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Commercial property owners are responsible for the safety of the tenants and businesses on their property. To provide a good work and living environment, they also need to ensure that everyone can easily access electricity and other amenities.

Depending on the size of the building, paying attention to every occupant’s needs can be an impossible task for many landlords. That is why they need professionals to help them take care of the many little details.

Commercial electrical systems are much more complex than residential ones, and there is little room for mistakes. Electrical contractors provide property owners with the necessary electrical assistance to ensure the buildings are safe. Below you will find some reasons you need to hire an electrical professional for your property in Arlington, TX.

Ensures Code Compliance

Property owners have a lot of building codes to comply with to ensure the premise is safe for tenants and businesses.

The national electric code (NEC) stipulates the minimum requirements for electrical safety in residential and commercial properties. In addition, most states and some localities have specific requirements for certain buildings and businesses.

Commercial electrical contractors are familiar with the many regulations and will ensure that your building is up to code. Be it code correction or new construction, an electrical professional has the expertise to ensure your business complies with all the local and federal requirements.

It Saves Time and Money

No property owner wants to tell tenants that the power is out due to an electrical malfunction. And while that may happen sometimes, regular maintenance and service can prevent most problems.

Electrical contractors will ensure that the electrical systems are always up and running. They will be able to detect and repair any issues before they escalate.

Regular maintenance of electrical equipment will keep it working efficiently for longer. An electrical contractor will inform you early on when something needs to be replaced. This will ensure that you have time for proper planning and can avoid ugly surprises.

Electrical Safety of the Property

While a commercial landlord may not be responsible for the minor electrical issues in a tenant’s space, they are responsible for the building’s overall electrical safety. Electrical malfunctions are not only a nuisance, but property owners might be liable if those problems result in substantial damage and injuries.

During the last 10 years, around 20,000 people have been injured in electrical accidents at the workplace. Electrical contractors know the dangers that electricity poses and have the skills and safety gear to work around it safely.

They will also ensure that the building’s electrical panels have all the necessary protective devices and function correctly. Depending on the type of businesses on the premises, they might suggest installing additional safety features in certain areas to ensure maximum protection.

Minimum Work Interruptions

Downtime caused by electrical problems is very costly to businesses. The National Electrical Manufacturers Association estimates that 80% of power surges occur in facilities, and the resulting downtime can cost $130,000 per event.

Electrical contractors ensure that the electrical system is adequately protected from surges and other faults. Through regular inspections, they can greatly reduce the amount of downtime. Experienced electricians do not need to cut off the power supply to the whole building to work on electrical repairs ensuring your business keeps running smoothly.


Some people might think they can hire a residential electrician to do electrical work in their businesses. Although residential contractors might be cheaper, they usually do not have the tools and workforce to handle commercial electrical systems.

Property owners need commercial electrical contractors to take care of a building’s complex wiring. You can rest assured that any work will be done properly and efficiently. Due to their larger workforce, it can also be easier to get immediate help from a commercial contractor during an emergency.

Electrical Upgrades

Technological advances and continual adjustments to electrical codes will make you need to upgrade your property’s wiring system from time to time. Outdated wiring in older buildings is easily overloaded and can cause electrical fires.

Electrical contractors ensure that the electrical systems of commercial buildings can efficiently handle the energy demands of all the occupants.

Electrical contractors can also improve your property by installing adequate lighting, electrical vehicle charging ports, and other upgrades that help increase business.

Licensed and Insured

A licensed commercial electrical contractor will ensure any electrical work done on your property follows industry standards.

This also ensures that the electricians working on your property are qualified and you won’t fall victim to scammers. Because electrical work can be dangerous, an insurance cover will protect you, and any electrician working on your property should an accident occur.

In a Nutshell

Hiring an electrical contractor to take care of your commercial property’s electrical system is necessary to ensure the smooth flow of operations. It keeps your tenants safe, and you will not lose them due to negligence.

Commercial electrical contractors also do the electrical installations in construction and can continue to maintain it once construction is complete. Working with an electrical professional can save money and headaches and ensure continued business for your property in Arlington, TX.

Get in Touch with Tioga Contractors for Excellent Electrical Services

Tioga Contractors in Arlington, TX is a family business serving residents and businesses for more than 60 years. Over time, we have garnered a reputation for reliable and quality services.

You can also rely on us for top-notch UPS system installations, electrical repairs, lighting, construction, code corrections, emergency services, and electrical upgrades. Whether you are looking for an electrician for your small business or multiple properties, Tioga Contractors has what you need. Just call today, and we will be happy to assist.

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As technology advances, electrical companies and manufacturers of appliances are making more reliable and aesthetic products that appeal to homeowners. It would be best if you considered upgrading your entire electrical distribution system for more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly options available in the market.

Revamping your electrical structure is the only way to improve its performance. The refurbishing entails upgrading the wiring and panels, changing lighting fixtures to more fashionable and beautiful options, and installing energy-saving fans and HVAC units.

An electrical contractor can also connect more advanced circuit breakers in the metallic panel or fuse box, add new circuit voltages, and change all the electricals in the bathroom and kitchen.

As much as renovating your entire electrical system and boxes has numerous benefits, it is essential to analyze its adverse side to weigh if you want to go ahead with the project or postpone it. The following are some pros and cons of electrical renovations.

Benefits of Electrical Renovations

Makes Homes Electrically Safe

One of the most vital concerns in mind when using electricity in your house should be safety. Electric power can be dangerous for you and your loved ones, especially when the electrical system has loose wiring, frayed cables, and overloaded or overheating circuits. Electric hazards, including fires, are the most severe and fatal accidents in residential properties.

From the 51,000 electrical fires annually, the Electrical Safety Foundation International reports 500 deaths, 1,400 injuries, and property damage worth 1.3 billion dollars.

Hiring an electrical contractor to renovate your electrical system is one of the best ways to ensure your home is safe from electrical accidents and fires. The electrical revamping project entails installing new circuit breakers, including AFCI, GFCI, and standard breakers that shut down electricity whenever they detect an issue that might lead to a fire breakout or shocks.

Electricians in Irving, TX can also mount smoke detectors to act as an alarm when a fire starts to give you time to run out for safety. They can connect tamper-resistant receptacles that protect your loved ones from burn injuries and shocks. So, when an electrical contractor refurbishes your wiring and electrical system during renovations can significantly improve the safety of your house.

Enhances the Curb Appeal

Another benefit of electrical renovation in houses is to increase their beauty. Numerous electrical additions exist for homeowners to make their homes aesthetic with a warming visual appeal. Electricians can recommend elegant electrical lighting options that are attractive and appealing to the eye.

They can also use stylish ceiling fans with beautiful features, making your house appealing. The hired electrical contractor can install lovely and aesthetically designed electronics that can give your home that sophisticated look, improving the value of your residential property.

Improves Energy-Efficiency

You can also invest in an electrical renovation to make your home energy efficient, reducing utility bills. Every homeowner that understands the pain of paying high energy costs strives to find energy-efficient electronics that consume low energy levels.

Some highly efficient home appliances include HVAC units, water heaters, washing machines, transformers, lighting systems, energy saver bulbs, and electrical panels.

An electrical contractor can help you choose from a wide range of energy-saving electrical systems and panels that use low electric power. Electrical renovations that include installing renewable energy systems also decrease pollution, making the environment clean and healthy.

Some energy-saving electronics and electric systems have features that help control and monitor energy consumption. Knowing the amount of electricity you use in your household is essential for an electrical contractor to gauge the corrective, preventative, and predictive measures to take during maintenance.

Enhances the Optimal Efficiency of Electricals

When your electrical system, gadgets, and devices fail, they can compel you to invest in an electrical renovation project.

Issues such as frequent tripping of the circuit breakers, dimming lights, fire sparks from cables, burning odors of switches, burning marks on outlets, and electrical shocks are signs that your wiring and electrical systems are malfunctioning. Failure to call an electrician in Irving, TX for prompt repairs increases the risk of electrical hazards and accidents.

Regularly fixing the electric problems can become too expensive in the long run, making it easier to pay an electrical contractor to renovate the entire electrical system, wiring, and panel boxes for peak performance.

With the new and advanced electrical units in place, you can enjoy your comfortable lifestyle with peace of mind because you will say goodbye to electrical issues that threaten your safety for the longest time.

Cons of Electrical Renovations

Too Costly

Renovating your electrical system, panels, cables, and other electricals can be too expensive. The revamping process requires an electrical contractor to help you shop electric units and materials, including new on-floor electrical distributors, UPS power systems, conduits and lines, receptacles, circuit breakers, and diverse outlets.

Buying the electrical essentials will leave a sizable dent in your pockets, which needs you to be financially ready to ensure the renovation starts and ends without hiccups.

Time-Consuming Installations

People can also see the time it will take to renovate the entire electrical systems, panels, and wiring as time-consuming as a setback.

The renovations can take hours to days to ensure it is complete and performs at its peak. You might have to work with the installers to create a plan to ensure they take little time to finish the task.

Want Electrical Renovation for an Upgrade of Your Home?

If you are in search of a reliable and licensed electrical company in Irving, TX, Tioga Contractors is here for you. We are a family-owned-and-operated business serving the electrical needs of commercial and residential clients in and around Texas since 1953.

Our services include wiring, light and ceiling fans installation, remodeling and additions, and replacing worn-out electric parts and components.

Our drug-tested and background-checked electricians are accessible 24 hours throughout the year for emergency services. When you are ready to invest in the electric renovation project, call us at Tioga Contractors to hire the best electrical contractor with unmatched skills and experience.

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When you think of the electrical work in your home you likely think of an electrician. You assume that this is the professional who takes care of all of the different electrical needs that you have in your home. But that’s not exactly the case. While ‘electrician’ is generally a blanket term that’s used to describe anyone who works with electrical services, there are several different categories of professionals in the electrical field. And one of those is an electrical contractor.

What Is an Electrical Contractor?

An electrical contractor is someone who takes care of the design process of your electrical system as well as the installation and the maintenance of it. They handle the important aspects of your home and make sure that it’s going to keep running smoothly. But they’re also responsible for getting it all started. So, if you’re working on building a new house you’re definitely going to need a contractor to help you with figuring out the way your home should be wired. You want to make sure that it’s all done properly and in a way that’s going to help you get things done in your new home, right?

Working With an Electrical Contractor

When you start working with an electrical contractor for your home build you’ll need to talk with them about several different aspects. For one thing, you’ll need the basics. You’ll want to go over the different rooms of the house and where they’re located to make sure that you have the general electricity taken care of in those areas. But you’ll also want to think about any special requests or needs you may have. This can play into the way the electrical is designed in your home.

Do you have all electrical appliances rather than a gas stove or dryer? If so then you need to have more power capabilities in your home to ensure that you’re going to have no problem running those appliances. Do you have a family member with any type of special needs that requires additional equipment? If so then you may need additional outlets and power capabilities in certain rooms of your home to accommodate those things. Talking with your electrical contractor can help you and them to understand what you need and how to make sure that you get it.

If you have special rooms of your home there might be the need for more specialized wiring and electrical as well. Four-season rooms, saunas, gyms, and other types of rooms may need more electrical or different types of electrical. Bathrooms and kitchens also require special systems to make sure they follow regulations about safety. No matter what type of rooms you have in your home, or how you want them to be designed, working directly with an electrical contractor will help you to make all of the right decisions and be sure that things are going as smoothly as possible.

Making a Plan

If your home is already built and you need changes to your electrical system it’s not too late. Working with an electrical contractor can be done at any time to make sure that your home is going to fit the needs that you and your family have. This is especially necessary for families that live in older homes where electricity may not have been done properly or may not have been extensive enough for the needs of a family in modern times. Working with a professional will help you a great deal in getting your Irving, TX home to the standard you need.

Keep in mind that your electrical can be updated in sections or it can be redone entirely. Electrical outlets can be added or changed just about anywhere, and you can absolutely customize your home however you choose. It’s all about working with the right team and the right professionals to help you along the way. You want a team that knows what they’re doing and will help you get exactly what you want, and that means looking around at different electrical contractors to find out who can give you exactly that.

Of course, the earlier you are in the process of building your home the easier it is to get everything customized to the way that you want it. If you are building a brand new home everything is done before the walls even get finished, which means everything is open and ready to go. You get exactly what you’re looking for. Once the walls are finished and in place it becomes more difficult, but it’s certainly not impossible. After all, most electrical work on a home is going to be done after it’s already finished being built, so don’t think that you need to sacrifice what you want.

Working With the Right Team

Take a little time to find out who the right team is for the work that you’re getting done. With Tioga Contractors in Irving, TX, you’re going to have what you need to get any job done. Whether you’re building a brand new home and need someone to design the electrical from the ground up, or you’ve been living there a while and want to get the wiring upgraded to fit the needs of your family, Tioga Contractors can help.

We know what it takes to get your electrical up to code, but also what it takes to work with you to get your electrical up to the standard that you want. Your home is only going to work for you if every aspect of it is tailored to your needs. So why not call a team that can do exactly that? With Tioga Contractors in Irving, TX, you’re going to be off to a great start. Our team treats you exactly the way we would want to be treated. And we get to you and the job you need quickly. No need to wait around forever to get on the schedule. You need better, and you deserve better, too.

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When it comes to building your home in Arlington, TX you want to know that you’re working with a team that knows what they’re doing and takes pride in everything that they do. How do you do that? You’re going to need to do some research on different types of contractors and how they can help you take care of building your home. That means everyone from builders to plumbers to electrical contractors taking care of the important aspects of your new home to make it exactly what you’re looking for.

What Are Electrical Contractors?

Electrical contractors are the professionals who take care of designing and installing all of the electrical within your home. They also take care of the general maintenance aspect. In fact, if it has to do with electrical they probably handle it. That way, everything is taken care of quickly and more easily for you and your home. But there are actually different types of electrical contractors that you’re going to need to work on a new build. That way, you can make sure that it’s done properly and that it’s going to look and function great when it’s done.

Inside Electrical Contractors

Indoor professionals are there for exactly what you would think, taking care of the interior aspects of the electrical for your home. They work on things like electrical outlets, light fixtures, and anything else that is electrical on the inside of your home. They make sure you have enough outlets, that all the fixtures are wired correctly, that you have GFCI in the areas it’s needed, and so on. That way, you and your family are comfortable with the way that your house functions for you from the inside.

Outside Electrical Contractors

Once again, the name here tells you exactly what to expect. These professionals are here to take care of the exterior of your home and all the electrical components that go along with that. But they may not even work on your home. They may actually work on things like the electrical lines, including telecommunications lines. These are the professionals who might work for your city or county and take care of the things in your neighborhood. But they are still an important part of getting your electrical hooked up for a new home, because they’re going to be responsible for your hookup.

Integrated Building Systems Contractors

Finally, we have these professionals. They’re the ones who work primarily in professional buildings, making sure that all networked systems are designed properly and able to function properly. In a business that might be an intercom system or lights or climate control. While they may not do much work for a home, they can definitely be an important part of the process if you’re going to be building a new business. You’ll want to make sure that everything in your business is integrated in a way that makes it easier to run.

Taking Care of Business

So, when you’re looking at getting a new house built you’ll need to think about the professionals that are going to work with you. Indoor electrical contractors are a great start and will make sure that your home is wired the way you need it. After all, they know the standards, the regulations, and a whole lot more about how your home works. But they’re also going to need your help to customize anything that you want in your home. After all, you may not want your home to be done exactly the same as everyone else.

Working with the team you want for your electrical services is extremely important. By talking with them every step of the way you can find out more about how things are going, what the general plans are, and where you may want to make requests. By the time it’s all done, you should have your dream home, and having the right electrical all the way through plays a larger part in that then you might think. So why would you want to settle for anything less than exactly what you’re looking for?

Talk to electrical contractors to find out more about your options and to find out just how your home can be designed the way you want it to. Building a new home is a big deal and you certainly don’t want to find yourself with a home that doesn’t measure up. With the right team on your side that’s definitely not going to happen. You just need to take a closer look at Tioga Contractors in Arlington, TX and find out what we can do for you and your home. You’ll definitely be glad that you did when you see the end result.

What We Do

At Tioga Contractors, we can take care of any of your electrical needs. Whether you’re looking for electrical contractors for your new build or you’re planning on updating your electrical in an older home, we know what it takes and we can get the job done right. All you need to do is give us a call and we can be there for you in no time. From there, we’ll help you figure out what needs to be done and the process of getting you from where you are now to where you want to be. It really is that simple.

You don’t want to work with a team that doesn’t know what they’re doing or one that doesn’t make you feel comfortable about the end results. At Tioga Contractors in Arlington, TX we handle everything so all you need to do is sit back and wait for a job well done. We know that building a home is stressful so we’re here to take some of the stress off you and make sure that you’re ready to go as soon as your new home is ready. Call Tioga Contractors to find out more about how we can help you and to make an appointment to get started now.

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We’re big, but no job is too small for our skilled electricians at Tioga Contractors in Irving, TX. We’ve been serving the DFW area since 1953, doing everything from rough-ins for construction to lighting fixture and outlet installation. We have the skills to perform any electrical work you need in your home, and with our commercial and industrial background, we can even tackle specialized projects. Just ask what we can do for you! Our company is family-owned and run right, including background checks, extensive training, fast response times and clear communication. We’re licensed and insured, and believe in the “three C’s” in our relationships: Commitment, Communication, and Caring. Our prices are fair and our quotes are transparent, making it easy to get started on important projects knowing what they involve.

Starting Out Right with New Construction Electrical and Remodeling

Supplying electrical skills to rough-in your new construction, remodeling project, or leased space wiring, we help you stay on schedule and get the details right. Decades of experience make our electricians ideal team members, and our company’s numerous specialties can provide teams to play many roles in your construction project. Electric power, communications, security cameras, access control, anything that needs professional, reliable wiring meeting electrical codes and standards including safety and durability is better when our electrical contractor team does the job.

Practical Experience Combined with Design Excellence

With our decades of experience, as an electrical contractor, we understand the importance of quality wiring design. It supports your current needs, and provides conduits, available pairs and circuits, and other resources for expansion, relocation, and upgrades. For home theaters, state-of-the-art multifamily residences, or a workplace, you’ll appreciate the benefits of working with a highly experienced electrical services company. The design stage is where expertise really counts. Advanced design-oriented thinking also enhances home electrical services.

Skilled Wiring Installation and Related Services

Our work is usually hidden when the job is done, but we invite you to enjoy the well-orchestrated wiring and precision connections that we perform to bring it all together. Benefits from our attention to detail include safety, reliability, standards-based performance such as communication speeds and plenum-rated cabling, and durability. When the walls go up, though you won’t see evidence of our wiring installation skills and techniques, you’ll know because with our work, the walls stay up. We get it right the first time. Our practices have evolved along with modern buildings, where power access is more than outlets and lighting fixtures. We wire for data closets, local computer servers, backup generator power, home theaters and media-enhanced conference rooms. Call on us for other specialized installations including the unique marine power environment.

Commercial, Industrial, and Residential

We tailor our electrical contractor team to match your project, whether it’s upgrading a room for home office use, wiring your new restaurant or retail space, or providing for the power requirements of machinery. Our expertise extends to backup generators and automatic transfer switches from homes to essential business operations, along with UPS power for shorter-term backup power needs. Count on us for parking lot and exterior lighting for your business or commercial building, including upgrades to modern energy-efficient and long-lasting equipment. When your business requires specialized power connections for high-end computer servers, powerful motors, and HVAC equipment, our experts work from experience and provide state-of-the-art power management solutions. The right electrical wiring solutions are at the heart of your production facility, office building, multi-family property, restaurant, or home office. The design, wiring, power, data, and electrical standards professionals at our company make sure that your plans are expertly implemented.

Meeting the Expectations of Modern Building Technologies

The electrical infrastructure of modern buildings, large and small, is complex and demands significant expertise. Wiring for power, control systems, data, building automation, and other purposes requires precision. Once the infrastructure is in place, complex building operations rely on stable power and communications over years, avoiding expensive troubleshooting if the original quality is compromised. Our company has been providing electrical services for power systems that handle high current and voltage, and signaling wires that rely on proper routing, connections, and design to keep up. As increasing amounts of building automation and smart building features are installed, anything less than perfect wiring becomes visible quickly. Modern buildings are built with the future in mind, so our services also involve planning and providing cost-effective pathways to future technology. We’ve seen our electrical designs and the results of our work lasting for many decades, and we’re confident that your project will reflect our excellence as well.

Planning for Your Project’s Future with an Experienced Electrical Contractor

Get to know us as your ideas and building concepts evolve, and you’ll have the support of a winning team helping you reach your electrical system goals. Tioga Contractors in Irving, TX serves the entire DFW area with a well-coordinated electrical contractor team and the right allied services to move your project forward. We supply your needs for specific contracted work, design-build services, and other strategies. Our end goal is top-quality, standards and code-based electrical work, and your satisfaction with electrical work done right and on time. Call us today to start a conversation about your project and the many ways we can help as your electrical contractor.

A Leading Electrical Contractor Integrating Allied Services in the DFW Area From Irving, TX and throughout the DFW metroplex, we’ve left our mark of quality on homes, businesses, and industrial buildings with our versatile electrical contractor services. With our years of experience, our team contributes wisdom and a thorough understanding of the work we’re doing. We encourage project management and customers to reach out to us as they’re creating the specifications and designs to better coordinate with our stellar team. With nearly 70 years in business, partnering with our electrical contractor team is an essential step toward your building, remodeling, or other electrical infrastructure success. Call us at Tioga Contractors today and see!

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If you need electrical work done at your home in Irving, TX, it’s important to understand what the professionals you’re talking to actually do. There’s a big difference between an electrician, general contractor and electrical contractor.

If you are in need of an expert to perform electrical work, it’s important to understand the different job titles that you might come across. For example, what is the difference between an electrician, contractor and electrical contractor? The team at Tioga Contractors in Irving, TX, is here to help you tell the difference.

What’s an Electrician Versus a General Contractor?

Both electricians and general contractors may perform some of the same functions. However, a general contractor is typically responsible for a large renovation that involves several rooms of your home. Some general contractors are also electricians. However, the two roles entail different skills and tasks. A general contractor can perform simple electrical jobs. However, if you need a master electrician, it’s important to hire the right team for the job.

Master electricians are experienced in performing rigorous testing on older or newly installed electrical systems. If you need an electrician, it’s important to ask for documentation that shows their license is current and they have the appropriate insurance to work in your home. Additionally, electricians need to understand the NEC code and state and local regulations to help them avoid fines and safety issues.

An electrical contractor can perform large jobs on residential and commercial buildings. So, suppose you need to install or replace the complete electrical system, including the subpanels, lighting and GFCI outlets. In that case, it might make sense to go with an electrician who is also a contractor like those available at Tioga Contractors.

When Would You Choose a General Contractor?

A general contractor describes someone proficient in several trades. However, when it comes to electrical work, you need someone fully qualified to work on your electrical panel box, wiring and anything else that might go wrong. A general contractor is fine if you need someone to switch out a few light bulbs as part of a larger renovation project. However, general contractors don’t typically specialize in complex electrical installations, repairs or replacements.

When Do I Need a Master Certified Electrician?

Ideally, it’s important to have the highest qualification possible for every electrical job. Of all the things you have done to your home, getting the electrical system installed correctly should take top priority. Avoid fire hazards and ensure you have enough power to run all your electrical devices and appliances by hiring a master certified electrician with years of experience and training under their caps.

All of our electrical contractors are also licensed electricians, which has the following benefits for you and other customers:

If you want the job done right, you have to hire the right person to do it. Master electricians represent the industry’s peak. So, if they are also contractors, you get the best of both worlds. It’s worth it to spend the money on someone who has the proper training and experience to complete the work in your home. Here are additional benefits to hiring master electricians, especially if they double as contractors:

  • High-quality products. When you hire us as your electrical contractor, we only use top-notch products and equipment to install wiring and other electrical components in your home.
  • Access to years of experience. In order to become an electrician and contractor, professionals must put in years of experience as an apprentice, journeyman and master electrician. Additionally, they have to understand electrical design and heavy-duty installation work, something that general contractors and electricians focusing on specific areas cannot provide. If you need your home completely rewired, you want a master certified electrician who is also an electrical contractor. This will give you the best possible outcome.
  • Insured work. It’s important to ask about the types of insurance held by any electrician you hire. You want someone with enough insurance to protect their workers should an injury occur on your property. However, you also need a master electrician with general liability coverage in case of damage to your home. Otherwise, you may have to rely on your homeowner’s insurance if anything goes wrong.

When Do You Need an Electrical Contractor?

These contractors provide comprehensive services for offices, homes and industrial buildings. Depending on their specializations, they can design and install complex electrical systems. If you’re looking for a licensed and experienced company to complete a major overhaul at your home, it’s important to understand the different classifications of these professionals, as follows:

  • Outside: This type of contractor can install light fixtures, electrical outlets and other power sources for your outdoor living space.
  • Inside: other contractors only work on electrical systems specific to your home’s interior. This would include everything within your main living space, basement, addict and attached buildings.
  • General: If you need someone who can work on both indoor and outdoor systems, a company that provides both sets of skills.

The considerations for outdoor electrical work include understanding how poor weather affects your installation or repair work.

How Are Electrical Contractors and Electricians Different

It may be hard to understand the difference because the rules are very similar. However, these contractors have greater responsibilities that include:

  • Installing, maintaining electrical systems
  • Project management outside of electrical responsibilities
  • Labor management, training and recruitment

Due to greater responsibilities, electrical contractors may have far different workdays than electricians. So, their activities can vary depending on their specialty and what stage of the project they’ve been called to handle.

Contact Tioga Contractors today to discuss your electrical needs for larger projects in Irving, TX, and the surrounding communities.

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A regular person could wonder if there’s any actual difference between an electrical contractor and an electrician. This is mostly because the work each professional performs may seem similar to them. Below, we will point out the differences between each one and their importance to the electrical and construction industry in Irving, TX. So, if you’re curious about the differences between each one of these pros, read on and find out what they are and what they do.

Defining an Electrical Contractor

In a few simple words, an electrical contractor is a company or businessperson that carries out specialized electrical tasks for the construction industry. Oftentimes, these tasks are directly related to the design and installation of electrical systems, including their maintenance and repair. These professionals are also tasked with the responsibility of making sure these electrical installations work appropriately in a safe and environmentally friendly manner. Additionally, their primary responsibility is that all state and federal safety requirements are followed in each installation.

What Is the Most Important Task of an Electrical Contractor?

As we have already mentioned, an electrical contractor can carry out a large number of tasks, some of which will depend exclusively on the area they have specialized in. Some of the most important tasks performed by these professionals start with the design of a certain project, which includes making plans that are highly detailed. This work is possibly one of the most important tasks that must be performed before construction even begins. Once the design and the budget are approved, they must get all the necessary permits and required insurance policies in order to start working on the project.

What Is the Main Difference Between an Electrical Contractor and an Electrician?

The main difference between these two professionals can be hard to distinguish, but an electrician is usually trained in the performance of electrical work and has obtained a license to do so. In many cases, an electrician will work independently or can be hired by a construction company or a contractor. On the other hand, the term “contractor” almost always refers to an Irving, TX company or business itself, while the term “electrician” refers to a person.

For an electrician to become licensed, they must study at a trade school and then become an apprentice. Once their hands-on training in the repair and installation of electrical systems is finished, they can become licensed and start working as journeymen. At this point, an electrician can continue their formal education in order to become a master of the trade. They can also choose a specialty, which means they have to decide whether they will work with high voltage or low voltage systems and installations, among other things.

With this in mind, it becomes easy to differentiate between an electrician and an electrical contractor because the first is a person and the second is a company.

What Skills and Traits Does an Electrical Contractor Need?

In order to become a successful contractor, there are several necessary skills an electrician working for a contractor company must have, including the following:

  • Healthy color vision – Because the majority of electrical systems require color-coded wires, contractors and electricians must be able to distinguish between them in order to be able to work safely while producing high-quality results. This doesn’t mean that electricians and contractors can’t be color-blind, especially because there are ways to make up for the lack by using labeled wiring and relying on numerical values. Even so, having a healthy color vision is one of the most important physical requirements to be able to work in the electrical field, so color blindness can be an almost impossible barrier to cross when an electrician is looking to become a contractor.
  • Excellent communication skills – Contractors in all fields should be good communicators. This is especially true in the electrical sector, where communication skills are necessary in order to convey instructions and expectations in a clear and professional manner. Whether they are talking to clients or giving instructions to their employees and colleagues, communication skills are a must-have for contractors.
  • Physical fitness and a high endurance capacity – One of the most important characteristics of contractors is they must be physically fit, strong and able to spend long hours standing on their feet. They must also be able to lift heavy objects and equipment while moving around to work in places that are hard to reach, as well as constantly climbing up and down ladders, so their physical capacity should always be in optimal condition in order to perform their tasks adequately and safely. This makes physical health one of a contractor’s biggest assets.
  • Great attention to detail – Being able to pay attention to all types of details will ensure a contractor performs high-quality work, as well as perform safely. Keep in mind that electrical work involves the use of equipment that can be dangerous, so contractors should pay great attention to any issues that can create hazards at job sites.
  • General understanding of business management – Because many electricians choose to run their own contracting business, a general understanding of business management is one of the most important traits they should have. This includes having basic knowledge of accounting, management of human resources, budgeting and estimating the cost of projects. To the layman, this trait may not seem to be related to electrical work, but to a contractor, they can be the turning point between a highly successful business and a failing company.
  • Fine motor skills and a high level of dexterity – Because of the very nature of electrical work, contractors should have good motor skills and a high level of confidence to be able to handle their tools and equipment in a safe manner, including wire strippers, pliers, power tools and much more.

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When you want an upgrade to the electrical system in your home, it is wise to get the best electrical contractors to handle the entire process for quality work. You want an electrician in Irving, TX, that is highly competent and proficient with the complicated electrical components such as the circuit breaker panel for safe delivery of services.

After the upgrade or installation, the electricity should be safe for use for you and your kids and not expose you to electrical hazards.

However, the electrical industry is full of quacks, making getting the best electricians a hassle. The hiring process requires time and good research both online and by asking friends that might refer you to those they presume are the best.

It is appropriate to have a checklist of the values and competencies you want from the electricians you are looking for to handle your upgrading project. Without further ado, you should consider the following aspects when hiring electricians.

Up-to-Date Training

The first aspect to consider is the level of training the electrician you intend to hire has. It is not easy to ask electrical contractors about their level of training as some may be economical with the details. But, you can look for an electrical company that only hires trained and qualified electricians to do their jobs right the first time around.

A company like Tioga Contractors also offers their electricians factory training to ensure they are conversant with the up-to-date electrical terms and components.

They teach them how to use state-of-the-art technologies and advanced processes for better installation processes, repairs, or maintenance for competent delivery of upgrading the electrical system.

They also send their electricians for short training courses to learn about the latest electrical trends and procedures and the updated National Electrical codes they should comply with during service delivery.

So, it is wise to research companies that have trained electrical contractors to get the best services with maximum satisfaction.

Qualifications and Certifications

In addition, residential property owners can also inquire about the qualifications and certification of the electrician they intend to hire.

You might be thinking that the information is not vital in the hiring process, but it is. It helps you gauge the level of expertise the electricians have and guarantees you of having exceptional work from professionals.

The electricians can be Certified Professional Electrician (CPE) distinction by the Independent Electrical Contractors or certified through the National Fire Protection Association.

Hiring certified electrical contractors is one sure way of getting high-quality services because of their proficiency in their work. It goes without saying that the quality services from the accredited electricians require more pay that matches their skills and expertise.


Folks with houses in Irving, TX, can also hire electrical contractors with updated licenses to operate as electricians in the state and the country. The technicians should have their electrical licenses as evidence of meeting the minimum requirements to work in electrical projects that include installations and repairs.

The Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation has programs that ensure electricians are up-to-date and comply with the Texas Electrical Safety and Licensing Act. People applying for the license should have the required electrical training for different categories such as apprentice, journeyman, maintenance, residential, and master sign license to work in their areas of expertise.

The master electricians are the best and continue with training to learn more about Texas Electrical Law, National Electrical Code, Texas Electricians Administrative Rules, and Electrical Safety by the National Fire Protection Association. Therefore, when hiring electrical contractors, it is appropriate that you request their updated license that allows them to handle electrical projects in the state.

Insured and Bonded

Another crucial factor to consider is checking if the electricians are insured and bonded to ensure you are safe from unnecessary costs or stress that might occur in case something goes wrong during their appointment.

Bonded electricians have surety bonds that ensure they pay their permits, complete their work correctly, pay their technicians, and also cover any damages to your property incurred due to their services.

It is wise to also check for electrical companies that have liability insurance as a guarantee that your Irving, TX home is safe in case of damages or injuries that may arise from the services you get from the technician.

Good Reputation

Most electrical companies are online and request reviews from their clients to showcase them to attract more clients. The online reviews and ratings of the companies are one thing you should consider going through before calling to hire an electrician.

Reading comments of previous customers can help you know the service to expect from the electricians. So, it is vital to know the reputation of electrical companies to ensure you get exceptional upgrading of your electrical system.

Drug Testing and Background Checks

Imagine getting an electrician that is a substance user or alcoholic to handle your electrical system you can be in for a rude shock. Even if they are experts in what they do, drug dealing electricians pose a high electrical hazard threat if they drink and do drugs while working.

Fortunately, you can avoid such situations by getting electrical contractors from companies in Texas that carry out background checks and insist on drug testing their staff before employment.

The process ensures the company hires reliable, honest, and hardworking electricians that can send to work for you when you request their competent services.

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Our electrical contractors have the highest ethical standards because of their honesty, reliability, and no drug or drinking problems. Tioga Contractors’ electricians address electrical issues that include installation, repairs, maintenance, and replacements, enhancing electrical safety, and complying with the Texas Electrical laws.

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Electrical codes come in handy if you want to use electricity but are far from the electrical outlet or you want to use several appliances on one outlet. There are numerous electrical cord options in the electrical shops within or around Arlington, TX.

Despite their essential purpose of distributing power to several electrical equipment and devices at a time, they can pose electrical dangers in your home if you get the wrong cord.

With that in mind, you should always ask electrical contractors for the best type of extension cords that fit your electrical needs before buying one.

If you fail to heed an electrician’s advice on the proper use of the electrical cords can become a fire hazard that can consume lots of property and even claim the lives of its victims. This blog will explain the different extension cords that most electrical contractors can recommend for homes.

Plug Type

The first electrical extension cord suitable for homes is the plug type. Most cords have two or three prongs. The ones with three prongs are grounded, while the others with two prongs are not grounded. The ground wire in the third prong reduces the risk of short circuits and electric shocks.

If you have loose wires in your appliances or a faulty device that comes in contact with the three-pronged plug, the dangerous electrical circuit flowing from the hot wire will go directly to the ground, saving you from the electric shock. It is wise to get an electrician to maintain your appliances once in a while to fix loose wires to avert electrical hazards.

Light Duty Extension Cords

The electrical cords power your small devices such as clocks, portable fans, and work lights. The gauge of the light-duty extension cords ranges between 16 and 18 gauge, with a maximum of 50 feet in length. Electrical contractors can help you understand the relationship between the American wire gauge and the extension capacity to ensure you select a cord for usage.

The electrician can explain what gauge is the copper electrical wire that power passes through to your devices. The American Wire Gauge (AWG) with low value implies the copper wires are thick and have higher power capacity, while higher numbers show low power to a device. For that reason, the light-duty extension cords have high gauges of 16 and 18, a lower amp, and a short length.

The extension cords can only handle low electricity voltage, making them the best for lighting or powering smaller electrical devices. Therefore, it is wise to consult with electrical contractors before buying an extension cord to get the correct calculation of gauge, amp, and length in connection to the devices you are planning to power.

Heavy-Duty Extension Cords

People with high-powered appliances such as heaters, air conditioners, iron boxes, water heaters, and electric cookers use high voltage of power, hence the need for heavy-duty extension cords.

Electricians from reputable electric companies can use their skills and knowledge to help you calculate the right amp, gauge, and voltage of the extension cord suitable for all the electric equipment in your home.

They can also recommend you use different outlets for appliances such as washing machines and air conditioners because of the high power they need to avoid overheating the circuit, which can trip the circuit breaker and lead to an electrical fire.

The electrical contractors in Arlington, TX, recommend safe extension cords with 10 to 14 American Wire Gauge and high voltage after considering aspects such as the wattage of the devices and the length you want. The most powered extension cords are shorter, making them thicker and safe for use.

Indoor and Outdoor Extension Cords

Most extension cords are for indoor use. They are usually 25 feet or shorter and can use two or three-prong plugs. The amperage rating of the indoor extension cords should be equivalent to the power it is to supply to indoor appliances.

The outdoor extension cords can handle higher amperage or wattage to power higher electrical equipment such as lawn mowers and leaf blowers. The electrical contractors can help you select the best outdoor extension cables with durable insulation that can resist temperature changes such as heat, rain, or moisture. The extension cords meant for outdoor use are long and measure up to 150 feet.

It is worth noting that you can use the outdoor extension cords inside your home. However, it is dangerous to use the indoor extension cord outside because they might not have the grounded wires or Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters for protective purposes.

In a Nutshell

Extension cords are essential in homes in rooms with numerous appliances that need to work simultaneously. With the extension cords, you can watch TV, use your laptop, connect your Wi-Fi router, iron, and even use the microwave without interfering with the performance of the other.

Electrical contractors can take you through the pros and cons of each extension cord to assist you in getting one that fits your electrical demands. You will choose between the light, heavy, outdoor, and indoor extension cables depending on what you want to power.

Instead of having many cords in your house, the extension cords can keep your living room or bedroom tidy, preventing the possibility of stepping on dangerous electrical wires.

The electrical contractors that help you get the best extension cords can recommend the three-prong extension cords for safety and use their knowledge to check the amperage to avoid circuit overloads that can cause overheating or fires. They can also advise against heavy appliances on light extension cords to prevent electrical hazards.

Need Professional Electrical Services!

So, if you want help on the type of extension cords to purchase for your electric needs, you can call Tioga Contractors in Arlington, TX, to get electrical consultation services. We are a full-service and family-owned commercial and residential electrical company offering prompt and quality electrical services since 1953. Our electrical contractors provide competent consultative, installation, repair, and replacement electric services. They are highly trained, qualified, certified, and licensed and address all your electrical needs, leaving you satisfied.

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You store your fresh foods or frozen foods in your refrigerator and bring them out to prepare delightful meals and cherished recipes for your loved ones. A well-functioning refrigerator is an essential part of any good kitchen. Like any other home appliance, though, your refrigerator may develop problems that need repair.

One or more of several common refrigerator problems may occur in which care your best bet is to have an Irving, TX, electrical contractor fix them. In this article, we discuss some common refrigerator problems so that you know when to call an electrician.

1. Your Refrigerator Leaks Water

Common as this refrigerator problem may be, it is still alarming for homeowners in Irving, TX. Often, this issue occurs as a result of a frozen or clogged water supply line, or a blocked defrost drain. Kitchen debris, such as food particles, can block the refrigerator’s defrost drain located inside the freezer.

You can use warm water to flush the drain from the inside, though excess debris may require manual removal. Find the defrost drain hose on the back of the unity and remove any accumulated debris by cleaning it with hot water and soap.

If you suspect that the water supply line is frozen or clogged, close the shut-off valve and unplug the refrigerator. Check if there are any tears or breaks on the water supply line. If so, it may need replacement. If something other than ice is clogging the supply line, call an electrical contractor to inspect and fix it.

2. Your Refrigerator Runs Constantly

The unit running or cycling too frequently is among the most common refrigerator problems. Your refrigerator must run properly to keep your food cool and fresh, but the unit can be extremely noisy if it runs constantly. More crucially, it can drive up your energy bill because the refrigerator is among the appliances in your Irving, TX, home that consume the most power.

The build-up of kitchen debris and dust around the condenser coils of the refrigerator is the most common cause of the unit running too frequently. The coils are usually located at the bottom of the refrigerator. Before you try to access and clean them, make sure you cut power to the unit.

If cleaning the coils doesn’t resolve the problem, check if the temperature setting is too low. Extremely low temperatures require a refrigerator to run frequently to maintain that level. Adjust the temperature setting and monitor the cycling. If the problem persists, call an electrical contractor .

3. Your Refrigerator Is Too Noisy

The sound coming from your refrigerator should not be disruptive. A noisy unit is a sign that one of its fans may not be working properly. Most refrigerators feature an evaporator fan and a condenser fan. The evaporator fan sucks in the air over the evaporator coils of the freezer as the compressor runs, whereas the condenser fan cools the condenser coils.

These fans run concurrently. If one of the motors powering them has issues, your refrigerator may get loud. If you suspect that this may be the problem, you can have an electrical contractor inspect the motors to see if they’re broken and need replacement.

4. Your Refrigerator Is Warm

Excessive heat from your refrigerator can be particularly alarming considering it is designed to keep things cold. If your unit starts to become warm, it needs emergency repair. Condenser coil problems are the likely cause of a warm refrigerator. Call an electrical contractor to check if the condenser coils need cleaning and if the condenser motor fan is functioning well. A warm unit can be a complex problem that only a skilled and experienced electrical contractor can handle.

5. There’s Ice Buildup In Your Freezer

The ideal storage space for ice is the refrigerator’s freezer, but there is a limit beyond which the ice build-up must not exceed. Ice build-up may occur if you leave the freezer open for too long, which increases the freezer’s humidity levels. A broken freezer seal may also cause the same problem in which case you should replace it. Seek the help of an electrical contractor if these solutions fail.

6. The Water Dispenser Doesn’t Work

Recent refrigerator models often come with a built-in water dispenser from which you can easily get fresh, cold water. The water dispenser may, however, fail for several reasons. If the water tub inside the freezer becomes frozen, it may block the flow of water through the dispenser. Thankfully, you can remove and thaw the tub to restore water flow.

A defective water inlet valve may also cause the dispenser to stop working by blocking the supply of water into the dispenser. Low water pressure is another common problem that hinders water from flowing through the dispenser’s inlet valve. Contact an electrical contractor if you encounter these water dispenser issues.

7. Your Energy Bill Is Way Up

If your energy bill suddenly increases, your refrigerator may be the culprit. It is one of your home’s most energy-hungry appliances, and its efficiency has a significant effect on your home’s total energy consumption. You can use an energy usage meter to measure how much energy your refrigerator consumes and compare the result to the manufacturer’s specifications. If the unit uses a lot more energy than it should, it may increase your energy bill.

Compared to newer models, old refrigerators tend to use more energy to maintain the same temperature levels. Professional repairs can mitigate this problem to a degree. Ultimately, though, replacing an outdated refrigerator is the best way to keep your energy bills manageable. An experienced and trustworthy electrician can recommend some models that fit your needs and budget.

Refrigerator Repair Services You Can Rely On

A well-functioning refrigerator is a staple of the modern kitchen. Your refrigerator will serve you satisfactorily for years if you maintain it well and trust a skilled, experienced electrical contractor with the repairs if any of the issues we have discussed arise. Tioga Contractors can handle repairs for all refrigerators as we have the experience, skills, equipment and spare parts. If your refrigerator has issues, contact us today to schedule a free inspection and a lasting solution.

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