax and enjoy the show. You can also connect your gaming system when children get old enough to enjoy the active games that are available for them. Other family social environments include the kitchen and outdoor areas such as the deck, all of which can benefit from a visit by the electrician to provide convenient power outlets, weatherproof if appropriate.

Tweens Need Power

Tweens, spending time in their rooms studying, playing, and communicating, need well-located connections to electrical power for their devices, including chargers for their phones and computers. You may want quad outlets, or outlets that include USB power to minimize the clusters of “wall wart” power adapters, and you definitely should make sure your children minimize their use of extension cords and power strips that spread electrical risks across the room, creating potential hazards for shock, liquid spills into outlets, and poor connections that heat up and could cause damage. Extension cords also are prone to wear from chair wheels rolling over them and other abrasions, creating still more risks. Stay focused on wall connections, and you’ll keep them safer.

Teens and Tech Sophistication

Your teens also have the need for plenty of places to plug in, including their gaming systems, computers, televisions, and media sources. Gaming, remote health and education applications, and general video conferencing applications require plenty of network speed, so if your kids don’t have network access via a cable box, wired Ethernet may be a good idea. For teen rooms, our electricians can also add features like unique lighting fixtures, smart gadgets including light switches, and workspaces with pre-installed power for both regular and USB similar to those available at libraries and coffee shops. Once you see all that we can do for your kids, there’s only one problem: you’ll want upgrades for your master bedroom as well. That’s a great idea, and we’ll be glad to do it.

Your Versatile Electrician Can Help You Get Creative in Wiring Your Home for Your Family

Our Tioga Contractors team of electricians serving the Euless, TX area is ready to update your home for your changing lifestyle as your family grows. We’ll make sure that your electrical power is easily available, safely installed, and ready for the wide variety of devices a modern family enjoys. Give us a call to help your family with great ideas and professional work.

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Here in Arlington, TX, the median home age is around 33 years. A lot has changed in electrical standards and technology over those years, and if you have bought an older home that hasn’t seen much in the way of renovations, our team can help. The same goes, of course, if you’re thinking about keeping your older home for a while longer and would like to update it now to enjoy down the road. Our team of electrical contractors can check your wiring, switches, outlets, and electrical service and make recommendations, and of course we’ve got a lot of new tricks up our sleeves to make your lighting more interesting, your outlets safer for your kids and grandkids, and your spaces well outfitted with power sources for all those new gadgets that all need an outlet for operation or charging. Set aside those extension cords and surge protector outlet strips, let’s set you up with a much better way to live with electricity.

Starting with Basic Safety

If your outlets have just two spots for the plug and not a third for the ground, our electrical contractors have two surprises for you. Even if you’re already well-grounded, we have something new. Modern outlets are designed not only with ground connections, but a mechanism to ensure that only plugs can be put into the outlet, and not random metal objects that exploring youngsters might find and decide to insert, with terrible results. Updating outlets, strategically or totally, can help keep your home safe from accidents. In addition, you’d be surprised how often the grounding in outlets is not done correctly, and our technicians can check to make sure that you’re getting the full safety benefit of a grounded outlet.

Does Your Power Box Look Like an Electrical Museum?

Another way to update and protect your home while adding plenty of benefits for the future is swapping your old fuse box for a modern circuit breaker panel. This update makes it easier to respond to the occasional short circuit or overload, much easier to add circuits and is a great time to update your electrical service with a high-capacity line from the power company. Older homes, especially ones that don’t have electric heat, tend to have very limited incoming current ratings, and this can slow down other upgrades in the home. Adding circuits, especially ones that supply high-powered equipment such as shop tools, high-end audio, and electric vehicle charging stations, can run into a problem when the inspector takes a look at the plans and sees the big picture. Now may be a good time to bring your antique fuse box into modern times, or even upgrade your older, smaller circuit breaker box with more modern devices and more space.

Special Protection for Your Whole Modern House and Its Expensive Electronics

About those power strips with built-in protection: we have a better idea. Our electrical contractors can install whole-house lightning arrestors and surge protection that will provide protection for everything from your cable box and computer to your plasma TV and home theater system. Whether you have questionable power quality at times or dark clouds drifting overhead, you’ll have proper protection, not nests of wires that may provide a one-time benefit to a few of your devices if something goes wrong electrically. When our electrical contractors install proper quad outlets in the wall by your home theater and several circuits to spread around the capacity, everything that’s plugged in will be connected to the protective devices we’ve installed.

Updating Your Lighting in Both Energy Savings and Style

Modern lighting options use compact fluorescent and LED bulbs that not only use much less energy than incandescent lights but also produce significantly less heat. That means that you can have our electrical contractors install recessed floodlights without worrying about heat buildup. You can also get creative with chandeliers, indirect lighting, dimmable lights, and work lighting for desks and kitchen spaces. Lighting becomes a significant design element, without being an expensive display of power consumption. Outside your home, you can enjoy a welcoming front step, bright or soft patio illumination, and a gentle glow for your gazebo. Your shop and garage don’t have to have those long, glaring fluorescent work lights, but more comfortable, helpful fixtures that provide just the light that you need even if you’re working into the night, without your eyes tiring of that starkly cold industrial illumination.

Our Electrical Contractors Wire Your Network and Security, Too

Our electrical contractors’ expertise at carefully running wires throughout your home doesn’t depend on the voltage or type of signal, we’re trained and experienced with network wiring and other technologies as well. We can provide your AV wiring for a sophisticated home theater, and extend your wired network for better gaming play, streaming media, and other internet speed-hungry applications. If you’re remodeling and have your walls open, our electrical contractors can prewire with the cabling you’ll need all tucked away safely. It will also be code compliant for your future projects.

A Touch of Magic: Wiring Your Home for Smart Home Features

Those wonderful new lights? Another feature they can offer is controlled from your smartphone or smart home control panel. It may seem like a luxury until you get used to it, then you’ll thrive on walking through your home with your arms loaded saying “lights on” and not stubbing your toe. We can install bulbs, fixtures, and other components that can form parts of your expanding smart home with convenience, safety, and even fun.

Turn to Tioga Contractors, Serving Arlington, TX and the Surrounding Area, for Modern Electrical Upgrades

Our electrical contractors have extensive experience with electrical upgrades for homes in the area. Let us help you imagine new features, enhance your protection, and upgrade your basic electrical service and power panel to bring your classic home into the 21st century and prepare you for the future. Call us at Tioga Contractors and enjoy.

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In your vision of new space in your existing home, it’s important to consider your future electrical needs for your whole home as part of your plan. If you’re creating a home theater room or family space, you’ll need not only adequate power but also access to that power with plenty of outlets and wiring for new technology.

Modern Spaces Need Power for Technology

Home office space requires a surprising amount of access to power, and your kids’ rooms require lots of outlets for their computers, game systems, phone chargers, and other equipment. Smart homes go even further with the need for controls and network access points that your electrical service provider can install professionally. All of these require plenty of wiring and more circuits at the main electrical box, and if you’ve been thinking this is just the beginning of your home’s new features, this is also the time to consider upgrading your electrical system to make future updates easier.

No Room Should Be Left Out, Not Even the Bathroom

Depending on the age of your home, there are a lot of upgrades that make sense as you’re remodeling, helping you add value and functionality to your investment. Your electrical service in vulnerable areas such as bathrooms and kitchens should include GFCI outlets that help protect against shocks as a result of contact with electricity and water. You might also consider adding water leak sensors, especially in bathrooms used by younger folks who might be prone to letting water overflow. These will usually be battery powered, but will require a reliable network signal.

Child-Protective Outlets

Your new space will include the latest code-compliant electrical equipment, including outlets that help prevent children from inserting conductive objects and risking dangerous electrical shocks. These new outlets make sure a plug is being inserted by requiring equal pressure on both sides before they open. It’s no longer necessary to use small outlet covers everywhere, which is a significant convenience.

Other Electrical Safety Features

One of the most important safety strategies we provide is the elimination of trip, shock, and overheating hazards that comes with using in-wall outlets instead of extension cords. From the office and family room to the basement, backyard, kitchen and bathroom, having safe access to electrical power is much more than a convenience.

Expanded Outlets, USB Power, Switched Outlets

With the increased demand for electrical service to accommodate device chargers, components of audiovisual and gaming systems, and computer equipment, it can be helpful to include a higher density of outlets. You can locate standard dual-outlet devices closer together, and employ quad-outlet arrangements. In addition, outlets that also provide low-voltage USB power access help reduce the number of chargers that need to be plugged in, and the loss of available outlets due to the chargers’ irregular sizes. Outlets that are controlled by smart hubs and smart home devices via WiFi and other networking can help to manage power to coffee makers, free standing lights, and even holiday decorations.

Thermostats, Light Switches, Shade Controls

Further smart home control features for your renewed Hurst, TX home include smart thermostats that add convenience and energy savings, and can provide data on current temperature and humidity for monitoring. Smart light switches provide remote and timed control of light fixtures so that you can, with a few words, light up your home when someone arrives late or you hear unexpected sounds. You can likewise shut down the lights from your bedroom, avoiding a last tour just to flip switches around the house.

Expanding Electrical Service for Outdoor Renewal Projects, Too

Smart home controls are also available to control outdoor lighting and entertainment equipment. If you don’t have sufficient outdoor power, this is a great opportunity to furnish the electricity you need with proper GFCI protection and weatherproofing for your patio, pool, deck, or other outdoor area. If you have detached buildings such as a shed or garage, proper power runs can upgrade your ability to use the space. Standard outlets will help you use your basic power tools and equipment, and a 220V circuit could support heavy-duty air compressors and welding equipment, or allow you to use woodworking equipment without tripping your breakers with high starting current.

Now’s the Time to Expand Your Electrical Service Box, Too

No matter what else you do as you remodel and update your home’s power sources, your electrical service box should get careful attention. If you don’t have circuit breakers it’s high time, and even if you have older breakers you may want to talk about whether they include some models that many homeowners are replacing for safety reasons. You should add enough circuits to meet your current expansion needs and include future capacity as well. You may want to add 220V circuits for high-power equipment and appliances, and even think about adding a whole-house lightning arrestor, surge protector, and backup power features.

Renewable Power for Green Savings

Many customers are looking at their options for solar electric power and other renewables. If that’s part of your update possibilities, let’s talk about how you can connect your green power source and inverter into your main power box for convenient, safe use. Our electricians are skilled at interconnections and power supplies for a wide variety of modern technologies that can put your home on the leading edge of energy conservation.

Ask Your Expert Electrical Service Provider, Tioga Contractors

Hopefully we’ve added some electrical options to your remodeling and home upgrade plans so that you can fully enjoy your new spaces. You can update your home for future technology enjoyment, especially if you have a growing family. We emphasize convenience, creative solutions, synergy with your dreams, and above all, the safety you can only get from experienced, professional electrical service providers. For ideas, options, and quotes to help you build up your electrical service infrastructure and other wiring when you remodel, give us a call. We’re Tioga Contractors, your trusted resource in the Hurst, TX area.

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Home upgrades are a great way to add convenience and value to your home. One area you may not yet have considered updating is your home’s electrical system.

Just because you can’t see your wiring doesn’t mean that everything is working well or at peak efficiency. Your electrical system is one of the fundamental parts of your home and should be upgraded to match your family’s usage. This is a kind of upgrade that can not only help you enjoy your electrical connection more, it can also keep you safe from the risk of electrical fire.

Whether your home is new or old, there are many ways you can make your home better with help from your electrician in Bedford, TX. The following are examples of some excellent electrical system upgrades to improve your home.

Upgraded Electrical Panel

Though this may not seem like the most exciting electrical upgrade, upgrading your electrical panel will allow you much more versatility. This means you will be able to plug in more new fixtures and appliances into your electrical system without suffering usage issues.

The fact is that homes simply weren’t built to handle the modern electrical load. By having your electrician update your 100-amp electrical panel to a 200-amp version, you can enjoy your electronic devices without interruption. This upgrade will give you a steady flow of electricity and help you prevent hazards from electrical fires. Once you have switched out your panel, you will have the power to add more appliances to your electrical load without experiencing problems.

In some cases, your home may already be trying to tell you that you need more power. Here are some things that could signal your need for an electrical panel update.

  • Your breakers are continually tripping.
  • The lights are constantly dimming or flickering.
  • You have fuses blowing repeatedly.
  • The outlets in your home feel warm, spark, or look discolored.
  • When you touch an electric appliance, you feel a tingling sensation.
  • There is a burning smell near an appliance.
  • Your home lacks GFCI outlets in areas exposed to moisture, such as your kitchen and bathrooms.
  • You have non-grounded, two-prong through your whole house.

A professional electrical panel upgrade can help keep your family safe from electrical fire risk and also increase the value of your home. Whether you plan to sell your house in the future or live in it forever, an updated electrical panel should be first on your list of remodels.

LED Lighting

Switching to LED lights carries several advantages in the home and at work. The major draw to LED over incandescent lighting is the energy efficiency of LED. The popular LED lights are about 90% more efficient than their counterparts. the energy they use goes completely into the production of light, not heat. Incandescent lighting wastes most of the energy it uses on the production of heat. That is why you can burn your fingers if you touch an incandescent bulb in use, while the LED version stays cool. Changing out your outdated incandescent lighting and having LED lighting replace it can help you reduce your electricity consumption and lower your monthly utility bills.

LED lighting also has a longer life expectancy. So, while it may cost a bit more on the front end, you will not have to replace your bulbs nearly as often. You will get around 1,000 hours of light with your incandescent light. If you swap those for LED lights, you will get about 50,000 hours of light without having to replace the bulb.

New Outlets That Have USB Ports

Not all electrical upgrades have to be expensive. If you are looking for an economical update, replacing your old outlets with new ones containing USB ports for charging is perfect. It doesn’t cost much and you will enjoy the convenience of multiple direct charging stations. You can get rid of those USB adapters once and for all.

When you have your electrician upgrade the outlets in your home, you can place them wherever they will be most useful. If you have limited counter space, you can have the outlets installed inside a drawer or cabinet. That allows you to charge your devices while keeping them out of your way.

Smart Wiring

This technological advancement allows different wires to be combined into a single platform. This technology lets you integrate many types of smart home systems into your house.

This opens the door or many changes to your home. You can have your bedroom lights wired to your bedside, so you can control the lighting without having to get out of bed. You could even have an electrician wire your security lighting to be controlled from your bed, as well. That can ease your mind if you hear noises outside at night.

Here are just a few of the most popular smart systems for the modern home:

  • Smart thermostats
  • Smart security systems and video surveillance
  • Remote sprinkler systems
  • Remote climate control
  • Smart smoke detectors
  • Smart Hubs
  • Remote Lighting

An All-Home Audio System

Your electrician can set your home up with an audio system that is distributed throughout your house. With unobtrusive speakers that are installed in your walls or ceilings, your home will look as lovely as ever. Each room will have its own individual volume control, so the music can be enjoyed without causing a distraction for others.

You can also choose audio systems that include an intercom system for convenient communication between rooms or floors. Talk to your electrician about your options and relax to the sound of your favorite music wherever you go.

Choosing the Right Electrician

Regardless of which upgrade you choose for your home or office, make certain you have a professional electrician in charge of the job. While professional installation can raise the value of your home, having amateur work on your electrical system can end up costing you extra in repairs.

Contact us today at Tioga Contractors for more information about our professional electrician services for Bedford, TX.

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The electrical system in your home is important for a lot of different reasons. For starters, your electrical system allows you to get the power you need to live your daily life in comfort, which includes things like having access to hot water, heating and cooling and lighting. However, it’s also hugely important to get regular electrical service to prevent problems that can create a fire risk in your home. If you’re thinking about making some upgrades to add convenience and protect your home, here are some things you should talk to an electrical expert about.

1. Rewiring

The best thing you can do if you want to make your home significantly safer is have the wiring redone. All the electricity that flows through your home has to run through the wiring in your walls, so you want to make sure those wires are protected and in good shape. Rewiring is an especially good idea if you’ve got a much older how that hasn’t been rewired in a long time.

Older types of wiring with less insulation or insulation made from the wrong materials can quickly create a fire hazard in your home. Unfortunately, homes that were built during the early 20th century often have these dangerous types of wires in them. If you’re not sure what type of wiring you have in your home, you should have an electrical service expert check it out.

If your wiring is old and could be creating fire hazards, an electrician can get it replaced for you so you can relax in your home with peace of mind.

2. Electrical Panel Upgrade

Another crucial part of your home’s electrical system is the electrical panel. Not only does this determine the capabilities of your home in terms of electricity, a good panel also affects how easy maintenance is and helps keep you safe. One of the most common reasons for an electrical panel upgrade is that the existing one simply isn’t powerful enough for modern appliances. If you’re constantly tripping breakers trying to use a dishwasher or dryer, ask an electrical service expert about an upgrade.

The cool part about upgrading your electrical panel is that you can take steps to ensure it’s future-proof, too. By upgrading to a more powerful and capable panel, you don’t have to worry about replacing your panel in the future if you want to upgrade some things. If you plan on living in your Hurst, TX, home for a long time, this is a great way to set yourself up for the future.

3. Smart Home Technology

If you’re already spending the money on electrical services, you may as well upgrade your home to the latest smart technology, as well. Smart technology is fairly inexpensive and simple to install, but it’s best to install when you’re already having work done on your electrical system. Things like smart thermostats, lighting and locks can make it easier to keep your home secure and save money.

Smart lights are one of the simplest ways to save money on your electrical bill. No matter where you are, you can use your smartphone to turn your lights off so you aren’t wasting money. The same goes for having a smart thermostat that you can use to control the heating and cooling in your home. If you want to make sure your home is ready for the future, make sure you talk to an electrical service expert about smart home technology.

4. Energy-Saving Lights

Homeowners everywhere suffer from using too much electricity and running up enormous bills. Whether it’s blasting your heat during the winter or simply not keeping an eye on appliances and other energy wasters, it’s not unusual to have a high energy bill. If you want to cut down on your monthly spending, energy-saving lights can be a great way to reduce your energy usage and save some dough.

Modern LED lights are designed to last a lot longer than older lights, and it’s not very difficult to make the upgrade. You can even install under cabinet lighting in the kitchen and fancy recessed lighting in the bathroom that will save you money. If you feel like your monthly power bill is a bit higher than it should be, ask an electrical service professional if upgrading your lights is the right solution for you.

5. USB Wall Sockets

Are you sick of having to search all over the house for a charger that’s not in use when you want to charge your phone or tablet? USB chargers are used for just about everything, so it can be hard to have one available all the time. One of the ways you can solve that problem is by having an electrical service pro install USB wall sockets in your home. These wall sockets have USB ports built in for quick, easy charging.

There are even USB wall sockets you can power on and off as you need them. Some include fast-charging capabilities, which can get your phone fully charged in a fraction of the time. If you’re going to invest in USB wall sockets, make sure you ask an electrical service expert about the options that are available to you.

The Best Way

It’s so tough to keep your home in good shape year after year, especially when it comes to the money it can cost to make upgrades. As a homeowner, you should talk to the experts every once in a while to see if it’s time to make some upgrades to your home.

If you’re thinking about upgrading the electrical system in your Hurst, TX, home, Tioga Contractors can help. When it comes to electrical services, we can do it all. Do you have questions about upgrading your electrical system to get the latest benefits? Call Tioga Contractors at (469) 789-1292 to learn more today.

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At Tioga, we have a well equipped electrical services department that deals with any kind of electrical challenges like installing lighting bulbs, electoral wiring of all types, installation of phone and TV jacks , installing or replacing electrical switches among others. We are a team of highly experienced technicians that take pride in giving you the best electrical services. By understanding and rapidly adapting to new technologies, we possess the most recent knowledge, tools and positive attitude when dealing with any electrical problem. Our team is always ready to tackle any challenge head on, giving best solutions to your electrical challenges.

They are insured , licensed and thoroughly trained to provide repair and installation services of hot water tanks, garbage disposals, kitchen fixtures among others. We are also fully licensed on fire-suppression, plumping, natural gas and electrical installation in Hurst, TX. We give services to both residential and commercial apartments. At Tioga, we are well versed with electrical and wet utilities for both residential and commercial projects. We don’t prioritise projects, either small or big, we will attend to them with high professional service. Each of our staff members follows the OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) guidelines and are involved in in-house training programs which focus on safety techniques, background checks, drug screenings as well as defensive driving standards. We will serve you with the highest levels of integrity, skill and professionalism for many years to come.

Electrical safety and maintainability is one of our biggest concerns at Tioga contractors. Our electricians are here to make sure your business or home is as safe as possible. We can help you with whole house surge protectors, childproofing outlets, wiring upgrades as well as electrical safety inspections.

Electrical Child Proof Outlets

Because we all understand that there is nothing like constant and uninterrupted adult supervision, the childproof outlets will protect your kids and guests, preventing liability and injuries. Also referred to as temper-proof receptacles, these electrical services outlets are very effective in preventing harm. In fact , according to the 2008 National Electrical Code, every home should have them installed.

Electrical Inspections

At Tioga, we offer electrical services during inspection. Electrical problems are not only the largest cause of property damage in Hurst, TX but across the United States. Identifying and addressing electrical problems will require a thorough and professional electrical safety inspection. Schedule your safety inspection today with Tioga contractors for a prioritized, detailed checklist of recommendations for your residence.

Dedicated Computer Circuits

There are chances that your company can’t function without the computers. To prevent tripped circuit directors or damaged fuses, Tioga contractors can install a functioning circuit breaker that specifically controls your computer systems. This means that when switched on, the office electrical appliances will not take down computers. Electrical codes are updated once every three years by the National Electric Code, which is the country’s singular code for electricity installation. This protects people and property from potential electrical hazards. We will make sure that your home is well fitted with this system through our top notch electrical services.

Surge Protection

As you might be aware, power surges can happen in a single flash as a result of a variety of causes, ruining your valuable electronics. It is , therefore, highly advisable to protect the technology in your home from potential damage through the surge protector. We offer the best power surge protectors that can withstand any amount of power surge.

We also provide GFCI outlets. These are products used in sensitive areas like the bathroom, kitchen or the garage where there are high risks of electrical shocks. The shocks can be identified by the “test” and “reset” buttons that are located on the receptacle. Such outlets will make sure you are protected from the electrical hazards through monitoring the amount of power flowing through a circuit and triggering the circuit if there is detection of an imbalance. Once the imbalance is detected, the outlet stops the flow of electricity.

Wiring Updates

Outdated and old wiring not only poses a safety disaster in your residence but also keeps you from the full range of functionality from your system that you could be enjoying. It is, therefore, highly recommended to update the wiring system of your home. Prevent any dangerous electrical fire and stop worrying about unplugging sockets so you can plug in another. Get your home wiring updated today at Tioga!

Circuit Breaker Replacement Services

Sufficient electrical capacity is key in the proper functioning of electrical appliances. In most cases, circuit breaker replacement may repair overload issues without the need for an electrical system upgrade. We give you the best electrical services through state of the art circuit breakers.

Lighting Services

Are you looking to brighten up your residence? Do you need a new and creative idea of designing your home landscape? Give Tioga contractors a call today for all of your lighting needs! We have highly trained professionals ready to offer you with classic electrical services. They will also help put the final touches on your residence or business place. We give highly specialized lighting, holiday lighting as well as recessed lighting. Commercial ballasts can limit the currency flow of electricity going through your fluorescent bulbs. This keeps them from becoming overheated and eventually burning out.

Wireless lighting solutions will allow you to control lighting and little appliances in your home simply and easily through the use of a wireless smartphone or remote control. The right lighting has great effects on how others view your home. Therefore, making kitchen and bath lighting among your top ways to boost the look of your home is very important.

Call Us Today

Are you interested in our electrical services? Has your bathroom socket become old and now requires an update on its wiring? Then look no more, Tioga Contractors is a company that has been in business for a long time and we are well equipped to give you the best electrical services. Give us a call today and let us know how we can help you!

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You don’t have to wait for a repair issue to call for electrical services. Your electrician can add upgrades to your home that will definitely get noticed.

Many homes, especially older ones, were not made to support our modern technology needs. The stress this puts on your electrical system can eventually lead to problems.

In Hurst, TX, Tioga Contractors offers comprehensive services that can modernize your home, business, or industry. They can help you choose the projects that will help you and your family the most and complete the work quickly.

You customize your home to fit your life, so why not make sure your electrical system is upgraded for your usage needs? Here are a few ways that your electrician can update your home.

Additional Electrical Outlets

If you live in an older home, you have probably noticed the difference in the electrical outlets. First, many older homes have two-prong outlets. Modern homes in Hurst, TX are outfitted with three-prong outlets that are grounded. Grounded outlets are necessary for your computers, smart televisions, and all appliances.

Besides being set up with the wrong outlets for today’s technology, older homes generally don’t have a lot of outlets in each room. If you are constantly struggling to make an outlet free to use, you should consider getting modern electrical services for your home.

There are different kinds of outlets available, including:

GFCI Outlets

This is a commonly used outlet, especially in areas near water. GFCI stands for ground fault circuit interrupter. It is designed to shut off the power to that outlet quickly in the case of a short circuit or ground fault.

AFCI Outlets

Not as well known as the last outlet, the AFCI outlet is also built to protect you. It looks basically the same as the GFCI outlet, but works differently.

AFCI stands for arc fault circuit interrupter and it protects you from electrical arcs. What is an arc? Arcs occur when electricity jumps from one wire to another. This can cause a fire to start very quickly.

20A Outlets

Generally, most outlets in the home are rated for 15 amps (15A). This means that the outlet is connected to a circuit that is capable of handling up to 15 amps of electricity, no more. 15A outlets are great for many things, including charging your smart phones and tablets and powering your microwave.

Some electrical appliances and devices, however, require more amperage. If you are continuously tripping the breaker in certain rooms, this may be the issue. You need an electrical services technician to help you fix the problem.

With a 20A outlet, your days of flipping the breaker could be over. The 20A outlet works with appliances that need more power to operate, like your washer and dryer. These outlets are generally found in your kitchen, laundry room, and garage, to handle the appliances that need the most power.

Switched Outlets

Switched outlets allow you to control the power of that outlet. These outlets have just one outlet, with a switch in place of the upper outlet. Using the switch, you can turn the power to the outlet on or off, as needed.

USB Outlets

Nearly every home in the nation could benefit from USB outlets. There are several options available. One popular choice are the models with two outlets and two USB ports for charging your mobile technology. Your electrical services specialist can advise you on which style is the best for you, based on your usage needs.

Smart Outlets

Smart outlets take your home’s electrical services to the next level. This technological advance works just like a regular outlet, except it allows you to control the outlet from your smartphone.

New Lighting Options

Nothing catches the eye like an exciting new lighting design. New lighting fixtures can transform your plain room into a celebration, adding interest to any room.

It is easy to set a mood with your lighting choice. You can choose lighting that floods the space with a warm glow, lending a cozy feeling. Or you might want a brilliant light to shine throughout the area, giving it a party attitude. If you have trouble deciding on a single mood, you could have your electrician install a dimmer. That way, you can change the atmosphere to suit the occasion.

Do you have a large room that is just not getting enough light to the outer edges? You might want to check into wall sconces or recessed lighting, to illuminate the dark corners. Your electrical services professional can help guide you through the wide variety of lighting styles that are available today, so your home can shine its brightest.

Security Lighting

There is nothing as important as keeping your family safe. Electrical services to light your way can help. Your electrician can help add to the security of your home or business with the addition of security lighting.

Whether you work the late shift or only work late occasionally, it can be scary to walk through the dark, even on your own property. Security lighting can illuminate even the most darkened corners of your property, so you can see everything near you.

Security lighting also makes your home or business less inviting to burglars and vandals. With enough light that everyone can see what they are up to, they may decide that your property is just too risky.

Landscape Lighting

With landscape lighting, you can do more than simply brighten up your property. By carefully planning your lighting around the unique and interesting features on your property, you can highlight what is special and add an artistic flair to your yard.

Landscape lighting can be used to illuminate whatever you wish. Shine a light on what you love most about your property. Add an extra glow to your address marker, so emergency vehicles can find your house quickly. The options are limitless.

Give your property a designer flair with intriguing landscape lighting design. You will give guests a beautiful view with properly placed lighting. It can transform an ordinary yard into an artistic vision. Check with your electrician to see how these electrical services could help you.

Contact Tioga Contractors for more information about our professional electrical services for your home, business, or industry in.