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Winter storms are common and hazardous in many parts of the United States. Many homeowners worry about how they’ll cope during a power outage but have you thought about how floods or lightning can affect your electrics. How you act and react during a storm will determine how safe you and your family are. Don’t risk putting yourself at risk this winter; follow these simple tips to keep yourself safe whatever the weather.

If you live in Hurst, TX, or the surrounding area and are searching for an electrical service, don’t hesitate to contact Tioga Contractors. The company is available for all types of electrical installation, maintenance, and repair and can also provide an emergency electrical service.

When Lightning Strikes

Lightning kills and injures many people each year. For this reason, it’s essential to take electrical storm safety seriously. If you’re unlucky enough to suffer from a lightning strike, the event could be fatal. Many people do survive but are left with lasting physical or neurological damage.

Lightning can also strike trees, bring down power lines, and damage electrical equipment. Sometimes there will be a power outage during a lightning storm, or homes will suffer from power surges, affecting electric circuits and appliances. If your homes have been affected call a local electrical service for help and advice.

What Is A Power Surge?

Your electrical system will suffer from a power surge during a storm when there’s a sudden, unexpected increase in voltage. During a power surge, your home and electrical appliances will be supplied with an intense amount of energy that exceeds the standard 120 volts that circuits have been designed to handle. Your home may suddenly be supplied with thousands of volts of electrical charge. This is very dangerous and can also cause electrical appliances to break. After a power surge, you may find that your home has no electricity or that computers, TV, and HVAC systems no longer work.

The most common cause of a power surge is a strike of lightning nearby. If the lightning strikes a powerline or utility pole, it may bring it down or cause a jolt of electricity to be fed into your home and neighboring properties. This high voltage electricity will burn your wiring and circuitry and can even cause a fire to start.

If your home is unlucky enough to experience a severe power surge, you’ll need to call in the help of an electrical service. If you live in Hurst, TX, contact Tioga Contractors. The company can also install a surge protector, which will help protect your electrics. It’s best to install a surge protector if you live in an area that’s prone to winter storms. It’s also a wise idea to insure your property and personal belongings in case your home is damaged due to electricity.

Stay Indoors During A Storm

When a storm is raging outside, it’s best to stay indoors, whether there is thunder or lightning or not. Don’t go outside to try and stop things blowing away or to try and fix any damage. Wait until the storm has passed before assessing damage to your land or property.

If a storm hits before you’ve reached home, it may be a good idea to stay in the nearest sheltered area. You may need to remain in a shop or cafe or could remain in your car until it’s passed. Always remember the ‘30-30′ rule. If you hear thunder, lightning will strike within thirty seconds. It’s a good idea to remain where you are at least thirty minutes after you’ve heard the last clap of thunder.

You should also keep away from water if an electrical storm is forecast. Don’t go out in a boat or walk near a river. Water is dangerous as it is the best conductor of electricity. When lightning strikes, it’s attracted to the tallest object in the area, which is likely to be a person or tree. It’s, therefore, a good idea to stay away from trees.

Avoid Hazardous Areas

Even if you stay indoors, certain things should be avoided during an electrical storm. Keep away from metal and water. Windows can be hazardous, as they are particularly vulnerable to damage. Stay in the central area of your home, or during a bad storm, retreat to the basement. Ensure that all your doors and windows are properly closed, including the garage door.

As water is a powerful conductor of electricity, you should avoid taking a bath or shower or doing the dishes during a thunderstorm. If lightning strikes an outdoor plumbing fitting, electricity will travel through the metal pipes into your home. It’s also wise to avoid using metal objects such as stoves, or electronics including washing machines, entertainment systems, or computers. Instead, use a wireless device such as a cell phone or unplugged laptop.

What To Do After A Storm

Electrical storms can be hazardous and cause considerable damage. After a storm has finished, you can assess the damage to your home, yard, and neighborhood. If you’ve noticed any damage to your electrical circuits, wires, or appliances, don’t attempt to fix these yourself as this is dangerous. Instead, call a professional electrical service to deal with such problems.

If any power lines have come down near your home or in your neighborhood, don’t approach these. They could still have an electrical charge running through them and will be very dangerous. Keep other people, especially children, away from fallen power lines and report the problem to the relevant authorities as soon as possible.

If you’re driving and notice that wires from a fallen power line are spread over the road, don’t drive over these. Stop and call the authorities as the cables may electrocute you.

Tioga Contractors, Electrical Service

If you live in the area and are looking for an electrical service to repair your home’s electrical system and appliances after a storm, don’t hesitate to contact Tioga Contractors. The company is available for all types of electrical service including, installation, maintenance, and repair and can also provide an emergency electrical service.

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If you’re a homeowner whose house is proud, you’ll want to ensure that you don’t have mold and mildew growing in your bathroom. Mold and mildew are unsightly and can also cause health problems, especially in young children and the elderly. They both thrive in damp areas, so you’ll need to keep your bathroom as dry as possible so that the conditions aren’t right for mold and mildew to grow.

Keeping your plumbing system in good working order and ensuring that there are no dripping faucets or hidden leaks can be advantageous. If you live in Bedford, TX and are looking for a plumber, don’t hesitate to contact Tioga Contractors.

This article will look at the common things that cause mold and mildew in your bathroom and give you some tips on preventing these problems. We’ll also tell you when to call in a plumber.

Problems Caused by Mold and Mildew

Mold and mildew are unpleasant as they can leave stains on your bathroom walls. They can also put the health of your family at risk. The worst thing about mold and mildew is that you often don’t notice their effect until it’s too late.

Studies show that exposure to mold and mildew is harmful over the long term, especially to children and older adults. It can cause respiratory problems such as coughing, wheezing, a blocked nose, eye irritation, and skin and throat irritation.

Plumbing Problems That Can Cause Mold

If you’ve had a leaking pipe that has flooded your home, you’ll be at risk of mold and mildew growth until your property has adequately dried out. Some small, less obvious plumbing problems can also cause mold and mildew to grow in your bathroom. If you notice any problems, call a professional as soon as possible.

Leaking Sinks

If you have a leak that has gone unnoticed, it will add moisture to your bathroom and great the perfect conditions for mold and mildew to grow. Sometimes leaks can be hidden if you keep towels and toiletries under your sink. Cupboards under sinks are dark, and if there’s a leak will become moist. There will also be a lack of fresh air–all these things will encourage mold growth.

It’s a good idea to check your plumbing system frequently, and if you notice any problems, call in a plumber. Hidden leaks can sometimes be caused as a result of faulty pipes in your wall space. Finding these leaks can be very challenging, and in most cases, they are only detected when you notice moisture leaking through the wall or mold and mildew that’s growing on the wall.

Hidden leaks are likely to cause discoloration to wall paint and can also warp and damage floor surfaces. If you think you have a hidden leak, call a plumber who can carry out leak detection.

Clogged Drains

If your drain becomes blocked, water won’t move through your plumbing system as quickly as it should. This can create standing water in your bathroom, creating germs, bacteria, and a bad smell. Fungal growth often happens when drains are clogged or sewer lines blocked. These issues will leave dirty stagnant water in their wake.

Don’t leave your drain clogged for too long; contact a plumber as soon as you notice signs that your drain is clogged.

Cleaning Tips to Help You Deal with Mold and Mildew

If you’ve recently had a plumbing emergency that has left your home damp and prone to mold and mildew growth, it’s essential to clean up as soon as possible. Make sure that you dry hidden areas such as cavities. There may also be water in wall spaces, which is hard to get to. Using a heater in your bathroom will help to dry the space out.

After a leak, make sure that you wipe down any wooden paneling or cabinets as wood is prone to swelling and can warp if it’s damp. Here are some tips to help you keep your bathroom free of mold and mildew after you’ve cleaned up from a leak.

Buy a Good Squeegee

The best way to clean bathroom tiles and glass shower doors is with a squeegee. Mold and mildew are more common during the winter months. Make sure that you keep your bathroom dry by squeegeeing off excess water after having a shower. This will help to reduce the moisture in your bathroom. A squeegee is a handy tool as it has a flat, rubber blade that allows you to get rid of liquids on flat surfaces. It’s very quick and easy to use.

Run a Fan After Showering

Bathrooms are an excellent breeding ground for molds, mildew, and bacteria. Bathrooms often lack ventilation, and after showering, the air will be moist and humid. For this reason, it’s a good idea to run an exhaust fan after showering. This will help remove moisture and unwanted odor from the interior environment.

It’s a good idea to run a fan a few minutes after you’ve had a bath or shower. This will prevent mold and mildew from growing.

Dry Bath Towels

Don’t leave wet bath towels hanging around in your bathroom, as this can cause mold to grow. Molds can even start growing in the towel’s fabric, so it’s best to hang your towel in a dry open space. Let your towel air dry, as this will allow moisture to escape.

Use a Mold And Mildew Cleaner

If you’ve noticed mold and mildew in your bathroom, you should clean it using a specialty cleaning product. Sometimes mold and mildew can be stubborn and challenging to get rid of. Using a cleaning solution will help you get rid of the problem. There are many products available that will prevent mold from regrowing.

The best way to stop mold and mildew from growing is to clean regularly. Pay particular attention to shower doors, window frames, and floor seals.

Tioga Contractors, Plumber

If you live in Bedford, TX or the surrounding area and are looking for a plumber, don’t hesitate to contact Tioga Contractors. Call a plumber today on 469-789-1293  the team will be happy to help you. They can provide leak detection and can also provide an emergency plumber.

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What do you consider when you’re hiring an electrician? Since 1953, we have been serving the Dallas Fort Worth and Irving area with state-of-the-art electrical services for commercial, residential, and industrial clients.

We always deliver on time, and our professionals keep up to date with technological advancements in the electrical fields so that they can serve you better.

Enjoy Quality Electrician Services with Professionals

Every year, thousands of homes with faulty wiring catch fire, leading to deaths and destruction of property. It’s safe to schedule Tioga Contractors to ensure your electrical components are working as they should.

Our well-maintained trucks are always fully stocked to handle quick electrical repairs. Once you speak to our front desk, we will quickly arrive at your premises, perform a thorough inspection of your electrical systems, and instantly give you a quote in case repairs are necessary.

Our professional electricians comply with industry-standard practices, and we know the best quality electrical fixtures to meet your needs. When you consult our services, you can expect friendly reception, professionalism, and quality work that is guaranteed to last.

We Are Well Equipped to Handle the Job.

Our electricians understand that they may face any electrical challenge, and so we are always keeping up with new technologies and equipping ourselves with all the right tools. That plus a positive attitude towards our clients and work contribute to great teamwork leading to positive results.

Landscape Lighting

Outdoor light can enhance nighttime aesthetics, make accessibility easy, improve security, and even foster recreation activities like swimming or lounging for an outdoor movie. If you want to install lighting fixtures for your private garden or public landscape, let us advise you on the most economical option.

Do You Need Any Of These Professional Services?

Here are some of the services our professional electricians offer in Irvin, TX.

  • Repairing AC and Heat Circuits
  • Install Backup Generators and Auto Transfer Switches
  • Electrical Remodeling and Additions
  • Overhead & Underground Service
  • Overhead & Underground Service

We do all these and much more. Talk to us about your electrical needs and find out more about other services we offer.

How Do You Know When It’s Time to Schedule for Electrical Services?

Routine maintenance of your electrical system helps in averting possible fire accidents, repairing worn-out components, and even upgrading to more efficient systems that save you on electrical bills.

Whether for commercial or residential needs in Irving, TX, these are some of the reasons you might need to call in a specialist.

• It’s a New Building

A building is never complete without electrical wiring, sockets, circuit breakers, emergency trigger systems, automated electrical systems, and much more. And for such a significant financial commitment, you can only trust Tioga Contractor’s professionals to install electrical wiring of any type.

• You Need to Install New Systems

We help contractors and homeowners to install new systems for their next project. You can trust our seasoned electricians to get it right the first time. If you need to install surveillance systems, backup generators, TV and phone jacks, landscape lighting, or extra electrical outlets and switches, we can get it done quickly.

• Your Lights Are Flickering

Flickering of lights may not always mean that the light fixture is faulty. It could just be a high consumption electrical component attached to the same circuit. Energy thirsty components like washing machines or heaters may draw in a lot of power and cause light flickering.

Our electricians will help you test these appliances and the circuit and possibly move the light fixture to a different one. At the same time, we ensure that heavy consumption appliances have the right power supply with protection against a power surge.

• You Notice a Strange Smell

New appliances sometimes give off an odor like that of a burning duct, but only for the first few uses. However, if it persists, there may be a problem with your electrical outlets. Your immediate response should be switching off the main supply and calling an electrician to inspect it.

• Your Circuit Breakers Keep Tripping

Circuit breakers and fuses protect your home appliances from a surge. Whenever the current is higher than usual, it prevents overload by tripping, protecting your home from the risk of electrical fires and damage.

An appliance may be faulty if the circuit breaker trips every time you use it. On the other hand, if using a particular outlet trips the circuit breaker, it could mean the circuit is overloaded. If you notice this signal, our technicians will advise you on possibly upgrading or installing an additional one.

• Switches or Sockets Heat up

It’s normal for a socket to get mildly warm, but if it’s hot to the touch, this should get your attention. Always monitor any hot spots when using high power devices. Especially notice any socket or switch that gets warm even when not in use; this could signal a wiring problem that needs fixing.

• You Hear Strange Noises.

Faulty wiring or appliances make a buzz or humming sound where there’s a loose connection or a surge. As soon as you note the source, call us immediately to diagnose the problem and resolve it.

• You Notice Electrical Sparks.

Sparks are dangerous as they pose a fire hazard, especially when using cooking gas. Sparking is not normal; an electrician should inspect the source of the sparks.

• Extension Cords

An extension cord is convenient for pulling a connection to an appliance that is far from nearby sockets but only in the short term. Over time, the extension may increase the risks of an electrical shorting.

Twisting of the cord may even get in the way, causing trips and falls. Perhaps the best long-term solution is calling in a professional to add more socket outlets to minimize these risks.

· The Wrong Sockets

Sockets have different resistances, depending on where they are in use. Rooms that have a hot water supply have sockets that are different from the ones that supply low voltage to small appliances at home.

Have our seasoned professionals inspect your outlets to ensure you are safe from electrical accidents.

Tioga Contractors Bring a Personal Touch.

From your first call to your appointment with us, we’ll tailor your experience to achieve your goals, just like you envisioned them. We guarantee 100% satisfaction and offer a free safety evaluation with our services to ensure your home is safe.

Our main office is in Hurst, TX, just a 20 minutes’ drive from Irving, TX. To find out more about our electrical services at Tioga Contractors call us at 469-789-1293 to talk to one of our consultants.

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As the weather gets colder, it’s more important than ever to know how to spot the signs of a faulty water heater. Turning on the shower or faucet to discover that your water is icy cold is inconvenient at the best of times, but it’s even worse as the temperatures outside plummet.

Noticing that you need a water heater repair early can help you avoid a freezing shower and could save you money on more costly fixes later down the line. Here are the most common signs that a repair is in order that all Bedford, TX homeowners should know.

1. Inadequate Hot Water Supply

When your water heater doesn’t produce enough hot water to wash the dishes and take a hot bath or shower, there could be a problem with your unit. If adjusting the temperature dial on your heater doesn’t work, you should check to see whether its circuit breaker switch has tripped. This is a sign of your unit drawing too much power because of an electrical problem, and the only safe solution is to contact a plumber to come and fix it.

Otherwise, too little hot water could be down to a faulty component or sediment build-up inside the unit. Unless you have a lot of plumbing know-how, it’s best to book a professional water heater repair service to diagnose the problem and replace any defective parts.

If you always struggle to get enough hot water for your needs but your water heater appears to be working fine, it may not be large enough to meet your home’s demands. In this situation, you might need to install a larger unit or a tankless model that produces unlimited hot water on demand.

2. Inconsistent Temperatures

If you notice fluctuations in your water temperature while you’re taking a shower or running the faucet, this could be a sign that you need a water heater repair. Inconsistent temperatures are often down to a faulty thermostat or heating element.

While it’s tempting to ignore fluctuating water temperatures, especially if they don’t inconvenience you too much, putting off. repair can make the problem worse and may cost more to fix later on. A professional plumber can find and replace the faulty part to get your system running perfectly again.

3. Clanking or Banging

A water heater may make a gentle whirring noise, but if you hear clanking, banging, or popping noises, it’s time to call a plumber. Often, draining the tank and removing any residue build-up will fix a noisy water heater. If this doesn’t work, there may be a faulty component such as a worn out heating element.

If you hear an intense bubbling sound like boiling water, you should contact a plumber in Bedford, TX right away. These sounds indicate that your unit is overheating or a potentially dangerous buildup of pressure and require immediate attention.

4. Stinky Water

If you notice an unpleasant smell when you run hot water like rotting eggs, bacteria may be flourishing inside your water heater unit. You can often kill bacteria inside your tank by flushing it out with a water and hydrogen peroxide solution. If you’re not confident trying this yourself, a professional plumber can do it for you. If flushing the tank doesn’t work, you should book a water heater repair as soon as possible.

5. Dirty or Discolored Water

If your hot water runs dirty or has a reddish, rusty color, there may be a water sediment buildup inside your water heater tank. Flushing your tank out can often solve the issue quickly and easily. If this doesn’t work, this indicates that you need to replace the anode rod. This isn’t a plumbing fix you can do yourself without a fair amount of knowledge, so we recommend booking a water heater repair professional to do it for you. This job is usually quick and straightforward and can prolong your heater’s lifespan.

6. Uneven Water Pressure

Inconsistent water flow or pressure is often a sign of scale or sediment inside your water heater unit. However, it could also indicate scale or another fault inside the pipes in your home’s plumbing system. Ignoring uneven water pressure can cause more serious problems later on as the problem will worsen over time, possibly leaving you with no hot water supply at some point.

While flushing out the water tank may be enough to solve inconsistent water flow, you’ll often need to consult a water heater repair technician to get to the bottom of the issue. A professional plumber can descale your unit and thoroughly inspect your pipes to get your water flowing consistently again.

How to Avoid Water Heater Repairs

You can avoid many of these water heater problems by booking regular servicing by a professional plumber. It’s also sensible to carry out regular maintenance by flushing out your hot water tank a few times a year to prevent scale and sediment buildup. Thoroughly insulating your water heater and pipes can make your unit more efficient and protect it from damage caused by overworking.

If you choose to attempt maintenance yourself, always wear protective gloves and eye protection and turn off the heaters electricity supply before you start. If you’re not confident, it’s probably best to leave maintenance tasks to a water heater repair technician.

The expert team at Tioga Contractors are always on hand to help you with water heater maintenance to keep your unit in perfect working order. They can also carry out all water heater repair jobs to make sure you’re never left without hot water. If you notice any of the signs in this post, don’t hesitate to get in touch to get your heater fixed and avoid more costly repairs later.

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When it comes to plumbing, there might be a hundred different reasons for your pipes acting up, but there’s only one way to fix a problem. Experts would usually recommend you call a professional if you have a job on your hands that you aren’t confident you can handle especially big jobs like water line repair for good reason – a faulty plumbing fix could spell disaster for finances down the line, as one small issue turns into two and then ten. Professional plumbing services in Euless, TX can give you peace of mind when you might have a plumbing issue – but once you call them, how should you interact?

1) Identify the Issue and Call Anyway

Sometimes it can be difficult to know exactly what kind of problem you have. Sure, you know that there’s a gurgling noise coming from the walls, but that’s it. When the problem is a mystery and not ten gallons of water gushing at your face from a broken faucet handle, you should always call a professional to come to take a look. Issues like water line repair can cause enormous damage if left untreated, which is why an expert opinion is so necessary.

Not only can plumbers identify problems for you, but they might be able to identify the causes as well to prevent future episodes from occurring again. Clogged pipes are a common household issue, but many people don’t know you can clog yours by pouring liquid chicken or animal fat down the kitchen sink. The grease can solidify at a bend in your pipe and cause a future blockage, which could lead to eventual water line repair – a plumber might be able to identify this through their work and let you know exactly what happened.

2) Don’t Hold Back Any Info

No one wants to be the homeowner that won’t stop chatting with the service repair people, but plumbers need all the information about issues that you can give them. Don’t worry, you don’t need to know any plumbing lingo or special terms like water line repair – just give them an honest breakdown of whatever problems you might be experiencing. Be as simple and as straightforward as possible. While plumbing problems might seem embarrassing sometimes, trust us when we tell you that most plumbers have seen it all, and just want to get the job done quickly and efficiently – even something tough like a repair can be handled easily if reported immediately.

3) Don’t Try to Help

No matter how much experience you had as a plumber’s assistant back in college, most professional plumbers just want you out of the way. While you might be handy with a monkey wrench, you won’t be of much use during water line repair, so if you can get out of the house during the procedure then do so. The faster you get out of your plumber’s hair, the sooner they can get started clearing yours out of the drain.

4) Learn How to Prevent Future Problems

If your issue is dealt with, then now is your time to talk to the plumber. Feel free to ask them in detail about what caused the issue and how you might be able to take preventative measures to stop the same problem from occurring again. Plumbers can offer insight into many different things in your home and can give specific pointers to prevent issues from occurring. Knowing what is flush-able in Euless, TX and what isn’t can save you from future headaches and expenses, including any future water line repair problems you might have. However, don’t expect them to know everything – just ask and get whatever information you can!

5) Make Clear if It’s an Emergency

You might think that calling a plumber is like calling any other type of service – they just send someone out whenever available. This is true to some extent, but plumbers will take into account whether your issue requires immediate attention or not. Clogged pipes are one thing, but frozen pipes are another thing altogether, and could require some serious time and attention. The same goes for any plumbing problems you might be having, from repairs to rusting pipes.

In the case that your problem is an emergency, you’ll likely hear that the plumbers need to do a video inspection beforehand, especially for big jobs like sewer or water line repair. Know that this is legitimate: video inspections are utilized by plumbers in order to quickly get a scope of the issue, especially when it’s sewer related. The faster they learn where the problem is and how big it is, the faster they can tackle it for you so you can get back to your life.

Things You Should Definitely Call a Plumber About

Some issues are easy to handle on your own, but some definitely require professional attention. Issues that might warrant a call to a plumber include clogged toilets, drains, or pipes, as well as water line repair. While sometimes you can get these clogs out by yourself, if you notice they keep coming back or that your efforts have only made the situation worse, then call a plumber.

If your water heater is sweating on the outside, or there’s a small puddle that’s steadily growing around it, then it’s time to call a plumber. Water heater issues can lead to there being no hot water, as well as more dangerous problems that could lead to even more expensive jobs, including water line repair. Catching water heater issues early is paramount to keeping repair costs low, so address this by calling as soon as you can.

Constantly dripping faucets and pipes are another thing worth calling about. Everyone is familiar with the leaky faucet, but few people know how much money they’re actually losing from those slow drips. You could be losing hundreds of gallons a year from only a single leaky faucet, so get this issue taken care of by a professional if you don’t want to see any more of your money go down the drain.

Call a Plumber Today!

If you’re experiencing any of the issues we’ve gone over today and think you might be in need of some professional assistance, then don’t hesitate to call a plumber right away. If you’re in the area then Tioga Contractors can fulfill your needs. They offer quality work at a reasonable cost. You can be sure that they will do their best to ensure that your needs are met.

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Turning the house around for the winter is a challenging one. Various different tasks all require your attention and need to be resolved before the weather takes a turn for the worse. Electricians are responding to daily calls from homeowners that want to earn peace of mind over the house’s electrical condition.

A sound electrical installation can save you from a lot of troubles. During the winter, you can rest assured that you won’t be left without electricity during a lockdown or a sudden storm. It also helps you conserve energy and reduce electricity bills.

Thanks to the advance of technology, a house can be optimized to both your needs and against the charges of your electricity supplier. LED lighting, energy-efficient devices, and home automation solutions can all be combined to turn your house into a luxurious property of the future. And you don’t even need to budge as competitive deals are available in the market.

Knowing that your property’s electrical installation is checked by an electrician offers peace of mind. Electrical malfunctions may cause damage to valuable electronic devices or even start electrical fires. During the winter, the last thing you want is to face an unexpected electrical damage that was totally avoidable in the first place.

Homeowners know the importance of hiring an electrician before the Christmas season. Decorative lighting, new devices, and massive Christmas trees all require a considerable amount of power to work uninterrupted. In this post, you will find out the benefits you get by hiring a professional to help with the property’s maintenance.

Replacing Old Wiring

Old wires are the primary cause of high energy consumption as well as electrical damages. With the passage of time, electrical wires tend to wear out and become less and less conductive.

Despite being robust and able to last for years, it’s essential to arrange for an electrician to periodically check the condition of the wirework installed in the house.

Especially when it comes to high voltage wires, extra attention is required in order to ensure that the insulating material hasn’t been degraded. Human exposure to live wires can have harmful effects, including serious injury that might need hospitalization.

Keeping the wires in good condition is the best practice in order to ensure that your house is in good condition and safe for people to live in.

Upgrading to LED Lights

Replacing any incandescent lights with LED systems is a wise choice. LED lights can save you a lot of money as they are 70% more efficient than conventional lighting. Apart from the savings, you can benefit, LED lights can also provide adjustable output power and also different light colors, which can help you set the mood in the room.

During Christmas, LED lighting can replace your older decoration kit and provide impressive light shows with various sets of colors and luminosity. As Christmas decorations tend to spend a lot of electricity, it’s essential to seek the advice of an electrician to learn more about the choices available on the market.

Protecting the Property From Lighting

Alternative Power Sources

During a thunderstorm, the electrical power supply provided by the grid may become disrupted. Flying objects, heavy winds, and lightning strikes can cause damage to the lines responsible for delivering power to your area.

A blackout is restored as soon as possible but during a thunderstorm, it’s difficult to determine when this will be achieved. In cases like this, the best choice is to invest in a backup power generator. An alternative power source ensures that you won’t have to stay a minute longer without constant electrical power.

The market has a variety of different generators available designed to address different power requirements and budgets. Before you invest in a backup generator it’s essential to seek the advice of a professional as manual and fully-automated options are available.

If you already own a backup generator, it’s essential to keep up with regular maintenance. Alternative power sources rely on fossil fuel to provide electricity, and a lot of moving parts are installed in the device to convert energy.

An electrician can help you with the maintenance by inspecting all the parts and mechanisms that are necessary for the backup generator to work. Knowing that the generator is well-maintained and ready to act as an alternative power option when the grid down offers a sense of security and peace of mind, especially if you have medical equipment and vital electrical devices that support your lifestyle.

Now Is The Best Time To Hire An Electrician

Better earlier than late, arranging a house-wide electrical maintenance is always beneficial. During the winter, households in Bedford, TX, tend to spend a considerable amount of electrical power to perform daily activities and various housekeeping tasks that are necessary to make life better.

Before you sit back and enjoy the comfort of your house, it’s important to carry out any remaining electrical checks. Defective wiring and old electrical devices can flip switch breakers, provide degraded performance, and even start electrical fires.

Don’t wait until you are in need of emergency repair, hiring a professional electrician for a routine check is quick, easy, and costs much less than a last-minute call to deal with an accident. It also helps to keep the value of the property where it should be and may present you with a much lower insurance deal.

Make the call to Tioga Contractors today and find out more. Serving the wider area of Bedford, TX, our electrician contractors are ready to help you with all sorts of electrical tasks you need to complete to turn your property around for the winter.

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The plumbing system in a home covers about 15% of the home’s market value. That makes water line and drainage repairs an excellent means of improving your property’s value. Having a well-functioning and smoothly operating plumbing system ensures that you have a consistent supply of clean and freshwater to the faucets and enough hot water for your morning showers. Other benefits of having an efficient plumbing system include enhanced convenience, water supply to communities during shortages, and homeowners can incorporate water-saving devices to the plumbing systems to help cut down monthly costs on water bills.

Considering the benefits mentioned above, you need to protect your plumbing system at all costs. That means creating an effective maintenance strategy to ensure that you have a constant water supply to enable you to fulfill your water-dependent duties and chores. Needless to say that you need to find a professional plumbing company that can work with you in every maintenance plan for long-lasting plumbing solutions.

Why Should You Worry About Plumbing Maintenance?

Your home’s or commercial property’s plumbing system has two parts: the freshwater supply line and the drainage section. Maintaining the plumbing system strategically ensures that you get adequate clean-water supply while effectively draining out wastewater. Unfortunately, a considerable number of households only think of calling their plumbing company when a problem occurs. By this time, the issue has become complicated and costlier.

You can avoid that by creating a plumbing maintenance plan that entails regular inspections, repairs, and replacements as preventative measures. Your plumbing professional will be able to detect the problem while still small, and you will spend less money. Besides, a plumber will restore the efficiency of your plumbing connection, saving you dollars in your energy utilities.

If you thought that calling a seasoned plumbing contractor is expensive, think of the financial implications of having a dripping faucet. One small leak can seem negligible, but water droplets’ continuous build-up can result in significant wastage of water. It only takes about 4,000 drops of water to fill a 1-liter container. A dripping faucet left unchecked for a minute adds about 1,440 drips every day, resulting in about 35 gallons of wastewater every year.

Plumbing system maintenance means that you partner with a professional plumbing company to periodically check for common plumbing issues, such as leaks and clogged toilets. You also need to have a seasonal maintenance plan to ensure you detect problems and do the repairs immediately.

Best Maintenance Practice to Protect Your Fresh Water Supply Lines

The World Health Organization issues guidelines on the quality of drinking water needed in homes from the central supply lines. To ensure you get consistent water supply from the faucets while minimizing plumbing problems, homeowners need to maintain consistent and high-standard plumbing maintenance.

1. Cleansing Your Water Tank

Your water supply typically has a water or sumo tank located on the roof. With time, debris and sediments build up in the tank, harming the quality of water. You need to call a professional plumbing company at least once in three months to clean the tank.

An expert plumbing contractor will adhere to standard cleansing procedures. These include:

Pre-Cleansing Procedures

Before embarking on the practical tank –cleansing works, your plumber will:

  • Schedule for the cleansing project during off-peak hours to not cause distractions in your home.
  • Provide a notice to the occupants of the surrounding property informing them of the location and duration when the plumber will cut-off the supply line to facilitate tank cleansing.
  • Adhere to the local laws in Bedford, TX, that govern plumbing maintenance, mainly tank cleaning.

Cleansing of the Tank

When cleansing the tank, your plumbing company will first empty it through the washout drains. They’ll then use pressure jets to clean the bottom and internal walls of the tank. The registered tank cleaner will remove the residue, followed by thorough cleaning of the tank using a chlorine product further to remove any residue, rust, or other contaminants.

Once that is done, the tank is rinsed using fresh water to rid it of the chlorine and sediments. Once the tank is clean, the plumbing company will refill the tank. Remember, after water tank cleansing, your plumber will advise you to flush the faucets for about three minutes to ensure they consume clean water.

2. Inspect Your Fresh Water Supply Lines

Regular plumbing inspections helps in ensuring that the water supply plumbing system is operating optimally. It also alleviates flow interruptions while expending the functional and service life of the water pipes by detecting and repairing plumbing issues at an early stage.

Homeowners and plumbing companies must have an updated document of the property’s plumbing layout to undertake plumbing inspections effectively. Homeowners are required to hire an expert plumbing contractor once in three months [or more frequently if need be]. The contractor from the plumbing company will inspect:

  • The condition of the water tank connected to the supply lines
  • Proper registration and arrangement of the water meter accounts
  • Water pipes, ensuring that they are correctly fitted, and
  • Water valves and pumps to ensure they are all functioning properly

While your plumbing company may be experienced and knowledgeable in plumbing works, the technician must adhere to the manufacturer’s guidelines to properly handle preventative maintenance works regarding water pipes, valves, taps, and pumps.

3. Re-plumbing

The age and condition of your freshwater supply lines affect the quality of drinking water in your home. Properties and buildings constructed before 1995 used galvanized iron pipes, which were highly prone to corrosion. To remedy that, the use of galvanized iron was prohibited, giving way to the introduction of corrosion- and rust-resistant pipes, although discoloration remains a matter of plumbing concern.

If you have low-quality drinking water because of rusted water pipes, it would be best to partner with an experienced plumbing company in Bedford, TX, for a re-plumbing project. That entails the replacement of the corroded pipes with new rust-resistant and long-lasting water pipes and fittings.

Re-plumbing or upgrading your water supply pipes is an excellent investment. A properly functioning plumbing system offers convenience and comfort in a home. Besides, it takes your home’s market value a notch higher.

Is your residential or commercial plumbing system aging? Are you concerned about the quality of drinking water in your home? Call Tioga Contractors today. We will work together to develop the best maintenance approach to restore the efficiency and effectiveness of your clean-water supplies.

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If you own a home or a business, you need a trusted plumber. Plumbing systems are delicate and intricate. If one component of your plumbing system is faulty or malfunctioning, it could stop entire plumbing systems from working or affect other components of your system. For example, if your sink starts to become clogged or backs up, it could directly affect our dishwasher, depending on how your system is set up. Having a trusted, on-call plumber will help you avoid dealing with these complications by preventing them in the first place, or by repairing them quickly and correctly. You don’t have to tolerate a malfunctioning plumbing system. If you live in Hurst, TX, contact Tioga Contactors for any and all of your plumbing repair and maintenance needs.

The best way to care for your plumbing system is to have a preventive maintenance plan. If your system is being repaired on a regular basis, cleaned, and cared for properly, you are bound to experience fewer plumbing malfunctions. This will help you save money and prevent damages to your plumbing systems.

Plumbing systems are valuable investments that deserve to be cared for as such. The type of plumbing system you have and the condition it is in will directly affect the value of your home or property in more ways than one. A well-kept plumbing system may increase the value of your property or the more overrun system is, the less value your property will accumulate. Plumbing can be the cause of extensive damages to your home. If your plumbing system were to malfunction and lose control of the contents within the system, it could damage the walls, floors, and ceilings of your property. The best way to avoid damages is to prevent and repair it. The faster and more proactive you are with your plumbing system, the more efficient it will work for you. If you live in the area, and need a preventive maintenance plumber or emergency repair, Tioga Contractors can provide that for you.

Common Issues

Flooded Basement

Basement flooding is a very common occurrence that can sometimes be avoided. If your basement is flooded or damp, you should contact a professional right away. The key to preventing flooding damage is acting fast. Flooded basements can lead to property damage, mold, and mildew build-up. Flooded basements can happen to anyone, any property, and at any time.

Most basement flooding happens due to weather. Rain and actual floods can cause your basement to become flooded without the proper tools. If your basement is flooding too often due to the weather, you can fix it by hiring a plumber to find the root cause and fix it.

If your flooding is due to the weather it could mean you either don’t have a sump pump, your sump pump isn’t working, or the weather is so powerful, your sump pump can not keep up. If any of these reasons are the cause for your flooded basement you need to have a plumber repair it for you immediately. The sump pump you own may simply be too small. If this is the case you should have a professional replace It with a more suitable sized one. If you don’t have a sump pump at all, you should consider having it professionally installed.

Other reasons your basement may be flooding could be due to water seeping into the ground. The sump pump is supposed to take care of this problem; however, your sump pump can only do so much. You may not need a sump pump if you repair the certain areas in your yard that are allowing water to seep into your basement. It’s best to have an experienced and local professional inspect your basement and determine the best solution for the flooding in your basement.

Unfortunately, the basement is prone to flooding, due to it being the lowest level of a property. This does not mean you should tolerate it. Flooded basements present a whole host of problems that can be avoided with the help of a professional, local plumbing technician. Local plumbers will have experience in dealing with local area weather and buildings. If you live in the Hurst, TX, area, you should have Tioga Contractors help you with your plumbing systems and any flooding you may be experiencing. Local knowledge and experience can help get the job done faster and accurately.

Other Causes of Flooding Basement

Most basement flooding is called by rain, thunderstorms, and other forms of wet weather. However, basement flooding can happen without rain. If there is no inclement weather occurring and your basement is flooding the cause cannot be the weather. If this is happening in your home, you must call an emergency plumber immediately. A flooding basement in dry weather is an indication of a system failure or other plumbing system malfunction.

Water Supply System Malfunction

Your water supply system is responsible for providing your home with a continuous supply of freshwater. The system is composed of several interconnected pipes and appliances. Small leaks can occur in your water supply system causing dampness in the walls, ceilings, floors, and basements. If your water supply system were to spring a large or rapid water leak, it could lead to major flooding in the basement. It is not uncommon for large leaks to go unnoticed in the basement, which could lead to further damages to the property. With regularly scheduled lubing maintenance you can avoid unseen leaks and other malfunctions wreaking havoc on your property.

Water supply system malfunctions must be repaired immediately. Leaks occurring in your water supply system can lead to drastic damages to contaminated water. Water supply system malfunctions can lead to rapid water leaks or burst pipes. If this happens, you will need to act fast. You will need to contact an emergency plumber and turn off the main water valve if you can locate it.

If you are experiencing flooding, leaks, or any kind of plumbing failure, contact your local trusted plumber. If you live in the area, call Tioga Contractors for any plumbing related needs.

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The drain system in your home is delicate. If anything goes wrong, it could be damaging to your property. Preventive drain cleaning services and maintenance can help prevent common failures and benefit you in a variety of ways. It’s important to pay attention to the signs and fix an issue if it occurs. If you live in or around the Bedford, TX, areas, contact Tioga Contractors for professional drain cleaning and plumbing maintenance.

The Signs

Let’s talk about the elephant in the room first. The first thing that comes to mind when it comes to cleaning your drains is over the counter drain cleaner, such as Drano and other brands. Over the counter drain cleaners are not the best for proper drain maintenance and cleanliness. These drain cleaners advertise that it can get through any and everything, this is simply not true. Although these over-the-counter drain cleaners do clean some debris out of your drain, it will not be able to get it all. These drain cleaners are also typically useless against stubborn and dense clogs.

Over the counter, the drain cleaner is also dangerous for the user. If the chemicals in the drain cleaner where to get on the skin, it could cause chemical burns and other issues. These harsh chemicals may also cause damage to the drains. It’s best to have a professional drain cleaning clean your drains and maintain it as well.

Slow Drains

If your drains aren’t draining normally you may attempt to buy over the counter drain cleaner and call it a day. Unfortunately, you’d end up paying for that decision in the long run. Over the counter drains will not be able to get everything. You most likely find your drain, draining slow yet again. The best way to handle a slow drain is to allow your local and professional plumber to handle this common yet pesky issue. You can hire a plumber to routinely provide drain cleaning services for your property drainage systems. Tioga Contractors is the perfect company to help you clean your drains and other plumbing needs.

If you notice that your drains are slow or completely clogged do not hesitate to call a professional plumber. Routine drain cleaning service can actually stop clogs and slow drains from affecting your property. Your professional plumber will be able to do so by ensuring all of the debris, mineral deposits, and waste products are completely removed from your pipelines, allowing other forms of debris, waste, and water to completely flow through. The cleaner the drains, the less of a chance other forms of debris have an opportunity to become lodged in the drains.

Clog drains are the most obvious sign that your drains need professional cleaning. If they clog often, make sure you have a professional drain cleaning service clean your drains sooner than later. Waiting could result in the formation of a stubborn clog. Stubborn clogs will not be able to be removed without more intense drain cleaning techniques.

Stubborn clogs are usually removed with a snake. Plumbing snakes will physically and manually remove the clog from your drain, clearing a path for your debris and waste to flow freely again. However, there may be times when the snake just won’t work. Your drain cleaning service provider will be forced to handle the situation in a different way. Depending on the type of pips you have and the location of the pipe, this problem can easily run-up in the thousands. This is unfortunate, considering this small matter could have been avoided with routine drain cleaning practices. If you live in the Bedford TX, area, contact Tioga contractors for drain cleaning and any other plumbing needs.

Foul Odors

Does your home smell odd? If so, what does it smell like? Does it smell like sewage? If your home starts to smell like sewage, you have a serious problem on your hands. One that should not be ignored. This a clear sign that your drainage system needs to be cleared or your sewage system needs to be repaired. If so, you should have a professional plumber inspect your systems and provide drain cleaning services on a regular basis.

By hiring a professional, you reduce the chances of the odor coming back and you can get to the root cause of the issue. This foul odor is usually caused by a slight back up into your drainage system and or a clog that has accumulated a lot of organic matter. Either way, a plumber will be able to determine what the cause was and provide the proper solution. If the problem isn’t as simple as a clogged drain, your professional plumber will inspect your plumbing system until the root cause is found and eliminated. Professional drain cleaning will help you keep your drains and air clean on your property.

Noisy Plumbing System

If your plumbing system is creating strange sounds or is uncharacteristically loud, you need to contact your local professional plumber for immediate repair and assistance. There are many things that could be causing a plumbing system to make noise. None of them are good.

Old houses often make sounds. If your plumbing system has always made sounds, you may not need to be alarmed if your pipes are part of an old plumbing system. This doesn’t mean you should ignore the problem, however; this is a clear indication you need some plumbing work done, but may not need to be an urgent project considered your plumbing system does this on a regular basis.

If your plumbing system begins to make noise uncharacteristically this could be an indication of debris or faulty pipes. In which cases you should contact a professional plumbing professional to provide drain cleaning service and drain repair.


Regular drain cleaning service can prevent foul odors, and clog from occurring. You may also be able to stop the noisy pipes from disturbing your peace. Having your drains professionally cleaned will also reduce the opportunity for mold and mildew to accumulate in your pipes. Dirty drains are also breeding grounds for bacteria and other dangerous microbes. Cleaning your drains periodically can eliminate or reduce microbial presence in your pipe system. If you live in the Bedford, TX area, and are in need of professional drain cleaning service, contact Tioga Contractors plumbing and drain cleaning.

It is arguably true that electricity is a necessity for every house and not forgetting commercial buildings. Over the years, many electrical contractors and companies have flooded the market, making it an uphill task to decide the best company of electricians to go for.

Tioga Contractors, serving Euless, TX,  is an electrical repairs and services company with amazing electricians. The company is renowned far and wide due to their vast experience in the electrical works industry. Let’s sail along together up to this article’s culmination to get a better comprehension of why you should choose this company for your electrical works.

Why Choose an Electrician from Tioga Contractors?


When it comes to electrical works and repairs, Tioga Contractors is professional in their work. This company has employed qualified electricians who will examine any electrical fault before fixing it. The main aim of this company is to offer the best solutions to all your electrical needs. That is why the electrician has to be skilled, licensed and professional.

Round the Clock Service

This contracting company is ready to serve your electrical needs, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. If you experience any defect with your electrical systems, you can directly contact the company, and they will be there for you. It is worth noting that they have a responsive team that is always dedicated to serving you.

State-of-the-Art Equipment

Unlike other electrical contracting companies, Tioga Contractors has the latest equipment, which will help them render effective services to all clients. Notably, the company usually updates their equipment frequently to match the market demands. The company also incorporates high-end technology in their services. This has also enabled the company to be reputable.

Friendly Staff and Customer Support

Tioga Contractors has friendly staff and electricians that will be able to interact easily with them. You can also contact their customer support center if you have any clarification about their services. The customer support center is usually available at any time of the day or night to answer your questions. Also, the company support will provide any guidance that a client may require.

Punctuality in Their Service Delivery

When you call the company to conduct some electrical repairs, the team will show up within the agreed time. The company is also committed to serving you since it is one of their core values. The company is also convenient since it can come to any part of the city when called upon. Their effective communication skills have also set them aside from other electrical companies.

Client Satisfaction

When you request the services of this company, you will be guaranteed satisfaction in their services. This is achieved due to the quality materials they use when rendering their services. You are guaranteed that the services offered by this company will serve you for at least two years.


Tioga Contractors has over twenty years of experience; thus, you are assured that the company will do their work to perfection. The company also offers other commercial contracting services.

Services Offered by The Company

Electrical Services

Some of the electrical services offered at the company include;

  • TV and phone jacks installation
  • All types of electrical wiring
  • Appliances hookup
  • Underground & overhead services
  • Outdoor and landscape lighting
  • Replacing breakers and fuses
  • Electrical additions and remodeling
  • Installation of generators and transfer switches
  • Repairing heat circuits and AC systems
  • Security lights installations
  • Motor controls
  • Emergency power
  • Electrical specialization services
  • Power UPS and quality systems
  • Code corrections
  • Seasonal lighting

The list can’t be exhausted, but the above are just a few of the company’s services.

Other Services Offered

This company also offers plumbing and not forgetting subcontracting services. Let’s take a deeper look at those services.

  • Plumbing Services
  • Leak detection
  • Sewer lines
  • Washer lines
  • Toilet repair and installations
  • Auger services
  • Site utilities
  • Pipe replacements
  • Floor drains
  • Sinks installation and repairs
  • Water distributing systems
  • Backflow certification and testing
  • Sanitary sewer system installations
  • Hydro-jetting systems
  • Subcontracting services

This company can offer the above services at a commercial level; thus, the company can be subcontracted at any commercial or residential building to render electrical and plumbing services. This company has been established as one of the best in Euless, TX, to offer the best subcontracting services.

Factors to Contemplate When Choosing an Electrician


This is one of the most vital factors you should contemplate when choosing an electrical contracting company. Tioga Contractors has a high level of professionalism, thus making them distinguished. This can be achieved by looking at the reviews of previous clients who have worked with the company before.

Service Quality

You should ensure that you choose a company that delivers quality services. An experienced company with quality services.


Depending on your budget, you should choose a company that provides services in line with your budget. Don’t go for companies that offer services at an expensive rate that you may strain to afford. Always go for what you can easily afford.

Customer Support

Always consider hiring a contracting company that has friendly customer support. You should also ensure that customer support is available to answer any questions that you may be having. In addition to that, ensure that the company has friendly staff who are ready to give you the best services.

The Reputation of The Company

The reputation of a company is essential when choosing a contracting company. Always consider going to a company that has a positive reputation from its clients. This can be done by checking previous reviews from other clients who have used the company before.

A company that has a positive reputation is an indication that the company will offer you good services.

The Safety Policy of the Company

This is also another vital factor to contemplate when choosing an electrical contracting company. You should check the safety policies for both their electrician and for you as the client. A professional company will have its team wear safety gear when they are at work.

Final Thought

There is no doubt that Tioga Contractors is best in offering quality electrical and plumbing services. If you want to subcontract a reliable company in electrical and plumbing fittings, look no further; consult Tioga Contractors for the best electrician. You won’t be disappointed. You can contact us via email or phone or visit us in136 S Norwood Dr, Hurst, TX 76053.