Electrical Services Explained By Your Electrician | Hurst, TX

Electrical Services Explained By Your Electrician | Hurst, TX

When you need quality electrical services, you can count on Tioga Plumbing & Electric in Hurst, TX. Our licensed electricians handle all kinds of electrical installations, such as wiring, lighting fixtures, ceiling fans, outlets and switches, TVs, and much more. If you need assistance with appliance hookup, overhead or underground services, indoor and outdoor lighting, security devices, code corrections and surge protection, we have you covered.

In this article, we explain the most typical types of electrical services to help you understand the value of working with experienced master electricians. From chargers to heating and cooling systems to modern appliances, it’s important to have reliable electricity that doesn’t compromise the safety of your family or home.

Electrician Services

Find below, a list of services offered by our electrical company. If you need more information or would like to schedule these and other services for your home, please reach out to our team.

Electrical Inspections

An annual visit to your doctor can help detect any health issues before they become major problems. Similarly, electrical contractors can perform inspections of your home. These inspections typically reveal damage or weakness to your home’s electrical system. Caught early, electrical problems are easier to address and may not pose a fire hazard or other risk.

Surge Protection Electrical Services

Most homeowners have faced this problem at one point or another. A storm comes through, and a lightning strike temporarily interrupts your home’s power. This can damage electronics and appliances if you don’t have surge protection throughout your home.

You can always get a consumer surge protector to plug into single outlets. However, they aren’t always effective at protecting all appliances in your Hurst, TX, home. Additionally, a powerful surge can blow out these devices, forcing you to invest in a new one or come up with a better solution. Whole house surge protectors protect your entire electrical system from voltage spikes. By law, only licensed electricians can install surge protectors. So, we prefer you call our team to prevent electrocution and other risks associated with handling electricity.

Electrical Repair Work

When you turn on the lights and feel a spark of electricity or nothing happens, it could mean several different things. For example, you may need a new outlet or wiring replacement. It could also mean that a rodent has chewed through the wiring. Contact us and we’ll put your system back in working order.

Top GFCI Installation

“Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter” or GFCI outlets can prevent electrical shocks when properly installed. As soon as the internal components detect an imbalance in the electrical flow, they interrupt the electrical current. You can simply press a reset button to restore access.

It’s important to install GFCI outlets in kitchens and bathrooms and anywhere electrical outlets are located near moisture or water.

Do You Need Rewiring?

Other typical repairs that home and building owners face include poor wiring installation. Improper installation can lead to overloaded systems that show the following symptoms:

  • Light Bulbs buzz
  • Plugs and switch plates are hot
  • Outlets throw off sparks or flames
  • Breakers often trip
  • Lights flicker
  • An outlet sparks when you plug something in

Calling us for rewiring electrical services for the affected system alleviates strain on your electrical system and stress about your family’s safety.

Electrical Panel Upgrades

When you invest in electrical repair on your panel, it can greatly improve your access to reliable electricity. As you begin to use more devices, electronics, and appliances, you need more and more electricity to meet your needs. Usually, upgrading the electrical panel can help your electrical system keep up with the demands of your family.

If your home is more than 40 years old and has the original wiring, this is one upgrade you don’t want to put off. We can also bring your system up to code, making it easier to sell when the time comes.

Here are some indications that you need electrical services for your panel box:

  • The electric panel makes crackling sounds
  • Your electrical box feels warm or hot
  • You have corroded circuit breakers
  • Appliances don’t run at full speed

Our electricians will replace the circuit breakers, bus bar and panel wiring. In some cases, it makes sense to move the panel elsewhere in your home.

Light Fixtures and Ceiling Fans Should Be Installed by Professionals

It might be tempting to install an electrical fan or lighting fixture on your own. However, you could also put yourself at serious risk. If you don’t have the necessary training, including safety precautions and proper installation of fixtures and wiring, it’s better to leave it up to our master electricians. They can install ceiling-mounted lights, ceiling fans, recessed lighting, chandeliers, sconces, and indoor and outdoor lighting.

Landscape Lighting

Installing outdoor lighting takes a special skill. Our electrical services include designing and installing illumination for your patio, deck, landscaping and pool. Whether you want to make your parking area safer or have enough lighting or evening entertainment, we have you covered.

Just as with indoor lighting, outdoor lighting requires layers, meaning different types of light at different levels for varying purposes. For example, you might want guide lights along pathways, fairy lights in your gazebo and unique lighting for your pool and patio.

Finding the Best Company for Electrical Services

At some point, you’ll need electrical services. It’s important to find reliable electricians with licenses, insurance, and great reviews. Tioga Plumbing & Electric meets all these requirements and more. Typically, when you’re looking for home services, the first thing you do is ask around. To find out how our customers feel, we invite you to look at our online testimonials and reviews.

Contact us today for electrical services in Hurst, TX!

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