Hiring a plumbing company is simpler than you might think. In fact, it can be quite easy, no matter what type of tasks you’re looking for. You just need to know what you’re looking for so you can jump in and get it. That means not only knowing what you’re looking for in a plumbing company, but also knowing what kind of service you’re looking for when it comes to your home. You need to think about the plumbing needs that you’re going to have and what you’re going to do next.

What Does Your Home Need?

Before you choose a plumbing company, think about what you’re really looking to have done. Do you need your home to be completely re-piped? Do you need a few pipes replaced? Do you have a leak or a burst pipe? Do you have a clogged drain or a drain that’s backing up? If any of these sound like you then you’re definitely going to want to hire a professional. And knowing what you’re doing before you hire that professional will definitely help you in the long run. Knowing what you need them to do or at least look at before you call someone helps you stay in control of your home.

If you don’t know quite what is wrong with your home that’s okay too. The best thing that you can do is take a closer look and see what you do notice. Do you notice that you have less water pressure? Do you notice that your water has a strange look or smell to it? Whatever you notice is going to be helpful in making sure that someone can look at your home and what’s going on and take care of the problem.

The more you know about what you’re experiencing the faster the problem can be resolved. That’s because any information that you have will make it easier for the plumbing expert you hire to diagnose the problem, bring the right tools the first time, and get started on the repair. All of that is going to be a benefit for you and it’s definitely going to make sure that you and your family can enjoy your home a whole lot easier again. After all, it’s hard to do anything in your Bedford, TX home without water, right?

When Do You Need It Done?

You need to get any plumbing work done as soon as possible. You definitely don’t want to find yourself without water or with poor-quality water because it’s going to affect how you can use your home. If you find yourself with an emergency situation, such as a leaking or burst pipe, you’ll need to call an emergency plumbing company to come take a closer look. On the other hand, if you find that you have low water pressure or you have a clogged drain you may be able to wait until normal hours to get it taken care of.

That’s not to say you should let any of your plumbing problems continue on. You want to make sure you’re getting them fixed fast because letting them continue getting worse is only going to make your situation worse. You’ll end up spending more money and taking a whole lot more time in order to get things fixed. And that’s definitely not going to be a benefit for you. You want to make sure that you’re getting problems resolved as inexpensively as you can, so make sure you’re making that call as quickly as you can to get there.

The good news is, you shouldn’t have a hard time getting an appointment for any type of service that you need. You should be able to talk with a professional and get someone to your home quickly so you can get back to using your water again. And that means using your water the way you would expect to. You shouldn’t have to deal with water that is poor quality or that doesn’t function the way you would expect. You get to do everything you want and make sure that your home is comfortable and functional for you and your family.

What to Do Next

So, when you find that you have a plumbing problem and you need to call a plumbing company the first thing that you should do is make sure you’re finding the right company to work with. You want someone who is going to help you with your problem when you have it, without having to wait around to get things taken care of later on or after the problem has gotten worse. You also want someone who is trustworthy and skilled in the type of work that you need. So make sure you’re hiring a good plumbing company to take care of things for you no matter what you need.

When it comes time to actually make that call you can get the plumbing service you need in no time. Make sure you know what plumbing company to call and if you’re in Bedford, TX, that should be Tioga Contractors. Our team can come to you when it’s convenient for you and make sure that you are on your way to a great experience and the water that you need for your home. You’re definitely going to be glad that you did and you’re going to have everything you need in no time.

We hire the best people for the job and make sure that you always get the work that you expect. No matter what you need, from small plumbing projects to large ones, our plumbing company can come to your home in Bedford, TX and make sure that it’s done right. We won’t make you wait around, and we definitely will make sure your water is working right when we leave. You and your family need water in your home and our plumbing company, Tioga Contractors, makes sure that it’s right there for you when you do.

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Identifying problems in the drainage, venting, plumbing, and sewer systems can be difficult without the help of a professional. But, there are signs and indicators that homeowners should call for urgent repairs from a nearby plumbing company.

One of the most common indications of failing or damaged plumbing units in households is awful smells that make it difficult for you and your loved ones to stay indoors. The foul odors can result from burst drainage and sewer pipes, wastewater backups, faulty vent systems, and clogs in the drains.

Read on to learn more about the nasty smells that signify a plumbing issue in your home.

Moldy Smell

This is the first odor that indicates an issue with your plumbing fixtures. The last thing you want in your beautiful home is mold spores spreading throughout and causing significant structural damage to cabinets and furniture in your bathrooms and kitchen.

You might argue that the issue is predominant in swampy places and locations with high humidity, but molds can also grow and spread in your house if it has wet areas and the correct organic elements to thrive.

A qualified plumber from a renowned plumbing company can help identify the cause of the mold and fix it promptly. The most common plumbing issues that lead to mold growth in homes include:

  • Standing Water
    Wastewater that fails to drain can stagnate in your shower, tub, and bathroom drainage system, leading to moist places that cause rapid mold growth. The stagnating pool of water can be due to clogs in the drain, sewer, and vent pipes that restrict the free flow of water to the intended sewer lines or septic tanks.
    If your bathroom has wooden cabinets near the drains, mold spores might start growing in that area. Unfortunately, most homeowners notice the issue after it escalates, forcing them to call a reputable plumbing company for help.
  • Water Leaks
    Leakages in enclosed sinks and clogged drains or toilets can also lead to mold growth. The cabinets storing your cleaning supplies and other items in the kitchen or bathroom can make it hard to identify a leak in time that will escalate mold growth.
    The moldy smell can permeate your bathroom and kitchen, hence the need to call a plumbing company in Bedford, TX to identify and repair the issue. Leaking pipes in dark and musty parts can also make mold grow on your walls.

Fortunately, a plumber can remove the mold and all its spores by cleaning and disinfecting the affected areas in the house. The professional can also recommend removing all the structurally damaged furniture and cabinets, which might be costly.

Foul Sewer Smells

Sewer odors also signify plumbing problems in homes. The smell can permeate the house, leading to discomfort and adverse health effects that stem from poisonous sewer gasses.

Stinky and nasty sewage smell results from decomposing human waste that fails to reach the intended sewer or septic systems. Causes of the permeating sewer gas in households are not limited to:

  • Sewer or Septic Pipe Leaks
    Homeowners can experience sewage odors in their households if the drainage, sewer, or septic lines are broken and oozing out a sludge of poop, puke, and urine.
    A plumber from a reliable plumbing company can confirm the leaks if the drains produce gurgling noises.
  • Loose Vent Pipes
    Sometimes the venting or sewer pipes can disconnect due to loose connections, gushing out nasty-smelling human waste.
    You might notice a saturated sewer smell towards the ceiling if the vents are leaking or in walls where your sewer pipes are, which plumbers can detect and fix fast.
  • Bad Wax Ring in Toilets
    Toilets have a watertight wax ring between the flange and base that prevents sewer smells from permeating your house. But, if the wax ring leaks due to a broken airtight seal, you and your loved ones will complain of smelling toilets, compelling you to call for emergency repairs from a plumbing company within the neighborhood.

The plumbers can eliminate the stinky sewer gas in your home by cleaning sink backups, fixing toilet wax rings and airtight seals, and cleaning the drains. They can also use state-of-the-art video leak and clog detection techniques to identify and clear clogs in the drainage and sewer line systems.

The professionals from a reputable plumbing company can finish by fixing loose pipes or replacing damaged sewer or drain lines to restore the plumbing system to its peak performance.

Rotten Egg Smell

In addition to the sewer and moldy odors, drains in your house can produce rotten egg smells. The odor indicates the presence of bacteria in the drainage system that generates the pungent hydrogen sulfide funk that leads to irritation of the eyes and respiratory system, insomnia, apnea, dizziness, or convulsions.

Plumbing experts in Bedford, TX can identify the issues behind the colorless and hazardous odor, including:

  • Accumulation of Bacteria
    Drain pipes can have an enormous bacteria build-up from decomposing dirt, hair, and foods that make their way down the drains.
  • Dry P-trap
    Bacteria can also build up in the p-trap, forming the stinking hydrogen sulfide smell.

A plumber from a reputable plumbing company can remove the smell by cleaning the drains using the most effective bacteria drain cleaners. The expert can suggest cleaning the drainage and sewer lines during regular maintenance to ensure efficiency.

In a Nutshell

It is wise not to overlook foul smells in your home because they signify an adverse plumbing issue that requires immediate fixing.

Neglecting the odors can make your home a no go zone and lead to diverse health conditions due to toxic sewer and sulfur gasses. Therefore, once you notice the smell from your bathroom, kitchen, or yard, do not waste time and call emergency repair services.

Contact Us for Professional Services!

Are you looking for a technologically advanced plumbing company to address your plumbery issues? Look no further; Tioga Contractors uses top-of-the-line tools to replace water treatment systems, install new fixtures, repair damaged or clogged parts, detect leaks, and conduct video preventative maintenance.

Our highly trained and qualified technicians in Bedford, TX utilize digital plans and the latest GPS that helps them maintain time. Tioga Contractors is just a call away.

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Have you ever wished for a relaxing and spa-like bathing experience in the comfort of your home? You can now have one by choosing from multiple tubs with unique styles, features, and designs to make your bathroom luxurious and elegant.

If you are upgrading the plumbing fixtures in your Bedford, TX home, you might as well go for the jetted bathtubs, which are a fantastic choice for stress reduction, pain relief, and relaxation. They have relaxing features that provide therapeutic massages to soothe sore muscles and joints, something you can enjoy after a tiresome long day in the office.

You can get an expert from a plumbing company to help you purchase whirlpools and air-jetted tubs to shoot water or compressed air to facilitate relaxation. Whirlpools are excellent in providing a gentle jet water stream that massages and stimulates the skin and deep blood vessels and relaxes muscular body systems. On the other hand, air-jetted bathtubs jet out compressed air that creates a bubbling and soothing sensation that penetrates body tissues for healing warmth.

Learning the advantages and limitations of jetted bathtubs from knowledgeable professionals from a reputable plumbing company in the city is crucial before purchasing this plumbing fixture.

The Superiority of Jetted Bathtubs

Promotes Health

Getting a whirlpool jetted tub is a perfect choice for promoting health, especially for sports people that experience sore muscle strains and painful joints. The state-of-the-art plumbing fixture brings wellness through jets that ooze water in a circular motion for relaxation.

As the water moves in circles, it improves blood circulation and relieves your sore muscles and joints. You can also enjoy long relaxing soaks in the tubs using cold or hot water, whichever you prefer.

With correct installation by a qualified contractor from the best plumbing company in Texas, you will notice multiple colored lights in the jetted bathtubs that provide therapeutic benefits for cancer patients.

It has green lighting that affects the digestive system, blue for calming and soothing, yellow for radiating the sun into the body, and red for infusing vitality and energy for ailing individuals. So, to enjoy therapeutic and relaxing baths, you should hire technicians from a trustworthy plumbing company in Bedford, TX, to help you find the finest whirlpool jetted bathtubs and install them.

High Chemical Resistance

Another pro of jetted bathtubs is their resistance to chemicals. Since the whirlpool and air tubs require frequent cleaning to ensure their peak performance for the longest time, they are prone to be exposed to numerous cleaning agents, detergents, chemicals, and body care products.

Jetted bathtub features three layers, the special transparent acrylic top layer that is chemical resistant, a Special polymer for mechanical resistance, and a polyurethane layer that is recyclable with high insulation. The ability to withstand harsh chemicals that plumbers from a nearby plumbing company periodically cleaning the bathtubs preserve the structural integrity of the tubs for longer.

You don’t have to worry about fading or discoloration of the air and whirlpool tubs. In addition, its acrylic material makes it durable and able to serve you for the longest time.


Having plumbers from a well-renowned plumbing company in the city install jetted whirlpool bathtubs are one way of enjoying clean, relaxing, and soothing baths.

Instead of sharing jacuzzi tubs in fitness centers and local pools, you should get a tub at home where no one disturbs your peaceful and comfortable bath.

People that can afford high-end models of jetted tubs can enjoy the self-cleaning features of the plumbing appliance that works by blowing excess moisture from tubes.

Drawbacks of Jetted Tubs


Buying fantastic and advanced jetted bathtubs can be expensive. They are more costly than standard tubs because of what they offer in terms of comfort, relaxation, and bubbling sensations that promote health for people with cancer or sore muscles and joints. The price of the whirlpool and air-jetted bathtubs differ from one brand or model, depending on the additional features they may have.

In addition to the purchase price, paying a plumbing company in Bedford, TX, to install the large, heavy, and deep jetted tubs can create a dent in your wallet. The hired plumber can also require a consultation fee to help you get an unmatched jetted tub that perfectly fits your bathroom.

Using the air and whirlpool bathtubs can increase your water and energy bills because they use more water than standard tubs. The jets also use electricity to jet out water or compressed air to provide a soothing, comfortable, sensational, and relaxing bath.

Requires More Space

The complex, deep and large bathtubs can only fit in large bathrooms. Therefore, if you want one and have a small space to install it, you might have to remodel your bathroom by creating more room for the tub. The hired plumber can recommend creating more space on another floor that comfortably accommodates your new whirlpool or air-jetted bathtubs.

High Maintenance Needs

Jetted air and whirlpool bathtubs come with a lot of responsibility. The pipes connecting to the tubes need frequent cleaning. Each model and brand of jetted tubs have diverse cleaning processes that can be time-consuming due to the complexity of the make.

Neglecting the maintenance process increases the risk of algae, mildew, or mold growth that can trigger allergic reactions. For that reason, you need to buy a maintenance plan from a reputable plumbing company for guaranteed regular tune-ups and servicing.

Ready for a Jetted Tub? Tioga Contractors Is Here!

You can opt for jetted bathtubs to give your bathroom a luxurious look and experience an unmatched bathing experience. Tioga Contractors is here to address all your plumbing needs. We are a locally owned and operated punctual plumbing company providing excellent services for customers for 100 percent satisfaction.

Our licensed plumbers are trained, qualified, certified, and fully equipped to offer 24/7 emergency services, plumbing designs, repairs, replacements, and installation. They also comply with the highest local, state, and national industry standards. Therefore, if you want a jetted bathtub in your home for whichever reason, call Tioga Contractors for exceptional services.

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The last thing anyone wants on Thanksgiving is a plumbing system problem. If you’re hosting Thanksgiving at your Bedford, TX, home, you’ll want to prepare your plumbing system before the holiday and make sure everything is in top-functioning condition. Tioga Contractors can help. We feature a full spectrum of plumbing services, including inspection, maintenance, and repair. Our plumbing company employs licensed and experienced plumbers who are known for their expertise and friendly service. Before the holiday season, it’s a good idea to inspect and maintain your plumbing system to reduce the risk of a plumbing emergency.


Toilet clogs are embarrassing. However, when you have guests in your home and they’re using your toilets frequently, sometimes one after the other, the risk of a clog increases, especially if you’re using thicket toilet tissue. You should consider switching to single-ply toilet paper for the holidays. You should also have a waste bin in the bathroom so that guests aren’t tempted to flush non-flushable items like wipes or femine hygiene products. If your toilet has been clogging with more frequency, contact our plumbing company before the holidays so we can check it out. Issues like loose bolts or a running toilet should also be inspected.

Slow Drains

If your home has slow drains, it’s important to let our plumbing company find out why and provide the ideal remedy. A slow drain suggests that a clog is forming. If there’s a clog, at some point it’s going to grow to the point that it stops up the drain completely. Don’t risk a stubborn sink clog on Thanksgiving Day. Also, if your home has more than one slow drain, there may be a problem with your sewer line. That’s definitely a cause for concern.

You should call Tioga Contractors to inspect your slow drains and sewer line. Our plumbing company can send a skilled plumber to your home to inspect your sewer line. We can snake your slow drains and sewer line to remove any debris present that’s causing your drains to drain slowly. Once your sewer line becomes clogged, it can send wastewater and sewer back up the drains and into your house. That is not a recipe for a happy Thanksgiving holiday. Don’t risk a drain clog or sewer clog. Let our plumbing company clean your drains before the holidays.

Garbage Disposal

Be gentle on your garbage disposal before, during, and after your Thanksgiving celebration. A lot of food preparation is typically involved before Thanksgiving. Be mindful about what you toss into your garbage disposal. Avoid putting grease, potatoes, or bones into the garbage disposal. If any guests offer to help you with the cleanup, be sure everyone knows what can go into the disposal and how to operate it. Be careful about silverware too. Your guests might have inadvertently tossed items in your sink that you don’t accidentally want to get into your garbage disposal and clog it or cause it to malfunction.

Guest Bathroom

If you’ve invited guests from out of town who’ll be residing with you over Thanksgiving, you’ll also want to prep any bathrooms your guests will be using. Be sure that the water pressure in the shower is adequate. If you haven’t removed the aerators of shower heads and sinks, now is a good time to do that, cleaning them to remove any mineral buildup. Once they’re clean, you can screw them back into place. Also, be sure your shower/tub drain has a screen to catch any hair. If your bathroom is experiencing even what seems like minor plumbing issues, you should contact our plumbing company to check them out. We can visit your Bedford, TX, home to inspect any issues and correct them before your guests arrive.

Dispose of Cooking Grease Properly

The kitchen is a busy place during the Thanksgiving holiday. Your sink sees a lot of action. As you’re preparing dishes and cleaning up, be mindful about disposing of grease, cooking oils, and fat properly. You don’t want these items to get into your sink where they’ll be washed down your drains. These are major clog culprits. These items can quickly harden in your drains and can’t easily be rinsed away. Any food debris that washes down the drain can get stuck in this drain muck and cause a stubborn clog.

Prep for Thanksgiving by keeping an old coffee can or bin that you can dispose of grease in instead of tossing it down the sink. Also, remember to use your sink strainer! Vegetable peels, small bones, or other tiny pieces of food waste shouldn’t be introduced to your drains.


While prepping for your Thanksgiving holiday, you’ll naturally want your home to smell clean and fresh. If you notice sewer smells near a floor drain or unpleasant odors emanating from your bathroom sink, you can contact Tioga Contractors for drain cleaning service. Biofilm and its bacteria can cause unpleasant odors. Any food waste or other waste stuck in your drains can also lead to unpleasant odors. Rather than trying to mask these smells, let our plumbing company thoroughly clean your drains.

As you prepare for Thanksgiving and the rest of the holiday season, remember to include plumbing system maintenance on your to-do list. Tioga Contractors can help. Call our plumbing company to help you deal with even the most seemingly small issues so they don’t turn into larger ones when you least want them to. You also don’t want to risk a DIY fix failing. It’s best to let the professionals from our plumbing company make any repairs you need.

Call us to schedule your Bedford, TX, home’s plumbing maintenance before the holidays arrive. Whether you have slow drains, strange odors, or other plumbing issues, you can count on our timely and affordable service.

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In most households, the kitchen is one of the busiest and most essential spaces in the home. For the kitchen to function, it needs a working plumbing system. If your kitchen sink develops a clog, it can cause backup and prevent you from running your sink faucet or washing dishes. For stubborn clogs or leaking kitchen pipes, you’ll need a professional plumber. However, wouldn’t it be ideal if you could prevent frequent plumbing problems in your kitchen? You can if you follow some routine plumbing maintenance tips. While you can always contact Tioga Contractors for our full range of plumbing services, you can rely on these tips to keep your Irving, TX, kitchen plumbing working optimally.

Protect Your Kitchen Drains

A clogged drain is one of the top reasons someone may need the services of a professional plumber. You can protect your kitchen drain by using a simple drain screen device that prevents any food scraps of debris from washing into the drain. Food debris is a top cause of kitchen drain clogs. While tiny food particles may seem like no cause for concern when they flow down the drain, these particles have a habit of sticking around in the bends of drains or getting caught up in grease that’s hardening in the drain pipe.

As the food debris piles up in the drain, it can develop into a big clog that will require the skills of a professional. Tioga Contractors tackles stubborn kitchen clogs all the time, but many of these clogs can easily be prevented simply by preventing food and grease from flowing down the drain. But clogs aren’t the only cause of concern. Large clogs can actually damage your pipes. The clogs can put pressure on pipes. In areas where pipes connect at the seams or valves, leaks can easily develop because of a clog. To protect your Irving, TX, plumbing system, you’ll want to avoid clog development as much as possible.

Clean Your Drains

Drain cleaning can help you maintain your kitchen drains. Even when being careful, grease, fats, oil, and food particles can still find their way into your drain. However, with drain cleaning services, you can ensure those materials are washed away before they can develop into a clog. A plumber from our team can clean your drains using an auger or hydro jetting. Some people rely on commercial drain cleaners to keep their drains cleaned. Unfortunately, these products can harm your pipes. It’s much safer to call Tioga Contractors to let us clean your drains safely and professionally.

Check for Leaks

Leaks are another common problem that can occur in kitchens as elsewhere in your plumbing system. In many cases, a leak will be obvious. You may find that a puddle has formed underneath your kitchen sink. On the other hand, some leaks are hidden, which makes locating them difficult. That’s why it’s important to inspect your kitchen plumbing from time to time. For instance, if you notice the development of mold on a wall near your sink or dishwasher, there’s definitely a moisture problem, and it could be a plumbing leak. If you find or even suspect a kitchen leak, you can call us and we’ll send an experienced plumber to your home. We can find the leak and make the necessary repairs.

However, it’s important to check for leaks because the wasted water can cause your water bill to substantially increase. The leaking water can also cause damage to your flooring or walls. If the water leads to an outbreak of mold, you’ll have the additional headache of remediating the mold problem.

Clean Your Faucet

Most people are used to cleaning their kitchen faucet and sink as a matter of routine. But consider removing the aerator from your faucet periodically. The aerator can get clogged by sediment and minerals from hard water. Keeping your aerator clean may help you protect the longevity of your faucet. Faucets don’t last forever, so it’s helpful to safeguard yours so you don’t have to call a plumber to replace them any sooner than necessary.

Avoid Using Commercial Drain Cleaners

As mentioned commercial drain cleaners can cause damage to pipes, but how? And why are they sold as safe for use? Sometimes drain cleaners do what they’re supposed to do–they clear clogs. To do this, they rely on their active ingredients, powerful chemicals, to react in the drain. The chemicals often produce heat and literally eat away at the clog to open the pipe back up. However, these chemicals simply aren’t good for your pipes. Using them repeatedly is asking for trouble. The corrosive properties of the chemicals can also cause your pipes to become more brittle.

There’s also this common problem: commercial drain cleaners don’t always work. Frequently, the drain cleaners can’t power through stubborn clogs. However, once they’re dumped down the drain, they’ll remain there until the clog is removed and the pipe can be flushed. These powerful clogs definitely demand the skills of a plumber. A plumber won’t use a drain cleaner, however. They have the equipment needed to safely clear away the clog. In the meantime, those chemicals sitting in your drain pipe aren’t doing your plumbing system any favors. To be safe, contact a plumber in the first place and avoid using a drain cleaner.

By maintaining your kitchen plumbing system, you can reduce the incidence of clogs and even leaks in many cases. If your plumbing system does develop any problems, you can call Tioga Contractors so a plumber from our team can visit your Irving, TX, home. Our plumbing pros are certified and highly trained. We can quickly diagnose your plumbing problems and make the necessary repairs. Contact us to learn more about our services.

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Choosing a plumbing company is not always an easy task. You want to feel comfortable, know that it’s reliable, save you money, and most importantly, that it’ll do a good job. Plumbing troubles can occur when you least expect them, which is why having a trustworthy plumbing service provider in Bedford is essential.

Tioga Contractors is a plumbing contractor that values quality. For every plumbing project we undertake, we bring a wealth of experience and knowledge to deliver high-quality services. In addition, all our plumbers are highly trained and certified, so you can rest assured that they will complete your job to the highest standard.

How a Good Plumbing Contractor Can Help You

A professional, full-service plumbing company deals with all types of plumbing issues that you may have in your home or business. Typically, they can help you with:

  • Clogged drains
  • Frozen pipes
  • Leaky pipes
  • Dripping faucets
  • Pipe replacement or relocation
  • Water heater problems
  • Running toilet
  • Sump pump failure
  • Low water pressure
  • Water main break
  • Sewer line backup
  • Install and repair all plumbing fixtures and appliances, including dishwashers and washing machines
  • Replace or repair gas lines
  • Conduct annual maintenance checkups of your plumbing system
  • And much more…

How to Find the Best Plumbing Service Provider

When choosing the best Bedford, TX, plumbing company for the job, you will need to know what qualities to look for. To help narrow down your choices, we’ve compiled a checklist, which you can go through when considering different local plumbing experts to service your home.

#1. Are They Licensed?

The first thing you should do is establish whether the contractor is licensed to operate in your area. Plumbing work requires a license; if they don’t have one, then they shouldn’t be trusted with your plumbing.

#2. Do They Have Insurance?

Plumbing companies should also have insurance to protect their workers and your property. You also want to ensure that you’re working with a company that has proper insurance to cover any injury or accident that could occur in your home.

#3. How Long Have They Been in Business?

You want to ensure that you’re working with a company with extensive industry experience. That’s because a plumbing contractor that has been in business for a long time is more likely to provide quality services; they’ve had the opportunity to perfect their craft and build a good reputation in the community.

#4. Do They Have Any Reviews or Testimonials?

When considering different plumbing companies, take the time to read online reviews and testimonials. This will give you an idea of what other homeowners or businesses in the area have experienced when working with a particular contractor.

#5. Do They Have an Active Website?

Another good way to vet a potential contractor is by checking their website. A well-made website shows that the company is professional and takes pride in its work. It also allows you to see their different services and get a better idea of their overall capabilities.

#6. Competitive Pricing

One characteristic of a good plumbing company is that they offer competitive pricing for their services. They don’t charge unreasonable rates, and they’re upfront about the cost of a project. You should get a written estimate before work begins so there are no surprises later.

Hiring a reputable plumbing company doesn’t have to be a complicated job. Keep this checklist in mind, and you’ll be able to find the best contractor in Bedford, TX, for the job.

Benefits of Hiring Professionals for Your Plumbing Needs

Here are a few reasons why hiring a professional plumbing company is rewarding for both residential and commercial properties:

Guarantee the best work: When you hire an amateur to take care of your drains or fix a leaky pipe, you’d be consumed with doubts about their ability. However, when you hire experts for the job, you can be sure that they’ll live up to their reputation.

They’re always on time: Plumbing issues are never scheduled. They can occur at any time, which is why it’s crucial to have a plumbing company that you can rely on for prompt service.

Have the right tools and equipment: Plumbing projects require specialized equipment. Professional plumbers keep up with the latest technology to ensure they use the best methods to complete a task.

Offer comprehensive services: Contractors offer their clients a wide range of services. This means that they can handle any problem, from a simple clogged drain to a complex pipe replacement.

Ensure your safety: A great benefit you can rip from a plumbing contractor is safety. Plumbing work can be dangerous, and if you’re not careful, you could get injured. However, professionals are trained to handle all types of risks and will take the necessary precautions to ensure your safety.

Save you money: Plumbing issues that are not fixed on time can lead to bigger problems. Hiring a reputable plumbing company will save you money in the long run, as they can resolve the issue before it becomes a major disaster.

Offer expert advice: Last but not least, plumbers can advise you on properly taking care of your plumbing system. They can also help you choose the best fixtures and appliances for your home or office.

We’re the Plumbing Contractor You Can Trust

If you’re searching for a reputable plumbing company in Bedford, TX, Tioga Contractors has everything you need. We’ve been in business for over 20 years and have worked on a wide range of plumbing projects. Whether you need a minor repair or a complete plumbing overhaul, our team is more than qualified to handle the job. We’re licensed and insured, and all our plumbers are highly trained and experienced to provide you with the best possible service.

No matter what your plumbing needs are, Tioga Contractors is here to help. Give us a call today at 469-789-1293 to schedule a consultation. We’ll be happy to answer any of your questions and get started on your project right away.

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If you’ve moved to an older Bedford, TX, home, call a plumbing company for a full inspection of your pipes. It’s important to know not only what types of pipes you have, but also their overall condition. If your pipes are quite old, it might be worth it to replace them with new ones. You’ll get a higher overall quality of living, and you’ll also be able to worry less about water damage and issues. After all, a burst pipe can cause a significant amount of damage. In some severe situations, water can seep and flood into the foundation, compromising its integrity.

The lifespan of your pipes will depend on many factors, like what it’s made from, how often you service and maintain it and more. For example, copper pipes have a very long lifespan expectancy of about 70 to 80 years, but they are prone to corrosion. PVC pipes, on the other hand, are a bit more durable, and last at least 75 years. Small natural shifts in the home, however, can cause leaks if the joints are stressed or were poorly assembled to begin with.

Knowing when to replace your pipes with newer ones can be difficult without the help of a plumbing company. You definitely need a professional evaluation to make an informed decision.

#1. Consistent Need for Repairs

Are your pipes constantly running into problems? Are you regularly dealing with leaks and other issues? If you notice a consistent need for repairs and a frequency that seems to be increasing, it’s time to take a good hard look at the plumbing and figure out whether you’d benefit from a replacement. Newer pipes are less likely to need repairs. You’ll end up saving money after the upgrade.

It’s also important to consider the condition of the plumbing. A plumbing company can tell you whether there are any other issues that may need to be addressed or whether there is a good chance that other issues will pop up in the future.

#2. Rising Cost of Repairs

Depending on what’s wrong with your plumbing, the plumbing company will give you a different quote. Complex and complicated plumbing jobs will warrant higher quotes, and you may find yourself spending a fortune to fix the problem. Instead of repairing the pipes, you might want to consider upgrading and replacing them instead. Newer pipes are less likely to need repairs and will likely offer you a better experience.

It’s important to calculate the cost of the repairs and the cost of replacing all of the plumbing. You might also want to speak with the plumbing company to see whether they think that you’ll need other repairs in the future. Even if the repairs are small and minor, they can easily add up if you need a lot of them.

#3. Water Discoloration

If you turn on the tap and faucet and notice that the water is rusty-looking or just discolored, it’s also a sign that it’s time to replace the plumbing. The discolored water may be an indication that the pipes are corroded. It might mean that there’s rust. There are a couple of things that you can do. You can take a look at the plumbing to see whether there are any issues that need to be addressed. However, most of the time, the repairs will be rather extensive and will be quite pricey to fix.

On top of that, the discoloration is a sign that the integrity and structure of the pipe is compromised. It will be much more likely to burst and leak. If you don’t take action soon, you might end up having to deal with a significant amount of water damage. Depending on how many areas have rusted over, you might also have an extensive amount of damage in your home.

If you notice that the water is severely discolored, the best thing to do is to ask a plumbing company whether they would recommend that you replace the pipes.

#4. Low Water Pressure

Last but not least, consider replacing the pipes in your home if you notice low water pressure. Maybe you’ve turned on the sink and only get a trickle of water. Or, you might turn on the shower and notice that there’s not a lot of water coming out. Either way, low water pressure is not only inconvenient, but can also be a sign that there’s something wrong with the plumbing. You will need a plumbing company to perform a more in-depth evaluation to see what could be the matter.

The low water pressure could be a result of a clog in the pipes. Or, it could be a sign that there are leaks or pinholes somewhere in the plumbing system. Leaky pipes can be problematic for your home as well, and may even damage your home’s foundation or framing. In worst-case scenarios, the water can cause wooden beams to rot or extensive fungal growth.

We Are a Reliable, Trusted Plumbing Service

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More importantly, we offer 100% customer satisfaction and will go out of our way to make sure that you are happy with our work. Our team delivers top-notch customer service, and we take the time to listen to your concerns, so we can provide custom-tailored services.

If you are looking for a reliable plumbing company in Bedford, TX, you can’t go wrong with giving Tioga Contractors a call at 817-952-6167. We’d be more than happy to help!

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Are you in need of a plumber in Bedford, TX? Have you tried calling a plumbing company in the area to no avail? If you have, don’t worry! We’ve got solutions that make the task easier for you. That way, you’re making progress with every action that you take, not losing valuable time when needing plumbing assistance. Our guide goes over many of the questions you have about finding the right plumbing company in the area.

Once you’ve finished reading it, you’ll know who to call and why it’s imperative that you do so soon. Once you’ve had a chance to get to know the different options you have in the area, the easier it becomes for you to get the job done right, quickly, and affordably, too. You’ll have a plumber that you can reach out to for years because of your decision to be very selective in hiring the right business for the job.

Where to Locate a Plumber That Can Assist You with Your Request

There are many places to find companies that can help you with your request. Some are more easily accessible than others. It’s up to you to decide how much effort you want to give the job. If you find that it’s easier to work with one service provider over another, you’ll know the exact reason why. Hiring a plumber is a very personal experience.

Here are some tips for finding the right plumbing company quickly, affordably, and easily:

  • Ask around to see what people have to share with you. A person that you respect opinion can be very valuable in the search for a plumber. You find out what makes them desirable in terms of the services they provide and the way they treat their customers. You feel comfortable asking your family and friends questions about their experiences, making it easier to locate a plumbing company you know will treat you right. People that you know have already paid for and experienced plumbing services. They can tell you what they liked about the experience and what needed improvement. You can spend longer than a few minutes inquiring about a company’s service.
  • Use your phone or computer to look up information about the companies closest to your Bedford, TX home. Find out who they are and why they’re qualified to assist you. By inputting your zip code into the search fields while looking for a plumbing company, you’re able to find numerous options in your immediate area. You can hire the company that you feel is best for giving you the help that you need with your plumbing after visiting its website and speaking to its representative directly. Once you’ve had a chance to do just that, you’re able to get things done in a way that makes you feel comfortable physically and financially.
  • Read online reviews of the companies that you’ve discovered or had recommended to you for valuable insight into the customer service process. What people have to say about a business makes all the difference. You want to know that it’s one you can trust. If you don’t have a person to get a recommendation from personally, you can always go to review sites on the web. You’re able to find everything you need to feel good about your decision to hire one plumbing company over another.
  • Go to your local phone book and flip through the directory to the ‘P’ for ‘plumbing’ section. Find out what it takes to get the job done right by using your local directory for more information. Once you’ve had a chance to do that, you’re able to get the job scheduled. You can use the phone book to call specific plumbers and request more information about their services. Once you’ve had a chance to do just that, you can inquire about their availability. The companies that want your business will make sure there is a place in their schedule for you.
  • Call a number that you see online, on a billboard, TV, or hear on the radio. You’ve got plenty of options to choose from when you start paying attention to the advertisements you have around you. You’ll have no issue finding several companies willing to help you with your plumbing needs. The biggest challenge will be determining which plumbing company is right for you and your household. You’ll learn what makes them ideal once you’ve listened to the language of their promotions.

Exercising your ability to research your options allows you to find the right plumbing company to give your business to quickly. You’ll discover what makes some companies better than others in terms of pricing and value. You’ll also know who is willing and able to assist you with your request based on how they make you feel when you initially contact them for information. If a company goes beyond the call of duty to make you feel welcome, you’re in an excellent position to get the job scheduled and completed without delay.

Give Us a Call When You Discover a Plumbing Issue That Needs Attention

The right plumbing company in Bedford, TX makes a world of difference. They provide you with all the resources and services needed to keep your home’s plumbing in good working order long-term. If you have questions about any of the services offered by Tioga Contractors, feel free to call us and ask for clarification. Knowing what you’re signing up for when you hire us to do work for you is imperative. It gives you control over the situation by allowing you to make important choices concerning your home’s plumbing.

The number to reach us at is 469-789-1293. Let us know what we can do to make things as easy as possible for you. Plumbing emergencies needn’t get you down. We offer solutions that meet your needs and are mindful of your budget. It’s our pleasure to serve you right, so don’t hesitate to contact Tioga Contractors when you need a helping hand with your plumbing.

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Piping is an essential part of the plumbing system as it supplies water in your house from the municipality water lines. Plumbers from a reputable plumbing company can install the water lines on walls or underground, depending on the location.

Copper water lines are strong, lightweight, and long-lasting, making them preferable for plumbing. The copper pipes come in various grades, including the thin wall pipe, thicker wall pipe, and the thickest. The following are reasons for and against using copper pipes for underground plumbing in Bedford, TX, homes.

Pros of Copper Piping


To top my list of the advantages of copper pipes is durability. Copper plumbing water lines have a proven track record of durability. They can withstand immense water pressure and still last longer. With the accurate installation of the piping system by a plumber from a trustworthy plumbing company, the copper pipes can live throughout their lifespan. Its durable status relies on the surrounding weather conditions and water quality.

Installing the copper water pipes underground is the best choice for homeowners because they can survive the warmth underneath the ground because of their ability to withstand hot and cold temperatures. The piping lines are the best, especially if the water passing through them is fresh water with fewer mineral deposits.

If your home is in cold parts of the country, you can call a plumber in and around your residence to install the copper piping system, which can be the solution to the freezing pipe issue. The reason is that copper pipes rarely freeze due to low temperatures, leading to numerous plumbing issues.

Less Possibility of Contaminating Water

Another benefit of using copper water lines for underground piping is the lessened probability of contaminating the water. Before a plumber from a nearby reliable plumbing company digs your front or back yard to install water pipes, the first consideration is to know if the water lines will allow soil and dirt through, polluting the clean water.

Copper piping systems are preferable because of the low water pollution over metal, lead, galvanized steel, and iron water lines that sometimes chip off, leaving traces of the toxic foreign material in water.

Therefore, you should hire qualified plumbers from the best plumbing company to install the copper piping because they are the best option for both in-and-outdoors and underground. The copper water lines have stood the test of time and proven low chances of contaminating clean water.

Environmentally Friendly

Copper pipe is also the best for underground piping as it cannot harm the surrounding environment. Unlike other plumbing pipes like plastic PEX and PVC pipes, copper water lines are recyclable at the end of their lifespan.

The copper pipes do not pollute the environment during the manufacturing, operational stage, or at the end of their lifespan.

So, if you are an environmentalist, you can go for the copper pipes for installation by an expert from a reputable plumbing company in Bedford, TX. The water lines are appropriate underground and indoors for cold and hot water supply without destroying the environment.


Folks can also prefer copper pipes for underground piping and clean water supply because of their lightweight. Plumbers from a nearby and well-known plumbing company can accurately install the water piping system in your home due to the ability to move them from one place to another.

The water piping system is also flexible, making them easy to handle during the setting up phase. The plumbers can navigate the pipes without a hassle as they set them up inside your house and underground.

Fire Resistant

The fact that copper pipes can withstand high temperatures makes them the best for supplying hot water in homes through correct installation indoors or underground. They are appropriate for hot water distribution, and in case of a crack or burst, they are less likely to be too hot for repairs.

The plumber you get from a reputable plumber will not find it a hassle to fix the piping system because of the high temperatures.

Disadvantages of Copper Pipes for Underground Installation


The first drawback of the copper pipes is the initial price. The water lines are costly to purchase due to the benefits they possess. People prefer other plumbing pipes because the copper ones are too expensive, especially if you want to use them for the entire plumbing system in your house. When you add the installation costs for the hired plumbing company, the water lines become more costly, hence the best option only if your pockets are full to avoid the financial strain.

Cannot withstand Acidic Water

Homeowners using ground well water that tends to be highly acidic should refrain from copper water lines. The copper pipes do not respond well to the acidity in the water because it facilitates corrosion that can lead to burst and leaking pipes that will need urgent repair services from a reliable plumber.

The experts can choose to replace the entire plumbing pipes or only the affected areas. Therefore, it is wise to go for the copper water pipes if the water coming to your home is from the sanitary municipal water supply system in Texas and not groundwater for the longevity of the piping system.

Metallic Water Taste

Most plumbers from the best plumbing company in the town with experience with copper water lines can advise against them because of the water taste. Copper pipes tend to add a metallic taste to water whether installed underground or not, hence a downside that makes more people go for PVC water lines. Hard water coming to your home through the copper pipes can also taste funny not necessarily because of the water lines but the calcium and magnesium ions.

Here for Professional Help!

Copper pipes are inevitably the best for underground installation because of their lightweight, environmentally friendliness, and durability. If you want copper water lines for your new home or to replace your old piping system, you should not hesitate to reach out to Tioga Contractors, serving Bedford, TX.

We have been a family-owned and operated plumbing company serving residential and commercial customers in the Dallas Fort Worth area since 1953. Tioga Contractors full-service technicians have the highest ethical standards and use their plumbing experience and skills to offer the best services for maximum satisfaction of customers. They also provide exceptional installation, repair, and replacement services.

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The kitchen sink is undoubtedly one of the most used areas of any household. Whether you want to fill a kettle, fetch a glass of water or clean the dishes, the sink is your go-to. Due to its versatility, it can be very frustrating to realize that your kitchen sink is leaking.

At Tioga Contractors, we are a renowned plumbing company that deals with this sort of issue all the time. In this piece, we share with you the common causes of kitchen sink leaks and what can be done to fix the problem.

Common Causes of Kitchen Sink Leaks

Drain Leak

One of the leading causes of a kitchen sink leak is the drain. Usually, a plumber seals the drain using putty to prevent any leaks. However, the putty may dry out over time or have a layer that is too thin. Over time, the drain may also become old and worn out, causing constant leaks. You need to consult a plumbing company to replace the drain entirely in such cases.

If you aren’t sure whether your drain is the cause of the leak, a great way to determine this would be to plug your sink and fill it with water. Unplug it, then check under the sink around the drain. In some cases, simply tightening the nuts at the point where the pipes meet may fix the leak. In other cases, a plumbing company may replace the plumber’s putty and reattach the drain.

Loose Water Connection

Are you still experiencing constant leaks? The problem might be your sink water supply connections. A standard sink has two or three water supply connections. Any of these three supply connections may cause a leak. Usually, the connections are hidden, and you may only notice the leak when your cabinets are soaked. Two solutions that are often effective include either tightening the connection or replacing the gasket can help get rid of the leak.

Faucet Leak

Faucet leaks are often easy to spot and are another cause of kitchen sink leaks. An easy way to determine if your faucet is leaking is if water puddles at the top of the sink when you turn on the faucet. Sometimes, the faucet leak may run under the sink and can only be spotted if you take a look under the counter.

Some of the main causes of a faucet leak are worn-out gaskets or failed washers. You need a reputable plumber to replace them. If the leak is severe, the plumbing company may have to replace the entire faucet.

Damaged O-Ring

An 0-ring is a small disc with a stem screw that holds the faucet in place. The O-ring is a common source of kitchen sink leaks. Over time, it can wear out due to regular use resulting in the faucet leaking near the handle. If your O-ring is damaged, having a plumbing company replace it should fix the problem.

Clogged P-Trap

A P-trap refers to the curved section of a pipe under the sink. Its core purpose is to prevent bad smells from seeping from the drain and back into your kitchen. Normally, the P-trap is hidden from sight hence it’s difficult to determine if it’s the cause of a leak. Food may get trapped in the P-trap, blocking proper drainage and thereby causing a leaking problem. If your sink is made of metal parts, such a clog may cause erosion which will eventually cause a leak.

If any of the above is a problem, you need a plumbing company to replace the P-trap completely.

Worn-Out Washers

Often one of the leading causes of a kitchen sink leak, a washer presses against the valve seat whenever you use the faucet. This constant friction may cause your washer to wear out, causing leaks around the spout. A worn-out washer can be fixed by having a plumbing company around Bedford, TX replace it.

Corroded Valve Seat

Designed to connect the faucet and spout, the valve seat is used for the compression mechanism. When water accumulates at the valve seat, it can cause corrosion around the area leading to a leak. Regular cleaning by an expert from a reputable plumber can help deal with corrosion.

How to Keep Your Kitchen Plumbing Leak-Free

Regular maintenance of your kitchen plumbing is a great way to ensure it lasts long and prevents leaks. Here are some steps you can take to prevent your Bedford, TX kitchen sink from leaking:

Conduct Routine Checks

You may not know what to look for, but a plumber from a reputable plumbing company such as Tioga Contractors can carry out routine checks to determine if there are any issues. Occasionally taking a look at your pipes is one of the most effective ways to spot a problem before it becomes a major problem.

Wrap Your Pipes

Exposed pipes are prone to damage, and without proper care, they could easily cause a leak. If you aren’t using your kitchen during the cold weather, the pipes may freeze. An excellent way to avoid such an eventuality is by wrapping your pipes before the cold weather to prevent any cracks.

Avoid Pouring Everything Down the Sink

While pouring almost anything down your garbage disposal may seem like the proper treatment of waste, there are some things you should avoid. You shouldn’t pour oils and non-degradable items down your sink. Also, avoid putting plastics and hard stuff in your garbage disposal as it may cause costly damage.

Consult Tioga Contractors

If you would like to know more about how best to maintain your kitchen sink, get in touch with Tioga Contractors. We are a reputable plumbing company based in Bedford, TX, and our job is to ensure your home’s plumbing system runs smoothly. Get in touch with us today for any repairs or issues with your kitchen sink or any other part of your plumbing system.

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