How Our Electrical Contractors Can Update Your New-Old Home To Modern Electrical Standards | Arlington, TX

How Our Electrical Contractors Can Update Your New-Old Home To Modern Electrical Standards | Arlington, TX

Here in Arlington, TX, the median home age is around 33 years. A lot has changed in electrical standards and technology over those years, and if you have bought an older home that hasn’t seen much in the way of renovations, our team can help. The same goes, of course, if you’re thinking about keeping your older home for a while longer and would like to update it now to enjoy down the road. Our team of electrical contractors can check your wiring, switches, outlets, and electrical service and make recommendations, and of course we’ve got a lot of new tricks up our sleeves to make your lighting more interesting, your outlets safer for your kids and grandkids, and your spaces well outfitted with power sources for all those new gadgets that all need an outlet for operation or charging. Set aside those extension cords and surge protector outlet strips, let’s set you up with a much better way to live with electricity.

Starting with Basic Safety

If your outlets have just two spots for the plug and not a third for the ground, our electrical contractors have two surprises for you. Even if you’re already well-grounded, we have something new. Modern outlets are designed not only with ground connections, but a mechanism to ensure that only plugs can be put into the outlet, and not random metal objects that exploring youngsters might find and decide to insert, with terrible results. Updating outlets, strategically or totally, can help keep your home safe from accidents. In addition, you’d be surprised how often the grounding in outlets is not done correctly, and our technicians can check to make sure that you’re getting the full safety benefit of a grounded outlet.

Does Your Power Box Look Like an Electrical Museum?

Another way to update and protect your home while adding plenty of benefits for the future is swapping your old fuse box for a modern circuit breaker panel. This update makes it easier to respond to the occasional short circuit or overload, much easier to add circuits and is a great time to update your electrical service with a high-capacity line from the power company. Older homes, especially ones that don’t have electric heat, tend to have very limited incoming current ratings, and this can slow down other upgrades in the home. Adding circuits, especially ones that supply high-powered equipment such as shop tools, high-end audio, and electric vehicle charging stations, can run into a problem when the inspector takes a look at the plans and sees the big picture. Now may be a good time to bring your antique fuse box into modern times, or even upgrade your older, smaller circuit breaker box with more modern devices and more space.

Special Protection for Your Whole Modern House and Its Expensive Electronics

About those power strips with built-in protection: we have a better idea. Our electrical contractors can install whole-house lightning arrestors and surge protection that will provide protection for everything from your cable box and computer to your plasma TV and home theater system. Whether you have questionable power quality at times or dark clouds drifting overhead, you’ll have proper protection, not nests of wires that may provide a one-time benefit to a few of your devices if something goes wrong electrically. When our electrical contractors install proper quad outlets in the wall by your home theater and several circuits to spread around the capacity, everything that’s plugged in will be connected to the protective devices we’ve installed.

Updating Your Lighting in Both Energy Savings and Style

Modern lighting options use compact fluorescent and LED bulbs that not only use much less energy than incandescent lights but also produce significantly less heat. That means that you can have our electrical contractors install recessed floodlights without worrying about heat buildup. You can also get creative with chandeliers, indirect lighting, dimmable lights, and work lighting for desks and kitchen spaces. Lighting becomes a significant design element, without being an expensive display of power consumption. Outside your home, you can enjoy a welcoming front step, bright or soft patio illumination, and a gentle glow for your gazebo. Your shop and garage don’t have to have those long, glaring fluorescent work lights, but more comfortable, helpful fixtures that provide just the light that you need even if you’re working into the night, without your eyes tiring of that starkly cold industrial illumination.

Our Electrical Contractors Wire Your Network and Security, Too

Our electrical contractors’ expertise at carefully running wires throughout your home doesn’t depend on the voltage or type of signal, we’re trained and experienced with network wiring and other technologies as well. We can provide your AV wiring for a sophisticated home theater, and extend your wired network for better gaming play, streaming media, and other internet speed-hungry applications. If you’re remodeling and have your walls open, our electrical contractors can prewire with the cabling you’ll need all tucked away safely. It will also be code compliant for your future projects.

A Touch of Magic: Wiring Your Home for Smart Home Features

Those wonderful new lights? Another feature they can offer is controlled from your smartphone or smart home control panel. It may seem like a luxury until you get used to it, then you’ll thrive on walking through your home with your arms loaded saying “lights on” and not stubbing your toe. We can install bulbs, fixtures, and other components that can form parts of your expanding smart home with convenience, safety, and even fun.

Turn to Tioga Plumbing & Electric, Serving Arlington, TX and the Surrounding Area, for Modern Electrical Upgrades

Our electrical contractors have extensive experience with electrical upgrades for homes in the area. Let us help you imagine new features, enhance your protection, and upgrade your basic electrical service and power panel to bring your classic home into the 21st century and prepare you for the future. Call us at Tioga Plumbing & Electric and enjoy.

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