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You store your fresh foods or frozen foods in your refrigerator and bring them out to prepare delightful meals and cherished recipes for your loved ones. A well-functioning refrigerator is an essential part of any good kitchen. Like any other home appliance, though, your refrigerator may develop problems that need repair.

One or more of several common refrigerator problems may occur in which care your best bet is to have an Irving, TX, electrical contractor fix them. In this article, we discuss some common refrigerator problems so that you know when to call an electrician.

1. Your Refrigerator Leaks Water

Common as this refrigerator problem may be, it is still alarming for homeowners in Irving, TX. Often, this issue occurs as a result of a frozen or clogged water supply line, or a blocked defrost drain. Kitchen debris, such as food particles, can block the refrigerator’s defrost drain located inside the freezer.

You can use warm water to flush the drain from the inside, though excess debris may require manual removal. Find the defrost drain hose on the back of the unity and remove any accumulated debris by cleaning it with hot water and soap.

If you suspect that the water supply line is frozen or clogged, close the shut-off valve and unplug the refrigerator. Check if there are any tears or breaks on the water supply line. If so, it may need replacement. If something other than ice is clogging the supply line, call an electrical contractor to inspect and fix it.

2. Your Refrigerator Runs Constantly

The unit running or cycling too frequently is among the most common refrigerator problems. Your refrigerator must run properly to keep your food cool and fresh, but the unit can be extremely noisy if it runs constantly. More crucially, it can drive up your energy bill because the refrigerator is among the appliances in your Irving, TX, home that consume the most power.

The build-up of kitchen debris and dust around the condenser coils of the refrigerator is the most common cause of the unit running too frequently. The coils are usually located at the bottom of the refrigerator. Before you try to access and clean them, make sure you cut power to the unit.

If cleaning the coils doesn’t resolve the problem, check if the temperature setting is too low. Extremely low temperatures require a refrigerator to run frequently to maintain that level. Adjust the temperature setting and monitor the cycling. If the problem persists, call an electrical contractor .

3. Your Refrigerator Is Too Noisy

The sound coming from your refrigerator should not be disruptive. A noisy unit is a sign that one of its fans may not be working properly. Most refrigerators feature an evaporator fan and a condenser fan. The evaporator fan sucks in the air over the evaporator coils of the freezer as the compressor runs, whereas the condenser fan cools the condenser coils.

These fans run concurrently. If one of the motors powering them has issues, your refrigerator may get loud. If you suspect that this may be the problem, you can have an electrical contractor inspect the motors to see if they’re broken and need replacement.

4. Your Refrigerator Is Warm

Excessive heat from your refrigerator can be particularly alarming considering it is designed to keep things cold. If your unit starts to become warm, it needs emergency repair. Condenser coil problems are the likely cause of a warm refrigerator. Call an electrical contractor to check if the condenser coils need cleaning and if the condenser motor fan is functioning well. A warm unit can be a complex problem that only a skilled and experienced electrical contractor can handle.

5. There’s Ice Buildup In Your Freezer

The ideal storage space for ice is the refrigerator’s freezer, but there is a limit beyond which the ice build-up must not exceed. Ice build-up may occur if you leave the freezer open for too long, which increases the freezer’s humidity levels. A broken freezer seal may also cause the same problem in which case you should replace it. Seek the help of an electrical contractor if these solutions fail.

6. The Water Dispenser Doesn’t Work

Recent refrigerator models often come with a built-in water dispenser from which you can easily get fresh, cold water. The water dispenser may, however, fail for several reasons. If the water tub inside the freezer becomes frozen, it may block the flow of water through the dispenser. Thankfully, you can remove and thaw the tub to restore water flow.

A defective water inlet valve may also cause the dispenser to stop working by blocking the supply of water into the dispenser. Low water pressure is another common problem that hinders water from flowing through the dispenser’s inlet valve. Contact an electrical contractor if you encounter these water dispenser issues.

7. Your Energy Bill Is Way Up

If your energy bill suddenly increases, your refrigerator may be the culprit. It is one of your home’s most energy-hungry appliances, and its efficiency has a significant effect on your home’s total energy consumption. You can use an energy usage meter to measure how much energy your refrigerator consumes and compare the result to the manufacturer’s specifications. If the unit uses a lot more energy than it should, it may increase your energy bill.

Compared to newer models, old refrigerators tend to use more energy to maintain the same temperature levels. Professional repairs can mitigate this problem to a degree. Ultimately, though, replacing an outdated refrigerator is the best way to keep your energy bills manageable. An experienced and trustworthy electrician can recommend some models that fit your needs and budget.

Refrigerator Repair Services You Can Rely On

A well-functioning refrigerator is a staple of the modern kitchen. Your refrigerator will serve you satisfactorily for years if you maintain it well and trust a skilled, experienced electrical contractor with the repairs if any of the issues we have discussed arise. Tioga Contractors can handle repairs for all refrigerators as we have the experience, skills, equipment and spare parts. If your refrigerator has issues, contact us today to schedule a free inspection and a lasting solution.

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Electrical inspections are mandatory in businesses to ensure the safety of residents, employees, and clients. The evaluations are a thorough assessment of the entire electrical system in a commercial property. An electrical inspector certified by the International Code Council or International Association of Electrical Association is in charge of the inspections to ensure the electrical components comply with the electrical codes. The codes are standards that an electrical contractor should comply with when installing the wiring system in commercial buildings in Irving, TX.

Electrical inspections are essential when purchasing new business premises and building a new commercial property. The evaluations are also vital for renovated buildings to ensure the electrical system is safe to prevent electrical accidents for employees and clients.

Business property owners or managers can schedule the electrical assessments when buying a new heavy appliance for the company to assess the risks and eliminate them. Most commercial property owners overlook inspections when bringing new machinery for their business until they suspect an imminent issue arising from using it.

The evaluations by licensed and certified electrical contractors include:

  • Checking the wattage of bulbs and security lights
  • Inspecting the outlets in terms of condition and functionality
  • Checking switches and ground systems
  • Testing the functioning of protectors such as ground fault circuit interpreters, surge protectors, arc fault circuit interpreters, and circuit breakers.
  • Examining carbon monoxide and smoke detectors
  • Inspecting the electrical panels, wiring system, and outdoor electrical systems

Why Inspections Are Vital

It might seem like a long process to include electrical inspections after completing your new commercial building or acquiring one. But, the electrical system evaluation in your business property is something you should not skip for any reason whatsoever. It is wise to schedule an inspection for the following reasons.


All 50 States in the United States comply with the National Electrical Code for safety reasons. The standards ensure the electrical designs and installations are safe to protect offices and other commercial premises from electrical hazards such as fires, shocks, arc faults, and ground faults.

Inspections of the installed wiring system are essential for the electrical inspector to identify any wrong wiring problems that might pose a threat to stock, clients, properties, and employees. The electrician in Irving, TX, checks the safe operation of all the electrical components in the office to pinpoint electrical mistakes in time.

In old buildings, the inspectors inspect the entire electrical system to identify outdated, fraying, loose, and open wires for rewiring to prevent shocks, electrocutions, and fires. An electrician should install new and advanced electrical wiring in an old building if the detailed report recommends it before new employers and employees move the building.

System Efficiency

Having a qualified and skilled electrical contractor inspect the electrical system in your commercial premises is also important because it identifies malfunctioning parts of the electrical system. Electrical components might be failing, outdated, or damaged, affecting the peak efficiency of the electric system.

After the evaluations, the electrical professionals use the report to replace and repair the faulty components of the electrical system, keeping arc faults, electricians, surges, and electrical fires at bay.

The contractor can also advise you to change or increase the outlets if you have many heavy pieces of machinery running in your company to avert overloading circuits that can start a fire.

Compliance with the Codes

An electrician installs the electrical system with the guidance of the national electrical code and state and local standards. The professionals follow the building codes in Texas that describe safety standards with specifications for electrical systems.

Electrical inspections of your commercial building ensure the wiring, conduits, outlets, and protective devices installed are the ones the National Fire Protection Association recommends for offices and commercial buildings. The codes keep changing or evolving because of technological advancements and electrical needs.

An electrical contractor should always know of the new code and standards. The professionals can access the updated set standards online before installing the electrical systems in business premises to ensure the electrical materials reflect the evolving technologies in line with research and development.

Save Money and Property

Another reason electrical evaluations are essential for commercial buildings is cost-related. Bad wiring, outdated electrical panels, and systems, and frayed and loose wiring systems are dangerous in any building because of the electrical hazards they attract.

A certified electrician carries out thorough inspections to save money by saying prevention is better than cure. With extensive evaluations of all the electrical components in a commercial building, your company is safe from fires that can burn everything and cause severe burns and deaths.

Therefore, identifying the problem early and hiring an electrical contractor to fix them is better than waiting for an electrical fire that will leave you without a company to run or suffering from the aftermath of a fire.

Protect Appliances from Malfunctioning

Commercial buildings also experience surges and electrical issues due to heavy storms, lightning strikes, and down power lines. Having a certified electrical contractor check the functioning of the whole house surge protectors during inspections is one way of protecting your appliances and machines from damages that will be costly to repair.

In a nutshell, electrical inspections can be smooth when a professional electrician skillfully installs the wiring and the electrical system, which is not the case with a quack. The final report of electrical work done by an unprofessional and unskilled electrician can have recommendations for work to be re-done for the safety of your commercial property.

Your Reliable Electrical Contractor in Irving, TX

If you want an electrical contractor to carry out electrical inspections in your office or commercial property, call Tioga Contractors. Our family-owned and operated business services commercial and residential clients in Texas and the surrounding areas.

We work with trained and certified electrical contractors who have the expertise in addressing all your electrical problems. Our electricians are also available 24/7, 365 days a year, for prompt emergency services.

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In an age where we are dependent on technology like computers and electrical equipment to perform our daily jobs, we must have an electrical system that won’t let us down. These days, with the constant use of appliances and the prevalence of computers in homes and businesses alike, it’s crucial that our power systems can handle the load; however, there are also hazards to be aware of when running electrical equipment and components. Due to the use of electricity in our lives, if malfunctions occur or something goes wrong within our electrical systems if handled by unqualified electrical contractors, this could be a potential cause for the fire. To avoid fires created by electrical failures, it is essential to have electrical professionals in Arlington, TX, check for potential problems. Stay away from electrical fires by knowing their causes and how to prevent them.

Take Care of Your Electrical Wiring

It’s essential to take care of your electrical wiring because electrical fires can be devastating in many ways. Electrical fires spread incredibly quickly and often create a lot of smoke and toxic fumes inhaled by people trying to escape the blaze. They also can start other fires by igniting flammable materials nearby.

Many homeowners don’t realize that their electrical wiring has been dangerously modified by previous owners or even themselves over time. An improperly installed circuit breaker or a frayed wire in an older building might not show any signs of malfunction during regular use. Still, it will become apparent once a significant load (such as air conditioning) is placed on it. Only certified electrical contractors should handle your electrical wiring.

Use Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters

Ground fault circuit interrupters (GFCIs) monitor the flow of electricity in an outlet and shut off power if it detects an imbalance in the current. Having electrical professionals helps prevent electrical fires because most surges happen due to water entering an outlet or appliance cord or faulty equipment. The GFCI should cut the power before a dangerous temperature is reached that could cause melting wires or other damage.

Bathrooms, basements, and kitchens have outlets that should have a ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI). GFCIs protect you from electrocution; they shut off power if they sense that current is leaking from an appliance. These outlets don’t cost very much, and installation isn’t complex, so it’s worth the effort to add them where necessary.

Use Safety Switches

Residual current devices (RCDs), also known as safety switches, are designed to shut off your power supply if there is any fault in your electrical system. Electrical fires are one of the most common causes of house fires. In fact, according to research by fire services, electrical faults have been the leading cause of house fires.

In Arlington, TX, electrical fires can be caused by several factors, including bad wiring, dodgy appliances (like kettle cords), or overloaded power boards. However, there’s something you can do to help protect your home and family from electrical fires: install safety switches.

Safety switches detect faults in your electrical system and instantly turn off the circuit to detect an electrical current leakage or surge. While they can’t prevent a fire from starting, they can shut off the electricity supply before it reaches dangerous levels – and that can save lives. Licensed electrical contractors should install them.

Check for Frayed or Damaged Power Cords

Check all cords, especially those under rugs or furniture, to ensure they’re not damaged. Frayed or damaged cords pose a fire hazard and should be discarded immediately. If the cable is still serviceable but doesn’t stay put without getting in the way, secure it with a twist tie at both ends or tape down each end so it will stay put, then contact electrical contractors.

Replace Worn-Out Electrical Appliances

Frayed wires and cords could cause a fire and should be replaced immediately. Also, pay attention to any cables running through high traffic areas where they may be stepped on or pinched by furniture. This damage can also lead to a fire hazard. If you notice any of your cords are damaged or frayed, make sure to have electrical contractors replace them immediately.

Have electrical contractors install power strips and surge protectors with circuit breakers or fuses to ensure that your devices aren’t overloaded. Cluttered power strips can generate heat, leading to a fire hazard if they’re not adequately ventilated. Make sure any power strip you use has built-in overload protection, and try to avoid running multiple power strips together to ensure you’re not overloading an outlet or circuit breaker.

Upgrade to A Surge Protector

A surge protector is designed to protect electrical devices from a power surge that can cause massive damage. Unlike a power strip, a surge protector contains circuitry that will stop the flow of electricity when it detects a power surge; that’s why it’s important to have electrical contractors install them.

Even when they’re not turned on or plugged into the wall, many electronics have small amounts of power running through them. Power surges can damage these electronics and end up costing your money.

Have A Professional Electrician Inspect Your Electrical System Regularly

It would be best to have electrical contractors inspect your wiring, outlets, and safety features at least once per year. If you have an older home, it’s a good idea to have it checked more frequently because older homes often have antiquated electrical systems that aren’t up to modern safety standards.

Install an Arc Fault Circuit Breaker

An arc fault circuit breaker (AFCI) constantly monitors the flow of electricity in your home. It shuts off if it detects dangerous fluctuation levels or voltage loss along the wires or circuits. The device helps prevent fires by quickly cutting off the power supply before any damage can occur. Electrical contractors have vast knowledge in installing AFCIs safely and securely.

Hire a Reputable Electrical Contractor Today

In the long run, taking the time to protect your electrical system from fire damage adequately is well worth the effort. Not only will you avoid potentially life-threatening circumstances, but you’ll also save your valuable possessions. If you’re concerned about how this relates to your electrical wiring and potential fire damage, don’t hesitate to contact Tioga ContractorsArlington, TX, for help from our licensed electrical contractors. At the very least, ask them if they want their electrical systems protected from fire damage.

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As you’re taking down those outdoor holiday lights or putting away decorations inside, are you thinking about how many extension cords you’re using? It’s a great starting point for taking a look at the ways you can have our electrical contractor service at Tioga Contractors in Irving, TX upgrade and expand your home’s electrical wiring to modernize it and increase your safety. The risk of electrical shock is an important concern, but homeowners often don’t realize that, according to the National Fire Protection Association, electrical causes are among the top three origins of home structure fires, many with tragic outcomes. As your professional electrical contractor, we take your family’s safety very seriously. Our knowledge and experience can help catch electrical safety issues, even hidden ones, and our skills ensure that the work you have us do is done carefully and done right.

Start with an Electrical Inspection If You Aren’t Sure

As a top local electrical contractor, our team members have broad experience in electrical wiring and equipment, from commercial use to residential power for basic homes and large, feature-rich residences. We also know a lot about electrician practices in the area over many decades, and the different ways that they wired and upgraded local homes. When we perform an electrical inspection for you, we check wiring and connection styles and materials, capacity matches from the fuse box or circuit breakers to the wire size and outlet type, and special concerns like outdoor wiring methods.

We also make note of variations from current electrical code, many of which are quite acceptable legally due to “grandfathering,” but may be worth talking about for your family’s safety. We’ll also look for signs of damage to your home’s wiring and fixtures, from creatures living in your fuse box to water damage to the wires. When it comes time to talk about the results, we can provide information about how we can help you not only get safer electrically but also meet your family’s needs with improvements that our electrical staff can quote for you. We’re here for you.

Instead of Creative Solutions to Power Needs, How About Safe Ones?

In the past, there have been many devices available to make creative use of existing wiring, including two-prong adapters for three-prong plugs, expansion adapters that change one outlet into three, and even devices that screw into light bulb sockets to provide a two-prong outlet instead. There’s also the familiar extension cord and its cousin, the power strip, still in common use today. These are all solutions to problems that can be better addressed with permanent changes or additions to your home’s wiring and fixtures, including a larger number of outlets in your rooms to meet modern power and access needs. Electrical contractors see amazingly risky uses of these devices, including “permanently installed” extension cords stapled to the wall, combinations of adapters or extensions creating a snake’s nest of cords, and outdoor use of devices that were never meant to get wet.

Wiring Capacity and Durability Are Important for Fire Prevention

Your home’s permanent wiring is designed to carry a specific maximum amount of current, with a fuse or circuit breaker rated at that amount as protection. When a device such as a blow dryer, microwave, or space heater is connected using any available extension cords it may work, and even be drawing less than the circuit is designed for, but the weak link is often the extension cord. When high power devices are connected through these, the extension cord is often rated for less.

Multiple extension cords for greater length is an even bigger problem, as capacity is further reduced. The problem is that the wiring is likely to heat up, and if it gets worn, it could heat up a lot. Extension cords are often subject to foot traffic, vacuuming, and other potentially damaging activities. Putting them under a rug might help a little, but it might not prevent damage and it definitely will hide it so you won’t realize there’s a problem. When our electrical contractor installs the wiring you need, you can conveniently plug into the wall and use the power you need, without taking risks and creating unsightly tangles of cords.

An Improvement on Power Strip Protection

Power strips provide advantages over extension cords, in that they usually have more durable and shorter wires, built-in protection from circuit breakers to surge protection, and the convenience of a single “off” switch to help save energy when you’re not using the devices that are plugged into it. Did you know that most electronics draws power even when it’s off? The reasons include chargers that are always at the ready, AV devices that are waiting for a remote control signal, and computers that are in a “sleep” mode ready to wake up quickly without having to go through the boot process. Almost everything electronic these days has some reason to keep drawing power, and it can add up.

The power strip also may contain a surge protection device, and that’s where as an electrical contractor we can do better. Whole house surge protection is now available, covering all devices in your home whether they’re on a power strip or not. That means the electronics in your fridge and laundry appliances are protected, for example. Our electrical contractor team can also provide whole-house lighting arrester protection, with the same coverage and protection for your home’s circuits.

Your Caring, Conscientious Electrical Contractor in Irving, TX

Tioga Contractors in Irving, TX watches out for your family’s safety when we’re working on your home’s electrical wiring, fixtures, and power. We have decades of experience in protecting our community’s homes and businesses, and we hope you’ll look to us for preventive care, professional electrical contractor services, and useful information about ways you can use modern electrical system improvements to enjoy life more. Give us a call and get to know all we can do for you.

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In Irving, TX, it is very common to hear a person referring to an electrical contractor as an electrician and vice versa. These two terms are often used interchangeably and may imply the same thing to a layperson.

However, there is a significant difference between a contractor and an electrician that we will later see in this blog. Most states even have different licensing requirements for a contractor and electrician.

At one point, a contractor was seen as a licensed top electrician or one registered as a contractor with master electricians working under him. But digging deep into the tasks of an electrical contractor enables you to understand that there are much more than these common assumptions.

If you enjoy working with your hands and solving technical issues, you will most likely fit in the contractor job category. The profession has massively grown, and today’s contractors play critical roles in home constructions and other large commercial projects.

At Tioga Contractors, our contractors are not left behind. We have a team of professional and highly qualified staff who will design, install, and maintain any wiring and electrical system within your home and business premises.

Let’s now have a look at who a contractor is and what their job entails.

What Is an Electrical Contractor?

The easiest and most understandable definition of an electrical contractor to a layman is a person or firm that carries out specialized electrical construction tasks. Usually, this type of work involves designing, installing, and maintaining an electrical system.

Some contractors prefer majoring in a particular electrical field, such as either construction or maintenance, while others prefer focusing on both. Whichever field they choose to settle in, what matters is their competence and workmanship.

It is the duty of a contractor to ensure that they carry out their tasks in a safe, effective, and environment-friendly manner.

A professional contractor should also be competent enough in the field to clearly read and interpret diagrams and blueprints to understand the layout for breaker boxes and wiring for the project they are undertaking.

What Does an Electrical Contractor Do?

This contractor is versatile in his field and can handle any electrical task involving installing and maintaining an electrical unit, depending on their area of expertise. The maintenance tasks include inspecting appliances, repairing or replacing worn-out parts, and restoring function to electrical systems. The contractor also has to handle heavy equipment and powerful tools and install wiring for your home.

Whenever you hire Tioga Contractors, our artisans will start the project and foresee the electrical construction till the end while giving professional input regarding the constructability of the design and offering changes to make the design workable. Providing a workable alternative plan with better details is crucial, especially before the approval of the project.

Once you approve the design and budget and provide permit and liability insurance, our electrical contractor can proceed with the work schedule and the construction process.

Aside from installing and maintaining electrical systems, our Irving, TX, contractors also offer administrative duties and serve as customer service agents. The administrative and service duties involve client consulting, appointment scheduling, and paperwork handling.

Electrical Contractor Versus an Electrician

As mentioned before, sometimes, people and businesses tend to use these terms interchangeably. Generally, an electrician is a technician trained and licensed to do any electrical work. They are versatile and may offer freelance services, work for an electrical company, or work under a contractor. Tioga Contractors is privileged to work with a team of competent electricians offering a range of electrical services for your home and business.

Therefore, while an electrician often refers to an individual entity, an electrical contractor implies a business. Most electricians always start as trainees.

Before beginning their apprenticeship program, electricians should have attended a trade school. Depending on the trainee’s state, some may need to have an apprentice license. Once they complete their electrical repair and installation training, they can now have a license and work as a journeyman. They can then choose to further their studies and become master electricians.

An Electrical Contractor’s Work Environment

At Tioga Contractors, our contractors work in different settings under diverse situations. Depending on their field of expertise, some artisans may work in home settings while others work for businesses and industries. Others also work on construction sites with heavy and powerful machines.

Like any other technical field, the contractor’s work environment may come with many challenges. Sometimes the workstation may be too small for the contractor to comfortably fit in, while in some cases, they may stand on their feet or kneel for hours to finish their electrical tasks. In other cases, they may work in offices and handle a lot of paperwork.

All licensed contractors at Tioga contractors proudly carry out their tasks in whichever condition and field they have majored in. Due to our workers’ competency and efficiency, we offer the best electrical services.

Basic Skill Requirements for an Electrical Contractor

To be a certified and efficient contractor, it is necessary to combine hard and soft skills.

Technical knowledge will enable you to work safely with any electrical unit while critical thinking makes it possible to gather information, think wisely through electrical problems, and develop suitable strategies to solve these problems.

Another essential skill for a contractor is attention to detail that quickly notices hazards and avoids dangerous situations. Excellent verbal and written communication skills are also necessary when working with other professionals and consulting with clients.

Contact Tioga Contractors Today!

Looking for an electrical contractor? Call Tioga Contractors for the best trained and qualified electricians in Irving, TX, for all your electrical needs.

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If and when you run into electrical issues, you need to put your trust in a company that has a track record of fixing problems, both big and small. Our licensed and certified team of electricians has seen a little bit of everything and is skilled and experienced when it comes to resolving these issues. We are proud to extend our electrical services to our residential, commercial, and industrial Arlington, TX customers. We aim to be the Electrical Contractors you can count on time after time. Our Electrical Contractors always aim to get the job done right for our customers.

Customer Service You Can Count On

Our customers come first, plain and simple. We look at each and every one of our customers as family, and family always comes first. We will always take care of family first. If you’re experiencing electrical issues at 3 AM, on Christmas eve, or a Sunday morning, call us. We’re here for you, 24/7, 365 days a year. Our licensed and skilled electricians quickly adapt to new technologies by using cutting-edge technology, up-to-date tools, best practices, and a commitment to top-notch customer service. We take pride in providing second to none customer service. Our electricians show up, assess the situation, and take steps to resolve your electrical issues. Our Electrical Contractors show up to provide the best electrical services for our customers. We understand that not all Electrical Contractors are equal. This is why we aim to continue our legacy of stellar service to our customers.

Electrical Wiring of All Types

We provide a full range of electrical services to our Arlington, TX customers. Our Electrical Contractors install lighting, both exterior and interior. We also replace and repair electrical outlets, switches, AC, and heat circuits. Fuses and breakers are also an area of expertise for our electricians. If you have a home or office that needs appliance hookups and doesn’t have them, our electricians can get the job done. We even provide Electrical Remodeling and Additions for both residential and commercial customers. Overhead & Underground Services are also no problem for our electricians. Our team of electricians installs, replaces, and repairs many other electrical issues for our customers.

Install Backup Generators and Auto Transfer Switches (ATS)

Our Electrical Contractors are well versed in a wide variety of different electrical issues both big and small. Our customers can count on us to install backup generators to keep their homes and businesses powered. If you’re a business owner, power outages can throw a real monkey wrench in your normal operations. This is one of the many reasons why our round-the-clock service is part of our commitment to second-to-none customer service. Our electricians can install backup generators to prepare for those unpredictable power outages.

We also install Auto Transfer Switches (ATS) as well. Our Electrical Contractors understand that automatic transfer switches are the brains of your entire electrical system. Once we install these automatic transfer switches, your electrical system can switch between your utility to generate consistent power. However, when there is a power outage, an ATS will automatically switch or toggle to your backup generator. Our customers deserve the best. They also deserve access to service when they need it most.

Commercial and Industrial Service

Our commercial and industrial services are a great help to our business owners. Our electricians do it all. We can perform ground-up construction, remodels, and additions for electrical work. If you’re building new office space, our electricians can install the wiring and anything else electrical that you may need for additions and remodels as well. We also cater to the needs of our industrial customers as well. We can provide wiring and electrical services for automotive and paint booths, food distribution set-ups, the electrical needs for marine, and airport concessions. We can provide electrical service for a wide variety of different situations. You can trust our team of expert electricians with all of your needs.

Security and Emergency Services

Regardless of whether you run a business or own a home, security lighting is important. If you work late at the office you need to know that there is adequate lighting when you walk out to your car. Seasonal lighting may also be a focus for both home and business owners. Some residential customers may enjoy putting up exterior lights for Christmas. We are well versed when it comes to seasonal lighting as well. Some businesses decorate their exterior business premises with seasonal lighting as well. We do it all for our customers. Our electricians can also provide emergency power services, service upgrades, and code corrections. We are troubleshooting specialists. Our skilled and experienced Electrical Contractors have the experience and know-how to resolve a variety of different electrical issues in different kinds of spaces and places. When you’re facing an electrical emergency, you need to trust the services of tried and proven Electrical Contractors. Our electricians uphold our level of excellence for our customers.

Code Corrections

We take pride in our electrical services. Even if you’re a business owner who’s leasing space, we can provide electrical service for leased space as well. We can take care of all of the wiring issues for leased space as well. Our design and build projects are helpful for both business owners and residential customers as well. We can provide motor controls as well. Our electricians can provide a wide variety of different services regardless of the space. We help with new builds for homeowners and business owners. Our customers don’t have to want for anything. Our electricians will be your Johnny on the Spot and take care of any electrical issue you may be having. Many of us have had work done by shade tree electricians who may not have known exactly what they were doing. Faulty wiring and an array of other electrical issues and problems may have ensued. No worries, we can perform code corrections for faulty or unsafe wiring dilemmas. As we’ve said before, we do it all. Entrust the care of all your electrical services to our electricians. We want nothing less for our family.

Regardless of what your electrical issues are, big or small, our Electrical Contractors can take care of you. Our electricians show up for our customers. Business owners and homeowners alike can take pride in trusting all of their electrical issues to a company with a proven track record of excellence. If you need a backup generator for your home or office, or simply want to install lighting on your backyard deck. We can do it. Give us a call. Remember, no electrical issue is too small. Our Electrical Contractors show up and show out for Arlington, TX customers. Give us at Tioga Contractors a shout. We’re ready to handle all of your electrical needs.

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If you are a new homeowner then one of the best things that you can do for your home and your peace of mind is to find a reliable electrical contractor as soon as possible. Electricity is dangerous and it is advised not to work on any electrical components in your home other than changing a light bulb or changing a plug of one of your appliances. You will run into an electrical problem eventually. It might be an emergency or it might be a large repair job. It is best to have an electrical contractor in mind before you have to deal with unpleasant situations. There are a few things that you need to think about and do before choosing your go-to electrician. Tioga Contractors in Irving, TX would like to tell you about the steps that you should take and the things that you should consider before hiring an electrician. If you take your time with these steps then you will not have to do it again because you will find an electrician that will meet all your needs. Here are some of the things to look out for when choosing an electrical contractor.

Research Is the Most Important

The most important thing that you could do to make sure that you hire a great electrical contractor is to do an adequate amount of research. There are many companies out there that you could choose from, thus you have to find enough information about them to make an informed decision instead of just going with the one that has the best price or the highest reviews. You can find information online or you can call the companies if you have questions that could not be answered by the information that is present online.


As mentioned before it is important to have enough information about the contractors to make sure that you choose the right one. You should also make sure that the electrical contractor that you plan on hiring is knowledgeable and knows how to repair your electrical system. It is also imperative that they know about the latest technology that could benefit your electrical system. Most electricians have to study for a period of time and then they have to gain practical experience while working under a mentor to make sure that they have all the skills to repair the electrical system safely and without assistance. Electricians have a lot more knowledge about how to install components. maintain components and repair electrical faults than the average homeowner thus you should not attempt to repair your electrical system yourself. Most homeowners do not know what safety procedures to follow in order to make sure that they do not get electrocuted or start an electrical fire.

Being a Priority

Tioga Contractors in Irving, TX know how important it is for a customer to feel like they are a priority. This is especially important when it comes to your electrical system because you need electricity to continue with your daily tasks. The company that you plan to choose should answer the phone quickly, provide you with high-quality customer service and answer any questions that you might have regarding your electrical system. It is important that the service provider keeps you in the loop if an electrician will be late or if they need to reschedule. They should be willing to explain anything that you do not understand, especially after you have received the quotes. It is also important to note what their availability is like and how long it takes them to schedule an appointment or provide you with quotes and estimates.

Prepared and Punctual

It is common practice for electrical contractors to do a preliminary inspection to assess the problem and determine what the possible solutions could be. During this inspection, you should assess how punctual they are and if they arrive at your property prepared. You should see if they have all the tools necessary to determine the cause of the fault. If they are late or they need to return to the office to pick up tools or parts then it is a good indication of what their services will be like when you hire them. If an electrical contractor arrives at your home and they are prepared and know what to do then it is likely that they will complete projects on time and not waste your time. This is important when you hire them to carry out large projects such as replacing the writing throughout your home.

Emergency Services

The last thing that you should consider before assigning an electrical contractor as your go-to electrician is whether or not they provide emergency services. It is best to find an electrician that also provides emergency services as well as normal day-to-day services. If your electrician is familiar with your home and the electrical layout then they will be able to find the cause of the problem and resolve it faster compared to a new service provider. You should also be able to trust that the electrician will not leave your home in a worse state than before the repairs. Electrical emergencies can be dangerous and stressful hence why you should hire a trustworthy and reliable service provider.

Here are some of the things that you should consider before hiring an electrical contractor that you plan to use regularly in the future. Tioga Contractors in Irving, TX would like to remind you that it is best to hire a professional instead of repairing or installing electrical components yourself. It will save you money and stress in the long run and the components are less likely to fail.

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An essential part of modern life, electricity is used for lighting, heating, cooling, refrigeration, and operating appliances, including computers, electronics, machinery, and public transportation systems. It is hard to think of life without electricity and electrical contractors.

Improper designs, installations, counterfeit products, faulty wiring or equipment, and overloading of power sockets could lead to electrical hazards such as fires and electrocution. Conversely, this culminates in the loss of life and property, thus homeowners ought to invest more and pay special attention to electrical systems to avert this loss.

To avoid these electrical hazards, you can involve electrical contractors in the planning, installing, and repairing wiring of indoor and outdoor electrical systems in residential, commercial, and industrial facilities. In this blog post, you’ll discover ways to safeguard your property from electrical mishaps.

Investing in Safe Electrical Design

Professional electrical designs play a big part in preventing electrical hazards, thus saving lives and properties. Therefore, homeowners should carefully choose electrical contractors to design, install, upgrade or remodel their electrical systems.

Qualified designers conceptualize wiring and power distribution models that fit the needs of an individual project and update engineers and clients on the progress.

Poor designs can contribute to fire outbreaks and consequently huge losses. It is wise to consult an electrical contractor in Arlington, TX, to help you identify a professional designer.

Quality Installation

To protect your property from damage, install high-quality and durable electrical equipment. For instance, you can have switchgear to prevent current leakage, voltage surge, short circuits, and overload while improving electrical efficiency and safety.

Another crucial electrical component is a circuit breaker that shields devices from overload and short-circuits. Residual current circuit breakers are best installed in washrooms, kitchens, and laundries to detect disconnections and leakage in circuits.

Proficient electrical contractors can help you select quality installation devices in the market and help you in fitting them.

Regular Maintenance

Regular maintenance of electrical equipment can improve performance, reduce accidents and guarantee safety. Well-maintained equipment operates at optimal levels and lasts longer. Malfunctioning electrical equipment consumes more power, which means additional bills and may put your life in danger.

For instance, if you have a washing machine, you can check them every three months to avoid leakages that could lead to electrocution. Also, if you suspect that your refrigerator is consuming more power than expected, chances are gas could be escaping due to a technical fault.

Electrical contractors in Arlington, TX, will help you with information on your electrical appliances and electronics cleaning and maintenance.


Electrical outlets and power strips hold a certain amount of electrical voltage, and plugging in a device with a higher wattage has disastrous consequences.

Avoid overloading power strips and if you are not conversant with electrical voltage in devices, contact an electrical contractor. To reduce the risk of an electrical fire, use power strips with circuit breaker features that trip once devices are overloaded.

Damaged Cords and Wires

Get your electrical system serviced at least once a year by reliable electrical contractors lest your cords get melted, frayed, blackened, or corroded. Once the outer sheathing is damaged, the exposed live wires underneath become susceptible to fires.

Unplug electronic appliances by pulling on the plug instead of the cord to prevent such tears. Never cover an exposed wire with tape since it can catch fire.

Working Smoke Alarm

Almost three out of five home fire deaths in the United States are caused by fires in properties with no smoke alarms.

Smoke detectors save you millions. Think of it, the warning by smoke detectors gives you time to escape before a fire outbreak. Hence, ensure your fire alarm is functional by inspecting it every month. Dealing with smoke detectors can be tricky, so consult electrical contractors for assistance.

Use Power Surge Protector

Connect all your electrical appliances to a surge protector before turning them on-this is extremely useful in areas with unstable power supply. Turn off electrical equipment such as TVs and computers when not in use to avoid overheating or a power surge that can damage the electronics or cause a fire. For appropriate power surge equipment contact an electrical contractor.

Dry Electrical Appliances

Keep electrical appliances from moisture and water. In case an electronic device falls into water, put off the power supply at your home’s electrical panel before trying to recover it. It would be best to have the device checked by a technician to ensure safe use. If you have no technician in mind, ask for help from an electrical contractor.

Keep Electrical Outlets Protected

Ensure that all electrical outlets are well covered. If they are left exposed, toddlers are likely to stick objects in and put babies at risk of an electric shock. Keep walkways and aisles clear of electrical cords or cables to prevent people from tripping. If you need assistance tidying the electrical codes on the walkways, ask for help from electrical contractors.

Cushion Electrical Appliances Against Weather Conditions

Do not leave electrical appliances exposed to weather conditions. Thunderstorms, snow, and ice cause power surge and could ruin electronic devices in your home.

Always have surge protection in place to protect against damage to your electronics. Use a doorbell with a waterproof cap. Also, put plans in place for severe weather. During winter, check out your property for possible hazards. If you need assistance with this, contact an able electrical contractor.

Your Trusted Electrical Contractors in Arlington, TX

At Tioga Contractors, we help you avoid electrical risks and hazards in your home through our top-notch electrical services.

Our technicians are committed to providing the best solutions to your electrical needs. They are available 24/7 for emergency services. You can also rely on us for commercial and residential installations, modeling, landscape or outdoor lighting, motor controls, high voltage repairs, and troubleshooting. Contact us today!

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According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, electrocutions associated with large appliances were 15 percent, those related to small appliances were 14 percent, and those related to lighting equipment were 7 percent.

These electrocution report figures are an indication that electrocutions are often caused by electricity mixing with water or mishandled electricity. Electricity can cause electric shock, psychological impairment, neurological damage, and electrical fires if not well handled.

As a homeowner, if you need to engage the services of an electrical contractor in Irving, TX, for electrical issues. Below are some things you can do while waiting for the electrician to arrive at yourself, your family, and your house

Switch Off Main Power Supply

Electricity can be a deadly and invisible risk if mishandled. As you wait for your electrical contractor to arrive you can disconnect the main circuit breaker that connects all wiring in your home.

Terminating the electrical server stops the movement of energy from the power source to your home’s electrical panel. The disconnect can help you lower the risk of injuries or electrocution as a homeowner.

Tidy Up the House and Remove Obstructions

A tidy house provides a safe working space for your electrician. Tripping over wobbly objects on the floor, skidding on greasy wet surfaces, or striking against poorly piled materials can trigger electrical mishaps.

Poor housekeeping cultures can easily cause electrical accidents for homeowners. Clear traffic from corridors, floors, and access routes before your electrician arrives.

Did you know that pets often become excited and unruly when they see strangers? In case you have a pet, lock it. Dogs are especially notorious for chewing cables and can cause severe electrical fires and electrocution if left unattended during electrical routine checkups.

Your furry cat can trigger static shock if it has the habit of hopping about when excited at the sight of visitors. Kittens are fond of curling up on warm electrical appliances and can cause electrical accidents.

Crawling babies love to explore and occasionally get into the wrong places and spark poorly secured working sites. Keep them away from electrical environments, as this will make work easier for your electrical contractor.

Track the Exact Electrical Fixture

Spotting electrical issues can sometimes be a daunting task for homeowners in Irving, TX, especially when the electrical issues do not happen regularly. Periodically checking wiring and connections can proactively avert serious issues.

Just before your electrician arrives, be keen to check on the electrical damage that has occurred. Don’t just look ignorant and oblivious of the electrical issues in your house.

Prepare a coherent, detailed explanation regarding the electrical installation or repair work. If you have no idea of basic electrical wiring issues, then at least have some basic records of the last repairs and installations that were done on your worn-out electrical appliances.

Prepare psychologically by asking the right questions. This you will only do if you have spoken to several other electrical experts. Always get at least two different bids and quotations before hiring a final electrical contractor.

Have Emergency Cash for Unanticipated High Electrical Payments

The cost of electrical repairs for most homeowners varies, but the average is $75 per hour. Several factors contribute to what your electrician will charge, for instance, extended working hours, strenuous work, or distance covered to reach your site.

Before your electrical contractor arrives, give them their job description and request a quotation. Have some emergency cash at hand that will handle any unexpected electrical repairs and costs.

Be Organized

Before your electrical contractor arrives, prepare a detailed list of what you want them to install, repair or maintain. To save resources and time on electrical repair work, batch all installations, repairs, and maintenance together. Other than fixing your electrical repairs, remind your electrical expert to check for any electrical upgrades that need attention.

Also, plan your day well. If you need to use the electricity for lighting, warming food, ironing, or showering, do these chores in advance. Organize yourself not to be disrupted when the main power supply is switched off during the electrical repairs.

Remember to alert your neighbors of any inconveniences. Electrical repairs can occasionally cause loud buzzes and hums, which could irritate your neighbors. Your neighbors might experience random shutdowns and networks, be polite and warn them.

Ensure that you have backup tools and equipment on-site if your electrical contractor forgets theirs. Having a ladder on-site in case your electrician has to navigate through heights can be ideal. It should not be aluminum or steel as these can pass an electric current through your electrical expert’s body.

Instead, opt for wooden or fiberglass ladders, which are not good conductors of heat. Have some spare insulated rubber gloves for your electrical expert to ensure their protection against arc flashes and electric shocks.

Power needs to be available when the contractor is working for testing purposes. Avoid power blackout days and contact your electrical contractor only when the electricity will be available.

Be well-versed with the nearest electrical supply shops that are in your locality. Your electrician might need to purchase some last-minute electrical ware spares from an electrical shop. Be prepared in case this happens.


It sounds funny and even weird, but you should be calm and composed before your electrical contractor arrives. It’s normal to feel overwhelmed when facing a serious electrical emergency. But, it’s important to find ways to relax so that you can coherently speak to your electrical specialist when they arrive.

Relaxing before your electrician arrives is also important because your electrical worker can easily pick on your nonverbal cues. If you are stressed, it may be difficult for your electrical contractor to diagnose your electrical issues quickly.

Tioga Contractors: Your Electrical Expert

For over 30 years, Tioga ContractorsIrving, TX has grown from a small business into the area’s premier choice for electrical services. We have trained and certified electrical experts who can help you with electrical installations for residential, commercial, and industrial purposes.

We boast of a strong niche, a sturdy market penetration, an extensive customer base, the most contemporary technology, and a good reputation in the industry. Call us today for your electrical and wiring issues. Our qualified emergency electricians are available 24 hours.

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In today’s modern world, people have come to rely on electricity. When the electricity goes off, people often do not know what to do with themselves. There are many appliances that do not work without electricity and these appliances bring people comfort and entertainment. If your electricity goes out then it can be caused by a variety of reasons thus it is best to hire electrical contractors to assist you in these matters. Tioga Contractors in Arlington, TX would like to inform you of five different problems that electrical contractors face so that you know when it is time to hire an electrical contractor.

1. Power Dips

Your electrical system is connected to various other systems in your house. Your electrical system should be able to handle quite a few appliances without trouble. If the appliance is faulty or damaged then it can cause dips in the power. Power dips are categorized by lights that go dim and bright again. This can happen once the appliance is turned on or this can continue to happen as the device stays on. The dimming of the lights is caused by the appliance drawing too much electricity. Electrical contractors will look at your power grid to make sure that nothing is amiss before finding the faulty appliance. Faulty appliances often have to be replaced but in some cases, they can be repaired. Your electrical service provider will be able to suggest places where your faulty appliances can be repaired.

2. Frequent Electrical Surges

An electrical surge occurs when there is a massive increase in the voltage of the electricity that is fed into your house. This spike in voltage can damage your appliances because they are not designed to be able to handle voltage above a certain point. Sometimes power surges can be caused by a storm, damaged power lines, or a house that has poor electrical wiring. Power surges can damage electronic devices beyond repair and replacing them regularly is very costly. If you are experiencing electrical surges then it is best to contact local electrical contractors to take a look at your home to determine the cause of these surges. They might install surge protectors on your outlets that will protect your appliances or they will have to fix the wiring within your home.

3. Breakers That Trip Often

Circuit breakers are installed onto your distribution board to help protect your home against irregular currents or appliances that use too much electricity. Your circuit breaker will shut off the main supply of energy to your house when an irregularity is spotted. This is to help prevent electrical fires from starting and to protect the rest of the electrical system from damage. If you notice that your circuit breaker is tripping more often than usual then Tioga Contractors in Arlington, TX would recommend that you hire electrical contractors. Your circuit breaker might be faulty and you would require a new one or some of your wiring might be faulty and will need to be replaced. It is always best to hire a contractor when it comes to anything electrical-related. Electricity is powerful and one mistake can kill you or leave you disfigured.

4. Uncovered Junction Boxes

The junction box in your house has a bunch of wires that are connected to each other as well as various areas of your house. In order to prevent electrical shocks, your junction box should have a cover. The cover will prevent children from getting close to the dangerous wires. You will have to contact electrical contractors to have a replace the cover for you. While they do that, they can also inspect the junction box to make sure that all the connections are functional and in good condition. Even though an uncovered junction box does not seem like a big problem. A covered junction box can prevent electrical fires and shocks to your loved ones.

5. Overloaded Circuit Panel

Your circuit panel or distribution board in your home is only able to accommodate a certain amount of appliances and electronic devices. If you are using too many appliances then your electrical system cannot handle the demand which causes the circuit breaker to trip often to avoid damages to your electrical system. A quick solution would be to unplug all the appliances that are not being used. If the problem persists then it is best to hire an electrical contractor because there might be a much larger problem that you are unaware of. Another problem is that some people think that installing more circuit breakers than required will increase the safety of their system. Using a tandem breaker in one slot instead of two single pole breakers is a code violation. That is why it is important to hire electrical contractors that are trained and have the needed experience to carry out electrical repairs according to the safety standards. This is also why you should not attempt electrical repairs yourself. It can lead to many code violations that will put the safety of your family and home at risk.

Now that you know which problems electrical contractors face, you will be able to identify them in your home and determine that it is best to call a professional. Leaving it up to a professional will save you a lot of time and effort. If you hire Tioga Contractors then you be hiring the best electrical contractors that provide a wide variety of services for any and all of your electrical needs. You will not have to look around to find a great service provider which is convenient.

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