How Regular Drain Cleaning Service Is A Part of Your Home Maintenance Routine | Bedford, TX

How Regular Drain Cleaning Service Is A Part of Your Home Maintenance Routine | Bedford, TX

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Unless your kids are licensed plumbers, regular drain cleaning service is one part of your spring cleaning routine you should leave to us. Like your other cleaning and maintenance routines, it helps keep your home sanitary and operating smoothly and avoids unwelcome surprises when problems build and crises erupt. Knowing that your pipes are clear and any build-up is taken care of gives peace of mind. It helps you enjoy using your kitchen sink, washing your hands in the bathroom, flushing the toilet, and taking a shower without saying to yourself, “Is that draining too slowly? Is something wrong?” It’s possible a clog could develop anyway, but with our regular drain cleaning service for customers in the Bedford, TX area, it’s much less likely.

We Have the Technologies to Inspect Your Pipes and Clean Them Thoroughly

One of the reasons that we can help you avoid emergency plumbing calls more these days is because we don’t have to guess about what’s in your pipes. We can use video inspection tools to explore and check the degree of narrowing from deposits in your pipes, the amount of corrosion or degradation that has happened, and the presence of weakened or leaking spots along the way, no matter where they’re located. We can also see if your drains are backing up because of a plastic dinosaur, and hunt for that sentimental or expensive piece of jewelry that slipped down the drain.

Our other technological advance is powerful hydro-jetting that can blast your pipes with 1500 psi or more, clearing clogs and cleaning pipes thoroughly. It’s a great system but it does require a plumber’s knowledge and experience to make sure the job is done correctly and safely. Drain cleaning service using hydro-jet technology can even take care of some difficult situations in your main sewer line, saving a lot of time and trouble. It’s not the right tool for every drain cleaning service job, but it sure comes in handy for stubborn materials stuck in your drains.

Thinking About Grease, Hair, and Soap Scum

Preventive measures play an important part in keeping your drains clean, too. Grease, in particular, can be poured down the drain when it’s heated, but it then wraps itself around your pipes as it cools, even if the water carrying it was hot to start with. Once the grease is in place, it invites other materials going down your pipes to join it, and slowly your pipe narrows and gets ready for something solid to come down and start the final blockage. The sink drains more slowly, home remedies only work for a short while since they’re just clearing enough of the clog to look like they got results, and eventually, you’re back where you started. Even if you use snakes and augers to cut through, you’re just cutting a hole through, not clearing the pipe’s full diameter.

Soap scum also accumulates on the way down, and if you pull a hair clog out of your shower drain’s strainer — you do have one, don’t you? — you’ll find it’s blended with plenty of shampoo and soap remnants. This mixture does a great job of straining other materials out of the water going down the drain, creating a kind of science fiction monster of all sorts of things you’d rather not see mixed together. This leads to a great reason for regular drain cleaning service in your shower: when the water backs up around your feet, your morning just doesn’t start the same way.

Rice as a Source of Nasty Kitchen Drain Backups

Rice and pasta are trouble when they go down kitchen drains, even through the garbage disposal. How can that be? They are both quite absorbent, which means ground up or in their original state, they take on water as they go down the drain, and as they slow to take the curve in your P trap, they jam it up and create a nasty clog. If you haven’t had a drain cleaning service in a while, the P trap is probably already narrowed and the rice ball will form that much sooner, also sticking at other joints in your drain’s trip down to the sewer. Our drain cleaning service can clean out your kitchen drain and garbage disposal when you need it, such as during holiday kitchen prep when who knows what’s going down the disposal and drain.

Drain Cleaning Service for Drains You Never Think Of

A comprehensive drain cleaning service from time to time can ensure that drains that have gone unattended for ages get cleaned out. The shower, sink, and toilet in the guest bathroom, for instance, that aren’t used enough to reveal that they’re quite narrow on the way down, can be freshened up and put in good shape. Your utility sink in the basement, or the one in your laundry room that has lint and detergent and other material building a mess in the trap below, can get a good blast of attention so they’re clear and flowing well. Even your basement floor drain needs occasional checks to make sure it hasn’t been slowly gathering material whenever the floor is washed or that time when the water heater needed replacing and sprung a leak. From the master bedroom to the dark corners of the basement, we bring all your drains into a known state.

Tioga Plumbing & Electric Provides Expert Drain Cleaning for Regular Home Plumbing Maintenance

As part of our range of expert plumbing solutions from fixture repairs to remodeling, our team provides thorough drain cleaning that resets the clock on your pipes and drains and makes the lives of our customers in Bedford, TX and the surrounding area that much better. As we noted, when the sewer line is in good shape but flowing slowly, we can just blast large messy clogs on their way and keep things simple. Give us at Tioga Plumbing & Electric a call for peace of mind.