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A water heater in your Keller, TX, home is a crucial appliance, and you rely on it to work every day. Over time, though, it will show signs that it’s no longer working as efficiently as it used to or needs repair.

A damaged water heater will cause a lot of problems in your home. From being unable to take hot showers to having lukewarm water, it’s essential to know the signs that your water heater needs repair. Here are ten undeniable signs you need water heater repair in Keller, TX.

1. Your Water Heater Is Leaking

If you see water pooling around your water heater, it’s time to call a professional for water heater repair.

There are many reasons for water leakage, like:

· damaged or corroded pipes

· a faulty pressure relief valve

· loose connections

· a crack in the tank

If you don’t take care of the problem, it can cause extensive water damage to your home. Plus, you’ll be wasting water and money as water leaks out each time you use hot water. An expert in water heater repair in Keller, TX, can help you fix the problem to get back to using hot water without worry.

2. Your Water Heater Is Making Weird Noises

Suppose you hear strange popping or banging noises from your water heater. In that case, it could indicate that the unit is over-pressurized. It is a severe problem that should be fixed immediately by a professional.

Different noises indicate specific problems. For example, if you hear a “hissing” noise, there is a gas leak, which is a hazardous problem. You should evacuate the premises immediately and call the gas company. If you smell rotten eggs, your water heater is burning natural gas. Again, you should leave the house and call the gas company.

3. You Have Lukewarm Water

If the water from your taps isn’t as hot as it used to be, it’s time for a repair. It is usually caused by a problem with the thermostat or heating element and can be easily fixed by a qualified water heater repair technician in Keller, TX. A thermostat is a simple device that controls the water temperature in your home. If it’s not working correctly, the water in your home won’t be as hot as it should be. The heating element is what heats the water in your home. If it’s not working, the water won’t be hot at all.

4. There’s Rust in Your Water

If you notice rust-colored water coming out of your faucets, it’s a sign that your water heater needs to be replaced. Over time, the tank can corrode and rust, impurities in your water supply. Using impure water will lead to decreased water quality and put your family at risk for health problems.

If you have a water heater that is more than ten years old, it is essential to have it checked regularly by a qualified technician. Even if it appears to be working correctly, the tank may be rusting on the inside, which can contaminate your water supply.

5. You Have No Hot Water

It is one of the most obvious signs you need water heater repair. If no hot water comes out of your taps, there could be a problem with the gas line or pilot light. Call a professional water heater repair service to take a look and see what the problem is.

For example, the gas line may be turned off, the pilot light may be out, or there could be a problem with the thermostat. If you have an electric water heater, the heating elements may need to be replaced.

6. Your Water Heater Is Over 10 Years Old

If a water heater is over ten years old, it’s probably time for a replacement. With proper maintenance, a water heater should last around 10-15 years before needing to be replaced entirely.

7. Your Energy Bills Are High

If you noticed your energy bills have increased recently and can’t figure out why it might be due to an inefficient water heater. Older models are less energy-efficient than newer ones, so replacing an old unit could save you money in the long run.

Some benefits of using an energy-efficient water heater include:

– Reduced energy bills

– Fewer greenhouse gas emissions

– improved comfort

8. There’s Water Around the Base of Your Tank

If you have an electric water heater, there should never be water around the tank’s base. If you do see water, it means a tank leak needs to be repaired or replaced immediately.

Some reasons for water stagnation include:

– Corroded water heater tank

– Loose drain valves

– High water pressure

– Improper installation

For example, loose drain valves can cause water to seep out and create a puddle around the base of your water heater.

9. Your Pilot Light Keeps Going Out

If you have a gas-powered water heater and the pilot light keeps going out, there might be something wrong with the ventilation system. It is hazardous because it could lead to carbon monoxide buildup in your home if not fixed immediately. Carbon monoxide is a colorless, odorless gas that can be deadly. It causes symptoms like:

– headache

– nausea

– dizziness

– shortness of breath

– confusion

10. Your Bathroom and Kitchen Sinks Are Draining Slow

It could be caused by a blockage in the sewer line or something else entirely, but if all your other drains are working fine and only your sinks are draining slowly, chances are there’s something wrong with your water heater.

Some reasons for slow drainage include:

– A buildup of sediment in the tank

– A faulty heating element

– A problem with the thermostat

If you’re having any of these issues, it’s best to call a professional for water heater repair to take a look at your water heater. Trying to fix it yourself could worsen the problem and even be dangerous.

Need Help with Water Heater Repairs? Call Tioga Contractors

Our team of experts is here to help with all your water heater repair needs. We have certified and licensed professionals knowledgeable in various water heater brands and models.

From simple fixes to complete replacements, we’ve got you covered. Call Tioga Contractors today to schedule a consultation.

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In most households, the kitchen is one of the busiest and most essential spaces in the home. For the kitchen to function, it needs a working plumbing system. If your kitchen sink develops a clog, it can cause backup and prevent you from running your sink faucet or washing dishes. For stubborn clogs or leaking kitchen pipes, you’ll need a professional plumber. However, wouldn’t it be ideal if you could prevent frequent plumbing problems in your kitchen? You can if you follow some routine plumbing maintenance tips. While you can always contact Tioga Contractors for our full range of plumbing services, you can rely on these tips to keep your Irving, TX, kitchen plumbing working optimally.

Protect Your Kitchen Drains

A clogged drain is one of the top reasons someone may need the services of a professional plumber. You can protect your kitchen drain by using a simple drain screen device that prevents any food scraps of debris from washing into the drain. Food debris is a top cause of kitchen drain clogs. While tiny food particles may seem like no cause for concern when they flow down the drain, these particles have a habit of sticking around in the bends of drains or getting caught up in grease that’s hardening in the drain pipe.

As the food debris piles up in the drain, it can develop into a big clog that will require the skills of a professional. Tioga Contractors tackles stubborn kitchen clogs all the time, but many of these clogs can easily be prevented simply by preventing food and grease from flowing down the drain. But clogs aren’t the only cause of concern. Large clogs can actually damage your pipes. The clogs can put pressure on pipes. In areas where pipes connect at the seams or valves, leaks can easily develop because of a clog. To protect your Irving, TX, plumbing system, you’ll want to avoid clog development as much as possible.

Clean Your Drains

Drain cleaning can help you maintain your kitchen drains. Even when being careful, grease, fats, oil, and food particles can still find their way into your drain. However, with drain cleaning services, you can ensure those materials are washed away before they can develop into a clog. A plumber from our team can clean your drains using an auger or hydro jetting. Some people rely on commercial drain cleaners to keep their drains cleaned. Unfortunately, these products can harm your pipes. It’s much safer to call Tioga Contractors to let us clean your drains safely and professionally.

Check for Leaks

Leaks are another common problem that can occur in kitchens as elsewhere in your plumbing system. In many cases, a leak will be obvious. You may find that a puddle has formed underneath your kitchen sink. On the other hand, some leaks are hidden, which makes locating them difficult. That’s why it’s important to inspect your kitchen plumbing from time to time. For instance, if you notice the development of mold on a wall near your sink or dishwasher, there’s definitely a moisture problem, and it could be a plumbing leak. If you find or even suspect a kitchen leak, you can call us and we’ll send an experienced plumber to your home. We can find the leak and make the necessary repairs.

However, it’s important to check for leaks because the wasted water can cause your water bill to substantially increase. The leaking water can also cause damage to your flooring or walls. If the water leads to an outbreak of mold, you’ll have the additional headache of remediating the mold problem.

Clean Your Faucet

Most people are used to cleaning their kitchen faucet and sink as a matter of routine. But consider removing the aerator from your faucet periodically. The aerator can get clogged by sediment and minerals from hard water. Keeping your aerator clean may help you protect the longevity of your faucet. Faucets don’t last forever, so it’s helpful to safeguard yours so you don’t have to call a plumber to replace them any sooner than necessary.

Avoid Using Commercial Drain Cleaners

As mentioned commercial drain cleaners can cause damage to pipes, but how? And why are they sold as safe for use? Sometimes drain cleaners do what they’re supposed to do–they clear clogs. To do this, they rely on their active ingredients, powerful chemicals, to react in the drain. The chemicals often produce heat and literally eat away at the clog to open the pipe back up. However, these chemicals simply aren’t good for your pipes. Using them repeatedly is asking for trouble. The corrosive properties of the chemicals can also cause your pipes to become more brittle.

There’s also this common problem: commercial drain cleaners don’t always work. Frequently, the drain cleaners can’t power through stubborn clogs. However, once they’re dumped down the drain, they’ll remain there until the clog is removed and the pipe can be flushed. These powerful clogs definitely demand the skills of a plumber. A plumber won’t use a drain cleaner, however. They have the equipment needed to safely clear away the clog. In the meantime, those chemicals sitting in your drain pipe aren’t doing your plumbing system any favors. To be safe, contact a plumber in the first place and avoid using a drain cleaner.

By maintaining your kitchen plumbing system, you can reduce the incidence of clogs and even leaks in many cases. If your plumbing system does develop any problems, you can call Tioga Contractors so a plumber from our team can visit your Irving, TX, home. Our plumbing pros are certified and highly trained. We can quickly diagnose your plumbing problems and make the necessary repairs. Contact us to learn more about our services.

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If you own a home in Grapevine, TX then at some point you will have to start to think about the various trades that you may need to invite into your home to help you repair certain things. At the very least you will probably have an HVAC technician, plumber, and contractor in your home at some point. Depending on the age of your home you may also be looking at a roofer or a slider.

Want to invite somebody into your home you want to make sure that they are the right person for the job. This is especially true if you find yourself needing a Texas plumber to come into your home to make a repair. Unlike other trades, plumbing repairs carry a certain degree of risk with them since an improperly performed repair may result in flood damage which is often more costly than the repair itself.

Therefore you want to be careful when choosing a plumbing company to come into your home. Some of the things that you can do when investigating your options include talking to family and friends, checking out online reviews, and checking the accreditations of any applicable plumbing company. You can simply never be too careful when choosing the right plumbing company to take care of your home’s needs.

With all of that in mind, you may now be wondering when you actually need to call a plumbing company. If you are lucky enough that you haven’t had any plumbing issues before, then you may not be sure what you can handle on your own and when you should call in a professional for help. The following guide addresses a few times when you should always call a professional plumber to come out to your house. While there are some DIY tasks the average homeowner can handle, plumbing is never one of them. Here are the top times that you need to contact a professional plumbing company to help solve your water issues.

Burst Pipe

Anyone who has ever had to deal with a burst pipe in their home has seen the incredible amount of water that can come out of a pipe suddenly. Well, most pipes don’t burst because of freezing weather in Grapevine, TX, there are other reasons why they may. Therefore every homeowner should be on guard for what to do in case a pipe suddenly bursts within their home.

Remember that it might not always be visible because it is possible for a pipe to leak or explode from behind a wall within a ceiling or under your flooring. Regardless of where the situation occurs the result is almost always a huge influx of water in a small area within a short time period. If you find yourself in the situation you need to immediately call for help from a plumber. Before making the phone call make sure you shut off your water main so you can stop the water from treating any more damage.

Toilet Replacement

Another home plumbing task that is best left to a professional is toilet replacement. A lot of homeowners think that swapping out one toilet for another is a simple task but in reality, it is actually quite complex. Not only do you need to remove the old toilet but you need to make sure that the wax seal is tight between the toilet and the floor in order to prevent any leaks.

It is also important that you consider the size of your toilet before you buy a new one. A plumber will look at the size of your old toilet and take into account the surrounding open space. You need a toilet that will fit into your bathroom space but still provide you with the things you would like such as a tall or small rounded toilet. Depending on your existing bathroom decor you might also want to consider a custom toilet which a plumbing company can certainly help you with. Most toilets receive more traffic than home furniture therefore this is an element of your house that you want to give a lot of thought to even if it seems like an afterthought.

Clogged Drains

Clogged drains are every homeowner‘s nightmare because most of the time they are accompanied by sewer backups. If you have ever had to clean sewage out of your kitchen sink or basement floor you know just how disastrous one clogged sink or drain can be. This is why you don’t want to mess around with a clogged drain. It is always better to call a plumber and have the problem taken care of correctly the first time around so then you don’t have to deal with it a second time.

Water Heater Repair/Replacement

Another thing that you need help from a plumber with is water heater repair or replacement. A water heater is a highly specialized appliance within your home that is responsible for delivering hot water at a moment’s notice. Not only does it need to be sized correctly to deliver enough hot water to everyone in your home but the installation of your water heater often determines its eventual lifespan. Therefore you need to work with a certified plumber to replace or repair the water heater in your home.

Leaky Pipes

A plumbing leak is not something that you want to mess around with because even a small leak can result in the loss of thousands of gallons of water per year. Therefore if you notice that you have a leak in your home, you need to call a Grapevine, TX plumbing company right away to take care of the issue. They cannot only pinpoint where the leak is, but they can offer solutions that will hold so then you won’t have to deal with a leaky pipe again.

Water Main Repairs

If you are lucky, you will never have to deal with a water main repair, but in some situations, you may. If there is a problem with your main water line, it is imperative that you hire a plumber who is experienced with working with the main water line. Given that it needs to be excavated and then repaired, you should never work with somebody without experience or attempt to do this task on your own.

If you are experiencing any of the above issues, give Tioga Contractors a call and we will send someone out to your home to take a look.

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The average American household in the US spent about $115 a month in electricity bills. There are plenty of tips and tricks that you can implement if your electricity bills are significantly higher or if you want to lower your overall spending. Some of the things are fairly straightforward. For example, you can rely more on natural light and keep your curtains open. However, some other things may require the help of an electrician in Arlington, TX.

An experienced professional can provide you with more information on whether any of these suggestions would be a good fit for your home. The electrician can conduct an energy audit in order to see what your household’s energy consumption is. From there, they’ll be able to provide you with some suggestions on what changes you can make. It’s always a good idea to leave most of the electrical work to the professionals. After all, improper electrical work can lead to many issues, like electrical fires. Improper electrical work and also lead to an increased need for electrical repairs.

#1. Upgrade the Electrical Panel

If you live in an older home, there’s a very good chance that your electrical panel does not have the capacity to handle your household’s electrical needs. This is particularly true for newer homes. More modern homes typically have more electrical appliances and have higher electrical needs. For example, consider whether you were on coffee in the morning or whether you power your electronics at home. If you work from home, your computer is probably always on. Electrical panels in older homes are not designed to handle so many electrical needs. As a result, the entire system often gets overworked.

One of the easiest ways to make your home a lot more energy efficient is to upgrade the electrical panel. This will take a huge load off of the entire electrical system. In order to get a better idea of the type of electrical panels that your home needs, contact an electrician as soon as possible. They can tell you how much of an upgrade you need and where the electrical panels should be installed. In most cases, they’ll be able to install it in the same area.

#2. Install a Smart Light Switch

If you are someone who regularly forgets to turn off the lights when you leave the room, you should consider upgrading and installing a smart light switch. Just like with an electrical panel, there are a lot of things that go into installing a smart light switch. Due to this reason, you definitely want to find an electrician in Arlington, TX to help you do the installation. They will not only be able to ensure that everything is installed properly, but they will also be able to offer some type of guarantee or warranty for their work.

A smart light switch can detect whether you are in the home or in a room. If the light switch detects that you were not inside the room, it will automatically turn off all the lights. Similarly, you can also look for a system that will automatically detect movement within a room. When you walk into the room, the smart light switch will turn all the lights on. Some of the smart systems can even dim the lights or turn them to different settings depending on the time of the day. They can make your life a lot more convenient.

Finding the right smart light switch that is compatible with your home electrical system, however, is not always easy. Fortunately, you can always contact an electrician for help.

#3. Install a Smart Thermostat

Other than the lights, your home’s HVAC system also uses a lot of energy. However, without a functional HVAC system, you’ll feel very uncomfortable. It’s important for the indoor temperature to fall anywhere between 68 and 72°F. If the temperature is too warm, you might end up increasing your risk for heat exhaustion, heat fatigue, and dehydration. If it’s too cold, you also might end up getting sick more. Many homeowners will find that their energy bills will start to skyrocket when they need to turn on either their heating or cooling.

Another thing that an electrician in Arlington, TX can do is help you install a smart thermostat. This is essentially a Wi-Fi-enabled device that will be able to monitor indoor temperature. It can then adjust the HVAC settings accordingly in order to keep the entire system running as efficiently as possible. The smart thermostat can also generate energy reports and automatically turn your HVAC system on and off depending on your proximity to your home. If you leave the front door, it can automatically turn off the HVAC system even if you have forgotten.

We Can Fulfill All Your Electrical Needs!

There are plenty of things that you can do to cut your energy bills. Most of these suggestions will require the help of an electrician. It’s always a good idea to contact an electrician for all of your electrical needs. Know your own limits. A professional is not only licensed and insured, but will also be able to do all of the work to a certain standard.

Here, at Tioga Contractors, we are a family-owned and operated company with a lot of electrical experience. The electrician that we send to your home can complete a wide range of electrical jobs and can provide you with all of the information that you need to make an informed decision. We are committed to doing an exemplary job and our results will last. Our team also offers convenient scheduling and competitive prices. We can guarantee that you will get a great deal from us for all electrical services. This can be anything from installing new lighting to upgrading the electrical panels in your home.

For more help, reach out to our team at 469-789-1293. You can expect prompt services and honest and transparent advice. We will never try to upsell or undersell you!

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Most homeowners don’t realize the value of their plumbing system until something goes wrong. When that happens, it can be a headache. Unfortunately, plumbing issues always seem to occur at the worst possible time, like a holiday weekend or in the middle of a big project. For those reasons and more, having a professional plumber on standby that you can call at a moment’s notice is critical.

If you’re looking for a licensed plumbing company in Bedford, TX, Tioga Contractors is here to help. Our experienced professionals have been serving the area for years, and we’re ready to put our knowledge and skills to work for you.

This guide will look at the components and design principles that make up a home plumbing system and why you should consider an expert plumber for any repair or installation job. Read on.

The Main Parts of a Home’s Plumbing System

A home’s plumbing system has three main components that are vital to the safety of your water supply, as well as the proper functioning of your drains and fixtures. Here’s a breakdown of these essential components.

#1. The water supply system brings water into your home

This system includes the main water shutoff valve, the water meter, and the water lines. The water lines are the pipes that bring city water into your home. The water is usually under high pressure so it can get to all areas of your house.

The shutoff valve is located near the water meter or where the water lines come into your house. It’s important to know where this valve is in case of a plumbing emergency. This valve will stop water flow into your home, which can help prevent further damage.

#2. The drain-waste-vent system (DWV) takes water away from your home

Wastewater from your house must be eliminated, and that’s where the DWV system comes in. Instead of relying on pressure, drainage components rely on gravity to move fluids. The main parts of this system are the drains, waste lines, traps, and vent stack.

The drains are the pipes that take water and waste away from your home. They connect to the sewer line or your home’s septic system.

Waste lines are the pipes that connect the drains to the sewer line or septic tank. These pipes are usually made of PVC (polyvinyl chloride) or ABS (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene).

The traps are located under each fixture. They hold water, which creates a seal that prevents sewer gasses from entering your home.

The vent stack is a pipe that goes through the roof. It releases sewer gasses and allows air to enter the DWV system, which prevents a vacuum from forming.

#3. The fixtures are the places where water is used in your home

Fixtures include sinks, toilets, showers, tubs, and dishwashers. These are all connected to the water lines and drains. Plumbing fixtures have two main parts: the valve and the spout.

The valve controls the flow of water to the fixture. The spout is where the water comes out.

Most Common Plumbing Problems

Now that you know the basics of plumbing, let’s take a look at some of the most common problems that a professional can help you with:

  • Low water pressure
  • Clogged drains
  • Leaky pipes
  • Frozen pipes
  • Pipe replacement
  • Dripping faucets
  • Water heater issues
  • Running or leaky toilet
  • Sump pump failure
  • Water main break
  • Sewer line backup
  • Gas lines repair

How You Can Benefit From a Professional Plumbing Specialist

Plumbing issues occur when least expected. Most people think they can fix the problem themselves, but in many cases, that leads to more damage and an even bigger repair bill. Here are reasons you need to hire a professional plumber to care for your plumbing needs.

Professional Training:

To become a professional plumber is not a walk in the park. Many think they can fix their plumbing problem by watching a few YouTube videos. However, this is not the case; plumbers undergo a rigorous training process that equips them with the skills and knowledge needed to fix even the most complex plumbing issue.

Years of Experience:

When you hire a professional, you hire someone with many years of experience. An expert plumber knows what to do precisely in every situation. They rely on advanced tools and equipment, like video cameras, to get the job done quickly and efficiently.

Fix Different Problems in One Visit:

Hiring a professional is also cost-effective in the long run. A Plumber can fix different problems in one visit because they carry all the necessary tools. Most importantly, they will identify potential issues you may not have noticed and fix them before they become significant.

Latest Plumbing Equipment and Techniques:

The plumbing industry is constantly evolving with new equipment and techniques. As a result, plumbers must stay updated on the latest technology and methods to ensure they’re providing the best possible service to their customers.

Emergency Plumbing Services:

Most plumbing companies in Bedford, TX, offer emergency services. That means if you have a plumbing issue in the middle of the night, you can call them, and they’ll send someone to your rescue. That affords you a great deal of peace of mind knowing that you can always count on someone to help you in your time of need.

We Can Handle All Your Plumbing Repair Needs

Whether you have a clogged drain, a leaking pipe, or a broken water heater, the experts at Tioga Contractors in Bedford, TX, can handle all your plumbing repair needs. Our plumbers are highly trained, experienced, and equipped with the latest tools and technology to get the job done right the first time. We also offer 24/7 emergency plumbing services, so you can always count on us to be there when you need us most.

Call us today at 469-789-1293 to schedule a consultation or to learn more about our services. We look forward to serving you!

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Choosing a plumbing company is not always an easy task. You want to feel comfortable, know that it’s reliable, save you money, and most importantly, that it’ll do a good job. Plumbing troubles can occur when you least expect them, which is why having a trustworthy plumbing service provider in Bedford is essential.

Tioga Contractors is a plumbing contractor that values quality. For every plumbing project we undertake, we bring a wealth of experience and knowledge to deliver high-quality services. In addition, all our plumbers are highly trained and certified, so you can rest assured that they will complete your job to the highest standard.

How a Good Plumbing Contractor Can Help You

A professional, full-service plumbing company deals with all types of plumbing issues that you may have in your home or business. Typically, they can help you with:

  • Clogged drains
  • Frozen pipes
  • Leaky pipes
  • Dripping faucets
  • Pipe replacement or relocation
  • Water heater problems
  • Running toilet
  • Sump pump failure
  • Low water pressure
  • Water main break
  • Sewer line backup
  • Install and repair all plumbing fixtures and appliances, including dishwashers and washing machines
  • Replace or repair gas lines
  • Conduct annual maintenance checkups of your plumbing system
  • And much more…

How to Find the Best Plumbing Service Provider

When choosing the best Bedford, TX, plumbing company for the job, you will need to know what qualities to look for. To help narrow down your choices, we’ve compiled a checklist, which you can go through when considering different local plumbing experts to service your home.

#1. Are They Licensed?

The first thing you should do is establish whether the contractor is licensed to operate in your area. Plumbing work requires a license; if they don’t have one, then they shouldn’t be trusted with your plumbing.

#2. Do They Have Insurance?

Plumbing companies should also have insurance to protect their workers and your property. You also want to ensure that you’re working with a company that has proper insurance to cover any injury or accident that could occur in your home.

#3. How Long Have They Been in Business?

You want to ensure that you’re working with a company with extensive industry experience. That’s because a plumbing contractor that has been in business for a long time is more likely to provide quality services; they’ve had the opportunity to perfect their craft and build a good reputation in the community.

#4. Do They Have Any Reviews or Testimonials?

When considering different plumbing companies, take the time to read online reviews and testimonials. This will give you an idea of what other homeowners or businesses in the area have experienced when working with a particular contractor.

#5. Do They Have an Active Website?

Another good way to vet a potential contractor is by checking their website. A well-made website shows that the company is professional and takes pride in its work. It also allows you to see their different services and get a better idea of their overall capabilities.

#6. Competitive Pricing

One characteristic of a good plumbing company is that they offer competitive pricing for their services. They don’t charge unreasonable rates, and they’re upfront about the cost of a project. You should get a written estimate before work begins so there are no surprises later.

Hiring a reputable plumbing company doesn’t have to be a complicated job. Keep this checklist in mind, and you’ll be able to find the best contractor in Bedford, TX, for the job.

Benefits of Hiring Professionals for Your Plumbing Needs

Here are a few reasons why hiring a professional plumbing company is rewarding for both residential and commercial properties:

Guarantee the best work: When you hire an amateur to take care of your drains or fix a leaky pipe, you’d be consumed with doubts about their ability. However, when you hire experts for the job, you can be sure that they’ll live up to their reputation.

They’re always on time: Plumbing issues are never scheduled. They can occur at any time, which is why it’s crucial to have a plumbing company that you can rely on for prompt service.

Have the right tools and equipment: Plumbing projects require specialized equipment. Professional plumbers keep up with the latest technology to ensure they use the best methods to complete a task.

Offer comprehensive services: Contractors offer their clients a wide range of services. This means that they can handle any problem, from a simple clogged drain to a complex pipe replacement.

Ensure your safety: A great benefit you can rip from a plumbing contractor is safety. Plumbing work can be dangerous, and if you’re not careful, you could get injured. However, professionals are trained to handle all types of risks and will take the necessary precautions to ensure your safety.

Save you money: Plumbing issues that are not fixed on time can lead to bigger problems. Hiring a reputable plumbing company will save you money in the long run, as they can resolve the issue before it becomes a major disaster.

Offer expert advice: Last but not least, plumbers can advise you on properly taking care of your plumbing system. They can also help you choose the best fixtures and appliances for your home or office.

We’re the Plumbing Contractor You Can Trust

If you’re searching for a reputable plumbing company in Bedford, TX, Tioga Contractors has everything you need. We’ve been in business for over 20 years and have worked on a wide range of plumbing projects. Whether you need a minor repair or a complete plumbing overhaul, our team is more than qualified to handle the job. We’re licensed and insured, and all our plumbers are highly trained and experienced to provide you with the best possible service.

No matter what your plumbing needs are, Tioga Contractors is here to help. Give us a call today at 469-789-1293 to schedule a consultation. We’ll be happy to answer any of your questions and get started on your project right away.

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While electricity makes modern life easier, it can still pose a fire hazard. To prevent injuries and property damage, it’s important to take the proper precautions and hire trusted electricians for installations, repairs and replacements of electrical components in your Keller, TX, home. Thousands of people die in home electrical fires due to poor wiring, excessive cords plugged into a single outlet and other dangerous equipment and lifestyle elements.

If you live in a home built before 1950, we highly recommend having your entire electrical system inspected by one of our master electricians. Prior to this time, electrical standards were vastly different. Additionally, modern appliances and electronic devices demand more power than outdated systems can handle. It’s important to understand how you can prevent fires due to faulty switches, unprotected outlets and bad habits.

So, the team at Tioga Contractors has put together the following tips to keep your home and family safe. You can also enjoy a better performance on your electronic devices when you take the right steps to upgrade your electricity.

Essential Electrical System Maintenance

If you want to avoid electrical fires and other hazards, hire one of our skilled electricians to provide annual maintenance. This could include tune-ups to your electrical panel and any sub panels, comprehensive inspections following a storm, replacement of damaged cords and diagnosing problems that cause flickering lights and power outages.

Our professionals carefully evaluate your electrical wiring, noting any damaged wiring that could cause a safety hazard for your family. We also check the electric meter to ensure you aren’t overcharged for your monthly electricity bill. We make sure that your entire system runs smoothly and identify any faults. If we find old wiring, we can replace it to prevent electrical accidents and make it easier to use contemporary appliances.

It’s important to replace tattered and worn-out wiring, which can cause arc faults. Once you switch to well-insulated wiring, you can breathe easier, knowing your family is that much safer at home.

Check the Appliance Plugs

If you have recently replaced appliances in your home, you’re probably keen to prevent any damage that would undermine your investment. It’s important to follow the maintenance instructions for all appliances you obtain and contact one of our master electricians to ensure that you have the right outlet to power appliances safely.

We will inspect the plugs and wiring, noting any sparks or false ones that could cause the appliance to overheat or present a fire hazard. In addition, our electricians carefully review the manufacturer’s information to make sure that your home electrical system meets all of the safety requirements.

Prevent Circuit Overload

If you constantly buy new appliances and electronic gadgets, it’s important to ensure you don’t overburden your electrical system. Our electricians will inspect all the components you need to support your new gadgets. If the lights flicker when you use certain appliances, it’s probably an issue with the switches, wiring or plugs. Left unaddressed, an overheated wire can melt the insulation, greatly increasing the risk of fire.

We can install overload protectors to safeguard your Keller, TX, home. Alternatively, our electrician can install circuit breakers to reduce the risk of an electrical fire. The fuses and breakers must match the circuit feeding the outlet you plug the appliance into for optimal performance and safety considerations.

If you have high-powered electronic devices such as washing machines, air conditioners and heating systems, it’s important to provide them with dedicated outlets to avoid overloading the system. Our qualified professionals can determine the circuit load and prevent overburdening your system with the right upgrades or new additions.

Keep Appliances Clear of Flammable Materials

All appliances should have at least three feet of distance from flammable or combustible items. This includes clothing, curtains, furniture and other flammable objects. If you notice sparks or fire at any outlets, discontinue use and contact our team immediately. It’s also important to have smoke detectors installed throughout your home to keep your family safe.

Install Surge Protectors

A power surge can damage appliances and electronic devices. Surges come from numerous sources such as downed power lines and lightning strikes. Sudden changes in electricity can also cause power surges. In addition, if you have air conditioners, refrigerators and other appliances that use a lot of electricity, they sometimes cycle on and off, potentially causing power surges.

When it comes to power surges, you have more to worry about than fire hazards. They can cause massive damage to expensive appliances. Having an electrician install a whole house surge protector can prevent fires and give you peace of mind regarding the safety of your electrical system.

Put in Arc Fault Circuit Interrupters

To avoid electrical hazards, consider installing arc fault circuit interrupters. AFCI Is a great way to protect your home against aged wiring. It can also help your home meet local, state and national electrical standards. Whether you just bought a new home or plan to sell your old one, this is a smart investment with immediate returns.

by installing an AFCI inside your electrical panel box, You can receive notification of arc faults and wiring issues before they become a major hazard.

Now you know how to protect your home and family from electrical fires. You also know how to avoid power surges with whole house surge protectors installed by our dedicated professionals. In fact, we can handle your electrical needs and questions.

Let us help keep your family safe and install devices that make it easier and more comfortable to use modern appliances in your home. Contact Tioga Contractors today to schedule an appointment with a qualified electrician in Keller, TX.

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Every system in your home needs routine maintenance to ensure it’s functioning as efficiently as possible, including your plumbing system. Hiring a drain cleaning service every year to clean the drains will ensure your drains and plumbing system continue functioning correctly.

A plumber can use a drain camera to inspect the drains for clogs and other issues. Next, they’ll use a drain snake, drain auger, or hydro-jetting to clean the drains.

The average cost to have your drains cleaned is around $220. If you aren’t sure if this service is worth the price, you should consider how it can benefit your home and family.

#1 Prevent Frequent Clogs

Drain clogs cause the water to drain slowly or not at all making life in your home inconvenient. As careful as you are with what you put down the drain, grease, food, soap, scum, and hair will end up in the drain and can create a clog, and you’ll need to hire a plumber.

Fortunately, hiring a drain cleaning service in Irving, TX, every year can prevent clogs from occurring. The plumber will remove any existing clogs and flush the pipes to remove any built-up debris that could cause a clog, allowing the water to flow freely until the next drain cleaning service.

#2 Prevent Standing Water

Significant drain clogs can result in standing water in your sink, bathtub, washing machine, or dishwasher, which is a problem because you can’t use the fixture until the clog is removed. Also, standing water is a breeding ground for bacteria and other harmful organisms and can make your family sick.

Having your drains professionally cleaned every year will eliminate the risk of clogs and standing water because the plumber will clear the pipes, allowing the water to flow freely down the drain.

#3 Prevent a Backup

A water backup is a homeowner’s worst nightmare. The last thing you want to see when you walk into your kitchen, bathroom, or laundry room are puddles of water because water damage and mold growth can occur. If there’s a significant clog in the toilet or sewer line, raw sewage can back up into your home, resulting in a nasty mess that can be harmful to your family’s health.

Fortunately, having your drains professionally cleaned can eliminate the risk of a backup. The plumber will remove even the smallest drain clog so it doesn’t escalate to a significant clog that could cause water and sewage to back up into your house.

#4 Quiet Noisy Drains

When a drain makes a gurgling sound when the water drains, it indicates a significant clog. The water will change directions to get to the clog, and the change in direction creates air pockets, causing a gurgling sound. Allowing the problem to persist will result in a completely clogged drain, and the water won’t drain, resulting in standing water.

Hiring a drain cleaning service in Irving, TX, will remove the clog, quiet the drain, and you won’t need to worry about clogs if you have the drains cleaned every year.

#5 Eliminate a Fruit Fly Issue

Are there fruit flies in your kitchen that buzz around your face? If you don’t have a fruit bowl or a vase of dying flowers on the counter, the kitchen drain is likely to blame. Grease and food buildup in the pipes create a hospitable environment for fruit flies, which will continue multiplying in the drain. There are hundreds of home remedy recipes online to help with the problem, but home remedies will only mask the problem. If you don’t use the treatment several times a day, the fruit flies will return, and a drain cleaning service is a permanent solution to the problem.

A plumber will clean any food, grease, or gunk from the drain, making the pipes a less hospitable environment for fruit flies, and when they’re done, the problem will be resolved.

#6 Eliminate Foul Odors

Is there a nasty smell in your kitchen and you can’t find the source? Have you tried scrubbing the kitchen from top to bottom, and nothing seems to help? If so, the odor could be coming from the drain.

When food, grease, and gunk clog the drain, it will start to spoil, leaving a rotten smell in your kitchen. Also, clogs can result in mold growth in the drain, which leaves a moldy smell and mold exposure can be harmful to your family’s health.

A drain cleaning service in Irving, TX, can clear everything from the pipes in your home, eliminating the nasty smell in your home.

#7 Detect Damage to the Pipes Early

Most of the pipes are hidden; therefore, you won’t know there’s any damage. Old or damaged pipes can cause a leak in your plumbing system, resulting in water damage, mold growth, and high water bills. The last thing you want is for a disaster to strike with an expensive repair bill.

A plumber can use a drain camera during the drain cleaning service to get a good look at the hidden pipes to inspect them for damage. This will allow them to detect minor issues before escalating to something significant that could cause a flood in your home. The cost of a yearly drain cleaning service is much less than the cost of cleaning up after a flood, so it’s more cost-effective to have the drains cleaned regularly.

Call Tioga Contractors Today

If you’re due for a drain cleaning service or have never had the drains cleaned, Tioga Contractors can help. We’re a full-service plumbing, electric, and sub-contracting company, serving customers in the area since 1953. We’re members of the Plumbing Heating Cooling Contractors Association, and our plumbers are professionally trained and have the skill and experience to handle any plumbing job.

If you have a plumbing issue that can’t wait until we have an available appointment, don’t panic. We provide emergency service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and we’ll get a tech to your home to resolve the problem as quickly as possible.

To schedule an appointment for any plumbing service, give Tioga Contractors a call or book online at

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When you need quality electrical services, you can count on Tioga Contractors in Hurst, TX. Our licensed electricians handle all kinds of electrical installations, such as wiring, lighting fixtures, ceiling fans, outlets and switches, TVs, and much more. If you need assistance with appliance hookup, overhead or underground services, indoor and outdoor lighting, security devices, code corrections and surge protection, we have you covered.

In this article, we explain the most typical types of electrical services to help you understand the value of working with experienced master electricians. From chargers to heating and cooling systems to modern appliances, it’s important to have reliable electricity that doesn’t compromise the safety of your family or home.

Electrician Services

Find below, a list of services offered by our electrical company. If you need more information or would like to schedule these and other services for your home, please reach out to our team.

Electrical Inspections

An annual visit to your doctor can help detect any health issues before they become major problems. Similarly, electrical contractors can perform inspections of your home. These inspections typically reveal damage or weakness to your home’s electrical system. Caught early, electrical problems are easier to address and may not pose a fire hazard or other risk.

Surge Protection Electrical Services

Most homeowners have faced this problem at one point or another. A storm comes through, and a lightning strike temporarily interrupts your home’s power. This can damage electronics and appliances if you don’t have surge protection throughout your home.

You can always get a consumer surge protector to plug into single outlets. However, they aren’t always effective at protecting all appliances in your Hurst, TX, home. Additionally, a powerful surge can blow out these devices, forcing you to invest in a new one or come up with a better solution. Whole house surge protectors protect your entire electrical system from voltage spikes. By law, only licensed electricians can install surge protectors. So, we prefer you call our team to prevent electrocution and other risks associated with handling electricity.

Electrical Repair Work

When you turn on the lights and feel a spark of electricity or nothing happens, it could mean several different things. For example, you may need a new outlet or wiring replacement. It could also mean that a rodent has chewed through the wiring. Contact us and we’ll put your system back in working order.

Top GFCI Installation

“Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter” or GFCI outlets can prevent electrical shocks when properly installed. As soon as the internal components detect an imbalance in the electrical flow, they interrupt the electrical current. You can simply press a reset button to restore access.

It’s important to install GFCI outlets in kitchens and bathrooms and anywhere electrical outlets are located near moisture or water.

Do You Need Rewiring?

Other typical repairs that home and building owners face include poor wiring installation. Improper installation can lead to overloaded systems that show the following symptoms:

  • Light Bulbs buzz
  • Plugs and switch plates are hot
  • Outlets throw off sparks or flames
  • Breakers often trip
  • Lights flicker
  • An outlet sparks when you plug something in

Calling us for rewiring electrical services for the affected system alleviates strain on your electrical system and stress about your family’s safety.

Electrical Panel Upgrades

When you invest in electrical repair on your panel, it can greatly improve your access to reliable electricity. As you begin to use more devices, electronics, and appliances, you need more and more electricity to meet your needs. Usually, upgrading the electrical panel can help your electrical system keep up with the demands of your family.

If your home is more than 40 years old and has the original wiring, this is one upgrade you don’t want to put off. We can also bring your system up to code, making it easier to sell when the time comes.

Here are some indications that you need electrical services for your panel box:

  • The electric panel makes crackling sounds
  • Your electrical box feels warm or hot
  • You have corroded circuit breakers
  • Appliances don’t run at full speed

Our electricians will replace the circuit breakers, bus bar and panel wiring. In some cases, it makes sense to move the panel elsewhere in your home.

Light Fixtures and Ceiling Fans Should Be Installed by Professionals

It might be tempting to install an electrical fan or lighting fixture on your own. However, you could also put yourself at serious risk. If you don’t have the necessary training, including safety precautions and proper installation of fixtures and wiring, it’s better to leave it up to our master electricians. They can install ceiling-mounted lights, ceiling fans, recessed lighting, chandeliers, sconces, and indoor and outdoor lighting.

Landscape Lighting

Installing outdoor lighting takes a special skill. Our electrical services include designing and installing illumination for your patio, deck, landscaping and pool. Whether you want to make your parking area safer or have enough lighting or evening entertainment, we have you covered.

Just as with indoor lighting, outdoor lighting requires layers, meaning different types of light at different levels for varying purposes. For example, you might want guide lights along pathways, fairy lights in your gazebo and unique lighting for your pool and patio.

Finding the Best Company for Electrical Services

At some point, you’ll need electrical services. It’s important to find reliable electricians with licenses, insurance, and great reviews. Tioga Contractors meets all these requirements and more. Typically, when you’re looking for home services, the first thing you do is ask around. To find out how our customers feel, we invite you to look at our online testimonials and reviews.

Contact us today for electrical services in Hurst, TX!

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If your bathroom experiences a serious plumbing problem, it can bring your household to a standstill. Your bathroom relies on your plumbing system to function. Preventing plumbing disasters isn’t always possible, but you can reduce the risk of serious plumbing issues. If a plumbing disaster should occur, you can rely on a plumber from Tioga Contractors. We serve Keller, TX, with a full range of plumbing and electric services. Here are some tips to reduce the risk of major plumbing issues that nobody wants to contend with at home.

Overflowing Toilet

If your toilet is overflowing, there’s a good chance there’s a drain clog. Toilet clogs happen and, frequently, occur because too much waste and toilet paper is flushed at once. Ideally, people should not flush too much at once, but it happens. When a clog occurs and people flush, especially if they flush more than once, an overflow can occur. An overflowing toilet is a good reason to call a plumber. If you cannot clear the clog using a typical household plunger, you’ll need to contact a skilled plumbing professional who has the techniques and tools needed to clear the drain clog so you can safely flush the toilet again.

A toilet overflow can set water pouring out all over your floors. If the toilet happens to be on an upper floor, the water can even drip down through the floor and then through the ceiling of the lower story. In these cases, the water can cause a mold problem to develop, making the cleanup a nightmare.

If you have toilet clog that can’t be unclogged using a plunger, it’s best to contact Tioga Contractors. We can send an experienced plumber to your home to unclog your toilet so it can be used again. Also, be sure that you don’t flush anything down your toilet that shouldn’t be introduced to your plumbing system. Don’t flush sanitary products, kitchen grease, or kitty litter down the toilet or you could risk a clog developing.

Running Toilets

While you might not think that a running toilet is quite the bathroom disaster that an overflowing toilet is, but your pocketbook might. Running toilets are costing you extra money every month. How much is your running toilet costing you? In some cases, the cost of a running toilet can add up to about $200 per month. By preventing that same toilet from running, you can save $1,200 a year. Plus, the toilet is using water unnecessarily, which is an environmental waste.

A running toilet may be caused by faulty toilet parts such as a worn-out flapper. On the other hand, if the toilet is old, it may need to be replaced. A plumber from Tioga Contractors can visit your home to inspect your toilet and determine why it’s running. Sometimes the fix is quite simple. However, if you do need a toilet replacement, we can manage the project from start to finish. Toilets can vary widely in cost, but we can help you select one that suits your budget.

Generally, a new toilet costs anywhere from $100 to $1,500. Some upscale toilets may cost more. However, replacing a running toilet with a new one will save you money in the long run.

When properly installed, a new toilet should function properly. If your toilet is running and wasting water, don’t ignore the problem. It’s costing you every month. The money you save in just one month from a running toilet could pay for a new one.

Leaky Pipes

Leaky pipes are a problem all over the house, but they aren’t uncommon bathroom problems. Unfortunately, while a leaky pipe may be easy enough for a plumbing professional to fix, it isn’t always easy to access. That’s why it’s essential to contact a certified plumber to visit your Keller, TX, home if you suspect that you have a bathroom plumbing leak. Whether the leak is beneath your sink or hidden in the wall, you need a trusted plumbing pro to quickly and skillfully make the plumbing repair.

Even small leaks can cause big moisture problems. Water can damage your walls, and flooring, and lead to serious and hazardous mold outbreaks. Although it’s not always possible to prevent leaks, you should contact a plumber immediately if you suspect one. If you notice mold growth near your shower, see unexplained increases on your water bill, or smell musty odors in your bathroom, contact a plumber to inspect your plumbing system.

Smelly Drains

Smelly bathroom drains can be embarrassing. They also indicate that there’s a problem. A smell drain suggests that there may be a clog developing someone in the sewer line. Your drains shouldn’t smell. Waste and smells are supposed to flow down the drain and away from your home into the main sewer system. If smells are lingering, there may be something preventing the waste from flowing smoothly out of your drain system.

A plumbing pro from our team can inspect your drains and make sure the drain line is clear. Drain cleaning can also remove the smelly biofilm that may be clinging to the insides of pipes. Whatever is causing your drains to smell, our plumber can troubleshoot the issue and provide the correct fix.

If you live in Keller, TX, and need a plumber to contend with these bathroom plumbing problems or any other plumbing issues around your home, contact Tioga Contractors. Don’t attempt to fix plumbing problems on your own or you could make the problem worse. Our plumbing professionals are licensed and insured. Plus, our company is known for its fair rates. You can also rely on us if you need electrical services. Call us to learn more about our services or to schedule an appointment.

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